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Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest DJ – Mark Titus Returns! + Clover Noir Live!

1. Don Richard & Cast of The Rocky Horror Show – “Time Warp”
from: Live At The Unicorn / Mark Titus Field Recordings / June, 1990

In our first hour, Mark Titus returned to Wednesday MidDay Medley for part two of his Guest DJ Special! Last May, Mark joined us to share music from the Pembroke Hill Glee Club from 1968, music from DMZ, the Boston based punk band, and music from the KC Chorale in Kirkwood Hall. Mark Titus joined us to share stories for his journeys, and musical performances from the past 25 years.

Mark Titus has been involved in the video industry for more than 20 years. What started as videotaping family events led to the creation of Titus Video in 1985. Gradually Mark has expanded his focus to include performance art archiving, training videos, coach and highlight DVDs for high school, college, and professional sports. For more information you can visit: marktitus.com.

2. Karen Errington – “Gorgeous”
from: Live at Bar Natasha / Mark Titus Field Recordings / May 3, 2008

Sandra K. Davies and Karen Errington

3. Stephanie Roberts with Vi Tran & The Cast of BOOM! – “Like A Prayer”
from: Live At The Polsky Theatre – Charlotte Street Generative Performing Fellowship Awards / Mark Titus Field Recordings / Oct. 2010

10:30 – Underwriting


4. Gamelan Genta Kasturi with Dwight Frizzell – “Angels and Demons at Play”
from: Live At La Esquina “Angels & Demons at Play” / Mark Titus Field Recordings / Feb. 25, 2011

5. Erin Bates Preston & Band – Music from “Titus Andronicus”
from: Live At The Living Room Theatre / Mark Titus Field Recordings / June 2012

6. Iris DeMent & Greg Brown – “Honky Tonkin’”
from: Live At The Folly Theatre – Benefit for Inner City Services / Mark Titus Field Recordings / 11-11-11

7. Karen Errington – “Two and Four” & “Hit Me With a Hot Note and Watch Me Bounce”
from: Live at Bar Natasha / Mark Titus Field Recordings / May 3, 2008


8. The Clementines – “Bayou”
from: The Clementines / Independent / August, 2012
[Single from upcoming full-length release]
[We first met The Clementines as a duo Tim Jenkins & Nicole Springer when they played LIVE on our April 25 show. Since then they’ve added Stephanie Williams on Drums, and Travis Earndshaw on Bass. Nicole Springer grew up in Oak Grove, MO, and graduated H.S. in 2004. She studied Music-Vocal/Choral at Missouri State University, in Springfield, MO, and studied Special Education with Music at Metropolitan MO CC, in KCMO. Nicole told The Pitch (Jan. 10, 2012 article): “I grew up singing in gospel choirs,” she says. “And I still love gospel music, though I’m not religious or anything. I did musicals throughout high school, and I went to school for a year at Missouri State for music education. But I’ve never been in a committed band before this one.” Nicole told David Hudnall of The Pitch: that her vision for the Clementines was initially inspired by the Irish folk duo the Swell Season. “I had just seen them in concert before I put up that ad,” Springer says. “They’re just so passionate, and I wanted to do something that had that much soul in it. It’s the same reason I like Aretha or the Gossip.” Tim Jenkins grew up in KC. Studied at UMKC. He has been playing music for over 10 years. He is a fan of “geek rock, like ’70s prog stuff.” “I usually bring in a song,” Springer says, “and Tim will tweak it and add solos and sometimes a riff — he helps complete it.” More info at: reverbnation.com/theclementinesnicoleandtim]

[The Clementines play The Riot Room at 4048 Broadway, KCMO, TONIGHT, with One Headlight High, The Strive, Le Grand, and Calling Home.]

9. Making Movies – “Twenty Years”
from: Aguardiente [EP] / The Record Machine / June 2012
[The Record Machine pressed a limited number of 7-inch vinyl, 4 song EP. The digital release was June 5. More info at: makingmoviesband.com. Today is the birthday of Juan Carlos ]

[Making Movies play in concert at The Royals Local Music Showcase by Ink Magazine Today at 6:00pm at Kauffman Stadium before The Royals take on the Detroit Tigers. Game starts at 7:10pm.]

10. TEEN – “Come Back”
from: In Limbo / Carpark Records / August 28, 2012
[from Aaron Johnson’s review on joonbug.com: Former keyboardist for Brooklyn based Here We Go Magic, Teeny Lieberson teams up with two of her sisters and two of her favorite gal pals to create TEEN. An array of floaty textures and chanty vocal harmonies combine with a set of elctronic inspired tribal percussion, to create a synth driven psychadelic soudscape written with pop sensability. Their debut LP ‘In Limbo’ (set for release Aug 28 on Carpark Records) was mixed/produced by Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), and recorded in Teeny’s childhood friend/former bandmate Maia Ibar’s family barn in rural Connecticut.]


