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Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Red Kate + Wells The Traveler + Sinple

1. 40 Watt Dreams – “40 Watt Dreams”
rom: 40 Watt Dreams / Independent / December 3, 2012
[Katie West (one half of the musical duo, Truckstop Honeymoon) fronts 40 Watt Dreams, a 5 piece band based in Lawrence, Kansas. Also release as Katie Euliss.]

[40 Watt Dreams will open for Wells the Traveler for the CD Release Show of their debut album, “One for the Dreamers” at The Brick, Friday, Aug 23.]

2. Ghosty – “Love U 2”
rom: “Love 2 U” – Single / Hi Dive Records / July 15, 2013
[Recorded June 2013 at Westend Studios, in Kansas City, Kansas. Released July 15, 2013. mike nolte – bass, engineering, mastering; andrew connor – guitar, keys, vocals; bill belzer – drums, percussion. In anticipation of the re-release of their third album “Ghosty” available ontheir new label, KC based Hi Dive Records, the band recorded a new song. Prior to embarking on a short eastern tour July. More info at ghostysounds.com.]

3. Wells The Traveler – “Oh My Love”
from: One For The Dreamers / Independent / August 23, 2013

10:15 – Interview with Danny McGaw, Jason Jones & Dan Hines of Wells the Traveler

Manchester, England born Danny McGaw released one of our favorite recordings of 2012 with his album “Eccles Road.” Since that recording he has been playing with drummer Jason Jones and bassist Dan Hines (of the famed Lawrence band Paw), Chad Brothers on guitar, and musician, producer, and member of the famed duo Truckstop Honeymoon, Mike West, who was initially brought in to produce the group’s debut recording, and ended up becoming the fifth member of the band. The result is: Wells the Traveler, and a debut recording called “One for the Dreamers” to be released in a CD Release Show at The Brick, Friday, August 23, with 40 Watt Dreams. More information at: wellsthetraveler.com

Danny McGaw, was a pro-soccer player, turned street singer, who played the sidewalks of Santa Monica, before landing in Kansas City. Danny’s adventurous spirit was a good match for Mike West. Danny talked about how he met Mike West and they agreed to do this project. It was the muddy campground of the Walnut Valley Bluegrass festival, where Danny met Mike West.

Jason Jones talked about how he came to be in the band with Dan Hines on bass & Chad Brothers on guitar.

Mike West, is a veteran banjo player, respected producer, one half of Trucktop Honeymoon with his wife Katie, who we played at the start of the show with 40 Watt Dreams. We’ve recently featured Mike’s work as producer on the Betse Ellis release, “High Moon Order” and his collaborations with other musicians including Kasey Rausch. Mike West lived in Manchester England in the 1980s, touring with indie rock bands of that time.

Danny Mcgaw talked about the name Wells The Traveler, and how Wells was a lost family name that his father wanted to give him as a middle name.

“One for the Dreamers” was recorded at the 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor in Lawrence. The chemistry between the musicians in the studio was extraordinary. Dynamic arrangements combined with expressive vocal performances to produce an album full of subtlety, power and raw feeling. “After 3 days of recording, we realized we had experienced something exceptional ,” says Danny McGaw, “It was like a meditation, like a kind of church.”

The music of Wells the Traveler ranges from anthemic to bare and intimate, from garage rock to folk, searing electric guitars to mandolin and banjo. It is a rare meeting of British rock and American acoustic traditions in finely crafted songs, sung with honesty and heart.

Wells the Traveler debut “One for the Dreamers” will be released in a CD Release Show at The Brick, Fri, Aug 23, w/ 40 Watt Dreams. More info at: wellsthetraveler.com

4. Wells The Traveler – “Stand Up Straight”
from: One For The Dreamers / Independent / August 23, 2013


5. Sinple – “Wallpaper”
from: Wallpaper – Single / http://www.sinple.bandcamp.com / April 23, 2013

10:38 – Underwriting

10:39 – Interview / Performance with Sinple

Experimental electronic musical artist, Jesse Bartmess who pefoms under the moniker, Sinple joined us to talk about his recent recordings and to play LIVE in our 90.1 FM Studios.

Jesse talked about how he started making experimental, electronic music.

“Wallpaper” was released in late April, and followed up with “June Demos” a 10 track release that came out in mid june, followed by the EP “Dust.” Jesse and mark talked about how creating music electronically and making the music available digitally seems to allow for a more accelerated production of music.

People think of electronic music as a product of the studio, but Jesse talked about performing live, and described the experience as Bliss.

