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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

More New & MidCoastal Releases
+ Erin Keller + Summer Osborne

Erin Keller / Summer Osborne (S. Osborne Photo by Maria Carmen Calderon)

1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / Universal / Dec. 20, 1979
[WMM’s theme]

2.The Smiths – “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Take 1)”
from: The Queen Is Dead (Deluxe Edition) / Warner Music UK / October 20, 2017
[New double-disc set super deluxe edition reissue of the band’s classic 1986 album The Queen is Dead that includes B-sides, demos, and the bands first take of “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,” as well a previously unreleased live album recorded at Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts on August 5, 1986 and Derek Jarman’s The Queen Is Dead film. Originally released in June of 1986, The Queen is Daed was the band’s 3rd studio album for Rough Trade Records in the UK, and Sire in the US. The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982. The band consisted of vocalist Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce. Critics have called them the most important alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s.]

3. The Roseline – “How To Be Kind”
from: Blood / King Forward Revords / September 29, 2017
[From the 5th album of the Lawrence, Kansas, based alt-country, Americana, rock band, formed by Colin Halliburton with friends in 2005. The Roseline has been through dozens of lineup changes. The current lineup includes: Colin Halliburton on guitar & vocals; Heidi Gluck on bass & vocals, Ehren Starks on keyboards, Kris Losure on guitar, Jeff Jackson on pedal steel & guitar, and Jim Piller on drums. Roseline released their last album, Townie, on June 19, 2015. More info at: http://www.roselinemusic.com]

[The Roseline play Knuckleheads, Wed, Aug 19, at 7:00 PM for the Local Music Showcase w/ Wade D. Brown and Carl Worden.]

[The Roseline play Barley Street Tavern in Omaha Nebraska, Friday, August 25 at 9:00 PM with Travelling Mercies, and Samuel Scott McCumber.]

[The Roseline play Jackpot Music Hall on Sat, Sept 2, at 10:00 PM, w/ The Last Tycoon (from Atlanta).]

[The Roseline play an Album Release Show, Friday, October 6 at 10:00 PM , at Replay Lounge, 946 Massachusetts, Lawrence, Kansas, with Toughies, and Jasper.]

4. The Philistines – “1971”
from: The Backbone of Night / The Record Machine / June 4, 2016
[KC based rock band with a psychedelic bent, made up of: Kimmie Queen on lead vocals; Cody Wyoming on lead guitar & vocals; Rod Peal on guitar; Michelle Bacon on bass & vocals, Josh Mobley on keyboard, Steve Gardels on drums. Recorded & mixed with Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound Studios and mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering.]

[The Philistines play Live at The Total Eclipse of The Sun 2017, Monday, August 21 at 12:49 to 1:46 PM, at the top the Indian Mound on the West End of Gladstone Blvd, in Kansas City’s Historic Northeast, during the total eclipse of the sun. The Indian Mound is a geological feature located at Belmont Avenue and Gladstone Boulevard, at the east end of Kessler Park and Cliff Drive.]

10:15 – Underwriting

5. Bob & Gene – “It’s Not What You Know (It’s Who You Know)”
from: If This World Were Mine / Daptone Records / August 11, 2017
[In 1967, two teenage friends, Bobby Nunn and Eugene Copland, were the stars of Mo Do Records, a Buffalo, New York, independent record label run by Bobby’s dad, William Nunn. As BOB & GENE they recorded several sides for the label along with other local gospel and soul artists and the dozen or so 45s on Mo Do. William Nunn’s dream of a Bob & Gene album would never be realized in his lifetime. 40 years later, Daptone Records pulled together these recordings into an album called BOB & GENE’S IF THIS WORLD WERE MINE, released in February 2007 on vinyl, and sold out quickly and has remained out-of-print ever since. It’s stature has grown over the years and is, these days, a desirable but hard-to-find record for fans of sweet soul. A decade later Daptone records is reissuing this record on vinyl, this time with TWO bonus cuts.]

6. Noname – “Casket Pretty”
from: Telefone / Noname / July 31, 2016
[Noname was born Fatimah Warner on September 18, 1991. She is a poet and hip hop recording artist from the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. She has been rapping and performing slam poetry in Chicago since 2010. In 2013 she gained wider recognition and acclaim following her appearance on the track “Lost” from Chance the Rapper’s mixtape Acid Rap. Telefone is centered around important telephone conversations that Noname has had over the years. Her rap speaks of black women’s pain and also highlights the struggles of growing up in Chicago. On December 18, she appeared with Chance the Rapper on Saturday Night Live.Chicago based Noname was recently featured on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert series.

[Noname is currently on tour and plays St. Louis, Missouri, for Loufest, Sunday, Sept 10.]

