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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Latenight Callers
+ Crossroads Summer Block Party
+ Mark’s 50th Birthday

1. Various Artists -“The Twilight Zone”
from: All-Time Top 100 TV Themes / TVT / August 23, 2005

2. Various Artists -“The Dick Van Dyke Show”
from: All-Time Top 100 TV Themes / TVT / August 23, 2005

3. Various Artists -“The Mary Tyler Moore Show”
from: All-Time Top 100 TV Themes / TVT / August 23, 2005

50 years ago, on this date, I was born, so today i’ll play from some of my favorite recordings, from different times of my life, starting in 2nd grade when I discovered his Mom’s record collection in the basement.

I was in second grade, seven years old, in our unfinished basement we had an old TV that got one channel, CBS, out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Across the room was an old 1960’s wooden Stereo cabinet. Beside the cabinet was a box with several of my Mom’s albums. I pulled out “Meet The Beatles” put the needle on the groove, and this was this first spin of my life.

4. The Beatles – “All My Loving” (Mono)
from: Meet The Beatles / Capitol-EMI / Nov 23,1963

Next I pulled out a cover that looked like a portrait of a wedding couple, except they were brother and sister, not husband and wife. It was “Close To You.” The Carpenters covered “Help” by The Beatles, and the big hits “We’ve Only Just Begun” and “Close To You” a Burt Bacharach / Hal David classic. On the second side of the LP, they recorded another Burt Bacharach / Hal David song, originally written for the 1968 musical “Promises, Promises.” This song was made a hit by Bobbie Gentry, and also Dionne Warwick, but this version displays the amazing harmony and almost spooky studio arrangements of brother Richard Carpenter. It was 1971.

5. The Carpenters – “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”
from: Close To You / A&M / 1971


I grew up in a small town in Nebraska. R&B wasn’t played on the radio. When I was 11 my parents got a divorce and we moved to the “other side of town.” My mom got a job working at the Women’s Prison. Since mom was a new employee, she had to work all of the holidays, so I spent Easter, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, at the prison. It was there that I heard this song for the first time. The best music in town was at the prison.

6. Al Green – “Lets Stay Together”
from: Lets Stay Together / Hi Records / Jan. 31, 1972

In my tween years my mother’s record collection was changing, her second husband Al drove a van, and listened to 8-track tapes. My mom was in the RCA Music Club where they would automatically send you the new release, that’s how she ended up with the soundtrack to the film “Superfly” from Curtis Mayfield.The movie never played our town. But the soundtrack tells the story, and we hear in the bridge Curtis singing, “Trying to get over” the theme we hear in so many of Curtis Mayfield’s incredible recordings.

7. Curtis Mayfield – “Superfly”
from: Superfly (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) / Curtom Records / July 1972


In high school journalism class, working on the yearbook staff, we listened to this debut record, of a new band from Athens, Georgia. We listened on a little small portable stereo, checked out from the media department. The record’s label said, “play loud,” we did.

8. The B-52’s – “52 Girls”
from: The B-52’s / Warner Brothers / 1979

One summer morning, in 1982, in her apartment, in Crete, my friend BJ, woke me up, with the song, “Young Americans,” and it changed my life. I now had to have every Bowie recording ever made. Bowie actually helped me “come out,” and I learned that reinvention could prevent insanity. In my search back, I discovered “Hunky Dory,” recorded in 1971, just after his research trip to NYC & Andy Warhol’s Factory. This is the opening track on the second side of the album.

9. David Bowie – “Fill Your Heart”
from: Hunky Dory / RCA / 1971

10:26 – Underwriting

10. The Latenight Callers – “Tourniquets”
from: Songs for Stolen Moments / TLNC / June 8, 2013

10:32 – Interview with Krysztof Nemeth & Gavin Mac of The Latenight Callers

The Latenight Callers are releasing “Songs for Stolen Moments.” with a CD Release Party, Saturday, June 8, at the recordBar,1020 Westport Rd., KCMO, with In Back of a Black Car, and Thick and The Foolish.

Krysztof Nemeth told us the story of how the band came to be The Latenight Callers

Formed in Lawrence by baritone guitarist, Krysztof Nemeth, vocalist Julie Berndsen, w/ Bassist Gavin Mac, Nick Combs on keys.

