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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MidCoastal Releases
+ Andrew Hunt of Johnny Appleseed
+ Britt Adair, Michelle Wyssmann & Vandals Summer Kamp Fest

1. Air Station – “I Love My Friends”
from: DIX / UNiPEGaDONG Records / August 4, 2014
[AIR STATION are Brodie Rush and Kliph Scurlock. Recorded at the Gold Room, Kansas City, Missouri by Air Station. Mixed and mastered by Kliph at Skekshun’s Hit Factory in Lawrence, Kansas. First recording date: August 22, 2012, final mastering date: February 5, 2013. Cover art, layout and design by Brodie (at UNiPEGaDONG) …Notes from Kliph: Brodie Ayala and I made this record between August of 2012 and February of 2013. We sent it out to a few labels and received responses along the lines of, “this is completely unmarketable” and, “I just don’t think I can do the packaging you guys want.” Then I got busy with Lips stuff and Brodie was busy with Be/Non and his lovely wife and kids and we just sort of left it. We’ve been talking about recording some new stuff, which reminded us that we had this just sitting around. Even though there are some songs I think I could mix better now and some other things that we would do differently were we to record it today, we decided to just let it stand as the thing we did then and have put it up on Bandcamp for your “enjoyment”. I’m honestly really proud of it and had a blast making it. We had no agenda when we started recording other than, “dammit, we’ve been talking about recording forever, so let’s just fucking do it” and it just became what it became. But I’m glad it’s now available for people to love, like, hate or not particularly care about and I’m looking forward to our next batch of recordings. Special thanks to Doug McKinney, Kelli Mayo, Peyton Bighorse and Nanci Lee Ayala Rush for playing on it as well. And extra special thanks to Deerhoof for allowing us to sample them on “Bustle In My Hedgerow”. -Kliph Scurlock August 2014]

2. Air Station – “Street Level”
from: DIX / UNiPEGaDONG Records / August 4, 2014

3. Air Station – “Chapi-Chapo”
from: DIX / UNiPEGaDONG Records / August 4, 2014


4. Various Blonde – “Savage Children”
from: Summer High / Independent / July 29, 2014
[Produced By: Isaiah ” Ikey” Owens. Joshua Allen- Guitar/Vocals, Evanjohn Mcintosh- Bass, Mark Lomas- Drums/Percussioon, Eddie Moore- Keyboards/Rhodes. Conceived in 2008 by mutual friends and now the brainchild of Kansas City native Joshua Allen. The band presents a bombastic, dark alternative progressive style. Joshua Allen draws from a wide array of influences such as, Radiohead, Blonde Redhead, Mike Patton, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Yes, King Crimson, Can, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Mars Volta Miles Davis, Mogwai, and Jimi Hendrix. Since 2009 Various Blonde hasopened for national acts, Russian Circles, Free Moral Agents, Zechs Marquise, Dead Meadow, Imaad Wasif, Jucifer,The Memorials, Thursday, Matt Pryor, Murder by Death, Fang Island, Bang Camaro, Electric Sixx. They have been described in words such as “sonic devastation” and deliver a show all their own.]

[Various Blonde plays the recordBar, September 11, with Broncho, Low Litas, and Sneaky Creeps.]

5. Sneaky Creeps – “Hypnotist Convention”
from: Negative Space / Big Urges / March 12, 2014
[Recorded, mixed, and Mastered by Joel Nanos of Element Recording, KC, MO. Isaac Ahloe-Bass, Max Crutcher-Drums and yell/talk, Andy Erdrich-Guitar, loops/noises, and yell/talk.]

Sneaky Creeps Shows:
Aug 13 @ Harling’s, KCMO, w/ Brat Curse, Wick & The Tricks
Aug 14 @ The Replay Lounge, LFK, w/ Brat Curse, CS Luxem
Aug 18 @ The Union, KCMO, w/ SUR, Drugs and Attics
Aug 23 @ The Brick, KCMO, w/ The Ray-Tones, Teach Me Equals
Sep 3 @ FOKL, KCK, w/ Naomi Punk
Sep 11 @ recordBar, KCMO, w/ Broncho]

6. The Black Angels – “Sunday Evening”
from: Clear Lake Forest / Blue Horizons Venture / July 22, 2014
[The Black Angels are a psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas, formed in 2004. Along with this new 7-song EP, they have released four studio albums and one compilation album. Their name is derived from the Velvet Underground song “The Black Angel’s Death Song”.]

