#582 – June 17, 2015 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Music from The Center of the City Fest
+ Johnny Hamil’s GAV7D Project – Vocals
+ Guest DJs: Michael Tankersley & Joelle St. Pierre

1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / 1980 [WMM’s theme song]

2. Black Luck – “Cover It Up”
from: Firebrand / Blue Note Records / September 23, 2014
[Critically acclaimed garage punk rock n roll from Lawrence. Formed in 2012 with members Wade Kelly, John Benda, and Aaron Riffel. Black Luck recently changed their name from Black on Black and became a 4-piece band with the addition of Jason Jones. Firebrand was Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Squire.]

[Black Luck play 4th Annual Center of The City Fest, at Harlings Upstairs, Sat, June 20, at 11:50 pm.]


3. The People’s Punk Band – “Immolation”
from: Immolation – Single / Independent / March 17, 2015
[5-piece band from Emporia and Lawrence, Kansas, with: Tim Mohn, Jimmy Kegin, Ean Kessler, James Ehlers, and Jason Meier. Featuring Gregg Todt on drums, “Immolation” was recorded and mixed by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab and mastered by Kliph Scurlock. More info at: http://peoplespunkband.bandcamp.com/%5D

[The People’s Punk Band play Center of The City Fest, at Harlings Upstairs, Sat, June 20, at 11:15 pm.]

4. The Haddonfields – “Down with the Ship”
from: That’s My Bike / Throwing Things Records / August 28, 2014
[St. Louis, Missouri, 4-piece pop punk rock band formed in the Spring of 2003. The current lineup has been together since 2008 with: Curt Kaemmerer on vocals & guitar; Noel Swain on drums & vocals; Daren Gratton on guitar & vocals; Lew Naeger on vocals & bass. More information at: http://facebook.com/thehaddonfields.%5D

[The Haddonfields play the Center of The City Fest, at Harlings Upstairs, Friday, June 19, at 8:20 pm.]

5. Hössferatu – “Throat” (Vinyl)
from: Hössferatu / Independent / March 15, 2014
[Argentine, KCK, 5-piece doom metal/stoner rock band with: Ryan Hill on guitar; Joey Hamm on bass; Jason Brown on guitar; Gregg Todt on drums; Matt Walsh on vocals. More info at http://www.hossferatu.bandcamp.com]

[Hössferatu play the Center of The City Fest, at Harlings Upstairs, Friday, June 19, at 10:40 pm.]

10:13 – Underwriting


6. Victor & Penny – “The Privilege”
rom: The GAV7D Project – Thanks for Everything / Independent / June 21, 2015
[Inspired by Anne Winter. Produced by Chad Meise. Written and arranged by Johnny Hamil]

10:18 – Interview with Johnny Hamil

Musician and composer Johnny Hamil is a teacher, a bass player, a composer, a band member who collaborates with jazz combos, theatre productions, The Malachy Papers, and many musicians in Kansas City. Johnny is one of the founding members of the band Mr. Marco’s V7, a band that has reinvented themselves with each new release, and changed and evolved with different line-ups. Known for their experimental, instrumental music. Johnny joins us today to share more details about his GAV7D Project, the vocal release: “GAV7D – Thanks For Everything.” There will be a special release performance, Sunday, June 21, at 8:00 pm, at recordBar, 1020 Westport Road, KCMO.

Johnny told us that for ALL of the music he has composed for the band came to him in his dreams. 4 years ago Johnny’s dream compositions included lyrics for the first time, and this set him on a new path to create, the GAWD project, which is not Mr. Marco’s V7 proper, but it is members of the V7 from throughout the long history of the the band. The concept was to collaborate a vocal version of a composition with musical friends and then have various lineups of the V7 family interpret the material in different ways.

Selections from the GAWD project first premiered at the Folk Alliance International – Kick Off Party, Feb. 18, at The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center.

GAV7D Project, the vocal release: “GAV7D – Thanks For Everything” will have a special release performance, Sun, June 21, at 8:00 pm, at recordBar, 1020 Westport Rd, KCMO.

Most of the singers involved in the GAV7D vocal record will be there to perform live. Special guests include: Chad Meise, Kent Burnham, Kyle Dalhquist, and vocalists: Howard Iceberg, Steve Tulipana, and Anna Cole, Kasey Rausch, Matt Tady, Mark Stevenson, David Regnier, John Bersuch’s/Bacon Shoe, Liz Spillman, Erin Bopp, Mikal Shapiro, Rex Hobart, Calandra Ysquierdo, Cody Wyoming, and Amy Farrand. CDs or Download Sticker will be available.