7. Krystle Warren – “Get A Load”
from: Three The Hardway / Parlour Door Music / August 18, 2017
[Produced by Krystle Warren and Ben Kane (D’Angelo, Emily King, PJ Morton). Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Ben Kane. Written & performed by Krystle Warre. Mixed at The Garden, Brooklyn. Mastered & cut by Alex DeTurk at Masterdisk. Last year in Krystle Warren premiered this song and her other new songs from this album at the Middle of the Map Fest in a packed room at Californos in Westport and later at The Polsky Theatre for the Performing Arts Series of Johnsons County Community College. For this record Krystle decided to play every instrument and vocals & back up vocals, “playing bass, drums, lap steel, piano, guitar, and vocals directly to analog tape. She and Ben Kane recorded in Villetaneuse, France, a small town on the outskirts of Paris in a vintage 70s era studio that offered just the right, rich sound to suggest the musical foundation for the record, and to do justice to the duo’s carefully balanced arrangements.” On the radio show last year Krystle shared inspirations for this record, early gospel recordings, that crossed over into Jazz from Pharoah Sanders, Edwin Hawkins, and The Swan Silvertones. Originally from KC, Krystle learned to play the guitar by listening to Rubber Soul & Revolver from The Beatles. Krystle graduated from Paseo Arts Academy in 2001 and began her musical career in collaborating with area jazz and pop musicians. After living in San Francisco and NYC, Krystle was signed to a French label, Because Music, and moved to Paris to release “Circles” in 2009. Krystle played French and British television programs, including Later with Jools Holland, garnering critical acclaim and traveling all over the world with Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Norah Jones, and Joan As Police Woman. Krystle created, Parlour Door Music, to release “Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace” a recording from a 13-day session in Brooklyn, where she recorded 24 songs live with 28 musicians including her band, The Faculty, alongside choirs, horn and string sections.]

8. Erin Keller – “Distracted”
from: Distracted / Erin Keller / May 9, 2016

10:31 – Interview with Erin Keller

Tim J. Harte, Erin keller, Summer Osborne, and joy Baker on Wednesday MidDay Medley, (8/16/17)

Kansas City based vocalist Erin Keller is originally from Waukee, Iowa. She was born in August, in 1980. Erin has been singing on a professional level for 25 years. Erin sang with the internationally competitive Des Moines Children’s Choir for 5 years, and 3 years in All-State choir in high school, which helped her earn a voice performance degree from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, in 2002. Erin peforms with the Grammy-Award winning Kansas City Chorale. Erin has also worked as a featured soloist with Owen Cox Dance Ensemble, New Ear, KC jazz musicians, the big band at University of Colorado, a West African Highlife Ensemble, the Balkan brass band Gora Gora Orkestar. Erin also has experience writing her own music, singing in rock, folk, and free improv settings and she more recently earned a Master’s in Music Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In Colorado she worked for two years in public schools teaching music and moved back to KC to continue her career as musician and educator. In April Erin released her new album, “Distracted,” and has been playing live shows while also being upfront and honest about her recent cancer diagnosis where she has received multiple rounds of chemo treatments.

Erin Keller sings Jazz standards & covers w/ Brad Williams on drums, Seth Lee on bass, & Rob Whitsitt on guitar at Repeal 18th, 1825 Buchanan, North KC, Sat, Aug 19, at 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Erin Keller thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

We just heard Distracted the title track of Erin’s debut solo album that came out this Spring. The song “Distracted” was written by Erin Keller.

Distracted was produced by Chad Meise.

After the album was released Erin was diagnosed with cancer and began treatments.

UMKC Conservatory of Music brought Erin to Kansas City, where she made friends and built collaborations with KC Civic Opera, KC Choral, New Ear, Own Cox Dance Ensemble.

Erin decided to get her Masters Degree and left KC for The University of Colorado at Boulder, and then later Denver, where she worked in public schools.

While in Colorado Erin studied Ethno musicology and sang with a High Life Ensemble, and also with the Balkan brass band Gora Gora Orkestar.


9. Erin Keller – “Bye Bye Blackbird”
from: Distracted / Erin Keller / May 9, 2016


10. Erin Keller – “Moonlight In Vermont”
from: Distracted / Erin Keller / May 9, 2016

[Erin Keller sings Jazz standards & covers w/ Brad Williams on drums, Seth Lee on bass, & Rob Whitsitt on guitar at Repeal 18th, 1825 Buchanan, North KC, Sat, Aug 19, at 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.]

for more information you can visit: http://www.erinkellersings.com

Erin Keller and Summer Osborne on Wednesday MidDay Medley, (8/16/17)

11:00 – Station ID

11. The Weepies – “Ever Said Goodbye”
from: Sirens / The Weepies – Nettwerk Productions / April 28, 2015
[5th album from indie pop-folk duo of married singer-songwriters Deb Talan and Steve Tannen.]

