#418 – April 25, 2012 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Playlist from: Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Clementines + Missy Koonce & AIDS WALK KC

1. Spirit is the Spirit – “Oh, Speckled Bird”
from: Mother Mountain / Independent / February 26, 2011
[Folk-psychedelic-rock from Lawrence, Kansas. Austen Malone, Noah Compo, Wayne Zimmerman, Josh Landau, Brook Partain, Danny Bowersox. “a Lawrence band with a cosmic hippie vibe plus horns (trumpet, trombone), lots of percussion and supernal vocal harmonies”- Tim Finn]

2. David Burchfield – “The Beginning”
from: The Beginning / Independent / 2011
[Produced, engineered, mixed and master by Mike Crawford at the Impossible Box in Kansas City, with David Burchfield on vocals & guitar; Leslie Hammer on banjo, fiddle and viola; Seth Jenkins on upright bass, Jeff Larison on pedal steel and dobro; Andy Michael on piano and accordian; and Devon Russell on vocals, choir.]

[David Burchfield and Friends play Davey’s Uptown this Friday night, April 27, with Betse Ellis, Loaded Goat, and The Great Stop.]

3. The Quivers – “Hip On Ya”
from: (Single) / Independent / Mar. 5, 2012
[One of 4 single releases from Terra Peal- Vocals & Bass, Todd Grantham- Keys & Vocals, Abe Haddad- Guitar & Vocals, Bernie Dugan- Drums.]

[The Quivers play The Brick on April 27th with The Cave Girls and Deco Auto.]

4. Deco Auto – “Such A Bother”
rom: Single / Independent / 2012
[Steven Garcia – guitar, vocals; Tracy Flowers – bass, vocals; Michelle Bacon – drums. Recorded at Audio Cave Recording Studios with Scott Martinez.

[Deco Auto play The Brick on April 27th with The Cave Girls and The Quivers.]

5. Best Coast – “The Only Place”
from: Single / Kemando / March 26, 2012
[from their upcoming full length release “The Only Place.]

6. Real Estate – “It’s Real”
from: Days / Domino / Oct. 18, 2011

[Real Estate plays The Bottleneck this Saturday, April 28, with The Twerps, and Ghosty.]

7. Justin Townes Earl – “Look The Other Way”
from: Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now / Bloodshot / Mar. 27, 2012

10:30 – Underwriting

10:31 – Interview with The Clementines

8. The Clementines – “Fair Trade”
from: The Clementines [EP] / Independent / Mar. 8, 2012
[Tim Jenkins & Nicole Springer are The Clementines]

Sasha Banks in Overground Magazine wrote, “When The Clementines hit the stage, they pretty much set the benchmark for excellence. Classically trained guitarists, with an alternative folk style with strong, sultry vocals, this duo did nothing short of completely shaking The Brick to the ground.” Tim Jenkins & Nicole Springer, are The Clementines, and they will play The Riot Room, tonight Wednesday, April 25, at 8:00 PM. They also play Jerry’s Bait Shop on Monday, April 30.

Tim & Nicole were introduced by a mutual friend, Craig, in late February of 2011.

The Clementines have been together since last February, when Springer put out a Craigslist ad seeking a musical collaborator. She received a number of responses but was most impressed by Jenkins. (“I’ve been playing for about 12 years but mostly just in garage bands that never left the garage,” Jenkins says.) They met and clicked, and in April they started gigging regularly at local open-mic nights. Since that time, they have written over 20 songs and have even recorded a demo.

The Clementines, music is labeled: acoustic alt. rock, blues, jazz, & folk-pop.

The Clementines, get their name from the main character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Nicole Springer grew up in Oak Grove, Missouri, and graduated H.S. in 2004. She studied Music-Vocal/Choral at Missouri State University, in Springfield, Missouri, and studied Special Education with Music at Metropolitan MO CC, in KCMO.

Nicole told The Pitch (in a Jan. 10, 2012 article): “I grew up singing in gospel choirs, in Oak Grove,” she says. “And I still love gospel music, though I’m not religious or anything. I did musicals throughout high school, and I went to school for a year at Missouri State for music education. But I’ve never been in a committed band before this one.”

Nicole told David Hudnall of The Pitch: (her) vision for the Clementines was initially inspired by the Irish folk duo the Swell Season. “I had just seen them in concert before I put up that ad,” Springer says. “They’re just so passionate, and I wanted to do something that had that much soul in it. It’s the same reason I like Aretha or the Gossip.”