The core band includes: Hamil on bass, Mark Southerland on saxophone, Beau Bledsoe on oud, Kent Burnham on drums, Mike Stover on mantar and lap steel and Kyle Dahlquist on trombone and accordion. Guests will include guitarists Mikal Shapiro, Jeff Freling, Nick Howell, Kent Burnham, Chris Tady, and Marco Pascolini, as the band will transform into a five-piece Punk Funk Polka Band; a Noir Cartoon Jazz Band, and a Free Exotica Middle Eastern Band.

Songs include: “Eastwood Got Skinny, Travolta Got Fat,” “Polyester Rehab Scenario,” “Study Chemical Emotional Physical Realignment,” “Don’t Call Me Mr. Smartie Pants,” “The Difference Between Art and Sadness” and “For Those Who Breathe.”

Johnny Hamil is also the organizer of the 6th annual KC BASS FEST 2015, featuring Francois Rabbath. The Festival starts Friday June 19, through Tuesday, June 23, at Shawnee Mission North High School, 7401 Johnson Ddrive, Mission, kansas, 66202. Classes and workshops during the day, and concerts in the evenings. On Monday, June 22, at 7:00pm – 9:00pm, at Park University Chapel, Parkville, Missouri 64152, Francois Rabbath and Sylvain Rabbath perform in concert ! A special performance between the Legend and his amazing son playing new pieces and old! This concert will be one you will remember forever. More info at kcbassworkshop.com under kcbassfest. Get tickets here http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1649606

GAV7D Project, the vocal release: “GAV7D – Thanks For Everything” will have a special release performance, Sun, June 21, at 8:00 pm, at recordBar, 1020 Westport Rd, KCM


7. Hipshot Killer – “Gimme Something Better”
from: The Center of The City 2015 Compilation / Independent / June, 2015
[KC based 3-piece power punk band formed in the fall of 2008. Current line up includes: Mike Alexander (Revolvers, Architects), on Guitar & Vocals, Chris Wagner (100 Years War, Jackie Carrol) on Bass & Vocals, Thomas Becker (Beautiful Bodies), on Drums. The band released their debut record Hipshot Killer, April 29, 2011, and are currently working on their new release.]

[Hipshot Killer play the Center of The City Fest, at Harlings Upstairs, Thursday, June 18, at 8:10pm.]

10:33 – Interview with Mike Alexander

Mike Alexander is a very busy guy. He is a guitarist and singer in the power punk trio, Hipshot Killer. Mike has been a part of the Center of the City Fest for the past 4 years and is also one of this year’s organizers of the Fest. Mike is also a much sought after guitar player and he regularly performs live and records with John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons, and The Starhaven Rounders. Mike returns to Wednesday MidDay Medley to share all the details about the 4th Annual Center of the City Fest, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 18, 19, and 20, at Harling’s Upstairs, 3941-A Main St., Kansas City, Missouri.

New music from Hipshot Killer – Current line up includes: Mike Alexander (Revolvers, Architects), on Guitar & Vocals, Chris Wagner (100 Years War, Jackie Carrol) on Bass & Vocals, Thomas Becker (Beautiful Bodies), on Drums for these recordings.

With the closing of Vandals at 3740 Broadway, formerly Kenny’s Newsroom, and the home of Center of The City Fest from the beginning, many were worried, but Harling’s Upstairs has stepped in to become this year’s host venue.

Mike Alexander and Thad Nugent of Smash The State were on Chris Haghirian’s Eight One Sixty radio program on The Bridge last week. It was fun hearing about how 4 years ago, The Center of The City Fest was created in response to The Middle of The Map Fest, and how there became some crossover bands between the festivals, and ultimately Center of The City helped wave the banner of the KC area’s Punk scene.

The Fest features many variations of Punk. The KC area scene includes many bands.

4th Annual Center of The City Fest, June 18, 19, 20, Harling’s Upstairs
More info at: http://www.cotcfest.com/

The Line Up

Thursday June 18:
7:00 Semiotic Weapons
7:35 Billy Badass
8:10 Hipshot Killer *
8:45 The Uncouth *
9:20 Wrong Alice
9:55 The Plug Uglies
11:05 Uberticker
11:40 Protestors
12:15 Lazy Ol’ Bitch

Friday June 19:
6:00 Deco Auto *
6:35 The Electric Lungs *
7:10 Biff Tannens *
7:45 Rackatees
8:20 The Haddonfields *
8:55 Odds Against
9:30 Dead Ven *
10:05 The Death Scene
10:40 Hossferatu *
11:15 Red Kate *
11:50 Four Arm Shiver
12:25 Bombs over Broadway *