Jesse Bartmess went to school at Shawnee Mission North, and is a big fan of music and a supporter of the local scene.


6. Sinple – “a new, original, as yet untitled song” (LIVE)

You can hear all of sinple’s music at http://www.sinple.bandcamp.com


6. Summer Osborne – “I Love Your Shine”
from: As I Am / Summer Osborne / June 30, 2013
[St. Louis based singer songwriter Summer Osborne has been performing on stage since the age of four. She has been performing her original music since 2005, releasing 8 full-length albums and an EP. Since 2009, Summer has been constantly on tour playing Pridefests in St. Louis, Vancouver, Columbia, Memphis, Springfield, Lexington, Belleville.]

11:00 – Station ID

7. The Dead Girls – “Never Erased”
from: Fade In/Fade Out / Independent / 2013
[The Dead Girls (formerly Dead Girls Ruin Everything) were formed in 2004 from the Lawrence and KC power-pop bands: Ultimate Fakebook and Podstar. Guitarists / singers JoJo Longbottom & Cameron Hawk, of Podstar, combine their twin-guitar engines and vocal harmonies with the powerful rhythmic punches of drummer Eric Melin & bassist Nick Colby, of Ultimate Fakebook. Produced by Chris Cosgrove who produced their 2010 album “Out Of Earshot.”]

[The Dead Girls play The Arts and Crafts Festival at Screenland Armour, Sat. August 24. More info at: http://www.artsandcraftskc.com]

8. Man Bear – “Out of the Cool (Alternative Mix)”
from: You Know (Alternate) b/w Out of the Cool (Alternate) / Independent / April 20, 2013
[Alternate mixes of two tracks off the Infinity Cat EP. The drums no longer sound like they were recorded in a tin can. The band’s EP Infinity Cat was recorded September-December 2012 in Keith and Alex’s basements, and released December 11, 2012. Aaron – Bass, Alex- Vocals, Guitars, Electronics, Keith- Drums.]

[Man Bear play The Arts and Crafts Festival at Screenland Armour, Fri. August 24. More info at: http://www.artsandcraftskc.com]

11:08 – Underwriting


9. The Quivers – “Hip On Ya”
from: (Single) / Independent / Mar. 5, 2012
[One of 4 single releases from Terra Peal- Vocals & Bass, Todd Grantham- Keys & Vocals, Abe Haddad- Guitar & Vocals, Bernie Dugan- Drums.]

[The Quivers open for Red Kate at Davey’s Uptown, Fri, Aug 23, w/ Steady States, The Bad Ideas. Terra Peal & Todd Grantham of The Quivers join Red Kate on stage, as they did on the recording.]

10. Red Kate – “Union Voice (Radio Edit)”
from: When the troubles come (Vinyl) / Replay Records USA / August 23, 2013
[In the review of the debut EP, The Pitch wrote, “Bassist and lead vocalist L. Ron Drunkard, (aka Shaun Saving) is a socialist activist by day, bellows like an Appalachian Roger Daltrey.” Andrew Whelan – Drums/Vocals, Brad Huhmann – Guitar]

[Red Kate plays a CD Release Show at Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, Friday, August 23, with The Quivers, Steady States, and The Bad Ideas. Terra Peal and Todd Grantham of The Quivers join Red Kate on stage, as they did on the recording.]

11:16 – Interview with L. Ron Drunkard & Desmond Poirier of Red Kate

The Kansas City based Punk Rock band Red Kate is a 4-piece group that has been rocking venues since 2007. “When the Troubles Come” is the band’s first full-length album and first on Lawrence, KS based Replay Records. Red Kate plays a CD Release Show at Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, Friday, August 23, with The Quivers, Steady States, and The Bad Ideas. joining us in the studio are the band’s bass player, and lead guitarist

In the review of Red Kate’s 3-song EP, from a few years back, The Pitch wrote, “Bassist and lead vocalist L. Ron Drunkard, is a socialist activist by day, bellows like an Appalachian Roger Daltrey.”

“Union Voice” is the first track on “When the troubles come.” Mark talked about how in the past year Wednesday MidDay Medley has featured KC based punk bands: The Bad ideas, and members of the bands, Hip Shot Killer, and Smash The State, and surveyed music from the Center of The City Festival. mark and Shawn talked about how the genre of punk music in KC is not afraid to get political, and deal lyrically and musically with the problems of the day including unemployment, war, gay rights.

The new Red Kate LP contains eleven honest, high-energy punk rock and roll numbers handcrafted in hi-fidelity sound to carry you through the work week and into the weekend.

