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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The 112 Best Recordings of 2012
(Part 1 of 4)

Part-1, of our 4-week special: The 112 Best Recordings of 2012. Based on the playlists of Wednesday MidDay Medley. In 2012 we’ve played over 700 of New & Local Releases, we’ve presented dozens of LIVE in-studio performances from area performers, and we’ve interviewed over 150 local and national guests. 70% of the recordings on our list were locally produced. It’s all good! Tune into 90.1 FM, Wednesdays in December, on the 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th, we’ll play nearly 8-hours of music that represents: The 112 of Best Recordings of 2012!

1. (112.) Eternal Summers – “Millions”
from: Correct Behavior / Kanine Records / July 24, 2012
[This is the second proper full length from Virginia based Eternal Summers who have previously released a handful of 7 inches, EP’s and one debut as a duo. Now a power trio.]

2. (111.) The Bad Ideas – “What You Got”
from: Worse Thoughts [EP] / Independent /January 22, 2012
[Britt or Dare (guitar), Break-A-Dawn (vocals), the Caitlin Curry Implosion (bass), and Brittain Lawlessness (drums) joined us live on Wednesday MidDay Medley, July 11.]

3. (110.) Flying Lotus – “See Thru You (feat. Erykah Badu)”
from: Until The Quiet Comes / Warp Records / October 1, 2012
[Flying Lotus is Steven Ellison the great-nephew of the late jazz pianist Alice Coltrane, wife of saxophonist John Coltrane and cousin of musician Ravi Coltrane. Flying Lotus has released 4 studio albums and has produced much of the bumper music on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. He also contributed remixes for fellow Plug Research artists including Mia Doi Todd.]

4. (109.) SoundsGood – “Ice Cream”
from: Goodbye / Innate Sounds / March 1, 2012
[Vocals – Joe Good, Beats – Miles Bonny. The third and final album from this legendary KC Hip Hop band. Miles Bonny and Brenk Sinatra released S3 “Supa Soul Sh*t” in Nov.]

10:12 – Interview with Spencer Brown

“Considered America’s favorite “Dragapella,” The Kinsey Sicks present, “Oy Vey in a Manger” 8:00 PM Thursday at the Folly Theater, 300 W. 12th St. Proceeds Benefit AIDS Walk KC. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.com or by calling The Folly Theater Box Office at (816) 474-4444.

Rachel, Winnie, Trixie and Trampolina try to sell off their manger before it’s foreclosed upon. Look forward to songs like “I’m Dreaming of a Betty White Christmas” and “Don’t Be Happy, Worry.”

Kansas City’s own Spencer Brown is Trampolina Kinsey Sicks. His local ties bring the group here, and the show benefits AIDS Walk Kansas City. Spencer is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York and currently lives in Kansas City where he is known for his other drag alter ego, Daisy Buckët (pronounced ‘bouquet’). Daisy is a current member of the Kansas City Society of Burlesque. Favorite credits include writing and starring in a stage adaptation of the 1979 film The Rose, Riff Raff (The Rocky Horror Show), Chicklet (Psycho Beach Party), and Sue Snell (A Scarrie Carrie Christmas Carol). His work for AIDS organizations in Kansas City has raised over $33,000 in the past several years. He has been singing and mugging shamelessly with the Kinsey Sicks since October 2008.

The “Oy Vey in a Manger” Tour: Dec 6: Kansas City, MO / Dec 7: St. Louis, MO
Dec 20: Chicago, IL / Dec 22: San Francisco, CA / Jan 4-6: Ajijic, Mexico
Jan 8-9: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Kinsey Sicks: P.M.B. 387, 584 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA (kinseysicks.com)

Spencer Brown also performs as Daisy Buckët for Hamburger Mary’s Annual Holiday Show, Saturday, December 15, 2012, at 6:00pm until 11:00pm.Ticket proceeds will go to benefit the LIKEME Lighthouse and the AIDSWalk Kansas City.


