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Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mikal Shapiro + New Music for The New Year
+ Emily Berhmann of JCCC’s Performing Arts Series

1. Viet Cong – “Continental Shelf”
from: Viet Cong / Jagjaguar Records / January 20, 2015
[First single from the debut album from the Canadian indie rock band formed in Calgary, Alberta in 2012. The group consists of two ex-members of the rock band Women, vocalist/bassist Matt Flegel and drummer Mike Wallace, as well as guitarists Scott Munro and Daniel Christiansen. The group’s musical style has been described as “labyrinthine post-punk.”]

2. Deco Auto – “One In A Million”
from: “The Curse of Deco Auto” / Indep. / To be released in 2015.
[Single released Dec. 30, 2014] [New music from Kansas City based alternative pop-punk / power-pop trio. Guitar/vocals: Steven Garcia; bass/vocals: Tracy Flowers; drums: Pat Tomek. All songs written by Steven Garcia, $tudent Loans For Life Music (ASCAP). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pat Tomek at Largely Studios, Kansas City, MO.]

[Deco Auto play Replay in Lawrence, KS., Thursday, Feb. 26, w/ Varma Cross, & Gentlemen Rogues.]

3. Baby Teardrops – “Young Hearts Can’t Be True”
from: Westbeth Rotted / Independent / February 22, 2015
[Second studio album from Brooklyn based trio of Matthew Dunehoo on vocals & guitar, Megan X Thomas on bass & vocals, Gerry White on drums. Songs composed by the band. Some songs date back to 2007/2008, others were just near completion when the band’s studio was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, in their rehearsal space in the Westbeth Artists Residence, 55 Bethune St, in Manhattan’s far West Village. Andy Marcinkowski served as Producer/Engineer at Silent Barn in BK, Aug. of 2013. The band pieced the rest of it together over the last 18 months. Mastered by Duncan Stanbury. Matthew has toured with Billy Corgan and was in the bands: Loose Park, Doris Henderson, Proudentall. Megan plays bass for Lez Zep and will be joining Kristeen Young’s band. Gerry has played with Murphy’s Law, Slayer, Kraut, Sleep to Death, Labretta Suede and the Motel 6.]

[Baby Teardrops play a special reunion show at The Mercury Lounge in NYC, Sun, Feb. 22 at 7:00pm with Asphalt Green, Jane Lee Hooker.]


4. Admiral of the Red – “Footbeats”
from: Footbeats Single / Independent / January 5, 2015
[Formed in early 2013, the band has evolved from a blues-based garage rock duo into a full-on, dynamic rock band. The group recorded its debut EP, Almost Free in the summer of 2013 and now have a full length album in the works. M.B. Hurst – vocals, Matt Hurst – guitar & voice, Tom Hudson – drums, Meredith McGrade – bass. Song written by Matt Hurst, M.B. Hurst, Tom Hudson, & Meredith McGrade. Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios, KCMO. Produced by Joel Nanos, Matt Hurst, M.B. Hurst, Tom Hudson, & Meredith McGrade.]

5. the author and the illustrator – “Paper Faces”
from: A Minor Component to a Cold November / Independent / January 6, 2015
[Alternative dreamo indie rock midwest post punk shoegaze from Kansas City. The Author and The Illustrator are: Schuyler Bates – Bass, Ian Dobyns – Drums, Zack Hames – Vocals / Guitar, Josh Legler – Guitar. Recorded Live at BRC Audio Productions in Kansas City, Kansas October-November 2014. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by The Author and The Illusrator and Chris Schmidt.]

[the author and the illustrator play Vandals, Sat., Jan. 24, w/ Ocean Atlas, Not A Pullover, Lion House]

6. The Decemberists – “The Wrong Year”
from: What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World / Capitol Records / January 20, 2015
[Seventh studio album from the Portland Oregon based band, formed in 2000 by Colin Meloy (lead vocals, guitar, principal songwriter), Chris Funk (guitar, multi-instrumentalist), Jenny Conlee (keyboards, piano, Hammond organ, accordion), Nate Query (bass), and John Moen (drums).]

10:28 – Underwriting

10:30 – Interview with Emily Behrman

Emily Behrmann is General Manager of the Performing Arts Series at Johnson County Community College presenting cutting-edge performances, celebrity names, diverse cultures, dance and music. Emily joins us today to talk about the continuing season of shows.

