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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The 112 Best Recordings of 2012
(Part 3 of 4)

Wednesday MidDay Medley presents part-3, of our 4-week special: The 112 Best Recordings of 2012. Based on the playlists of Wednesday MidDay Medley we’ll feature representative tracks from our favorite recordings. In 2012 we’ve played hundreds of New & Local Releases, we’ve presented dozens of LIVE in-studio performances from area performers, and we’ve interviewed over 150 local and national guests. 70% of the recordings on our list were locally produced. It’s all good!

1. (56.) Thee Oh Sees – “Flood’s New Light”
from: Putrifiers II / In The Red Records / September 11, 2012
[14th album from San Francisco based band that began as a way for John Dwyer to release his instrumental, experimental home recordings, and over the course of several albums it evolved into a full band.]

2. (55.) Ross Brown – “Isn’t That Better”
from: Small Victories / Golden Sound Records / October 16, 2012
[We first met Ross Brown on our February 15, WMM. He is co founder of Golden Sound Records, lead singer of the band Fullbloods, and drummer for The Empty Spaces. Ross started playing trumpet in junior high school band and continued through high school playing euphonium, guitar and bass in jazz band, and singing in choir. Music classes were all I took from “public school” during high school. He started writing music when he picked up guitar around 12 years old. Ross went to DeSoto high school for a year and home-schooled the rest. After that I took a two-year audio engineering course at BRC Audio Productions, where he met Jerad Tomasino and everyone in Fullbloods.]

3. (54.) The Empty Spaces – “Holidays Are Nice and Warm”
from: Party Line / Golden Sound Records / July 24, 2012
[KC based band formed from a studio band that recorded Mat Shoare’s solo album The Empty Spaces in 2010. Mat Shoare is a founding member of Everyday/Everynight and a founding partner in Golden Sound Records. Mat Shoare, along w/ Jerad Tomasina, Ross Brown, & Evan Ashby, joined us on Wednesday MidDay Medley, on July 4, to talk about the Crossroads Summer Block Party hosted by Golden Sound Records & Mildred’s. On December 11, just after we published our list of The 112 Best Recording of 2012, Mat released his new solo recording: “Domestic Partnership.” Mat will be with us LIVE on WMM in 5 weeks on Jan. 23, 2013.]


4. (53.) Lee Fields and The Expressions – “You’re The Kind Of Girl”
from: Faithful Man / Truth & Soul Records / March 13, 2012
[Since the late sixties, the North Carolina native Lee Fields has amassed a prolific catalog of albums and has toured and played with such legends as Kool and the Gang, Sammy Gordon and the Hip- Huggers, O.V Wright, Darrell Banks, and Little Royal. With a career spanning 43 years, releases on twelve different record labels, and having toured the world over with his raucous-yet- tender voice, itʼs mind-blowing that the music heʼs making today with Brooklynʼs own Truth & Soul Records is the best of his career.]

5. (52.) David George & A Crooked Mile – “Going Underground”
from: Going Underground [EP] / Independent / June 21, 2012
[The follow up to David’s 2010 “Love/Life.” EP contains 5 songs pulled from a 15 song session leading to a full length that will be released tnext year. Featured on “Cold Rain” is Danielle and Jacob Prestidge of The Blackbird Revue. Danielle is also the featured vocalist on “Lift Me Up.” All songs written by David George]

[David George & Eason Pritchard play an acoustic performance at Homer’s Coffeehouse in OP, KS, this Fri, Dec. 21, at 7:00 PM w/ The Blackbird Revue and cellist Christine Gross.]

[David George’s band Moaning Lisa play The Riot Room, Fri, Dec. 28.]

6. (51.) The Sexy Accident – “Love Doesn’t Get Old”
from: Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader / Independent / April 21, 2012
[The Sexy Accident’s new full length release, “Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader” is available through their website and a local independent record stores. The band’s music video for their song “What We’d Do” is available for download at music.sexyaccident.com. All of the song’s proceeds go to charity. Earlier in the year th band released the 3-song EP “You’re Not Alone.”The Sexy Accident joined us LIVE on WMM on May 2.]

