#438 – September 12, 2012 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mikal Shapiro
+ Guest Producer & Guest Co-Host Clint Hoffmeier

In our first hour, Mr. Clint Hoffmeier joined us as our Guest Producer & Guest Co-Host. Clint Hoffmeier is a musician who plays with several bands, including The Ned Ludd Band, and Vehicle. Clint has been in the music scene in Kansas City for many years and also manages the live music at Coda, at 18th and Broadway, in Kansas City’s Crossroads.

The first 7 songs featured music produced by Deerwolfanimalbear

1. Deerwolfanimalbear – “Vera Historia”
from: Demo Recordings / Independent / 2012
[Brent Jamison, Chas Felkins are Deerwolfanimalbear and they have a recording studio of the same name.]

2. The Ned Ludd Band – “Why Did It Have to Be the Furniture Store Misti” from: Demo Recording / Independent / 2012
[Clint Hoffmeier, Jordan Carver, Aaron Fuhr. Produced by Brent Jamison who now plays drums w/ the band.]


3. Mark Harvey – “Kitten with a Whip”
from: Demo Recordings / Independent / 2012

4. Deerwolfanimalbear & Dream Wolf–“Astral-Wolf (of my dreams and into my car)”
from: Demo Recordings / Independent / 2012
[Chas and Brent + Christian Tady – Electric Guitar, Tess Jehle – Drums, Megan Zander – Vocals, Katelyn Boone – Keyboards, Brent Jamison – Bass.]

5. The Sour Babies – “Amputation”
from: Demo Recordings / Independent / 2011
[Brent Jamison, Chas Felkins, Mark Harvey, Mary Sanders, Ben Hume and Jason Martinez of Sour Babies played live on our July 20, 2011 show]


6. Vehicle – “Two Bridges”
from: Demo Recordings / Independent / 2012
[Justin Hoffmeier, Clint Hoffmeier, Brian Sifton, Adam Herbig, Adam Manchion.]

10:30 – Underwriting


7. The B’Dinas – “Five-Days of Weekend” (A Remix)
from: Morning Party / Independent / Feb. 25, 2012
[The B’Dinas joined us on our Feb. 22 WMM. The band includes: Katy Guillen (guitar/vocals/harmonica), Meredith McGrade (guitar/vocals), Peter Lawless (bass/vocals/saxophone), Katelyn Boone (keys/vocals/bass), and Tess Jehle (drums). “Morning Party,” (follow-up to their 2010 debut “Homemade Rock & Roll.”)

The next 4 songs featured music from bands associated with Sara & Chris Teasley

8. The New Lost Souls – “Open My Eyes”
from: Demo Recordings / Independent / 2012
[This band recently changed their name to “The Heavy Figs.”

9. Thee Devotion – “Please Do”
from: Demo Recordings / Independent / 2012
[Band includes Chris Teasley]


10. The Cave Girls – “I Can I Will Or I Wont”
from: The Cave Girls / Cave Out Records / Feb 4, 2012
[TCG played on our April 18 WMM. The band includes: Robin Campbell, Sara Teasley, & Stephanie Williams. Debut produced by Pat Tomek at Largely Studios in KC. ]

11. The Lucky Graves – “Extinction”
from: Demo Recordings / Independent / 2012

12. The Ned Ludd Band– “In A Duel (Remix)”
from: (Single Release) / Independent / July 2012
[Clint Hoffmeier, Jordan Carver, Aaron Fuhr. Produced by Brent Jamison who now plays drums w/ the band.]

11:00 – 3 songs from Midwestern Audio Vol. 1

“Midwestern Audio Vol. 1” is an amazing new compilation assembled for Midwest Music Foundation by Brenton Cook and co-sponsored by Ink Magazine featuring over 40 bands. More information at MidwestMusicFound.org The official release is: Sunday, September 23 at 8:00 PM at recordBar, 1020 Westport Rd. on with Reach with Diverse, The Grand Marquis, and Everyday-Everynight, all of whom are also on the compilation. Brenton Cook joins us next week on the show.

13. Antennas Up – “Coming Up”
from: The Awkward Phase / Independent / April 24, 2012
[Formed in KC in 2008. The band has performed at South By Southwest and over 30 Universities and toured w/ Girl Talk, Electric Six, Flogging Molly, Matt & Kim, Ha Ha Tonka, and Company Of Thieves. Kyle Akers – Lead Vocals/Bass; Bo McCall – Guitar/Vocals; The Ryantist – Drums/Vocals; Jonny Universe – Guitar/Keys/Vocals]

[Antennas Up play Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday, September 19, before the Royals vs White Sox Game, presented by INK Magazine]

[Antennas Up play recordBar, 1020 Westport Rd. on Sunday, September 23 at 8:00 p.m. with Reach with Diverse, The Grand Marquis, and Everyday-Everynight, for the Compilation Release Party of Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 presented by Midwest Music Foundation]

14. The Empty Spaces – “Holidays Are Nice And Warm”
from: Party Line / Golden Sound Records / 2012
[KC based band formed from a studio band that recorded Mat Shoare’s solo album The Empty Spaces in 2010. Mat Shoare is also a founding member of Everyday/Everynight and a founding partner in Golden Sound Records.]

[The Empty Spaces play The Jackpot Lounge in Lawrence Friday, September 14, with Cherokee Rock Rigle, and The Whicker & Pine.]

[The Empty Spaces play The Plaza Art Fair (featuring 21 bands, over three days, live on the INK magazine Stage) Saturday, September 22, with John McKenna Band, Hidden Pictures, Fullbloods, Blackbird Revue, Grisly Hand, Cadillac Flambe, Sons of Great Dane, Kristen May, Making Movies, and Quiet Corral]

[The Empty Spaces play The Brick Friday, September 21, with Shy Boys.]

