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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 – The Year in Music
with: Tim Finn, Marion Merritt, Chris Haghirian & Michelle Bacon

We welcomed four special guests to share their favorite musical releases of 2012. Guests included: Tim Finn, Music Editor of The KC Star, and creator of the influential music blog: Back to Rockville; Marion Merritt, of Barnes & Noble Music Dept. and creator of the music blog: a2-m3.com; Chris Haghirian from Ink, and KC Star; and Michelle Bacon, Editor of The Deli KC.

10:00 – Tim Finn’s Top 5

1. Firewater – “A Little Revolution”
from: “International Orange!” / Bloodshot Records / September 11, 2012
[From BloodshotRecords.com: 7th album from the Brooklyn born band, formed in a basement in the long, hot summer of 1997. Depressed, broke, and desperate, ex-Cop Shoot Cop leader Tod A tossed away a major label deal and a free meal ticket to launch what–at the time–was a crazy proposition: a punk band fueled by gypsy and klezmer tunes. International Orange!was produced by Tod A and mixed by Tamir Muskat of Balkan Beat Box, slipping across new borders into uncharted territory. Created in Istanbul and Tel Aviv during the 2011 Arab Spring, their latest release captures the frenetic pulse of a world in the state of flux. International Orange! continues in the proud Firewater tradition of cultural and stylistic mash-ups. High-energy Turkish percussion drives jagged guitars and horns on eleven anthems of frustration and hope, movement and transformation. The songs tap into grooves as disparate as Turkish maqsoum, Punjabi bhangra, Jamaican ska, Greek rebetiko, classic punk and old-school mambo]

10:05 – Interview with Tim Finn

Tim Finn, is originally from Youngstown, New York. He did his undergraduate at the University of Missouri in Columbia. He graduated with his Masters of Arts, in Journalism from the University of Kansas in 1986. Tim is the Music Editor of the Kansas City Star and theman behind the music blog of the Star: Back to Rockville.

2. Cory Branan – “Bad Man”
from: Mutt / Bloodshot Records / May 22, 2012
[His first album in six years and his debut on Bloodshot Records debut from the 37 year old singer songwriter born in Southaven, Mississippi. MUTT was self-produced and recorded primarily in San Francisco at Closer Studios, the album was engineered and mixed by Tim Mooney (drummer/engineer for American Music Club), and boasts notable contributors like Ralph Carney (Tom Waits’ horn player), Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars) and Jon Snodgrass (Drag The River). Additional guests include phenomenal rising talents like Amanda Shires, Danny Malone and John Elliott. You can download this song at: corybranan.com]


3. Capybara – “Late Night Bikes”
from: Dave Drusky / The Record Machine / February 7, 2012
[Lifelong friends Mark Harrison, Jared Horne, Darin Seal, and Joel Wrolstad formed Capybara in January, of 2009. This is their follow up to their debut: “Try Brother,” ]


4. The Caves – “the Usual” (Radio edit)
from: Duplexiaville / Golden Sound Records / Nov. 24, 2012
[KC based: Andrew Ashby on Guitar & Voice, David Gaumé on Bass, Elizabeth Bohannon on Keyboards, Percussion & Voice, Jake Cardwell on Drums & Percussion.]


5. The Grisly Hand – “Still Feelin’ Blue”
from: Western Avenue / Independent / February 1, 2012
[“Still Feelin’ Blue” by Gram Parsons. The band is working on a new full length recording.]

10:30 – Underwriting

10:31 – Marion Merritt’s Top 5

6. The Orb featuring Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Hold Me Upsetter”
from: The Observer in the Star House / Cooking Vinyl / Aug. 28, 2012
[The 11th studio album from the English electronic music group known for spawning the genre of ambient house music, The Orb. Founded in 1988. This new release was recorded in Berlin over a period of several months and featured dub musician/producer Lee “Scratch” Perry.]