10:24 – Underwriting


7. Johnny Appleseed – “Double Barrel Boogie”
from: Johnny Appleseed EP / Andrew Hunt / January 28, 2014
[Casey Driscoll on the fiddle, Jon Estes on the bass, Andrew Hunt on vocals and guitars, Brett Resnick on the pedal steel, Mark Sloan on guitars and vocals, Andrew Squire on the drums. All songs written by Andrew Hunt. All songs arranged and recorded by Johnny Appleseed at Swamp Studios in Nashville, TN Engineered, mixed, and produced by Ryan McFadden. Mastered by Brad Sarno at Blue Jade Mastering in St. Louis, MO]

10:30 – Interview with Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt has been living in Nashville for the past three years playing various roles in different bands and traveling the country spreading the good word of traditional country music. His own Nashville based, 6-piece country western band Johnny Appleseed comes to Kansas this week to play Topeka at the American Legion Hall post 400, Friday, August 15, 8:00pm, with The Top City Ramblers and Luke Bell. Johnny Appleseed released their debut EP earlier this year.

Johnny Appleseed was founded in 2012 by a group of young musicians in Nashville, Tennessee with:

Casey Driscoll on fiddle
Jon Estes on bass
Andrew Hunt on vocals and guitars
Brett Resnick on pedal steel
Mark Sloan on guitars / vocals
Andrew Squire on drums.

Johnny Appleseed draws their influence from classic sounds of Bob Willsʼ western swing, Ray Priceʼs country shuffles, Elvisʼ early hard hitting rockabilly, and Count Basieʼs big band swing eras. The Band aims to capture the sounds and styles, mix it all up.

Johnny Applesee’s first EP features three original songs recorded to vintage 1-inch tape at Americana music luminary Tony Joe Whiteʼs private studio.

All songs written by Andrew Hunt. All songs arranged and recorded by Johnny Appleseed at Swamp Studios in Nashville, TN Engineered, mixed, and produced by Ryan McFadden. Mastered by Brad Sarno at Blue Jade Mastering in St. Louis, MO

Andrew Huntʼs crooning vocals hearken back to country stars of eras past, with lyrics and song craft that cut with the edge of modernity. Guitarist Mark Sloan, fiddle player Casey Driscoll and Brett Resnick on the pedal steel each represent the best of their respective instrument the burgeoning young Nashville music scene has to offer. Put them all on one stage, ripping solos and fantastic arrangements abound with this “hillbilly orchestra.”

Johnny Appleseed plays the American Legion Hall post 400, in Topeka, KS. Fri, Aug. 15, 8pm, w/ The Top City Ramblers, Luke Bell. More info at: johnnyappleseedtheband.com


8. Johnny Appleseed – “Tonganoxie Song”
from: Johnny Appleseed EP / Andrew Hunt / January 28, 2014
[Casey Driscoll on the fiddle, Jon Estes on the bass, Andrew Hunt on vocals and guitars, Brett Resnick on the pedal steel, Mark Sloan on guitars and vocals, Andrew Squire on the drums. All songs written by Andrew Hunt. All songs arranged and recorded by Johnny Appleseed at Swamp Studios in Nashville, TN Engineered, mixed, and produced by Ryan McFadden. Mastered by Brad Sarno at Blue Jade Mastering in St. Louis, MO]

9. Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens – “It’s a Cold, Cold World”
from: Cold World / Daptone Records / July 29, 2014
[Brooklyn based gospel soul. Members include: NAOMI SHELTON (Lead Vocal) CLIFF DRIVER (Pianist and Musical Director) EDNA JOHNSON (Backing Vocal) CYNTHIA LANGSTON (Backing Vocal) BOBBIE JEAN GANT (Backing Vocal) FRED THOMAS (Bass) MICHAEL POST (Drums) GABRIEL CAPLAN (Guitar). Naomi Shelton grew up singing in church in Alabama she has also spent much of her life in the soul clubs around New York, and her 45s, “41st St. Breakdown” and “Wind Your Clock” b/w “Talking ‘Bout a Good Thing,” have long been revered and prized by funk DJs around the globe.]