11. Clover Noir – “Scent”
from: Single Use Muse / Independent / September 2012
[from their upcoming full length release.]

11:19 – Interview with Clover Noir

The KC acoustic indie rock trio, Clover Noir are the second band we’ve presented this year that was formed with the help of Craigslist. Ben who writes the bands songs decided to post an ad for collaborating musicians on Craiglist where he met Shylette who brought her improvisational violin playing to compliment Ben’s tunes. With Ben’s encouragement, Shylette brought in a Natasha and the trio was formed. Clover Noir join us to play LIVE in our 90.1 FM Studios. Fresh from their KC Fringe Theatre performances the band is currently getting ready to release their debut full length recording. Clover Noir includes: Ben Rekittke on guitar and lead vocal; Shylette Carson on violin and backup vocals; and Natasha Derakhshanian on violin and backup vocals.


12. Clover Noir – “Push” (LIVE)
also available on: Single Use Muse / Independent / September 2012
[from their upcoming full length release.]


Ben had a whole different musical life before Clover Noir, he was signed with Island Records, working with a band.

Clover Noir recently participated in The KC Fringe Festival doing seven shows, in a rotating schedule, in the same venue, all in 10 days.


13. Clover Noir – “Sly The Nimble Mind” (LIVE)
also available on: Single Use Muse / Independent / September 2012
[from their upcoming full length release.]


Natasha is also are involved with the Kansas City Kansas Community Orchestra a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization where this year, she was elected President of their Board of Directors. Natasha discussed the orchestra and the new scholarship/mentoring program she has created that will give instruments to students who actively participate in the orchestra. More information at: kckorchestra.org

Clover Noir plays Czar Bar, September 12 at 7:00 PM

Clover Noir also plays The News Room, September 22, at 9:00 PM

Clover Noir is making plans for their debut recording CD Release show. For more information at: reverbnation.com/clovernoir

11:42 – Underwriting


14. Prince Rama (Rage Peace)– “So Destroyed”
from: Top Ten Hits Of The End of The World / Paw Tracks / November 6, 2012
[5th release from the Brooklyn-based group as they channel the ghosts of ten different pop bands that died during the apocalypse. Produced by Tim Koh in Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s studio, mixed by Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Sun City Girls, Arcade Fire), etc. That’s the album cover above, with Prince Rama all dressed up like Motel Memory, one of the highly popular bands we lost during the apocalypse.]

15. Nick Bartlett – “Cursed”
from: from Nick’s demo recordings / Independent / 2012
[Grand Island, Nebraska, singer/songwriter, first started playing guitar at 13. He is a self-taught musician who was influenced by bands like Skid Row, Ratt, Guns N’ Roses, and guitarist Steve Vai. Working like a lone wolf in Nebraska, Nick doesn’t play in a band, and in the recording process he creates all of the sounds by himself.]


(L-R) Singer/Songwriter – Elaine McMilian, Writer – Mel Neet, and Writer – Tom Ryan at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, in June of 2012.

On Monday, August 27, we lost a good friend, and writer, Tom Ryan, who reached out to so many of us through his kind and thoughtful words, and keen observations. Tom was one of those special people who took the time to connect with so many and offer collaboration and guidance. A veteran of the US Military, Tom lived all over the United States and all over the world, including: Australia, Japan, Nigeria, Ireland.

In Kansas City Tom was the creator o Words For Art, where he wrote about artists and art. Tom also wrote two other blogs, he was working on a play, he was a poet, essayist, he wrote screenplays, columns, and stories. Tom was full of ideas and through the last three years, he identified with so many with his amazing brain and sensitive demeanor.

We closed the show with a new song that musician Jason Beers was saving for his new banjo CD. Jason wrote that it was, “Kind of a dream to have Tom Ryan and Betse Ellis record with me.”

We also played a track from Elaine McMilian’s 2011 release, “The Messenger” which includes a song she co-wrote with Tom Ryan called “Lullaby (For Girls).”

Tom always took the time to connect, and we feel his absence, and we will give extra love and attention to our dear friend Elaine McMilian, who we hold in our hearts at this difficult time. Love and peace to you all.


16. Jason Beers with Tom Ryan and Betse Ellis – “Heuristics”
from: Jason Beer’s Recordings / Independent / 2012

17. Elaine McMilian – “Lullaby (For Girls)”
from: The Messenger / Independent / July 22, 2011


18. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

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