The 2015 Season continues with: Music, Dance, Theatre, Shakespeare, and like last yeear’s season the Performing Arts Series is producing with local companies

2015 Season continued:

Tango Buenos Aires
Thursday, January 29

Maria Bamford
Sunday, February 8, SOLD OUT

Saturday, February 14

Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Saturday, February 21

Tango Buenos Aires
7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 29 (Yardley Hall)
Ticket Planning Worksheet/Prices (PDF)

Voice — “If Music Be the Food of Love”
8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 14 (Polsky Theatre)

Crimes of the Heart
Wednesday, February 25 – Sunday, March 8

Saturday, February 28

La Maleta (The Suitcase)
Tuesday, March 3,

Fredericks Brown
Friday, March 20

Cherish the Ladies
8 p.m. Saturday, March 21 (Yardley Hall)

Heart of America Shakespeare Festival “The Merchant of Venice”
7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 26
8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 27-28
2 p.m. Sunday, March 29 (Polsky Theatre)

Friday and Saturday, March 27 and 28

David Lindley
Saturday, April 4

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
7 p.m. Sunday, April 12 (Yardley Hall)

Michael Feinstein
Saturday, May 9, Various

Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know?
Saturday, June 27, Seated by 9:00 am, 10:00 am LIVE Broadcast

Performing Arts Series at Johnson County Community College, 12345 College Boulevard, Overland Park, KS. For more information about the Performing Arts Series at Johnson County Community College, you can call (913) 469-4445 or visit http://www.jccc.edu/TheSeries


7. She’s A Keeper – “Pennsylvania”
from: Westside Royal / Independent / January 17, 2015
[Kansas City based band includes: Fritz Hutchison – vocals, banjo, percussion; Zac Jurden – vocals, guitar; Colin Nelson – vocals, guitar; Elliott Phillips – bass, mandolin. Recorded and produced by She’s A Keeper and Joel Nanos at Element Recording in Kansas City, MO.]

[She’s A Keeper play Davey’s Uptown, Sat. Jan 31, for the official release party w/ Organized Crimes.]

8. The Electric Lungs – “(it’s not the) Bones that you Break”
from: Simplified and Civilized / Little Class Records / February 12, 2013
[KC based 4-piece band formed in 2012 by Tripp Kirby, Marc Bollinger, Eric Jones, and Jason Ulanet]

[The Electric Lungs play The Brick, Thursday, Jan. 22, with Bone Spur, and Crush.]

9. Black Luck – “I Dreamt I Died”
from: Firebrand / Blue Note Records / September 23, 2014
[Critically acclaimed garage punk rock n roll from Lawrence. Formed in 2012 with members Wade Kelly, John Benda, and Aaron Riffel. Black Luck recently changed their name from Black on Black and became a 4-piece band with the addition of Jason Jones. Firebrand was Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Squire.]

[Black Luck play the Jackpot Lounge, in Lawrence, KS on January 30.]

10. Sleater-Kinney – “Surface Envy”
from: No Cities To Love / Sub Pop Records / January 20, 2015
[8th studio album from Sleater-Kinney, formed in early 1994 in Olympia, Washington, by Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein. The group’s name is derived from Sleater Kinney Road, Interstate 5 exit number 108 in Lacey, Washington, the location of one of their early practice spaces. Tucker was formerly in the influential riot grrrl band Heavens to Betsy, while Brownstein was formerly in the queercore band Excuse 17. They often played at gigs together and formed Sleater-Kinney as a side-project from their respective bands. When Heavens to Betsy and Excuse 17 disbanded, Sleater-Kinney became their primary focus. Janet Weiss of Quasi is the band’s longest lasting and final drummer, though Sleater-Kinney has had other drummers, including Lora Macfarlane, Misty Farrell, and Toni Gogin. Upon Tucker’s graduation from The Evergreen State College (where Brownstein remained a student for three more years), she and then-girlfriend Brownstein took a trip to Australia in early 1994. Their last day there, they stayed up all night recording what would become their self-titled debut album. It was released the following spring. They followed this with Call the Doctor (1996) and Dig Me Out (1997), and became critical darlings. The lineup features: Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar), Carrie Brownstein (guitar and vocals), and Janet Weiss (drums).]

[Sleater-Kinney play The Uptown Theatre, Sunday April 26, at 8:00 pm.]

