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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Michelle Bacon’s Favorite Releases of 2020 +
Wednesday MidDay Medley’s Favorite Singles of 2020

  1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
    from: Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / Universal / Dec. 20, 1979
    [WMM’s theme]

10:00 – 15 of Wednesday MidDay Medley’s Favorite 50 Singles of 2020.

We’ve played over 100 New MidCoastal Single Releases in 2020. We’ve squeezed & sifted our year long playlist, these tracks represent diversity in the MidCoastal Music Community. These are stand-alone singles that were not part of an album, EP or compilation of 2020. Check http://www.WednesdayMidDayMedley.org for the complete list of WMM’s 50 Favorite Singles of 2020

  1. (#15.) Berwanger – “Change The Season”
    from: “Change the Season” – Single / Wiretap Records / September 18, 2020
    [In pandemic Josh released several B-side singles of earlier releases and inspired by the presidential election released a new single. Last year Josh Berwanger released his 4th full length album “Watching A Garden Die” on Wiretap Records. Josh was in The Anniversary, a Kansas band that released, 2000’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown & 2002’s Your Majesty and sold over 100,000 records before breaking up on tour in Japan. The band recently reunited for new shows and a tour this year. Berwanger was also in the band, The Only Children, and released, 2004’s Change of Living & 2007’s Keeper of Youth. When Keeper of Touth ended Josh Berwanger took a break and became a high school basketball coach. In the 2012 Josh formed the Josh Berwanger band. Berwanger released Dtrange Stains in April 2014, the EP Demonios November 11, 2016, Exorcism Rock in Oct. 2017, and The Star Invaders October 2017. Josh Berwanger also plays in Radar State.]
Quiet Takes
  1. (#14.) Quiet Takes – “Wanted (The Dirty Windshield Version)”
    from: “Wanted (Dirty Windshield Version)” – Single / Sarah Magill / May 1, 2020
    [Sarah Magill writes: “Wanted” lives in the ellipses between acknowledging you want something you can’t have…and letting that desire go. The plan was to put this stripped-down version out in the fall after releasing its more produced twin on an EP this summer, but then everything changed. Beyond the pandemic’s catastrophic casualties, we are all grappling with lesser losses: plans, jobs, dreams, relationships, routines, shows, savings, physical touch. It seemed right to put this version out now. Sometimes we only realize what we want when it’s absent. That’s the gift in the grief, but it stings, doesn’t it? Music & Lyrics by Sarah Magill. Produced by David Bennett. Vocals & keyboards by Sarah Magill, guitars, & bass by David Bennett. Extra keyboards by Ian Thompson. Engineered & mixed by David Bennett at Aorist Studios in KCMO. Mastered by Zach Hanson. Quiet Takes (formerly MYRY) is an on-going collaborative music project by Sarah Magill a writer & musician based in KC. She performs with a rotating cast of friends—although these stay-at-home days, she is playing solo. In KC, she is known for hosting house shows and co-founding Rubix, a performance art collective. MYRY’s first EP, AHEM, was released in 2018. Sarah released four of MYRY’s songs from that 2018 EP release as Quiet Takes singles in 2020. She is preparing to release a new EP or album in 2021. Sarah Magill was our guest on WMM on May 13. “Wanted” was a new song not from MYRY’s previous release.]
No Germ Candy
  1. (#13.) No Germ Candy – “Straight Talk”
    from: “Straight Talk” Single Side A / Too Much Rock / October 21, 2020
    [No Germ Candy was formed in 2018 by Zso Nemeth on vocals and Harper Knecht on guitar. Both live in KCMO. Their style consists of an upbeat, poppy sound and sincere lyrics with humorous undertones. Nemeth and Knecht’s combination of bright vocals and soft strings create an intimate, heartfelt energy. Zso Nemeth is the daughter of Krysztof Nemeth, baritone guitarist of Emmaline Twist. Harper Knecht is the daughter of Jonathan Knecht drummer of Emmaline Twist. Sid Sowder founded Too Much Rock, a music blog site he created in 1997 to share his photos, videos & comments of live music shows he attends. The Too Much Rock Singles Series is a collection of 45 rpm singles that marry great songs with great bands all for the love of vinyl. Each old-school two-song single features one unique song paired with one cover chosen by Too Much Rock who press 500 limited edition copies and then simply give them to the band. Schwervon!, Rev Gusto, Josh Berwanger Band, The Uncouth, Hipshot Killer, Witch Jail, Red Kate, Heidi Lynne Gluck, and Brandon Phillips and The Condition have all recorded for the Too Much Rock Single Series. More info at: http://www.toomuchrock.com No Germ Candy and Sid Sowder were on WMM on Oct. 21, 2020.]
  1. (#12.) Ernest Melton – “Narrative for Natives”
    from: Narrative for Natives – Single / Ernest Melton / March 9, 2020
    [One of two singles released by Ernest Melton including “Chronicles of Conception” released April 21, 2020. Earnest Melton is also featured on the BodaciousThang single, “Say Hi” released Sept. 2, 2020 on Jucy Burrito Records. In 2019 Ernest Melton released the album “The Standard Imperfections.” In 2018 he released the album “The Time of the Slave Is Over.” Ernest Melton is a saxophonist, composer, and band leader currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri by way of Goldsboro, North Carolina. He relocated to his mother’s hometown of Kansas City, Missouri at the age of ten where he picked up his first saxophone at Longfellow Academy of the Arts. Bored with the classical curriculum of the music department, Ernest studied more contemporary genres of music and the guitar until the age of fourteen when he joined his first jazz program through the American Jazz