#588 – July 29, 2015 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Michael McQuary “Man of a 1001 Faces”
+ Riala

10:00 – Station ID

1. Main Title Instrumental – “It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / 1980 [WMM’s theme song]

2. Radkey – “Dark Black Makeup”
from: Dark Black Makeup / Strange Loop Records / August 21, 2015
[Debut full length album from Radkey, a St. Joesph, Missouri based band, made up of brothers Darrion, Isaiah, and Solomon. Their influences include The Who and Nirvana. The brothers are going on the road for the rest of the year mostly throughout Europe.]

[Radkey play recordBar, Friday Night with Gnarly Davidson, Amanda X, and Spirit of The Beehive.]

3. Beautiful Bodies – “Catch & Release”
from: Battles / Epitaph / June 12, 2015
[Alternative rock band from Kansas City, Missouri featuring Alicia Solombrino on vocals, Thomas Becker on guitar and drums, and Luis Arana on bass. Beautiful Bodies have shared the stage and toured with The Smashing Pumpkins, My Chemical Romance, Jane’s Addiction, Paramore, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They’ve played Warped Tour, Kanrocksas,and SXSW, and have toured the U.S. and Canada extensively. Beautiful Bodies won Ernie Ball’s 2013 Battle of the Bands for Warped Tour, beating out 32,000 bands. In May 2014, the band signed a record deal with Epitaph Records.]

[Beautiful Bodies play Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Thursday, July 30, for the Vans Warped Tour.]

4. Samantha Crain – “Killer”
from: Under Branch & Thorn & Tree / Ramseur Records / July 17, 2015
[29 year old singer, songwriter, musician, of Choctaw heritage, born and raised in Shawnee, Oklahoma.]


5. John Moreland – “Sad Baptist Rain”
from: High on Tulsa Heat / Old Omens / April 21, 2015
[Tulsa, Oklahoma based singer-songwriter John Moreland was born June 22, 1985 in Longview, Texas. The son of Robert Lloyd Moreland and Connie May, Moreland’s father worked for Sunoco as an electrical engineer, and because of this job the family moved a lot. When he was a baby they moved to Northern Kentucky, across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. Moreland credits his love for Cincinnati Reds to this time in Kentucky. When Moreland was 10 years old Moreland’s family moved from Boone County, Kentucky to Tulsa, Oklahoma and, with the help of his father, started playing the guitar. When he was 12 he started playing with a kid he went to church with who wrote songs and inspired him to start writing songs “that made sense.” Moreland grew up in a conservative Southern Baptist family. “From the time I was born up until about age 16, my entire worldview and all my opinions were pretty much solely influenced by the evangelical church. All the years since then have sort of been this slow process of figuring out where I stand now that I’m not an impressionable kid anymore. I feel like I’m done with that at this point, but it keeps showing up in songs. I guess that stuff stays in your psyche forever.”]

[John Moreland, plays The Madrid, Tuesday, August 4, opening for Dawes.]

6. Sea of Bees – “Dad”
from: Build a Boat to the Sun / Loop Music / June 29, 2015
[1st single from new album. The musical project of Julie Ann Baenziger, Julie Bee, or Jules as everyone calls her, who came out of a small suburb of Sacramento called Roseville. She sings, writes the songs, and plays lots of musical instruments.]

7. Jill Scott – “Closure”
from: Woman / Blues Babe Records / July 24, 2015 [5th studio album by American singer, model and actress, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,April 4, 1972. Her 2000 debut, Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1, went platinum.]

10:29 – Underwriting

10:31 – Interview with Michael McQuary

Maria Vasquez Boyd & Michael McQuary

Maria Vasquez Boyd & Michael McQuary

“Michael McQuary is more than a pretty face, and he’s got a thousand, anyway. His is a talent today’s entertainment world needs more of. From Fu Manchu to Phantoms to Dietrich, Michael carries them all off to perfection, and I knew the originals. This talented entertainer perfects his transformations while allowing the audience a glimpse of the artist beneath the mask.” – Rex Reed

Stage & screen actor, Michael McQuary a master impressionist, joined us to share his unique take on the legendary monsters of film and the brightest stars of Hollywood’s golden age. Michael is the creator of the award winning one-man shows in New York City including: Matinee Idol, Man of 1001 Faces, Crystal Allan Strikes Back, My Own Space and most recently, for last year’s KC Fringe Festival “I’m Hollywood.” Michael McQuary is also a visual artist of personal portraits and life captures done with china ink that are collected internationally and he is the founder and designer for YourPowerSign.com where he creates art works of metal. Currently Michael is seen in multiple film shorts promoting the OM Film Festival and he is the star of the upcoming Mile Deep Films short film, “Corvalo.”