11. The Big Iron – “Climate Refugee”
from: We Will Fail / Independent / May 30, 2014
[The band’s 3rd full-length was produced & mixed by Joel Nanos of Element Recording. It’s the band’s follow-up to 2008’s “Thanks for the Therapy,” and their 2001 debut recording, “Bury My Mistakes.” Ricky Reyes on guitar; Jon Paul on drums; Jeff Pendergraft on vocals, PK on guitar; and Mike Farren on bass. More info at: thebigiron.bandcamp.com]

[The Big Iron play Vandals, FRIDAY, Jan. 23, w/ Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band, The Right Here, Red Kate.]

[The Big Iron play recordBar, Feb. 7, at 9:30 with Appropriate Grammar, Kangaroo Knife Fight, and Reid The Martian to benefit Midwest Music Foundation’s MidCoast Takeover Fundraiser #3 fro SXSW in Austin.]

11:00 – Station ID

12. Atlas – “Between”
from: Ten Twenty / Independent / November 21, 2014
[ATLAS was formed in 2007 by 5 friends: Jonny, Dave, Nick, Josh, and Jeremy who have known each other for most of their lives. Since graduating college, music has become a common ground..]

[Atlas play an in-store show at Mills Record Company, Fri, Jan 23, at 7:30 w/ Doing What Apes Can’t.]

13. Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits – “Lorraine”
rom: Biscuits and Gravity / Independent / January 24, 2015
[Beatlesque backing vocals][Scott Hrabko on vocals, guitar, keyboards & drums, with Emily Tummons on accordian & vocals, and Josh Arnold on bass & vocals, and Kirk Scott on lead guitar. Kansas City based, singer-songwriter Scott Hrabko has played with Kansas City’s oldest garage band, The Original Sinners, as well as various incarnations of the 1980s bands: The Splinters, and The Andersons. In the 1990s he performed with Iris Dement and Howard Eisberg. Scott Hrabko ‘s critically aclaimed solo release, “Gone Places” is said to be 30 years in the making.]

[Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits play Coda, Sat. Jan. 24, in a CD Release show for their new release Biscuits & Gravity, with The Kemps and special guests: Marco Pascolini, Jason Beers, Fred Wickham.]

14. Kasey Rausch – “Crazy Heart”
from: Guitar in Hand / Mudstomp Records / November 21, 2014
[Guitar in Hand is the third solo release from Kansas City based singer-songwriter Kasey Rausch. With Mikal Shapiro she hosts/produces RIVER TRADE RADIO Sunday mornings at 9am, on 90.1 FM.

[Kasey Rausch plays with The Naughty Pines every Tuesday night at CODA.]

11:15 – Interview with Mikal Shapiro

Singer, songwriter, artist, filmmaker, puppeteer, ring-leader Mikal Shapiro studied Film History, Film, and Writing at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. She received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying Film, Video, New Media, and Animation. Her full length solo releases “The Crow The Lark And The Loon from 2008, and “For Good” from 2010 have been acclaimed by local music writers. Mikal is the creator of the web television project, “Go! Go! Global Girls.” She has also created music videos for Dead Voices and Folkicide. Mikal Shapiro is also a curator, producer and co-host of River Trade Radio. Aside from performing as a solo artist Mikal also performs with Chad Brothers of the band Old Sound, she is a member of the 4-piece band Royalphonic, and with Kasey Rausch as Partners in Glory. Kasey and Mikal are also the co-hosts / co-producers of River Trade Radio airing every Sunday morning 9 to 11:00 on 90.1 FM KKFI. Her new full length recording, The Musical is about to be released.

Mikal co-produced Kasey Rausch’s new recording Guitar in Hand. Kasey gave Mikal her first guitar and taught Mikal her first chord.

The Musical is Mikal’s third full length solo release. She also has previously recorded albums with the bands: Eudora and Boon.

The Musical is a collection of stories and characters; an intersection between popular music, classical songwriting and personal mythologies. Pronouns shift between “them” and “us,” “you” and “me.” Tracks jump influences from jazz, folk, and blues to rock, country and psychedelia.

The core band includes a line-up of local greats:

Johnny Hamil (Mr. Marco’s V7/The Malachy Papers) upright & electric bass,
Matt Richey (Dead Voices/Grisly Hand) on drums
Chad Brothers (Old Sound/Supermassive Black Holes) on electric guitar / harmony vocals.
Emily Tummons also lends her voice to the mix creating lush three part harmonies that weave throughout the album.