Museum of Kansas City. Playing mostly tenor sax by the age of fourteen, Ernest joined Lincoln High School jazz band and many other musical programs around the Greater Kansas City area. Naturally excelling, Melton left school at the age of sixteen to study music on his own. With kind neighbors and a supportive mother, Ernest was free to practice the saxophone, study albums, and write compositions at any hour of the day. It was during this time he found his first major influences in jazz like Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Kenny Garrett, and Pharoah Sanders. Pharoah’s polyphony were like echoes of Melton’s father, a Primitive Baptist preacher, and became a large influence of his playing. An avid composer as well, Ernest studied with tutors in classical orchestration, big band arranging, and Afro-Cuban drumming. He cites Charles Mingus, Igor Stravinsky, and Wayne Shorter as his favorite all around composers and still tries to implement their techniques in his music today. After being accepted into Berklee College of Music he decided not to attend and began his career playing music in bands of every genre around the Greater Kansas City area. In 2018 Ernest release his first full length album entitle, “The Time Of The Slave Is Over”, which received raved reviews at home and abroad by media such as Plastic Sax, Quest TV, and JAZIZZ to name a few. Currently, Melton is working on his second full length album entitled, “Sound Stories”, to be released in 2020. While still in his early twenties, Ernest Melton has played all over the country and plans to continue to travel abroad.]
  1. (#11.) Scabb & Strings – “Mount (Radio Edit)”
    from: Mount – Single / Manor Records / May 25, 2020
    [Scabb & Strings is Sammy Hernandez (Scabb) and Shaun Crowley (Strings). Sammy Hernandez is the younger brother of Quinn Hernandez of the band Momma’s Boy. Shaun Crowley is the lead guitarist for Momma’s Boy and founder of Manor records and the Manor Fest. Produced & engineered by Scabb. Sammy released his own solo Scabb debut 6-song EP on November 6, 2020, which included “Honey Dew” released as a single Oct. 29, and “Champagne Chutney” released as a single Oct. 15. Scabb, is a KCK native and multi faceted artist seasoned heavily in soul and experimental samples. His love/hate relationship with himself and society with the mix of his obsession with word choice and mood switch add range to his malleable style bringing you back for a second listen. Scabbs nostalgic melodies, raw lyricism and self centered banter will you keep you feeling engaged and refreshed.]
  1. (#10.) The Jinxed – “World On Fire”
    from: World On Fire – Single / The Jinxed / May 8, 2020
    [The Jinxed is Bobby Topaz on vocals & guitar & Jon Ulasien on drums, guitar, bass, vocals, piano, synth. Lyrics, production, tracked and engineered by Jon Ulasien. Bobby Topaz is also in Hot Suede and Bad Wheels, and was in the Abracadabras. Jon Ulasien is in Shadow Rabbits and was part of Antennas Up. The Jinxed released their debut single “The Loon” with “Say To Me” in 2013 on Sharp County Records. Bobby Topaz told Michelle Bacon on The Bridge 90.9 website: “We originally started because Jonny wanted me to sing on ‘The Loon,’ and I had a song too. Then, we kinda moved on from it, but never forgot about it,” Topaz said. “Since we’re not able to play live anymore, it seemed like a good time to put this out. We figured, why not? We’ve got the time to do it right.” “The song itself had the good fortune of timing,” Topaz said. Jon wrote the lyrics about feeling adrift, but being grateful to have someone to lean on. I had no idea what was to come, but I feel like that sentiment of being lost and scared is very relatable to people right now.”]
  1. (#9.) Eems – “Unbreakable”
    from: Unbreakable – Single / Eems / October 11, 2020
    [“Unbreakable” is one of four single tracks Eems released in 2020 including “Middle” on May 4, 2020, and the two song release “Spacelord” on February 29, 2020. Eems started 2020 with the 8-track release “Sweet Dreams on January 10. Eems is Phillip Jackson, a KC based ukulele loop artist, singer songwriter, rapper, pianist, drummer, The resonance of his bright musical sounds, and lyrical calls, are woven through genres of folk, hip hop, pop, and dance influences. He has shared the stage with notable hop hop artists, and KC Folk Music Fest, Middle of The Map Fest. For Eems, a ukulele is a jumping off point that leads to an uncharted and often unpredictable world of sound and inspiration. Blending it with loops and effects to achieve a captivating blend of R&B and pop music, Eems has used his unique sounds, voice and sense of humor to reach crowds across the country. Eems has opened up for” Slick Rick The Ruler and GLC form Kanye West’s G.O.O.D music label. Eems released his EP Dreems on June 26, 2018. Eems released Rocket Shop EP on August 11, 2017. Eems released IIID on June 17, 2016.]
  1. (#8.) Khrystal. – “Magic”
    from: Magic – Single / Manor Records / August 8, 2020
    [Manor Records announced a new single from newly signed KCK musical artist Khrystal. Her new single “Magic” will be available on August 8, 2020 and will be released on limited edition cassette singles with her most recent single “You Again” as a B-Side. On September 1, 2017 Khrystal. Released The Glow Up EP, Produced & Written by Khrystal Coppage and Duncan Burnett. This was follow up to Khrystal’s Debut EP, Quarter Century Living. Executive Produced By Duncan Burnett. Written By Khrystal Coppage & Duncan Burnett. Kansas City based Khrystal Coppage served as Editor-in-Chief of Khorage Magazine. She served as Production Manager at UMKC University News from 2015 to 2016. She graduated from UMKC in 2016 where she studied Family Studies. She graduated from Kansas City Kansas Community College in 2013. She is a graduate of Sumner Academy of Arts & Science, in KCK. ]