[The Weepies play an all-acoustic pre-eclipse show at Knuckleheads on Sunday, August 20, at 8:30 PM.]

12. Cris Williamson with Holly Near – “The Tea Leaf Prophecy”
from: Cris & Holly / H & C Records / September 25, 2003
[“The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms)” was written by Joni Mitchell and recorded for her 1988 album, Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm. Cris Williamson, a huge fan of Joni Mitchell, brought the song into the recording sessions for Cris & Holly. This album was the very first time Holly Near and Cris Williamson had recorded together after 30 years in the music business, specifically in Women’s Music. Originally undertaken to create a souvenir CD for sale at Near & Williamson’s joint concerts Originally the album was be a greatest hits package, but along the way they created several new songs and new covers with John Bucchino’s accompaniment on piano. Produced by Cris Williamson & Holly Near. Recorded at Skywalker Sound, Nicasio, CA. Cris Williamson was born in 1947 in Deadwood, South Dakota. She has released 25 studio albums, 1 reissue, 2 greatest hits collections, and 2 live albums. During a radio interview in Washington, D.C. in 1973, Williamson suggested that a record label aimed at gay women would be a good idea. The independent label Olivia Records was founded the next day. Olivia Records released Williamson’s The Changer and the Changed in 1975, which became one of the best-selling independent releases of all time. As William Ruhlmann of AllMusic writes: “The Changer and the Changed was to women’s music what Michael Jackson’s Thriller was to the music industry in general in the mid-’80s, an album that sold far beyond the perceived size of the market, more than 100,000 copies in its first year of release. Eventually, it reportedly sold more than 500,000 copies, which would make it a gold album. Williamson went on to record more than a dozen more albums with Olivia Records, then after its demise formed her own label, Wolf Moon Records. This helped to set the pace for other recording artists who found it difficult to work with the major record labels. Cris Williamson’s 25 studio album, Motherland will be released October 5, on Harvest Moon Records. Holly Near was born June 6, 1949 in Ukiah, California. She is an American singer-songwriter, actress, teacher, and activist. After starting high school in 1963, Holly Near began singing with the Freedom Singers, a folk group modeled on The Weavers. In 1968, she enrolled in the Theatre Arts program at UCLA; that year, she attended her first Vietnam War peace vigil and joined Another Mother for Peace. Holly Near’s professional career began in 1969 with a part on the television show The Mod Squad, which was followed by appearances in other shows, such as Room 222, All in the Family, and The Partridge Family. She also appeared in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, and Minnie and Moskowitz, and had a prominent role in the 1991 film Dogfight. In 1970, Near was a cast member of the Broadway musical Hair. Following the Kent State shootings in May of that year, the entire cast staged a silent vigil in protest. The song, “It Could Have Been Me” (which was released on A Live Album, 1974), was her heartfelt response to the shootings. In 1971, she joined the FTA (Free The Army) Tour, an anti-Vietnam War road show of music, comedy, and plays, organized by antiwar activist Fred Gardner and actors Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland. In 1972, Near founded an independent record label called Redwood Records (now defunct) to produce and promote music by “politically conscious artists from around the world”. During her long career in folk and protest music, Holly Near has worked with Ronnie Gilbert, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Meg Christian, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, and Harry Belafonte. Holly Near has been recognized many times for her work for social change, including honors from the ACLU, the National Lawyers Guild, the National Organization for Women, NARAS, Ms. Magazine (Woman of the Year), and the Legends of Women’s Music Award. Near continues an active tour schedule and has a discography of 29 albums.]

13. Summer Osborne – “Take It Easy”
from: Spiritual Revolution / Summer Osborne / July 11, 2015

11:15 – Interview with Summer Osborne

Tim J. Harte, Erin Keller, Summer Osborne, and Joy Baker on Wednesday MidDay Medley, (8/16/17)

Vandalia, Illinois, based acclaimed singer-songwriter Summer Osborne has been touring the United States and Canada wowing audiences with her original songs and powerful and charismatic voice. Summer’s eighth album, As I Am, was released in 2013 and her ninth album, Spiritual Revolution, was released in late 2016. Summer Osborne has played at National Women’s Music Festival, SXSW, and Pridefests in St. Louis, Phoenix, Fairbanks, Tacoma, Vancouver, Halifax, Lexington Kentucky, Springfield, Columbia and Memphis. Osborne has shared the stage with Holly Near, The Indigo Girls, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Alix Olson, Andrea Gibson, Patrice Pike, Jen Foster, The Cliks, Crystal Waters, Martha Wash, and Jennifer Holliday.

Summer Osborne plays InterUrban ArtHouse, 8001 Newton Street, Overland Park, KS. on Thursday, August 24, at 6:30 PM with Lizz Ceperley.