7. (50.) Victor & Penny – “A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way”
from: Side By Side / V & P Productions / November 24, 2012
[2nd release from Erin McGrane & Jeff Freling who joined us LIVE on Wednesday MidDay Medley on Nov. 22 to discuss “Side by Side,” inspired by their experiences on the road. Jeff, originally from Kansas City, calls Chicago home most of the time where he performs regularly with Blue Man Group, Tributosaurus, Mar Caribe, the Tom Waits tribute band B1G T1ME, and has performed alongside Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices). He began furiously studying the guitar at the age of 10 when he first heard Jimmy Page’s guitar solo on “Whole Lotta Love” and has considered himself a guitar geek ever since. In the late 80s and early 90s Jeff was the guitarist and co-songwriter for two of KCs favorite bands: The Mongol Beach Party and Grumpy. He studied at the Conservatory at UMKC and at the Berklee School of music in Boston. Erin has been an active performing artist in the KC arts and music scene for many years. Erin is a film, theater and commercial actress; a musician and songwriter; and one of the co-hosts of the new TV program CINEMAKC. Most notably, Erin appeared in the Emmy-winning web series THE UNREAL HOUSEWIVES OF KANSAS CITY and in the Oscar-nominated film, UP IN THE AIR alongside George Clooney. Look for Erin thethriller feature film NAILBITER. As Ruby Falls, she fronts the cabaret act Alacartoona.]

[Alacartoona play Californos on Saturday, Dec. 22 at 8:00pm]

[Victor & Penny play Katerina’s in Chicago, Illinois, Fri Dec. 28, at 6:30pm]

10:29 – Underwriting


8. (49.) David Byrne & St. Vincent – “Who”
from: Love This Giant / 4AD / September 11, 2012
[Made in collaboration between Byrne and St. Vincent aka Annie Clark who began working together in late 2009, using a writing and promotion process that Byrne had previously used on his 2008 collaboration with Brian Eno on Everything That Happens Will Happen Today. The two artists first met in 2009 at a Radio City Music Hall benefit concert for the AIDS/HIV charity Dark Was the Night. The collaboration stemmed from their second meeting, at the New York bookstore Housing Works, where Björk and Dirty Projectors were performing. A concert organizer suggested that Byrne and Clark try a similar collaboration. Their work was initially slated just for a single live performance, but Clark suggested adding brass to their line-up and the two realized they could write original music around horns. The musicians composed lyrics in person and via e-mail, which resulted in an entire album’s worth of material. The performers enlisted a variety of brass musicians to augment their songwriting and have embarked on a tour to promote the album.

9. (48.) The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Illuminomi”
from Aufheben / ‘a’ Records / April 30, 2012
[13th studio album by The Brian Jonestown Massacre, released on band leader Anton Newcombe’s A Records label. The album was available for free streaming prior to its release, and was recorded in Berlin at Anton Newcombe’s studio and the East German Radio Station “Studio East”. The title of the album comes from a German word. It has several meanings, such as “to lift up” or “to abolish.” In philosophy, it is used by Hegel to explain what happens when a thesis and antithesis interact.]

10. (47.) Capybara – “Neighbor Crimes”
from: Dave Drusky / The Record Machine / February 7, 2012
[Lifelong friends Mark Harrison, Jared Horne, Darin Seal, and Joel Wrolstad, formed Capybara in January, of 2009. This is their follow up to their debut: “Try Brother.” The band is now on a permanent hiatus.]


11. (46.) Cate Le Bon – “What is Worse”
from: Cyrk II / The Control Group / August 20, 2012
[Based in Cardiff, Wales, she sings in both English and Welsh. Singled out by critics for her dark lyrical content, and “haunting voice.” She released one of our favorite records of 2012 so far Cate Le Bon has announced the new release of a five-song follow-up to the 10-track CYRK. According to her label, CYRK II serves as an “older sister” to the original release, “bearing songs of a more starkly confessional nature.”]

12. (45.) The Sea and Cake – “Pacific”
from: Runner / Thrill Jockey / September 18, 2012
[10th album from Chicago indie band formed in the early 1990s from members of The Coctails, Shrimp Boat, and Tortoise. Sam Prekop (vocals, guitar), Archer Prewitt (guitar, piano, vocals), John McEntire (percussion, drums, some synthesizer), Eric Claridge (bass, synthesizer).]

