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Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Country Superstar Ty Herndon + Jazz Artist Alyssa Murray +
Guest Producer Nico Gray

Nico Gray, Alyssa Murray, Ty Herndon, & Greg Morey

Nico Gray, Alyssa Murray, Ty Herndon, & Greg Morey

Nico Gray, joined us as “Guest Producer” for our first hour. Nico is a former theatre actor, performance artist, writer, and is currently a marketing and advertising consultant. He once worked at Limelight in Chicago, and once won a Mick Jagger look-a-like contest. Rooted in KC, Nico grew with radio, learning to communicate through music and lyrical expression. Nico writes that, “Music has always served as the ‘passport’ through spiritual journeys that have transplanted him to the brownstones of Chicago, the rooftops of Paris, the sea-side of Marseille and the balconies of NYC. ”

1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / Universal / Dec 20, 1979 [WMM’s theme song]

2. Alfred Hall — “Intro”
from: Wilderness / Sony / 2013
[Norwegian indie pop duo, formed in the summer of 2009 by Bjørn Tveit on vocals & guitar, and Hans Thomas Kiær on guitar, the Norwegian town Drammen. Their debut single, “So Bright” was nominated for “Ukas Urørt” in 2011, and was released the year after following a period of repackaging in the Tinnitus studio in Bergen. Their first album, “Wilderness”, came out exclusively in Norway in 2013, and was nominated for the Spellemann Award (the Norwegian “Grammy”) in the category “Pop Group of the Year”. On October 9th, Alfred Hall, as one of three artist, performed at the opening night of the first JaJaJa club night in Fluxbau, Berlin. They released their first international EP in the fall of 2014, called “Alfred Hall EP”. Their first international single, “The King of Cape” was released in the beginning of 2015. In April 2015, Alfred Hall was chosen as one of 14 finalists to play at the Midem festival in Cannes in June 2015.]

NICO: Riddle me this! Riddle Riddle Ree, I hear lyrics that DO NOT make sense to me…and it’s rumored to go something like this:

Get off the car
Kick his chain
Kick his pride
Get him soaked hit run

Lift up your toes
In my mouth
And we can make love
And we can go

We’re covered by the sacred fire
When you come to me
You come to me broke

Without a doubt

For our next song, no one really knows what she is singing but from their third LP titled, TREASURE, this Scottish trio uses real words, whole phrases intermixed with old Scottish words and words of unknown origin. It is a collection of ten mysterious, pseudo-mythological sounding names. I’ve chosen the second track named LORELEI, for its thumping chimes and ethereal autumnal sound. This is Robin Guthrie, Simon Raymonde and Elizabeth Fraser- known to us as Cocteau Twins!

3. Cocteau Twins — “Lorelei” (Vinyl)
from: Treasure / 4 A D / November 1, 1984
[Treasure is the third studio album by Scottish alternative rock band Cocteau Twins active from 1979 to 1997. With this album, the band settled on what would, from then on, be their primary lineup: vocalist Elizabeth Fraser, guitarist Robin Guthrie and bass guitarist, multi-instrumentalist Simon Raymonde who replace original member Will Heggie. This new lineup also coincided with the development of the ethereal sound and the distinctive soprano vocals of Fraser,associated with the band’s music.The album became the band’s first UK Top 40 album, and charted for eight weeks. It also became one of the band’s most critically successful releases, although the band themselves expressed dismay at it. Pitchfork wrote, “Treasure was an adjective for the endlessly inventive melodic lines you’d find buried in these songs, and a verb for what you’d do with them for years to come.” Melody Maker described the album as “true brilliance” and stated that the band were “the voice of God”. Raymonde alluded to it being rushed and unfinished, while Guthrie referred to it as “an abortion” and to the period in which it was made as “arty-farty pre-Raphaelite”. Nonetheless, as Raymonde observed, “It seems to be the one that people like the best and it’s probably sold the best.”]


Moretto comme ta bouche
Est immense quand tu souris
Et quand tu ris, je ris aussi
Tu aimes tellement la vie
Quel est donc ce froid
Que l’lon sent en toi?

Moretto your mouth is huge
When you smile and when you laugh
I laugh as well
You love life so much
What is then, this cold that I sense from you?