Tim Jenkins grew up in KC. Studied at UMKC. He has been playing music for over 12 years.

From David Hudnall’s article in The Pitch: Jenkins, a fan of “geek rock, like ’70s prog stuff,” brought a different sensibility to the table.

“I usually bring in a song,” Springer says, “and Tim will tweak it and add solos and sometimes a riff ― he helps complete it.” “I think we know what our strong suits are,” Jenkins says. “Nicole’s voice is the main draw. And we try to mix that with a blues-folk sound that has a little pop sensibility.”


9. The Clementines – “Muddy Are The Waters” (Live)

10. The Clementines – “Of My Own” (Live)

The Clementines play The Riot Room, Wednesday, April 25, at 8:00 PM. They also play Jerry’s Bait Shop on Monday, April 30.

More information at: reverbnation.com/theclementinesnicoleandtim

10:59 – Ticket Give Away – Gypsy Kings at The Midland Sunday, April 29

11. First Aid Kit – “Emmylou”
from: The Lions Roar / Wichita / Jan 17, 2012
[A duo of two sisters Johanna (keyboards, autoharp, and Vocals) and Kiara Soderberg (guitar & Vocals). The are from Sweden]

12. Amy Farrand – “How You Feelin’”
from: Amy Farrand (hearts) You / Independent / 2012
[Ernie Locke on harmonica. Recorded and mixed by Chris Meck.]

[Amy Farrand’s “Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club happens every Wednesday night at Davey’s Uptown]

13. Shearwater – “You As You Were”
from: Animal Joy / Sub Pop / Feb. 15, 2012

14. Ghosty – “You Saved Me”
from: GHOSTY / More Famouser Records / April 17, 2012
[Ghosty is Andrew Connor, Mike Nolte an Bill Belzer who recorded their new album themselves over the last couple of years with help from David Wetzel, Josh Adams, Jake Blanton, Konnor Ervin, Ryan Connor, Kirsten Paludan, and Dan Talmadge. The new release will be pressed on vinyl and available on LP and digital download. More info at ghostysounds.com.]

11:20 – Interview with Missy Koonce

Missy Koonce is an Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Emcee and Entertainer who has conducted multi-talented skills at venues including: The Coterie Theatre, The Unicorn Theatre, The American Heartland Theatre, Late Night Theatre, Missy B’s, and Bar Natasha. Missy has worked professionally as a critically acclaimed director, and an actress for over 20 years in Kansas City, and for 24 years she has served as Emcee for AIDS WALK KC, which is happening this Saturday, April 28 in Theis Park. You can find more information at aidswalkkansascity.org

Missy talked about seeing the event from the inside out, the people involved.

Missy talked with us about the Bar Natasha Reunion Show for KC Fringe Festival.

Missy Koonce will be appearing as Host of a special Burlesque Show – Late Night Stage Strut, Friday, April 28th 10:30PM at the Uptown Theater Complex in The Conspiracy Room as part of the Kansas City Burlesque Festival happening this weekend, April 26th, 27th, 28th, 2012! More info at: kcburlesque.com

Missy also works at Missy B’s

24th annual AIDS WALK KC, that is happening this weekend on Saturday, April 28th, 2012, starting at Theis Park, Kansas City, MO. More information at: aidswalkkansascity.org

11:35 – Underwriting


15. Santigold – “Disparate Youth”
from: Single / from upcoming release: Master of My Make-Believe / Atlantic / May 1, 2012

16. Lambchop – “Gone Tomorrow”
from: Mr. M / Merge / Feb. 21, 2012

17. M. Ward – “Primitive Girl”
from: A Wasteland Companion / Merge / Apr. 20, 2012

18. Jay Brannan – “Beautiful”
from: Rob Me Blind / Nettwerk – Great Depression / March 27, 2012

19. Glen Campbell – “Ghost On The Canvas”
from: Ghost On The Canvas / Surf Dog Records / August 20, 2011
[Song written by Paul Westerberg. Album intended as his farewell to studio recording due to his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The album’s creation was made public in March 2010, but Campbell and his wife delayed informing the public about his illness until shortly before he embarked on the Glen Campbell Goodbye Tour. The duo decided to go public so fans of his would not be confused if the performer flubbed his lines or seemed erratic onstage.]

[Glen Campbell plays The Uptown tomorrow night, April 26.]

20. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Show #418


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