10. Sarah Jaffe – “Leaving The Planet”
from: Don’t Disconnect / Kirtland Records / Expected August 19, 2014
[Sarah Jaffe was born January 29, 1986, and she is a singer-songwriter from Denton, Texas. Jaffe self-released her first EP titled Even Born Again, which was recognized by Rolling Stone and the Dallas Observer.(She gave us a vinyl copy). In late 2009, she was signed to Kirtland Records and released her first full-length album, Suburban Nature, in May 2010. She has previously toured with Lou Barlow, (we saw her with Lou at the recordBar!!!!) Norah Jones, Blitzen Trapper and Chelsea Wolfe, as well as fellow bands Midlake, Old 97’s and Centro-matic. In 2011, she released The Way Sound Leaves a Room, which was touted as an EP that included a DVD of her performance at Wyly Theatre in Dallas that February. This release included a cover of a Drake song: “Shut it Down.”.It was with this release that she started moving away from an acoustic folk sound to a more orchestral indie rock sound, but it was only a hint at what was to come. In 2012, she opened on the New Multitudes Tour where she introduced fans to songs from her upcoming album. On April 21, she dropped her latest LP: The Body Wins, produced by John Congleton. On December 11, 2012, she performed “Talk”, a single from that album, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. In 2013, she featured uncredited vocals on Eminem’s song “Bad Guy” off his album The Marshall Mathers LP 2.]

11. PUJOL – “Circles”
from: Kludge / Saddle Creek Records / May 20, 2014
[Daniel Pujol is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Tullahoma, TennesseeA kludge is: “A clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem.” “An ill assorted collection of poorly matching parts, forming a distressing whole.” “A crock that works.”In February of 2013, Daniel Pujol set out to write and record the follow-up to his debut album, 2012’s UNITED STATES OF BEING. Pujol and producer Doni Shroader set up shop in Mt. Juliet, TN at The Place: a suicide-prevention center for teens located in a strip mall. They used largely borrowed and donated gear, recording every day from 5pm until 6am, all the while breaking down and setting up the temporary studio every day between office hours. Mixing took place during the building of Battletapes, a two car garage that was in the midst of being converted into an acoustically treated, professional grade tracking room; building permit, construction workers, and all. Following four months of vampiric living and working around conflicting schedules/eccentricities (the band, the engineers, the sun), Daniel, Doni, and Battletapes had finished the album they had been working towards. Recording and mixing happened in a “non-location” where things were being built or set up, in order to work on the album, working around the obstacles the location presented. More info at http://pujoldotcom.com%5D

[Pujol plays St. Louis September 12, and Omaha, at the Slowdown, on September 14.]

12. Spoon – “Do You”
from: They Want My Soul / Loma Vista Recordings / August 5, 2014
[8th studio album from indie rock band Spoon, formed in Austin, Texas in 1993, by lead singer and guitarist Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno, after the two met as members of The Alien Beats. The name Spoon was chosen to honor the 1970s German avant-garde band Can, whose hit song “Spoon” was the theme song to the 1985 movie Das Messer aka Jagged Edge in the United States. The new record is the band’s first album to feature new member Alex Fischel, who plays keyboards and guitar.]

13. Eels – “Where I’m From”
from: The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver / E Works – Vagrant / April 22, 2014
[11th studio album from indie band Eels. The album was produced by band leader Mark Oliver Everett. Eels were formed in California in1995 by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Oliver Everett, better known as “E” (son of famous physicist Hugh Everett III). Band members have changed across the years, both in the studio and on stage, making Everett the only official member for the most of the band’s work. Often filled with themes about family, death and lost love, Eels’ music straddles a wide range of genres, which is evidenced by the distinct musical style of every album.]

11:00 – Station ID

14. The Hearts of Darkness – “Chippin’ Away”
from: Shelf Life / Shipshape Records / August 25, 2012
[Featuring: Shawn Hansen – Alto Saxophone. Composed & arranged by Alex Smith. Lyrics by Les Izmore. The 15 piece ensemble welcomed 6 additional musicians to record “Shelf Life,” their 2nd full-length release, 2 years in the making. Recorded live at the Cooler Studio in KCK, with Chad Meise, and mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room in Chicago, using both vintage analog and modern digital technologies. The album was released on CD and as a limited edition collectible vinyl LP at local music stores, and also available on iTunes. Contributing musicians to “Shelf Life” include: Bob Asher – Trumpet, Sean Branagan – drums and percussion, Rachel Christia – Vocals , Andrew Ford – Trombone, Brandy Gordon – Vocals, Richard Gumbel – Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Sam Hughes – Baritone Saxophone, Les Izmore – Vocals, Pete Leibert – Bass Guitar, Jolan Smith – Tenor Saxophone and Vocals, Miko Spears – Congas, Erica Townsend – Vocals, Ken Walker – Valve Trombone, Brad Williams – drums and percussion, Hermon Mehari – Trumpet, Shawn Hansen – Alto Saxophon, Phil Keegan – Bass Guita, Chris Meck – Rhythm Guita, Josh Mobley – Keyboards, Guitar, Alex Smith – Tenor Saxophone, Mark Vick – Rhythm Guitar. Winner of the 2014 Pitch Music Award for Hardest Working Band.]