10:28 – Underwriting

  1. (#7.) Ivory Blue – “Family Tables”
    from: “Family Tables” – Single / Devin Kesler / December 7, 2020
    [One of three new singles along with, “Elite Dreamland,” and “Half a Life” released this year from Ivory Blue. Singer, songwriter, rock & roller, Ivory Blue was born in 1986 in Peoria Illinois, as Devin James Miclettet. Ivory’s birth mother put them up for adoption at the age of four. Ivory speaks about how it was difficult to find trust in people offering their home to someone denied of it for so long, Ivory had lived with eight different families, before running away at 15, moving from Indiana to Oklahoma and eventually ending up in Seattle. In 2011, after a friend sent a plane ticket, Ivory landed in the Kansas City area, and became a part of new family where they were able to have solid ground and over the past several years has been performing in singer-songwriter showcases. Ivory Blue’s debut EP, Ready Get Set was released in June 2015 and had wide radio airplay on this show and multiple radio and television stations in Kansas City and across the country. In 2017 Ivory was among 1800 bands that competed in neXt2Rock. Ivory won local & regional challenges and advanced to nationals in Los Angeles to win the top prize. Ivory Blue has played Crossroads Music festival, The Middle of the Map Festival, The Westport Roots Festival, the KCPT Screening of “Real Boy” at The Kansas City Public Library, and Kauffman Stadium. Ivory Blue is currently in the studio putting together a new full length 10-song album called “Compound Love” for release in 2021. Ivory Blue was a guest on WMM on April 29 and September 2.]
  1. (#6.) Monta At Odds – “When Stars Grow Old”
    from: “When Stars Grow Old” / The Record Machine / October 19, 2020
    [Monta At Odds released their 4-song EP Zen Diagram earlier this year on May 1, 2020. “When Stars Grow Old” is from Monta At Odd’s seventh full-length album, Peak of Eternal Light, to be released in 2021 on The Record Machine. Dedric Moore describes the song , “it’s an android of a song, combining the human and the electronic into a sizzling new sonic creation. “When Stars Grow Old” is the sound of humanity visiting new worlds across the dark spaces of time, reconstructing the beat of music through memory and instinct. An ad hoc band plays to the sparkling, unfamiliar sky of a distant world. It’s the music of the future if formed from ghostly, discarded impressions of the past.” The band describes their music as: Mutant Disco, minimal synthwave, post-punk dance, Electronica, Indie, Space Rock, Ambient. Monta At Odds is a psychedelic, experimental indie/space rock/electronic collective based in KCK formed by brothers Dedric and Delaney Moore. Recently the band had added Mikal Shapiro and Teri Quinn and Lucas Behrens to the line up. Past supporting members: Alexander Thomas, Adam Davies, Zach Bozich, Aaron Osborne, Matthew Hayden, Mika Tanaya, Sterling Holman, Bree Plaster; Eric Bessenbacher, Ryan Shank, Jeremiah James, Samer Saba, Doug Hutchinson, Erin O’Neill, Sam Behrens, Sam Hughes, Tom Romero, Caleb Aldrich, John Aldrich. Monta At Odds released their 6th full length album Argentum Dreams on October 19, 2018.]
  1. (#5.) Brandon Phillips & The Condition – “Contrition”
    from: “Contrition” – Single / Brandon Phillips & The Condition / June 16, 2020
    [The first release of the band’s Summer Singles 2020 Series which also included “Sunrise” released July 14, 2020, and “Veronica” released August 11, 2020. Brandon Phillips, Adam Phillips, Brent Kastler, Mike Alexander, Julie Berndsen, Julia Haile, and Nathan Showalter. Recorded and Mastered at Element Recording and Mastering with Joel Nanos. Mixed by Brandon Phillips. Art by Jud Kite. Follow up to their April 13, 2019 Too Much Rock release, “Angel Say No” / “People Talk” 7” single release. The group is inspired by Elvis Costello and Motown Records”Girl Groups.” This is a project of Brandon Phillips (The Architects, The Gadjits, Other Americans) and features an ensemble cast.]
  1. (#4.) Hi-Lux – “Revolution”
    from: Revolution / Get What You Give – Single / The Record Machine / March 6, 2020