In the mid-1980’s I worked at a nightclub in Chicago and I would watch as the Saturday evening crowds would run like a pack of wolves to stake their area on the 3.200 square foot dance floor every time they played this next song- most of them not knowing the meaning behind the music.

The French duo named Rita Mitsouko or Les Rita Mitsouko, wrote this for their Argentinian friend Marcia Moretto, who was also a dancer and choreographer for the band. She had died of breast cancer three years prior to its record release. They later sing that the coldness from her is cancer. They sing, “It is death that has taken you.”

October is breast cancer awareness month, and if any of you have dealt with cancer, or know someone who has, then you know how much strength, courage and determination it truly takes to battle this disease. This song represents that courage, the beauty of one’s character who makes even the toughest situations admirable and honorable.

The official video to this song is visually stunning with costume designs by Jean-Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler – if you have a chance I recommend watching it. BUT FOR NOW – please, make room on the dance floor, for the incredible, resilient spirit of “Marcia Baila.”


4. Rita Mitsouko — “Marcia Baila”
from: Rita Mitsouko / Virgin / April 1984
[Debut studio album from French pop rock group formed by the guitarist Fred Chichin and the singer Catherine Ringer. The duo first performed as Rita Mitsouko at Gibus Club in Paris in 1980. They went on to become one of the most acclaimed musical acts in France. The name of the group was chosen to reflect the band’s extremely diverse musical reference: Rita refers to the South American music (and the cult actress Rita Hayworth). Mitsouko is a Japanese first name and is also the name of a perfume by Guerlain. The group originally went by the name “Rita Mitsouko” but in 1985 “Les” was added when they realized that many people believed the name of the group was that of the singer. “Marcia Baïla” became a surprise hit single in France the spring of 1985. The song had a long chart trajectory, remaining on the Top 50 charts for 29 weeks. It debuted at #33 on April 27, 1985, and climbed regularly until it peaked at #2 for three consecutive weeks. In all, it spent 17 weeks in the Top Ten. “Marcia Baïla” is currently the 187th best-selling single of all time in France, with about 800,000 units sold. The song was Rita Mitsouko’s first big hit and propelled them to considerable fame. Chichin died from cancer in 2007. Instead of continuing as Les Rita Mitsouko, Ringer completed a final tour, “Catherine Ringer chante Les Rita Mitsouko and more” (Catherine Ringer sings Les Rita Mitsouko and more), and started a solo career.]

5. Lilly Wood and The Prick — “Into Trouble”
from: The Fight / Wagram Music / November 5, 2014
[6th single and from their 2nd studio album. This French alternative, pop and folk duo was formed by Nili Hadida on vocals, an Israeli-French singer born in 1986 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Benjamin Cotto on guitar, in 2006 when they met in a Parisian café and decided to collaborate on writing songs together. Nili Hadida is an Israeli-French singer born in 1986 in Tel Aviv, Israel. She lived in England before moving to California before residing in Paris following a music career singing mostly French variety songs including 1980s and jazzy ballads. Favourite interpretations included songs by Elliott Smith and Fiona Apple. During live shows, the duo are joined by Pierre Guimard (guitar, bass) and Mathias Fisch (drums) Mathieu Denis (bass, keyboards).]


What happens when you put four gay men and two lesbians in a van and send them to Washington DC? You get fearless, outraged, youthful, impressionable, timeless and hopeful group of people who march with ONE MILLION other like-minded citizens. 22 years ago that is exactly what happened when we were fighting for our LBGT community. The March on Washington in 1993 would forever change me and profoundly affect subsequent events and choices in my life.

Now, 22 years later as the US Supreme Court finally rules that “yes, we are indeed- just like everyone else”- I knew all along, it was ALWAYS REAL to me. I did not need the permission of others to love who I love. I did not need it on paper to validate what I know is real. And despite those in opposition, who hide behind their GOD as a source of their bigoted and discriminatory beliefs- I knew 22 years ago- like all those who came before us and marched, and were condemned, beaten, jailed, and institutionalized for loving someone- the same thing I know today. It’s REAL, REAL. It’s SO real to me.