[Hearts of Darkness play Kauffman Stadium TONIGHT, Aug. 13, at 6:00 pm before The Royals game]

15. The Baseball Project – “They Played Baseball”
from: 3rd / Yep Roc Records / March 25, 2014
[A supergroup composed of Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Scott McCaughey, Steve Wynn & Linda Pitmon formed in 2007. They came together from discussions between McCaughey & Wynn at R.E.M.’s March 21, 2007 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC. They invited Buck to play bass & Pitmon on drums & recorded their first album, Volume 1: Frozen Ropes & Dying Quails later that year. Buck & McCaughey have previously played together in Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3, The Minus 5, R.E.M., & Tuatara. Wynn is the former leader of the The Dream Syndicate as well as Gutterball and currently plays w/ Pitmon in Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3.]

[The Baseball Project play the RecordBar, TONIGHT, August 13, with The Pedaljets.]

11:12 – Underwriting


16. The Bad Ideas – “Apocalypse Detroit”
from: Red Kate & The Bad Ideas – Split 7″ / Mills Record Company / May 31, 2013
[The Bad Idea’s full length debut, Lesson #1, in our Best Recordings of 2013. Their EP, Worse Thoughts, was one of our favorite recordings of 2012. The KC based punk band, was formed in October 2011. Driven by original songs and influenced by post-hardcore, punk, and early pop punk. Breaka Dawn on lead vocals; Britt Adair on guitar, back-up vocals, Caitlin Curry on bass, back-up vocals, George Magers on drums.]

11:16 – Interview with Britt Adair and Michelle Wyssman

Britt Adair plays lead guitar for the band The Bad Idea’s. She organizes bands and shows at Vandals at Black and Gold Tavern, She works at Mills Record Company, she is an artist and film maker and huge nuturer of Kansa City Punk Music Scene.

Joining Britt is Michelle Wyssman who works at Black and Gold Tavern which is open from 10:00 am to 3:00 am Monday through Saturdays, and on Sunday serving lunch and dinner, and serving live music. Michelle convinced the owners of Black and Gold to create the performance venue Vandals, located at the back of Black & Gold Tavern as a home for Rock, Punk, and Metal shows and she brought Britt on to help.

Britt and Michelle join us today to talk about Vandals Summer Kamp Fest 2014 a DIY music festival Friday, August 15, through Sunday, August 17th, at Vandals, 3740 Broadway Blvd, KCMO, featuring 31 BANDS – 3 NIGHTS OF PUNK ROCK / HARDCORE/ GARAGE ROCK. Bands include: Molotov Latte, Nature Boys, Strangefellas, Black on Black, Smash the State, The Rackatees, Red Kate, The Bad Ideas, Idiot Box, Wick & The Tricks, Stiff Middle Fingers, Bottle Breakers, Faultfinder, Dish Pit and more.

Vandals is at 3740 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, Missouri 64111

Vandals Summer Kamp Fest 2014 a DIY music festival

Bands from Springfield, Lawrence, Pittsburg, PA, Minneapolis, Nashville, Joplin, Carbondale, Murray Kentucky, Norwalk California


17. Wick & The Tricks – “Brooklyn Queens”
from: Tricky [EP] / Independent / July 22,, 2014
[Wick Trick – Vocals , Brit Wild – Guitar , Meri Contrary – Guitar , Smooth Stef – Drums. Recorded at Weights and Measures http://www.wmsoundlab.com]

[Wick & the Tricks Play Harlings Upstairs, TONIGHT, Aug 13 wih Brat Curse, and Sneaky Creeps]

18. Thelma and The Sleaze – “SUMMER FUN”
from: The Palmela Handerson EP / Dryerbaby Records / November 14, 2013
[Written and produced by thelma and the sleaze a Nashville based 3\three-piece consisting of LG: Vox/ Guitar, Chase: Drums, Baby Angel: Boom Stick. Released late last year along with their other 5-song EP These Boots Wont Lick Themselves.]


Vandals Summer Kamp Fest 2014 a DIY music festival
Schedule subject to change.