5. (108.) The Kinsey Sicks – “T’aint it Love?”
fdddrom: from: Electile Dysfunction / The Kinsey Sicks / May 8, 2012
[Based on their hit musical, “ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION: THE KINSEY SICKS FOR PRESIDENT,” The Kinsey Sicks were formed in 1993, by original members: Ben Schatz (“Rachel”) is a Harvard-trained civil rights lawyer, former Director of the national Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, and one-time presidential advisor on HIV issues, who created the first national AIDS legal project and authored Clinton’s HIV policy during the 1992 presidential campaign, and Irwin Keller (“Winnie”) is a University of Chicago-trained lawyer and linguist and former director of the AIDS Legal Referral Panel of the San Francisco Bay Area, who authored Chicago’s gay rights ordinance, passed into law in 1989. In 2004, the Kinsey Sicks were joined by actor/singer/designer Jeff Manabat, who is responsible for Trixie’s inordinate glamour and soaring counter-tenor, as well as the entire group’s hot couture. Beginning in October of 2008, the Kinsey Sicks are joined by the hilarious and talented Spencer Brown (“Trampolina”), a Kansas City-based actor and singer, already known for his drag character Daisy Buckët (pronounced, of course, “bouquet”).]

[The Kinsey Sicks will be in Kansas City, presenting their holiday show, “Oy Vey in a Manger” Thursday Night, December 6, at 8:00 PM, at The Folly Theater 300 W. 12th St, Kansas City, as a benefit for AIDS Walk Kansas City. Oy Vey boasts The Kinsey Sicks reinterpretations of holiday classics, such as “God Bless Ye Femmy Lesbians,” “Satan Baby”, and “I’m Dreaming of a Betty White Christmas”, plus hilarious Jewish satiric fare, including “Don’t Be Happy, Worry,” the Chanukah spa classic “I Had a Little Facial” and, of course, the requisite and new Christmas cuisine standard, “Soylent Night.”]

6. (107.) Jason Vivone & The Billy Bats–”The Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria”
from: Lather Rinse Repeat / Independent / May 4, 2012
[Jason Vivone (vocals, guitar, mandolin, harp, cigarbox guitar, diddley bow, piano) ; Ben Hoppes (vocals, banjo, guitar) ; Imani Glasgow (vocals, fiddle, percussion); Jeremy Clark (bass); Matt Bustamante (vocals, drums); Paula Crawford (vocals, guitar). Jason Vivone joined us on Wednesday MidDay Medley on May 2.]

7. (106.) Daughn Gibson – “A Young Girl’s World”
from: All Hell / White Denim / March 26, 2012
[Carlisle, Pennsylvania based singer/songwriter, was formerly the drummer for the band Pearls and Brass. His debut solo album “All Hell” has received critical acclaim. Sub Pop records has signed Gibson \where is working on a full-length Sub Pop debut to be released next year. Gibson has recorded a new song called “Reach Into the Fire” that samples his new label mates Shabazz Palaces and Tiny Vipers (above).]

8. (105.) Caul – “A Clear Eye Loves The Shadows As Well”
from: Let The Stars Assume The Whole of The Night / Hypnos / March 29 2012
[12th full length album from Caul aka Brett Smith, a prolific musician based in Baldwin City, Kansas, who has been releasing music since 1996 on various electronica labels. Caul began in 1993, while he was playing guitar in John Bergin’s band Trust Obey.]

10:36 – Underwriting

9. (104.) Ruthie Foster – “Welcome Home”
from: Let It Burn / Blue Corn Music / Jan 31, 2012
[Texas born Ruthie Foster’s new album features special guests The Blind Boys of Alabama, soul legend William Bell, and the rhythm section of The Funky Meters (bassist George Porter Jr. and drummer Russell Batiste). Recorded in New Orleans with producer John Chelew (The Blind Boys of Alabama, John Hiatt, Richard Thompson), Let It Burn also includes New Orleans-bred guitarist Dave Easley, renowned saxophonist James Rivers and Ike Stubblefield (Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, and Eric Clapton) on organ. Ruthie Foster played Kansas City with Paul Thorn, March 28, at Knuckleheads.]