6. Nina Simone — “Real Real”
from: Sings The Blues / RCA / 1967
[Original song written by Nina Simone from her 15th studio album, and 21st album release, and her first for RCA Records. Born Eunice Kathleen Waymon, on February 21, 1933 and died in France on April 21, 2003. Nina Simone was an American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist. She worked in a broad range of musical styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel, and pop. The sixth child of a preacher’s family in North Carolina, Simone aspired to be a concert pianist. Her musical path changed direction after she was denied a scholarship to the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, despite a well-received audition. “Simone said she later found out from an insider at Curtis that she was denied entry because she was black.” To fund her continuing musical education and become a classical pianist, she began playing in a small club in Atlantic City where she was also required to sing. She was approached by Bethlehem Records, and her rendition of “I Loves You, Porgy” was a hit in the United States in 1958. Over the length of her career Simone recorded more than 40 albums, mostly between 1958, when she made her debut with Little Girl Blue, and 1974. Her musical style arose from a fusion of gospel and pop songs with classical music, in particular with influences from her first inspiration, Johann Sebastian Bach, and accompanied with her expressive jazz-like singing in her characteristic contralto voice. She injected her classical background into her music as much as possible to give it more depth and quality, as she felt that pop music was inferior to classical. Her intuitive grasp on the audience–performer relationship was gained from a unique background of playing piano accompaniment for church revivals and sermons regularly from the early age of six years old.]

7. Jake Bugg — “Simply As This”
from: Jake Bugg / Mercury – Island (US) / April 9, 2013
[Debut album from Jake Edwin Charles Kennedy, born February 28, 1994. He is an English musician, singer, and songwriter. His self-titled debut album was co-written with songwriter Iain Archer and reached number one on the UK Albums Chart. His second album, Shangri La, was released in November 2013. His main influences are Don McLean, Donovan, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, and the Everly Brothers. In an interview with Absolute Radio in 2014 he also mentioned that the band Metallica was a huge influence to him when he first picked up the guitar as a 12 year old.]

10:31 – Underwriting

10:33 – Guest Producer Nico Gray

NICO: October 1996 – My first apartment in New York City was on the 12th floor with a balcony that faced north, giving the Empire State Building a prominent position from my view. I spent many nights out there, listening to the sounds of the city, an orchestration of cars, trucks, nightlife, the wind, people- like a Symphony I would close me eyes and listen to the City’s song. When you live in a cramped city and living quarters, you take any opportunity to be outside. My roommate and I spend many nights talking, laughing, and questioning. When I first heard this next song by PJ Harvey, I felt she ripped pages out of my journal- capturing a moment of my time. She has a way of painting a canvas that makes you feel like it was your own. Released in October 2000, I close my eyes and easily transcend back in time to that balcony, where certain words spoken followed me for years after my departure.

8. PJ Harvey — “You Said Something”
from: Stories from the City – Stories from the Sea / Island / October 23, 2000
[5th studio album by English alternative rock musician PJ Harvey, it contains themes of love that are tied into Harvey’s affection for NYC. The album became the second major commercial success of her recording career, following her successful breakthrough To Bring You My Love (1995). The album earned Harvey the 2001 Mercury Prize. It ‘s regarded as one of her best works. Polly Jean Harvey, was born October 9, 1969. Harvey has acquired a reputation for eccentricity to match her music; for example, Steve Albini said she ate nothing but potatoes while making Rid of Me. But she rejects the notion that her song lyrics are autobiographical, she later told Spin: “some critics have taken my writing so literally to the point that they’ll listen to ‘Down by the Water’ and believe I have actually given birth to a child and drowned her.” From 1996 to 1997, following their musical collaborations, Harvey had a relationship with Nick Cave, and their subsequent break-up influenced Cave’s follow-up studio album The Boatman’s Call (1997), with songs such as “Into My Arms,” “West Country Girl” and “Black Hair” being written specifically about her.]

NICO: Feeding heifers and steers, shucking corn, maintaining the bee hives, milking goats, skinny dipping in the moonlight and the smell of fried okra. These are memories I have from my time spent with my childhood friend Charlie Brown. They lived in a rural part of southern Missouri and they called me, “Nicky, the City Kid.” The music his parents listened to was classic country, a genre that was not heard in my household as a child. I would come to appreciate and later expand extensively my music collection that included these classic county artists. I’ve chosen TWO songs whose sound and lyrics capture the essence of this time in my life. And you’ll often find me in front of an October bonfire, camping to this type of music.