13. (44.) Two Headed Cow – “13”
from: Zen Again / Saunders Street Records / December 15, 2012
[Tod Davis and Bj McArthur moved to Kansas City from Pensacola, Florida several years ago. Once in KC they changed their band’s name to: Two Headed Cow, for a more regional appeal. Their new release “Zen Again” if the band’s newest release since 2008’s “Safe As Milk.” The new release also features Glen Hockemeier on Drums. and Matt Waddell on Bass. Two Headed Cow performed LIVE on Wednesday MidDay Medley, on November 14.]

14. (43.) Cat Power – “Real Life”
from: Sun / Matador / September 4, 2012
[9th studio album by Chan Marshall, also known by her stage name, Cat Power. Her first album of all-original material since 2006’s The Greatest. The album was issued in a variety of formats, including a limited edition deluxe LP containing a 7″ vinyl of bonus tracks. Sun is being included on many end of year “Best of” lists.]


15. (42.) Patti Smith – “April Fool”
from: Banga / Columbia Records a Division of Sony / June 1, 2012
[Lead single off the 11th studio album by Poet / Biographer / Musician / Artist / Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee: Patti Smith. Recorded throughout 2011 at New York’s Electric Lady Studios and Hoboken’s Hobo Recorders, Banga was produced by Smith, Tony Shanahan, Jay Dee Daugherty and collaborator Lenny Kaye. with guest musicians: Tom Verlaine of Television and Smith’s own children, Jackson and Jesse Paris.]

16. (41.) Purity Ring – “Fineshrine”
from: Shrines / 4AD / July 20, 2012
[First single from debut album from Canadian indie electronic band based out of Montreal who formed in 2010. The band consists of two members: Megan James (vocals) and Corin Roddick (instrumentals).]
[One of Chris Haghirian’s favorite shows/albums/songs of the year at the jackpot]

17. (40.) Beach House – “Myth”
from: Bloom / SubPop / May 15, 2012
[4th studio album by American dream pop duo formed in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of French-born Victoria Legrand and Baltimore native Alex Scally.]


18. (39.) Sam Billen – “Secrets Of The Universe”
from: Places / Primary Colors Collective / September 15, 2012
[From Lawrence, KS, In 2009, Sam Billen released, Headphones & Cellphones w/ The Record Machine. It was his first his first solo record in 5 years since leaving Northern Records who also released his decade-long band, The Billions, who disbanded in 2008. After the break up of the Billions, Sam took some time to focus on making his own music and starting a family. Sam works full time at KU, and started a new business, Primary Colors Music. Sam joined us live on WMM on Nov 22 where Sam played LIVE in our 90.1 FM studios.]

19. (38.) Krystle Warren & The Faculty – “Every Morning”
from: Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace / Proper -Parlour Door Music / April 9, 2012 UK]
[KC’s very own: Krystle Warren, a Paseo Arts Academy Graduate was signed to a French label and has been touring Europe opening for Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Norah Jones, and Joan As Police Woman. Krystle’s new album came from a 13 day recording session in Brooklyn, where she recorded the songs live with 28 musicians including her band, The Faculty, alongside choirs, horn and string sections. Krystle wrote the songs, and produced the double vinyl release.]

20. (37.) The Shins – “September”
from: Port of Morrow / Columbia a division of Sony / March 20, 2012
[4th studio album by indie rock band The Shins. Co-produced by Greg Kurstin and frontman James Mercer, it is the band’s first studio album in five years, following the release of 2007’s Wincing the Night Away, ]

11:29 – Underwriting


21. (36.) Appropriate Grammar – “Woke Up All Askew”
from: Lies and Stories / Independent / April 21, 2012 [Their song “Six Foot Dreams” is on the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 compilation. Appropriate Grammar includes: Nick McKenna – Guitar/Vocals, Alex Dunsford – Lead Guitar, Claire Adams – Bass/Vocals, and Steve Gardels – Drums.]

