The 120 Best Recordings of 2022

Wednesday MidDay Medley’s The 120 Best Recordings of 2022

The 120 Best Recordings of 2022 are based on the playlists of WMM. We’ve compiled our favorite full-length albums and EP recordings of 2022. This year we’ve broadcast nearly 900 different tracks over our 100,000 watts of 90.1 FM KKFI – Community Radio Airwaves. Over 500 of these tracks were from New & MidCoastal Releases. 80 of the bands / artists in our “Best of” list are from MidCoastal Releases. in 2022 we were able to conduct over 120 interviews with 120 deferent people. We realize these “Best of” lists are subjective, we ask that you accept our list as our celebration of the year in music

1. The Black Creatures – By Thy Hand / Center Cut Records / August 12, 2022

[This new album follows their last singles: “Criminal” on June 24, 2022, “Loud For Nothin” on May 27, 2022, and “True Friends” on September 17, 2021. After being signed to Center Cut Records the label remastered and reissued their album WILD ECHOES in 2020 and was named Album Of The Year from The Pitch Magazine. the original 2019 release of WILD ECHOES was #2 in WMM’s 119 Favorite Releases of 2019 (Albums & EPs). The Black Creatures fuse dark-pop hip-hop, soul, jazz, and electronic music with elements from science fiction to tell inter-dimensional stories of love, community, life, culture, history. Xavier & Jade have made an impression in the KC music community with their live shows in clubs, galleries, record stores, and area music festivals. The Black Creatures released their debut single “Mouth 2 Mouth” June 5, 2016. // Jade Green & Xavier Martin of The Black Creatures began working together in 2013. The Black Creatures blur the boundaries of hip-hop, dance, R&B, soul, and EDM, telling stories of real life, and the struggle for equality. Jade’s incredible vocals reveal their background in opera, and their honest lyrics are both personal and political. Jade can interpret soul, jazz, hiphop, and pop. Xavier Martin started music as a violinist, and has transitioned into a co-songwriter, producer, beat-maker, keyboardist, vocalist, engineer, and style maker. // From Center Cut Records Promo Materials: The Black Creatures blend contemporary styles of pop, hip-hop, dance, R&B, EDM and soul with cinematic and storytelling sci-fi/fantasy elements and themes. With the complex and creative approach The Black Creatures take to their art, a diverse audience regularly flocks to their gripping and intensely enchanting performances. // Representing the strange land of Kansas City, Missouri, Jade Green and Xavier began working together around the end of 2013 after meeting on-line talking about cosmetics. After Jade stumbled upon Xavier’s SoundCloud, they asked if they could put their vocals on it, and this led to future collaborations with no more than the intention to dabble. They couldn’t stop and eventually dubbed the project The Black Creatures. // Both Jade & Xavier write and perform vocals, with Xavier at the helm of production and composition. Jade Green has a vocal background in opera and a penchant for theatrics, and both are the foundation of their ever-evolving approach to writing and performing in The Black Creatures. While the instrumentals may set the tone for the show, Jade’s voice captivates the audience from beginning to end. Originally a violinist, Xavier unfurled into a producer and vocalist, maintaining the same air of intrigue and mystery throughout his compositions and performances in The Black Creatures. // After releasing Wild Echoes in the fall of 2020, and receiving Album Of The Year from The Pitch Magazine, high praise came from around the world for the four released singles and accompanying videos. “Wretched (It Goes)” was featured in the NPR Live Sessions “Songs For Change” when The Black Creatures were selected as one of 12 national artists, and included in 90.9 The Bridge’s Top 100 singles along with their song “D’ummm” which was in heavy rotation in the winter. Nuance Magazine wrote, “The Black Creatures take their musical talents and use them in such a way that forces listeners to not only tap their foot to a catchy tune, but pay attention and feel something about what is going on in the world around them. Tackling fascism, police brutality, and the deep-rooted effects of slavery in a rhythmic fashion is one thing. Simultaneously making it a good listen is another. However, The Black Creatures make it happen.” // Mark’s brief review: “Being named “Album of The Year” from The Pitch Kansas City was the recognition this young band deserved, because there is really no other band in Kansas City creating incredibly beautiful and painful protest songs in multi genre styles of beats, vocal styles, textures. The immediate personal and poetic lyrics of Jade Green and tribal, dance floor and soulful beats and melodies of Xavier bring the listener into a multicultural, mixed, gender fluid, soul celebration of life and an honest indictment of the racist, homophobic, and sexist world they are navigating through to survive. Listen carefully to these young music makers, they are wise beyond their years. They sound beautiful and speak the truth to power. They are beautiful. They are The Black Creatures.” Charlotte Street Foundation announced that the recipients of the 2022 Generative Performing Artist Awards are The Black Creatures and Calvin Arsenia Scott. Jade and Xavier completed performances in the world premiere of Christian A. Walker’s “What Came With Spring” for the Owen/Cox Dance Group October 7, 8, and 9 at City Stage Theatre, Union Station, 30 W Pershing Rd, KCMO ]

The Black Creatures Discography

The Black Creatures “Mouth 2 Mouth” – Single, June 5, 2016.
The Black Creatures released their debut album, See No Evil, Dec. 6, 2017.
The Black Creatures “Elements” – Single, February 14, 2018
The Black Creatures “Silver Tears” – Single, June 19, 2018 with additional voices provided by AniMal (Ana Marcela Maldonado Morales) , Barbara Solomon , Kassidee, Quaranta , Adres Va Cortas
The Black Creatures “Dare” (Gorillaz Cover)” – Single, August 8, 2019
The Black Creature – Wild Echoes – September 30, 2019
The Black Creatures – “Turn” – Single, October 30, 2019
The Black Creatures – “Quartz (Twilight)” – Single, November 13, 2019
The Black Creatures – “SHINE” – Single, December 11, 2019
The Black Creatures- “Ghost Bustin’ Dead Prezidentz” – Single, January 8, 2020
The Black Creatures – “To Whom It May Concern” – Single, January 22, 2020
The Black Creatures – “Arcade Love” – Single, February 5, 2020
The Black Creatures – “Run Up” – Single, February 19, 2020.
The Black Creature – Wild Echoes – September 30, 2019
The Black Creatures – “wretched (it goes)”- Single [Center Cut], July 17, 2020 [remastered]
The Black Creature – Wild Echoes – Album (Remastered] August 28, 2020 [Center Cut]
The Black Creatures – “Negative Zero” – Single/Video [Center Cut]
The Black Creatures – “FRIENDS” – Single/Video [Center Cut]
The Black Creatures – BY THY HAND – album August 12, 2022

2. Katy Guillen & The Drive – ANOTHER ONE GAINED / Katy Guillen / August 19, 2022

[Produced by Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Heartless Bastards, Ray LaMontagne) at Invisible Creature Studio in Los Angeles. This is brimming with vibrant textures, fuzzy electric guitars, and warm vocals. “Set In Stone” marked the beginning of a major life transition for Katy Guillen (pronounced Ghee-En). Written shortly after her longtime band announced their final show, she was struggling to find the next step in her career and personal life, while longing for a past sense of stability. “The song’s vigorous structure and deliberate rhythms convey that feeling of defeat and darkness, but with a sense of resolution and surrender through the guitar solo – a favorite moment on the record for me,” explains Katy. “While it started on shaky ground, coming out on the other side meant starting over and building something new.” ANOTHER ONE GAINED is a memoir of growth and reawakening by way of heart-wrenching transition and change – loss of her long-time band, end of a romantic relationship and finding herself amidst it all. “Set In Stone” premiered earlier on Guitar Girl Magazine. Katy Guillen & The Drive – Katy Gillen (drums) and Stephanie William (drums) – dropped their first EP, Dream Girl, right before the 2020 lockdown, leaving them without opportunities to perform live. In their basement rehearsal space, they spent the year learning home recording and pre-production techniques, gradually crafting a collection of songs from the ground up. The following April, they took the demos to producer/engineer Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Heartless Bastards, Ray LaMontagne) at Invisible Creature Studio in Los Angeles. From their work with Ratterman emerged a batch of 15 songs. At the end of 2021, the band released the four-track Battles EP, offering listeners a darker, more simmering edge to their impelling indie-rock sound. Ten more would comprise Another One Gained, the full-length debut due August 19, 2022. Previously Katy Guillen & The Drive released BATTLES EP on December 17, 2021, Recorded at Invisible Creature Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Engineered and mixed by Kevin Ratterman. Produced by Kevin Ratterman, Katy Guillen, and Stephanie Williams. Mastered by Shelley Anderson at Black Lab Mastering in Louisville, KY. All songs written by Katy Guillen and Stephanie Williams. Katy Guillen on vocals, guitar, bass, & keyboarda. Stephanie Williams on drums & percussion. Additional keys and programming by Kevin Ratterman. Album design and photography by Morgan Jones. This is a follow up to Katy Guillen & The Drive’s 7-song EP, DREAM GIRL, released March 20, 2020. Katy Guillen & The Drive, is a project dedicated to Guillen’s songwriting that is founded on the creative spark and chemistry between Katy Guillen & Stephanie Williams. With Guillen on guitar & vocals and Williams on drums, the two sculpt a sound that recalls bands like Led Zeppelin, The Bangles, and Band of Skulls. In 2012, Guillen & Williams formed Katy Guillen and The Girls, and began to build a foundation of touring and recording that carried them through six years and produced three full-length albums: Katy Guillen & the Girls, Heavy Days, and Remember What You Knew Before. Between 2012 and 2018, they traveled the United States extensively, performed at the International Montreal Jazz Festival, toured Sweden, and supported major acts like The Doobie Brothers, Robin Trower, and Heartless Bastards. In these 6 years playing together, Guillen & Williams created a dynamic, sound informed by Guillen’s mesmerizing, emotive guitar style and poignant arrangements, and an equally captivating live show that showcased Williams’ technical, melodic style, resulting in a powerful on-stage chemistry. In addition to the compelling synergy formed by years of playing together, the two developed a method of working together on Guillen’s songs that only deepened their artistic connection, propelling them to forge a path to a new plateau in their music. KG & The Drive push ahead with a melodic, heavy, and soulful sound while maintaining the edge of the artist’s rock ‘n’ roll and blues roots. Katy Guillen joined us on WMM on March 18, 2020. Katy Guillen & The Drive opened for FANNY for their one-night-only reunion concert from Fanny+ (June Millington, Brie Howard-Darling, Patti Quatro, and Mia Huggins) at recordBar, 1520 Grand Ave, KCMO, on October 5, 2022. More info at:]

3. The Creepy Jingles – TAKE ME AY MY WORDPLAY / High Dive Records / March 25, 2022

[From band’s 11-track, full-length debut, TAKE ME AT MY WORD PLAY. The Creepy Jingles are a Kansas City based, 4-piece rock and roll band that both honors and defies convention. Led by singer / song-writer Jocelyn Olivia Nixon, a transgender wordsmith who charms with razor wit and dazzles with her lyrical acrobatics. Nick Robertson on drums, Travis McKenzie on guitar, and Andrew Woody on bass guitar bring first class musicianship and creativity, helping Nixon paint the perfect picture of colors and sounds that don’t stay in the lines. Their new album, “Take Me at My Wordplay” is an eclectic blend of catchy Brit-Pop melodies that dance around the landscape of surf, NY garage rock, psychedelia and folk music. Paired up with lyrics centering on themes of identity, strained relationships, social media madness, meme magic, pandemic paranoia, paid off political pundits, backyard bullies and barking up the wrong tree. Everything and the kitchen sink or swim. No stoner left unturned. The Creepy Jingles released their Debut EP on High Dive Records on May 3, 2019. The release was in the top ten of WMM’s 119 Best Recordings of 2019. ] The Creepy Jingles released their Debut EP on High Dive Records on May 3, 2019.]

4. Making Movies – XOPA / Cosmica Artists / June 17, 2022

[XOPA was recorded in Memphis, produced by Ben Yonas and mixed by Tchad Blake. Making Movies is a Kansas City based 4-piece band and made up of: Enrique Chi on guitar and lead vocals; Diego Chi on bass & vocals; Juan-Carlos Chaurand on percussion & keyboards; and Duncan Burnett on drums. The band draws their influences from the origins of their families: Santiago, Panama, and KC Missouri, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Making Movies released the 5-song EP, EN VIVO (SIN APLAUSO) on February 4, 2022. Prior to that, Making Movies released the 6-track EP BORING BITS, on May 7, 2021, which includes their single “La Marcha.” On February 5, the band released a sneak peek of the new music they’ve been working on. The 7-song, La Cuarentena EP includes a brand new version of the first Making Movies song, “La Marcha” and the lullaby “Could You?” (both mixed by Jim Eno of Spoon and tracked at Memphis Magnetic studio), and the love ballad “Una Vida.” The EP was ranked #25 inWMM’s 120 Best Recordings of 2021. The EP also includes: covers of Talking Heads and Tears for Fears classics, plus bonus live acoustic tracks. This EP was made available on BandCamp for only three days on February 5 through February 7, 2021. Since then it has been made private, an is not available anywhere. Making Movies released their single “Could You” on January 12, 2021. About “Could You” lead singer Enrique Javier Chi wrote, “I was thinking about what to share for “Could You?” and I just go back to the fact that Memphis is a profound place… it is a place where you can feel what America truly is and where it comes from. I think you see and feel the reality that so much of this nation was built from exploiting people. You can see that our pop culture is driven by the Black community and yet that community is still the most oppressed in the nation. Things are still so messed up. // Memphis is the place where Elvis started singing black music with a country twang and where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. It’s a beautiful place, it’s a charming place, it feels at times downtrodden and it’s a place that reminds me of home (both KC and Panamá in different ways. Our experiences going to Memphis gave us the context to create “Could You?” It was filmed originally for AMERI’KANA TV..” Making Movies released their critically acclaimed album ameri’kana through 3/2 Recordings on May 24, 2019. This was #1 on WMM’s 119 Best Recordings of 2019. Produced by Steve Berlin and Ben Yonas. The notes for this album read: “ameri’kana is a canary in a coal mine, the watchman at the tower. It is a desire to remember where we come from and assure that we better ourselves in every step along our journey. Every chapter is an example, a reason to not be silent and not accept corrupt leaders as something inevitable. ameri’kana is based on faith, faith that every person on this continent carries within themselves the ability to grow, to awaken their consciousness and merits of the same rights. We were accomplices to get ourselves to this point so we will have to be accomplices in the solutions.” This was the band’s follow up release to their critically acclaimed, I Am Another You, released May 26, 2017. The quartet has toured with Arcade Fire, Thievery Corporation, Cold War Kids, Los Lobos, Ozomatli, Tennis, Sergio Mendoza of Calexico, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and Hurray for the Riff Raff. Enrique Chi joined WMM on May 19, 2021. More info at:]

5. Ivory Blue – Compound Love / Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing / February 25, 2022

[Ivory Blue signed a publishing deal with Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing of Atlanta GA on August 18, 2021. This company is managing Ivory and handling all of their publishing. For COMPOUND LOVE Ivory served as songwriter, producer, vocalist and played all instruments with the exception of: Lester Estelle on drums, Klaartje Van Lue on piano, Craig Kew on bass, Lennon Bone on drums, and Marco Pascolini on pedal steel guitar. Nick Poortman served in mixing, with Kurt Festge who also served in mixing & Mastering. KC based singer songwriter and rock & roller, Ivory Blue is currently in the studio putting together a new full length 10-song album called “Compound Love” for release in 2022. Ivory Blue’s debut EP, Ready Get Set was released in June 2015 and had wide radio airplay on this show and multiple radio and television stations in Kansas City and across the country. In 2017 Ivory was among 1800 bands that competed in neXt2Rock. Ivory won local & regional challenges and advanced to nationals in Los Angeles to win the top prize. Ivory Blue has played Crossroads Music Festival, The Middle of the Map Festival, The Westport Roots Festival, the KCPT Screening of “Real Boy” at The Kansas City Public Library., and Kauffman Stadium. // Ivory Blue was born in 1986 in Peoria Illinois, as Devin James Miclettet. Ivory’s birth mother put them up for adoption at the age of four. Ivory speaks about how it was difficult to find trust in people offering their home to someone denied it for so long, Ivory lived with eight different families. before running away at 15. // Ivory has talked with us about how in their life they have turned to music to express pain. Ivory spent most of their childhood looking for a family. In 2010 Klaartje Van Lue saw Ivory performing in a YouTube video and contacted them, flying them Ivory KC, and adopting Ivory into the Van Lue family. During the past 10 years Ivory came out as “Non-Binary Transgender. // As a multi-instrumentalist, Ivory began refining their performance style, using digital looping pedals to stack harmonies and guitar parts live on stage, giving their solo shows the feel of a full band. In 2011, Ivory settled in Kansas City, MO and quickly began attracting an intense regional following for their strong vocals and incisive, deeply personal lyrics. // By 2013, IVORY BLUE was playing regularly in and around Kansas City and the first EP ‘Ready Get Set’ was released. in 2015. While the EP helped spread the word and got much attention from regional radio and TV stations, a big break would come in 2017. Ivory entered NeXt2Rock, a nationwide talent search with over 1800 artists/bands who applied to find fresh and promising rock artists. The top 5 national bands battled it off for the win in Los Angeles CA at the legendary Viper Room, with judges Scott Borchetta (BMLG), John Varvatos (fashion designer), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols Guitarist and Host of “Jonesy’s Jukebox”), Desmond Child (Musician, producer), Chris Lord-Alge (producer), Ivory Blue won over the judges and became the grand prize winner! Ivory Ivory won the contest and a one-year record deal with BMLG who re-released the song Ready Get Set from the 2015 EP. Ivory’s 2018 re-release of ‘Ready Get Set’ undauntedly received National and International airplay within weeks. For their upcoming album, IVORY BLUE is producing all the tracks with the exception of Drums and Bass. Ivory is currently working with Lester Estelle (Drummer for Kelly Clarkson), Craig Kew (Bass) KC, Kurt Festge (Mastering | Citizen Kane & Vilent Femmes) NC. and Nick Poortman (LA based Los Angeles based Producer, Engineer, Mixer, and Songwriter) Nick has worked alongside producers including Justin Gray, Gil Norton, Big Tank, and Greg Haver on sessions throughout the USA, UK, Europe, and New Zealand. // On August 18th 2021 Ivory Blue signed a publishing deal with Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing out of Atlanta GA. // Ivory released the singles: “Elite Dreamland,” on Feb. 17, 2021, “Half a Life” on Sept. 20, 2021. Ivory Blue released the video of “Family Table” directed by Mikal Shapiro, on August 21, 2021 and the audio track was released on September 7, 2021. Ivory Blue released the single “Good Changes” on Oct 26, 2021. Ivory Blue released the singles: “Heavy,” “Bad Weather,” “It Must Have Been Me,” “Compound Love,” and “The Start” on December 14, 2021. Ivory Blue joined us on WMM on November 10, September 15, and July 28, in 2021. More info at:

6. Stephonne – SIS: Side B [EP] / Stephonne / June 24, 2022

[Co-produced by, Justin Mantooth, and recorded at Westend Recording Studios. Johnny Hamil on bass, and Adam McKee on drums. Stephonne released the single, “Cross My Heart (Sexy M.F.) on June 3, 2022. Stephonne released the single, “Deja Vu” with Shilow and Regina Del Carmen on May 9, 2022. Stephonne released the single “The King’s Gambit” on July 28, 2021. Stephonne was part of the single, “Elephant Man (feat. Stephonne)” from Lee Walter Redding & Stephonne, released April 9, 2021. Stephonne released the single “Beautiful Life (Acoustic)” on January 15, 2021. Stephonne released SIS: Side A on August 7, 2020. The 4 song EP contained the song “Want Me” that was also made into a video featuring body painting on to Stephonne’s body from artist Ryan Wilks. Stephonne released his debut album, “Caged Bird Sings Songs About Red Beard.” The album was one of WMM’s 118 Best Recordings of 2018. Stephonne was born and raised in Wyandotte Cou, Kansas. Stephonne grew up in KCK. He has performed in multiple shows for Late Night Theatre.]

7. Kevin Morby – THIS IS A PHOTOGRAPH / Dead Oceans / May 13, 2022

[Kevin Morby’s 7th album as a solo artist. From “In January 2020, songwriter Kevin Morby witnessed his father collapse from a medical event while visiting his childhood home in Kansas. In a state of shock, the singer spent the evening looking at old family photos and fixated on an image of his father as a young man, looking, as Morby states, ‘full of confidence.’ The experience forced Morby to confront both the idea of mortality and the passage of time — and, after an extended sojourn in Tennessee, these reflections came together in the form of his upcoming album, This Is a Photograph. To mark the announcement, the singer released the record’s eponymous single, accompanied by a music video directed by Chantal Anderson. Produced by frequent Morby collaborator Sam Cohen, This Is a Photograph was primarily written in Memphis’ historic Peabody Hotel, where the singer-songwriter holed up in search of inspiration and self-realization amongst the city’s dark past.” Morby will also embark on a 65 City tour of Europe and North America through the majority of 2022, which starts May 20 in Madrid, Spain and wraps Nov. 12 in Vancouver, BC. On October 16, 2020 Kevin Morby released SUNDOWNER, ranked #20 on WMM’s 120 Best recordings of 2020 and was the 6th release from Kevin Robert Morby born April 2, 1988. SUNDOWNER was the follow up to his 2019 release OH MY GOD. Kevin Morby released CITY MUSIC in 2017. Kevin learned to play guitar when he was 10. In his teens he formed the band Creepy Aliens. 17-year-old Morby dropped out of Blue Valley Northwest High School, got his GED, and moved from his native Kansas City to Brooklyn in the mid-2000s, supporting himself by working bike delivery and café jobs. He later joined the noise-folk group Woods on bass. While living in Brooklyn, he became close friends and roommates with Cassie Ramone of the punk trio Vivian Girls, and the two formed a side project together called The Babies, who released albums in 2011 and 2012. He began a solo career in 2013 releasing his debut album HARLEM RIVER. His 2nd album STILL LIFE was released in 2014. His album SINGING SAW was in WMM’s The 116 Best Recordings of 2016. His album CITY MUSIC was in WMM’s The 118 Best Recordings of 2018.]

8. Eddie Moore – Intuition / Eddie Moore Music / October 28, 2022

[Written & Produced by Eddie Moore. Recorded at Tribe Studios. Mix & Mastered by Rick Carson at Make Believe Studios. Album Art by Brandon Wilson. Eddie Moore released the single, “Love Song” (with Joel Castillo and Bree Cummings) on October 22, 2021. Eddie Moore released “We Chillin’” on April 9, 2021. Eddie Moore’s band We The People released their album MISUNDERSTOOD on September 25, 2020. Eddie Moore is the recipient of the 2016 Charlotte Street Generative Performance Award for his genre bending collaborations. Raised in Houston Texas, he began his musical journey at Texas Southern University where he later earned a Bachelors in Arts and immersed himself in the Houston music scene. Eddie relocated to Kansas City to study under Bobby Watson at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he received a M.A in Jazz Studies. 2017’s Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art “Artist in Residence” in collaboration with Rashid Johnson. In 2018 his work with The Outer Circle was nominated for an Indie Music Award for “007”. His music has been featured commercially for Sprint, Netflix’s “Queer Eye”, and Morgan Cooper’s short film “Room Tone”. Moore’ has shared the stage and recordings with Bobby Watson, Logan Richardson, Maurice Brown, Boys II Men, Brian Blade and the Fellowship, John Baptiste, Erykah Badu, Mosdef, Bilal, Ledisi, Chantae Cann, Krystal Warren, Matt Otto, Brandon Draper, Andre Hayward, Tivon Pennicott, Various Blonde, Dominique Sanders, 77 Jefferson, and the Marcus Lewis Big Band. We The People released the single, “Single Double” on June 10, 2021. Written & Produced By Eddie Moore with Moore on keyboards, key bass, & programming; Zach Morrow on drums; and Jason Emmond on bass. Recorded at Tribe Studios. Mixed by Rick Carson at Make Believe Studios. Eddie Moore joined WMM on Sept. 23, 2020 and Nov. 23, 2022. More info at]

9. Monta At Odds – Peaked – Alternative Takes and Remixes / The Record Machine / June 24, 2022

[PEAKED – ALTERNATE TAKES AND REMIXES that has remixes and alternative versions of Monta At Odds’ 2021 album, PEAK OF ETERNAL LIGHT. Dedric Moore on synths & programming, Mikal Shapiro on vocals, Matthew Heinrich on drums, Lucas Behrens on baritone guitar, Krysztof Nemeth on baritone guitar, and Kenn Jankowski on synths. // The remixes include a Republic Tigers remix, and several others. The album also include covers including “The Perfect Kiss” by the English band New Order. The song’s complex arrangement includes a number of instruments and methods not normally used by New Order. For example, a bridge features frogs croaking melodically. The band reportedly included them because Morris loved the effect and was looking for any excuse to use it. At the end of the track, the faint bleating of a (synthesized) sheep can be heard. Sheep samples would reappear in later New Order singles “Fine Time” and “Ruined in a Day”. //Despite being a fan favorite, the song was not performed live between 1993 and 2006 due to the complexity of converting the programs from the E-mu Emulator to the new Roland synthesizer. However, it returned to the live set at a performance in Athens on June 3, 2006. // Monta At Odds released their 7th album PEAK OF ETERNAL LIGHT on July 23, 2021.. // Monta At Odds is a Kansas City combo led by the brothers Dedric and Delaney Moore. The two have played music together all their lives and have been exploring the Monta At Odds sound since the band’s debut in 2000. Dedric’s pulsing, melodic bass and Delaney’s artfully unhinged synthesizers frame the band’s central character, which is fleshed out by a talented cast of musicians and collaborators. The result is a heady sonic pool that has been inscrutably referred to as ‘Ummagumma meets Arthur Russell’s mutant disco at Vangelis’s house.’ // In 2020 the band added acclaimed vocalists, guitarists, and songwriters Mikal Shapiro and Teri Quinn to the lineup. With Mikal and Teri’s otherworldly vocal contributions, Monta At Odds continued to push their alternate reality into streamlined consciousness. With Lucas Behrens on guitar and synth and Matthew Heinrich on drums both rounds out the stellar lineup. The nad releaased a remix of their single “When I’m Gone” mixed by The Record Machine label mate Kenn Jankowski, lead singer, co-founder of The Republic Tigers. The remix featured Kenn’s voice singing with Teri’s voice. The collaboration led to Kenn joining Monta At Odds as a voclist and synth player. And when Kenn plays out as The Republic Tigers the members of Monta At Odds become The Republic Tigers. On December 18, 2020 Monta At Odds released A GREAT CONJUNCTION their 5-song EP released just in to coincide with the ‘double-planet’ convergence of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21 2020, which last occurred in 1226. These tunes form a soundtrack to the planetary event, five songs linked together by the vastness of space and as a meditation on our infinitesimal place in the universe. The EP featured Krystof Nemeth, Teri Quinn, Alexander Thomas, Dedric Moore and Matthew Heinrich. // In late 2020 Monta At Odds released the single “When Stars Grow Old.” // Monta At Odds released their 4-song EP Zen Diagram on May 1, 2020. The album was a more post-punk leaning follow-up to Argentum Dreams. Expect minimal rhythms set to maximum noise, shoegazed guitar signals, slo-mo psychedelic darkwave, endless dub echo, and extended-cut warped disco. Live musicians manipulating time and space via knob turning, cymbal cracking, and pedal pushing as they interlock into hypnotic moments of heavenly bliss. / Info at:

10. FlareThaRebel – Summer You, Summer Me. / Shafer / October 21, 2022

[“Rosé All Day” was the lead single from FlareThaRebel’s new EP. Playful, yet meaningful, the song is about an empowered woman of which a man is pursuing. Lines within the song such as “and if she’s a tease she can do that ya’ll / she don’t owe you nothing man, please back off”, attempt to change the at times degrading scenarios of this power dynamic. The narrative is done in the backdrop of fun and lighthearted warm weather days, cool summernights, and, of course, plenty of rosé. Continuing with Flare’s Art to Empower initiative, “Rosé All Day” aims to raise funds and awareness for a nonprofit, which this time is the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Abuse (MOCSA). Career and love brought hip-hop MC FlareThaRebel back to his hometown of Kansas City, MO, which created a second wind of new music. Noted by The Pitch, “As a member of hip-hop collective Anti-Crew, Flare Tha Rebel made quite an impact on the Kansas City hip-hop scene. After making the leap from KC to Chicago in the late ‘00s, he’s now back…” Known for a highly energetic live performance, Flare has shared the stage with artists such as Chance the Rapper, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Mac Lethal, Nappy Roots, and CES Cru. Although hip-hop at the core, Flare Tha Rebel’s versatility remains as he balances music with socially progressive themes that are still enjoyable enough to raise a glass to at a party. There’s also a duality to Flare’s approach. Many of his songs are connected to his Art to Empower initiative, raising awareness and funds for a variety of social justice causes and nonprofits. Flare Tha Rebel & Bob Pullian were guests on WMM, Aug. 11, 2021. Flare The Rebel released the EP, The Revolution Will Not Be Hashtagged on July 9, 2021. The recording was #9 on WMM’s 120 Best Recordings of 2021. Info at:]