    [This KC based band is lead by singer Julia Haile, with Tim Braun on guitar, Nick Howell on keys, Dan Loftus on bass and Kian Bryne on drums. Hi-Lux is a Modern-Soul band that blends and bends the boundaries between soul, rock n roll, reggae, and funk. This group aims to create music that pays tribute to their myriad of influences (Amy Winehouse, The Meters, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings) but also claims a spotlight of its own in the musical world. After a string os single releases, including one on 7” vinyl through Sunflower Soul Records, followed by the release of their self-titled EP, Hi-Lux has introduced an eclectic and impressive collection of songs to give the world a small taste of what’s to come. Hi-Lux is on a journey of musical discovery, mixing old and new to create something unique.]
Kianna White
  1. (#3.) Kianna White – “Homecoming Queen”
    from: “Homecoming Queen” – Single / Team Love / September 25, 2020
    [Kianna cut her teeth in the critically-acclaimed indie band Tilly and the Wall, touring through the mid to late aughts with bands such as She and Him, Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley and Of Montreal, playing venues around the world and major festivals like Coachella, Japan’s Summersonic, Iceland Airwaves, Reading and Leeds among others, as well as performing on Late Night with David Letterman and Sesame Street before going on hiatus in 2013. During this era, she also performed guest vocals on Rilo Kiley’s “The Absence of God”, “In the Sun” by She & Him and co-wrote and sang on Tiësto’s song “You Are My Diamond”. // Since 2017, her band Yes You Are, with now husband and co-writer Jared White, has had many song placements in movies, television and commercials, most notably in the Pepsi Super Bowl 51 commercial. When Forbes Magazine asked Lyle Hysen, the founder of Bank Robber Music, about the biggest licensing hits over the years, he spotlit Kianna and Jared’s work alongside artists like Spoon and Phantogram saying “Kianna Alarid from Tilly and the Wall has been working on new music with her band Yes You Are. They’re giving us two songs at a time, and they get placements all the time.” // Known for their electrifying live performances, Yes You Are shared the stage with the likes of K. Flay, Young the Giant and Fitz and the Tantrums, and toured the US with Neon Trees. Even though Yes You Are had proven to be successful in many ways, Kianna and Jared felt like the band hadn’t yet accessed their full artistic potential. In mid 2020 they announced the band’s break up when unexpected and major changes in the lineup served as a clear sign it was time to move on. They also decided that Kianna’s ability to hold the spotlight shouldn’t be ignored and set to work on new songs with a solo career for her in mind. The idea proved to be immediately inspiring to the writing duo, and they quickly assembled a collection of impressive new music that feels artistically fresh and full of potential. // Going now by her married name, and having found the support of Team Love Records, Homecoming Queen is Kianna White’s first solo release. The song’s hazy mood and hypnotic guitar lines take indie pop through the looking glass. What emerges on the other side is not flower child psychedelia, but a modern, luscious, psyche-pop, where lyrics of stoned introspection and longing float around on haunted, seductive melodies. Kianna’s voice keeps the trip from spinning off into a hall of funhouse mirrors, becoming a trusted and sober co-pilot, allowing you to surrender, close your eyes, and dance. // High on the freedom to control her individual narrative for the first time Kianna filmed, starred in and edited Homecoming Queen’s innovative and spellbinding music video. All alone in her bedroom and encumbered with the limitations of self-isolation (she used only an iPhone, a Snapchat filter, a flashlight and iMovie) she managed to create something that feels new, slightly unsettling and entirely captivating. The spooky, trance-inducing visual effects over the song’s eerily inviting hooks, present us with a poignant reflection of our strange and anxious times. Kianna was on WMM Sept. 30, 2020.]
They Call Me Sauce
  1. (#2.) They Call Me Sauce – “Make You Sing [feat. Love, Mae C]”
    from: Make You Sing – Single / I Got The Sauce / March 27, 2020