[Appropriate Grammar play The Brick, Sat, Dec 22 w/Katy Guillen Trio, Drew Black & The Dirty Elec]

22. (35.) Ernest James Zydeco – “Pearlie Pearl”
from: 3 Steps From La La / Jam Rat Records / November 31, 2012
[From KC, the band lineup has been constant since 2008: Ernest James on accordion & vocals, Barry Barnes on washboard, Jaisson Taylor on drums, Mike Stover on bass guitar, Tony LaCroix on guitar. This album also includes 4 songs featuring KC’s own Betse Ellis (of The Wilders). Recorded and mixed in KC at Markosa Studios, with Mark Thies. The album was mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room in Chicago. Ernest James and Jaisson Taylor co-wrote and co-produced the songs. Members of Ernest James Zydeco joined us on WMM on November 22.]

23. (34.) Richard Burgess – “Misery is Company”
from: Midwestern Wind / Independent / June 23, 2012
[Richard Burgess played live on our show on June 20, he played bass in the bands Expassionates and Hadacol.]

24. (33.) Dollar Fox – “Letter”
from: Little Mother’s Things I Am Keeping / Money Wolf Music / Oct. 27, 2012
[Recorded by Patrick Meager at Fuzz Bomb. Produced by Meger and Dollar Fox. Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures Soundlab. 7th release from Money Wolf Music. Dollar Fox: Tommy Donoho, Justin Penney, Nick Dothage, Ethan Taylor, Ryan Watkins. Members of Dollar Fox joined us LIVE on WMM April 18 for our Band Auction, and Oct. 24 before the release of their new recording.]

[Dollar Fox play the recordBar, Saturday, January 12, at 7:00pm with labelmates the Rumblejetts.]


25. (32.) SSION – “My Love Grows In The Dark”
from: Bent (Bonus Track Versions) / Dovecote Records / September 18, 2012
[Written by Cody Critcheloe, produced by J. Ashley Miller, this new bonus track versions release features 4 additional remixes. SSION, (pronounced “shun”) was formed in 1996, in Kansas City, by multi-talented vocalist, visual artist, musician, performance artist, music video director, Cody Critcheloe. SSION, have been known for their extravagant live shows and amazingly crerative and hilarious videos. SSION has toured with Gossip, Fischerspooner, CSS, and yeah yeah yeahs. Cody Critcheloe has served as Music Video Director music videos from Santigold, CSS, Peaches, Gossip, and Tilly and the Wall. SSION is currently on tour. Ssion recently toured doing shows in San Francisco, Arizona, Texas, New Orleans, Atlanta, DC, Baltimore and Brooklyn.]

26. (31.) LAZY – “Work It Out”
from: Obsession / Independent / June 1, 2012
[Recorded by Ashley Miller, Mixed by Ashley Miller and LAZY, Mastered by Ashley Miller. LAZY includes: Brock Potucek, Zach Vanbenthuzen, Sarica Douglas, Billy Belzer]

27. (30.) Deco Auto – “Pointless Fight”
from: Past Mistakes and Hauntings [EP] / Independent / July 6, 2012

[Steven Garcia – guitar, vocals; Tracy Flowers – bass, vocals; Michelle Bacon – drums. Recorded by Pat Tomek. Produced by Steven Garcia with Pat Tomek at Largely Studios, 2012, in Kansas City, MO. Steven Garcia was a founding member of the bands: Armchair Martian and Knee Jerk. Michelle Bacon played with The Threes and currently with Drew Black & Dirty Electric and Dolls on Fire. Flowers and Bacon were both founding members of The Straight Ups. All songs by Steven Garcia, notdeadyet music (ASCAP)
All songs performed by Steven Garcia (guitar/vox), Tracy Flowers (bass/vox), Michelle Bacon (drums)]

28. (29.) The Quivers – “I Sleep Here”
from: I Gots To Have It! / Independent / August 1, 2012
[Terra Peal- Vocals & Bass, Todd Grantham- Keys & Vocals, Abe Haddad- Guitar & Vocals, Bernie Dugan- Drums. Terra Peal and Bernie Dugan joined us LIVE on Wednesday MidDay Medley on August 15]

[The Quivers play Davey’s Uptown on Saturday, Dec. 29 w/ Gospel Hands & Trainwreck Trio Quartet]


29. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

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