11. Carswell & Hope – Sign Of The Times / Silly Goose Records / August 30, 2022

[Sign of the Times, the first single and title track from the Carswell & Hope full length originally released as a single on June 12, 2022. Featuring Katlyn Conroy on vocals. Single available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and streaming platforms from July 12th, 2022. Recorded and produced by Jason Slote and Nick Carswell. Mixed and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios. Lawrence KS based 5-piece band formed June 25, 2012. The band is: Nick Carswell, Jason Slote, Austin Quick, Chris Handley, and Jordan Tucker. Songwriter Nick Carswell is originally from Ireland and has found a new home on the plains of Kansas.Songwriter Nick Carswell is originally from Limerick, Ireland, Nick Carswell has been living in Lawrence, KS since 2011. He formed Carswell & Hope in late 2012. The band released their debut album in 2014, coinciding with a two week Irish tour. Nick also plays bass in the electro-pop band Pink Royal and is the force behind Silly Goose Records and the annual MixMaster music conference, now part of the Crossroads Music Festival. More info at:]

12. Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits – The Wonderful World Of Scott Hrabko & the Rabbits / Scott Hrabko / July 1, 2022

[These two sprawling discs contain song-craft reminiscent of everything from classic ‘60s adult pop to nostalgia-free Americana to cut ’n’ paste hip hop-inspired grooves — and some wild detours between. “But it’s all me.” – Hrabko. The Rabbits, this time around: Jason Beers on Bass, Organ, Piano, Banjo, Harmonica, Slide Guitar; Clarke Wyatt on Drums; Matt Hopper on Lead Guitar; Chris DeVictor on Upright Bass; Chris Hudson on Nylon String Guitar, Mandolin, Lead Guitar; Mike Lindsey on Bass; Tim Higgins on Drums, Percussion; Gary Paredes on Slide Guitar, Wah Wah Guitar; Chad Brothers on Lead Acoustic, and Havilah Bruders on Vocals, with Scott Hrabko on Voices, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion, Banjo, Static Outbursts, Ghosts Knob Twiddling and Digital Chicanery. This 2-CD, 22-song release, THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SCOTT HRABKO & THE RABBITS on July 1, 2022. The double album was recorded at Hrabko’s home studio in a time of a global pandemic and social unrest. Mike Warren writes in No Depression Magazine, “Hrabko’s rootsy songs are filled with trap doors, hidden nooks, and secret passageways. They’re like those dreams within comfortably familiar houses that suddenly have brand new rooms.” Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits have released six singles and released the albums and EPs: LAST DANCE (EP) in 2020, SMASH HITS FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE (EP) in 2019, SUMMER in 2017, and BISCUITS AND GRAVITY in 2015. Scott Hrabko’s 2013 critically acclaimed solo release, GONE PLACES was said to be 30 years in the making. Scott Hrabko has played with The Original Sinners, as well as the 1980s bands: The Splinters, and The Andersons. In the early 1990s Scott performed as a solo artist in coffee houses with Iris Dement and Howard Eisberg. More info at:]

13. BLACKSTARKIDS – CYBERKISS / Dirty Hit / September 23, 2022

[From the band’s new fifth album, and their third with Dirty Hit Records, all in the last 4 years. Blackstarkids are phenomenon who came out of Kansas City in 2020 became the soundtrack for the summer. Blackstarkids are a pop/R&B/hip-hop trio based in Kansas City, Missouri. Members include: TheBabeGabe, Deiondre, and TyFaizon (of the Drop Dead XX collective). The members have known each other since high school in Raytown, Missouri. Members met at Raytown South High School and formed the band in 2019. The group released its first album, Let’s Play Sports, on August 1, 2019. Blackstarkids then released their second album SURF through their own label Bedroom Records on February 28, 2020. Blackstarkids caught the attention of The 1975’s frontman Matty Healy and were then signed to The 1975’s management company and UK-based label Dirty Hit Records. They were featured in Clash Magazine. Blackstarkids then released, Surf Basement Demos on Dirty Hit Records on March 5, 2020. On October 29, 2020, Blackstarkids released Whatever, Man on Dirty Hit Records, their third album release of 2020. Gabe, of Blackstarkids recently described the KC Music community to an interviewer, “The music scene here is really nice. There are a lot of bands who are super talented and do all types of genres. The jazz music here is really great as well. Kansas City is honestly a hidden gem when it comes to music. I feel like you can meet an artist anywhere and anyplace in this city.” Deiondre added, “The music scene here is getting cool now, there’s a lot of jazz musicians that go to school for music here too but you can find people from different scenes all over if around the city.” Ty wrote, “The Kansas City scene is great, the community here is so supportive and genuine. This is a really prideful city here and I think they’re finally getting the musicians they deserve.” Blackstarkids are scheduled to play Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Nov. 29, 2022.]

14. The Grisly Hand – Traitors / The Grisly Hand / July 8, 2022

[On May 14, 2021, The Grisly Hand released the single “Now That You Know.” On August 20, 2021 they released the single, “Why Make Me Cry”. On December 3, 2021 they released the single, “On The Same Side.” It had been four and a half years since The Grisly Hand has released new music. The band released HEARTS & STARS on November 18, 2016, and FLESH & GOLD on October 2, 2015. For those recordings the band had spent a year with Joel Nanos at Element Recording and decided to split the songs between two CD/digital releases: and also release them both together as a double vinyl album release, called THE GRISLY HAND released November 18, 2016 with a new reshuffling of songs for the vinyl LP format. Jimmy Fitzner on guitar & vocals, Lauren Krum on vocals & percussion, Kian Byrne on drums, Mike Stover on steel guitar, bass & vocals, Ben Summers on guitar, vocals & mandolin, Dan Loftus on bass, keyboards & vocals. For the double albums the recordings also featured: Rich Wheeler on tenor saxophone, Nick Howell on trumpet, and Mike Walker on trombone. More info at:]

15. The Moose – Renaissance / Desert Animal Records / September 22, 2022

[New 11-track album from The Moose. On August 21, 2022 The Moose released the single “Macrowave”. On April 22, 2021 The Moose released SPATURE their 26-track double album. One of WMM’s 120 Best Recordings of 2021. The album contained music and lyrics all composed by The Moose. The album was engineered, mixed, and mastered by members Emma Klein and Jake Hilger. SPATURE is a sonic amalgamation of sunny peaks and dark chasms. Join The Moose as they experiment with the fantastical worlds of space and nature. From ‘Lava’ to ‘Mother Tree’, there is a song on this double LP for everyone.The Moose is a psychedelic rock/pop alternative band from Lee’s Summit / Kansas City, formed in 2016 by Jake Hilger, Alex Huffman, and Tyler Frey with Emma Klein and Parker Tozier joining in 2016. The Moose released their debut full length album, The First Real Encounter, on Dec. 21, 2018. The Moose joined us LIVE on WMM on July 10, 2019. The Moose also recently released SONGS OF SPATURE – LIVE FROM MYCO PLANET MUSHROOM FARM April 2022. The Moose played Outer Reaches Festival on Sat, October 15 at 7:00 PM at recordBar, 1520 Grand Blvd. KCMO, with Cheer-Accident, Season to Risk, Peculiar Pretzelman, The Black Mariah Theater, She Speaks in Tongues; Jacob E.chord and experimental dance project Composition of Dance. More info at: ]

16. Hembree – IT’S A DREAM! / Oread Records / February 4, 2022

[The 15-track album, IT’S A DREAM from Hembree, is a KC born band was formed in November of 2015, with Isaac Flynn on guitar, & lead vocals, Garrett Childers on bass & vocals, Eric Davis on keys & synth, Alex Ward on guitar, and Austin Ward on drums. Hembree is signed to Thirty Tigers of Nashville, TN. The band was founded by original members Isaac Flynn, Garrett Childers, and Eric Davis. Brothers Alex and Austin Ward later joined in 2018. Hembree quickly garnered national attention after their single “Holy Water” was placed in an Apple commercial that aired during Super Bowl LII. The band’s music has been featured in a variety of other national placements, including Monday Night Football (NFL) and Bose. Hembree has notably supported Elvis Costello, Phoenix, Cold War Kids, Vance Joy, JR JR, and Joywave, among others. The band first toured Europe in Fall 2018. In 2018, Hembree signed with Thirty Tigers to release their first full-length album House on Fire, released 4/26/2019. In 2019, Hembree performed at Hangout Music Festival. They will also appear on the soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 with the song “Culture”. Hembree was named one of NPR’s Slingshot 2018 Artists to Watch. Rolling Stone named Hembree as one of the thirty best artists at SXSW 2018. “Had It All” debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 on January 19, 2017. Lowe described the song as “absolutely fantastic.” “Holy Water” was featured in Apple’s HomePod “Distortion” TV spot, which ran during Super Bowl LII, the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, and the 2018 Winter Olympics. Hembree released the single, “Reach Out” on July 20, 2021 and “Operators (feat. Bodye)” on Sept. 21, 2021on Oread Records. Info at:]

17. LYXE – Everything You Could Ever Want [EP] / LYXE / September 15, 2022

[LYXE is a new band from Lawrence, Kansas, formed in 2019 that played locally until Covid forced the band into a two year hiatus. Recently reformed, the band has had a successful string of shows in 2022 and released their first EP, Everything You Could Ever Want on September 15, 2022. Lead by frontman Ryan Wise of The Sluts, the debut single “Wave” showcases the band’s fun pop rock sensibility. We experience a different side of Wise’s songwriting with crooning vocals and vintage guitar sounds. Accompanied by drummer Jimmy Girod and bassist AJ Knudson, LYXE creates hip shaking rhythms reminiscent of classic 80’s and 90’s sounds.“Wave” is the ideal first taste of what this band can accomplish.]

18. Plains – I Walked With You A Ways / ANTI- Records / October 14, 2022

[Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield and Jess Williamson recorded this one-time collaboration country album. Plains began out of Crutchfield’s and Williamson’s mutual love for each other’s music and after trading albums (Saint Cloud and Sorceress, respectively) in early 2020. Feeling that it was time to have a separate project that could reflect a different side of her creative inspirations, Katie felt that Jess was the perfect fit for a collaboration, and they set off to create I Walked With You A Ways. Written between Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Marfa, the album was recorded in Durham, NC Produced by Brad Cook, with Katie Crutchfield on Lead and Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; Jess Williamson on Lead and Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar; Brad Cook on Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Wurlitzer, Mellotron, Bass; Phil Cook on Piano, Wurlitzer, Organ, Dobro, Banjo, Electric Slide; Spencer Tweedy on Drums, Percussion; Andrew Marlin on Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar; Libby Rodenbough on Fiddle; Alex Farrar on Electric Guitar. Engineered by Jon Ashley with Additional Engineering by Alli Rogers and Brad Cook. Mixed by Alex Farrar and Mastered by Emily Lazar and Chris Allgood at The Lodge, NY. Plains toured all of the US. They played Knuckleheads Saloon, Kansas City, MO. on Nov. 19, 2022.]

19. Wet Leg – Wet Leg / Domino Recording Co / April 8, 2022

[Wet Leg is a British indie rock band from the Isle of Wight, founded in 2019 by Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers. The band came to prominence in 2021 when their debut single, “Chaise Longue”, became a viral hit. Their self-titled debut album was released on 8 April 2022. // Teasdale and Chambers first met at Isle of Wight College. After ten years of friendship, they became a musical duo in 2019 under the name Wet Leg, signed with Domino Recording Company. They chose the name by playing a game picking different emoji combinations and getting to Wet Leg, it stuck. Their debut single, “Chaise Longue”, was released on June 15, 2021, and gained media notice for earning millions of streams and video views. Their second single, “Wet Dream”, was released on 28 September 2021. Variety noted, “It’s rare that a new group releases two songs and they’re both great”. They appeared on Later… with Jools Holland on BBC2, on 30 October 2021. On 29 November 2021, they announced their debut self-titled album, released on 8 April 2022 via Domino. The same day, Wet Leg released the double-single “Too Late Now” / “Oh No”. // In an interview with Diffus, the band stated that their name came from a regional epithet from the Isle of Wight to describe non-islanders on the island. Those who had crossed the Solent to enter the isle were said to have a wet leg from getting off the boat. // Teasdale had performed for many years on the Isle of Wight as a local musician and pianist, and prior to forming Wet Leg, was known as RHAIN and was linked to the music scene in Bristol. In 2013 Teasdale performed as RHAIN her song “Humdrum Drivel”. In 2014 she was photographed by Cosmopolitan Magazine while attending the Isle of Wight music festival. More info at]

20. The Elders – Well Alright Then / The Elders / April 29, 2022

[The Elders were founded in 1998 by six individuals with a passion for music rooted in Americana and Celtic folk rock. Ian Byrne, a native of Ireland’s County Wicklow, guitarist Steve Phillips (formerly of The Rainmakers), bassist Norm Dahlor, violinist and keyboardist Brent Hoad (formerly of The Secrets), drummer Kian Byrne, and fiddler Colin Farrell (Creel and Gráda). Steve Phillips, passed away due to complications from COVID-19 on Sept. 29, 2020. In addition to being an integral member of The Elders, he was also a co-founder of Steve, Bob and Rich, which later became The Rainmakers. Both of these groups have cemented international acclaim, due in part to Steve’s musicianship. The band was already working on their 10th studio album, WELL ALRIGHT THEN that will be released on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2022. More information at: The Band writes on their website,, “Steve granted us the most amazing gift by writing recording many of his parts before his passing. He began working diligently as soon as he was given his prognosis in early 2020. We cannot begin to express how special and heartwarming this is, and we know it will be for you too. Steve is as present on this album as he’s ever been. With that in mind, we knew we owed it to him and the songs to make sure they were shared with the world, which meant some touring! We’ll be playing select shows and festivals throughout the year, and will be sure to keep you updated. Our brother Brent has decided to refrain from touring for now, and we support him in his decision. We have welcomed two excellent musicians to join our ranks to help bring our songs to life, and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board. Bill Latas and Dan Loftus are incredibly talented and long-time friends of the band.” The current line up of The Elders are: Ian Byrne on vocals, drums, percussion, whistle Norm Dahlor on vocals, bass, guitar, banjo; Kian Byrne on vocals, drums, bass, mandolin, guitar; Diana Ladio on fiddle, Bill Latas on guitar; and Dan Loftus-vocals, piano, guitar. The Elders played The Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts on Thurday, April 28, 2022, in Helzberg Hall, 1601 Broadway , KCMO. The Elders played Knuckleheads on Friday, April 29, 2022, at 2715 Rochester Ave, KCMO]

21. Aldous Harding – Warm Chris / 4AD / March 25, 2022

[Aldous Harding is New Zealand based singer songwriter. He Lyrics are brilliantly expressive and surreal. Her minimalist Indie rock 2022 album Warm Chris is one of my favorites of the year. // Hannah Sian Topp was born in 1990. She is known professionally as Aldous Harding, is based in Cardiff, Wales. // Topp comes from a musical family in Lyttelton, New Zealand: her mother is folk singer Lorina Harding. One of the first musicians who came across her was New Zealand folk-pop singer/songwriter Anika Moa. Moa asked Harding to play support for her that night after finding her busking outside the venue she was about to play at. // She has released music through independent record labels Flying Nun, Spunk, and 4AD. She has collaborated with Marlon Williams, John Parish, Mike Hadreas and Fenne Lily. // 4AD announced Harding as a new signing in early 2017 just prior to the release of her second album, Party. Party was nominated for IMPALA’s European Album of the Year Award. Singer-songwriter Aldous Harding, released Designer is the third studio album on April 26, 2019 by 4AD. The song “The Barrel” won the 2019 APRA Silver Scroll award. // As of 2020, she is based in Cardiff, Wales, where she had previously lived with partner and collaborator H. Hawkline. Aldous Harding played The Granada Theatre, 1020 Massachusetts, Lawrence, on Saturday, July 2.]

22. Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul – Topical Dancer / DEEWEE – Because Music / March 4, 2018

[Topical Dancer is a studio album by Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul and co-written and produced by Soulwax. Released on 4 March 2022 under the label Deewee, Topical Dancer is Adigéry and Pupul’s debut album as a duo. // Pupul and Adigéry are both based in Belgium with shared heritage from Martinique, a French island. They first met while working for the soundtrack of Belgica, a 2016 Belgian drama, after being invited by Soulwax, who also co-written and produced this album. The album is influenced by experiences of racial discrimination and sexual abuse. In the album, Adigéry sings in English, Dutch, Creole, and French. The album features Charlotte Adigéry’s mother, Christiane Adigéry and was released under the label Deewee, which the duo previously released three EPs on. “Thank You” is the lead single of Topical Dancer and the second single is “Blenda”. “Blenda” was released on November 4, 2021 along with an announcement of the album and its release date. The first track of the album “Bel Deewee” is a field recording of Adigéry entering the Deewee recording complex, which is also where they recorded the album, and calling through the intercom. // On the review aggregator Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from professional publications, Topical Dancer received an average score of 85, based on six reviews, indicating “universal acclaim”. Emily Mackay of The Observer called the album “banging fusion of funk, house and techno”. Paul Simpson of AllMusic claimed the album was “catchiest and most danceable songs Adigéry and Pupul have written to date” and that the lyrics “offer a lot of food for thought”. Eric Torres of Pitchfork called the album “riveting” and reported that the album had a “roguish charm”. Jasper Willems wrote on Beats Per Minute that Topical Dancer is “spiritual palette cleanser as much as it is a physical one” and “a record for literally anyone”. In a review written for NME, reviewer Max Pilley claimed that the album “arrived bursting with positive energy”.Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul played the Empty Bottle in Chicago on Sept. 19 at 8:00 PM]

23. Melody’s Echo Chamber – Unfold / Fat Possum Records / September 30, 2022

[Melody’s Echo Chamber is the main project of French musician Melody Prochet. // When Melody Prochet’s previous project My Bee’s Garden supported Tame Impala on their European tour in 2010, Prochet collaborated with Kevin Parker to produce her new solo material as Melody’s Echo Chamber. The material was recorded in Parker’s makeshift studio in Perth, Australia and Prochet’s grandmother’s seaside home in the south of France. The self-titled debut album was released under Fat Possum Records in 2012. // In 2013, the debut album peaked at 61 on the US Billboard Heatseekers Album Chart. Q Magazine rated the album 8/10, calling it an “intoxicating listen that’s well worth experiencing for yourself.” Drowned in Sound’s Dom Gourlay awarded the album 9/10 and stated: “Whatever happens next, she can rest assured safe in the knowledge that together with her beau they’ve conjured up one of 2012’s–or any other year in recent memory–finest debuts.” // Melody’s Echo Chamber released “Shirim” in October 2014, which was set to be featured in her next album. In December, it was announced that Melody’s Echo Chamber would play at the 2015 Levitation Festival in Austin, Texas, but her appearance was later cancelled due to visa issues. // In 2017, Prochet released a new track on YouTube titled “Cross My Heart”, with the announcement of her independently produced album Bon Voyage. It was set to be released in the same year, but was delayed as Prochet had suffered a “serious accident”, followed by the cancellation of her world tour. // In April 2018, Prochet released the single “Breathe In, Breathe Out”, and Bon Voyage was released in June. // In January 2022, Prochet released the single “Looking Backward”, and Emotional Eternal was released in April.]

24. Mavis Staples & Levon Helm – Carry Me Home / Anti / May 20, 2022

[This follows her 14th studio (solo) album from rhythm & blues and gospel singer, actress and civil rights activist, born in Chicago, Illinois on July 10, 1939. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Mavis Staples, of her family band, The Staple Singers, is a celebrated equal rights activist. She’s performed at inaugural parties for Presidents Kennedy, Carter and Clinton, She began her career with her family group in 1950. Initially singing locally at churches, appearing on a weekly radio show, the Staples scored a hit in 1956 with “Uncloudy Day” for the Vee-Jay label. When Mavis graduated from what is now Paul Robeson High School in 1957, The Staple Singers took their music on the road. Led by patriarch Roebuck “Pops” Staples on guitar and including Mavis and her siblings Cleotha, Yvonne, & Purvis, the Staples were called “God’s Greatest Hitmakers.” With Mavis’ voice and Pops’ songs, singing, & guitar playing, the Staples evolved from enormously popular gospel singers (with recordings on United and Riverside as well as Vee-Jay) to become the most spectacular and influential spirituality-based group in America. By the mid-1960s The Staple Singers, inspired by Pops’ close friendship with Martin Luther King, Jr., became the spiritual and musical voices of the civil rights movement. They covered contemporary pop hits with positive messages, including Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall” and a version of Stephen Stills’ “For What It’s Worth.” Staples was briefly married to Spencer Leak in 1964; they divorced when Staples would not end her music career to stay home. She has no children. In the 2015 documentary Mavis! she reveals that Bob Dylan once proposed to her, and she turned him down. Her initial recordings were as a member of her family group, the Staple Singers. Led by her father Roebuck “Pops” Staples the Staple Singers were major artists in gospel and soul music from 1957 to 1969. Commencing releasing albums as a solo artist in 1969, Mavis Staples has released 13 studio albums, two live albums, three compilations, one soundtrack, one EP, and 51 singles over a career spanning five decades. Mavis Staples played The Lied Center in Lawrence, Kansas on Friday, November 18 at 7:30 PM.]

Mavis Staples Solo Discography

  1. Mavis Staples / June 16, 1969 / Volt
  2. Only for the Lonely / Oct. 12, 1970 / Volt
  3. Oh What a Feeling / July 16, 1979 / Warner Bros.
  4. Time Waits for No One / May 19, 1989 / Paisley Park
  5. The Voice / August 24, 1993 / Paisley Park
  6. Spirituals & Gospel: Dedicated to Mahalia Jackson (w/ Lucky Peterson) / Nov. 5, 1996 / Verve
  7. Have a Little Faith / August 17, 2004 / ANTI-
  8. We’ll Never Turn Back / April 24, 2007 / ANTI-
  9. Live: Hope at the Hideout / November 4, 2008 / ANTI-
  10. You Are Not Alone / Sept. 14, 2010 / ANTI-
  11. One True Vine / June 25, 2013 / ANTI-
  12. Livin’ on a High Note / February 19, 2016 / ANTI-
  13. If All I Was Was Black / November 17, 2017 / ANTI-
  14. Live in London / February 8, 2019 / ANTI-
  15. We Get By / May 24, 2019 / ANTI-
  16. Carry Me Home / March 20, 2022 / ANTI-

25. Danger Mouse & Black Thought – Cheat Codes / BMG / August 12, 2022

[‘Cheat Codes’, the collaborative debut album from Danger Mouse and Black Thought is out August 12 via BMG. In addition to Michael Kiwanuka, the record features Kid Sister, A$AP Rocky, Run The Jewels, MF DOOM, Joey Bada$$, Russ, Conway the Machine and more. // Brian Joseph Burton was born July 29, 1977. He is known professionally as Danger Mouse is an American musician, songwriter and record producer. He came to prominence in 2004 when he released The Grey Album, which combined vocal performances from Jay-Z’s The Black Album with instrumentals from the Beatles’ The Beatles, also known as The White Album. In 2008, Esquire named him one of the “75 most influential people of the 21st century”. // He formed Gnarls Barkley with CeeLo Green and produced its albums St. Elsewhere and The Odd Couple. In 2009 he collaborated with James Mercer of the indie rock band The Shins to form the band Broken Bells. In addition, Burton worked with rapper MF Doom as Danger Doom and released the album The Mouse and the Mask. // As a producer Danger Mouse produced the second Gorillaz album, 2005’s Demon Days, as well as Beck’s 2008 record Modern Guilt and four albums with The Black Keys (Attack & Release, Brothers, El Camino and Turn Blue). In 2016, Danger Mouse produced, performed on and co-wrote songs for the eleventh studio album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers titled The Getaway. Danger Mouse has also produced and co-written albums by Norah Jones (Little Broken Hearts), Electric Guest (Mondo), Portugal. The Man (Evil Friends), Adele (25), and ASAP Rocky (At.Long.Last.ASAP). He has been nominated for 22 Grammy Awards and has won six. Danger Mouse has been nominated in the Producer of the Year category five times, and won the award in 2011. // Tarik Luqmaan Trotter was born October 3, 1973. He is better known as Black Thought, an American rapper, actor and the lead MC of the Philadelphia-based hip hop group the Roots, which he co-founded with drummer Questlove (Ahmir Thompson). Regarded as “one of the most skilled, incisive, and prolific rappers of his time”, he is widely lauded for his live performance skills, continuous multisyllabic rhyme schemes, complex lyricism, double entendres, and politically aware lyrics. With the Roots, he is a singer and rapper on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, frequently playing games with Fallon and his guests.]

26. Drugdealer – Hiding in Plain Sight / Mexican Summer / October 28, 2022

[Engineers: Ignacio Gonzalez, Ian Doerr, Mac DeMarco, Michael Collins, Pierce Gibson, Chico Jones, Mikey Whiteside, Jonny Kosmo, Daryl Johns // Recorded at Michael’s House, Mac’s Studio, Sylvie Studio, Marfa Recording Co., Savannah Studios, Kosmo’s Studio, Honeymoon Suite, Daryl’s Sublet, and Soft Rock Cafe between 2019 and 2022. // Mixed by Nicolas Jodoin with Assistant Mixing by Franky Fox at Valentine Studios (North Hollywood, CA) // Mastered by Timothy Stollenwork at Stereophonic Mastering (Portland, OR) // The third and most seasoned Drugdealer album, Hiding in Plain Sight, almost didn’t happen at all. Frustrated and insecure with his own singing voice prior to the pandemic, Drugdealer founder and primary songwriter Michael Collins was nearly ready to throw in the towel. With hits like “Suddenly” and “The Real World” (from the band’s 2016 debut, The End Of Comedy) and “Honey” (from their first album for Mexican Summer, 2019’s Raw Honey), Collins had plenty to be happy about. But due to a frequent impulse to hand over the microphone to friends and collaborators like Weyes Blood, Jackson MacIntosh, and his trusty musical companion Sasha Winn, Collins became increasingly unsure of himself as a singer. Then, amidst the windswept art colony of Marfa, Texas, a chance encounter with the visionary artist and composer Annette Peacock changed his outlook. // While attending Mexican Summer’s annual Marfa Myths festival, Collins ran into Peacock backstage. “I was so inspired by [Annette]. But similarly to all these other vocalists I’d worked with, I didn’t feel like I had it in me.” he recalls. “I told her my plight, then I played her a song, and she told me I wasn’t singing high enough for my speaking voice. When I returned to LA, I started coming up with new progressions, which I’d modulate up three half steps. It forced me to find a new way to sing.” // In the valley of the shadow of doubt, during a period when Collins was considering giving up on music and embarking on his lifelong dream of filmmaking, a furtive conversation with a legend allowed him to find his own distinctive voice. But, as the title implies, the lockdown era during which Collins wrote the bulk of the record was a time spent searching for answers – searching for love. // “Madison,” the opening track on Hiding in Plain Sight, is the first song Collins wrote singing in this suggested range. His newfound confidence as a yarn-spinning vocalist in the gruff tenor tradition of Nick Lowe, or even Van Morrison, is readily apparent, with Conor “Catfish” Gallaher’s pedal steel adding a dusting of cosmic country to Collins’ down-hard love song. // When Collins wrote the would-be AM Gold hit, he was summoning an imaginary vision of a love that had eluded him in reality. The song focuses on an unknown figure he could idealize. “All the art I’ve made is related to this searching archetype,” Collins says. “I feel there’s no one way that people find love in their life. When I started to make this album, I noticed that all the lyrics dealt with this subject. On ‘Madison,’ the chorus goes ‘Hoping you’ll find a love/You’re one design of love.’ Then the next song I wrote went ‘Find someone to love…’ At that point, I pretty much knew where it was going. Sasha (my main musical partner) and I are both incredibly romantic. We’ve worked on multiple projects that are all based around this search for love.” // But this quest spanned beyond the traditional conception of love. It takes a village to put together Drugdealer records. The Greek term for love of friends, philia, translating to “the highest form of love,” is evident in a deep cast of characters including Drugdealer band members Mikey Long, MacIntosh and Josh Da Costa (CMON), as well as Southland virtuosos like John Carroll Kirby (Frank Ocean, Stones Throw) and Daryl Johns (Mac DeMarco, The Lemon Twigs). // Tim Presley sings on the second song, “Baby,” and Collins had a clear role in mind for the California avant-rock mainstay. “I love White Fence so much, but I also wanted to hear Presley sing a song that sounded like an early ’60s sock hop band who had never tried drugs in their life.” Meanwhile, Kate Bollinger floats an effervescent lead vocal over the Rhodes-driven groove in “Pictures of You.” As usual, Collins wrangled a who’s who of background singers and instrumentalists to carry out Hiding in Plain Sight’s vision. Mainly, however, the record acts as a welcome showcase for Collins as an emboldened lead singer, a wayward bandleader who has found a way to love himself as a singer, songwriter and storyteller. // Taking inspiration from a canon of gruff but soulful rock vocalists like Phil Lynott, Collins looks back on his nocturnal meanderings through LA’s warrens of bars and clubs (“New Fascination”). He’s right up front in the mix, detailing a search for love in all the wrong places. All the while, his band turns on a dime, with Long and Sergio Tabanico trading respective electric sitar and electric sax solos. // On “Hard Dreaming Man,” he looks back at a restless decade on the road through the rearview mirror. “Hard dreaming man/lemme tell you anything I know… I gotta go any place I can go,” he sings over a chorus of honky-tonk guitars you might hear wafting out of saloon doors. “The thing I actually do at a high level isn’t playing piano,” Collins says, “it’s telling stories. Our group of musicians, we all just really like to hang out and tell stories together.” // Collins once again hands the mic over to his talented friends on the final, celebratory track, “Posse Cut.” The latest, greatest entry in a Los Angeles funk tradition spanning from Leon Sylvers to Warren G, the six-minute jam finds a groove and rides it, with Bambina, Winn, Sean Nicholas Savage, Video Age, and Kirby showing out. In what could be a summation of the record’s themes, Winn sings, “I don’t wanna stop the flow/But there’s something you should know/I’ve been known to move around/I get lost before I get found.” // Ultimately, Hiding in Plain Sight is an odyssey from philautia—the ability to love oneself —to philia, a greater ability to love and embrace the contributions of those around you. Only then does a path clear for an encompassing and passionate romantic love, eros. Ultimately, Collins finds love all around and, finally, feels in possession of the voice to sing about it, resulting in the most joyful and fully-realized Drugdealer album to date.]

27. Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You / 4AD / February 11, 2022

[Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You is the 5th studio album by the American band Big Thief, released as a double album through 4AD on Feb. 11, 2022. Produced by drummer James Krivchenia, the album features 20 songs which were recorded over five months in four different locations across the United States. The album’s release was preceded by 8 singles. It received acclaim from critics upon release and entered the top forty in several territories, including Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, the USA and the UK. // In 2019, Big Thief left Saddle Creek and signed to 4AD, releasing two studio albums: U.F.O.F. in May 2019 and Two Hands in Oct. 2019. The albums were the band’s most successful and acclaimed to date: U.F.O.F. received a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album and both albums appeared on the Billboard 200 chart, with Two Hands peaking at 113. Their song “Not” from Two Hands was named by many publications as one of the year’s best songs and was nominated for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. Big Thief toured in support of the albums until March 2020, when their European tour was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Drummer James Krivchenia released a solo album titled A New Found Relaxation in June 2020. In October 2020, Lenker released two solo albums: Songs and Instrumentals. Guitarist Buck Meek released his second solo album Two Saviors in January 2021. // Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You album was produced by drummer James Krivchenia, who conceived the concept behind its recording. In late 2019, while at a hotel in Copenhagen, Krivchenia presented the band with the concept that they would travel to four different locations: Upstate New York, Topanga Canyon in California, the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, and the Colorado mountains. They would record at four different studios with four separate engineers, and go to each place with a specific sonic plan in mind. Krivchenia’s intent was to capture a full expression of Lenker’s songwriting and the band onto a single album. Krivchenia’s production handling also marks the band’s first album not produced by their longtime collaborator Andrew Sarlo. // The band recorded over the span of five months, resulting in 45 complete songs which were ultimately edited down to the album’s 20 tracks. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the band initially quarantined in the Vermont woods for two weeks in July 2020. The 1st session was in July and August 2020 at Sam Evian’s Flying Cloud Recordings in Upstate New York. The 2nd session was with Shawn Everett in Oct. 2020 at Five Star Studios in Topanga, California. The third session was with engineer Dom Monks, who previously engineered U.F.O.F. and Two Hands; the session took place in Nov. 2020 at MusicGardens – Studio In The Clouds in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, located just outside Telluride. The fourth and final session was in Dec. 2020 at Scott McMicken’s Press On Studio in Tucson, Arizona. Mat Davidson, a former member of the Low Anthem and a longtime friend of the band who performs under the moniker Twain, was invited to contribute to the recordings in Arizona. Davidson had previously featured on the band’s second studio album, Capacity (2017), with his vocals & fiddle performances featuring heavily throughout the Arizona Dragon New Warm Mountain recordings, marking the first time the band incorporated a fifth instrumentalist for such a substantial contribution]

28. Spoon – Lucifer on The Moon / Sub Pop / November 4, 2022

[from Spoon’s bandcamp page: Lucifer on the Moon is the anti-gravity companion to Spoon’s LUCIFER ON THE SOFA. (Feb. 11, 2022). A top-to-bottom rework of the Austin band’s tenth album, it was created by On-U Sound founder and UK dub icon, Adrian Sherwood. // Moon first took shape as a few heady remixes for the singles from LUCIFER ON THE SOFA. Frontman Britt Daniel offered Sherwood two suggestions: “Avoid things that would not be possible on tape” and “Add whatever you want to add, the less modern the better.” The collaboration shouldn’t come as a surprise: dub-inspired production is wound through Spoon’s classic tracks, from “Finer Feelings” to “Inside Out.” Sherwood is a proven collaborator whose resume includes partnerships with seminal artists like The Fall, Jah Wobble, and Mark Stewart. The initial results pleased both parties and Sherwood was invited to work on additional songs. And then a few more. “I got into the melody and the thoughts it evoked in me,” the producer explains. “It just evolved and we eventually found ourselves with a whole album.” // Moon flips Lucifer on the Sofa’s rhythm tracks inside-out, and often rebuilds them wholesale. Sherwood supplied extensive additional instrumentation via On-U’s extended family of session players, including bassist Doug Wimbish and drummer Keith LeBlanc (both of whom performed in Sugarhill Records’ early ’80s in-house rhythm section). He dug deep into the album’s multi-tracks, surfacing forgotten details and elements not present in the final album mixes. The result airlifts Spoon’s trademark melodies into lush alien terrain, replete with vibrant echo and rumbling low-end. “It wasn’t just a thing where you pick apart this and that and you stay on the grid and you add a delay,” explains Daniel. “He added so much more instrumentation to the tracks that they became different completely versions of the songs. Not just remixes, but companion pieces. A ‘Part II.’”]

29. Samara Joy – Linger Awhile / Verve / September 16, 2022

[Samara Joy McLendon, is known professionally as Samara Joy. She is an American jazz singer. She won the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition in 2019 and was named Best New Artist by Jazz Times for 2021. // A native of the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, Joy was born in 1999 into a musical family. Her paternal grandparents, Elder Goldwire and Ruth McLendon, were founders of Philadelphia gospel group The Savettes. Her father, a bass player who has toured with gospel singer/songwriter/producer Andraé Crouch, introduced her to gospel greats like The Clark Sisters,[8] and soul and Motown were also a big presence in her home. // At Fordham High School for the Arts she performed with the jazz band, and won Best Vocalist at Fordham University’s “Essentially Ellington” competition at Lincoln Center.[10] But she first encountered jazz in a meaningful way when she enrolled in the jazz program at SUNY’s Purchase College as a voice major, and was named an Ella Fitzgerald Scholar. Friends there introduced her to the great jazz vocalists like Sarah Vaughan and Fitzgerald and instrumentalists like Kenny Washington, Jon Faddis (with whom she studied)[16] and Ingrid Jensen. While she was still in college, before the release of her first album, film director Regina King called her “a young woman who seems like Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald are both living in her body.” // In 2019, as Samara McLendon, she won the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition. // Working with producer and eventual manager Matt Pierson, she recorded her self-titled debut album while still in college, graduating magna cum laude in 2021. Samara Joy was released on 9 July 2021 with Whirlwind Records. // On February 15, 2022 she performed on Today with guitarist Pasquale Grasso and performed again on Today in September 2022.// She released a number of viral video performances, including one that had been viewed over 1.5 million times as of October 2020. These videos had as of November 2022 gaineduding a series of sold-out conc and other festivals, as well as in Europe. // In February 2021 she was featured in Women of Color on Broadway, Inc.’s music video of “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess[33] and on jazz pianist Julius Rodriguez’s album Let Sound Tell All. // Jazz Times named her Best New Artist for 2021. // On June 15, 2022 she was featured at Carnegie Hall’s 16th Annual Notable Occasion. and appeared at the Newport Jazz Festival. On September 16, 2022 she released her second album, Linger Awhile, on Verve Records. The album features drummer Kenny Washington, guitarist Pasquale Grasso, pianist Ben Paterson, and bassist David Wong. // She earned two Grammy Award nominations in 2022, for Best New Artist and Best Jazz Vocal Album for Linger Awhile.[42] Her bookings for winter 2022 include singing with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra on its winter 2022 Big Band Holidays tour.]

30. The Black Angels – Wilderness of Mirrors / Partisan Records / September 16, 2022

[The Black Angels are an American psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas. Formed in May 2004, they took their name from the Velvet Underground’s “The Black Angel’s Death Song.” They have released six studio albums and one compilation album. // In 2005, the Black Angels were featured on a dual-disc compilation album of psychedelic music called Psychedelica Vol. 1 from Northern Star Records. This, along with the growing popularity of their MySpace page, gave the band a jump in popularity in the underground scene. // The group’s debut LP, Passover, released in 2006, was generally well received in the underground independent rock community and was noted for its dark tones and lyrical content. A review of Passover described them as “Walking in the shadows cast by Spiritualized mastermind Jason Pierce,” invoking “dirges” reminiscent of the 13th Floor Elevators. Passover included a quote in the liner notes from Edvard Munch: “Illness, insanity, and death are the black angels that kept watch over my cradle and accompanied me all my life.” The band was featured on the soundtrack of the 2007 Kevin Bacon movie, Death Sentence, on the second episode of FOX’s Fringe, and in the ninth episode of Californication. // They released their second album Directions to See a Ghost in 2008. Songs from Directions to See a Ghost were also featured in The History Channel’s 2009 documentary, Manson. Their song “Young Men Dead” was featured on the March 17, 2010 episode of UFC Primetime, “St. Pierre vs. Hardy,” on Spike. “Young Men Dead” was also included on the soundtrack for the 2011 snowboard movie The Art of Flight. // Festival appearances by the band during this time included Lollapalooza 2007, SXSW 2006 & 2008, and All Tomorrow’s Parties 2008, among others. Touring partners included the blues rock band The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Warlocks, Roky Erickson, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Queens of the Stone Age, The Raveonettes, Wolfmother, and The Horrors. // Between October 28 and November 2, 2008, the band performed as Roky Erickson’s backing band on the West Coast. The band featured on Unkle’s May 2010 release, Where Did the Night Fall, collaborating on a song called “Natural Selection.” // On April 23–25, 2010, The Reverberation Appreciation Society and the Black Angels presented their third annual music-and-arts festival, Austin Psych Fest. Bands topping the 43-band bill included The Raveonettes, Pink Mountaintops, The Warlocks, The Gaslamp Killer, Warpaint, Night Beats, and Silver Apples. // The band’s third album, Phosphene Dream, was released on September 14, 2010. The group played the ATP New York 2010 Music Festival in Monticello, New York, in September 2010. On Record Store Day 2011 a 12″ LP titled Another Nice Pair was released, a limited edition red LP containing the band’s first two EPs. Of the total records pressed, 100 were randomly inserted with a print signed by Alex Maas, Stephanie Bailey, Christian Bland, Kyle Hunt, and Nate Ryan. // The 4th annual Austin Psych Fest ran from April 29 – May 1, 2011, and was held at the Seaholm Powerplant (the last event to be held inside the building) and featured Roky Erickson, Spectrum, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group, Atlas Sound, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Prefuse 73 and A Place To Bury Strangers topping a lineup of 55 bands. // The band’s fourth album, Indigo Meadow, was released on April 2, 2013, and they embarked on a tour across the United States in May 2013 in support of the album. // In February 2014, the Black Angels covered a version of “Soul Kitchen” for A Psych Tribute to the Doors, released by Cleopatra Records. // The 7th annual Austin Psych Fest was held during May 2–4, 2014 at Carson Creek Ranch next to the Colorado River and featured a rare Friday night performance from the legendary 1960s baroque pop band The Zombies, The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre performing together on the same stage, the psychedelic folk band Quilt, the electronica duo Peaking Lights, Temples, Sleepy Sun, The War on Drugs, Loop, and an incendiary performance from Japanese drone rock band Acid Mothers Temple in which several instruments were lit on fire. // On July 22, 2014, the Black Angels released their EP, Clear Lake Forest. // In December 2014, the Black Angels released a split single, along with Sonic Jesus, called “Molly Moves My Generation.” // The 8th annual Austin Psych Fest, now renamed Levitation, was held from May 8–10, 2015 at Carson Creek Ranch and featured an impressive lineup, including a rare 50th anniversary reunion of pioneering Texas psychedelic rock band The 13th Floor Elevators, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, The Jesus and Mary Chain’s 30th anniversary performance of Psychocandy in its entirety, Spiritualized, Primal Scream, and Earth. Melody’s Echo Chamber and Rose Windows were scheduled to perform, but Rose Windows announced their breakup prior to the event and Melody’s Echo Chamber had travel issues and had to cancel. // The band released their fifth album, Death Song, in April, 2017. // The band released their sixth album, “Wilderness of Mirrors,” on September 16th, 2022. // The Black Angels played The Bottleneck in Lawrence KS. on Saturday, October 1, at 7:00 PM with The Vacant Lots.]

31. Arquesta Del SolSoul – Arquesta Del SolSoul / Arquesta Del SolSoul / August 16, 2022

[7-track, debut album. They call themselves, “African Futurist Genre Killerz from the Middle of the Map bringing an innovative multidimensional sound inspired by our founding musical ancestors to decolonize and time bend indigenous sounds of the Caribbean, Latin America, West, Central, and Southern Africa.” Members include Les Izmore, Jessica Ayala, Brad Williams, Chalis O’Neal, Jade Green, & Hadiza. Aa KC-based Cosmic music collective teleporting through Indigeneity, Decolonization and Freedom. Their sound brings a multidimensional portal of Rhythm and Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Afro-Latin percussion, and Spoken Word inspired by our founding musical ancestors to decolonize and spacetime bend indigenous sounds of the Caribbean, Latin America, West, Central, and Southern Africa. // Arquesta Del SolSoul play SOLSOUL FEST 2022 presented by Arquesta Del SolSoul Friday September 30, doors open at 7:00 PM, at Lemonade Park, 1628 Wyoming St., KCMO, West Bottoms, featuring: The Phantastics, Ebony Tusks, Jass, Regina Del Carmen, JUST ANGEL & The Wades, Collidescope, and DJ SKEME. // More information at:

32. Amado Espinoza – Q’ansas / Amado Espinoza / July 6, 2022

[Amado Espinoza Quartet brings Andean soul to the American heartland. Amado plays traditional Andean instruments – the charango and sikus, as well as the mandolin and didgeridoo. He teams up with Andres Ramirez on percussion, Tina Bilberry on violin, and Johnny Hamil on bass, to bring a contemporary electric feel to Amado’s dynamic compositions. Expanding ideas of sound, texture and space, they invoke the musical ancestors of us all and activate the music that is alive in all our DNA. The journey is both ritual and joyous celebration. Amado Espinoza Quartet premiered their new album, Q’ansas with an Album Release Show, at the Record Bar, Friday, July 15, 2022, with special guest Julia Othmer.]

33. Hermon Mehari – ASMARA / Komos Jazz – Studio Pigalle / November 18, 2022

[Hermon Mehari on trumpet; Peter Schlamb on piano, vibraphone; Luca Fattorini on double bass; Gautier Garrigue on drums; Faytinga on vocals on Milobe Lawa Furda and Tanafaqit. Music composed and arranged by Hermon Mehari except MILOBE – LAWA. FURDA, music composed by Hermon Mehari and Faytinga. Lyrics on Tenafaqit and Milobe – Lawa Furda by FAYTINGA. // Recorded and mixed by Félix Rémy in March 2022 at Studio Pigalle, Paris // Mastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery London. // Cover artwork by Lossapardo. // ‘A loving thanks to the family: Mehari Zehaie, Rigat Ghebre, Joseph Mehari, Tefsai Tsehaie, Turu Negash, Benyam and Aaron Tesfai’ // “Who dared it,” the album’s opening track, is a tribute to the city Hermon Mehari’s father grew up in, MENDEFERA. It also pays homage to the courage of this man who dared leave his native land, Eritrea. He departed in 1979, in the midst of a war against Ethiopia. Arriving in Italy after a perilous journey, he met his future wife in a refugee camp located in the ‘country of the Red Sea’, and left with her for the United States, country where Hermon was born some thirty- five years ago. // The trumpetist, trained in jazz in one of its heartlands – Kansas City, waited until the global pandemic to explore the musical aspects of his ancestral culture. // Under lockdown, alone in the Corrèze region of Southwestern France, he played with the rhythms, melodies and scales he had heard as a child, in his home and at community celebrations. The result was a track with electronic inflections featured on his previous album – A Change for The Dreamlike. // In September 2021, during the recording of Sélène Saint-Aimé’ second album, an artist Hermon accompanies on record and on stage, Antoine Rajon suggested he compose an album entirely dedicated to his family heritage. All the tracks on ASMARA, bring us back to Eritrea – a country Hermon visited only once, at the age of 5. The sights, sounds and smells of this lone voyage inspired the composition I Remember Eritrea. The only duo on the record showcases the deep musical symbiosis he maintains with long-time friend, Peter Schlamb – a pianist and vibraphonist who has worked in the USA with musicians such as Logan Richardson, Ben Van Gelder and Aaron Parks. // Gautier Garrigue, a drummer who has played with Henri Texier and David Enhco, manages to claim the traditional rhythms we hear all through the album as his own, propelled by the driving basslines of double bass player Luca Fattorini – a musician from Italy now living in Paris. // Faytinga lends her vocals to two tracks. Lauded during the war of independence, where she fought, weapons in hand, she has since become one of the strongest and most popular voices in Eritrea. // Milobe is a lullaby recorded for French label Cobalt in 2000 and rearranged by the trumpetist. Tanafaqit, unfolding over a composition by Hermon, is a paeon to exile where Faytinga uses nostalgia to conjure up a motherland she has been divorced from since moving to Switzerland. // Though we are familiar with Ethiopian jazz, whose tradition is long-lasting, Asmara constitutes an original experience of jazz inspired by the folklore of various Eritrean peoples. Beyond the political conflicts that oppose their leaders, the populations of these two nations claim a common & fraternal allegiance to Abyssinian culture, as expressed by Hermon on: Call Me Habesha!]

34. Rue – WE’RE HAVING SO MUCH FUN (EP) / Bedroom Records / March 4, 2022

[Rue is a 20-year old, pop-traditional artist out of Lawrence, Kansas. She collaborated with members of BLACKSTARKIDS to create this new EP. Rue played Manor Fest 4, Weekend One, Friday, May 20 at The Bottleneck, 737 New Hampshire St., Lawrence, KS at 7:00 PM with DoubleDrag, Midwestern, and Dunes Day. More info at: IG: @ruerising]

35. Asterales – FUTURESPECTIVE / Datura Records / March 25, 2022

[Produced, mixed & mastered by Asterales. KC based leftfield, experimental, electronica music maker, also known as Nate Holt. Asterales eleased the 5-track EP, WORK HOURS on Sept. 6, 2016 in collaboration with Aikido Bray, Leo Minor, Katlyn Conroy, and Tanner Walle, with synthesizers, production, recording, engineering & mastering by Etan Tioh for Datura Records. This was followed by the 3-track EP, FRAGMENTS, released Feb. 3, 2017. Asterales released the single A.M. on Feb. 4, 2017. Asterales released the 10-track album, OUTSIDE THE BOX on Oct. 31, 2017. Asterales released the singles: “Brkfst 4 Btlvrs” on Oct. 31, 2017; and “Soft Spheres” on April 21, 2018. Asterales released the 10-track album ORBITAL DEBRIS: VOL. 1 on Aug. 14, 2020 on Mr. Furious Records. Asterales released the single “ASTR_40” on Aug. 26, 2020. Asterales released the 4-song EP EXTRA JUNK on Dec. 4, 2020 through Mr. Furious Records. Asterales released the singles: “Solstice Song” on Dec. 21, 2020, and “Desire (Tanner Walle) – Asterales Remix” on Jan. 29, 2021. Asterales released the single “Offline” on Feb. 26, 2021. Asterales released the single, “Beauty In The Distance feat. Heidi Gluck)” on March 31, 2021. Produced & mixed by Asterales, vocals by Heidi Gluck. lyrics by Approach, mastered by Royce Diamond. Asterales released the single, “So Easy (feat. Royce Diamond)” on April 30, 2021. Asterales released the single, “Let Go” on May 31, 2021. Produced, mixed & mastered by Asterales, lyrics by Royce Diamond, vocals by Asterales. Asterales released the single, “Paraglider” on June 30, 2021. Produced, mixed & mastered by Asterales. Asterales released the single, “Kinugemi” on July 31, 2021. Produced, mixed and mastered by Asterales. Asterales released the single, “Variable Stars Pt. 1″ on August 30, 2021. Produced, mixed & mastered by Asterales. Asterales released the remix single, “She Left (Asterales Remix)” on Sept. 2, 2021, produced by Asterales. Remix artwork by Gordon Leadfoot & Asterales. Asterales released the single, “P​@​!​omAr​-​1” on September 28, 2021. Produced, mixed and mastered by Asterales. More info at: Asterales released the remix single, “Cory Phillips & the Band of Light – Give & the Take (Asterales Remix)” on October 1, 2021. “Give & the Take” was written by Cory Phillips “Give & the Take – Asterales Remix” Produced by Asterales. Asterales released the single, “Calling Me (feat. Ghostmind)” on October 31, 2021. Produced, mixed & mastered by Asterales. Vocals and guitar performed and recorded by Ghostmind. Lyrics by Ghostmind. Artwork by Asterales. Asterales released the single “Your World or Mine (Feat. Approach)” on November 30, 2021. Produced, mixed and mastered by Asterales. Lyrics and vocals by Approach. Asterales released “Right Here, This Moment (feat. Royce Diamond & Maria Cuevas)” on December 31, 2021, produced, mixed & mastered by Asterales. Lyrics & vocals by Royce Diamond. Background vocals by Maria Cuevas (of Maria The Mexican). One of 14 singles Asterales released in 2021. More information at]

36. Just Angel – Just Angel: Pt. 2 {EP] / Just Angel / December 25, 2021

[Just Angel is a Kansas City based, Singer, musician, songwriter, dancer, and creative artist, Just Angel. Her powerful voice has been called, “Passionate … Soulful… and Inspiring.” Her music finds its home in Rock, Jazz, and Alternative, and she has found a way to incorporate those genres within her love with Soul and R&B. Just Angel has performed with My Brothers & Sisters. Just Angel and her band, The Wades can be found rocking stages with her original songs from her recordings and eclectic takes on popular music. She released her debut EP, JUST ANGEL, PART 1 on December 24, 2020. She released her follow up EP, JUST ANGEL, PART 2 on December 25, 2021. She also contributed vocals to the recent Sisterbot record. More info at: Just Angel and The Wades played SOLSOUL FEST 2022 presented by Arquesta Del SolSoul Friday September 30, doors open at 7:00 PM, at Lemonade Park, 1628 Wyoming St., KCMO, West Bottoms, featuring: The Phantastics, Regina Del Carmen, Jass, Ebony Tusks, Collidescope, Arquesta Del SolSoul and DJ SKEM]

37. Weyes Blood – And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow / Sub Pop / November 18, 2022

[Natalie Laura Mering (born June 11, 1988), is known professionally as Weyes Blood. She is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. She was primarily raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She has been performing her own material under variations of the name Weyes Blood since 2003. // Her music has undergone significant changes throughout her career. She has been involved in the underground noise music scene and was briefly bassist of the Portland, Oregon-based group Jackie-O Motherfucker and was singer for the band Satanized. As Weyes Blood she made two self-released albums, changing to Weyes Blood to release The Outside Room (2011) on microlabel Not Not Fun Records. She then signed a recording contract with independent label Mexican Summer, releasing The Innocents (2014) and Front Row Seat to Earth (2016). She released her fourth studio album, Titanic Rising (2019) on Sub Pop, to critical acclaim. Her fifth studio album, And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow, was released on Sub Pop on November 18, 2022. // Natalie Laura Mering was born on June 11, 1988 in Santa Monica, California, into a deeply religious born again Pentecostal Christian family. Commenting on her upbringing, Mering said: “I was raised in a real spiritual, Bible Belt household. So I developed my own cynicism because there are always things in the Bible that really bum me out…. I became really obsessed with the Kids in the Hall as a kid, and they had Scott Thompson, who’s like the one gay member. I remember having this feeling that ‘Oh, Scott Thompson isn’t going to heaven? How could that be?’ That was my first big tipoff that something wasn’t quite right with dogmatic Christianity. And then I was just trying to undo it at the age of 12.” // Mering’s family moved several times throughout her childhood; she spent her early life in Scotts Valley, California before they settled in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 1999, where she attended high school. Both her older brothers and parents are musicians and music played an important part in her upbringing. Her father, Sumner Mering, is a musician and guitarist who was in the Los Angeles new wave band Sumner in the late 1970s. // At the age of 15, Mering began using the moniker Wise Blood (a reference to the 1952 Flannery O’Connor novel) to write songs. She changed to Weyes Bluhd on several self-released records before changing the spelling to Weyes Blood. After finishing high school, Mering relocated to Portland, Oregon to attend Lewis & Clark College, where she majored in music and had a radio show on the campus radio station. However, Mering dropped out after her first year of studies. She subsequently began touring the underground music scene, performing as a bassist in the Portland-based band Jackie-O Motherfucker and playing keyboards and singing with noise rock band Satanized. // In 2011, she released her debut studio album The Outside Room as Weyes Blood and the Dark Juices on Not Not Fun Records. Uncut magazine described the album as ”devotional and ethereal, but with an edge”, while Beatbots found it “an impressive and ambitious album”. Mering released her second studio album in October 2014 called The Innocents, which was released through Mexican Summer. It was recorded in rural Pennsylvania, Mering’s apartment and Gary’s Electric Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It included contributions by Jacob Brunner (drums) and James Strong (bass). Mering described the theme of the album as being “about my first real relationship that went really awry.” // 2014–2021: Front Row Seat to Earth and Titanic Rising : After the album’s release, Mering relocated from New York to Los Angeles, California. She commented: “I was in New York alone: no friends, no money, no record deal at the time. Literally I had nothing.” In 2016, she released her third studio album Front Row Seat to Earth, on Mexican Summer to critical acclaim, and toured throughout Europe and the States. NPR wrote that the album reexamines “intimacy and idealism in ways that showcase Mering’s gift for measuring and mediating heady emotions.” Mering stated the songs on the album were largely inspired by the isolation she felt while living in New York. //n February 12, 2019, a new studio album titled Titanic Rising was announced and available to pre-order on her website, along with dates of her upcoming tour. The album was released by Sub Pop on April 5, 2019 to critical acclaim. Mering describes Titanic Rising as “The Kinks meet WWII or Bob Seger meets Enya.” Other influences include Kate Bush and Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters. Titanic Rising is described as a record about romantic disappointment, damaged reality, and finding hope. // record received high placements on year-end and decade-end lists from publications such as Pitchfork, Uproxx, Paste, Uncut, Dazed, The Guardian, and NPR. On July 16, 2019, she had her TV debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where she performed her single “Everyday” from Titanic Rising. Live performance highlights include sold-out tours in the US and Europe, as well as opening for Kacey Musgraves in the fall of 2019 and singing with Lana Del Rey at the Hollywood Bowl. // Mering heavily involved in the 2020 Tim Heidecker concept album Fear of Death, singing on all twelve tracks, co-writing two and receiving a co-producer credit. She received wider attention when she featured (along with Zella Day) on the closing track of the 2021 Lana Del Rey studio album Chemtrails over the Country Club, a cover of the Joni Mitchell song “For Free”. // On October 29, 2020, she helped canvass for the Democratic Socialists of America. // On September 12, 2022, Mering announced her fifth studio album And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow would be released on November 18, 2022, and released its lead single “It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody” the same day. In promotion of the album she will embark on the In Holy Flux Tour across North America and Europe in 2023.The second single, “Grapevine”, followed on October 11, 2022.]