“Songs for Stolen Moments” was recorded with Duane Trower at Weights and Measures

The Latenight Callers release their new record “Songsfor Stolen Moments.” with a CD Release Party, Saturday, June 8, at the recordBar, 1020 Westport Rd., KCMO, with In Back of a Black Car, and Thick and The Foolish. More info at: thelatenightcallers.com


11. The Latenight Callers – “Straight Razor”
rom: Songs for Stolen Moments / TLNC / June 8, 2013

I was a Prince fan from very early on. Many people heard this song on Cyndi Lauper’s debut album, but I heard it first on his second album, “Dirty Mind.”

12. Prince – “When You Were Mine”
from: Dirty Mind / Warner Brothers / 1980

Their debut album came out in 1977, but it took some of us until 1981 to discover it, their music has been therapy to me, both physically and psychologically. I love all of their recordings, but 77 is special. They were fresh young art students fearlessly being a band.

13. Talking Heads – “Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town”
from: 77 / Sire / 1977

I knew I was gay when I was 5, but I kept it a secret. My first year in college I fell in love with a girl, but after 9 months I ended our relationship. I felt I was lying. That summer I started to “come out,” at least to myself, and then, in my second year in college, I sort of fell in love with my friend B.J.’s lesbian girlfriend Dani. She had moved into our dorm after a few dates with BJ. One night after a trip to KC, Dani and I ran across campus to Baba Rama’s room at Smith Hall. He had friends visiting, but we put on the cassette, “Combat Rock” by The Clash, and the three of us just started dancing. A straight guy, a lesbian girl, and a gay guy. I was 19, and trying to figure everything out. It was confusing. Thankfully I had a “kick-ass” soundtrack to help make the connections.

14. The Clash – “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”
from: Combat Rock / /May 14, 1982


50 years ago, on this date, I was born, so today I’m playing from some of my favorite recordings, from different times of my life

Baba Rama, was two years older than me in college, he was always luring me into new situations, and possible danger. He had a reputation. He introduced me to Patti Smith’s album “Wave” the same night he bought thai stick from several international students. From that day forward, I would always love Patti Smith. All of her recordings are worth their weight, for her authentic rock and roll voice has passed from underground poet to best selling author. Her debut was producedby John Cale, and I think this song is perfect.

15. Patti Smith – “Free Money”
from: Horses / Arista Records / November, 1975

1984, was my own personal “Year of Hell.” I was 22, it was my Senior year in college. I was taking 23 credits my 1st semester and 21 my 2nd. It was the same year my theatre director decided to “put the moves on me.” I went from denial to rebellion, in a 9-month ark, and left empty, and estranged. The Smiths helped me feel less alone, and they were cool.

16. The Smiths – “You’ve Got Everything Now”
from: The Smiths / Sire / February 1984

In the mid 1990s my friend Sandra was Manager of The Midland Theater. As a perk she arranged for our friends, to have front row seats, for multiple Patti LaBelle concerts. These shows were very special. The audience was so incredibly mixed, half of the audience was African American straight couples and the other half were gay men, and everyone was dressed like they were going to church, or a nightclub. The music and the love of Patti brought us all together. Patti performed all of her usual tricks, giving her eye lashes to someone in the audience; rolling across the stage from one side to the other; kicking her shoes off high into the air; crying, witnessing on stage. And of course singing, filling the room, with her voice, dropping the mic to the stage floor, to prove she could still be heard even if the electricity went out. Patti represents the history of modern pop music, from her days in The Bluebelles, and The Bluebelles fantastic transformation into LaBelle, a band that reinterpreted many rock classics, and also wrote many of their own best songs. This one was written by LaBelle member Nona Hendrix.

17. Labelle – “I Believe I Finally Made it Home”
from: Something Silver / Warner Archives / Feb. 11, 1997
[orig, from Moon Shawdow, 1972]

11:16 – Underwriting

11:17 – Interview with Jerad Tomasino of Golden Sound Records

The Crossroads Summer Block Party, is this Friday, June 7, at 19th & Wyandotte, 6:00 -12:00 pm, an evening of live music, food and KC culture. Joining us with all of thedetails is our friend Jerad Tomasino of Golden Sound Records.

Jerad Tomasino, Ross Brown & Mat Shoare are the founders of Golden Sound Records

The Crossroads Summer Block Party, June 7, at 19th & Wyandotte, features music from: Akkilles, Opossum Trot, Oils, Millions Of Boys, Shy Boys, Hidden Pictures, Fullbloods, and Cowboy Indian Bear.

Food Trucks: Gary’s On The Go, Nani’s Kitchen, KC Smoke Burger, and Los Tules.

Art & Fashion: Scarlett Garnet Jewelry, Tangled Mane, and Tyler Coey.


