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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Grisly Hand + Sneaky Creeps +
Bach Aria Soloists + Artist Judith Levy’s “NV in KC”

1. The Grisly Hand – “If You Say So”
from: Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013

10:05 – Interview with The Grisly Hand

The Grisly Hand, is a Kansas City based, six member band that first started playing live in 2009. The current line up includes: Jimmy Fitzner (Guitar and Vocals), Lauren Krum (Vocals and Percussion), Johnny Nichols (Bass and Vocals), Matt Richey (Drums), Mike Stover (Steel Guitar), and Ben Summers (Guitar and Mandolin). The band’s debut release “Safe House” was release in November of 2010. Their EP “Western Avenue” was one of our Best Recordings of 2012 . The Grisly Hand are now releasing their new full-length recording, “Country Singles” with a special concert, Friday, April 26, at 7:00 at Knuckleheads Saloon, 2715 Rochester, KCMO. More info at: thegrislyhand.com

Lauren Krum and Mike Stover joined us live in the studio.

This band shares Matt Richey and Mike Stover with a few other bands including Dead Voices. Matt also plays with Tiny Horse and Victor & Penny. Mike also plays with Mr. Marcos V7, and three other bands.

The Grisly Hand will be headlining the Spring Dance – Spice of Life Productions 10th Anniversary, on Saturday, May 18, at Crossroads KC at Grinders, 8:00pm, with My Brothers & Sisters, and Starhaven Rounders.

This weekend The Grisly Hand is releasing their third recording. The cover of the new record “Country Singles” is a photograph where more than half of the frame is taken up by a blacktop country road, with four or five semi-trucks parked in the top left corner on the horizon with the big blue sky behind and the sun setting behind a line of bare trees.

“Country Singles” contains rousing country, truckstop spirited, tracks, but there is also the beautiful “Blind Horse” which is just Lauren’s voice with a piano. This song transcends category and displays the special vocal abilities of Lauren Krum. Mike Stover talked about how that track came to be after a piano had just been delivered to Element Studios.


2. The Grisly Hand – “Municipal Farm Blues”
from: Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013


“Safe House” gave us the anthem “Paris of the Plains” and many great songs that defined who and where. “Country Singles” has some introspective songs looking inside. Lauren talked about the songwriting process for the band.

Kian Byrne left the band to work full time in his family band The Elders, but it sounds like Mike Stover’s steel guitar has come into take the place of Kian’s fiddle in the composition of The Grisly Hand’s beautiful sound.

Bill Sundahl describes the band: “A mixture of down home and metropolitan Country, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, and just the right infusion of Soul is what sets them apart from their peers, yet invites you in to the party. Brilliant!”

Friday night, April 26, is the “Country Singles'” CD Release Party at Knuckleheads, 2715 Rochester St, with: She’s A Keeper and Trevor McSpadden, lead singer of Chicago’s Hoyle Brothers. More info at: thegrislyhand.com


3. The Grisly Hand – “Coal & Black”
from: Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013

4. Soft Reeds – “Pregnant Actress”
from: Blank City / The Record Machine / Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[Soft Reeds play a Kansas City Album Release Party, Friday, April 26, at the Riot Room, 4048 Broadway, with Be/Non, and Rev Gusto.]

10:31 – Underwriting


5. Sneaky Creeps – “Mom Needs A Vacation”
from: December Demos / Independent / 2013
[Downloaded form their SoundCloud page.]

10:35 – Interview with William Andrew Erdrich, Max Crutcher, and Isaac (the new bass player) of Sneaky Creeps

William Andrew Erdrich & Max Crutcher met while going to KCAI. Their second release “The Thin Man Wigs Out” was on of our favorite recordings of 2012. The band recently brought in a bass player, Isaac, and are now a three piece again and have been recording new music. SNEAKY CREEPS kick off their tour with a special concert, Wednesday, May 1, at The Roost, 1100 Santa Fe, KCMO, with LAZY, and YUCKRATZ.