38. Anaïs Mitchell – AnaÏs Mitchell / Anaïs Mitchell – BMG / January 28, 2022

[Anaïs Mitchell is the eighth studio album by American singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell, released on January 28, 2022, through BMG Rights Management, her first release on the label. It is her first studio album of new material since Young Man in America (2012), as well as her first studio album following her Tony Award-winning musical Hadestown. The album features musical contributions from Michael Lewis, JT Bates, Thomas Bartlett, Aaron Dessner and Nico Muhly. // “Bright Star” was released as the album’s first single on October 28, 2021. It is an indie folk song “about looking back on years of restless pursuit and making peace with the source of that longing: the Muse, the Great Unknown, the One That Got Away – those things that motivate us that we never can touch.” It impacted adult alternative radio on January 10, 2022. // Album opener “Brooklyn Bridge” was released as the second single from the album on December 2, 2021. Of the song, Mitchell said “Having left New York, I was able to write a love letter to it in a way I never could when I was living there. It was like, fuck it. This is how I feel. There is nothing more beautiful than riding over one of the New York bridges at night next to someone who inspires you.” // “On Your Way (Felix Song)” was released as the third single on January 12, 2022. Dedicated to the late Felix McTeigue, Mitchell said of him “We briefly had the same manager in our early ‘hustling days’ of trying to get a songwriter career going. I can picture us playing at the old Living Room on the lower east side, and me being one of five people in Felix’s audience, and vice versa. Felix was really fearless and present, he always had a guitar on his back, he was always writing something, he loved the act of just rushing headlong into writing, recording, not overthinking it. It’s a lesson I’ll return to for the rest of my life.” // Mitchell will tour the album across the United States and Europe in 2022, with her band Bonny Light Horseman joining her for some American dates. // Anaïs Mitchell was born March 26, 1981. She is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and playwright. Mitchell has released eight studio albums, including Hadestown (2010), Young Man in America (2012), Child Ballads (2013), and Anaïs Mitchell (2022). // She developed her album Hadestown into a stage musical (together with director Rachel Chavkin), which received its US debut at New York Theatre Workshop in summer 2016, and its Canadian debut at the Citadel Theatre, Edmonton the following year. The show opened at London’s National Theatre in November 2018 and then on Broadway on April 17, 2019, at the Walter Kerr Theatre. The Broadway production of Hadestown won eight Tony Awards in 2019 including the Tony Award for Best Musical. Mitchell received the Tony Award for Best Original Score; she was also nominated for Best Book of a Musical. The Broadway cast album of the show took home the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album in 2020. Mitchell’s first book, Working on a Song: The Lyrics of Hadestown, was published by Plume Books on October 6, 2020. Mitchell was included in Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020. // Mitchell is a member of the band Bonny Light Horseman, whose self-titled debut was released in 2020 . // Mitchell’s father is a novelist and college professor and named her after author Anaïs Nin. She grew up on Treleven farm in Addison County, Vermont. She was raised Quaker. Her mother was Deputy Secretary of Vermont’s Agency of Human Services. After traveling to the Middle East, Europe and Latin America as a child, she attended Middlebury College. Having begun writing her first songs at the age of 17, around 1998, Mitchell won the New Folk award in 2003, when she was 22, at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Her album Hymns for the Exiled was released on Chicago’s Waterbug Records label in 2004. This recording attracted the attention of singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco, who signed her to the Righteous Babe Records label. // In 2006 Mitchell debuted a draft of her “folk opera” Hadestown, which she wrote in collaboration with arranger Michael Chorney and director Ben T. Matchstick. A revised version of Hadestown was staged in 2007. Her third album, The Brightness, was released that same year on Righteous Babe Records. // Her album Hadestown, produced by Todd Sickafoose, was released in spring 2010 to favorable reviews. Described as “the story of Orpheus and Eurydice set in post-apocalyptic Depression-era America, the album includes guest appearances by Ani DiFranco, Greg Brown, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Ben Knox Miller of The Low Anthem, and The Haden Triplets (Petra, Rachel, and Tanya Haden). // Mitchell continued quietly working on a stage version of Hadestown while also writing and recording new material. In early 2012, she released Young Man in America on Wilderland Records. Mitchell opened the North American leg of Bon Iver’s autumn 2012 tour, which included two sold-out shows at Radio City Music Hall. The album was largely praised by critics as “genre-defying” and her “second consecutive masterpiece.” // In late 2012, Mitchell completed recording seven songs from the collection of Child Ballads, compiled by Francis James Child, with fellow musician Jefferson Hamer. The album, produced by Gary Paczosa, was released in February 2013, winning a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Traditional Song. This was followed in 2014 by xoa, for which Mitchell re-recorded a number of her older songs using only guitar and vocals. This stripped back album included some songs from Hadestown which were recorded for the first time in Mitchell’s own voice, as well as three brand new songs.// In summer 2016, the newly expanded theatrical version of Hadestown opened at New York Theatre Workshop with Vogue magazine predicting that “Hadestown will be your next musical theatre obsession”. The following year, it received its Canadian premiere at The Citadel Theatre, Edmonton, and in April 2018, London’s National Theatre announced that it would present a three-month run during the winter ahead of the show’s Broadway transfer. Hadestown opened on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theatre on April 17, 2019. // In 2019, Mitchell was appearing as part of a three-piece “supergroup” called Bonny Light Horseman, consisting of herself, Eric D. Johnson of Fruit Bats and guitarist Josh Kaufman. The group’s self-titled debut album was released on January 24, 2020. // In June 2021, America supergroup Big Red Machine announced their second studio album, How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last? which features Mitchell’s guest vocals in three of its tracks: “Latter Days”, “Phoenix”, and “New Auburn”. // Mitchell married Noah Hahn in 2006. They have two daughters, Ramona and Rosetta.]

39. Other Americans – Last Dance / Gran Calavera Records / October 10, 2022

[ Other Americans released Paraniod Fiction on Gran Calavera Records on February 9, 2021. They released their 8-song EP OA2 on October 19, 2019. O.A. released their debut EP, Other Americans on June 29, 2018. Julie Berndsen on lead vocals, Adam Phillips on drums, Brandon Phillips on guitar, Michelle Bacon on bass. Produced by Brandon Philllips. Engineered by Joel Nanos. Recorded at Element Recording Studios in KC. . Hailing from KCMO and Lawrence, KS, the electro-alternative OTHER AMERICANS are comprised of members of The Architects, Latenight Callers, Frogpond, Radar State and Brandon Phillips and The Condition. The band first appeared on the scene in 2018 with a self-titled debut EP and a dynamic and explosive live show that combined 120 Minutes-inspired alterna-classicism with infectious, electro danceability. Other Americans is a virtual Midwestern supergroup. The cohorts first crossed paths in when a mutual friend and matchmaker introduced Brandon Phillips to vocalist Julie Berndsen “We were all looking for something new to do musically, recalls Brandon. “The way I remember it, a mutual friend (KC music producer Joel Nanos) told me that Julie was looking to start something new and I sent her a note about it. We had tacos to see if we liked each other.”]

40. Mensa Deathsquad – YOU WILL HEAR THUNDER / Gran Cavalera / April 12, 2022

[This is the ongoing creative engine of Kansas City-based darkwave artist Brandon Phillips – the soft human center of Mensa Deathsquad writes: “Mensa Deathsquad is fundamentally about two things, Dark dance music optimized for sweaty catharsis and the most ragged, unpolished emotional honesty I can bring.” On June 13, 2022 Mensa Deathsquad released the single “Come Say Hello.”On April 12, 2022 Mensa Deathsquad released the 14-track album, YOU WILL HEAR THUNDER, Written, performed and produced by Mensa Deathsquad. Mastered at Element Recording and Mastering. Brandon Phillips of Mensa Deathsquad, writes: “By the time I wrote Chin Up Eyes Wide Open,” (second single from YOU WILL HEAR THUNDER) I was just this little emotional soap bubble, exploding in slow motion. I felt safe in my own skin for the first time in a really long time. This is part of trauma recovery – early on there is this identity crisis that starts in your bone marrow and extends outward into the far reaches of the galaxy and it takes a lot of effort to find yourself again in all that messy tissue and ice cold vastness. By some quirk of luck, I bumped into myself by chance when a friend made a joke about my being exactly her “tall, thin and emotionally unavailable” type. To which I shot back, “Babe, all I am is emotionally available. I am skin and emotions.” Boom. There I was, hiding in plain sight. So “Chin Up, Eyes Wide Open” is a song about my deciding to live that punch line and to just fully embody “skin and emotions” and to never mask that version of myself again. It’s a song about showing up for yourself in all your flawed, fucked up glory.” “Chin Up, Eyes Wide Open” is a follow up to “Light” released November 16, 2021. Brandon Phillips writes, “The electronic music that I daydream about, always has that Stooges layer of dirt and shop grease on it. That’s what I want.” Follow up to CYCLIST, the second album from Mensa Deathsquad released February 23, 2021. The cyclist was released with these notes: Brandon Phillips laid in a Kansas City hospital through the winter of 2019-2020 as his own album release (the unintentionally but appropriately named Patient Zero by his alt-synthwave band Mensa Deathsquad) passed by in the outside world. The first tracks from his debut album Patient Zero were premiering and, chained to a Luciferian merry-go-round of post-operative infections, Brandon strained through the pharmaceutical blur to do promotion for his record, emailing editors and scraping together the necessary pieces they needed. Since his surgery a month prior had gone sideways, and the time, energy, and planning for things like photos, videos and shows had been blown to smithereens, all he had left to look forward to beyond the IVs and the machines that go “ping” was this premiere and the street date. And then came COVID-19, like a rogue wave, to finish off the aimless Mensa Deathsquad sailboat. // But Brandon didn’t die and the boat didn’t sink. As the squall receded and the wanton eye of cruel gods passed over him, Brandon clung to the boat and swore revenge… // As the aphorism goes, “revenge is sweet” and thus Brandon and his Mensa Deathsquad will have the triumphant last laugh. Holed up in the spare bedroom of his apartment in Kansas City with an open wound in his abdomen, two surgical drains, and a severely compromised immune system, Brandon slipped back into his Mensa Deathsquad persona and began working on what would become his newest full length album, Cyclist. // The music that emerged from Brandon’s isolation and illness is a raw, nearly garage-rock take on darkwave and a perfect continuation of what he had begun on Patient Zero. Launching with the one-two punch of electro-punk noir in “Nothing Is Ever Enough” and “Therapist” before the pounding synth-rock of “The Disappointment Of The Christ,” Brandon fixes his furious eyes upon the provocative hypocrisy and violence that results from American Christianity. // A heady package of nudge nudges and intellectual ruminations (a trademark of Brandon’s past as a smartpunk upstart in such seminal bands as The Gadjits and Architects), Cyclist carries both a powerful music punch, a cultural rummaging through pop culture, and a run through his ever-evolving intellect. A knowing wink to fans of the seminal vampire flick The Lost Boy, “Join Us, Michael” is at once a seething appraisal of a world scorched and defiled by an older generation and a musical love letter to that pivotal ‘80s vampire movie soundtrack. “Leap Year (Chaos Reigns)” which began as a Siouxsie & the Banshees-inspired jam serves as Cyclist’s true north – the story of a drug-fueled wrinkle in time that brought the entire cyclical nature of existence into visibility one fateful night. “End Of The World” is dance-floor nihilist electro-rock blending angular post-punk guitar with the nostalgia of neon synths and electroclash drums, while “Takes One To Know One” slowly approaches the thunderstorm of toxic relationships, soulful vocals, tech house kick drums, and grimey-as-hell bass. // As a fitting conclusion to the tour de force through his psyche, Cyclist closes with yet another two-track charge, the swaggering post-electro sneer at celebrity social media, “Famous” followed by the throbbing Giorgio Moroder-via-Tech House cover of Iggy Pop’s classic “The Passenger.” “It was important to me that I cover ‘The Passenger’ as a letter of intent.” Says Brandon. “The electronic music that I daydream about, always has that Stooges layer of dirt and shop grease on it. That’s what I wanted for Cyclist.” The result is a triumph over the storm, as Mensa Deathsquad sails, unvanquished, into victory. More info at: or

41. Belle & The Vertigo Waves – LORELAI / Drop Out Records / May 28, 2022

[Belle & The Vertigo Waves is the sonic brainchild of Belle Loux. She resides in KCMO, and is slowly attempting world domination. Members include Belle Loux on lead vocals, John Loux on guitar. Belle & The Vertigo Waves released “Love In Remission” as a Single on March 25, 2022. The band released the single “Stand Down” on January 21, 2022. Belle & The Vertigo Waves released their debut album, ALIGNED on Drop Out Records on Oct. 6, 2017. “About the album, Belle told Michelle Bacon at The Bridge, “Many of the tunes had been written around five years prior, when I was just 15 or 16.” Belle had only played them as a solo artist with occasional accompaniment from her dad, guitarist John Loux, & keyboardist Charlie Hibberd. In 2017, she hired the two musicians and a couple other friends to track “Aligned,” dubbing the project Belle and the Vertigo Waves, in the hopes that she’d eventually assemble a live band. “Recording was a surreal and emotional experience. Playing the songs with a band was like seeing them come to life,” she said. “I knew there was no way I could be a solo artist anymore, because I fell in love with the full band sound so much.” The music of Belle & The Vertigo Waves have been described as having an “1980s pop-laden sound.” which drew local attention in 2018. Belle has said that in the past 4 years the band has grown to have more of a darker, glam rock sound, grittier and grungier. Their sound is influenced by three generations of musicians in the band, Belle’s growth as a songwriter and singer, and through the band’s work with engineer and producer Paul Malinowski. Belle & The Vertigo Waves released their single, “Fear or Faith” on June 7, 2019 on Drop Out Records. Belle & The Vertigo Waves released their single, “Pulse” on April 17, 2020 on Drop Out Records. Belle & The Vertigo Waves released their single, “Beat Me To The Punch” on Drop Out Records on Oct. 29, 2021. Belle & The Vertigo Waves joined us on WMM on Feb 5, 2020 and June 26, 2019. More info at:]

42. Serene Fiend – Elegies and Effigies / Joel Bonner / August 25, 2022

[Serene Fiend is an artist from Lawrence, KS whose sounds focus on industrial and pop but dabble in heavy metal, ambient, and minimalist sub-genres. // Serene Fiend’s long overdue first full-length album, Elegies and Effigies exists on a continuum ranging from industrial to pop with sprinkles of death metal and glam mixed in – “industrial death pop” for short. // The track list explores topics of introspection, self-destruction, grief, resilience, and self-betterment. Over its course, the album references itself melodically and lyrically through motifs and evolving context, benefiting repeat listens and granular focus. It is a bleak album, but centers around a thread of hope and optimism. // Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joel Bonner. // The synthesizer solo on “Unto Myself” was written and performed by Daniel Glascock. // Guitar solo on “Don’t Want To Die” written and performed by Sam Piper. // “Something About Us” originally written and recorded by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo // Artwork by Joel Bonner . Info at]

43. Six Percent – Death of Yesterday / Six Percent / September 23, 2022

[Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Josh Barber. Music and Lyrics by Six Percent. Mastered by Drew Lavyne. Recorded at B24 Studios. Six Percent is an American punk rock band formed in 1995, in Kansas City, Missouri. Since it’s inception, the band has had regional success, blending their unique sound of punk rock and horns with high-energy live performances. There have been various member changes over the years, but the core remains the same today. ]

44. Art d’Ecco – After The Head Rush / Paper Bag Records Records / June 24, 2022

[Last year Art d’Ecco released IN STANDARD DEFINITION on April 23, 2021 that was one of WMM 120 Best Releases of 2021. Art d’Ecco is based in British Columbia, “There’s more than a little David Bowie in both the sonic and fashion leanings of Art d’Ecco, a performer who fluidly crosses musical and gender lines, creating highly memorable tracks — and sporting an unforgettable look. Often labelled “neo glam,” the music boasts hints of everything from ’50s pop to psychedelics, from Velvet Underground-era art rock to Grimes-inspired electronics.” – CBC Music Art d’Ecco freleased the album Trespasser on Paper Bag Records on October 12, 2018. When d’Ecco moved into his grandmother’s cottage on one of the islands, he hadn’t planned on creating a new project. But, as it often does, circumstance charted his course. His grandmother, living with Alzheimer’s, suffered a related phenomenon called ‘sundowning,’ which triggers increased agitation and anxiety around sunset. “The only way to calm this lady down was to sit down at the piano,” says d’Ecco. He would play “Bohemian Rhapsody,” passing it off as Beethoven. After she was relocated, d’Ecco remained in the empty house where he had played as a child. Draped in memory, he gravitated toward the piano, spending the long, lonesome, quiet nights on the bench before the instrument. This is where Art d’Ecco was created. He relocated to a new cottage, built a studio and barricaded himself with copies of Deerhunter’s Cryptograms, Bowie’s Low, and choice krautrock records. In this solitude, d’Ecco would chase tones for hours. The result is a richly-realized confluence of the ferocious spark of those trailblazers and a distinct sadness, with d’Ecco as mad scientist, stitching together these delicious fragments and animating them. Art d’Ecco was our guest on September 29, 2021.]

45. Horsegirl – Versions of Modern Performance / Matador Records / June 3, 2022

[Horsegirl is an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band members are Nora Cheng, Penelope Lowenstein, and Gigi Reece. The group is currently signed to Matador Records. ]

46. Toro Y Moi – MAHAL / Dead Oceans / April 29, 2022

[Chaz Bear (born Chazwick Bradley Bundick; November 7, 1986), known professionally as Toro y Moi, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and graphic designer. He is often recognized as a spearhead of the chillwave genre in the 2010s, alongside contemporaries Washed Out and Neon Indian, although his music has explored various styles since. His stage name is a multilingual expression consisting of the Spanish words toro and y (meaning “bull” and “and”, respectively) and the French word moi (meaning “me”).]

47. Fritz Hutchison – MOVIE NIGHT / Manor Records / April 15, 2022

[2nd solo album from multi-instrumentalist Fritz Hutchison who was born May 27, 1991 . A life-long resident of KC. Since 2008 he’s been part of the bands: She’s a Keeper, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, and Grand Marquis. As a guitarist he has played along side True Lions, J Ashley Miller, Lauren Krum, Miki P, Calvin Arsenia. A decade of lending an ear and a hand to other musicians Fritz Hutchison released his debut solo album Wide Wild Acres on Center Cut Records on March 27, 2020. Written & performed by Fritz Hutchison. Produced by Fritz Hutchison & Joel Nanos. Recorded & mixed in KC by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studio. Fritz was our guest on WMM on March 25, 2020]

48. Dimension Bill Edwards – SUSTENANCE / Gordophonic Records / February 10, 2022

[Dimension Bill Edwards released their single,“Surrealberry Hill” on Fat Tuesday, February 16, 2021. The single was inspired by band members move from the West 39th street area to Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, Kansas. The spoken word portion of the song is Matt reading from the Egyptian Book of The Dead. The release coincided with an amazing “Float House” that Melissa created for Mardi Gras in Pandemic times. Dimension Bill Edwards is a band that kind of organically formed through live performances at the Walnut Valley Folk Festival and the last set of the festival “Heavy Petting ZO0” held in the Pecan Grove an the band mameber’s association with the band KC Bearfighters. Dimension Bill Edwards is: Matt Weinman on lyrics, vocals & guitar; Melissa Weinman on lyrics, vocals & dance moves; Grant Buell on keyboards & accordion; Mallory Edson on violin; Phil Craven on bass & recording engineer; (John Bersuch on drums for “Surrealberry Hill”) ; Ike Golets on drums for future recordings and live performances. Matt and Melissa met John Bersuch when he moved in next door to them in Strawberry Hill on New Years Eve 2019. Grant Buell and Melissa Weinman are also in the band Good Time Charley. Phil Craven and Mallory Edson and Ike Goletz are also in the band, Whiskey for the Lady. Band members found a wooden sign that read” Dimension Bill Edwards? behinds Cupini’s on West 43rd Street. No one know what the sign was from or what it meant, but they decided to use this for the name of their band. More info at:]

49. Freight Train Rabbit Killer – Hammer of Judgement / Haymaker Records / april 30, 2022

[Freight Train Rabbit Killer, a musical duet made up of Kristopher Bruders (Freight Train) and Mark Smeltzer (Rabbit Killer). Described as “Apocalyptic Roots” or “Doom Blues” their intense and riveting live shows are accompanied by suits and masks. For this album, the duo is accompanied by accomplished multi-instrumentalists and solo recording artists Jason Beers and Fritz Hutchison. The Hammer of Judgment recording session was a one-of-a-kind pseudo-live studio album, utilizing an interactive crowd of dedicated fans experiencing the recording process first-hand with all the bells and whistles of a professional recording studio (isolated tracking, overdubs, post-production, etc.). Tickets were sold in advance and the session was captured at GFM Modern Recording in Blue Springs, Missouri in April 2019. Post-production work, a global pandemic, and national independent record pressing delays pushed the release back three years from the recording date, but the end results made it worth the wait. Freight Train Rabbit Killer played a special Vinyl Release Party at The Fifth Floor, Saturday, April 30 at 8:00 PM, at 1106 Santa Fe St., KCMO, in the West Bottoms, with Drop A Grand, and Teri Quinn. More info at]

50. Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy – Grinding of The Stars / Til Willis / November 4, 2022

[Recorded in a 122 year old barn, Grinding of the Stars highlights the band as a trio, stripped down and rugged. It’s the dark twin to their last album, Dirtflowers. Til Willis on guitars & vocals, Eric Binkley on bass, Austin Sinkler on drums. Recorded/Mixed/Produced by Til Willis. Mastered by John Hruska. Cover art by David Huddleston. Til Willis was born in the heat of 1980, and has been making music for a long time. On December 6, 2019 Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy released DIRTFLOWERS. On March 19, 2020 Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy released the 5-song EP CONFIDENTIAL BEDROOM. On June 5, 2020, Til Willis released Live at KVPH, a 13-song release recorded live at Kaw Valley Public House in Lawrence, Kansas on January 25, 2020. On October 30, 2020 Til Willis released SMALL GUARANTEES his 6-track EP collaboration with experimental music-maker Selvedge aka Chance Dibben.]

51. Kristin Hamilton – Touch Of Blue / Kristin Hamilton / April 23, 2022

[Written by Kristin Hamilton, with Kristin Hamilton on lead vocal & acoustic guitar, Jessica Salleyon drums, Greg Gagnon on double bass, Wurlitzer, Telecaster. Produced by Greg Gagnon – ShapeNote Studios. Mastered by Joel Nanos – Element Recording. Kristin Hamilton released her debut album, TOUCH OF BLUE with a Special Album Release Concert, Sunday, May 1, at 6:00 PM, at Acoustic Alcove, 1901 NW Blue Pkwy, Unity Village, MO. /// Kristin Hamilton’s Touch Of Blue is her debut solo album featuring her father, Rocky Cathcart, her two teens, Isaac and Lucy Gray Hamilton, her new band The Heat; comprised of Jessica Salley, Greg Gagnon, & Leah Sproul of Cowtown Country Club, and Devon Teran of The Timbers. This album also features special guest Chris Hudson of Gullywasher and members of Kristin’s former project Under The Big Oak Tree, Simon Fink, Jason Riley and Doug Ward.]

52. Static Phantoms – BATHED IN A BLUE LIGHT [EP] / The Record Machine / November 11, 2022

[Debut 6-tack EP from Static Phantoms who are: Dedric Moore on synths, drum programming, backing vocals, & production; and Krysztof Nemeth on baritone guitar, bass, synths, lead vocals. The Pandemic offered Dedric Moore and Krysztof Nemeth the opportunity to pass the time and get creative in the studio exploring the music and themes of New Wave music of the 1980s. Those who follow the bands: Monta at Odds, The Republic Tigers, Emmaline Twist know about the passion Dedric and Krystoff bring their synths and guitars. As Static Phantoms, the duo is influenced by the 1080s trailblazing bands: The Glove, Tones on Tail, Tears For Fears, and Soft Cell. WMM premiered “Bathed in Bluer Light” on February 2, 2022. The first single from the EP, BATHED IN A BLUE LIGHT. Their 2nd single “Ghostwalk was released March 18, 2022.]

53. Lazy Projector – Future Fiction / Lazy Projector / August 19, 2022

[Written and recorded by Lazy Projector. Aaron Shinn on guitars, vocals, keyboards; Adam Mcgill on bass guitar; Jordan Shinn on guitar, backing vocals. Lazy Projector released their singles, “Hookworms” on April 2, 2021 and “Windows” on December 4, 2020. “Cruisin’”, ”Hookworms” and “Windows” all ended up featured on Lazy Projector’s sophomore album, FUTURE FICTION. The album was 2+ years in the making with a majority recorded in our home studios. The album mixes a variety of time periods, with influences from the 50’s and 60’s to current. The album was self-produced and primarily engineered and mixed by Tell Pryor. The band began collecting ideas in late 2019 and started the recording process in early 2020, passing ideas back and forth from Aaron’s home studio and Tell’s. Lazy Projector, a Kansas City based indie rock group that currently consists of Aaron Shinn on vocals & guitar, Tell Pryor on guitar, Dustin Mott on drums, Luke Caddy on bass, and Jonny Ulasien on keyboards. Lazy Projector influences include bands such as Spoon, Dr. Dog, Wilco, the National, Toro y Moi, Kevin Morby, and Big Thief, to name a few. Lazy Projector released their debut album, “evoco” in 2018. Lazy Projector played an album release show at the Recordbar, 1520 Grand, KCMO, on Friday, August 26, with Mark Ronning, (playing a modular set), and No Magic (from Lawrence). Alex from the band Heads or Heads will be doing visuals and projections for the show. More info at]

54. FKA Twigs – CAPRISONGS / Young Recordings / January 14, 2021

[Caprisongs is a mixtape by English singer-songwriter FKA Twigs. The mixtape features guest appearances from Pa Salieu, the Weeknd, Shygirl, Dystopia, Rema, Daniel Caesar, Jorja Smith, and Unknown T.[1][2][3] The production is handled by El Guincho, who co-executive produced the mixtape alongside Twigs, as well as Arca, Cirkut, and Mike Dean, among others.[3] The mixtape was supported by one single, “Tears in the Club”, which features the Weeknd, and one promotional single, “Jealousy”, which features Rema. Follow up to FKA Twigs Novenber 8, 2019 album MAGDALENE, which was #29 on WMM’s 119 Best Recordings of 2019. Tahliah Debrett Barnett was born on January 16, 1988. She is known professionally as FKA Twigs. She is a British singer and songwriter, raised in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. She became a backup dancer after moving to South London when she was 17 years old. She made her musical debut with the extended plays EP1 (2012) and EP2 (2013). Her debut studio album, LP1, was released in August 2014 to critical acclaim, peaking at number 16 on the UK Albums Chart and number 30 on the US Billboard 200. It was later nominated for the 2014 Mercury Prize. She released the M3LL155X EP in 2015 to further critical praise, as well as her second studio album Magdalene four years later. Her work has been described as “genre-bending”, drawing on various genres including electronic music, trip hop, R&B, and avant-garde. Her work has been compared to the work of Tricky as well as Kate Bush, Janet Jackson, The xx, and Massive Attack, while Slate described her work as distinctive in a way that rises above her influences. The Wall Street Journal described her as “an heir to futuristic R&B muses like Aaliyah, Missy Elliott and others under the progressive sway of producer Timbaland.” Describing her artistry, she said: “I am not restricted by any musical genre. I like to experiment with sounds, generating emotions while putting my voice on certain atmospheres […] I found my own way of playing punk. I like industrial sounds and incorporating everyday life’s sounds like a car alarm.” FKA Twigs has been associated with the alternative R&B tag, though she herself has rejected the R&B label as related to her race: “It’s just because I’m mixed race. When I first released music and no one knew what I looked like, I would read comments like: ‘I’ve never heard anything like this before, it’s not in a genre.’ And then my picture came out six months later, now she’s an R&B singer. I share certain sonic threads with classical music; my song ‘Preface’ is like a hymn. So let’s talk about that. If I was white and blonde and said I went to church all the time, you’d be talking about the ‘choral aspect’. But you’re not talking about that because I’m a mixed-race girl from south London.” The first singers who influenced FKA Twigs were Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Marvin Gaye. When she started composing songs, she wanted to reproduce music she liked: “every bit of music that I made sounded like a pastiche of Siouxsie and the Banshees or Adam Ant. But through that I discovered myself”. In an interview after being shortlisted for the 2014 Mercury Prize, Twigs cited GERMFREE ADOLESCENTS by X-Ray Spex as her favorite album of all time.]

55. Glass Bandit – Vacancy [EP] / Glass Bandit / January 21, 2022

[Originally based out of KC, Glass Bandit as a band relocated to Austin, Texas. The band calls themselves the “first family of fusion funk.” “We’ve grown into a small traveling circus of writers, arrangers, and musicians capable of putting on a show that defies expectations and is sure to get you dancing. This 8 piece band can turn a bad night into a good night, and a good night into a banger.” – They write. More info at]

56. Back Alley Brass Band – Back Alley Brass Band / Back Alley Brass Band / March 25, 2022

[This is the debut full-length studio album by Back Alley Brass Band. The Back Alley Brass Band is a Kansas City take on a funky brass band. The 9-piece band is a hard hitting music power house that starts a party wherever they play. More information at: The Back Alley Brass Band played an Album Release Party on March 26, 2022, at 8:00 PM at the Rino in North Kansas City, 314 Armour Rd, North Kansas City, MO. with Trevor Turla Opening.]