10. (103.) Gentleman Savage – “Overlord”
from: Gentleman Savage [EP] / Independent / Oct. 12, 2012
[Psychedelic-pop band from Kansas City with: Holden Simpson on Vocals/Guitar/Keys, Kyle Anthony on Bass, and Nick Talley on Drums/Percussion.]

11. (102.) Dirty Projectors – “Swing Lo Magellan”
from: Swing Low Magellan / Domino Recording Co. / July 10, 2012
[6th studio album by American experimental rock. The album was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Dirty Projectors frontman Dave Longstreth in Delaware County, New York.]


12. (101.) Himanshu – “Coca Cola Freestyle”
from: Nehru Jackets / Greedhead / January 23, 2012
[Himanshu Suri, aka Heems, from Queens Hip Hop band Das Racist, releases his own solo album-mix tape.]

13. (100.) Sneaky Creeps – “Flat”
from: The Thin Man Wigs Out [EP] / Independent / Jan. 8, 2012
[The 2nd EP from band formed by, Max Crutcher, Andy Davis, Andy Erdrich who all met while going to KCAI. Andy Davis moved away, making the Sneaky Creeps a duo of Max Crutcher on Drums and Yell/Talk, and Andrew Erdrich on Guitar and Yell/Talk. Recorded by Ashley at Infoaming Vortex. All songs were written by Sneaky Creeps. Andy Erdrich, who is also a co-founder of BREAD KC! Was happy to report that we were the very first to download their new, release, “The Thin Man Wigs Out,” through bandcamp. The Smeaky Creeps joined us several times throughout the year as our guest producers.]

14. (99.) The Casket Lottery – “Radiation Bells”
from: REAL FEAR / No Sleep Records / Nov. 3, 2012
[KC based band was formed by Nathan Ellis (guitar/vocals) and Stacy Hilt (bass) in July of 1997 while Nathan was in the band COALESCE. Nathan “Junior” Richardson joined in on drums. They toured with other late 1990s bands: GIANTS CHAIR, BOYS LIFE, and SHUDDER TO THINK. In the band’s initial 5 years they created over 50 songs, including three full length albums, three EPs, numerous 7″, split 7″, and compilation appearances. After one last tour to the West Coast in support of their 2006 release “Smoke and Mirrors,” the band called it quits. Now a 5-piece band, the group has returned like a phoenix with new music that was recorded with Ed Rose, at Black Lodge Recordings, in Eudora, KS, during the fall and winter of 2011/2012.]

[The Casket Lottery play The Riot Room, on Broadway, in Westport, Friday, Dec. 21, w/ Simple Lines.]

15. (98.) Sons of Great Dane – “To A City I Have Known”
from: You Can’t Lose It All, All At Once [EP] / Sharp County Records / September 4, 2012
[Brent Windler: Guitar/Vocals, Nolle Bond: Bass, Evanjohn: Guitar, and Brendan Culp: Drums. Recorded and Mixed by Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound. Mastered by Mike Nolte at West End Studios. ]

[Sons of Great Dane play The Riot Room, Sat., Dec. 8, with The Slowdown and Animal Empty.]


16. (97.) The Ned Ludd Band– “In A Duel”
from: Spacebar / Independent / November 17, 2012
[Recorded by DEERWOLFANIMALBEAR. The Ned Ludd Band includes: Clint Hoffmeier, Jordan Carver, Aaron Fuhr. Produced by Brent Jamison who now plays drums w/ the band. Clint Hoffmeir joined us on Wednesday MidDay Medley on September 12.]