    [One of 5 Singles released this year from They Call Me Sauce. Produced by D. Professor. Recorded at I Got The Sauce Studios & Woodgrain Productions. Mixed & mastered by Tony at Woodgrain ProductionsRoyce “Sauce” Handy is a rapper, a songwriter, a beat maker, a designer, a teacher, an MC, a business owner, a social media manager, a husband, a father., a community organizer. He has worked with the AdHoc Group Against Crime, Teens in Transition, Storytellers Inc., Arts Tech, Mid-America Regional Council, UMKC, Representative Brandon Ellington, former Mayor Sly James. He is co-owner of The Rap Asylum, We are RAP, and owner of Melanin Connoisseur. Sauce has collaborated with visual artists, and the hip hop community. In 2017 Sauce released his EP, Summer Sauce, part of WMM’s 117 Best Recordings of 2017. In 2018 Sauce released Soul Food 4. In 2019 his collective NuBvckCity w/ Kartez Marcel, Mae C, & VP3 released “All Night” / “Alive”. This was #1 on WMM’s 39 Favorite Singles of 2019.]
  1. (#1.) David George & Friends – “When We All Come Together”
    from: “When We All Come Together” – Single / Moozer Music / May 11, 2020
    [Nearly two months, four creators, and almost 100 musicians came together to make this amazing song! “When We All Come Together” started the week Kansas Citians were asked to self-quarantine. This meant all businesses would be shut down until it was safe to return to normal. But it was pretty clear normal would be a long way away for musicians and others in the music community. Midwest Music Foundation is a Kansas City-based organization that helps those who need help in our music community. This video and song were created to help those struggling in the Kansas City Music Community. To donate or for more information go to: http://www.midwestmusicfoundation.org. Written by David George (featuring rap written by Kadesh Flow). Orchestral arrangements by Brian Lynn. Mastered by Duane Trower. Creative team: Steve Gardels, David George , Michael Lopez, and Giuliano Mingucci. The Band includes: Drew Black, David George, Jeremiah James, John Johnson , J B Moreland, and Mike Penner on guitars; Joe Donley, and Gavin Mac on bass; Giuliano Mingucci on drums; Billy Brimblecom, Jr., Leo Brimblecom (cowbell), and Sam Wisman on percussion; Lin Buck (B3 Organ), and Mark Lowrey (piano) on keyboards; Kian Byrne, Shay Estes, David George, Skeet Hank, Camry Ivory, Kadesh Flow, David Luther, Dana Joel Nicholson, Kirsten Paludan , Nicole Springer, Jillian Roscoe, Jordan Smith, Greg Wickham on featured vocals; Albert Bickley, Lin Buck, Noah Davis, Elizabeth Day & son, Chris Doolittle, Cheryl Fountaine & son, Debbie George, Bill Guilfoyle, Jeff Hon, Rachel Hon, Chris Hudson, Matt Kessler, Brent Kinder, Brian Lynn, Barry Lee, Troy Meiss, John Michaels, Shawn Stewart, Scotty McCormick, Anne Marie McLaughlin, Tiffany Smith, Dave Tanner, and Bob Walkenhorst as the When We All Come Together Choir; with the When We All Come Together Orchestra: Marti Whelan on Bassoon; Phil Brenner, and Teri Quinn on clarinet; Christine Broxterman, Novella Collum, Michael Hon, Laura Hoesly , and Ben Munoz on cello; Karl Hayes on English horn; Janice Lee, Cameron Lynn, Lyra Pherigo , and Mimi Wenger on flute; Karl Hayes on oboe; Phil Brenner (Alto/Tenor), Ian Corbett (Alto/Tenor), Peter Lawless on saxophone; Andrew Anderson, Kadesh Flow, Libby Hanssen, Mark Hoffman, and Anthony Ritchie; Pete Caroll, David Cunningham, Stanton Kessler, Nate Nall, and Ryan Oldham on trumpet; Ben Ruth on tuba; Hannah Dowell, Katie Johnson, Laurel Parks, Roshelle Pekarek, Michael Turnbo on violin; Lexi Carbellero, Roshelle Pekarek, Mason Salmond on viola; When We All Come Together Sign holders (in video): Michelle Bacon & Elena, Tabitha Cosper, Liz Ernst, Sondra Freeman, Shannon Higgins, Liz, Amelia, William Higgins, Phil & Alice Jaggard, Rhonda Lyne, Deegan Poores, Sean Poores, and Pat Tomek; Dancers (in video): Katie Gilchrist, and Brimblecom kids. Thanks to everyone at Midwest Music Foundation for their amazing service to the music industry of Kansas City: Rhonda Lyne, Sondra Freeman, Michelle Bacon, Canyon McClung, Brenton Cook, Christopher Tate, Scott Easterday, Chris Meck, Garrett Nordstrom, Ellen Sherman, Eric Barton. Dr. K. Allen Greiner, Erin Corriveau, Bryant Miller, Vi Tran, Camry Ivory, and Amber Hulet. ©2020 Moozer Music Inc]

