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Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New & Local Releases + “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”
+ “Bucket of Blood”

1. Molly Picture Club – “Static”
from: Molly Picture Club / Independent / March 3, 2012
[KC based band featuring: Aniko Adany- vocals, synths, keys, omnichord, Matthew Hayden- drums, drum sequencing, and Michael Tipton- vocals, guitar, bass. Molly Picture Club’s CD Release Party, was last Saturday, at the recordBar Molly Picture Club will also be participating in 90.1 FM’s annual Band Auction. They’ll be on Wednesday MidDay Medley on April 18. Listeners get ready to bid!]

2. run little rabbit – “Sowing on the Mountain”
from: MidCoast Takeover SXSW 2012 / Midwest Music Foundation / February, 2012
[KCK string band consisting of rachel pollock (oriole post), michaela meckel (oriole post), & leslie hammer (david burchfield & the great stop) who started playing old-time songs in 2010 for friends around the living room, and decided to take their show on the road. The trio plays The Writers Place w/ author Philip Stephens this Fri, Mar 9, at 8:00pm, later that night, they’ll play the recordBar w/ Whitehorse at 9pm. After SXSW they’ll play Davey’s Uptown, Mar. 24, at 9:00 PM w/ Tinhorn Molly, & Cletus Got Shot. run little rabbit is one of 26 area bands chosen to be part of MidCoast Takeover 2012 in Austin TX, Mar 16-17. A 31 song download of all local & national bands playing the 2012 MidCoast Takeover is available at: midcoasttakeover.com.]

3. Antennas Up – “Don’t Wait Up”
From: Antennas Up / Plastic Artifice / March 27, 2009
[Formed in Kansas City in 2008. The band performed at South By Southwest 2010, and has performed at over 30 Universities and toured w/ Girl Talk, Electric Six, Flogging Molly, Matt & Kim, Ha Ha Tonka, and Company Of Thieves. Kyle Akers – Lead Vocals/Bass; Bo McCall – Guitar/Vocals; The Ryantist – Drums/Vocals; Jonny Universe – Guitar/Keys/Vocals; Wayne ‘Bobby Topaz’ Hutcherson – Guitar/Vocals. The band has a New album coming April 24, 2012. The band is playingtonight in Brooklyn NY. Antennas Up are part of 26 area bands chosen to be part of MidCoast Takeover SXSW 2012 in Austin Texas, March 16-17. ]


4. Vi Tran – “All The Time In The World”
from: goodbye, summer / Independent / 2010
[Vi Tran is a KC based Singer-Songwriter and Professional Actor. He played live on our show back on Wednesday February 24, 2010. “Goodbye Summer” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Giuliano Mingucci. Produced by Vi Tran and Giuliano Mingucci. Harmony vocals from Katie Gilchrist, percussion by Giuliano Mingucci, upright bass by William Brent Wright, and on Guitars Vi Tran and Sean Hogge. For more information visit: vitranmusic.com Vi Tran is part of 26 area bands chosen to be part of MidCoast Takeover SXSW 2012 in Austin Texas, March 16-17. The MidCoast Takeover is a project of The Midwest Music Foundation, a not-for-profit organiation working for healthcare of all working musicians.]

5. We Are Voices – “This Isn’t Surface. This Isn’t Good”
from: What Makes Us So Alive? / Independent / May 12, 2009
[KC based 4-piece band features: Lucas Larson – Voice/Guitars/Piano; Eric Baldwin – Bass/Voice/Piano; Joshua Greenlee – Drums/Percussion; Carson Land – Guitars/Voice/Synth/Aux. We Are Voices is one of 26 bands chosen to represent KC at the MidCoast Takeover at SXSW. We Are Voices are working to release a new album this year. Their single and video are available at wearevoices.com.]