17. (96.) The John McKenna Band –“Paz Contigo and the World is Mean”
from: Beautuful Dangerous [EP] / Independent / Jan. 25, 2012
[Born out of a conversation between McKenna and Jeff Larison (Blackbird Revue, Oriole Post, Sara Swenson, Red Guitar). Ryan Green (Satellite Soul) was quickly brought into the discussion and the three eventually started working on old and new McKenna tunes. Todd Way (Beggar’s Table, Satellite Soul) was brought in to play bass, but it wasn’t long before he was playing other instruments as well, namely piano and some guitar from time to time. Eventually, the sound was rounded-out by an old friend of everyone in the band, Allison Cloud. Current line-up: John McKenna- guitars & vocals; Jeff Larison- lap & pedal steel, guitars; Ryan Green- drums; Todd Way- bass, keys, & vocals; Allison Cloud- vocals; Nick “Pick” Pickrell – bass.]

18. (95.) Tina And Her Pony – “Far Away”
from: Tina And Her Pony / Independent / March 9, 2012
[Tina Collins and Quetzal Jordan perform as Tina And Her Pony, a critically acclaimed, alt Americana band. We interviewed them LIVE on Wednesday MidDay Medley on August 22. Tina And Her Pony joined Victor and Penny in concert, Aug 25, at The Kansas City Academy, Grassroots Concert Series.]

19. (94.) Jason Beers – “Roving Gambler”
from: No Banjo is An Island / Independent / April 11, 2012
[Jason Beers is almost everywhere these days. Playing the saw on the big stage at The Folly Theatre with The New Century Follies, and on the small stage at The Fishtank for Mel Neet’s annual anti-Valentine’s Day Show. Jason was seen playing on top of a downtown building, in a train car, with Betse Ellis, for the Prairie Logic Opening. Jason played in the Dead Voices band with Tiny Horse and Betse Ellis for Wednesday MidDay Medley’s LIVE show “A Story In A Song” in July at the recordBar. Jason also plays with his own band The Brannock Device who released their own new album this year too. That’s Elaine McMilian singing w/ Jason]

[Elaine McMilian will be in concert Saturday, December 15, at 7:00, at the recordBar with Troy Meiss.]

[Many of Elaine and Jason’s friends will be a part of, The Murder Ballad Ball Vol. 4 – Two Sisters, this Saturday, December 8, 2012, starting at 6:00pm at Davey’s Uptown, 3402 Main Street, KCMO includes a special showing of the short film Two Sisters by Mile Deep Films, and featuring: The Silver Maggies, Cadillac Flambe’, Rural Grit Allstars, The Pennysheets, Adam Lee, Anthony Ladesich and the Secret Liquor Cure, Blue Boot Healers, Victor and Penny, Partners In Glory, Vi Tran Band, Cody Wyoming, and Richard Alwyn. A portion of the proceeds from this event benefit the Midwest Music Foundation, who will be hosting a raffle and auction!]


20. (93.) La Guerre – “23”
from: Secret Handshakes / Golden Sound Records + The Record Machine (12″ Split Release) / Apr. 21, 2012
[Nathan Reush from The Record Machine, and Jerad Tomasina and Ross Brown from Golden Sound Records joined us LIVE on Wednesday MidDay Medley on April 11, to discuss Record Store Day and their special vinyl release that combined 6 special new tracks from each of their KC based labels.]

[La Guerre is the solo project for Katlyn Conroy, member of the acclaimed Lawrence band, Cowboy Indian Bear. La Guerre often involves a revolving group of musicians. Her EP, Savannah>Jacksonville was released, July 17, at The Record Machine, and I-Tunes. You can learn more at: laguerremusic.tumblr.com or katlynconroy.bandcamp.com]

[La Guerre plays The Record Machine Holiday Party with Soft Reeds, and Palace, Friday, December 14, at 10:00pm, at miniBar, 3810 Broadway, KCMO. There’s a Piñata smash at Midnight! Those who wear, their worst holiday sweater, could have a chance to win special The Record Machine gifts.]