You just heard the Top 15 of Wednesday MidDay Medley’s 50 Favorite Singles of 2020. Check http://www.WednesdayMidDayMedley.org for the complete list of WMM’s 50 Favorite Singles of 2020.

Tune into Wednesday MidDay Medley throughout December for our 4-week series: The 120 Best Recordings of 2020, on December 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. This is our celebration of the year in music based on the playlists of this little ole radio show. In 2020 we’ve played from over 400 New & MidCoastal Releases. We conducted 130 interviews with 156 special guests in 2020, and our next guest will make that 131 interviews.

11:00 – Station ID

Michelle Bacon playing bass with The Band That Fell To Earth

11:00 – Michelle Bacon’s Favorite Musical Recordings of 2020.

Michelle Bacon, is Content Writer and Database Manager at 90.9 The Bridge, where she helps to shine a light on area musicians and events. Michelle has written for The Kansas City Star, The Deli Magazine KC, and Folk Alliance International. This year Michelle has played bass with The Band That Fell To Earth, Other Americans, Katy Guillen & The Drive, Kianna White, Nathan Corsi Band, Women of Women and The Republic Tigers. Michelle Bacon joins us to share her Favorite Musical Recordings of 2020.

For five years Michelle Bacon has been organizer and band leader for The Band That Fell To Earth: A Tribute to David Bowie, at recordBar, with: Michelle Bacon on bass, Alex Alexander on guitar, Nathan Corsi on vocals & guitar, Kyle Dahlquist on keyboards, Katy Guillen on guitar, Steve Tulipana on vocals, Stephanie Williams on drums, Havilah Bruders and Camry Ivory on backing vocals, Matt Ronan on percussion, Christine Broxterman on cello, Betse Ellis on violin, Rich Wheeler on saxophone, and special guests.

  1. (#10.) The Republic Tigers – “Mind Over Matter”
    from: Mind Over Matter / The Record Machine / June 5, 2020
    [Hailing from Kansas City, MO, The Republic Tigers spike their lushly orchestrated indie rock with organic and synthetic elements. Founder Kenn Jankowski originally moved to Kansas City in 1999 and began playing guitar for The People, a band that later changed its name to The Golden Republic (Astralwerks Records). He also made fast friends with local musicians Ryan Pinkston and Adam McGill; and when The Golden Republic disbanded seven years later, he opted to launch his pop-based project with the other two multi-instrumentalists. Taking their name from Jankowski’s high school mascot, The Republic Tigers expanded their lineup with bassist Marc Pepperman and drummer Justin Tricomi. Electronic structures remained to play an important role in their music (via convenience/sensible creation-farming/forming), and the band issued a self-titled EP in late 2007 before putting the finishing touches on Keep Color, which arrived in 2008. Then there was a cool EP in 2011 titled “No Land’s Man” which featured the emo smash hit “The Infidel” and the extremely fun “Merrymake It With Me”. And then a second concept LP was concocted, “Mind Over Matter” – written from the year 2008 to the year 2011. Mixed and mastered in the year 2012. But then it was sadly shelved by the original labels. Which leads us to now, the year is 2020. Something new is going to happen.]
  1. (#9.) Saint Sé – “In/Out (feat. Allison Gliesman)”
    from: Spectra – EP / Benjiman Lucas Music / July 31, 2020
    [Debut EP from Saint Sé. This song was released as a single on May 22, 2020. Written by: Lucas Carpenter & Allison Gliesman. Vocals by: Allison Gliesman. Music Produced by: Lucas Carpenter. Additional Production by: Zach Thomas. Mixed/Mastered by: Mark Francis Buergler. Visualizer created by Andy Thies. Allison Gliesman (with the band Mess) released Learning How To Talk last year on March 29, 2019 and has previously releases several singes with Mess including their debut EP, heartswithholes in 2017.]
  1. (#8.) Jo MacKenzie – “’96 DiCaprio”
    from: let me give you what i wish i had. EP / Jo MacKenzie / October 3, 2020
    [One of several new singles from 16 year old, Kansas City based singer songwriter, Jo MacKenzie released this year that were collected together in a 5 -song EP, written, performed and produced by Jo MacKenzie. Mixed by Harper James. Jo MacKenzie released her debut EP, Proud on November 17, 2018. Jo Mackenzie released the single “Just Like Rain” on August 18, 2018; “I Should Come with a Warning Sign” on September 28, 2019; and “Alaska” on November 23, 2019 and the single “Suicide Season” on February 1, 2020, and the single “Lose My Face” on April 24, 2020. More info at http://www.jomackenzie.com]
  1. (#7.) They Call Me Sauce – “Anmls (An NPR Music Song for Change)”
    from: “Anmls (An NPR Music Song for Change) – Single / I Got The Sauce / Aug. 21, 2020
    [One of 5 Singles released this year from They Call Me Sauce. Produced by J-Luv. Written and Performed by Royce “Sauce” Handy/They Call Me Sauce. Mixed and Mastered by Tony and Woodgrain Productions. Royce “Sauce” Handy is a rapper, a songwriter, a beat maker, a designer, a teacher, an MC, a business owner, a social media manager, a husband, a father., a community organizer. He has worked with the AdHoc Group Against Crime, Teens in Transition, Storytellers Inc., Arts Tech, Mid-America Regional Council, UMKC, Representative Brandon Ellington, former Mayor Sly James. He is co-owner of The Rap Asylum, We are RAP, and owner of Melanin Connoisseur. Sauce has collaborated with visual artists, and the hip hop community. In 2017 Sauce released his EP, Summer Sauce, part of WMM’s 117 Best Recordings of 2017. In 2018 Sauce released Soul Food 4. In 2019 his collective NuBvckCity w/ Kartez Marcel, Mae C, & VP3 released “All Night” / “Alive”. This was #1 on WMM’s 39 Favorite Singles of 2019.]
  1. (#6.) Marcus Lewis Big Band – “Black in America feat. Kemet Coleman & Kadesh Flow” / Sharp 11 Records / Nov. 2, 2020
    [Marcus Lewis has performed at the Grammy Awards, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, the Glastonbury Fest, Nobel Peace Prize Concert and the North Sea Jazz Fest, Sydney Opera House, and the White House. TV shows include SNL, David Letterman, The Today Show, Jools Holland, Arsenio Hall, and American Idol. Marcus has performed with Aretha Franklin, Prince, Janelle Monáe, Bruno Mars, B.o.B, and Jidenna. On August 24, 2019 Marcus Lewis Big Band released Brass and Boujee in collaborating with veteran Kansas City MCs: Kemet Coleman and Kadesh Flow to bring Big Band together with Hip Hop.]