10:36 – Interview with Marion Merritt

Marion Merritt is the creator of the music film books and art blog: a2-m3.com a site that gives visitors a wealth of information on new releases. Marion also works in the music department at Barnes & Noble on The Plaza, and has been joining us on Wednesday MidDay Medley for over 7 years, sharing her newest sonic discoveries and information from her musically encylopedic Brain.


7. Robert Glasper featuring Erykah Badu – “Afro Blue”
from: Black Radio / Blue Note / Feb. 24, 2012
[ 5th studio album from Houston, Texas born, American jazz pianist and hip hop record producer. Black Radio, includes: Experiment saxophonist/flautist/vocoder player: Casey Benjamin; bass guitarist Derrick Hodge; and drummer/percussionist Chris Dave, with guest vocalists Bilal and Mos Def (now going by yasiin bey), and Erykah Badu (on a buoyant version of the Mongo Santamaria standard “Afro Blue”) to Meshell Ndegeocello and Lupe Fiasco. Lalah Hathaway can be heard on the two most recognizable covers—handling lead vocals on Sade’s “Cherish the Day” and trading dreamy, wordless crooning with Benjamin’s vocoder-aided vocals on an extended outro to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”]


8. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “I Wanna Hold Your Other Hand”
from Aufheben / ‘a’ Records / April 30, 2012
[13th studio album by The Brian Jonestown Massacre, released on band leader Anton Newcombe’s A Records label. The album was available for free streaming prior to its release, and was recorded in Berlin at Anton Newcombe’s studio and the East German Radio Station “Studio East”. The title of the album comes from a German word. It has several meanings, such as “to lift up” or “to abolish”. In philosophy, it is used by Hegel to explain what happens when a thesis and antithesis interact.]


9. Donnie and Joe Emerson – “My Heart”
from Dreamin’ Wild / Light In The Attic / May 1, 2012
[Seattle-based label Light in the Attic spent more than a year planning a reissue of an album, recorded 33 years ago, by two teen brothers Donnie and Joe Emerson, (ages 17 and 19) on thier farm, in a new recording studio, built by their father, in the logging community of Fruitland, Washington. Original records of “Dreamin’ Wild” sat in their home studio, next to a concert venue, erected 30 yards from their house. Dreamin’ Wild Deferred]


10. James Blackshaw – “Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death”
from Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death / Important Records / April 24, 2012
[9th studio release from a Hastings, England based guitarist and pianist, James Blackshaw, born in 1981. James Blackshow primarily plays an acoustic 12 string guitar and has been compared to Bert Jansch, Robbie Basho, John Fahey, Jack Rose, and Leo Kottke. To enable his fingerstyle playing, Blackshaw has grown long picklike fingernails on his right hand. He has released albums on the labels Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Static, Digitalis Industries, Important Records, Tompkins Square, and Young God Records.]

11:00 – Station ID

11:00 – Chris Haghirian’s Top 5

11. Purity Ring – “Fineshrine”
from: Shrines / 4AD / July 20, 2012
[First single from debut album from Canadian indie electronic band based out of Montreal who formed in 2010. The band consists of two members: Megan James (vocals) and Corin Roddick (instrumentals).]
[One of Chris Haghirian’s favorite shows/albums/songs of the year at the Jackpot]

11:04 – Interview with Chris Haghirian

Chris Haghirian has worked for The KC Star for 13 years and helped launch INK in April of 2008. Chris works on the marketing side of INK and puts together all of the music promotions. Chris has intrumental in the organization of The Middle of The Map Fest, The past three years of MidCoast Takeover od SXSW Music Festival featuring KC and Lawrence area bands. Chris also is a regular co-host and contributor to The Mailbox, a weekly podcast radio show produced and hosted by Michael Byars that is available the the Midwest Music Foundation’s website: midwestmusicfound.org.


12. Pinback – “Proceed to Memory”
from: Information Retrieved / Temporary Residence / Oct. 15, 2012
[Pinback played a great show at Riot Room this year. One of Chris’s favorite songs of the year.]