Michael McQuary was born and raised in Portland, Oregon in the 1960s.

Michael told us that, as a child, he had to “learn the world sideways.” “Movies took care of him, as a child.”

Michael remembers, at the age of 4, spellbound by Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula. “Look how he holds his cape!” he told his mother, and from then on, Michael’s childhood was focused on his own creative world.

Michael would do imitations of, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, and Cab Calloway

Arriving in New York at the age of 18, Michael was enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Michael found himself drawn to the burgeoning downtown and nightclub scene, performing at the legendary Boy Bar, Bon Soir and Trocadero.

It was there that he conceived and developed Matinee Idol, a one-man cinematic collage of classic films ranging from Sunset Boulevard to Clash of the Titans.

Veteran New York cabaret impresario Erv Raible invited McQuary to bring his show to Eighty-Eights, where Michael worked his magic for five years, Playing dozens of characters and earning two 1988 Back Stage Bistro Awards for Outstanding Cabaret Debut and Best Characterization Show. This was followed by four consecutive MAC nominations.

Access cable icon Miss Sybil Bruncheon (a/k/a John Burke) invited McQuary to perform in his stage show Café Berlin, where Michael’s roles ranged from Marlene Dietrich to Cab Calloway and Bela Lugosi.

Michael’s cabaret shows also played at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theatre, the Duplex, and Judy’s Chelsea.

Michael was an acting student at the famous HB Studio in NYC, founded by Herbert Berghof in 1945 and located in Greenwich Village, New York City. In 1948, Uta Hagen joined the Studio as Berghof’s artistic partner, and the two wed ten years later. Her master classes led to the writing of her books Respect for Acting and A Challenge for the Actor.

It was at the HB Studio where Michael was discovered and cast in the revival of “The Royal Hunt of The Sun.”

After spending much of his career bringing movies to life on stage, Michael began working in film bringing his theatrical style to film.

Director Marc Briatack of Dynamarc Films saw Michael perform at the Public and began photographing him in many of his elaborate disguises. They were excited with the results and began to plan an internet serial: Fu Manchu’s Weapon of Evil.

Michael’s life in NYC gave him the opportunity to meet many people in show business including: Fred Schneider of the B-52s, Catherine Deneuve, Sonny Bono, Rachel Welch.

Michael’s NYC apartment was filmed by CNN and was styled like a mysterious residence in a forbidden city. Part living space part movie set.

Michael moved to Kansas City a couple of Halloweens ago. Last year he brought his one man show, “I’m Hollywood” to the KC Fringe Festival.

Michael has been embraced by the area film community, appearing in multiple short promotional pieces to the OM film festival.

Michael has been part of photographic shoots with Ron Megee, and Philip Hooser.

Michael is also the star of the upcoming Mile Deep Films short film, “Corvalo,” directed by Anthony Ladeish.

Michael McQuary is also a visual artist of personal portraits and life captures done with china ink that are collected internationally.

Michael is also and the founder and designer for YourPowerSign.com where he creates real jewelry from precious metals that are one of a kind works of art.

Michael will also be seen on KSHB TV with Joel Nichols, Saturday, August 8, at Midnight, in an interview.

[Portions of the notes for Michael’s chronology are taken from: Cabaret Scenes]

11:00 – Station ID

8. Katy Guillen & The Girls – “If You Were Gone”
from: Katy Guillen & The Girls / Independent / September 6, 2014
[Katy Guillen pn guitar & lead vocals, Claire Adams on bass & vocals, & Stephanie Williams on drums. Finalists in the 2014 International Blues Challenge, they have played Boulevardia, Middle of the Map Fest, US tours, opening for rock legend Joan Jett, playing the 35th Annual Montreal International Jazz Festival, winning Best Emerging Artist in the 2014 Pitch Music Awards, touring Sweden in November, 2014, and playing Joe Bonamassa’s Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea cruise in February 2015.]

[Katy Guillen and The Girls play The Tank Room, Friday, July 31, with The Philistines.]

9. The Philistines – “Twitch of the Death Nerve”
from: forthcoming debut LP that The Philistines
[KC based rock ‘n roll/pop band with a psychedelic bent, made up of: Kimmie Queen on lead vocals; Cody Wyoming on lead guitar and vocals; Rod Peal on guitar; Michelle Bacon on bass; Josh Mobley on keyboard, Steve Gardels on drums. Recorded and mixed with Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound, mastered by Dave Gaume.]

[The Philistines play The Tank Room, Friday, July 31, with Katy Guillen and The Girls.]