Special guests on the album include:

Mike Stover (Dead Voices/Grisly Hand) on pedal steel,
Hermon Mehari (Diverse/The Buh’s) on trumpet,
Betse Ellis (The Wilders/Betse and Clarke) on fiddle,
Clarke Wyatt (Trio E/Betse and Clarke) on Wurlitzer,
Damon Parker (The MGDs) on Wurly and Rhodes,
Erin Bopp AKA Natural E (Royalphonic) on tambourine.
Long time friend and collaborator Rachel Gaither (Tullamore/The Boon) stepped in to sing and play violin on the song “Chimo.”

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Studios, it displays a full spectrum of production. Some tracks are deep and watery. Others wide and epic.


15. Mikal Shapiro – “Daniel”
from: The Musical / Independent / April 11, 2015

“Mikal Shapiro: The Musical” has two acts–an A-side and a B-side. The songs are engineered for long play off a 12” vinyl record on a hi-fidelity stereo system. Mikal plans to release The Musical on vinyl which cost a lot more to accomplish, so she has launched a Kickstarter campaign to cover the basic costs of producing this record on vinyl.

River Trade Radio has been on the air on 90.1 FM since March of 2014 and has quickly developed a loyal listenership.

Mikal Shapiro is a “renaissance woman” because she is involved in many creative projects from radio, to film, to visual arts, to music.


16. Mikal Shapiro – “This Way To Heaven”
from: The Musical / Independent / April 11, 2015
[This song features Betse Ellis on fiddle, and Chad Brothers and Emily Tummons on vocal harmony.]

Mikal Shapiro is such a collaborator, working on multiple projects and genre. She also plays with the funk/jazz quartet Royalphonic, the folk duo Partners in Glory, the latin based band, Ayllu, and the experimental, Gawd Project.


17. Mikal Shapiro – “Nope”
from: The Musical / Independent / April 11, 2015
[This song features Hermon Mehari on trumpet.]

Mikal Shapiro co-hosts River Trade Radio Sunday mornings at 9:00.

[Mikal Shapiro will be performing at the Folk Alliance International Music Fair, Thursday, February 19, at the Sheraton Crown Center.]


18. Sad American Night – “Bright Mornings”
from: One of These Bright Mornings / Independent / November 6, 2014
[Sad American Night is Andrew Langford on drums, Sam Avery on bass, Chris Martin on keyboards, Rachel Christia on vocals, Gavin Snider on vocals & guitar. For more information: sadamericannight.com.]

[Sad American Night play The Brick, Friday, January 23rd, with Odd Harmona.]

11:48 – Underwriting


19. Victor & Penny – “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (Live)”
from: Live At the Living Room Theatre / Independent / January 10, 2015
[3rd release for Kansas City based duo, and sometimes quartet. Victor & Penny are Jeff Freling (Blue Man Group, Chicago) who attended Berklee School of Music, and Erin McGrane (George Clooney’s, “Up in the Air” and the cabaret troupe, “Alacartoona”). Erin is a recipient of an Inspiration Grant from the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City as well as a Mid-America Arts Alliance Grant for Professional Development. Victor & Penny have been touring the USA for the last three years and were awarded a 2013 Escape to Create Artist Residency.]

[Victor & Penny and their Loose Change Orchestra play the Take Five Coffee Bar, 6601 West 135th St. OP, KS, Sat. Jan. 24, at 8:00 pm.]

20. Bob Dylan – “Full Moon and Empty Arms”
from: Shadows in the Night / Columbia / February 3, 2015
[36th studio album from Bob Dylan consisting of covers of traditional pop standards made famous by Frank Sinatra, chosen by Dylan. Writen in 1945 by Buddy Kaye and Ted Mossman, based on Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2. The best-known recording of the song was made by Frank Sinatra in 1945. Other recordings include: Eddie Fisher (1955), Donna Brooks (1956),Robert Goulet (1961), Sarah Vaughan (1963), Jerry Vale (1964), Mina (1966). It has also been recorded by Caterina Valente, The Platters, Carmen Cavallaro, Jim Nabors, June Valli and Billy Vaughn.]

21. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Next week on January 28, we’ll play music from Various Blonde, Katy Guillen & The Girls, Ruth Acuff, Mark Lowrey, Belle and Sebastian, La Guerre, Kangaroo Knife Fight, Tyler Gregory, Calvin Arsenia. Plus we’ll talk with four separate special guests: Andrew Earl, Dustin Rapier, Crystal Clayton, and Teri Quinn.

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:

Show #561


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