Check for updated schedule at


5:30PM – Molotov Latte (SPRINGFIELD, MO)
6:15PM – Nature Boys (KCMO)
7:00PM – Strangefellas (SPRINGFIELD, MO)
7:45PM – All Blood (KCMO)
8:30PM – Joey Molinaro (PITTSBURGH, PA)
9:15PM – Black on Black (LAWRENCE, KS)
10:00PM – TBA
10:45PM – Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band (MINNEAPOLIS, MN)
11:30PM – Smash the State (KCMO)
12:30AM – Mercury Mad & The Plastic Bitches (KCMO)
1:30AM – Human Traffic (KCMO)


5:30PM – Slayerkitty

6:15PM – Thee Fine Lines (SPRINGFIELD, MO)
7:00PM – Megajoos (NASHVILLE, TN)
7:45PM – Reacharounds (SPRINGFIELD, MO)
8:30PM – The Rackatees (LAWRENCE, KS)
9:15PM – The Itch (JOPLIN, MO)
10:00PM – The Gospel Truth (AUSTIN, TX)
10:45PM – Thelma and the Sleaze (NASHVILLE, TN)
11:30PM – The Brothers Gross (DEMOTTE, IN)
12:30AM – Pizza Time (NORWALK, CA)
1:30AM – Red Kate (KCMO)


5:00PM – The Bad Ideas (KCMO)
5:45PM – Luchar Soiree (KCMO)
6:30PM – Idiot Box (KCMO)
7:15PM – Wick & The Tricks (KCMO)
8:00PM – Stiff Middle Fingers (LAWRENCE, KS)
8:45PM – Barbariettes (MURRAY, KY)
9:45PM – Morninglories (KCMO)
10:45PM – Bottle Breakers (KCMO)
11:45PM – Bad Taste (CARBONDALE, IL)
12:45AM – Faultfinder (KCMO)
1:45AM – Dish Pit (MINNEAPOLIS, MN)


19. Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band – “See Some Lights”
from: Promises To Deliver / Dead Broke Rekerds / June 20, 2013
[Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band started out in the spring of 2010, after Nato moved to the Twin Cities from Brooklyn. After a couple lineup experiments, the band settled down as Mike Cranberry on drums, Sam Beer on lead guitar, Kyle Sando on bass, and Nato.]

20. Red Kate – “New Dreams” (cover of Naked Raygun song)
from: Red Kate & The Bad Ideas – Split 7” / Mills Record Company / May 31, 2013
[KC based Punk band Red Kate is a 4-piece that has been rocking venues since 2007. The band’s first full-length album, “When the Troubles Come” was released on Replay Records, and engineered by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab, and was in our Best Recordings of 2013. Bassist and lead vocalist L. Ron Drunkard, Andrew Whelan on drums, vocals; Brad Huhmann on guitar, Desmond Poirier on guitar, vocals.]

Vandals Summer Kamp Fest 2014 a DIY music festival Friday, August 15, through Sunday, August 17th, at Vandals, 3740 Broadway Blvd, KCMO, featuring 31 BANDS – 3 NIGHTS OF PUNK ROCK / HARDCORE/ GARAGE ROCK. Bands include: Molotov Latte, Nature Boys, Strangefellas, Black on Black, Smash the State, The Rackatees, Red Kate, The Bad Ideas, Idiot Box, Wick & The Tricks, Stiff Middle Fingers, Dish Pit and more.


21. The Lucky – “Mad Ones”
from: Swimming Invisible / Independent / May 24, 2014
[Camilla Camille on vocals, guitar, octave pedal; Iason Mac Ai on vocals, lead guitar; Calandra Rene on bass; Dustin Mott on drums. Recorded at Massive Sound Studio by Paul Malinowski More info at: http://www.theluckyband.com]

[The Lucky, play the recordBar, Friday, August 15, with Those Darlins, and Diarrhea//Planet.]

22. The Philistines – “Heart Like Candy”
from: The Philistines EP / Independent / March 2014
[The Philistines are Kansas City based rock ‘n roll/pop band with a psychedelic bent, made up of: Kimmie Queen on lead vocals; Cody Wyoming on lead guitar and vocals; Rod Peal on guitar; Michelle Bacon on bass; Josh Mobley on keyboard, and Steve Gardels on drums.]

[The Philistines play Californos, Wild Summer Nights, Friday, Aug. 15, at 8:30 pm, with Loose Park, Drew Black and Dirty Electric, and Knife Crime.]

23. The Coathangers – “Springfield Cannonball”
from: Suck My Shirt / Independent / March 18, 2014
[Suck My Shirt is the 4th studio release from The Coathangers, a punk group formed in Atlanta, in 2006 as a joke. After playing a house show, they were asked to open for The Hiss on the strength of their performance. The name was chosen for its vulgarity, an irreverent take on abortions, though all band members are pro-choice. In 2011, they released their third album, Larceny and Old Lace for Suicide Squeeze Records, to generally positive reviews. They have opened in New York City for the Black Lips.]

[The Coathangers play The Riot Room Wednesday, August 20, with Pagiins, and DJ Thundercuts]


24. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes on tracks: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org

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