13. Antennas Up – “Coming On”
from: The Awkward Phase / Plastic Artifice / April 24, 2012
[Formed in KC in 2008. The band has played South By Southwest and over 30 Universities and toured w/ Girl Talk, Electric Six, Flogging Molly, Matt & Kim, Ha Ha Tonka, and Company Of Thieves. Kyle Akers – Lead Vocals/Bass; Bo McCall – Guitar/Vocals; The Ryantist – Drums/Vocals; Jonny Universe – Guitar/Keys/Vocals]

Chris talked about upcoming events in 2013…

INK… Middle of the Map Festival
The Local Music Showcase with The Royals and Plaza Art Fair
Midcoast Takeover SXSW 2013


14. Lord Huron – “Time To Run”
from: Lonesome Dreams / IAMSOUND / Oct. 9, 2012
[played a great show at Replay in Lawrence in 2011. One of Chris’s favorite songs of the 2012.]


15. P.O.S – “Where We Land” (featuring Justin Vernon of Bon Iver)
from: We Don’t Even Live Here / Rhymesayers Entertainment / Oct. 22, 2012
[one of Chris’s favorite shows of the year at the Granada/one of my favorite songs/albums of the year]

11:29 – Underwriting

11:30 – Michelle Bacon’s Top 5

15. Thee Water MoccaSins – “Diablo Diablo”
from: From The Rivers of Missouri and The Banks of Fear / Independent / 2012
[Thee Water MoccaSins is comprised of KC musicians Billy Smith on Guitar and Vocals; Steve Tulipana on Vocals, Guitar and Bass; John Bersuch on Drums and Percussion; and Wade Williamson on Guitar, Keyboards, and Bass. All musicians are currently involved with, or have been involved with: Roman Numerals, Season to Risk, Olympic Size, Dirt Nap, Stella Link, Bacon Shoe, Minds Under Cover and Starhaven Rounders. Billy Smith, now living in NYC.]

11:36 – Interview with Michelle Bacon

Michelle Bacon, is editor-in-chief of The Deli – Kansas City. She has a wrtten for The Kansas City Star and Ink. Michelle volunteers for The Midwest Music foundation and she plays drums with Deco Auto, Drew Black and Dirty Electric, and Dolls on Fire.

For more info: kansascity.thedelimagazine.com


16. The Grisly Hand – “Thinking About You”
from: Western Avenue / Independent / February 1, 2012
[Cover of Radiohead song. The band is working on a new full length recording.]


18. Hidden Pictures – “Calling Christine”
from: Rainbow Records / Golden Sound Records / July, 2012
[Richard Gintowt – vocals/guitar, Michelle Sanders – vocals /glockenspiel, Cameron Hawk – drums, Erik Voeks – bass, Nate Holt – piano/keys.] [Richard Gintowt was with us on WMM on July 25. ]


00. Antennas Up – “Pretenders” (On Michelle’s list but not played)
from: The Awkward Phase / Plastic Artifice / April 24, 2012
[Formed in KC in 2008. The band has played South By Southwest and over 30 Universities and toured w/ Girl Talk, Electric Six, Flogging Molly, Matt & Kim, Ha Ha Tonka, and Company Of Thieves. Kyle Akers – Lead Vocals/Bass; Bo McCall – Guitar/Vocals; The Ryantist – Drums/Vocals; Jonny Universe – Guitar/Keys/Vocals]


19. Schwervon! – “Cyclone”
from: Courage / Olive Juice Music / September 28, 2012
(Their song “Wake and Bomb” is on the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 compilation)
[Schwervon! is a two piece rock band. Nan plays drums and Matt plays guitar and they both sing. They lived in NYC for 15 years and have just relocated to Kansas City. Last year they opened for both The Vaselines and Belle & Sebastian. They recently recorded with Memphis-based engineer Doug Easley (Pavement, Sonic Youth, Cat Power).]

Next week Wed, Dec 5 we begin our 4-week special: The 112 Best Recordings of 2011


20. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

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