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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013: The Year in Music
with: Tim Finn, Marion Merritt, Chris Haghirian, & Michelle Bacon

10:04 – Tim Finn’s Favorite Recordings of 2013

Originally from Youngstown, New York, Tim Finn studied at University of Missouri in Columbia and received his Masters of Arts, in Journalism from the University of Kansas. Tim is the Music Writer of the Kansas City Star and Ink, and the music blog: Back to Rockville.

1. Bloodbirds – “Psychic Surgery”
from: Psychic Surgery / Independent / April 1, 2013
[KC based Psychedelic post-punk trio featuring ex-Ad Astra Per Aspera member Mike Tuley, his wife Brooke Tuley and Anna St. Louis. The album will be available as a vinyl LP in April. Recorded at Junior’s Motel, with additional recording at the Worst Place in the World, and House Tuley. Recorded by Kirk Kaufman and Mike Tuley. Mixed by Mike Tuley.]

2. Dead Voices – “Pardoning”
from: Dead Voices / Independent / April 20, 2013
[KC Super-Group, formed in September of 2010, by David Regnier, Jason Beers, Matt Richey, Michael Stover, Marco Pascolini. Lauren Krum sings with David on “Pardoning”. The band joined us on April 17.]

3. Josh Berwanger – “Baby Loses Her Mind”
from: Strange Stains / Good Land Records / October 1, 2013
[From Berwangermusic.com: “Josh Berwanger could easily be considered a veteran of the rock and roll wars. He first made a name for himself as a member of The Anniversary, a seminal Kansas band that released two glorious albums (2000’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown and 2002’s Your Majesty) and selling over 100,000 records before imploding in a breakup of Fleetwood Mac-style proportions while attempting to tour Japan. Undeterred, Berwanger put together a new band—a country-rock outfit called The Only Children–and would go on to release two criminally underrated records (2004’s Change of Living and 2007’s Keeper of Youth) before pulling the plug on that project and taking a job doing the next most logical thing possible– coaching high school basketball in Lawrence, Kansas. For the recording of Strange Stains, Berwanger joined forces with old pal (and original drummer for The Anniversary) Michael Hutcherson, who brought not only brought the rhythm to the record, but a wonderful familiarity as well. “Josh and I met in 1996 while playing in local Kansas City pop punk bands,” recalls Hutcherson, “I am honored to be making music with Josh again. For all that’s changed in our lives over the years, we’ve still got a symbiotic musical relationship. No questions, no egos, just rock and roll. The new also features additional playing from The Breeders’ Jim Macpherson.”]

4. PedalJets – “Tangled Up”
from: What’s In Between / Electric Moth Records / June 25, 2013 [1st album of new material in 23 years. Paul Malinowski (Vocals, Guitar), Rob Morrow (Drums, Vocals), Mike Allmayer (Guitar, Vocals), Matt Kesler (Bass, Vocals). Produced by The Pedaljets & Paul Malinoski. hepedaljets.com]

[Pedaljets play Black & Gold Tavern, Sat, Dec 7, 9:pm, w/ King City Thieves, Red Kate, The Bad Ideas]

5. The Grisly Hand – “Municipal Farm Blues”
from: Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013
[Formed in 2009. The current line up includes: Jimmy Fitzner (Guitar and Vocals), Lauren Krum (Vocals and Percussion), Johnny Nichols (Bass and Vocals), Matt Richey (Drums), Mike Stover (Steel Guitar), and Ben Summers (Guitar and Mandolin). Mike Stover & Lauren Krum of The Grisly Hand joined us LIVE April 24.]

10:30 – Underwriting

10:31 – Marion Merritt’s Favorite Recordings of 2013

Marion Merritt is the creator of the music film books and art blog: a2-m3.com a site that gives visitors a wealth of information on new releases. Marion also works in the music department at Barnes & Noble on The Plaza, and has been joining us on Wednesday MidDay Medley for over 9 years, sharing her newest sonic discoveries and information from her musically encylopedic Brain.