Saturday June 20:
6:00 The Bad Ideas *
6:35 Fiscal Spliff
7:10 The Shidiots
7:45 Brutally Frank
8:20 The Wilderness
8:55 Smash the State *
9:30 Scene of Irony
10:05 Iron Guts Kelly *
10:40 Bottle Breakers *
11:15 People’s Punk Band *
11:50 Black Luck *
12:25 Stiff Middle Fingers


8. The Biff Tannens – “Smoking Mylar”
from: The Center of The City 2015 Compilation / Independent / June, 2015
[KCMO 3-piece Punk/Grunge Rock band, formed in 2012, with Duke White on vocals & guitar; Jessica White on bass & backing noises; and Gregword on drums. Named for the antagonist character from the “Back to the Future” films. The band’s debut album, “Johnny Dare is a Douche,” was released February 1, 2014. The Biff Tannens are currently working on their sophomore album.]

[The Biff Tannens play the Center of The City Fest, at Harlings Upstairs, Friday, June 19, at 7:10 pm.]

9. Smash The State – “Cocktail Party”
from: the cassette e.p. / Independent / March 20, 2012
[KCMO Hardcore Punk band fromed in December, 2009, with: Mike Yeager on vocals; Dustin Bigelow on guitars; Thad Nugent on guitars; Matt Warriner on bass; Josh Smithey on drums.]

[Smash The State play the Center of The City Fest, at Harlings Upstairs, Sat, June 20, at 8:55 pm.]


We’re talking with Mike Alexander of the band Hipshot Killer, part of the Center of the City Fest for the past 4 years and also one of this year’s organizers of the Fest.

The guys from Smash The State: Mike Yeager, Dustin Bigelow, Thad Nugent, Matt Warriner and Josh Smithey have been a big part of the genesis and organization of the Center of The City Fest.

The 4th Annual Center of the City Fest, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, June 18, 19, and 20, at Harling’s Upstairs, 3941-A Main St., KCMO. More info at: http://www.cotcfest.com


10. The Bad Ideas – “Apocalypse Detroit”
from: Red Kate & The Bad Ideas – Split 7″ / Mills Record Company / May 31, 2013
[Engineered by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City. Premiere vinyl release on the “Mills Record Company” label.The Bad Idea’s full length debut, Lesson #1, was on our list of The Best Recordings of 2013. Their EP, Worse Thoughts, was one of our favorite recordings of 2012. The Kansas City based punk band, was formed in October 2011. Driven by original songs and influenced by post-hardcore, punk, and early pop punk. The band members include: Breaka Dawn on lead vocals; 
Britt Adair on guitar & back-up vocals, Meredith McGrade on bass & back-up vocals, and George Magers on drums.]

[The Bad Ideas play the Center of The City Fest, at Harlings Upstairs, Sat, June 20, at 6:00 pm.]

11:00 – Station ID

11:00 – Guest DJs: Mike Tankersley & Joelle St. Pierre

Mike Tankersley is an artist, and a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute. Mike has been working for 15 years with art and furniture. Mike is als a guitar player and keyboard player, and works as a producer, sometimes practicing in Joelle’s basement, creating new music and new recordings.

Joelle St. Pierre is an avid music lover and chronic volunteer. She tolds us that music, both recorded and live, weaves a transformative fabric in her life supporting her need for freedom of expression, independence and creativity. By day, Joelle is an insurance agent and by night, she works as a Faux finish painter along with volunteer work for 90.1 FM, Middle of The Map Fest, Folk Alliance International, Boulivardia, Midwest Music Foundation, and many other not-for-profit groups.

Michael Tankersley & Joelle St. Pierre Thanks for being with us on WMM!

11. Girl For Samson – “Black Top”
from: Harriett / Independent / unreleased demo recordings


12. The Clash – “Lost in the Super Market”
from: London Calling / CBS / December 14, 1979
[After recording their second studio album Give ‘Em Enough Rope (1978), the band separated from their manager Bernard Rhodes. This separation meant that the group had to leave their rehearsal studio in Camden Town and find another location to compose their music. Drawing inspiration from rockabilly, ska, reggae and jazz, the band began work on the album during the summer of 1979. Tour manager Johnny Green had found the group a new place to rehearse called Vanilla Studios, which was located in the back of a garage in Pimlico. The Clash quickly wrote and recorded demos, with Mick Jones composing and arranging much of the music and Joe Strummer writing the lyrics. As early as their second album, the Clash had started to depart from the punk rock sound. While touring in the United States twice in 1979, they chose supporting acts such as rhythm and blues artists Bo Diddley, Sam & Dave, Lee Dorsey, and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, as well as neotraditional country artist Joe Ely and punk rockabilly band the Cramps.]