57. Bartees Strange – Heavy Heart / 4AD / October 2, 2020

[Bartees Leon Cox Jr., known by his stage name Bartees Strange, is an American musician. Cox was born in Ipswich, England, raised in Mustang, Oklahoma, but is now based in Washington D.C.. In March of 2020, Cox released an EP of songs by The National that were re-imagined by him, titled Say Goodbye to Pretty Boy. Cox was named an Artist To Watch by Stereogum in September 2020 and released his first full-length album on October 2, 2020 titled Live Forever. The album is a mix of hip hop, indie rock, and jazz music. The album received universal acclaim from reviews. Bartees Strange participated in the 2020 Thursday Signals V2 live show. Cox was born in Ipswich, England, to a military father and opera-singer mother. The family moved from England to Germany, Greenland and various US states before settling in Mustang, Oklahoma, USA when he was aged 12. Before becoming a musician, Cox worked as the director of communications for a nonprofit environmental organization in Washington D.C.] [Bartees Strange played Kansas City at Grinders, on Sunday, May 8, opening for Carseat Headrest.]

58. Sylvan Esso – No Rules Sandy / Loma Vista Recordings – Concord / August 12, 2022

[On May 19, 2022, the band released the single “Sunburn” on streaming services, with album artwork including “Sylvan Esso IIII”. In an interview with Stereogum Sanborn described the first three Sylvan Esso albums as “a completed trilogy, with “Your Reality” as a first glimpse at a new chapter for the band.” On July 24, 2022, the band released “Your Reality” and announced that their fourth studio, titled No Rules Sandy would released on August 12, 2022. The album title is a reference to Nick Sanborn’s nickname and the band’s ethos for writing the album. The album was recorded in January 2022 at a makeshift studio in a rental house with pickups recorded at their North Carolina studio named Betty’s. The album received generally positive reviews, with a score of 75 on Metacritic and Jon Pareles of The New York Times describing the album as having “spirit of try-anything, knob-twirling whimsy. // Sylvan Esso is an American electronic pop duo from Durham, North Carolina, formed in 2013. The band consists of singer Amelia Meath (born July 2, 1988) and producer Nick Sanborn (born March 8, 1983). Amelia Meath performs vocals, production, lyrics. Nick Sanborn performs instrumentals, and production. Meath and Sanborn married in June 2016 They made their debut with the single “Hey Mami” and released their eponymous debut album on Partisan Records on May 12, 2014, which reached No. 39 on the Billboard 200. They released their second album What Now with Loma Vista Recordings on April 28, 2017, which was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album. // Lead singer Amelia Meath, who was at the time involved with her trio, Mountain Man, created the vocals to the song called “Play It Right”. She later met electronic music producer Nick Sanborn (who played bass in band Megafaun) in Milwaukee at the Cactus Club, performing at the time solo as Made of Oak, and asked him to make a rendering of her single, Play It Right, in his own way. From 2012 to 2013, the band slowly formed. Meath had returned from a year-and-a-half tour with Feist and was looking for an affordable place to live, thus landing in Durham with Sanborn and began making their album, with all of their songs being recorded in Sanborn’s apartment bedroom. The band derived the first part of its name, “wikt: sylvan” from a character in an early iOS game titled “Sword and Sworcery”.]

59. Ibibio Sound Machine – Electricity / Merge Records / March 25, 2022

[Ibibio Sound Machine is an English electronic afro-funk band from London. Formed in 2013, the band currently consists of vocalist Eno Williams. Their latest album Electricity was produced by English syth pop collaboration Hot Chip.The name of the band itself finds influence from Eno Williams’ Nigerian mother, whose native tongue was Ibibio.]

60. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Fire Doesn’t Grow on Trees / A Records / June 24, 2022

[The Band’s 19th album and one of two released this year including THE FUTURE IS YOUR PAST. The Brian Jonestown Massacre is an American musical project and band led and started by Anton Newcombe. It was formed in San Francisco in 1990. // The group was the subject of the 2004 documentary film called Dig!, and have gained media notoriety for their tumultuous working relationships as well as the erratic behavior of Newcombe. The collective has released 19 albums, five compilation albums, five live albums, 13 EPs, 18 singles as well as two various-artist compilation albums to date. // The bandname is a portmanteau of deceased Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones and the 1978 Jonestown Massacre.]

61. Boxnife – Manifestering [EP] / Squarestab Records / May 20, 2022

[“The Tower” was the debut single from Boxknife, a queer dark-pop band from Kansas City made up of Stephanie Bankston, Britt Wild, Mia Morrow, and Brook Worlledge who formed from the ashes of the band Lovergurl. Keyboardist and vocalist, Stephanie Bankston was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a graduate of The University of Missouri. She moved abroad in her 20s, and lived in Seoul, Korea, where she played in a mostly female band called BaekMa (“White Horse”). Stephanie returned to Kansas City in the Fall 2015. Brook Worlledge, is a Kansas City native. She is the band’s lead vocalist and drummer and writes songs for the band. Brook is a defender of the proletariat. Brook’s influences range from The B-52s, The Velvet Underground, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Brit Wild has played to Wick and the Tricks and other bands in Kansas City. Boxknife played a Manifestering EP Release Show at Lemonade Park, 1628 Wyoming St. KCMO West Bottoms with The Creepy Jingles, and Collidescope.]

62. Pure xtc – Shed My Skin EP / Taylor Hughes / November 18, 2022

[Shed My Skin EP follows the Pure XTC single “Get Lost“ released September 9, 2022, and “Shadow” released June 1, 2022. Pure xtc released the EP Nobody’s Home on November 12, 2021. Pure xtc is the musical project of Kansas City based Taylor Hughes. Taylor is also the drummer for the band EXNATIONS who are on hiatus. The idea of pure xtc was formed during an extremely isolating time for multi-instrumentalist, Hughes. Living truly on her own for the first time, she moved to the NYC metro in 2019. Time was spent crying on subways, climbing new rooftops, meeting new people, avoiding new people, feeling extremely fulfilled to feeling like a hollow empty shell. “Ghost” was produced & mixed by Walter Kazmier of Silk City Grooves Studio and mastered by Mike Piacentini of Sony Entertainment’s Battery studios.] [Pure XTC aka Taylor Hughes was our guest on WMM July 14, 2021. And November 10, 2021. and November 16, 2022]

63. Marcotte – GOOD FOR MY SOUL (EP) / Marcotte / April 1, 2022

[MARCOTTE released the singles, “Obvious” on March 4, 2022, “The Cure” on March 11, 2022, “Always Be There” on March 18, 2022, “Stars” on March 25, 2022. Good For My Soul was produced with Logan Murphy, MARCOTTE is a husband & wife: Jordan & Sasha Marcotte. More info at]

64. Ben Harper – Bloodline Maintenance / Chrysalis Records Limited / July 22, 2022

[All instruments played by Ben Harper. Backing Vocals by Chavonne Stewart, De’Ante Duckett, Alethea Mills. Produced by Sheldon Gomberg and Ben Harper. Engineered by Kevin Smith. Additional Engineering by Sheldon Gomberg and Jason Gossman. Mixed at the Carriage House, LA, by Sheldon Gomberg. Mastered by Gavin Lurssen. Artwork by Jonathan Conda. Animation by Zhenia Tananko. Art Direction by Jackie Phillips. // Benjamin Charles Harper (born October 28, 1969) is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Harper plays an eclectic mix of blues, folk, soul, reggae, and rock music and is known for his guitar-playing skills, vocals, live performances, and activism. He has released twelve regular studio albums, mostly through Virgin Records, and has toured internationally. Harper is a three-time Grammy Award winner and seven-time nominee, with awards for Best Pop Instrumental Performance and Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album in 2004 and Best Blues Album in 2013. At the 40th Blues Music Awards ceremony, Harper’s joint composition with Charlie Musselwhite, “No Mercy in This Land”, was named Song of the Year. // Harper was born in Pomona, California. His late father, Leonard Harper, was of African-American and Cherokee ancestry, and his mother, Ellen Harper Verdries (née Chase), is Jewish. His maternal great-grandmother was a Russian-Lithuanian Jew. His parents divorced when he was five years old, and he grew up with his mother’s family. Harper has two brothers, Joel and Peter Harper. // Harper began playing guitar as a child. His maternal grandparents’ music store, the Folk Music Center and Museum, laid a foundation of folk and blues for the artist, complemented by regular patrons Leonard Cohen, Taj Mahal, John Darnielle, and David Lindley and quotes of William Shakespeare and Robert Frost made often by his grandfather. // In 1978, at the age of 9, Harper attended Bob Marley’s performance in Burbank, California, where Marley was joined by former bandmate Peter Tosh for the encore. It was, according to Harper, an important influence. // At the age of twelve, Harper played his first gig. During the 1980s, in his teen years, Harper began to play the slide guitar, mimicking the style of Robert Johnson. Harper refined his style, taking up the Weissenborn slide guitar. Harper escaped from the Inland Empire after being offered an invitation by Taj Mahal to tour with the artist. They recorded Taj Mahal’s album Follow the Drinking Gourd, released in November 1990, and toured Hawaii. // In 1992, Harper recorded the LP Pleasure and Pain with folk multi-instrumentalist Tom Freund. After this limited-edition record, Harper secured a lifetime record deal with Virgin Records, which released his debut album, Welcome to the Cruel World, in 1994. This allowed him to be invited to the Rencontres Trans Musicales of Rennes in France in December 1993 where he went up on a large stage for the first time. His first album was followed by Fight For Your Mind in 1995, with Juan Nelson on bass, which became a college radio favorite and included several songs that Harper still plays live regularly. // In 1999, at the Santa Barbara Bowl, Harper met Jack Johnson and sent a demo tape of Johnson’s songs to his producer, J. P. Plunier, who then produced Johnson’s first album, Brushfire Fairytales, in December 2000. Jack Johnson became the opening act in late February 2001 for the last 23 cities of Ben Harper’s “Innocent Criminals” tour of the United States. // Early in Harper’s career, his music received more attention in Europe and was widely played in Australia (first on Triple J radio). Harper has made comments on a number of occasions that his career was kicked off in Australia. While he was a well-known and respected figure in the United States, he was also a star in countries like Australia, New Zealand, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, receiving a great deal of airplay and critical acclaim. His popularity in Europe became wide enough that he was French Rolling Stone magazine’s Artist of the Year (Artiste De L’Année) in 2003, and his Australian tour that year for Diamonds on the Inside was highly successful with record sales. // In 2002, Harper was one of the featured singers covering Motown hits by Marvin Gaye in the documentary, Standing in the Shadows of Motown (a history of The Funk Brothers). Harper was featured on the album True Love by Toots and the Maytals, which won the Grammy Award in 2004 for Best Reggae Album, and showcased many notable musicians including Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Trey Anastasio, Gwen Stefani / No Doubt, Bonnie Raitt, Manu Chao, The Roots, Ryan Adams, Keith Richards, Toots Hibbert, Paul Douglas, Jackie Jackson, Ken Boothe, and The Skatalites. // On April 3, 2004, Harper and Jack Johnson performed with Toots and the Maytals on Saturday Night Live (season 29, episode 16), a show hosted by Donald Trump. // In October 2004, Harper participated in the Vote for Change concert tour organized to benefit and encourage people in the swing states to vote during the 2004 U.S. presidential election. In the same month, Harper contributed a live recording of the song “Oppression” to For The Lady, a benefit album for jailed Nobel Peace Prize winner and Burmese pro-democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi. //Harper playing a Weissenborn in Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, 2008. // In 2006, Harper released the double album Both Sides of the Gun which debuted at number 7 on the Billboard 200. Though uncredited, he appears briefly in the 2006 David Lynch film Inland Empire, alongside his wife Laura Dern. //Harper is part of the No Nukes group which is against the expansion of nuclear power. In 2007 the group recorded a music video of a new version of the Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s Worth”. Harper’s collaboration “Boa Sorte/Good Luck” with Brazilian singer Vanessa da Mata peaked at #1 in Brazil and Portugal. In Brazil it also won a highly coveted Prêmio Multishow for “Best Song” in 2008. Also in 2008, Harper participated in the benefit album Songs for Tibet. // On August 27, 2010, it was reported that Harper had formed a band called Fistful of Mercy with Dhani Harrison and Joseph Arthur. Fistful of Mercy released their debut record, As I Call You Down, on October 5, 2010. // On May 17, 2011, Harper’s official site posted that his next album was released, entitled Give Till It’s Gone. The album is a continuation of recording with Relentless7. // On October 1, 2012, a new album from Harper with Charlie Musselwhite was announced entitled Get Up! on Stax Records / Concord Music Group. The official release date for the album was January 29, 2013. Get Up! was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Harper. It is Harper’s 12th studio album and first new recording since 2011’s Give Till It’s Gone (Virgin). // In December 2012, it was announced that Harper had co-produced lead vocalist Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks first solo rock album Mother. It was released on May 7, 2013. // In early 2015, it was announced that Harper and The Innocent Criminals would perform at the Boston Calling Music Festival in May 2015.[35] Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals performed at Rock Werchter Festival 2015 on June 28, 2015 .// Harper has five albums and one single that have been certified Gold by the RIAA. Welcome The Cruel World/Virgin, Burn To Shine/Virgin, Fight For Your Mind/Virgin, Live From Mars/Virgin, Diamonds On The Inside/Capitol-Virgin and You Found Another Lover/Stax (single). // On February 12, 2016, Harper released (as a YouTube video) his new single “Call It What It Is”, first track taken from his upcoming new studio album Call It What It Is due to be released on 8 April 2016. // On April 8, 2019, Harper performed as a guest artist on the seventeenth season of American Idol during the second night of the “Top 20 Duets” episode. Harper sang with contestant Alejandro Aranda, playing “There Will Be a Light”. // At the 40th Blues Music Awards ceremony, Harper’s joint composition with Charlie Musselwhite, “No Mercy In This Land”, was named as ‘Song of the Year’. // On March 20, 2019, Mavis Staples announced a new album We Get By, featuring eleven tracks written and produced by Harper. The title track, which features Harper on vocals and in the music video, was released on May 15, 2019. // In 2020 Harper released Winter Is for Lovers, an album recorded with solo Monteleone lap steel songs. “It started out as an exploration of steel guitar,” Harper told Acoustic Guitar magazine in a 2020 interview, “Winter Is for Lovers is written as one piece of music; let’s define that in the way that the old classical guitarists would have, on a single guitar (the Monteleone lap steel).” // On June 9, 2021, Harper’s longtime bassist, collaborator, and Innocent Criminals member, Juan Nelson, died at the age 62. Harper paid tribute to him, stating on Twitter: “Beloved husband, father, musical genius, BHIC band member of 27 years, and the finest man I’ve ever known. It’s near impossible for me to put words to this pain and loss. Rest in Glory our beloved Reverend Juan.” No cause of death has been confirmed.]

65. Jenna Rae – Country Lo-Fi / Lost Cowgirl Records / April 1, 2022

[Jenna Rae ‘s second full-length solo album, COUNTRY LO-FI, is a follow up to her first full-length solo album WORKIN’ WOMAN, released October 23, 2018. Jenna also records and performs with The Unfit Wives, who released LIVE & UNFIT on Lost Cowgirl Records on September 17, 2021. Jenna also records and performs with her life partner and husband Martin Farrell Jr. as Jenna & Martin who released Cosmic Western Duets on Lost Cowgirl Records on January 3, 2020. Jenna’s began playing tenor saxophone in the Pittsburg State University marching band. In between studying for nursing she started playing banjo and formed the folk band “Deadeye”. After four years of nursing, Jenna cut back on her hours to pursue music. In 2018 she founded Lost Cowgirl Records with partner Martin Farrell Jr., to provide a platform for female fronted Americana. With Lost Cowgirl she released her debut solo album “Workin’ Woman,” in 2018, and Julie Bennett Hume’s album, “Vinegar,” and Elexa Dawson’s album, “Music is Medicine.” In 2019, Jenna Rae on acoustic guitar, Kahlen Mitchell on upright bass, Shannon O’Shea on fiddle, and Monica Greenwood on Mandolin formed the bluegrass group Unfit Wives. // Jenna Rae and Martin Farrell Jr. met in Winfield, Kansas at Walnut Valley Bluegrass Music Festival. Both were playing banjo in separate bands at the time and bonded through their love of classic country music. They started learning Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris duets and quickly realized their voices nested well together. Determined to recreate classic country sounding music in a new way they started collaborating on a genre they call “Cosmic Western”. This music incorporates bluegrass techniques, gospel harmonies, rock rhythms and experimental classic country sounds. The duo performs as “Jenna & Martin” wearing coordinated outfits and often times sharing the stage with their standard poodle, Roy Rogers. // We played Deadeye on WMM on August 2, 2017 and the song “Nothin’ At All” released on July 31, 2016. Produced by Deadeye a Pittsburg, Kansas based band formed by: Meg McCoy on vocals, guitar & violin; Jenna McCarty on vocals & banjo; Jennifer Murphy on saxophone & vocals; and Taylor Rea on percussion, with A. Sheppard on bass. Recorded & mixed by Rob Nold of Rob Nold Audio in Raytown, MO. Deadeye crafted their love of folk, bluegrass, rock, and country into a homemade, heel-stomping musical blend. The group built their songs with reverence to the Americana music that rings memories of times long-passed in the Midwest. // On September 6, 2017 we played Jenna McCarty’s single, “Love Havin’ Company” an unreleased track. Jenna also played guitar and was a songwriter for the 6-piece Lawrence based western band Playing For Horses. That year, Jenna & Martin played Crossroads Music Fest, Sept. 9, at The Living Room Theatre, for the Lost Cowgirl Records Showcase. More info at:]

66. Colebrood – Colebrood [EP] / Debbie Cole / June 3, 2022

[Colebrood released the single ,”Tough Get Going” to radio stations on Jan 18, 2020. It was the first single from this new EP. Colebrood is the musical project of Debbie Cole’s solo work after her tenure with “Black Folk”.where she was the lead vocalist and played violin. More info at:

67. Willi Carlisle – Peculiar, Missouri / Free Dirt Records / July 15, 2022

[Willi Carlisle writes, “Can you tell that “Peculiar, Missouri” is a dumb pun? It’s also a town I’ve driven through a lot as an angry young man. Frankly, I’ve been an angry young man for 32 years. It’s taken me a long time to see that the world is not an enemy. This record is a product of the years I’ve been working on that. For years I’ve been mad: mad at art, mad at capitalism, mad at queerness, mad at love, mad at people. We create our own little corner of the Ozarks to do our weird suffering in. But what love demands of us that we grow. Even if we must grow apart. Even if we’re hurting. It requires that we be responsible for our own little suffering. // Yeah, the world and the people in it are our allies, and I’ve come to learn that consciousness itself wants to raise us into our most honest expression. The universe has a way of making you show your work, of making you prove the intellectual conclusions that you’ve come to. In this forthcoming record, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are all worthy of being loved. 12 songs or so explore that. // I made no compromises in this record. It literally has all of the leaps of faith, difficult moments, and genre-agnosticisms that best represent where I’m at in my musical life. It owes a ton to Ozark folksingers and old-time musicians, and other artists who have helped me figure out how to navigate the world. // I can’t overstate how much this work has become my family, my dream and my constant joy. Holding it together and pushing it forward has been the source of my greatest relief, fastest growth. I hope you’ll stick with me, friends, because I’m in it for the long haul, mistakes and all.” Willi Carlisle is an “Ozark renaissance folklorist” who writes “brilliant, slice of life Americana.” (Sing Out!Magazine) A theatre artist, folksinger, poet, and square-dance caller, Willi received a BA from Knox College in Creative Writing and Performance Studies, and an MFA in Poetry at the University of Arkansas. His work has appeared in The Journal of American Folklore, The Midwest Review, and elsewhere. Willi is a co-leader of the Fayetteville Old-time Music and Dance Society and a company member with the Artist’s Laboratory Theater. His debut EP, “Too Nice to Mean Much,” is available at Willi Carlisle was our guest on WMM on July 26, 2017. Willi Carlisle was a 2022 Folk Alliance International Official Showcase Artist for the 34th Annual Folk Alliance International Conference, May 18, 19, 21, 21, and 22 in Kansas City, at Westin Crown Center Hotel.]

68. Sam Wright & The Bard Owls – Prejudice & Pride (Official Folk Musical Soundtrack) / The Bard Owls / July 8, 2022

[This single is from the Folk Musical “Prejudice and Pride,” tand was written by Sam Wright, featuring Matt Catalina on bass, Chris Hudson on guitar & voice, Marco Pascolina on pedal steel, and Sam Wright on banjo, & voice. One of 15 new songs from, Prejudice & Pride – The Modern, American, Gender-Swapped Folk Musical by Sam Wright & Nicholas Collett based Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. This new musical made its World Premier at Music Theatre Heritage, 2450 Grand Blvd., KCMO, July 8 through July 28, 2022. The Bard Owls started in 2019 in Kansas City Missouri by Chris Hudson and Sam Wright of Gullywasher as a side project to record and develop new songs, but now has turned into a legitimate ensemble with lots of local KC musicians and several albums. // This world-premiere folk musical comedy updates Jane Austen’s classic novel with gender-swapped American characters. Can the Longborn boys find love or at least empathy with their New York millionaire neighbors before they lose the family farm? Featuring Chris Hudson on Guitar, Mark Hamblin on Bass, Marco Pascolini on Pedal Steel and Buck Brandt on Mandolin and all of the cast singing. Prejudice & Pride is a hilarious, heartfelt romp through American culture that is bound for Edinburgh Fringe 2022! From SamWrites & Nicholas Collett Productions, the international collaboration that brought you 2016’s Best of KC award winner Crazy Horse: A Dream of Thunder. Book by Nicholas Collett & Sam Wright, music & lyrics by Sam Wright. Recorded at Weights and Measures Studio by Duane Trower. Moe info at: https://thebardowlskc.bandcamp.comMore info at:

69. Robert Glasper – BLACK RADIO III SUPREME EDITION / Loma Vista – Concord / October 14, 2022

[4x Grammy and Emmy winning artist Robert Glasper released Black Radio III: Supreme Edition, an extended digital version of his heralded 2022 album Black Radio III. The Supreme Edition of Black Radio III, is a deluxe treatment of the third installment in the Black Radio series, based on the history changing album of the same name that celebrates a decade this year. Supercharged with a roster of R&B luminaries like PJ Morton, Estelle, India.Arie, Luke James, Bilal, BJ The Chicago Kid, and more who join an already incredible roster of artists, Black Radio III: Supreme Edition is a true reflection of Glasper’s relationships and respect in the music community. // October 2022, was dubbed Robtober, and marked the return of Robert Glasper’s legendary Blue Note residency at the iconic New York City jazz club featuring yasiin bey, Lalah Hathaway, Terrace Martin, Thundercat, Alex Isley, and more surprise guests. Glasper celebrated the release of Black Radio III Supreme Edition with a livestream concert straight from the stage of his residency via Twitch on Wednesday, October 12. Also throughout October, Glasper offerrf fans behind-the-scenes access during his residency via a series of Green Room live streams on Twitch. In its first week, the 4th annual Robtober drew crowds that included Miguel, Terrace Martin, comedian Jeff Ross, and more, kicking off what is just the beginning of the month-long super event. The residency included tributes to Herbie Hancock and the late Meghan Stabile, a celebrated jazz promoter and friend of Glasper, in addition to nights with Lalah Hathaway and Dinner Party sets with Terrace Martin. In previous years, Glasper’s residency was amplified with guest performances from the likes of Stevie Wonder, J Dilla, Jill Scott, Questlove, Common, Q-Tip, Anderson Paak, Kamasi Washington, H.E.R., Chris Rock, and more. This summer, Glasper programmed the inaugural Blue Note Jazz Festival in Napa Valley—an offshoot of his annual residency—with headliners including Maxwell, Black Star, Snoop Dogg, Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Black Star, Dinner Party, Madlib, Corinne Bailey Rae and special guest host Dave Chappelle. The festival was glowingly covered in a VIBE cover story: “years of musical history and our ancestors’ wildest dreams rolled into one.” // Since its release, Black Radio III, which features a range of artists from Jennifer Hudson to Q-Tip, Killer Mike to Yebba, has landed on “Best of 2022 So Far” lists by Variety, OkayPlayer, and UPROXX. The release was launched with a special MLK Day performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (where Glasper will return on Thursday October 13 to sit in with The Roots), featuring Rhapsody, DJ Jazzy Jeff, BJ The Chicago Kid and Amir Sulaiman. An interview and Emmy-nominated performance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah followed, as well Glasper’s official partnership with Record Store Day and FAMS, the coalition of Black-owned independent US record stores, as an ambassador for A Day of Action. / Robert Glasper’s accolades are a testament to his career which spans over two decades and several genres. He boasts 4 Grammys, an Emmy, a Peabody, and made history with Black Radio (2012), the first album to debut in the top 10 of 4 different genre charts simultaneously: Hip Hop, R&B, Urban Contemporary, Jazz and Contemporary Jazz—his follow-up Black Radio 2. Next month, Glasper will take the stage at Sony Hall with yasiin bey and Bilal before celebrating his groundbreaking album’s 10th anniversary by at The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. on November 13—special guests yasiin bey, Lalah Hathaway, Bilal, and Meshell Ndegeocello will perform alongside a 32-piece orchestra of all Black musicians (the largest all-Black orchestra the venue has ever presented) led by Derrick Hodge. In addition to his musical releases, Glasper has composed scores for films and series like Peabody-winning Mr. SOUL! (2018), 2020’s The Photograph starring Issa Rae, Emmy-nominated documentary The Apollo, HBO’s 2022 series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty and Peacock’s Fresh Prince reboot, Bel-Air. // Emily King was born in New York City on July 10, 1985. She is an American singer and songwriter. She started her career in 2004 and her first album East Side Story was released in August 2007. In December 2007, King was listed as a Grammy nominee for Best Contemporary R&B Album. In 2019 Emily King was nominated for Best R&B Song for the 62nd Grammy Awards and her album Scenery was nominated for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical. In 2020 Emily King was nominated again, this time for the category of Best R&B Performance for her song “See Me”. // King grew up in a small apartment on the Lower East Side. Her parents, Marion Cowings and Kim Kalesti, were a singing duo who performed and traveled regularly taking her and her older brother with them. At age 16, King left high school after earning her GED to pursue her music career. She began playing shows in restaurants and venues around New York City including CBGB and The Bitter End. // King signed her first record deal with J Records in 2004 and appeared on Nas’ 2004 album Street’s Disciple credited as simply “Emily”. Her first album East Side Story was released in August 2007. It received a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary R&B Album of the Year. After leaving the label in 2008, King continued her work independently with producer Jeremy Most. She self-recorded her follow-up EP Seven in her home, released in July 2011. Throughout this time, King toured domestically and internationally with many artists including Nas, John Legend, Floetry, Alicia Keys, Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, and Maroon 5. // In 2012, King was awarded the Holly Prize (a tribute to the legacy of Buddy Holly) from The Songwriters Hall of Fame for recognition of the “all-in songwriter” whose work exhibits the qualities of Holly’s music: true, great and original. In the fall, King was invited by Emeli Sandé to open for her UK tour playing sold out shows in five cities including at The Royal Albert Hall in London. King collaborated with José James on his album No Beginning No End in 2013 and can be heard on the tracks “Heaven on the Ground” and the acoustic version of “Come to My Door”. In 2014, King performed as an opening act for Sara Bareilles’ Little Black Dress tour. // King’s second studio album, The Switch, was self-released by her own label, Making Music Records, on June 26, 2015. The Wall Street Journal remarked that the album is “a tasteful collection of eleven songs that showcase King’s distinctive voice”. // She signed with the independent label ATO Records in 2017 and with them released her third studio album, Scenery, on February 1, 2019. // In late 2019, King once again performed as an opening act for Sara Bareilles in her Amidst The Chaos Tour. // In 2019, King helped to compose “Being Human”, the ending theme song for the Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe Future, which she sang. Her song “Can’t Hold Me” was also used in an episode of the series. // King released her fourth studio album, Sides, on January 17, 2020. The album features acoustic takes on her previous songs, and includes a guest appearance by Sara Bareilles on the track “Teach You.” In response to racial unrest in the summer of 2020, King released the song “See Me” in August. The song was nominated for Best R&B Performance in the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. // King appeared on stream with Marc Rebillet on March 21, 2021 as his first ever guest performer. More info at;]

70. Marah McFadden – SIDE SHOW (EP) / Marah McFadden / May 21, 2022

[Singer and actress Marah McFadden writes: “Growing up in small town Kansas, my family lived painfully below the poverty line. A superhero and single mother of four, my mom had to scrimp and save to be able to afford the dance lessons she put us in (starting age three). The arts became my great equalizer. Through theatre and dance, I found a precious and priceless part of myself that I was able to hold onto and keep sacred; giving me a deep desire to prove myself artistically. Every artistic endeavor I’ve encountered has thus been approached with that same fervor.” Marah has trained as an actor at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City and The Open Jar Institute, She has appeared on the television show Billions, has worked onstage as a vocalist, actress, and choreographer. Marah McFadden played an EP Release Show, Saturday, May 21, at The Ship. 1221 Union Avenue, KCMO, in the West Bottoms wth Kirsten Paludan & The Ringers. More info at:

71. Trevor Turla – “And We Continue” [EP] / Trevor Turla / April 21, 2022

[Debut EP from Trevor Turla. Trevor Turla composed all of the music on this EP that included Trevor Turla on trombone, Daniel Dissmore on trumpet, Aryana Nemati on saxophone, Fritz Hutchison on guitar & banjo, Miki P on guitar & vocals, John O’Keefe on bass, Nik Douglas on drums, Carmen Dieker on fiddle, Jake Keegan on dobro, and Chris Hazelton on organ. “Let Go” was the second single released on February 17, 2022. We first played Trevor Turla on WMM on July 29, 2020. His track “Busted” was released on a compilation titled KANSAS CITY SYZYGY that featured over 25 Kansas City-based musicians who came together to create a compilation of music created during the shutdown of the world in the Spring of 2020. // Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Trevor Turla is now lives in Kansas City. Trevor defines himself as a musician. He started playing his first instrument, the bagpipes, at the age of 8 and hasn’t stopped the pursuit of music since. He received his Bachelor’s in Jazz Studies for trombone from the UMKC Conservatory of Music. Trevor now creates music full time by playing, recording, and holding clinics around the United States. Trevor plays & sings in numerous bands, including Jake Wells, Grand Marquis, Miki P, Fritz Hutchison, & LA Jones. He was also the founder, lead singer & trombonist for the band Sulu Moon. Info at]

72. Momma – Household Name / Polyvinyl Records Co. / July 1, 2022

[Following Momma’s beloved 2020 LP Two of Me, which introduced the world to the symbiotic writing style and profound creative intuition of founders Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten, the band’s third studio album Household Name reveals an exciting new chapter marked by both personal and artistic growth. Mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Emily Lazar, the album is a tightly-stitched collection that is magnetic and dynamic, and also marks their debut for Polyvinyl Record Co./Lucky Number—who signed Momma in the midst of the pandemic. // Bygone heroes helped inspire a lyrical theme throughout Household Name: the rise and fall of the rock star, and the tropes and tribulations that come with that arc. The theme allowed the group to celebrate (and, in some cases, directly reference) icons like Nirvana, Pavement, Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt, and the Breeders’ Kim Deal, while weaving in their own perspective and experiences. The album perfects a balance of heavy riffs, deep emotions, inviting sonic production, and a lighthearted, wry sense of humor, creating a singular lane for Momma in today’s world of alt rock.]