[La Guerre plays Replay Lounge in Lawrence, KS. Saturday, Dec. 15, w/ Palace, and Hospital Ships.]

21. (92.) Shearwater – “You As You Were”
from: Animal Joy / Sub Pop / Feb. 15, 2012
[7th studio album from American indie rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 1999 by Okkervil River members Jonathan Meiburg and Will Sheff, although Sheff is no longer with the band.]

22. (91.) Rumblejetts – “Truck Stop Waitress”
from: Motor Honey / Spinjet – Money Wolf Music Records / September 12, 2012
[Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Justin Penney at Money Wolf Music. Rumblejetts include: Jim Holopter- Guitar, vocals; Jud Kite- Drums, vocals; Chad Hasty – Bass and Vocals. Rumblejetts were nominated this year for a Pitch Music Award for Best Country/Rockabilly Band.]

[Rumblejetts play TROUSER MOUSE in Blue Springs, Fri, Dec. 7, at 9:00 w/ King Devilles.]

[Rumblejetts play Knuckleheads at 2715 Rochester, Saturday, Dec. 15, at 7:00 with Blue Boot Heelers and King DeVilles the 14th Annual Toys for Tots Show sponsored by Chop Tops Salon on West 39th St.]

23. (90.) O, Giant Man – “Five Card Hand”
from: Our Friend Goes West [EP] / Independent / January 4, 2012
[Christopher Robbins – Lead Vocals, Guitars; Jake Schulenberg – Bass Guitar, Vocals; Andy Wendling – Percussion, Vocals; Rick Schulenberg – Keys, Vocals, Percussion.]

11:36 – Underwriting

24. (89.) Dent May – “Fun”
from: Do Things / Paw Tracks / June 12, 2012
[Based in Oxford, Mississippi. Signed to Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label while the group was in Oxford recording Merriweather Post Pavilion. Dent May played every part on “Do Things” and recorded it at his home, the Cats Purring Dude Ranch. A NYU film-school drop out, this is his follow up to the critically acclaimed, Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele.]

25. (88.) Sarah Jaffe – “Mannequin Woman”
from: The Body Wins / Kirtland Records / April 24, 2012
[2nd full-length release. Produced by John Congleton, showing another side of the amazing, 26 year old singer-songwriter from Denton, Texas. Very different from last year’s “Suburban Nature,” the new release shows the part of her that liked to dance and listen to hip-hop and cover Robyn songs live. “Glorified High.” Sarah Jaffe been on tour with Norah Jones and Blitzen Trapper in June and July.]

26. (87.) The Hillary Watts Riot – “Tube Top”
from: A/S/L / Money Wolf Music / April 20, 2012
[First single from their debut album, THWR include: Hillary Watts Bird, Christian Hankel, Tommy Donoho, Sergio Moreno, Justin Penney. They describe their music as “freak pop.” This band is so fun to see live.]

[The Hillary Watts Riot will play The Jackpot in Lawrence, Friday, December 7, with Dream Wolf.]


27. (86.) Grimes – “Genesis”
from: Visions / 4AD / February 21, 2012
[3rd album from Grimes aka Claire Boucher who was born March 17, 1988 and was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. After Secondary School she moved to Montreal, Quebec to attend Montreal’s McGill University. It was during her studies that she began to record and perform under the name Grimes.]

28. (85.) Danny McGaw – “Lovers On The Mend”
from: Eccles Road / Zoe Records / October 27, 2012
[Born and raised in Northern England, Danny wrote his first song when he was 12 years old. He spent his childhood pursuing a professional football (with the feet) career. Danny left Manchester to travel at 18. His unique journey led him to Los Angeles where he recorded with the late Terry Melcher (producer of The Byrds, Taj Mahal, Ry Cooder).]

[Danny McGaw, will open for Truck Stop Honeymoon, Fri., Dec, 14, at The Brick, 1727 McGee in KC.]


29. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

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