15. Be / Non – “Yoko’s Alright”
from: Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 / Midwest Music Foundation / September 23, 2012
[Brodie Rush – VOX, GUITAR, SYNTH, Ben Ruth – BASS, VOX, SYNTH, Jeremiah James – GUITAR, VOX, PERCUSSION, SYNTH, Ryan Shank – DRUMS, IPOD, SEX APPEAL, “yeahs” and “bom-bom-boms” ]

[To be included in their new release coming soon!]

11:10 – Underwriting

16. Mikal Shapiro – “The Situation”
from: The Crow The Lark And The Loon / Independent / 2008

11:14 – Interview with Mikal Shapiro and her niece, Chloe

Mikal Shapiro and her niece Chloe

17. Mikal Shapiro – “GGGGrrrls” (Opening Song)
from: Music for “Go! Go! Global Girls” / Independent / 2012
[with Mikal doing LIVE V.O. during “GGGGrrrls”

Singer Songwriter, Artist, Curator, Journalist, Mikal Shapiro just moved back home to Kansas City after a seven-year hiatus in New York, Hawaii and Chicago. Mikal studied Film History, Film, and Writing at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. Mikal recently received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying Film, Video, New Media, and Animation. Her full length solo releases “The Crow The Lark And The Loon from 2008, and “For Good” from 2010 have been acclaimed by local music writers. Mikal recently opened for Eleni Mandell and also toured through the west and last week performed in the Crossroad Music Fest. Mikal Shapiro joins us to talk about her new web television project, “Go! Go! Global Girls,” which launches September 29.

“Go! Go! Global Girls” has been in a project that Mikal has been working on for sometime now, and i know you told me this was inspired by your 11- year old niece, who collaborated on the project.

Go! Go! Global Girls started right before Mikal returned to school for filmmaking. She asked her nieces if they wanted to do a super hero show with her. They, of course, said YES! and went about designing their costumes and naming their super powers. The only catch was that they would have to address real-world problems. They decided on “pollution” which led them to “water pollution” which led them to an endangered animal from the Ozarks called the Hellbender whose population has been devastated by careless human practices.

In the process of creating the show, the lines between the fantasy part of the story and the documentary parts began to blur. Mikal plays their radical eco-feminist secret agent aunt who has gone missing. They play a group of adventuresome sisters whose curiosity leads them to discover truths about their family, community and the power of their own imagination.

Mikal brought her niece Chloe to join us on the radio.

“Go! Go! Global Girls,” launches September 29 at GoGoGlobalGrls.com.

Mikal Shapiro performs as part of Devils and Angels: Featuring – Betse Ellis, and John L. Keck, at Coda, Thursday, September 20, at 8:00pm

Mikal Shapiro plays at Prospero’s Bookstore with Brian Frame, on Saturday, September 29 at 10:30 pm.

More info about Mikal Shapiro is available at: mikalshapiro.com

Mikal Shapiro’s St. Louis friends Fire Dog released a track inspired by the project with a voice-over by Canadian Folk Legend Bruce Cockburn. I’ve included it as a wave attachment.

18. Firedog – “Hellbender”
from: Music for “Go! Go! Global Girls” / Independent / 2012


19. She’s A Keeper – “Emma’s Song”
from: Special release from new recordings / Independent / August, 2012
[5-piece band from Kansas City, includes: Fritz Hutchison – vocals, banjo, percussion; Zac Jurden – vocals, guitar; Colin Nelson – vocals, guitar; Elliott Phillips – bass, mandolin; Kate Sopcich – cello, keyboard. She’s A Keeper is currently working on a second full-length album.]

[She’s A Keeper play The Plaza Art Fair (featuring 21 bands, over three days, live on the INK magazine Stage, Sunday, September 23, with David Burchfield & the Great Stop, The Natural State, Sara Swenson, and The Canes from Chicago.]

20. Gemini Revolution – “Sizuka”
from: Gemini Revolution / Upstairs Recordings / September 20, 2012
[Gemini Revolution is: Dedric Moore, Delaney Moore, Mika Tayana]

[Dedric Moore reports to us that Gemini Revolution has been asked to perform at this years Pop Montreal Festival on September 20. Upstairs Recordings (Canada) will be releasing their full length debut to coincide with the festival date.]


21. Deco Auto – “Accident I Am”
from: Past Mistakes and Hauntings / Independent / 2012
[Steven Garcia – guitar, vocals; Tracy Flowers – bass, vocals; Michelle Bacon – drums. Rec. at Audio Cave Recording Studios w/ Scott Martinez.]

[Deco Auto play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club Fri, Sept. 14, w/ Urges from Elsewhere, The Quivers]

22. The Quivers – “Blue Light”
from: I Gots To Have It! / Independent / August, 2012

[The Quivers play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club Fri, Sept. 14, w/ Urges from Elsewhere, Deco Auto]

23. Alacartoona – “Drowning All My Sorrows”
from: Fantoche / Money Wolf / September 14, 2012 [Radio Premiere]
[This song will be available to all Wednesday MidDay Medley listeners, as a free download right after the show at: http://www.facebook.com/Alacartoona where yo can “Like” their page, there is download link.]

[Alacartoona’s Official “Fantoche” CD Release Party, this Fri, Sept. 14 at Nica’s 320 is SOLD OUT]

[Alacartoona plays Kill Devil Club, at 31 E 14th St Kansas City, MO Saturday, Oct. 13th at 8:00PM]

[Alacartoona plays the Signing Party for Pete Dulin’s Cookbook “Last Bite” at Le Fou Frog, Thursday, Nov. 15, at 7:30pm.]

[Alacartoona plays Californos on Saturday, Dec. 22 at 8:00pm]

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:
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Show #438


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