9. Sturgill Simpson – “Pan Bowl” (Vinyl)
from: Metamodern Sounds In Country Music / High Top Mountain Records / May 13, 2014
[Sturgill Simpson on vocals/acoustic guitar/backing vocals , Laur Joamets on electric & slide guitar , Kevin Black on bass guitar , Miles Miller on drums/percussion/ backing vocals, Mike Webb on keyboards/mellotron , Dave Cobb on classical guitar/percussion. Produced & Engineered by Dave Cobb , Assistant Engineers – Justin Herlocker & John Netti . Mixed by Dave Cobb & Sturgill Simpson. Mastered by Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Mastering. All tracks recorded at LCS in Nashville, TN.]

10. Tom T. Hall — “I Love”
from: For The People In The Last Hard Town / Mercury / 1973
[From the 9th studio release Thomas “Tom T.” Hall, born May 25, 1936, in Olive Hill, Kentucky. Tom T. Hall is an American country music songwriter, singer, novelist, and short-story writer. He has written 11 No. 1 hit songs, with 26 more that reached the Top 10, including the No. 1 international pop crossover smash “Harper Valley PTA” and the hit “I Love”, which reached No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. He became known to fans as “The Storyteller,” thanks to his storytelling skills in his songwriting. He has released twenty-seven studio albums, nine compilation albums, fifty singles, and 9 books. Hall’s big songwriting break came in 1963, when country singer Jimmy C. Newman recorded his song, “DJ For a Day.” Soon, Hall moved to Nashville, arriving in 1964 with $46 and a guitar; within months he had songs climbing the charts. Hall has been nicknamed “The Storyteller,” and he has written songs for dozens of country stars, including Johnny Cash, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, Alan Jackson, and Bobby Bare.]

NICO: This next artist IS a voice from my childhood and his music would carry me through a lot of tough, trying times in my life. I have attended HUNDREDS of concerts, but so far, only two where I cried. Aretha Franklin made me cry. While she sang, “Ain’t No Way” I could not help but to shed a tear. Then last December I flew to Los Angeles to get a 15th row center stage seat to see Cat Stevens. While most of his music brought back so many childhood memories, it was this next song that my tears dropped like rain. It was one of the happiest and purest moments I’ve encountered during a live performance. When I hear his voice, I feel at peace- and I feel safe- this is the equivalent to my childhood nursery rhyme.

11. Cat Stevens — “Sitting” (Vinyl)
from: Catch Bull At Four / A&M / 1972
[Yusuf Islam was born Steven Demetre Georgiou, on July 21, 1948. Known by his former stage name Cat Stevens, he is a British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, humanitarian, and education philanthropist. His 1967 debut album reached the top 10 in the UK, and the album’s title song “Matthew and Son” charted at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart. His albums Tea for the Tillerman (1970) and Teaser and the Firecat (1971) were both certified triple platinum in the US by the RIAA. His musical style consists of folk, pop, rock and Islamic music. His 1972 album Catch Bull at Four spent three weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200. In December 1977, Stevens converted to Islam, and he adopted the name Yusuf Islam the following year. In 1979, he auctioned all his guitars for charity and left his music career to devote himself to educational and philanthropic causes in the Muslim community. He has received two honorary doctorates and awards for promoting peace from two organizations founded by Mikhail Gorbachev. In 2006, he returned to pop music – releasing his first album of new pop songs in 28 years, titled An Other Cup. With that release and for subsequent ones, he dropped the surname “Islam” from the album cover art – using the stage name “Yusuf.” In 2009, he released the album Roadsinger, and in 2014, he released the album Tell ‘Em I’m Gone, and began his first US tour since 1978. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.]