73. Vicman – The VCMN Project / Vicman / May 13, 2022

[Vicman is also known as VCMN. They released their debut album entitled “The VCMN Project” on Friday, May 13, 2022. VCMN is an American singer-songwriter duo who’s artistry is shaped by way of edgy, alternative R&B, Pop, and Rock. Victoria and Emmanuel “Manny” Cable—aka the “Vic” and “Man” of VCMN. Victoria grew up in the Bethel International Center of Worship church in Kansas City, Kansas, where her father, Cleveland Drone, was a pastor. From the ages of 10-19, she toured across the country singing gospel music. Manny came to performance via a different path: ballet and modern dance. They’ve been working it out with the rhythms and the rhymes for years now. VCMN Project was first birthed into existence when they were still dating; the album was finished after they were married. It all began on their living room sofa. The VCMN Project is just as much a party as it is a beautifully written love story. The 10-track “The VCMN Project” encompasses a song from every top 40 music genre. R&B, Rap, Pop, Alternative Rock, Ballad, Country, Hip Hop, and Dance Pop. VCMN played Lawrence Gay Pride, presented by I Heart Local Music. Fri. June 24, 2022 at Lucia, 1016 Massachusetts St. with Cuee & Friends. More info at:]

74. M/S Ride – Fight Songs / Mr. Furious Records / November 1, 2022

[M/S Ride is multi-instrumentalist Howie Howard’s new solo album, FIGHT SONGS, released on November 1, 2022. Howie has played in several bands including: Mars Lights, Dark Satellites, Night Mode, howie&scott, and Five Star Crush. Howie is the founder of Mr. Furious Records that he started in 2004 after graduating from college. Mr. Furious Records puts out 4-5 projects a year. Along with Nate Holt and Royce Diamond, Howie is the co-host and producer of The Long Play Listening Party an area podcast that interviews area musicians and plays from their latest releases. More info at: Howie started his first indie band in 10th grade, Howie grew up in Crete, Nebraska and graduated from Doane University, singing and playing drums in school groups the whole time. Howie moved to Kansas City in 2005 and Lawrence, Kansas in 2015. Howie Howard works as a Quality Systems and Analytics Manager for DCCCA, a Lawrence-based human services non-profit. Howie writes that, “FIGHT SONGS is mostly about his relationship with his spouse Cari Ann Kreienhop. More information at:]

75. Birdie – Gravity / Birdie / October 12, 2022

[A new 9-song album release from Birdie. “GRAVITY” was made with Birdie in lead vocals & ukelele, Andy Oxman on guitar, Barb Wilmoth on drums, Dan Carey on bass, with Pat Tomek on drums, Gary Paredes on guitar and Marc Bollinger on bass. This is Birdies’ second full-length album release of 2022. On May 27, 2022 Birdie’s released the 8-song album WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO COOL?. Power pop, punk, and echoes of the girl groups of our time intersect in Kansas City-based band Birdie. This energetic collaboration of local talent brings a fresh take on classic sounds. Birdie released the single “You Can’t Stop Her” on June 13, 2021. Birdie released the 7-track EP, CELLOPHANE HEART on June 4, 2021. Birdie is the musical project of Betsy Schwartze who lives in Stilwell KS. Info at:]

76. GAV7D – Thanks For Everything SoloBassVideoGame / GAV7D / June 28, 2022

[This is the 4th release in the GAV7D series. The debut, “Thanks For Everything” was released June 21, 2015. In 2022. GAV7D also released, Thanks For Everything EXOTICAFREEJAZZMIDDLEASTERN / GAV7D / Nov. 9, 2022. This was the 5th and final GAV7D release in the GAV7D series and the second GAV7D release of 2022. EXOTICAFREEJAZZMIDDLEASTERN is a mix between free jazz group (Annie Ellicot vocals, Mark Southerland Sax, Clarke Wyatt Grand Piano, Arny Young Drums) and Extoica Band (Amado Espinoza- Charango, Tina Billberry- Violin, Chris Fugitt- drums, Mark Southerland-Sax, Chris Tady- Guitar). With guest artists: Mike Dillon-Vibraphone, Beau Bledsoe- Guitar and Oud, Christine Brebes- violin. It’s a masterpiece that finishes the GAV7D album collection in the most beautiful and bizarre way combining new sonic concepts with ancient. The debut GAV7D album: “Thanks For Everything” was released June 21, 2015. The double album, “Thanks For Everything – Cartoonoirjazz” was released June 1, 2016. Thanks For Everything Punkfunkpolka was released on May 31, 2019 and included Johnny Hamil on bass, Clarke Wyatt on keyboards, Mikal Shapiro on guitars & vocals, Kyle Dahlquist on accordions & theremins & vocals, Charles “Critter” Sims on drums, and Chad Meise on Hendrix inspired guitars. Written & arranged by Johnny Hamil. Thanks For Everything SoloBassVideoGame was released June 28, 2022. // Johnny Hamil told us that the 5ht and final album in the series, GAV7D “Thanks for Everything – ExoticaMiddleasternFreeJazz,” “reminded me that the outside listener doesn’t hear the whole project like I do, or the concert goer does.” He added “I really feel like it’s my major work of my lifetime, but even better, it tells the story of the KaC music community, which I’m so proud of.” // The GAV7D project is a Five album masterwork by Johnny Hamil. He likes to say he’d rather do this than compose a symphony as it relates more to his bass musical life. The first album is vocals 15 songs composed by Johnny or collaborated with 27 different KC music scene vocalists. Then the idea was to re-imagine what the album would sound like with different group of V7 musicians. Johnny has always written for his band Mr. Marco’s V7. Many of the early members of the band moved back into town so it was on. The first album Cartoonoirjazz is a instrumental homage to Mancini, Ellington, Mingus, and Monk. Features Johnny’s great composing of Jazz melodies and improvisations with his amazIng band members. The second lineup is Punkfunkpolka which is like if a 90s alternative rock band was driven by accordions and theremins. The third version of the band is Exoticamiddleasternfreejazz and is an homage to Martin Deny, Sun Ra, and oud music. It is a magic romp of both improvisations and compositions. Then we have the solo bass video game music album. This album is both electric and upright playing and is breaking new ground for what the bass can do. An. homage to all the great sound tracks of video game music as well as just Johnny’s unique voice on the instrument. // KC based musician, composer, and teacher Johnny Hamil plays in the band Pamper The Madman. Johnny Hamil also plays bass for Mikal Shapiro, and Julia Othmer, and can be heard on the recordings of many KC and Lawrence based artists including Stephonne Singelton. Johnny Hamil collaborates with jazz combos, theatre productions, and is also known for his work with The Malachy Papers. As a teacher of the bass, Johnny Hamil was recently featured on Queer Eye on Netflix. Johnny is a founding member of Mr. Marco’s V7, a band that has been reinvented with each new release, changed and evolved with different line-ups. Known for experimental, instrumental music, Johnny told us the music he composes for the band came to him in his dreams. In 2011 the bassist noticed something revolutionary for his creative process when his dreams included lyrics for the first time This set him on a new path to create GAV7D, which is not Mr. Marco’s V7 proper, but members from the long history of the the band. The concept was to collaborate a vocal version of the compositions with friends and then have various lineups of the V7 family interpret the material in different ways, CartoonNoirJazz, PunkFunkPolka, and FreeeExoticaMiddleEastern. GAV7D premiered at the Folk Alliance International. Chad Meise is a master studio & stage producing and engineering records for Mr. Marco’s V7, Hearts of Darkness, Expassionate, Rex Hobart, MIke Dillon, The Gaslights, Atlantic Fadeout, and The Country Duo. Johnny Hamil also plays the Amado Espinoza Quartet release their new album, Q’ansas CD. Johnny Hamil produced a GAV7D SOLOBASSVIDEOGAME Album Release Show on at RecordBar, 1520 Grand, KCMO on Tuesday June 28 as part of Johnny’a annual KCBassFest at recordBar (back for first time since pandemic). GAV7D performed an EXOTICAFREEJAZZMIDDLEASTERN Album Release Concert, Wednesday, November 9, at The Ship, 1221 Union Avenue, West Bottoms, KCMO. [Celebrating the fifth GAV7D album release Annie Ellicot (currently off tour with Jeff Goldblum) makes room in her very busy schedule to visit KC to perform the exoticafreejazzMiddleastern album with a epic lineup of V7 members. Mike Dillon on Vibes, Clarke Wyatt on keyboards, Kent Burnham on Drums, Kyle Dalhquist on Trombone & Accordion, Amado Espinoza on Charango & Native flutes, Chris Tady on Guitar, K’Tina on Violin, Arny Young on Drums, and Johnny Hamil as Band Leader & Bassist. More info at:]

77. Obongjayar – Some Nights I Dream of Doors / September Recordings / May 13, 2022

[Steven Umoh, known by his stage name Obongjayar, is a Nigerian musical artist based in London. After releasing multiple EPs, his debut studio album, Some Nights I Dream Of Doors, was released in 2022. // Steven Umoh grew up in Calabar, Nigeria. He was raised by his grandmother; his mother had moved to the UK to escape Umoh’s father, who was abusive. Early in his life, Umoh primarily listened to bootleg rap, particularly Eminem, Usher, Nelly, Snoop Dogg and Ciara. // Umoh moved to live with his mother in England at the age of 17, but stayed active in the Nigerian music scene. He grew up a devoutly religious Christian, but became less so after he attended university in Norwich. In college he sang primarily in an American accent, influenced by his childhood spent listening to American hip hop music, but he transitioned to singing in his natural Nigerian-British accent before embarking on his professional career. // Obongjayar started his career publishing his music on SoundCloud. His work caught the notice of XL Recordings executive Richard Russell, who then asked Obongjayar to contribute to his Everything Is Recorded project. In 2016, Obongjayar released his first extended play, Home, described by Noisey as “a unique voice: one that navigates darkness with nocturnal, near-spiritual hymns.” // He followed Home with a second EP, Bassey, which was noted for its sparse production and afrobeat rhythms, as well as its themes of spirituality, politics, and his experiences as a Black person. He also contributed to Richard Russell’s 2017 EP, Close But Not Quite. // In 2019, Obongjayar featured on Detroit rapper Danny Brown’s fifth studio album U Know What I’m Sayin? on the tracks “Belly of the Beast” and “uknowhatimsayin¿”. // In collaboration with afrobeat producer Sarz, Obongjayar released a third EP, Sweetness, in 2021. He featured on rapper Little Simz’s second studio album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert on the fourth single “Point and Kill”, which was later accompanied by a music video. Obongjayar also released the song and music video “Message in a Hammer”, the lead single for his debut album. Some Nights I Dream Of Doors was released in May 2022. // Obongjayar’s music has been called “hard to describe”, incorporating elements of afrobeat, spoken word, soul, and electronic music. His lyrics incorporate spiritual overtones, although they are not readily identifiable with any specific religious tradition. A unifying feature of all of Obongjayar’s music is his unique voice, which slides between rapping, singing, and spoken word.]

78. Maggie Rogers – Surrender / Capitol Records – Debay Sounds / July 29, 2022

[Surrender is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers. Born Margaret Debay Rogers on April 25, 1994, she is an American singer-songwriter and record producer from Easton, Maryland. Her big break came when her song “Alaska” was played to Pharrell Williams during a master class at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. She was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2019. She graduated from Harvard Divinity School in May 2022. Maggie Rogers grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland along the banks of the Miles River in Easton, Talbot County, Maryland. Her father is a now-retired Ford Motor Company dealer and her mother, a former nurse, is now an end-of-life doula. She began playing harp at age seven and loved the music of Gustav Holst and Antonio Vivaldi. Her mother would play neo-soul artists such as Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. By the time she was in middle school, Rogers had added piano and guitar to her repertoire and began songwriting in eighth grade. For high school, she attended St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware as well as The Gunston School on the Corsica River in Centreville, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. At school, she played harp in the orchestra, sang in the choir, joined a jazz band, learned banjo and became interested in folk music, and taught herself how to program. She also spent many summers during her formative years at a rural camp in Maine. The summer after her junior year in high school, Rogers attended a Berklee College of Music program and won the program’s songwriting contest, which spurred her to focus on writing. During her high school senior year, she recorded what became her first album, The Echo (2012). Rogers included her demos as part of her application to New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. She secured admission and started in 2012.]

79. Vieux Farka Touré & Khruangbin – Ali / Dead Oceans with Night Time Stories / September 23, 2022

[Ali is a collaborative studio album by Malian singer and guitarist Vieux Farka Touré and Texan trio Khruangbin. It consists of covers of songs by Vieux’s father, Ali Farka Touré. It was released on September 23, 2022, on Dead Oceans. // Vieux Farka Touré was looking for musicians to work with on an album that would honor his father, Malian guitarist Ali Farka Touré, who died in 2006. Vieux’s manager suggested he collaborate with Houston, Texas-based musical trio Khruangbin, and Vieux met them at a pub in London. He decided to collaborate with them after attending their concert at the Roundhouse in London in 2018, impressed by their live show. They recorded the album over the course of a week in June 2019 at Khruangbin’s barn in Burton, Texas. The songs on the album were selected by Ali’s 11 children. After being put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the album was finalized in 2021. // Alexis Petridis of The Guardian awarded the album five stars out of five, calling the collaboration “an inspired choice” and adding, “It’s an album you can easily lose yourself in, which is presumably the point.” Janne Oinonen of The Line of Best Fit wrote, “Both parties benefit from the collaboration on Ali: Touré gets to paint the songs he loves with a wider palette without diluting the power of the source material, and Khruangbin adds some welcome grit to their smooth and hazy signature sound.” // Touré was born in Niafunké, Mali in 1981 to Ali Farka Touré. Despite his father’s discouragement and his family’s lineage as a tribe of soldiers, Touré secretly took up the guitar and enrolled in the Institut National des Arts in Bamako, Mali. // In 2005, Eric Herman of Modiba expressed interest in producing an album for Touré; to do so, he had to acquire permission from Ali Touré, Toumani Diabaté, and other community elders. This led to his self-titled debut album, produced by Modiba and released by World Village on February 12, 2007. The album featured Toumani Diabaté as well as his late father, who died in 2006. // Following the release of a remix album, UFOs Over Bamako in 2008, and multiple tours, Vieux released his second studio album in May 2009. Fondo peaked at #5 on Billboard’s World Albums chart the week of July 11, 2009 and was included in the Village Voice’s Top 100 list for 2009. // In June 2010, Vieux was invited to perform at the Opening Celebration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup; other performers included Shakira, Alicia Keys and K’naan. That month, Vieux also released his first live album, LIVE. Vieux released his third studio album, The Secret, on May 24, 2011. The album was produced by Soulive guitarist Eric Krasno and features Dave Matthews, Derek Trucks, and John Scofield. It also features the last collaboration between Touré and his late father. The album reached the No. 1 spot on CMJ’s New World chart on 10 June 2011. // Vieux’s fourth studio album, Mon Pays, was released by Six Degrees Records on 28 May 2013. The title, French for ‘My Country,’ refers to his native Mali, and serves as a reminder of its beauty and culture, even in the midst of the territorial conflict between Tuareg and Islamic populations that have threatened it since January 2012. // Samba was released in spring 2017. It was recorded in front of a live studio audience in Woodstock, NY. The title “Samba” has nothing to do with the Brazilian style of music; as the second boy in his family Vieux was always called “samba,” meaning “second boy” in Songhai, Additionally, the featured song “Samba Si Kairi” is named after a song his father and grandfather would sing while he played the calabash. Dominic Valvona of Monolith Cocktail praises the work, writing, “This is the devotional, earthy soul of Mali, channeled through a six-string electric guitar.” // On June 10th, 2022, Touré released his sixth solo album, Les Racines, on World Circuit. ‘Les Racines’ translates to ‘the roots’, a nod to the album returning to the desert blues roots of Touré’s father, Ali Farka Touré. The album was recorded in Touré’s home studio in Bamako and features a number of Malian musicians such as Amadou Bagayoko from Amadou & Mariam, Mamadou Sidiki Diabaté, and Madou Traore. // In September 2022, Vieux released a cover album of some of his father’s songs called Ali on Dead Oceans, collaborating with Houston-based group Khruangbin. // Khruangbin (/ˈkrʌŋbɪn/ KRUNG-bin; Thai: [kʰrɯa̯ŋ˥˩.bin], เครื่องบิน) is an American musical trio from Houston, Texas. The band comprises Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald “DJ” Johnson Jr. on drums. // The band is known for blending global music influences, such as classic soul, dub, rock and psychedelia. Their debut studio album, The Universe Smiles Upon You (2015), draws from the history of Thai music in the 1960s, specifically from Luk thung, while their second album, Con Todo el Mundo (2018), has influences from Spain and the Middle East, specifically Iran. Speer, Lee, and DJ also host “AirKhruang” radio shows on NTS Radio and Facebook Live. In September 2022, the band released the album, Ali in collaboration with Vieux Farka Touré, featuring songs by Vieux’s father, Ali Farka Touré. // Speer and Johnson met in 2004 while playing in Rudy Rasmus’ St. John’s Methodist Church gospel band in Houston, Texas. The church employed Speer as the guitarist and Johnson as the organist. // In 2007, Speer met Lee through friends, where they initially connected over a shared love of Afghan music and Middle Eastern architecture. In 2009, Lee started to learn the bass with guidance from Speer. After playing for six months, she auditioned and got the gig to be the bassist for Yppah on his upcoming tour. Speer already had the gig as guitarist for Yppah and had encouraged Lee to audition. In 2010, both Lee and Speer went on tour with Yppah who opened for Bonobo. // The tour motivated the two of them to make music together more seriously, leading them to form Khruangbin. Speer and Lee went to a barn where they developed the bass-heavy, psychedelic sound that became the basis of the band’s aesthetic. Upon their return, they asked Johnson to join the band as drummer, to play simple break-beats under the guitar and bass. The barn, located in the 300-person town of Burton, Texas, would become the site of all future Khruangbin recording sessions. The band has a long-term working relationship with Houston-based engineer Steve Christensen. // When asked to play their first gig, Lee, who was learning to speak Thai at the time, decided they should use her favorite Thai word “khruangbin” (Thai: เครื่องบิน; RTGS: khrueang bin), which means “airplane”, as their name. Speer said that, had they had the foresight to predict the band’s success, they might not have chosen a name that was so difficult to pronounce. The band’s name symbolizes the international set of influences that shaped the band’s formation. // A notable part of the band’s visual style is the black wigs that Lee and Speer wear on stage, and during promotional interviews and photoshoots.]

80. The Way Way Back – TRYING [EP]/ The Way Way Back / May 27, 2022

[The Way Way Back is a Kansas City, Missouri ,based lyric-centric Pop-punk for fans of New Found Glory, Real Friends, and blink-182. The band was formed by: Billy Batchelder on bass, Matt Jack on drums, Caleb Lumby on guitar, and Ben Wendt on vocals & acoustic guitar. The Way Way Back released the 7-track EP, Baggage or You’re Never Going To Leave It All Behind on October 30, 2020, and the 4-track EP, Party Like It’s 1999 on March 8, 2019, and the 5-track EP, Something That Makes You Feel Alive on August 25, 2018. Most of these recordings were produced, mixed, and mastered by Kyle Ward at Counterpoint Recordings in Kansas City, MO. More information at:]

81. Jean Claude and the Eclairs – HOW TO TALK [EP] / Jean Claude and the Eclairs / June 22, 2022.

[The band released their EP, HOW TO TALK on National Eclairs Day, June 22, 2022. “Sweet” was released as a single on April 7, 2022. Alternative Pop/Rock band, based in Lawrence, KS., formed in 2016. The band includes: Cooper Scott on vocals, Garrison Krotz on bass, Quinn Maetzold on drums, and Ryan Pollock on guitar. T Produced and Engineered by Ryan Wasoba. The Band wrote on Facebook: “Three years of writing, demoing, recording, rewriting, re-recording, meet ups in Omaha, KC, St. Louis, and Chicago, shows at venues with sketchy PAs, forming new friendships, all of those moments were key to making this EP. We are so excited for you to hear it and we can’t wait to make more music.” Info at:

Jean Claude and the Eclairs Discography:

“Enzymes” (Single) released November 17, 2017
“Crazy For You” (Single) released September 7, 2018
“All It Ever Was” (Single) released November 20, 2018
“City Sounds” (Single) released February 21, 2019
“Glasgow” (Single) released April 4, 2019
“Sweet” (Single) released April 7, 2022
“Couldn’t Be Anybody Else” (Single) released May 19, 2022
HOW TO TALK [EP] released June 23, 2022

82. Lonnie Fisher – Famous Girl / Lonnie Fisher / January 19, 2022

[Lonnie Fisher’s 8-song, solo album was engineered by Ed Rose and Duane Trower with contributions from: Chris Nunez. Tim Jenkins, Tim Manning, and Julia Reynolds. On October 22, 2021 with his band Lonnie Fisher And The Funeral released HAUNTED with Lonnie Fisher on lead vocals, 5 String Guitar & Keyboards; Tim Jenkins on guitars; Chris Nunez on drums, Tim Manning on bass, & Julia Reynolds on vocals & keyboards. Lonnie Fischer played a solo album release show for his new album BEAUTIFUL STAR at The Brick, 1727 McGeee Street, KCMO, on Friday, December 23, with The Criterz and Killer City. More information at:]

83. Miya Folick – 2007 [EP] / Nettwerk / September 9, 2022

[“Bad Thing” was released as a single on August 26, 2022. Much-lauded vocalist, songwriter and producer Miya Folick co-wrote “Bad Thing,” with Mitski and Andrew Wells. The track was co-produced by Gabe Wax and Wells. // “The day I wrote this song, I woke up with a first-class, absolutely soul crushing hangover, after having slept for a couple fretful hours,” Folick says. “I wasn’t the kind of person who could hide a hangover, so I told Mitski and Andrew what was going on. We wrote this song. It’s about being stuck in a cycle of behavior that you can’t get out of, but it’s not bleak. There’s hope in the song. I always knew that I would get out of that cycle eventually. // Miya Folick was born on June 10, 1989 in Santa Ana, California. She is an American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. She is half-Japanese and was raised as a Jōdo Shinshū Buddhist, learning to play the taiko drums in a church group. Folick went to Foothill High School in Santa Ana, California, where she was on the basketball team and graduated in 2007. She has said she didn’t enjoy playing basketball. // Folick attended New York University from 2007 to 2009 to study acting but transferred in 2009 and graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 with a B.A. from the School of Theatre. During a gap semester, a high school friend taught her how to play guitar. She later started her band using Tinder, where she created a profile that said, “looking for a band.” // Folick released her debut EP, Strange Darling, in December 2015. The EP was followed with two singles, “Pet Body” and “God Is a Woman” in 2016 prior to the release of her 2nd EP Give It To Me, which was released in November 2017 by Terrible Records. // In September 2018, Folick released the song “Stop Talking” and music video. // She released her debut album, Premonitions on October 26, 2018 to critical acclaim. // Folick joined the bands Pale Waves and Sunflower Bean on a United States and European tour in fall 2018. // In the fall of 2019, Folick toured with Bishop Briggs through the U.S.. // In 2022, Folick was featured in American Football’s cover of Fade Into You. // Folick dated musician K.Flay (Kristine Meredith Flaherty) from 2018-2021. Folick is currently in a relationship with session drummer and producer, Sam KS. // Info at:]

84. Amble Haunt – EMPTY LOT / Amble Haunt / April 1, 2021

[5-track debut EP from Kansas City, Missouri based 4-piece band formed by Bryce Veazey, Brandon Woodall, Ara Woodall, and Jake Briscoe. The band writes: “Music has a way of haunting…Amble Haunt is the way those haunts are sung out into life.” A song about knowing your predispositions in life, and deciding to move forward regardless of the weight you carry. The band surfeited that “Jump Cross the Pool” is a song about knowing your predispositions in life, and deciding to move forward regardless of the weight you carry. More info at:]

85. Deegan Poores – The “Vanishing” Album / Michael Deegan Poores / February 25, 2022

[“Vanishing” was originally released as a Single on June 19, 2020. Eventually the track became the title from Deegan’s THE “VANISHING” ALBUM. Written & produced by Deegan Poores. Deegan Pooresis a singer, songwriter, and producer from Kansas City, Kansas.. Production by: Deegan Poores and Remy Styrk. Engineering by: Remy Styrk. Mixing: Remy Styrk and Deegan Poores. Mastering: Val Cecil. Cover Art: Clayton Phillips. // “Almost Glass” is Deegan Poores on guitars, synths, pianos, xylophone; Remy Styrk on synths; and Jason Rhoads on drums. // “You Don’t Remember My Name” is Deegan Poores on vocals, drum programming, synths, guitars, and slide guitar; Remy Styrk on synths; Alex Frank on guitar solo; Nick Johnston on electric piano. // “Again” is Deegan Poores on vocals, guitars, slide guitar, synths, and auxiliary percussion; Remy Styrk on vocals, synths, piano, drum programming; David Thal (courtesy of Glass Bandit) on trumpets; Ally Fabes (courtesy of Glass Bandit) on saxophones; Alex White on horn arrangement. // “Vanishing” is Deegan Poores on vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, auxiliary percussion; Remy Styrk on synths, vocals; Alexis Reinae on vocals. // “Three Legged cat” is Deegan Poores: vocals, guitar, slide guitar; Remy Styrk on synths. // “Lifted” is Deegan Poores on vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synths; Remy Styrk on synths, vocals; Alexis Reinae on vocals. // “Cloudliving” is Deegan Poores on vocals, guitars, synths; Remy Styrk: synths, piano, drum programming; Ellie Rivara on vocals; Elise Dryer on vocoder; Alex White on flute. // “Sodade” is Deegan Poores on vocals, guitars, bass, synths, drum programming, auxiliary percussion; Remy Styrk on synths, guitars; Reagan Flora: vocals. // “Happy Birthday” is Deegan Poores on vocals, electric piano. // To see the “Vanishing” video, directed & produced by Remy Styrk visit: // More info at:]