6. Sneaky Creeps – “Worn Out”
from: December Demos / Independent / 2013
[Downloaded form their SoundCloud page.]

7. David Bowie – “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”
from: The Next Day / ISO Records – Columbia / March 12, 2013
[Bowie’s first new music in 10 years. In the works for over 2 years, Bowie is collaborated with longtime producer Tony Visconti who told the BBC that they worked on the new album at a very slow pace. “We never spent more than two to three weeks at a time recording,” Visconti said. “And then we’d take off as much as two months. We’d usually work on one or two songs in an afternoon and we’d whip them up to shape where they’d sound like great rock tracks. At that point there wouldn’t be any final vocals or lyrics. This is the same way I’d been working with him since The Man Who Sold the World. He hasn’t really changed in his approach.” Toward the end of Bowie’s 2004 tour in Europe the singer underwent emergency heart surgery for a blocked artery. There were rumors about Bowie’s health. Visconti told the BBC “He’s a very healthy man… I couldn’t explain how I know that, but I worked with a very healthy David Bowie in the studio and a very happy David Bowie in the studio.”]

11:00 – Station ID

8. Swimming in Speakers – “In Knowing”
from: Guessing The Others / Independent / February 5, 2013
[Debut full-length recording from Christopher Clarke & Meadow Elizabeth. Christopher Clarke was a professional actor in Kansas City after graduating from UMKC’s professional actor training program at the conservatory. After living and working in Prague, Christopher landed back in Adirondack Park, New York where Swimming in Speakers was formed, and ignited the rich Northeastern music scene with strong live performances and an impressive EP that twice landed them on episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. The band mixes indie ambient synth-pop, toe-tapping freak folktronica, and Christopher Clarke’s multi-layered production with Meadow Elizabeth’s hypnotic vocals.]

9. Palace – “Treetop Lover”
from: Single remix release / The Record Machine / March 2013
[St. Louis based band: Matthew James: Vocals/ Guitar/ Canadian-Tuxedos, Danny James: Drums/ Vocals/ Mustaches, Phil Grooms: Trumpet/Bass/Tall, Josh Eaker: Bass/fuzz, Crystal Owens: Vocals/X-bells]

[Palace returns to KC to open for COWBOY INDIAN BEAR’s KC ALBUM RELEASE PARTY! Thurs. April 25, 8:00pm, at Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club, 3402 Main St, KCMO, w/ Heartfelt Anarchy]

11:10 – Interview with Elizabeth Suh Lane, Beau Bledsoe, and Jeff Harshbarger

Elizabeth Suh Lane, has been acclaimed, “…among the finest chamber musicians in America today” by San Francisco Symphony’s Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas. She has performed across the globe as a chamber, solo and orchestral musician in the finest concert halls. Elizabeth is founder-Executive-Artistic Director and violinist of the Bach Aria Soloists. Her leadership has brought world-class collaborations to Kansas City to partner with the ensemble.

Beau Bledsoe comes from a large musical family in Little Rock, Arkansas. While in high school, he obtained a handful of old records from the Spanish guitar masters and began his formal studies at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, graduating with honors and receiving top prizes from regional music competitions. Beau relocated to the graduate guitar program at the University of Missouri-KC Conservatory of Music and has continued his professional career collaborating with Nathan Granner, composer/pianist Brad Cox, and the ensemble, Alaturka.

Jeff Harshbarger, was voted Kansas City’s Best Bassist by Pitch Magazine in 2007, has ecorded and performed across the globe with such varied groups as Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Bobby Watson, Curtis Fuller, Forever Tango, Eugene Chadborne, Mitt Abel, Tango and dozens more. He is the curator of Jeff Harshbarger Presents: An Alternative Jazz Series, promoting new improvised music in Kansas City.

The Bach Aria Soloists: Elizabeth Suh Lane, Beau Bledsoe, and Jeff Harshbarger perform Tango music LIVE in our 90.1 FM studios. And we’ll talk with these amazing musicians about their upcoming concert, “A Night of Tango,” on April 27, at 8:00 PM at HELZBERG HALL, in The Kauffman Center For the Performing Arts. The show highlights the rich music of Astor Piazzolla and his Piazzolla quintet, with legendary Tango master Héctor Del Curto.