10. Betse & Clarke – “Riding on Your High Horse”
from: Bird Notes / Independent / May 28, 2015
[Betse Ellis on fiddle, and Clarke Wyatt on banjo. Arrangements by Betse & Clarke. Betse & Clarke also released Two Forks Acrylic On Cardboard Recorded January 2, 2015. Engineered & produced by Clarke Wyatt.]

[Betse & Clarke play Knuckleheads on Friday, July 31, with Pokey LaFarge, and Jack Grelle.]

11. Campdogzz – “Take”
from upcoming release: “Riders In the Hills of Dying Heaven” / Independent / To be released
[Chicago based musicians: Mike Price on drums, bass, and guitar; Jess Price on vocals and guitar, left their home in Logan Square in Chicago, to live in a converted school bus and tour the country. Singer, songwriter, Jess Price, is an Oklahoma native and multi-instrumentalist, and her voice is beautiful. Our friend Jerad Tomasino is playing bass for Campdogzz on their big tour through September. The band is stopping and camping in some of the most beautiful places across the country. Tonight they are at ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, tomorrow WHITE MOUNTAIN NATIONAL FOREST. Jerod created an Instagram account @JeradTomasino to document the tour and nature spots as well as create material for their debut album artwork for upcoming album.]

[Campdogzz will be playing FOKL on August 13 with She’s A Keeper.]

11:14 – Underwriting


12. Riala – “Aether”
from: Be Here | Be There / Haymaker Records / To be released: September 4, 2015
[Nick Turner on Voice & Guitar, Kalo Hoyle on bass, Morgan Greenwood on drums. Recorded, mixed.and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios.]

[Riala plays a tour kick-off show at Records With Merritt, Friday, July 31]

11:20 – Interview with Riala

Morgan Greenwood & Nicholas Turner of Riala

Morgan Greenwood & Nicholas Turner of Riala

Riala is three piece Kansas City based band was formed in May of 2013 by Nicholas Turner on voice & guitar, Kalo Hoyle on bass, and Morgan Greenwood on drums. The band’s debut EP, Be Here | Be There, was recorded, mixed and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios. The recording will be released on vinyl by area label, Haymaker Recordson September 4. More info at http://www.riala.bandcamp.com. Riala plays a tour kick-off show at Records With Merritt, Friday, July 31, at 8:00 with after nations, The Neighborhood Watch, and Paper Buffalo.

Nicholas Turner and Morgan Greenwood joined us on Wednesday MidDay Medley.

The band formed after Morgan and Nicholas met at UMKC, where they were studying music and composition.

Over the past two years Riala has built a following performing constantly at FOKL, Vacant Farm, Art Closet, The Union, The Tank Room, recordBar, Harlings, The Brick.

Riala’s Facebook page describes their music as: Atmospheric-Rock, Math-Rock, Experimental-Indie

Haymaker Records describes Riala as: shoegaze indie rock


12. Riala – “The Diving Bell”
from: Be Here | Be There / Haymaker Records / To be released: September 4, 2015
[Nick Turner on Voice & Guitar, Kalo Hoyle on bass, Morgan Greenwood on drums. Recorded, mixed.and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios.]

More info at http://www.riala.bandcamp.com More info at http://www.haymakerrecords.net


14. Riala – “Captain (Dredge)”
from: Be Here | Be There / Haymaker Records / To be released: September 4, 2015
[Nick Turner on Voice & Guitar, Kalo Hoyle on bass, Mogan Greenwood on drums. Recorded, mixed.and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios.]

[Riala plays a tour kick off show, at Records With Merritt, Friday, July 31, at 8:00 with After Nations, The Neighborhood Watch, and Paper Buffalo]


15. Expassionates – “Midnight in the Desert”
from: Landscapes / Independent / November 22, 2008
[Scott Easterday-guitar, vocals, Marco Pascolini-guitar, Richard Burgess-bass, and Sam Platt-drums. Expassionates will have their last show, Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 7:00pm, recordBar, KCMO.]

[Scott Easterday plays Coda, tonight, Wednesday, July 29, in a solo show.]


16. Tame Impala – “Eventually”
from: Currents / Modular Recordings / July 17, 2015
[3rd studio album by Australian psychedelic rock act Tame Impala, written, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by primary member Kevin Parker. After releasing the group’s previous record, Lonerism in 2012, Parker began work on Currents, largely recording at his home studio in Fremantle. He engrossed himself with writing and recording, and owing to his reputation as a perfectionist, labored over the details of each song, ultimately forcing the release date to be delayed by two months.]


17. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Next week on August 5, Marion Merritt of Records With Merritt joins us a special guest Producer and co-host. Also joining us is Calvin Arsenia.

Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org, Haymaker Record’s press release

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