86. Sharon Van Etten – We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong / Jagjaguwar / May 5, 2022

[Sharon Katharine Van Etten was born February 26, 1981. She is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She has released five studio albums, the latest of which is Remind Me Tomorrow (2019). // Van Etten was born in Belleville, New Jersey, the middle child of five. She lived in Nutley, New Jersey, then moved to Clinton, New Jersey as a pre-teen. She attended North Hunterdon High School, at which she participated in the chorus and performed in stage musicals. // Later, she moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to attend Middle Tennessee State University and studied recording, but dropped out after a year. She ended up working at the Red Rose, a coffee and record shop and music venue in Murfreesboro for about five years. She fell into an abusive relationship with a rock musician who discouraged her from writing songs. After five years, she left in the middle of the night with whatever she could carry. She showed up to her parents’ house on Thanksgiving Day and her mother answered the door, holding the dishes she’s about to put on the table, to find her black-sheep middle child, who hasn’t spoken to her in ages, standing on the doorstep. // In 2004, she moved back to New Jersey, where she worked at Perryville Wine and Spirits, then moved to New York City in 2005. She lived in Brooklyn for a number of years, in the suburban neighborhood of Ditmas Park.// Van Etten self-released handmade CDs until 2009, when her debut studio recording was released. Before her studio debut, she worked at Astor Wines and as a publicist at Ba Da Bing Records. // Van Etten’s debut, Because I Was in Love, was released on May 26, 2009, on Language of Stone, and was manufactured and distributed by Drag City. Because I Was in Love was produced by Greg Weeks at Hexham Head studio in Philadelphia. // On September 21, 2010, Van Etten released her second album, epic, on Ba Da Bing Records. With no set band at the time, Van Etten called on friends Jeffrey Kish, Dave Hartley, Jessica Larrabee, and Andy LaPlant of She Keeps Bees, Cat Martino, Meg Baird, Jim Callan, and Brian Christinzio. The first song recorded for the album was “Love More”, recorded in December 2009 by producer Brian McTear for Weathervane Music’s Shaking Through documentary video series. The remainder of the album was produced by Brian McTear with engineer Amy Morrissey in May 2010 at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. NPR described it as possessing “a fuller sound compared to the super-spare arrangements on her first two self-produced albums, but epic still feels incredibly intimate, with lots of room to breathe and unfold.” // Van Etten’s third studio album, Tramp, was released on February 7, 2012, on Jagjaguwar. Tramp was produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner and recorded in his home studio in Brooklyn, New York. Additional recording took place at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia, where the album was also mixed with Engineers and Mixers Brian McTear and Jonathan Low. The album features musicians Doug Keith, Thomas Bartlett, Bryan Devendorf, Bryce Dessner, Matt Barrick, Rob Moose, Julianna Barwick, Peter Silberman, Logan Coale, Clarice Jensen, Ben Lanz, Zach Condon, and Jenn Wasner. // May 2014 brought about the release of Van Etten’s fourth studio album, titled Are We There, on Jagjaguwar. Van Etten produced the record with Stewart Lerman, with the guidance of bandmate and manager Zeke Hutchins. Most of the recording was done at Hobo Sound Studios in Weehawken, New Jersey, with piano tracks being recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. The record features musicians Zeke Hutchins, Doug Keith, Heather Woods Broderick, Dave Hartley, Adam Granduciel, Marisa Anderson, Stuart D. Bogie, Mickey Free, Mary Lattimore, Little Isidor, Jacob Morris, Torres’ Mackenzie Scott, Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg, Lower Dens’ Jana Hunter, and Efterklang touring member Peter Broderick. The EP I Don’t Want to Let You Down, a compilation of songs that were not included on Are We There, was released on Jagjaguwar in 2015. // On October 2, 2018, Van Etten released a new track entitled “Comeback Kid” and announced her next album Remind Me Tomorrow, released on January 18, 2019.[16] On February 28, 2019, Van Etten appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to perform the single “Seventeen”. // On April 22, 2020, Van Etten played bass and sang harmony as the three surviving members of Fountains of Wayne performed in a televised benefit with various New Jersey-affiliated musicians to raise funds for COVID-19 relief. She filled the role left vacant by the COVID-19-related death of Adam Schlesinger a few weeks earlier. She and the other three members of the band played simultaneously from remote locations. The band played the song “Hackensack” from the album Welcome Interstate Managers. // On May 15, 2020, Van Etten dropped a cover of (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? with Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. // Van Etten’s music is characterized by a heavy use of harmonies. Pitchfork described her songs as having “echoes of folk tradition.” NPR Music asserts: “Her songs are heartfelt without being overly earnest; her poetry is plainspoken but not overt, and her elegant voice is wrapped in enough rasp and sorrow to keep from sounding too pure or confident.” With “Comeback Kid” and Remind Me Tomorrow, she introduced electronic sounds into her music. // Since 2016, Van Etten has appeared in both seasons of the Netflix drama The OA as Rachel, a fellow abductee along with Prairie in Dr. Percy’s basement lab/terrarium. Rachel and the other captives are subjected to after-life experiments while conspiring over a period of years to possibly escape, and at one point, Rachel sings a song of remembrance. Van Etten also appeared in episode six of the 2017 Twin Peaks series on Showtime. // Van Etten made her feature film debut with a supporting role in Never Rarely Sometimes Always directed by Eliza Hittman, for which she also wrote and performed the original track ‘Staring at a Mountain’. // Van Etten had her first child, a son, in 2017 with her romantic partner Zeke Hutchins. Hutchins used to be her drummer and then became her manager. After living in New York City for 15 years, she moved with her family to Los Angeles in Sept 2019. More info at:]

87. MusicbySkippy – MY DYING WISH / People 2 People Productions / February 18, 2022

[In 2022 MusicBySkippy released the 12-track debut album, MY DYING WISH on Feb. 18, the single “Get Wild” on June 3, the 12-track instrumental/electronic album WE PRESS PLAY, on June 17, and the 5-track EP, YOU CAN SING on Nov. 20, plus an original play and multiple projects and performances. // Musicbyskippy is Luke “Skippy” Harbur’s entertainment project. The Overland Park, Kansas native mixes beatboxing, singing, beat production, rapping, & keyboard playing to entertain all-age audiences. After graduating from Ithaca College in 2018, he moved near home to Kansas City, Missouri, becoming a featured performer for musicians, festivals, corporate & non-profit events, and performance groups. His music passion roots in receiving a life-saving liver transplant at the age of 11 months old. His debut album, my dying wish, was released on all music streaming and purchasing platforms. He hopes you learn something new and experience songs you love.More info at]

88. The Sexy Accident – NEW ROULETTE [EP] / The Sexy Accident / April 23, 2022

[“I’m Feeling Dancy (feat. Sisterbot)” was released as a single on March 30, 2022. The Sexy Accident played a NEW ROULETTE – EP Release Party Saturday, April 23, at 6:30 PM at The Warwick Theatre, 3927 Main St, KC MO. with Sisterbot, and Comedy by Briana Van Deusen. The Warwick is an historic KC building in the heart of midtown, built in 1912 as a 1,000 seat cinema. // Jesse Kates is the fearless frontman of The Sexy Accident.”I’m Feeling Dancy,” features Sisterbot, and EP includes a cover of “Wind Flirter” by True Lions. New Roulette comprises six tracks. // On New Roulette the band writes: When the pandemic struck in 2020, songwriter and bandleader Jesse Kates built a home studio and began producing New Roulette remotely. Josh Williams performed and recorded Ramone Hall’s drum parts. Ryan Leip flew in guitars for Jesse to re-amp. Jamie Pratt sang at her father’s suburban home and Mack McKinney played bass from Jesse’s back yard. For more Kansas City flavor, New Roulette’s lead track, I’m Feeling Dancy, features Sisterbot and includes a cover of “Wind Flirter” by True Lions. New Roulette comprises six tracks and releases on April 23, 2022. // All songs written by Jesse Kates / Halaster Music [ASCAP] except Wind Flirter by Alison Hawkins [BMI] Arranged by The Sexy Accident: Jesse Kates (singing, guitar, keys, percussion), Ramone Hall (drum composition), Jamie Pratt (singing) , Ryan Leip (guitar) , Mack McKinney (bass), and Josh Williams (drum performance). Sisterbot arranged & played cello then arranged & sang harmonies on I’m Feeling Dancy. Produced and engineered by Josh Williams and Jesse Kates. Mixed by Josh Williams. Mastering by Mike Nolte. Additional engineering by David Lin. Recorded at our homes in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit and Smithville, Missouri. More info at:]

89. Fantastic Negrito – WHITE JESUS BLACK PROBLEMS / Storefront Records / June 3, 2022

[Follow up to HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND YET? Released August 4, 2020. This followed his June 15, 2018 release, PLEASE DON’T BE DEAD on Blackball Universe – Cooking Vinyl Records that was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album. His 2016 album The Last Days of Oakland won a Grammy award for Best Contemporary Blues Album at the 59th Grammy Awards. In 2019, his album Please Don’t Be Dead won the same category for the 61st Grammy Awards.Fantastic Negrito was raised in an orthodox Muslim household. His father was a Somali-Caribbean immigrant who mostly played traditional African music. He was the eight of 15 children. When, at the age of 12, Negrito’s family moved from Massachusetts to Oakland, California. Oakland in 1970s was a million miles from Negrito’s conservative childhood. He went from Arab chants to Funkadelic in one day. By the time he was 20, Negrito had taught himself to play every instrument he could get his hands on. He was recording music, and after some difficulties on the streets he packed his bags and headed to LA, armed with a demo on cassette. Negrito signed with a million dollar deal at Interscope. The record deal was a disaster. Gangsta rap was ruling the airwaves and Negrito was in the wrong place at the wrong era. Negrito came out of the deal with a failed album and his confidence gutted. In 2000, Negrito was in a near fatal car accident that put him in a coma. For four weeks it was touch and go. Because his muscles atrophied while bedridden, he had to go through months of frustrating physical therapy to regain use of his legs. Rods were placed throughout his body. And worst of all, his playing hand was mutilated. Back in Oakland, Negrito forgot about life as a musician. He got married, he planted vegetables, raised his own chickens, and made money growing weed. He also settled into being a man, on his own, clear of the distractions of wanting to be a star. And then his son Kyu was born. He began recording without the hindrances that come with chasing trends. Negrito turned to the original DNA of all American music, the Blues. The beating life had given him primed him to channel his literal and musical forefathers: the Blues musicians of the Delta.]

90. Beach House – Once Twice Melody / Sub Pop Records / February 18, 2022

[Beach House is an American musical duo formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 2004. The band consists of vocalist and keyboardist Victoria Legrand and guitarist, keyboardist, and backup vocalist Alex Scally. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim and has been followed by Devotion (2008), Teen Dream (2010), Bloom (2012), Depression Cherry (2015), Thank Your Lucky Stars (2015), B-sides and Rarities (2017), 7 (2018), and Once Twice Melody (2022). // In November 2021, the band announced their eighth studio album Once Twice Melody, released on February 18, 2022.[55] The 18-track double album was released in four “chapters”. The first chapter was released on November 10, 2021, with the following three chapters released on December 8, 2021, January 19, 2022, and February 18, 2022. The band toured in support the album throughout 2022. // Vocalist and organist Victoria Legrand, who graduated from Vassar College in 2003, and guitarist Alex Scally, who graduated from Oberlin College in 2004, formed the band in 2004 after meeting in Baltimore’s indie rock scene, producing music composed largely of organ, programmed drums, and steel guitar. Of the origins of the band name Scally said: “We’d been writing music, and we had all these songs, and then there was that moment where you say ‘what do we call ourselves?’ We tried to intellectualize it, and it didn’t work. There were different plant-names, Wisteria, that kind of thing. Stupid stuff. But, once we stopped trying, it just came out, it just happened. And it just seemed perfect.” In an interview with Pitchfork, Legrand addressed their being a two-member status thus: “It’s a way to challenge ourselves: What do you do when it’s just the two of you? … One of the reasons this has been such a fulfilling experience for me is that with two people, it’s so much easier to achieve things that feel exciting and new.” // In August 2006, their song “Apple Orchard” was featured on a Pitchfork MP3 mixtape. By October 2006 the band’s self-titled debut album, Beach House, was released through Carpark Records, and was ranked 16th on Pitchfork’s Best Albums of that year. The album was recorded on a 4-track over a two day period in Scally’s basement. For more information:]

91. Scarecrow Vapors – Scarecrow Vapors [EP] / Scarecrow Vapors / December 19, 2021

[Scarecrow Vapors is a project of Sarah Slaven and Tim Jenkins. The songs were formed around Sarah’s Poetry with Tim providing song arrangements, guitar and other things. In the studio Alex Boyd and Tim Manning came along for Drums and Upright Bass. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab. More info at:

92. Adrian Quesada – Boleros Psicodélicos / ATO Records / June 3, 2022

[Adrian Quesada is an American musician, producer, and songwriter. // In early 2022, inspired by the Latin American psychedelic ballads of the sixties and seventies, Quesada recorded Boleros Psicodélicos. Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Girl Ultra and Marc Ribot are featured on the record, which includes classic ballads as well as Quesada’s original compositions. Rolling Stone’s Ernesto Lechner wrote that with its “remarkable intensity and a mind-boggling attention to detail”, the album “promised to be one of 2022’s most gorgeous releases”. The first single from the album, “Mentiras con Cariño” (featuring iLe), was released in March 2022. It was Quesada’s first solo single. // In late 2017, on the recommendation of a friend, Quesada contacted Eric Burton to sing on instrumentals he had recorded. They formed Black Pumas shortly after their first meeting, and released their self-titled debut in June 2019. Critically acclaimed, they were nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy four months after their first album was released. A deluxe version of their debut and a live album were subsequently released; as of 2022 the Black Pumas had received six Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year. They played more than 60 live shows prior to and after the COVID-19 pandemic and, in addition to other television shows, they appeared on Austin City Limits, the Grammy Awards telecast, Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Celebrating America, the concert following the Biden inauguration. // Well-known as a producer, Quesada works out of his Austin studio, Electric Deluxe. In addition the Black Pumas records, he has more than 150 production credits, including Look at My Soul: The Latin Shade of Texas Soul, his collection of original songs and re-recordings of Chicano soul classics.]

93. Kid Computer – CAFE VERTICAL GARDEN / Kid Computer / March 21, 2022

[Kansas City based 4-piece band with Matt Gore, Christian Sanchez, Dalton Grenier, and George McMillian. Kid Computer released the single, “Romantic Overdrive” on February 21, 2022. The new album is a follow up to the band’s EP The Darnedest Things, released April 26, 2019. More information at: [Kid Computer played an EP Release Show, Saturday, May 25, at Replay Lounge, 946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence KS., with The Sluts and Vehicles.]

94. Scout Gillett – no roof no floor / Captured Tracks / October 28, 2022

[“Home” is a tough thing to pinpoint for someone who’s constantly in motion. Scout Gillett knows this well, but since relocating from Kansas City in 2017, she’s found one in Brooklyn’s DIY scene, playing in multiple live bands and even starting her own booking company to organize local shows. Her intrepid nature results from a childhood spent running barefoot through rural Missouri and coming of age in Kansas City’s punk scene. Her debut solo album no roof no floor features shades of all her past and present lives: a bold and spirited yet warm, intimate meditation on trust, surrender, and what makes a home. no roof no floor follows Scout’s debut EP, one to ten, released via Captured Tracks in April and received praise and support from The FADER, Brooklyn Vegan, Under the Radar, Rolling Stone UK, CLASH, and more. // Following the sudden overdose of a lover in 2018 and the onset of the 2020 quarantine, Scout returned to Missouri in search of reprieve. Instead, she was dismayed to find that her hometown was suffering; friends and family members were caught in the grips of drug and alcohol addiction. “Nothing was as I’d remembered,” she says. “I felt homesick for a home that no longer seemed to exist.” She channeled her fears and frustrations, as she always had, into songwriting. “I meditated on surrender,” she says; “I recited the serenity prayer. I realized that I’d never be able to save anybody but myself.” // The resulting collection of songs was far more vulnerable than any of her previous work, but when Nick Kinsey (the album’s producer) called from his recording studio (The Chicken Shack in Stanfordville, New York) saying his friends Ellen Kempner (Palehound) and David Lizmi (MS MR) were interested in working on an album with her, Scout knew it was time to share it with the world. “I woke up and wrote ‘trust’ on my hand every day I was recording. I pushed myself to trust the unknown, and trust that I had a message I was ready to share with people.” // ecorded in a big wooden barn with the doors wide open, there’s a sense of spaciousness on no roof no floor befitting its title. The arrangements, too—which feature contributions from Kempner, Lizmi, and Kevin Copeland (The Big Net)—reflect Scout’s rural roots and her indie spirit; a fusion of upbeat, guitar-driven melodies and folk/country instrumentation like pedal steel, harmonica, and tenor banjo. All of these elements are underpinned by Scout’s signature soaring, velvet vocals and open-hearted lyricism – she sails from a hushed whisper to dulcet spoken word to a cathartic belt with ease. // Above all, there’s a strength in the vulnerability of this record. The pain is on full display, but so is the love as Scout presents herself as an artist to watch in the year ahead.] [Scout Gillett plays recordBar on Nov. 17, 2022 at 5:00 PM with The Whiffs, Blanky, and Magic Marty]

95. Bathe Alone – Fall With The Lights Down (Louise) [EP] / The Record Machine / October 7, 2022

[Bathe Alone released 4 singles this year through The Record Machine: “Once More” (July 8, 2022), “Animals and Times” (May 13, 2022), “Waste It” (April 1, 2022), and “Decades and Dreams (March 4, 2022). Bathe Alone’s devastatingly melancholic dream-pop pairs moody arrangements with hefty layers of reverb and delay. Led by frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone, Bathe Alone began sharing her buzzworthy singles in 2019, culminating in her self-released enchanting full-length Last Looks. // After growing up with a formal background in classical music, Crone first found her way to becoming a multi-instrumentalist from behind the drum set. With a newfound fascination and desire to find a voice on drums, Crone picked up guitar and bass only to create material so that she could play drums. However, she soon realized she had a distinct identity on the other instruments. With a drumming vocabulary more akin to the punk world, and her ambient guitar drenched in delay rather than distortion, Crone was discovering a sound with an emphasis on mood. After several years of developing skill and hashing out ideas, it became apparent that Crone had unlocked a gift for melody and arrangement, but there was no clear path in showing her music to the world. It was only after cutting her teeth in several bands local to her hometown, Atlanta, that she turned her focus to a new project – Bathe Alone. She enlisted help from producer Damon Moon, who immediately recognized an untapped potential in Crone, and within months they had completed what would become Bathe Alone’s debut LP “Last Looks.” With a totally DIY rollout, the new project developed quite a bit of traction, creating a noticeable following on streaming platforms, which has been multiplied by the release of Bathe Alone’s take on the Madonna classic, “Take A Bow.” // Bathe Alone will release their second album, Fall With The Lights Down (via The Record Machine). It takes its sonic inspirations from experimenting with sound design technology and from Crone’s condition of synesthesia, which is when you experience one of your senses through another. Her love of genre-defying sound creates an immersive world throughout the album. Co-written with producer Damon Moon (Lunar Vacation, Dinner Time, Bandanna), the duo collaborated throughout the COVID-19 lockdown at Standard Electric Recorders Co. in Atlanta. Crone would book studio days with song demos, and the pair would follow each other down creative rabbit holes. // Fall With The Lights Down isn’t afraid to take a look at life’s big questions, like the passing of time, moving on after loss, and processing childhood memories. Its lead single “Decades & Dreams” celebrates friendship and fearlessly looks toward the future. Complete with propulsive new-wave a-la reverb chamber energy, Crone toasts “to memories and dreams / to our decades and dreams.” // The hypnotic guitar swells of “Missionary Ridge” conjure the laidback energy of summer. Crone reflects on her grandparent’s house in Chattanooga, and that kind of comfortable melancholy that feels like a soft childhood blanket. Meanwhile, the lyrics of “Missionary Ridge” shuffle between wistful and weary with evocative lyrics about “pictures from the 70s / sick of watching Dad’s TV”. // Songs like “Animals & Trees,” “Waste It,” and “Childhood” are all haunted with epiphanies about animal rights, problematic friendships, and growing up. Of “Animals & Trees”, Crone says “Damon and I really hit a magic groove on this one.” The song even uses whole reversed sections from an earlier demo to create hypnotic instrumentals that are perfect for “laying on the floor and staring at the ceiling.” // Fall With The Lights Down all comes to a head with its closer, “4u” — a gripping six-minute cut where Crone wrestles with those big questions about life. She adds, “I like to end my records with a tug at your heartstring – emotional, dead dog songs. I’m joking, but I’m not.” At times “4u” seems like it will collapse under its existential weight. Before ultimately shapeshifting into an all-out heart-in-your-throat showstopper, dense with layers of who-knows-what. // Throughout Fall With The Lights Down, Bailey Crone walks a spectacular tightrope between genre and convention, at times dreamy and others jarring, and always skirting between the two. She will be releasing Fall With The Lights Down on the Kansas City based label The Record Machine in the summer of 2022.]

96. Gee Watts – NO RUSH [EP] / Caviart Records / March 23, 2022

[Gee Watts released the 4-track EP, NO RUSH 3 on March 23, 2022. Kansas City emcee Gee Watts latest music capsule “No Rush 3”. The Ep includes features from Kye Colors & Jass. Production Includes Mike Summers, Money Miiike, & Drizi Dre of Tha GoonEz. GeeWatts started in 2009 with his Mix tape NO RUSH. // CTYDWRITING wrote about Gee Watts for on March 21, 2022 – “It’s not uncommon to see that many Creatives will have different talents for which they have different uses. When one uses their craft to motivate and inspire others, however, it speaks volumes about their character. Gee Watts from Kansas City, Missouri, is a Rapper and distinguished figure within his city. Working with some prominent figures in the music industry, Gee is viewed as an inspiration and motivator to many Creatives residing on both sides of KC. Watts states there’s footage of him rapping Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice” as a one-year-old, claiming that music has been with him from the beginning. Like other Creatives, Watts’ has been met with wins, losses, and lessons on many occasions. Despite the obstacles, his faith and encouragement from loved ones have kept him rooted to stay the course.” “I love the locals. I’ve worked with a lot of them, probably too many to name. I want to work with Janelle Monaé, she’s beyond special. Morgan Cooper, I need a cameo on Bel-Air. I wanna work with Ron Ron and Tech, they’re the two rappers I looked up to as a kid like alright I need in. I was on Techs project I want him on mines.” —Gee Watts. “Gee describes music in KC as unheard and under appreciated. Kanas City’s sound does not receive the proper credit it deserves. Places such as Detroit and Los Angeles incorporate the same bass synth & string sounds originating from KC and The Bay. Many do not associate KC with a style that has grown so eminent and recognized elsewhere. Watts will continue to work through his craft to educate and support those who come after, declaring his mission statement “Save Our Babies.” He says the future is God’s plan, the will of Allah. Wherever life may take Gee Watts, he’ll be 100% him until the end. “Without confidence, you’re twice defeated. With confidence, you win before you begin.” A man we’re confident will see many more wins. Always move #CloserToYourDreams” // More info at:]

97. Sessa – Estrela Acesa / Mexican Summer / June 24, 2022

[Sessa’s songs are sung in Portuguese, with visceral, sensual lyrics in the vein of Caetano Veloso, and the melodic flourishes of Jobim. However, the music gets a deliberate minimalist treatment rarely found in contemporary Brazilian music, more reminiscent of the bareness of Leonard Cohen, with touches of tropicalia and free jazz..]

98. clav – Moonchaser [EP] / Big Reggie Records / February 25, 2022

[clav’s 6-track EP, MOONCHASER has 6 tracks. clav is the musical project of Calvin Haverkamp from McLouth, Kansas, now living in Tonganoxie, Kansas. More info at:

99. Miloe – gaps [EP] / Loma Vista Recordings – Concord / September 16, 2022

[Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bob Kabeya moved to the U.S. with his family at the age of 8 to reunite with his father, a journalist who was granted asylum three years prior. Greenhouse is an exhilaratingly energetic and youthful homage to Summer and the weather patterns of his childhood, paired with lyrics of teenage melodrama and idealism. “The Minnesotan climate can feel so limiting compared to where I grew up, almost like we’re waiting half the year to actually live our lives,” he explains. Living in a region that faces harsh winter for much of the year, and in 2020 served as ground zero for uprisings against police violence, Kabeya created Greenhouse as an offering of sunshine to his community as winter returned. // “The darkness of Minnesota winters contrasts with his youth, and his new EP Greenhouse aims to bring some sunshine to his current home.” – NPR Music, All Songs Considered // “blissed out” “shoegaze-pop rumination.” – The FADER // “bright, shoegaze delight.” – NYLON // “Miloe’s reach exceeds the suburban backyard, elsewhere capturing the travelogue of his youth in finger plucks and gently swaying piano.” – MTV // “With only five tracks, [Greenhouse] showcases Miloe’s seemingly almost effortless knack for melodies and simple, yet captivating instrumentals that make the project as a whole undeniable. Not much is known about what’s on Miloe’s docket for 2021, but consider us excited for whatever that may be” – UPROXX // “lovely…smooth pop number” – DORK.]

100. Mac Sauce – PRINCESS DIARIES / Mac Sauce / February 25, 2022

[Mac Sauce released the 9-track album PRINCESS DIARIES on February 25, 2022. Mac Sauce is a 10 year old Kansas City rap artist known as “the voice of the playground,” Mac Sauce is one of Kansas City’s youngest rappers who writes all her own lyrics. More info at:

101. Charles Stepney – Step On Step / International Anthem  / September 9, 2022

[Charles Stepney (March 26, 1931– May 17, 1976) was an American record producer, arranger, songwriter and musician. Stepney is noted for his work with artists such as The Dells, Ramsey Lewis, Rotary Connection and Earth, Wind & Fire. // He started his musical career as a jazz piano and vibraphone player, and began work for Chess Records as a musician and arranger.[4] In 1966, Charles Stepney and Marshall Chess, son of Chess Records’ co-founder Leonard Chess, created the band Rotary Connection. Stepney went on to produce the group on the Chess vanity label Cadet Concept. These were their 1967 self titled debut album, 1968’s Aladdin and Peace LPs and 1969’s release Songs. He also produced the group’s 1970 album Dinner Music and 1971 LP Hey Love. According to writer Paul Bowler: “The six albums that Rotary Connection recorded under Stepney’s guidance proved revolutionary; a glorious fusion of styles made essential by the simpatico nature of Stepney’s lush string arrangements and [Minnie] Riperton’s multi-octave, quasi-operatic vocals.” // Stepney went on to produce Rotary Connection lead singer Minnie Riperton’s 1970 debut album Come to My Garden. Commenting on Minnie at the time he said that she “has a soprano range of about four octaves, a whole lot of soul, she’s good-looking and she’s got the experience of Rotary behind her.” // During 1970 Stepney also wrote, produced and conducted a Classical Jazz Symphony entitled “Cohesion”. “Cohesion” was performed by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Ramsey Lewis Trio and Minnie Riperton in Minneapolis, Minnesota. // Stepney worked with a wide range of other performers at Chess. He began producing soul group The Dells on their 1968 album There Is. He later produced the group’s 1969 release Love is Blue and their 1971 LPs Like It Is, Like It Was and Freedom Means. He also worked with blues musicians Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf , and singers Terry Callier, Marlena Shaw, and Deniece Williams, on their albums. He is credited as a musician or producer on albums including The Soulful Strings – Paint It Black (1966) and Groovin’ with the Soulful Strings (1967); Muddy Waters – Electric Mud (1968) and After the Rain (1969); Howlin’ Wolf – The Howlin’ Wolf Album (1969); Marlena Shaw – The Spice of Life (1969); Terry Callier – Occasional Rain (1972), What Color Is Love (1973) and I Just Can’t Help Myself (1974); Phil Upchurch – Upchurch (Cadet, 1969) and The Way I Feel (Cadet, 1970). // Stepney began to collaborate with the Ramsey Lewis Trio as a producer on their 1968 LP Maiden Voyage. The album included the song “Les Fleur” written by Stepney and later recorded by Riperton in 1970. He also arranged on the Trio’s 1968 album Mother Nature’s Son and 1969 LP Another Voyage, and co-produced the 1970 album The Piano Player. // With the Trio was a young drummer named Maurice White who in prior played with Chess Records. White went on to found and lead a new band called Earth, Wind & Fire. Stepney eventually worked as an associate producer on the band’s 1974 release Open Our Eyes. // He then performed on Ramsey Lewis’s 1974 album Sun Goddess and produced his 1975 LP Don’t It Feel Good. Additionally Stepney coproduced with Maurice on Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1975 albums That’s the Way of the World and Gratitude. Stepney then went about coproducing with White on EWF’s 1976 album Spirit, Ramsey Lewis’s 1976 LP Salongo, The Emotions 1976 album Flowers and Deniece Williams’s 1976 LP This Is Niecy.]