11:28 – Underwriting

11:30 – Michelle Bacon’s Favorite Musical Recordings of 2020.

  1. (#5.) Brent Windler –”Around The Bend”
    from: “Around The Bend” – Single / Brent Windler/ May 29, 2020
    [Brent Windler is a singer/songwriter based in KCMO. His songs display Power pop leanings but still stay rooted in the Midwestern US creating a unique blend of melodic pop and Americana. Brent is also known for his work with The Casket Lottery, and the band Sons of Great Dane. Brent Windler also released “Spanish Jasmine” on Sept. 4, 2020 and under the moniker, Dandelions with Tim Gutschenritter the duo released “The Cat, The Killer” on September 29, 2020 and “Take On the World” on November 24, 2020.]
  1. (#4.) Shiner – “Paul P Pogh”
    from: Schadenfreude / Two Black Eyes / May 8, 2020
    [Shiner is an American post-hardcore band from Kansas City, Missouri that was active from 1992 to 2003. Since 2012 Shiner has been playing several shows a year. The band’s new record “Schadenfreude.”The group formed in 1992, and quickly found wide exposure, releasing a vinyl EP in 1993 and touring with acts such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Chore, Jawbox, Season to Risk, The Jesus Lizard, and Girls Against Boys. The group released their first LP, Splay (recorded at Steve Albini’s Chicago studio) in 1996, and a second album, Lula Divinia the next year. Sub Pop took notice, and released a 7” single of the group’s songs “Sleep it Off” and “Half Empty”. Following this the band toured with Hum in 1998. A third full-length, Starless, was released on a label run by members of Descendents, Owned and Operated, in 2000. A fourth LP, The Egg, would follow before the group broke up in 2002. This was recorded and produced at Matt Talbott’s recording studio, Great Western Record Recorders in Tolono IL. Guitarist Josh Newton is the guitar/synth player/mastermind for Sie Lieben Maschinen, Jason Gerken on drums plays in multiple projects, Paul Malinowski on bass. also produces music at Massive Sound Studio, lead singer songwriter Allen Epley is also in The Life and Times.]
Daniel Gum
  1. (#3.) Daniel Gum – “In The Worst Ways”
    from: Thirteen / Manor Records / October 30, 2020
    [Produced by Mike Crawford and Daniel Gum. All songs written, performed, and mixed by Daniel Gum.
    Engineered by Mike Crawford. Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering. Daniel Gum is a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Kansas City. Since the age of 12, he has spent the majority of his time writing and recording songs by himself in his room. His most recent project, Moon, on the other hand was recorded by someone else in another room while Daniel was by himself in yet another room. The Moon EP was released December 7, 2019. It was engineered by Mike Crawford and Daniel Gum and mixed by Daniel Gum with piano and accordion by Cole Crawford. Daniel Gun released his EP i’m not dead October 25, 2017, and his 10-song album Reorient on July 31, 2015, with all songs written, recorded and mixed by Daniel Gum who also performed all vocals guitars, drums, piano, bass. harmonica, and programming. The first single from Daniel Gum’s album, Thirteen “Ruin Your Life” was released on September 4, The second single, “In The Worst Ways” was released September 28, 2020. ] [On our July 22, 2020, WMM show we played Daniel Gum’s track, “Tired Saint” from French Exit Records – Black Lives Matter Compilation, released July 6, 2020. French Exit Records was launched two years ago as an independent music label in KCMO, founded by Brad Girard. French Exit Records has released albums for No Magic and Raymond,. BLM Compilation is 22 acts from the area, with all proceeds donated to One Struggle KC’s Liberation Fund, a Black-led coalition of KC activists seeking to connect the struggles of oppressed communities, locally & globally.]