13. William Onyeabor – “Jungle Gods” (Vinyl)
from: Who is William Onyeabor / Luaka Bob Records / 2014
[William Onyeabor is a funk musician from Nigeria, born in 1945 or 1946, his songs are often heavily rhythmic and synthesized, occasionally epic in scope, with lyrics decrying war sung by both Onyeabor himself and female backing vocalists. According to the Luaka Bop record label, Onyeabor “self-released 8 albums between 1977 and 1985 and then became a born-again Christian, refusing ever to speak about himself or his music again….By attempting to speak with Onyeabor himself, and by talking to people who seem to have firsthand knowledge, Luaka Bop has been trying to construct an accurate biography of him for the past 18 months…without success.” In 2014, the music website, Noisey, affiliated to Vice magazine, released a 31-minute documentary, Fantastic Man, that documents Onyeabor’s history and legacy as well as Noisey’s attempt to track him down for an interview. 2014 also saw a touring supergroup called the Atomic Bomb! Band come together to play Onyeabor’s music at a series of concerts and festivals around the world, the group includes David Byrne (of Talking Heads) and Money Mark (of the Beastie Boys). In December 2014, William Onyeabor made his first radio appearance on the Lauren Laverne Show on BBC 6 Music, where he stated “I only create music that will help the world”, whilst also admitting that he has never played live, despite announcing that he had plans to release new material.]

14. Gary Clark Jr – “The Bright Lights”
from: The Bright Lights [EP] / Warner Bros. / August 8, 2011

11:34 – Underwriting

15. My Morning Jacket – “Spring Among the Living” (Vinyl)
from: The Waterfall Side / ATO Records / May 4, 2015

16. Blind Faith – “Can’t Find My Way Home”
from: Blind Faith / Polydor / August 1969
[Blind Faith were an English blues rock band, composed of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood, and Ric Grech. The band, which was one of the first “super-groups”, released their only album, Blind Faith, in August 1969. They were stylistically similar to the bands in which Winwood, Baker, and Clapton had most recently participated, Traffic and Cream. They helped to pioneer the genre of blues/rock fusion.]

17. Sleater-Kinney – “Fangless” (Vinyl)
rom: No Cities To Love / Sub Pop Records / January 20, 2015
[8th studio album from Sleater-Kinney, formed in early 1994 in Olympia, Washington, by Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein. The group’s name is derived from Sleater Kinney Road, Interstate 5 exit number 108 in Lacey, Washington, the location of one of their early practice spaces. Tucker was formerly in the influential riot grrrl band Heavens to Betsy, while Brownstein was formerly in the queercore band Excuse 17. They often played at gigs together and formed Sleater-Kinney as a side-project from their respective bands. When Heavens to Betsy and Excuse 17 disbanded, Sleater-Kinney became their primary focus. Janet Weiss of Quasi is the band’s longest lasting and final drummer, though Sleater-Kinney has had other drummers, including Lora Macfarlane, Misty Farrell, and Toni Gogin. Upon Tucker’s graduation from The Evergreen State College (where Brownstein remained a student for three more years), she and then-girlfriend Brownstein took a trip to Australia in early 1994. Their last day there, they stayed up all night recording what would become their self-titled debut album. It was released the following spring. They followed this with Call the Doctor (1996) and Dig Me Out (1997), and became critical darlings. The lineup features: Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar), Carrie Brownstein (guitar and vocals), and Janet Weiss (drums).]

18. Kings of Leon – “Supersoaker”
from: Mechanical Bull (Deluxe Version) / RCA Records / September 20, 2013

19. Girl for Samson – “Marlback”
from: Sleep Novox / Independent / unknown release date

20. Ty Segall – It’s Over” (Vinyl)
from: Manipulator / Drag City / August 26, 2014
[7th studio album by American rock musician Ty Segall. The album took 14 months to complete, much longer than any previous Segall release. It is also his longest album yet, clocking in at 56 minutes.]


21. Debbie Harry – “French Kissing”
from: Rock Bird / Geffen / November 15, 1986
[Rockbird was Harry’s second solo album, and came four years after the split of Blondie in 1982. Harry had largely put her music career on hold during the mid-1980s in order to look after boyfriend Chris Stein who had been diagnosed with a serious illness. The album was produced by Seth Justman, a key member of the J. Geils Band. Released in November 1986, there were five variations of the album artwork with the lettering in either green, orange, purple, pink and yellow.]

22. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org

Next week on Wed, June 24, Hank Weidel joins us to talk about Lawrence Field Day, June 25 – 27. And in our second hour, Jesse Bartmess who records and performs under the moniker, Sinple, will play live in our 90.1 FM studios. 

90.1 FM’s crystal clear, 100,000 watt signal, delivers some of the best quality of sound you will hear in the metro radio airwaves.

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:


Show #582


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