“When the Troubles Come”was Engineered by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City.

The band made every attempt to capture the raw power and grit of their live show while adding an extra spark with guest performances from two members of Kansas City R&B garage rockers, The Quivers – organist and pianist Todd Grantham & vocalist Terra Peal.


11. Red Kate – “Pink Sweater”
From: When the troubles come (Vinyl) / Replay Records USA / August 23, 2013


“When the Troubles Come”was Pressed on red vinyl with cover art by midwestern muralist and populist agitator, Dave Loewenstein, and hand printed locally by La Cucaracha Press, When the Troubles Come blurs the line between a fine piece of art and a rock and roll record.

Red Kate has two upcoming shows:

Friday, August 23rd at Davey’s Uptown w/ The Quivers, The bad Ideas, and Steady States (Terra & Todd will be joining Red Kate)

Saturday, Sept 14, Black Label Cycles, w/ The Big Iron, The Uncouth and The Bad Ideas ALL AGES!!!

When the Troubles Come is available at record stores throughout Kansas City and Lawrence, and online at replayrecordsusa.com and redkate.bandcamp.com.

Distributed by Revolver / Midheaven.

Formed out of the remnants of such regional and national acts as Truck Stop Love, Wayback Machine, Squadcar, and the River City Revelator’s, Red Kate’s experience has helped them persevere in an industry that can love you one minute and spit you out the next.

Sonically, the band tips a cap to the beer soaked barroom floors of the short lived early 70’s British Pub-Rock scene and the modern blues-punk sounds that have since taken root in the Midwest’s dive bars and basements. Hard working both on and off the stage, the band’s locale has lent its perspective in sound, lyric, and work ethic. Straight off the factory line, Red Kate hearkens back to a time when musicians played hard, stayed up late, and carried a union card.


12. Red Kate – “Your Favorite Song”
from: When the troubles come (Vinyl) / Replay Records USA / August 23, 2013

[Red Kate plays a CD Release Show at Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, Friday, August 23, with The Quivers, Steady States, and The Bad Ideas. Terra Peal and Todd Grantham of The Quivers join Red Kate on stage, as they did on the recording.]


We gave away 2 pairs of tickets for The New Century Follies: “Ballyhoo Hulabaloo!” The big event is Saturday, August 24, at 7:30pm at The Folly Theatre. More info at: http://www.thenewcenturyfollies.com

13. Clairaudients – “Broken Mend”
from: I’m a Loudmouth, You’re a Puppet / Independent / June 29, 2013
[Music and Lyrics by Clairaudients: Eric Fain – Graphite Neck Electric Bass, Backup Vocals; Brandon Gardner – Electric Guitars; Blaire Geenens – Drumset; Chase Horseman – Grand piano, Backup Vocals, Bigsby Strums; Patrick Robinson – Lead Vocals, Electric Rhythm Guitar; Jordan Thompson – Lead Vocals, Electric Slide Guitar, Backup Vocals. Recorded from January to June, 2013 with Jeff Pickman at Massive Sound Studios. Produced by Jeff Pickman and Clairaudients]

[Ink Magazine Local Music Summer Showcase presents Clairaudients live for a pre game show at Kauffman Stadium on Today, Wednesday August 21st. The band plays at 6:00pm, The Royals vs. White Sox game starts at 7:00pm.]

14. Dead Voices – “Trust A Fool”
from: Dead Voices / Independent / April 20, 2013
[KC Super-Group, was formed in 2010. The band includes: David Regnier, Jason Beers, Matt Richey, Michael Stover, Marco Pascolini and sometimes Lauren Krum who sings with David on “Pardoning”on the EP. David Regnier was part of critically acclaimed band The Afterparty, that released three full length recordings. He formed Dead Voices with Jason Beers of The Brannock Device, and Mike Stover and Matt Richey of The Grisly Hand, and Marco Pascolini who plays in The Brannock Device with Jason, and his founder of Mr. Marcos V7 and band that also include Mike Stover. Also joining the band on a semi regular basis is Lauren Krum who aside from her lead vocals with The Grisly Hand, also sings with David as the duo Ruddy Swain.]

[The Dead Voices Trio plays with Elaine McMilian in a show Friday, August 23, at CODA]

15. Mikal Shapiro – “For Good”
from: For Good / Independent / 2010
[Featuring David Regnier of The After Party and Dead Voices singing & playing guitar w/ Mikal.]

[Mikal Shapiro plays Davey’s Uptown, Sat, Aug. 24 with Heart’s Anne McCue with Amy Farrand.]


25. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes on tracks: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org

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