12. Kid Koala (feat. Audrey Hepburn) — “Moon River”
from: Daytrotter Studio Session / 2011
[Eric San was born in 1974 and records under the name Kid Koala. He is a Canadian DJ, turntablist, musician and an author of graphic novels. He is signed to the British record label Ninja Tune, is a member of alternative hip hop supergroup Deltron 3030, and The Slew with Dynamite D and former members of the Australian rock band Wolfmother, bassist and keyboardist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Heskett. He has also made appearances with many other artists from Amon Tobin to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and has made contributions to Lovage, Peeping Tom, Gorillaz and numerous other projects. San popularized a method of playing the turntable like a melodic instrument, where a long, single note is dragged under the needle at different speeds, creating different pitches. Since this method of adjusting pitch is imprecise, the resulting notes waver and bend. Thus, in the song “Drunk Trumpet,” San uses this method with a trumpet note to simulate a drunken trumpet player, interspersing drunken vocals to complete the effect. When playing live, San often uses one of a kind records cut with custom sounds from which he creates his own songs. He is well known for his enigmatic style of turntablism, which uses an unusual collection of samples. He has been known to use samples of music from Charlie Brown television specials, old comedy sketch routines (including those that mock turntablism), people sneezing, and people reading a menu in Cantonese. He is well known for his cheerful demeanor at concerts and having a good sense of humour.

13. Sacri Cuori — “Teresita”
from: Rosario / Decor / 2012
[2nd album from Sacri Cuori which translated means, Sacred Hearts, an Italian group that composes and plays mainly instrumental music inspired by blues, folk and the psychedelia and Italian film soundtracks of the ’60s and’ 70s. They have released two albums and collaborated on disc and live with various international artists. The group is the brainchild of guitarist and composer Antonio Gramentieri. In the fall of 2012 they released their second album, Rosario, recorded at Montrose Studio of Richmond (Virginia) with JD Foster and Adrian Olsen, and Vox Studio in Los Angeles with Woody Jackson. The album saw the participation of Jim Keltner, David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, Isobel Campbell, John Convertino, Stephen McCarthy of the Long Ryders, Alexandra Spalding, Sheela Bingi, Clinton Patterson and more. Published by London-based Decor Records on CD and vinyl on Interbang Records, the album has been welcomed by national and international press. This second work explores the music from the film and there are also strong calls to stoner rock , psychedelia, and the Italian soundtracks of the ’60s.]

NICO: Some of the best collaborations come from those closest to you. You know that I do not Facebook, or Tweet, or post my life online. I am not opposed to it, I’m just ‘old school’ when it comes to socializing and I will not use the term, ‘friend’ loosely. Our last and final song was collaborated between two life-long friends, Robert Smith and Simon Gallup of The Cure, written for their friend and lead vocal on the song, Frank Bell. It is a groovy song about friendship.

NICO: I chose this song in dedication to my friendship with you, Mark Manning. The last 25 + years, you and I have formed a true friendship that I believe will last until the end of our days. Our love and respect of theatre, art, music, films and mutual friends, has carried us through some really good AND tough times. We’ve marched in Washington together, drank martinis while watching OJ’s car chase on the LA freeways, did theatre together, performance art, co-hosted radio shows, spent many nights and social obligations together, observing and questioning life – only to find out the next morning we had the answers all along. We have seen each other grow and evolve throughout the years. The last 11 years you have given so much to the Kansas City radio community- there is no one MORE that I can think of that is worthy of this last song, than you. So A HUGE THANK YOU, for your unconditional friendship and love- and all that you do for us in the community. My hat, if I was wearing one, goes off to you.

Originally a B-side to a the 7” single, “I’m A Cult Hero”, from 1979, here is Cult Hero with “I Dig You.”