6. Maps For Travelers – “Sell Me Out”
from: Regress Progress [EP]/ Independent / October 12, 2010
[Formed in the Spring of 2010, this Kansas City 4-piece includes: Zach Brotherton, RL Brooks, Kevin Medina, Derek White . In addition to their 5 song EP the band has also released 3 singles: “Static”, “Not Far Enough” and “So Kind” in late Jan 2011 with producer Michael Stout. The band also released a video for “Static” that Fuse Tv picked up for their On Demand Programming. Maps For Travelers is currently in pre -production on a full length record set for a winter 2012 release. Map For Travelers is one of 26 bands chosen to represent KC at the MidCoast Takeover at SXSW in Austin TX, Mar 16-17.]

10:30 – Interview with Scott Cordes, Jan Chapman, Bill Christie and Alan Tilson

The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre Company‘s production of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,” begins public performances tonight, March 7, and runs through March 25. Adapted for the stage by Dale Wasserman from Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel. The play was first produced on Broadway in 1963. In 1975 Ken Kesey’s novel was adapted into an Academy Award winning film directed by Milos Forman. The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre’s production of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” features: Jan Chapman as Nurse Ratched, Scott Cordes as McMurphy, and is directed By Bill Christie. The MET is located at 3604 Main Street, in Kansas City, MO. For more info: metkc.org or 816-569-3226.

Scott Cordes, Bill Christie, Jan Chapman and Alan Tilson, from The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre joined us on Wednesday MidDay Medley.

Scott Cordes plays McMurphy, one of those special roles of the theatre and film, originally played by Kirk Douglas in 1963, Jack Nicholson in the 1975 film version that was based on the novel (and not the play), and Gary Sinese of the Steppenwolf Theatre’s production, that ran on Broadway, and won a Tony for Best Play Revival. Scott has been able to play many many roles, but this character seems to bring him back to those roles he has become famous for playing, from the very beginning of his professional career. Scott told us how it feels bringing McMurphy to life on stage.

Jan Chapman, is a core company member of The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre. Jan is playing Nurse Ratched, one of the most interesting characters of the theatre and film. This role seems like a tightrope walk for the actress.

Alan Tilson, is a core company member of The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre. He is playing Dale Harding, President of the Patients Council. Alan told us about his role, and the rehearsal process for this production.

Bill Christie has been working in KC Theatre for over 25 years and an Actor, Stage Manager, Production Manager and Director. He spends most of his time at The American Heartland Theatre. After seeing “39 Steps” last year at The American Heartland, MET founder Karen Paisley asked Bill to come direct for the MET. Bill suggested they produce this show.

Scott Cordes talked about the large cast including: Tim Ahlenius, Ari Bavel, Donette Coleman, Kyle Dyck, Dan Hillaker, Donovan Kidd, Kristin Leathers, Matt Leonard, Tyler Miller, Priest Hughes, Chris Roady, Kenzie West, Samn Wright. (Scott Cordes, Jan Chapman and Alan Tilson).

Kenneth Elton “Ken” Kesey was born in Sept. 17, 1935 – and passed on November 10, 2001. He was best known for his 1962 novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” But for many of us it was Tom Wolfe’s “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” published in 1968 that told the story of Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters driving across the country in a psychedelic painted school bus dubbed “Further”. Kesey considered himself a link between the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the hippies of the 1960s. “I was too young to be a beatnik, and too old to be a hippie.” While based in Kesey’s counter culture P.O.V. “Cuckoo’s Nest” seems to have a universal appeal in regard to how our society deals with the extraordinary, non-conformist. Jan Chapman talked about how this play remains relevant in 2012, 50 years after it was first published.

The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre Company along with The Living Room Theatre, are two of the newest theatre companies to emerge in the last few years. There seems to be a growth of many new theatre companies in Kansas City. Bill Christie talked about what these new companies mean for actors and theatre craftspeople, and also for audiences.

Jan and Scott and Alan have worked together in previous show at The MET and at other theatre, they talked bout what it means to be a core member of the MET Company.

The MET seems to be focused on bringing to life classic theatre. The company is not afraid of large casts and challenging musicals. Alan Tilson discussed what the MET brings to the theatre scene.

We didn’t have time to talk with Scott about his “Directing” credits which are as impressive as his “Acting” credits.

The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre’s production of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” runs March 7 through March 25.

For more info: metkc.org or 816-569-3226.