10. Bach Aria Soloists: Elizabeth Suh Lane, Beau Bledsoe, & Jeff Harshbarger – “Libertango” (Live)

11. Bach Aria Soloists: Elizabeth Suh Lane, Beau Bledsoe – “Bordel 1900” (Live)

11:30 – Underwriting


12. Lyal Strickland– “Every Time It Starts To Rain”
from: Balanced On Barbed Wire / Independent / 2013
[From Buffalo Missouri]

[Lyal Strickland plays Knuckleheads Saloon, 2715 Rochester Ave, KCMO, Thurs, April 25, at 7:30pm]

13. Diana Krall – “We Just Couldn’t Say GoodBye”
from: Glad Rag Doll (Deluxe Edition) / Verve Music Group / Oct. 27, 2012

[Diana Krall plays The Midland Theatre, Wednesday, May 1, at 8:00pm.]

14. Tim Coons – “Envy”
from: The Deadly Sins and Beatitudes / Tim Coons / Oct. 8, 2008
[Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, Tim Coons in now based in Greely, Colorado.]

11:35 – Interview with Judith Levy

Artist & Filmmaker, Judith Levy was the recipient of the Artopia, Visual Artist of the Year, by The Pitch Newspaper, 2012. Her work has been presented in multiple galleries in Kansas City as well as Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Winnipeg to name a few. Her 2012 video “On The Seventh Day” was sceened at film festivals across the country including the Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Judith joins us to discuss her new film, “NV in KC,” a community filmmaking project funded by an Andy Warhol Foundation Rocket Grant Award. The film takes place in the vibrant art world of present-day Kansas City. The film will have it’s premiere Thursday May 2, at the Tivoli Cinema in Kansas City, and on May 9, at the Lawrence Arts Center, in Lawrence, Kansas. More info at: nvinkc.com or judithglevy.com.

“NV in KC” combines performers and actors playing fictional characters in scripted scenes with real life documentary interviews conducted by you with notable arts leaders.


15. Audio Clip #2 from “NV in KC” Jealousy Vs. Envy – Erin McGrane (:35)

16. Audio Clip #3 from “NV in KC” Featuring Julian Zugazagoitia (1:04)

Well-known local performers, and notable arts leaders appear in the film: De De DeVille, Carol Holstead, Judith G. Levy, Erin McGrane, Shannon Michalski, Garry Noland, Jaimie Warren, Rachael Cozad, Saralyn Reece Hardy, Sherry Leedy, Raechell Smith, Julian Zugazagoitia. How did you find the cast?

The film is a diary-like tale about artist Lee J. Ross’ (played by Judith Levy) efforts to come to terms with her own envious feeling and those of her friends.

Kansas City’s May 2nd Tivoli Screening is SOLD OUT!

May 9, 2013 at 7:00 pm, At The Lawrence Art Center, 940 New Hampshire St. Lawrence, KS., (785) 843-2787

A community filmmaking project funded by an Andy Warhol Foundation Rocket Grant

NV in KC: a story about artists and envy in Kansas City is a humorous and probing film set in the vibrant art world of present-day Kansas City. Well-known, local performers and notable arts leaders star in this diary-like tale about artist Lee J. Ross’ efforts to come to terms with her own envious feeling and those of her friends. Invented narrative is blended with documentary-like interviews to tell a story that was filmed in Lawrence and Kansas City and captures the complexity of a challenging emotion.

The film was made possible through the support of the Charlotte Street Foundation and Spencer Museum of Art.


17. Audio Clip from “NV in KC” Success & Failure: Saralyn Reece Hardy(1:25)

“NV in KC” will have it’s premiere Thursday May 2, at the Tivoli Cinema in Kansas City, and on May 9, at the Lawrence Arts Center, in Lawrence, Kansas. More info at: nvinkc.com or judithglevy.com


18. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org

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