14. Cult Hero — “I Dig You”
from: B-side from “I’m A Cult Hero” / Fiction / 1979
[“I’m a Cult Hero” is a single released by an extended lineup of The Cure under the name Cult Hero. The single was conceived by Robert Smith (singer/guitarist of The Cure) and Simon Gallup (then bassist of The Magspies) as a way to test their musical compatibility. Smith was considering Gallup as a prospective replacement for Michael Dempsey (The Cure’s bassist at the time) “whose personality and ambitions for the band were seriously at odds” with Smith’s. The songs were written for, and feature on vocals, local Horley postman Frank Bell, who is also depicted on the single’s artwork. They also feature Malice/Easy Cure guitarist Porl Thompson and Magspies keyboardist Matthieu Hartley amongst an extended lineup of friends and family, including Robert’s sisters Janet and Margaret and local band The Obtainers. “I’m a Cult Hero” was originally released in December 1979 in the UK with the song “I Dig You” on the b-side. Upon release in 1980 in Canada, and in 1981 in New Zealand, the tracks were flipped, with “I Dig You” as the a-side. The track “I’m a Cult Hero” was also included on the Australian compilation album Britannia Waives the Rules in 1981. Following the recording of the single in 1979, Simon Gallup left The Magspies and joined The Cure, replacing Dempsey. At the same time, Matthieu Hartley also left The Magspies and joined The Cure as their first keyboardist. Hartley ultimately left The Cure in 1980, after only one album (Seventeen Seconds) and its subsequent tour. Gallup also left The Cure in 1982, but then rejoined the band in 1985 and remains a member to the present day. Porl Thompson also rejoined The Cure between 1985 and 1992, and then again from 2005 to 2011.]

Thank you Nico Gray!!!!!

11:00 – Station ID

11:00 – Interview with Alyssa Murray

15. The AM Trio – “Fall Awake”
from: As of Now / Independent / June 30, 2015 [Alyssa Murray (Vocalist/Pianist/Songwriter), Joel Stratton (bass), and Josh Blythe (drums/vocals)]

Alyssa Murray received her Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She works as an instructor for The Music School, also as an accompanist for the Kansas City Ballet, and is an established freelance performer. Alyssa Murray, is the songwriter, vocalist and pianist for The AM Trio with Joel Stratton on bass, and Josh Blythe on drums & vocals. The AM Trio’s debut EP, “As Of Now” was released June 30, 2015. The AM Trio play Uptown Arts Bar on Saturday, October 24.

The AM Trio is a jazz trio, however Alyssa talked about how her lyrics are influenced by contemporary folk artists: Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, and Rufus Wainwright mixing of lyrics in the style of folk into their jazz music.

Alyssa Murray grew up in Hays, Kansas.

After graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Alyssa has made Kansas City your home. UMKC and the Conservatory of Music are producing new generations of working jazz musicians and music makers, playing music venues, recording, collaborating within the arts community, keeping Kansas City’s rich Jazz heritage alive. Alyssa is successfully riding the waves of the KC music scene.

16. The AM Trio – “I Left Lousi”
from: As of Now / Independent / June 30, 2015
[Alyssa Murray (Vocalist/Pianist/Songwriter), Joel Stratton (bass), and Josh Blythe (drums/vocals)]

Alyssa Murray is an instructor for The Music School and is an accompanist for the Kansas City Ballet, working with the KC Ballet’s R.O.A.D. program in multiple elementary schools. Alyssa Murray also helps to teach Unity’s Youth Meditation on Sundays. Murray is also an established freelance performer in her own right.

Alyssa wrote her first song at 16 years of age

Murray’s writing style has drawn comparison to Joni Mitchell as well as Fiona Apple.

“I feel my earlier compositions share the originality of my current songs posses but are less sophisticated harmonically and rhythmically. That shift in my style can be credited to playing and studying jazz the past five years or so. My earlier lyrics were more abstract while now there tends to be more cohesive story lines. ” — Alyssa Murray

The AM Trio’s debut EP, “As Of Now” was released June 30, 2015.
The AM Trio play Uptown Arts Bar on Saturday, October 24.

More info at: http://www.alyssamurraymusic.com


17. The AM Trio – “Paint”
from: As of Now / Independent / June 30, 2015
[Alyssa Murray (Vocalist/Pianist/Songwriter), Joel Stratton (bass), and Josh Blythe (drums/vocals)]