Summer Osborne, thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

Summer first joined us on Wednesday MidDay Medley on October 2, 2013. Since then she has been touring all over, including the National Women’s Music Festival.

Mark first met Summer at the HRC Battle of the bands in 2011 where she blew away the judges & the crowd with her powerful stage presence and performance.

Summer started singing at the age of 4 when her mom, a teacher, encouraged her onto the stage. Summer Osborne lists her Mother, Carol Osborne as her biggest influence.

Summer plays guitar, and piano and keyboards, among other instruments, and has released a nine full length albums.

Summer Osborne used to work in education with middle school students.

Since deciding to focus on her musical career (performing and writing) full time in 2009, Summer has remained on tour, doing shows at venues and festivals far and wide. Summer played at National Women’s Music Festival in 2012 and 2014, and SXSW in 2012 and 2013. She has played music at Pridefests all over the Mid-West US & Canada, including: Pridefest St. Louis; Phoenix Pride – Phoenix, AZ; Fairbanks Pride – Fairbanks, AL; Tacoma Pride – Tacoma, WA; Vancouver Pride – British Columbia, Canada; Mid-MO Pride – Columbia, MO; Halifax Pride – Nova Scotia, Canada; Mid-South Pride – Memphis, TN; Springfield Pride – Springfield, MO; Kentuckiana Pride – Lexington, KY; and Metro East Pride – Belleville, IL.

Osborne has shared the stage with The Indigo Girls, Tret Fure, Melissa Ferrick, Melanie DeMore, Suzanne Westenhoefer, God-Des and She, Alix Olson, Andrea Gibson, Julie Goldman, Dana Goldberg, Big Bad Gina, Patrice Pike, The Dollyrots, Jen Foster, Sugarbeach, The Cliks, Crystal Waters, Martha Wash, RJ Helton, Jennifer Holliday, and Kimberley Locke.


14. Summer Osborne – “You Cannot Fight For Peace” (Live)
also available on: Spiritual Revolution / Summer Osborne / July 11, 2015

Kansas City Shows:

August 19th at 11:00 am – KKFI 90.1 FM WomanSong with Linda Wilson

August 20 at 11:00am – KC Oasis, 2050 W Pennway St., Kansas City, MO 64108

August 23rd at 12:00pm – KKFI 90.1 FM Art Speak Radio with Maria Vasquez Boyd

August 24th, at 6:30pm – InterUrban ArtHouse, 8001 Newton, Overland Park, KS 66223

August 26th, at 6:30pm – Kansas City House Concert (Address given with ticket purchase)


Summer Osborne playing live on Wednesday MidDay Medley

15. Summer Osborne – “You Are” (LIVE)
this is a new song, not yet recorded.

Summer Osborne’s only goal: to change the world by changing people’s minds about themselves… she needs LOVE, MUSIC, and YOU.

Summer Osborne plays InterUrban ArtHouse, 8001 Newton Street, Overland Park, KS. on Thursday, August 24, at 6:30 PM with Lizz Ceperley.

For more information you can visit: http://www.summerosborne.com

11:46 – Underwriting

16. The Architects – “Wait Don’t Wait”
from: Border Wars Episode III / Independent / September 18, 2015
[Digitally released early to supporters of their crowd sourcing. 8th release from KC band: Adam Phillips on drums, Zachary Phillips on bass, Brandon Phillips on guitar & voice, Christopher Meck on guitar. After this recording Mike Alexander replaced Chris on guitar. The three Phillips brothers had previously composed a successful ska and rock band called The Gadjits. In June 2004 The Gadjits ended and Architects, was formed. Mixing traditional punk, maximum R&B, Midwestern alternative rock, blues-based metal and pop melodies, the band is influenced by The Clash, The Who, Social Distortion, Green Day, The Replacements, The Jam and The Kinks. Border Wars is a a five-part concept album and graphic novel series funded by the band’s loyal fans through crowd sourcing. More info at: http://thearchitectsrock.com/ ]

[The Architects play a Border War Vinyl Release at Sat, Aug. 19, at 4:00 pm at Mills Record Company.]

17. Tennis – “In The Morning I’ll Be Better”
from: Yours Conditionally / Mutually Detrimental / March 10, 2017
[4th full length released of the Denver based band formed in 2010 by husband-and-wife duo Alaina Moore on vocals, keyboards, & guitar and Patrick Riley on guitar & bass. They self-released this record. The couple met each other while studying philosophy in college, and started the band after they got back from a seven-month sailing expedition down the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard.]

[Tennis play KC Crossroads, Sunday, August 20, opening for Father. John Misty.]

18. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]
[WMM Closing Theme]

Next week, on August 23 we will be joined by the bands: Shortsweather, Johnny Hammil’s GAV7D, and Schwervon!

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