10:44 – Underwriting


7. White Girl – “A Cautionary Tale”
from: White Girl / Independent / August 8, 2011
[Kansas City based Indie, Electronic, New wave trio. White Girl is the brain-child of Martin Bush, joined by Marc Pepperman of the Republic Tigers), Nick Organ who has played with Beautiful Bodies, and Various Blonde, and Matt Epstein. One of 26 bands chosen to represent KC at the MidCoast Takeover at SXSW.]

8. The Dead Girls – “She Laughed a Little”
from: 7” Single on Vinyl and Download / Independent / 2011
[Lawrence KS based 4-piece band. The Dead Girls (formerly Dead Girls Ruin Everything) was formed from the ashes of Ultimate Fakebook and Podstar. Guitarists/singers JoJo Longbottom and Cameron Hawk, of Podstar, combine their dual-guitar and vocal harmonies with drummer Eric Melin and bassist Nick Colby, of Ultimate Fakebook. The Dead Girls play the recordBar Monday, March 12. One of 26 bands chosen to represent KC at the MidCoast Takeover at SXSW.]

9. The Cave Girls – “Happy Home”
from: The Cave Girls / Cave Out Records / February 4, 2012
[Robin Campbell, Sara Teasley, and Stephanie Williams are The Cave Girls. Their debut Release was Produced by Pat Tomek at Largely Studios in Kansas City. The Cave Girls will have a CD Release show this Saturday night, February 4, at 9:30 at The Brick with special guests The I’ms and Thee Devotion.]

10. The Clementines – “Below”
from: The Beginning / Independent / 2011
[Tim Jenkins & Nicole Springer are The Clementines, who will play the recordBar March 16 with We Live In Public. The Clementines will also be our guest on WMM on April 25.]


11. Tommy Donoho – “No Accord”
from: The Weekender / Independent / March 3, 2012
[Tommy Donoho and Justin Penney are two of the members of Dollar Fox. They recently played as an acoustic duo in Fayetteville, Arkansas and, as Tommy wrote to us, “for kicks,” they decided to record a stripped down, acoustic version of the two newest Dollar Fox songs: “No accord” and “I Don’t Remember Names.” You can learn more about the new recordings at dollarfox.bandcamp.com. Dollar Fox has been busy writing and are headed into the studio in early spring to record their next release. Dollar Fos plays the recordBar this Saturday, March 10. Dollar Fox, The Latenight Callers and Hillary Watts Riot will headline the SXSW Trafficway Festival, Friday, March 16, at the recordBar, 1020 Westport Road. Dollar Fox will also be participating in 90.1 FM’s Annual Band Auction. They’ll with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley, on April 18, listeners get ready to bid on this amazing band!]

12. The Grisly Hand – “Cherry Mash Waltz”
from: Safe House [EP] / Independent / November 2, 2010
[The Grisly Hand new EP Western Avenue was released February 1, 2012. The band is working on another EP, and they’ll be releasing a full-length around this time next year. The Grisly Hand open for Chuck Prophet & The Mission Express at Davey’s Uptown on Tuesday, March 20.]

13. Two Headed Cow – “Tilt A-Whirl”
from: Safe As Milk / Affiliated Records / 2008
[Bj McArthur, Tod Davis, and Matt MyersTwo Headed Cow band members: Tod Davis and Bj McArthur moved to Kansas City from Pensacola Florida. Once in KC they changed their band’s name to: Two Headed Cow, for a more regional appeal. Two Headed Cow will be participating in 90.1 FM’s Annual Band Auction. They’ll with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley, on April 18, listeners get ready to bid on this amazing band! You could get a two-hour gig by Two Headed Cow. Their Band website: myspace.com/twoheadedcowmusic]

11:15 – Interview with Cody Wyoming, Mitch Brian, Bryan Moses, & Forrest Attaway.

Kansas City based musician, actor, director Cody Wyoming has made a name for himself as a central force behind live musical reinterpretations of musical masterpieces like: Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and The Rolling Stones “Exile on Main Street” Cody has also become part of the theatre scene working in David Wayne Reed’s “Mother Trucker 2″ and The Oil Boiler” produced at The Living Room Theatre. Cody has reassembled many of his friends from “The Oil Boiler” along with playwright Mitch Brian to create The Living Room Theatre‘s newest production, “Bucket of Blood” a new play directed by Cody Wyoming, and adapted by Mitch Brian from the Roger Corman 1959 film.