11:29 – Underwriting

11:31 – Interview with Ty Herndon

19. Ty Herndon – “Lies I Told Myself”
from: Lies I Told Myself / FUNL Music / October 22, 2013

Ty Herndon's tattoo

Ty Herndon’s tattoo

From his autobiographical, 2013 release, Lies I Told Myself, that was, Ty Herndon who grew up in a musical family, and as a teenager performed at OPRYLAND USA. In 1985 he competed on the television show Star Search, in 1993 he won Texas Entertainer of the Year and signed with Epic Records, making his chart debut with “What Mattered Most,” becoming his first #1 single. Herndon has charted a total of 17 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including 3 number ones. He has released over 10 albums and has been nominated for a Grammy Award and is a Dove Award winner. In November of 2014, Ty Herndon became the first major male country artist to publicly “come out” as gay. Ty Herndon plays The Folly Theatre, Friday, October 23, at 8:00 pm with his full On Tour Show. The Folly Theatre, is at 300 W 12th St, KCMO. For more information you can visit: http://www.follytheatre.org

“Lies I Told Myself” is one of Ty’s songs that he will be performing Friday night at the Folly Theatre, he has said that the song holds a special place in your heart.

Born Boyd Tyrone Herndon, May 2, 1962, in a Meridian, Mississippi hospital, but raised just across the state line in his parents’ hometown of Butler, Alabama. Ty Herndon became involved in music as a teenager, playing the piano and singing Gospel music.

Shortly after graduating from Austin High School in Decatur, Alabama, Herndon moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

Ty Herndon has talked about gaining the respect of two legends of the Opry, which led to still greater opportunities for the young singer. “Porter Wagoner and Roy Acuff really took a liking to me as an artist and started bringing me on the Grand Ol’ Opry. He first performed on the Opry stage was at age 18.

Ty has achieved sales in excess of 4 million.

Ty’s albums “What Mattered Most” and “Living In A Moment” have been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Ty co-wrote the song “When We Fly” which won the 2010 Dove Award for Bluegrass Recorded Song of the Year. Ty recorded the song as a duet with Lizzy Long.

Ty was nominated for a 2011 Grammy Award for Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel album.


20. Ty Herndon – “Journey On”
from: Journey On / FUNL Music / June 10, 2010

Ty Herndon plays The Folly Theatre, Fri, Oct 23, at 8:00 pm w/ his full On Tour Show. The Folly Theatre, 300 W 12th St, KCMO. For info: (816) 474-4444 or http://www.follytheatre.org

Ty Herndon will be coming back to The Folly Theatre on Friday, November 13, at 7:30 with Michael Ian Black, Carson Kressley, Wilson Cruz, Dana Goldberg, Fortune Feimster, and Melinda Ryder to be a part of the benefit for The Like Me Light House an organization that was founded by country singer Chely Wright

On November 20, 2014, in an interview with People magazine, Herndon came out as a gay man. Herndon’s revelation followed fellow country artist Chely Wright’s coming out to PEOPLE in 2010. Chely Wright, is a close friend of his, played a big part in his coming out – as did his longtime partner, Matt.

Herndon says that his coming out has opened up his work to a whole new fan base.

“Playing Pride festivals and HRC and GLAAD events, I find that people are really more forthcoming with their own life lessons there. I’m still being educated with all this,” he says. “I’ve only been out coming up on a year now, and I have certainly learned a lot about the work to be done — and celebrated the work that has been done, so finding my footing amongst all of this has been educational, to say the least.”

This is Ty’s first time back in KC in 8 years. He has lots of fans in KC.

Ty Herndon is working on a new album.

Ty is also currently touring with fellow singers Jamie O’Neal and Andy Griggs. They have released a single.

Ty Herndon plays The Folly Theatre, Fri, Oct 23, at 8:00 pm w/ his full On Tour Show. The Folly Theatre, 300 W 12th St, KCMO. For ticket info: http://www.follytheatre.org

For more information regarding the LIKEME Lighthouse Benefit, check out likemelighthouse.org. To learn more about Ty Herndon and his latest projects, go to tyherndon.com or facebook.com/tyherndonofficial

20. 3 Story House-“Story of My Life” (feat. Jamie O’Neal, Ty Herndon & Andy Griggs)
from: Story of My Life (feat. Jamie O’Neal, Ty Herndon & Andy Griggs) – Single / Windsor / June 23, 2015


21. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”

from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Next week on October 28, we play scary musical recordings from horror and art films and new wave and punk and rock bands with Michael McQuarry portraying monsters from horror films with assistance from Maria Vasquez Boyd as Vampira

Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org 

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