6. CocoRosie – “Tears for Animals” feat. Antony
from: Tales of a Grasswidow / Transistor Recording / May 28, 2013

7. Laura Marling – “I Was An Eagle”
from: Once I Was An Eagle / Ribbon Music / May 28, 2013

8. The Holydrug Couple – “Counting Sailboats”
from: Noctuary / Sacred Bones Records / Jan. 22, 2013

9. Foxygen – “Shuggie”
from: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic / Jagjaguar / January 18, 2013
[Second full-length album by Californian experimental rock duo of Sam France, 22 year old vocalist and songwriter, originally from Olympia, Washington, and Jonathan Rado, also 22, who is a songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player, originally form NYC. Formed in 2005, the band self-released several EPs between 2007 and 2011. In 2012 the group was signed to Jagjaguwar Records. This album was produced by Richard Swift and recorded at his National Freedom studio.]

10. Phosphorescent – “The Quotidian Beasts”
from: Muchacho / Dead Oceans / March 15, 2013

11:00 – Station ID

11:00 – Chris Haghirian’s Favorite Recordings of 2013

Chris Haghirian has worked for The KC Star for 14 years and helped launch INK in April of 2008. Chris works on the marketing side of INK and puts together all of the music promotions. Chris was instrumental in the organization of The Middle of The Map Fest, The MidCoast Takeover of SXSW Music Festival, featuring KC & Lawrence area bands, the music at The Plaza Art Fair, and Wednesday Home Game concerts at The Kauffman Stadium for The Royals. Chris also is a hardworking volunteer for the Midwest Music Foundation.

11. Olassa – “Sloe Gin”
from: I Love You Come Back To Me / Independent / Jan. 26, 2013
[Indie Folk from Lawrence, Kansas. Allison Olassa Guitar, Accordion, Organ and Vocals; Cain Robberson on guitar and vocals; and Tyler Bachert on drums.]

12. Not A Planet – “Girl Comes Down”
from: The Few, The Proud, The Strange / Independent / May 10, 2013
[Kansas City based Rock and Roll trio formed in 2010. Nathan Corsi, Liam Sumnicht, Bill Sturges.]

[Not a Planet plays KC Uncovered III: Shine A Light, Sat, Dec 21, recordBar, A Tribute to Abigail Henderson and MMF KC Pils Voting Party. The 1st day of 10-day voting period for Blvd. Brewing Co. KC Pils campaign. Starring: Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, Not a Planet , Vi Tran band, The Clementines , The Oil Lamps (Feat. Bill Sundahl, Mike Meyers, Steve Tulipana, and others).]

13. Maps For Travelers – “Matter of Time”
from: Change Your Name / No Sleep Records / April 27, 2013
[Formed in the Spring of 2010 by 4 musicians who have played and toured nationally in various bands in and around the local KC area. RL Brooks on Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet; Zach Brotherton on Vocals, Guitar; David Fleming on Bass, Kevin Medina on Drums.]

14. Anakin – “Upside Down”
from: Emergency Broadcast System – EP / Anakin / June 21, 2013

15. Cowboy Indian Bear – “Let it Down”
from: Live Old, Die Young / The Record Machine / April 23, 2013
[Joshua Browning served the band as producer and engineer. The songs were recorded over a three year period, where the band was also constantly touring, living on the road, keeping the van running. Beau Bruns – percussion, vocals, glockenspiel, guitar, Charles Calhoun – vocals, guitar, bass, keys, percussion, Martinez Hillard – vocals, guitar, keys, bass, percussion; Kaylyn Conroy vocals, piano, keys.]