“Bucket of Blood” opens March 22 and runs through April 1, at The Living Room, 1818 McGee, in Kansas City, MO. For more info: thelivingroomkc.com

Cody Wyoming, Mitch Brian, Bryan Moses, & Forrest Attaway joined us to talk about “Bucket of Blood.”

Cody talked about his love of the film and how he shared the movie with his girlfriend, actress Kimberely Queen, who urged him to produce a theatrical event based on the film.

Mitch Brian has written screenplays and teleplays for major Hollywood studios, television networks and independent producers. He co-created and wrote episodes for Batman: The Animated Series and co-wrote the NBC miniseries The ’70s. He has written screenplays for directors Chris Columbus, Oliver Stone and Robert Schwentke. He teaches screenwriting and film studies at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

The Coterie Theatre’s “Maul of the Dead” was Mitch Brian’s first play. Followed by “Sorority House of the Dead.” Cody had worked with Mitch and asked him to get involved in creating a script from the Roger Corman film.

Mitch talked about the challenges in bringing “Bucket of Blood” to life on stage.

The play features Matt Weiss, Kimberely Queen, Forrest Attaway, Damian Blake, Meredith Wolfe, Kelly Main, Brian Stubler, Emma Taylor, Matt Anderson, Coleman Crenshaw, and Bryan Moses.

Providing the music for the show: Johnny Hamil, Jeff Freling, Kent Burnham, Christian Hankel, and Katie Gilchrist.

Bryan Moses has worked at The Living Room Theatre as an Actor, Director, playwright and producer.

Bryan gave us the big news that The Kansas City Rep would be re-mounting The Living Room Theatre’s production of “Carousel” for their 2012-2013 Season on the Helen F. Spencer stage.

“Bucket of Blood” opens March 22 and runs through April 1, at The Living Room, 1818 McGee, in Kansas City, MO. More info at thelivingroomtheatre.com

11:37 – Underwriting

14. Ghosty – “Earthly Scheme”
from: Ghosty / More Famouser Records / April 17, 2012
[To be released on Vinyl+Digital and Digital formats. Ghosty’s current lineup is: Andrew Connor, Mike Nolte, and Bill Belzer. They recorded their new release over the last couple of years with help from David Wetzel, Josh Adams, Jake Blanton, Konnor Ervin, Ryan Connor, Kirsten Paludan, and Dan Talmadge. More info at: ghostysounds.com ]

15. Minden – “Gold Standard”
from: Gold Standard [EP] / Overland Shark Records / November 28, 2011
[Minden is a pop group from KC consisting of: Casey Burge (vocals, guitar), Dan Talmadge (keyboard, vocals), James Taylor (guitar), Evan “Ethan” Houston (bass), Ryan Johnson (drums). They have released a 7″ single, a split 7″ with Soft Reeds, and a new digital EP Mixed and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Studio, and released on Overland Shark Records. You can see their Video for “Gold Standard” at: mindenband.com. Minden plays the recordBar Saturday Night, March 10.]


16. Mary Fortune – “Where I Came From”
from: Mary Fortune / Independent / May 6 2011
[Jori Sackin- guitar, vocals, Laura Frank- vocals, singing saw, accordion; Billy Belzer- percussion; Andrew Connor- bass guitar, vocals; Liz Connor- violin. Mary Fortune plays The Brick this Friday night, March 9.]

17. Anais Mitchell – “Coming Down”
from: Young Man in America / Wilderland Records / February 28, 2012
[The critically acclaimed 5th full-length studio album by US singer-songwriter and follow up to her 2010 release Hadestown.]

18. Cate Le Bon – “Puts Me To Work”
from: Cyrk / The Control Group / January 17, 2012
[2nd full-length studio album by Cate Le Bon who resides in Cardiff Wales’s French quarter and who only writes in the dark.]


19. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for Notes: Artist’s websites noted above and wikipedia.org

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