102. John Keck – Sphere of Consciousness / John L. Keck / July 17, 2021

[This album was lost on the Covid Haze, and had very little promotion. We didn’t know that this existed until 2022, so we made a singular exception to include this in our “Best of for 2022.” John L. Keck on guitar & vocals, Chris Hudson on lead guitar, Ezgi Karakus on cello, Chalis O’Neal on flugelhorn, Chase Horseman on piano, and Jowl Nanos on soundscaping. Produced by Joel Nanos. All Rights Reserved by John Lawrence Keck. John writes, “It’s very much my pleasure to introduce this collection of songs and ideas that I’ve worked on for 10 years or more. I think it represents where I’ve been and where I’m going, while illustrating where I am now. It is meant to be an immersive experience with connections and clues to a never ending intersecting sphere of story lines as they have passed through my existence. I’m humbly proud of what we’ve done and thankful to be able to share it with you.” // John Keck released the EP Out In The Cold – 12th Street Singles on May 2018, with all songs Written by John Keck. Produced/Engineered/Mixed by Chase Horseman at Element Recording & Mastering Studios. Mastered by Ian Dobyns. John Keck on Guitar & vocals; Shannon O’Shea on violin; Chase Horseman on bass, drums, organ, & wurlitzer. “Out in the Cold”was 3 songs that were written while living on historic 12th Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This EP followed John’s first studio release in 5 years since his 2013 Jack Moon Sessions, which was recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis. More at:]

103. Waterofelegance – Love [EP] / Waterofelegance / August 30, 2022

[6-track EP released by Waterofelegance, who also released the single, “Beauty Undisguised” on September 3, 2022, and the single, “Happy Dance (feat. Young Miller Tha Don)” on September 23, 2022. Originally from Florida, now based in Kansas City, warterofelegance writes about their work saying, “My music is like water — hydrating and refreshing for the mind and spirit.” Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Waterofelegance started in music at six years old. She released her first song, “Kiss,” amidst the pandemic in 2020. .and followed that with “Do No Wrong” on March 25, 2020, “Goddess” on October 23, 2020, “70’s Girl” on June 3, 2021, My First Love,” released June 28, 2001, and ”I’m Gonna Be Me” on June 28, 2021.]

104. Paige Hargrove – The Name of The Game is Luck / Paige Hargrove / June 3, 2022

[Paige Hargrove is a singer-songwriter from Chicago, who recently moved back after living in Atlanta, Georgia. Her music fits into the Americana/Singer-Songwriter genre. The Name Of The Game Is Luck was recorded at Cave Studios Pewaukee, WI. Produced by Kyle White, Zach Pietrini, and Paige Hargrove; Mixed by Kyle White; Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room. Instruments by Paige Hargrove, Kyle White, Zach Pietrini, Josh Miranda, and Evan Lane. Songwriters are: Paige Hargrove, Zach Pietrini (Amelia)]

105. Temp Tats – In Tarnation / Temp Tats / July 8, 2022

[Eric Schuman, Chris Paul, and Luke Waye as Temp Tats. Featuring Joel Schuman and Matt Purcell. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios in Kansas City, Kansas. Artwork by Joel Schuman. “Callosa” was released as a single on June 17, 2022.]

106. Prairie Brigade – Failsafe / Stemeltone / April 12, 2022

[Debut single from Prairie Brigade a KC band born in late 2021 with Kristie Stremel on vocals & guitar, Chris Meck on guitar & vocals, John Hobson on guitar & bass & vocals, Ryan McCall on electric piano & vocals, and Tom Hudson on drums. Chris Meck from Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds, Tiny Horse, The Gaslights played on Kristie’s early Slewfoot solo records produced by Lou Whitney. John Hobson & Ryan McCall played on Kristie’s 2020 solo album, SKY CREW. Kristie Stremel has been described as “Joan Jett & Tom Petty’s love child,” and armed with her guitar, fueled by coffee, and over 100 published songs, a few books, multiple videos, singer, songwriter, producer, and rock & roll mom, Kristie Stremel has toured all over the world and shared the stages with so many bands, comedians, performance artists, and rock and rollers. Kristie Stremel grew up in a western Kansas off the beaten track for most. She learned to play her father’s guitar with Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings songs that he taught her. In 1986, at age 12, she entertained her family with her first electric guitar. At 15, she caught Joan Jett at the county fair and decided to put together a band; it performed at the local skating rink and school dances. Transplanted to Kansas City the summer before high school, she got serious about writing songs. By 21, Stremel was a crowd favorite in one of KC’s most promising bands, Frogpond, which released a 1996 album produced by Everclear’s Art Alexakis. The next year, her growing stockpile of songs led her to form her own band. She named it after the Interstate 70 off-ramp that led to her hometown, Exit 159. The band release one EP and one full length and toured the West Coast twice and received the Pitch newspaper’s prestigious Kansas City/Lawrence Area Music Award for both Best New Band and Band of the Year. After the band broke up Kristie embarked on her solo career. She won another Pitch Music Award for Best Female Vocalist, and signed with a Springfield, Missouri label Slewfoot Records and released three albums and an EP, produced by the late great Springfield, Missouri legend Lou Whitney. After Lou’s passing Kristie created her own recording studio and her own label Stremeltone Records, created in her home in Lawrence. In October, 2013 Kristie and her partner, Lori Isabell, welcomed their adopted baby son, Charlie, into their family. In 2015 Kristie released, Wildflowers, a children’s book of songs & poems with an accompanying CD recording inspired by her son Charlie. In 2016 Kristie released the single “Orlando (Keep Dancing).” in response to the mass shooting at Pulse, a gay nightcub in Orlando Fl. Info at: or or

Kristie Stremel’s Discography (on Stremeltone Records unless otherwise noted)

FAILSAFE / Album – Praire Brigade / April 12, 2022
(Kristie Stremel on vocals & guitar, Chris Meck on guitar & vocals, John Hobson on guitar & bass & vocals, Ryan McCall on electric piano & vocals, and Tom Hudson on drums.)

“Fool’s Gold” / Single / November 23, 2020

“Nighty Night Song” / Single / November 23, 2020

“Hey” / Single – (Kristie Stremel & The 159ers ) / November 23, 2020

SKY CREW / Album – Solo / November 13, 2020
(Recorded at Stremeltone Studio, Kansas. Mixed by John Hobson. Mastered by Paul Malinowski. Kristie Stremel on vocals & guitar, Lance Gilchrist on drums, Jason Hammond on bass, Ryan McCall on keyboards, and John Hobson on guitar & vocals.)

“I Love You” / Single / March 1, 2018

“Follow Your Freaking Heart.” / Single / February 14, 2018

“Orlando (Keep Dancing).” / Single / June 16, 2016
(The song was written by Kristie Stremel in response to the Pulse Nightclub massacre on June 12, 2016, when Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a hate crime inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Pulse was hosting Latin Night and most of the victims were Latino. About 320 people were inside the club, which was serving last call drinks at around 2:00 a.m. After arriving at the club by van, Omar Mateen approached the building on foot, armed with a SIG Sauer MCX semi-automatic rifle and a 9mm Glock 17 semi-automatic pistol and bypassed security and began shooting and taking hostages. After a three-hour standoff, he was shot and killed by Orlando Police Department officers. It was both the deadliest mass shooting by a single shooter and the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in United States history. It was also the deadliest terrorist attack in the US since the 9 /11 attacks in 2001. “Keep Dancing” was later included in the album SKY CREW. More info at:

“Lost In You” / Single / November 28, 2015

”Lover Be Cool” / Single / November 24, 2015

“Kansas 1861” / Single / November 3, 2015

“The Shipwreck” / Single / February 14, 2015

WILDFLOWERS / Book & CD Album – Multiple Artists / November 4, 2014
(WILDFLOWERS, is Kristie’s children’s book of song and poems with accompanying CD recording with contributions from Victor & Penny, Kelley Hunt, Ron Megee, Kasey Rausch and more.)

“Love Makes A Family” / Book & Single / September 6, 2014

SONGWRITER / Album – Solo / In April 2014
{Kristie released SONGWRITER her 6th solo record, and the 9th full-length release of her musical career of over 20 years. SONGWRITER was released on her own label, Stremeltone, it was Kristie’s first self-produced album. The last track, “It’s Enough” was released early, as a video, featuring photos of couples in partnerships, relationships, marriages, unions, families. The video was Kristie’s response the the KS House of Representatives passing HD 2453 allowing businesses the right to refuse service to LGBT customers.)

“Ten Little Hens” / Single & Book / Nov. 22, 2012

“Don’t Do Crazy Anymore” / Single with James Johan / May 30, 2012

COLOR OF STARS / Album – Kristie Stremel & The 159ers / August 31, 2010,
(Kristie she received the Pitch newspaper’s prestigious Kansas City/Lawrence Area Music Award for both Best New Band and Band of the Year. She has also won the “Best Female Vocalist” in Kansas City awarded by The Pitch Weekly. After a decade of playing music, singer/songwriter Kristie Stremel and her former band mates from Exit 159 (drummer Rob VanBiber and bassist Jamey Wheeler), along with lead guitarist Scott Cameron, reunited to form Kristie Stremel & The 159ers. After a year of writing new material, “Color Of Stars”was released . This 12 song offering, recorded in Springfield, MO and Produced by Lou Whitney.)

“Unstoppable” / Single – Kristie Stremel & The 159ers / June 24, 2010

“Best Kiss” / Single / December 18, 2009

TEN YEARS / Album – Solo / November 15, 2006
(Kristie Stremel’s 14 song album “Greatest Hits” package)

HERE COMES THE LIGHT / Album – Solo / July 1, 2003
(10 song album recorded in Springfield, MO and Produced by Lou Whitney)

ALL I REALLY WANT / Album – Solo / September 25, 2001
(12 song offering, recorded in Springfield, MO and Produced by Lou Whitney)

THE DETOUR EP / EP – Solo / 2000
(6 – song EP released on Stremeltone Records)

EXIT 159 / Album – Exit 159 / 1998
(12 track album, on Don’t Touch Me Records from Exit 159 is Kristie Stremel with guitarist Byron Huhmann, drummer Rob VanBiber and bassist Jamey Wheeler)

LOST ON EARTH / EP – Exit 159 / 1998
(6 track EP w/ Kristie Stremel, Byron Huhmann on guitar, Rob VanBiber on drums, Jamey Wheeler on bass.)

COUNT TO TEN / Album – Frogpond / 1996
(12-track national debut full length album from Frogpond who at that time were: Heidi Phillips on vocals & guitar, Justine Volpe on bass, Megan Hamilton on drums, Kristie Stemel on guitar and backing vocals. COUNT TO TEN was released on Tristar Music – Columbia on CD and vinyl in 1996 with songs written by Heidi Phillips. Art Alexakis (of the band Everclear) served as producer and contributed backing vocals.)

107. Cleveland Francis – Beyond the Willow Tree / Forager Records / June 15, 2022 

[Beyond The Willow Tree is a hauntingly beautiful anthology of folk songs chronicling the experience of a young black man growing up in the segregated south. A balanced mix of covers and originals, Cleveland Francis’ body of work seamlessly blends deep, soulful vocals with the stripped down acoustic instrumentation of folk. In the late 60’s Francis coined the term “soulfolk”, playing his genre bending music across college campuses and coffee shops while earning a medical degree at William & Mary. // These songs serve as a missing link between soul and folk music, suppressed by the harsh political landscape of a music industry heavily influenced by racial stereotypes. “If you were black, you played blues or soul music … I wanted to play folk music,” Cleveland professed. // Included in this double LP set is Cleveland Francis’ entire 1970 self released album Follow Me, featuring the original artwork and liner notes printed inside the gatefold. The second LP takes you Beyond The Willow Tree with unreleased demos recorded in 1968 along with one 45 only single recorded in 1970. // “These recordings are a look into my soul through a long and lonely journey to understand feelings of my childhood, poverty, racial segregation, bigotry, war, love and hope. It represents my attempt to express and come to terms with all that I have seen and felt as a Black man growing up in America.” – Cleveland Francis.]

108. Anson The Ornery – Simply Sad Songs / Anson The Ornery / February 1, 2022

[Simply Sad Songs is just that, a collection of six original folk songs stripped down to Anson’s woeful voice singing over the lonesome strumming of his acoustic guitar. In the album Anson sings of hating love songs, his inability to care about anyone including himself, and being sorry for everything he’s ever done. This short listen is the ideal album for those dreary nights spent alone in the dark wallowing in your own sorrows. So next time you’re feeling down, lean into it and pop on Simply Sad Songs for the perfect listening experience. Anson is a multimedia artist combining his backgrounds in music, visual arts, writing and acting to create interactive installations and performances that make the viewer a part of the art rather than apart from the art. He has worked on The Great Tempest in a Bottle a website gallery exhibiting a series of sculptures, paintings, short stories and songs inspired by internet culture. Prior to this release Anson The Ornery released DJ Daniel The Cat on May 6, 2020, where Anson created small electronic toy synthesizers to accommodate the size of Daniel The Cat’s paws to create his self titled album synthpop DJ Daniel the Cat containing six upbeat dance songs with lyrics chronicling Daniel’s crippling social anxiety. After Daniel’s disappearance the DJ Daniel the Cat album was believed to be lost over. Over the last decade the notoriety of DJ Daniel the Cat has grown due to the popularity of the internet and the demand for the lost album was never greater when it was recently rediscovered.More info at] [Anson the Ornery played a “Simply Sad Songs” EP Release Show, Fri, April 29, 7:00 PM to 10:45 PM, at Manor Records, 401 N 6th St, Kansas City, KS. with opening performances from Fatih Maddox & Sam Wells]

109. Lee Walter Redding – live From The Argyle Wallpaper [EP] / Lee Walter Redding / July 15, 2022

[This is their second single from the 5-track EP LIVE FROM THE ARGYLE WALLPAPER. Lee Walter Redding on vocals, guitar; Justin Rogers on bass; Andy Kirk on guitar/synth and Justin Skinner on drums. Lee writes: We Could be Warlords is a story of two twisted, go-getters finding love through a mutual goal of taking over the world. They’re both so consumed with the day-to-day job of developing and controlling a police state that the only way they can get off is by manipulating and hurting the poor citizens of their respective countries.”We could be Warlords drumming up suspicion / Giving the finger to UN resolutions / We could wind em up to lull them down / We could be warlords in love”Lee Walter Redding released “Elephant Man (feat. Stephonne)” om April 9, 2021. Lee told us that he learned about Stephonne Singleton from listening to Wednesday MidDay Medley and hearing Stephonne for the first time. WMM bringing musical collaborations together since 2004. // Kansas City based Lee Walter Redding was raised on 60s rock, steeped in 90s Britpop ennui, and guided by contemporary neo-soul, Lee Walter Redding weaves dry humor into vibrant sonic textures that sway from wistful to chaotic. Think 2010s Nick Lowe fronting The Velvet Underground. On warped vinyl. More info at:] [Lee Walter Redding was our guest on WMM on July 13, 2022]

110. The Bump Band – “You and Yours”

from: Our Music / Lotuspool Records / March 4, 2022
[Jerald Scott (known as Bump Funk) and his bands were a legend in the Kansas City soul music scene from the late 60’s to the early 80’s electrifying crowds across the country with live performances that rivaled the largest names of the era. From his bands “Bump and the Soul Stompers” to “Unnatural Funk” to “The Bump Band” to the “Bad News Band,” there was one constant…they were bringing the FUNK! When his early bands broke up, it left Bump with a longing to get back on the stage. He loved performing live and energizing crowds so he decided to assemble a new band made of musicians that had his same talents and passions…”The Bump Band.” // The band was comprised of some of the greatest musicians ever assembled. On guitar was Robert “Snookie” Clarkson and Robert Kelly (bass). Herman “Hammer” Lacy was on drums with Terry “Grim” Grimmett on sax and Bump on Keyboards. All of the members provided vocals along with vocalist Wanda Byrd. During their time together, each of the band members put together their song ideas to come up with the album which is why it is titled “Our Music.” // This album was originally recorded in 1983 at Bump Funk Studios but was never released due to various circumstances. The original recordings were lost over time (like most of his music) and recently discovered in Bump’s attic. Bump’s son, Jeremy Scott, let the executives at Lotuspool Records listen to the music and it was undeniable that it had to be shared with the world. Although the original analog recordings were damaged, the music has been digitally remastered. // This album being released is a dream come true for Bump and the band and a loving tribute to the band members no longer with us (Herman, Terry and Wanda). We hope you enjoy the vibes of an amazing era of soul! “We are The Bump Band…and we’re coming to your town. // Everybody get ready, cause we’re gonna get down!”]

111. Kokoroko – Could We Be More / Brownswood / August 2022

[.Kokoroko is a London-based eight-piece musical group led by Sheila Maurice-Grey, playing a fusion of jazz and Afrobeat. In February 2019 they were named “ones to watch” by the Guardian, after their track “Abusey Junction” garnered 23 million views on YouTube. In February 2020 they won Best Group at the Urban Music Awards. In September 2020 they played BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. // They released their debut album COULD WE BE MORE, in August 2022.]

112. Stacy Busch – Finder / Stacy Busch / October 5, 2022

[FINDER was written during the 8 week international and virtual residency OneBeat Virtual 3. Each piece was created using home audio and visual recordings from the musicians in the residency program. The majority of the tracks in the pieces are, in fact, samples from these recordings that have been manipulated in various ways. Stacy writes, “Thank you to OneBeat, Found Sound Nation and the U.S. Department of State Cultural Affairs for the opportunity to participate in OneBeat Virtual 3. Additionally, thank you to the entire cohort of OneBeat Virtual 3 fellows for their artistry and inspiration and to Anton Maskeliade for facilitating this process.” // Featuring: Goodluck Babatunde, Eduardo Pininga, Lucy Little, A.yoni Jeffries, Kateyrna Kostrova, Ivona Eterović, Takahara Suiko, Sokhibjon Kurbanov, Anton Maskeliade, Tewdros Fantahun Ejigu, Bawari Basanti, Sruti Sarathy, J.J. Pearse // Thank you to Gorbi for all album artwork and Vaughan Harrison for photography. // Earlier this year Stacy Busch released music from ghe production of:“When/Time” originally presented in Charlotte Street Foundation’s Black Box Theater, 3333 Wyoming St., KCMO, on June 25 & 26, 2021. Busch was named a 2020 Charlotte Street Foundation Generative Performing Artist. This project, intended for 2020, was delayed due to the pandemic. “When/Time,” will now go on tours to health centers, behavioral health/addiction centers, and schools.. “What is certain is that Busch is an important emerging compositional voice, fearless in its vulnerability, and able to pull disparate musical genres into a cohesive whole without artifice.” -KC METROPOLIS. Stacy Busch is a composer and performer. Her concerts and productions are designed to be provocative yet accessible in order to cultivate broader artistic interest and, in particular, reach under-served and/or misrepresented communities. Stacy is the founder and president of No Divide KC, an arts and social justice non-profit that creates artistic events for social causes. Artistically, her work deals with internal conflicts that are often taken abstractly from her personal experiences with addiction and bipolar disorder. These experiences of duality both in the mind and body are universal and her work expresses this underlying human vulnerability. Stacy’s work has been performed nationally as well as in France and Iceland. In 2020, Stacy’s non-profit No Divide KC is producd the 1st Annual Queer Narratives Festival. Also in 2020 Stacy worked on composing the new music and theater production, When/Time in partnership with Charlotte Street Foundation. COVID-19 has changed the dated of this performance. Stacy also has collaborative projects in the works with The Mid America Freedom Band. Recently, Stacy released a new project and subsequent album, titled Mass, which she premiered at MTH Theater. Stacy has performed at Splice Electroacoustic Music Festival, she scored the documentary “The Ordinance Project” which premiered at the Kansas City LGBTQ Film festival, she partnered with Gilda’s Club KC, Owen/Cox Dance Group and Charlotte Street Foundation to compose and perform the music for “Collective: Our Stories of Cancer,” other service with No Divide KC includes partnerships with the Kansas City Ballet School and the Johnson County Library. In addition to Kansas City, Stacy’s work has been featured at the University of Colorado-Boulder, UMKC Conservatory of Music a& Dance, Western Michigan University & Central Michigan University. It has also been performed by ensembles including: loadbang, Bent Frequency and the Beo String Quartet. She is a 2020 Charlotte Street Foundation Generative Performing Artist Fellow. Stacy has received grants from ArtsKC, ArtSounds, Charlotte Street Foundation and the UMKC Women’s Council. Stacy received her MM In composition from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and her BM in composition from Western Michigan University. Her teachers include Rome Prize winners Paul Rudy & James Mobberley as well as Pulitzer Prize winners Zhou Long and Chen Yi. Other influential teachers include Guggenheim Fellow Curtis Curtis-Smith, Christopher Biggs & Lisa Coons. Prior to studying music, Stacy studied journalism at Boston University.]

113. Tucker Slough – Lx Obvix / Tucker Slough / January 15, 2022

[Kansas City based MC, drummer, and actor. Tucker Slough is a husband and father. Tucker Slough is a veteran of the Kansas City Music Community. Tucker is an MC who has been compared to Eminem, though he doesn’t like the comparison. Tucker’s music is incredibly original, theatrical, hilarious, political, making social commentary with song, and the poetry of hipHis father is Fred Slough a well know Kansas City Attorney, and part of the progressive law firm Slough Conneally Irwin and Madden who had offices above The Corner Restaurant in Westport, back when Westport was progressive and cool. The late Kathleen Conneally was an Attorney for KKFI in our early years. Kay Madden was a regular contributor to KKFI’s The Tenth Voice for over a decade. // Tucker was part of the band ShinyJets an experimental rock band formed in Chicago in 2004 when drummer Tucker Slough encountered Singer/Guitarist Shanté Clair performing at a party thrown by a mutual friend in the Rogers Park area. The two struck up a friendship and began trying to incorporate Tucker’s drumming into Shanté’s existing solo project, The Maybe. Soon they began writing new songs and pushing their musical ideas further, incorporating looping pedals and other electronics until they had compiled a number of songs. Some time afterwards, Tucker moved back to his hometown of Kansas City and Shanté left Chicago to live in New York for a number of years. Around 2014, the two began working on new songs together, with Shanté writing songs that Tucker would then add drums parts to and send back via Dropbox. Within a short time the material they were creating began to take shape and discussions began about re-establishing the band. In March of 2015 Shanté packed up and moved to Kansas City to begin work on the project that would assume the moniker Shiny Jets. Incorporating songs written back in Chicago and those songs written long distance between New York and Kansas City, the two began adding layers of sampling and further experimentation with even more complex looping and arrangements. Shiny Jets are no longer a band. Info at: or Info at:

Tucker Slough Discography

Sloughterhouse V, released in 2007
23-track album, Produced by Tucker Slough in Chicago and Kansas City. Featuring the cartoon bear.

Tucker Slough: The Sloughvinci Code, released 2007-2008
15-track album, recorded in KCMO 2007, 2008 in a house near Topp Boom’s crib. All production by Tucker Slough. Rhymes by Tucker Slough.

Sloughchwitz. released in 2009-ish
Sloughschwitz is a concept album recorded in and around Kansas City in 2009-ish, at a time when Tucker Slough was obsessively studying the bizarre and fascinating, crypto-right wing extremist Lyndon Larouche cult, and observing in horror the growth of the right-wing extremism in the United States and around the world. All music and rhymes by Tucker Slough except Negro Sco verse on his cameo song. This album has a conspicuous absence of the cartoon bear.

Neonderthal released in 2014
28-track album, Produced by Luke Rocha and Tucker Slough, compact disc and digital download available at- Recorded in KC, 2014. Symbol Heavy Recordings

Lx Obvix, was released January 15, 2022.

Tucker Slough has also released two vinyl albums:
EPs 1 & 2, and EPs 3 & 4, with Shante’ Clair for their band, ShinyJets.

114. Luke Petet – Seventh Spell / Luke Petet / May 20, 2022

[SEVENTH SPELL was recorded 2018-2022 in Kansas City, Denver, Boulder, Lawrence, Black, Rolla, and Springfield, in houses and basements and during the day and night and sometimes cars or in the woods on various tape or digital recorders assembled from the various tapes and fragments in 2022. Luke Petit was born in Blue Springs, Missouri but calls Kansas City his home. SEVENTH SPELL is his first big solo project. Luke also plays Pedal Steel for the Kansas City baed band, Hellfire Club. Luke released 4-track EP, DOGME95, on April 8, 2022. Luke Petet released the single, “Bleach+Hands” on April 15, 2022. More info at:]

115. LOQSA – the future was better – version 1 / LOQSA / April 1, 2022

[Kansas City, Kansas based LOQSA offers atmospheric synths and music that will stick in your head for days with a unique blend of pop-laden hooks and sleek and chilled out charm. About “the future was better – version 1” LOQSA writes, “This is the first version of the album that I’ve yet to figure out what to do with. I would eventually love to put lyrics on it but I don’t think my vocals fit. Until then, it’s purely instrumental.

116. Siilk – Siilk / Siilk / July 1, 2022

[Produced by Justin Mantooth and Siilk. Recorded and mixed by Justin Mantooth at Westend Recording
Studios in Kansas City.]

117. Bootkrieg – The Power Storm EP / Bootkrieg / June 17, 2022

[Bootkrieg & The Krieg Street Band: N. Krieg on vocals; N. Krieg on guitars; N. Krieg on bass; N. Krieg on bass. ‘Recording Engineer’ / ‘Mix’ / ‘Master’: N. Krieg]

118. Barbara Stant – Eccentric Soul: The Shiptown Label / Numero Group / 2022

[Before she was the Queen of the Norfolk Sound, Barbara Holmes was a teenage hopeful auditioning with a few friends inside Noah Biggs’ Nimrod record shop. Upstairs was the office for Norfolk, Virginia’s Shiptown Records, Biggs’ upstart soul label, and the place she’d call home for the next decade under the name Barbara Stant. She started out on backing vocals in the in-house Idets beehive trio, but Biggs knew that talent of Stant’s caliber demanded a spotlight all her own. A dozen sides were tracked over the next decade, producing a body of work that stretched from deep soul to crossover, northern to sister funk. By 1978 disco was in overdrive, Noah Biggs was in the ground, and Stant’s career on hold. My Mind Holds Onto Yesterday compiles here complete Shiptown Recordings, cementing her “Queen” status for the digital age.]

119. Lucinda Williams – You Are Cordially Invited… A Tribute to the Rolling Stones / Highway 20 Records / 2022

[Lu’s Jukebox is a six-volume series of mostly full-band performances recorded live at Ray Kennedy’s Room & Board Studio in Nashville, TN. Each volume features a themed set of songs by other artists curated by the multi-Grammy award winner, Lucinda Williams. // Lucinda Gayle Williams was born January 26, 1953. She is an American rock, folk and country music singer, songwriter and musician. She recorded her first albums, Ramblin’ on My Mind (1979) and Happy Woman Blues (1980), in a traditional country and blues style and received little public or radio attention. In 1988, she released her eponymous third album, Lucinda Williams, to critical raves. Widely regarded as “an Americana classic”, the album also features “Passionate Kisses”, a song later recorded by Mary Chapin Carpenter, which garnered Williams her first Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1994. Known for working slowly, Williams’ fourth album, Sweet Old World, appeared four years later in 1992. Sweet Old World was met with further critical acclaim, and was voted the 11th best album of 1992 in The Village Voice’s Pazz & Jop, an annual poll of prominent music critics. // Williams’ commercial breakthrough came in 1998 with Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, an album presenting a broader scope of songs that fused rock, blues, country and Americana into a distinctive style that remained consistent and commercial in sound. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, which includes the singles “Right in Time” and the Grammy nominated “Can’t Let Go”, became Williams’ greatest commercial success to date. The album was certified Gold by the RIAA the following year, and earned her a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album, while being universally acclaimed by critics. Williams’ follow up album, Essence, appeared three years later in 2001, to further critical acclaim and commercial success, becoming her first Top 40 album on the Billboard 200, peaking at No. 28. Featuring a more downbeat musical tone, with spare, intimate arrangements, the album earned Williams three Grammy nominations in 2002, including Best Contemporary Folk Album, while the single “Get Right with God” won her the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. // One of the most celebrated singer/songwriters of her generation, Williams has released a string of albums since that have earned her further critical acclaim and commercial success, including World Without Tears (2003), West (2007), Little Honey (2008), Blessed (2011), and Good Souls Better Angels (2020). Among her various accolades, she has won three Grammy Awards, from 17 nominations, and has received two Americana Awards (one competitive, one honorary), from 11 nominations. Williams ranked No. 97 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Rock & Roll in 1999, and was named “America’s best songwriter” by Time magazine in 2002. In 2015, Rolling Stone ranked her as the 79th greatest songwriter of all time. In 2017, she received the Berklee College of Music Honorary Doctor of Music Degree, and ranked No. 91 on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Country Artists of All Time. In 2020, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road ranked No. 97, and Lucinda Williams ranked No. 426, on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.]

120. The Blast Monkeys — Summer Camp / The Blast Monkeys / July 18, 2022

[The Blast Monkeys are two dudes making music out of Tonganoxie, Kansas. Formed in 2017 by high school best friends, Scott Vick & Kyle Chambers, they plan to make music their career by any means. Their songs fuse high-energy drums and catchy guitar riffs with goofy jokes and a “passionate” stage presence that is sure to win over any crowd. For more info: and

The Blast Monkeys – Discography

Summer Camp (9-track Album) / July 18. 2022
“Capo 2.0” (Single) / February 16, 2022
Big Things, Small Places (4-track EP) / August 21, 2021
Washed Out (3-track EP) / December 16, 2019
Moon Juice (5-track EP) / March 25, 2019

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