  1. (#2.) The Freedom Affair – “Heartaches Don’t Come Easy”
    from: Freedom is Love / Sunflower Soul Records / September 25, 2020
    [“Freedom Is Love” is the debut album from Kansas City’s newest soul juggernaut, The Freedom Affair. The album explores themes of love, heartache, empowerment, and togetherness through a varying landscape of hard-hitting funk, luscious soul, and everything in between. The Freedom Affair is a unique collective featuring 3 powerhouse female vocalists in front of a dynamic 6-piece band. On “Freedom Is Love”, each of the ladies get their time to shine individually, but the magic is on full display when all 3 come together in unison and harmony, symbolically embodying the messages that they sing about. The album was recorded and produced by Chris Hazelton, utilizing the best of vintage and new recording technologies to create an authentic experience, befitting of a soul record that would have been relevant 50 years ago as much as it will be 50 years from now. The Freedom Affair is: Misha Roberts on vocals; Paula Saunders on vocals; Seyko Groves on vocals; Cole Bales on guitar, sitar (Track 3); Branden Moser on guitar; Chris Hazelton on bass guitar, organ (Tracks 1, 2, 9, & 10), Tambourine (Track 1), Glockenspiel (Track 3), & Chimes (Track 4); Dave Brick on drums; Pete Carroll on trumpet; Brett Jackson on tenor sax, baritone sax (Tracks 1 & 5), & tambourine (Tracks 5, 6, & 8). Additional Musicians: Pat Conway on Congas (Tracks 1, 3, & 6), Alyssa Bell on viola (Tracks 3, 4, & 7), Elizabeth Codd on violin (Tracks 3 & 4), Matt Bennett on violin (Tracks 3 & 7), John Wickersham on timpani (Track 4), Pamela Baskin-Watson on piano (Track 10), Nick Howell on tambourine (Track 10), The Freedom Family Choir (Track 10): Misha Roberts, Erica Hazelton, Seyko Groves, Paula Saunders, Jordyn Saunders, Cole Bales, and Chris Hazelton. All Horn & String Arrangements by Chris Hazelton except: “Heartaches Don’t Come Easy” and “Give A Little Love” by Pete Carroll & Brett Jackson, “Don’t Shoot” by Chris Hazelton & Allyssa Bell. Produced, Recorded, & Mixed by Chris Hazelton. Assistant Produced by Dave Brick. Rhythm Section on Track 10 recorded by Chad Meise. Mastered by JJ Golden. Cover Artwork by Matthew “Mo” Manley. Front cover photograph of civil rights protesters in Kansas City, MO (April 9th, 1968). The Freedom Affair and their track “Rise Up” were selected to be part of Colemine Records 3xLP box set, “Soul Slabs Vol. 2” a Record Store Day Exclusive, released April 13, 2019. Colemine writes: “The Freedom Affair is a freight train of KC soul! Dirty, funky drums, gritty horns, and the combined vocals of Misha Roberts, Seyko Groves, and Paula Saunders to put this band over the top. Politically charged soul music for the dancefloor!”]
  1. (#1.) BLACKSTARKIDS – “Acting Normal”
    from: Whatever, Man (Deluxe) / Dirty Hit Records / October 29, 2020
    [Blackstarkids released Surf Basement Demos on Dirty Hit Records on March 5, 2020. The band also released their second album SURF through their own label Bedroom Records on February 28, 2020. BlackStarKids, a pop/R&B/hip-hop group based in Kansas City, Missouri. Members include: TheBabeGabe, Deiondre, and TyFaizon (of the Drop Dead XX collective). The group released its first album, Let’s Play Sports, in 2019. Blackstarkids, recently caught the attention of The 1975’s frontman Matty Healy and now they’re signed to The 1975’s management company, Dirty Hit Records.]
  1. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
    from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

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