18. Hidden Pictures – “Girls Lie”
from: Sister Wife [EP] / Golden Sound Records / June 4, 2013
[All songs written by Richard Gintowt. Mixed by Joel Nanosat Element Recording Studios. Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering, Omaha. Drums and bass recorded by Paul Malinowski at Massive Sounds, KCMO. Artwork by Patrick Giroux (pjgiroux.com). Richard Gintowt – vocals, guitars; Jeff Freling – better guitars; Claire Adams – vocals; Nate Holt – keys; Kyle Akers – bass; Lennon Bone – drums]


The Block Party is sponsored by: Golden Sound Records, The Pitch, Cremalab, Snow & Co., ThinkKC, Think Big Partners, C&C Custom Drums, Mildred’s Coffeehouse, Boveri Realty, Missouri Bank, Hammerpress, and the Midwest Music Foundation.

The Crossroads Summer Block Party, June 7, at 19th & Wyandotte, 6:00 -12:00 pm, an evening of live music, food and KC culture. More info at: crossroadsblockparty.com


This is the title song from one of my favorite albums of all time. If you broke up with your lover, you may never hold them again, this record speaks to that part of your heart. In 1988 we were buying all of our favorite albums again, on CD, and hearing Joni digitally through the speakers, it felt like she was singing directly to me. I got to see her live, when she toured with Dylan in 1998. I had front row, center seats, at The United Center in Chicago. I cried through the entire concert as Joni played guitar, with her Jazz Combo, smoking a cigarette, bringing all of her songs alive onstage, it was sacred, like this song…

19. Joni Mitchell – “Blue”
from: Blue / Warner / June 1971

BJ’s girlfriend was in a CD subscription service and was sent the 5 CD, Box Set “Peel Slowly and See,” featuring all of The Velvet Underground’s studio recordings. Before BJ’s girlfriend could send it back, BJ snagged it, and gave it to Caleb and I as a gift. The music filled our house on West 39th Street. Where our first floor was used as an art gallery, a rehearsal space, a place for Scorpio parties, Jen’s Seder. The Velvet Undergound were the house band for Andy Warhol’s Factory. When I think about The Factory, I hear this song.

20. The Velvet Underground – “Venus In Furs”
from: The Velvet Underground and Nico / Universal / March 1967

In the late 1990s while I was working at The Midland Theatre, my friend Julie Broski brought “The Charm of the Highway Strip” into the office to play, and I was hooked. I quickly began searching for all of the recordings of The Magnetic Fields. Then the band released the acclaimed, “69 Loves Songs.” Recently, Lisa and I were talking about how we love these recordings and how our favorite song changes from time to time. This is my current favorite, on “69 Love Songs,” from one of my favorite bands: The Magnetic Fields.

21. The Magnetic Fields – “Papa Was A Rodeo”
from: 69 Love Songs / Merge Records / June 8, 1999

I was able to sit in the front row of the Kauffman Center to witness the living legend, Mavis Staples. She came up through gospel music, and then secular R&B, when Pops decided to broaden their audience. When you hear The Staple Singers you feel their struggle for equality through beautiful melody. Mavis has brought her voice & spirit to collaborations with The Band, Prince, Dylan. Her collaboration with Ry Cooder, “Down In Mississippi” was a musical masterpiece, of first-hand, civil rights history, in song. She followed that up with a collaboration with Jeff Tweedy, who wrote this perfect song, for Mavis to sing.

22. Mavis Staples –“You Are Not Alone”
from: You Are Not Alone / Anti / Sept. 10, 2010
[Produced & written by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco]

I met Iris DeMent when I was working at Kinkos at 39th & Rainbow in 1992. Iris came in to copy her press clippings, she was in the process of releasing her debut album. I wasn’t familiar with her music until I saw her on Late Night with Conan O’Brienin 1994, where she performed her song “My Life.” I was blown away. I had video taped the show and I remember replaying that song for anyone that came to visit. I ran into Iris at Classic Cup in Westport. I was sort of star stuck, but she approached me and asked, “How do I Know You?” Our friendship continued because we shared a mutual friend named Anne Winter, who arranged for Iris play a Big Bang Buffet in 1999. Iris also did a benefit for Friends of Community Radio in 2002, and KKFI in 2004. I love Iris! This is one of her first songs.

23. Iris DeMent – “Let The Mystery Be”
from: Infamous Angel / Warner Brothers / 1992 / 1993

24. Various Artists – “Looney Tunes”
from: All-Time Top 100 TV Themes / TVT / August 23, 2005


25. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes on tracks: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org

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