Chris also talked about this great upcoming event:

The 5th annual Murder Ballad Ball “Pleading The Fifth” Dec. 6 & 7, at The Living Room Theatre 1818 McGee, KCMO. FRIDAY, DEC 6, “THE TRIAL” features: Freight Train & Rabbit Killer, and the reunion of, American Catastrophe. Before the concert, a very special dinner will be prepared by KC celebrity chef, Celina Tio, limited to 50 people and is presale only. SATURDAY, DEC 7, “THE VERDICT” features 14 short performances by: The Silver Maggies, Rural Grit Allstars, Thee Haunted Maestro (Shaun Hamontree’s his new band), Anthony Ladesich, Kasey Rausch, Cadillac Flambe’, Mikal Shapiro, The Philistines , Damon Parker, Loaded Goat, Kill Noise Boys, A.J.Gaither, Blue Boot Healers, and David George.

Midwest Music Foundation information:

Midwest Music Foundation sponsors health care programs and provides financial relief to local musicians who have suffered a health care crisis. Since 2009, the MMF has distributed $30,000 in health-care grants. The Foundation aims to create mechanisms where Musicians, Live Sound Engineers, Music Club Employees, and Recording Engineers can gain affordable access to health care.
More info at MidwestMusicFound.org

Boulevard KC PILS Campaign:
As reported by The KC Star’s Joyce Smith (Oct. 1, 2013) “Boulevard Brewing Co.’s new “10% for KC” program has selected some new charities to help. Under the program announced earlier this year, the Kansas City brewery is donating 10 percent of the sales of its KC Pils each quarter to three different charities. Groups named as beneficiaries of KC Pils sales during the fourth quarter are: First Downs for Down Syndrome, the Midwest Music Foundation, and Synergy Services.

During the last 10 days of the quarter, members of the public can vote for their favorite charity among the three. The charity getting the most online votes will receive 60 percent of the available funds raised during that quarter; the runners-up will get 20 percent each.”

MMF is involved in a 2-day recording session & video shoot at Element Studios, with Joel Nanos, Black Mariah Productions and 12 KC area bands. This is all part of the Midwest Music Foundation and Boulevard Brewery’s KC Pils gives back to local charity campaign.
More info: http://www.voteformmf.com. (One vote per day per IP address.)

11:30 – Underwriting

11:31 – Michelle Bacon’s Favorite Recordings of 2013

Michelle Bacon is editor of The Deli Kansas City, music reviewer for Ink Magazine, column writer for The Kansas City Star, and maintains web/social media content for Midwest Music Foundation. She also plays drums for Drew Black and Dirty Electric, drums/bass in Dolls on Fire, and bass in the band The Philistines.

Queens of The Stone Age – “…Like Clockwork” / Matador / June 3, 2013
(Not played)

16. Tiny Horse – “Ghost”
from: Darkly Sparkly [EP] / Flyover Records / Mar. 4, 2013
[Outside of the band, we were the first to hear the debut EP release from Abigail Henderson and Christopher Lynn Meck. In our opinion, Abigail’s voice remains one of the most honest and moving voices in KC music scene, Chris Meck’s guitar sings too. Cody Wyoming-baritone guitar, guitar, keys, Zachary Phillips-bass guitar, Matt Richey-drums, percussion.]

17. The Latenight Callers – “Thunderbolt”
from: Songs for Stolen Moments / TLNC / June 8, 2013
[formed in Lawrence by baritone guitarist, Krysztof Nemeth, and vocalist Julie Berndsen, With the addition of Bassist Gavin Mac, and Nick Combs on keyboards. The Latenight Callers joined us live on June 5.]

The Grisly Hand – Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013
(Not played)

18. Ha Ha Tonka – “Staring At The End”
from: Lessons / Bloodshot Records / September 24, 2013
[Formed in Springfield, Missouri their music is steeped in Ozark folk. Originally from West Plains, Missouri. Brett Anderson – keyboard, guitar, and vocals; Lennon Bone – drums & vocals; Lucas Long – bass & vocals; Brian Roberts -guitar & vocals. Signed to Bloodshot Records out of Chicago. The band is named after Ha Ha Tonka state park in southern Missouri.]

Michelle Bacon is Editor-in-chief of The Deli – Kansas City. For more info: kansascity.thedelimagazine.com

19. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes on tracks and interview segments come from: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org and where noted.

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