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Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday MidDay Medley Celebrates The Pitch Music Awards & Nominees with Natalie Gallagher, Music Editor at The Pitch.

1. Katy Guillen & The Girls – “The Race”
from: Katy Guillen & The Girls – EP / Independent / August, 2013 [Katy Guillen (guitar, vocals), Claire Adams (bass, vocals) & Stephanie Williams (drums). Finalist for the Int. Blues Competition in Memphis. The trio will be on WMM on Sept 3 to talk about their CD release at Knuckleheads]

[Claire & The Crowded Stage play the recordBar, Sat, July 26, with Bearing Torches, and Ali Holder]

[Katy Guillen & The Girls play The Pitch Music Showcase, Friday, July 25, at Knuckleheads with: AJ Gaither, The Pedaljets, The Grisly Hand, Not A Planet & more!]

Natalie Gallagher has been the music editor at The Pitch Weekly since Sept. 2013, when she moved to KC from her beloved Minneapolis. She loathes being asked what her favorite type of music is, because she listens to it all anyway and couldn’t possibly choose (but if you must know, her first concert was Van Morrison and the last album she purchased was Sharon Van Etten’s Are We There). In the near-year that Natalie has lived in KC, she’s eaten enough burnt-end sandwiches and drank enough Boulevard Wheat to last a lifetime.

Sonia Larbi-Aissa is working towards her undergraduate degree in International Development and Pathology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Originally from Paris, France, Sonia grew up in Kansas City and graduated high school in the area. She is currently spending her summer in KC interning for Natalie Gallagher at the Pitch and urban exploring.

10:10 – Emerging Act (nominees):

Burial Teens
Katy Guillen and the Girls
Psychic Heat


2. Bummer – “Estocada”
from: Milk / Independent / October 23, 2013 [One of two EPs released last year from the KC based trio of Matt Perrin on Guitar/Vocals, Mike Gustafson on Bass, Thomas Williams on Drums. Recorded, mixed, mastered by Tyler Perryman.The call their music: neanderthal punk noise rock sludge.]

10:15 – Album of the Year (August 2013-June 2014) (nominees):

Josh Berwanger – Strange Stains (September)
My Brothers & Sisters – Violet Music: Volume 1 (December)
My Oh My! – Your Heart Not Mine (April)
Shy Boys – Shy Boys (January)
The Pedaljets – What’s in Between (November)


3. Josh Berwanger – “I Can Feel The Moon”
from: Strange Stains / Good Land Records / October 1, 2013
[“Josh Berwanger made a name for himself as a member of The Anniversary, a Kansas band that released 2 albums (2000’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown & 2002’s Your Majesty) and selling over 100,000 records before imploding in a breakup of Fleetwood Mac-style proportions while attempting to tour Japan. Undeterred, Berwanger put together a new band—a country-rock outfit called The Only Children–and would go on to release 2 criminally underrated records (2004’s Change of Living & 2007’s Keeper of Youth) before pulling the plug and taking a job coaching high school basketball in Lawrence. For his 2013 release Strange Stains, Berwanger joined forces with old pal & original drummer for The Anniversary, Michael Hutcherson. “Josh & I met in 1996 while playing in local KC pop punk bands, I am honored to be making music w/ Josh. For all that’s changed in our lives over the years, we’ve still got a symbiotic musical relationship.”]

4. MY BROTHERS & SISTERS – “Watch Out” (Vinyl)
from: Violet Music Vol. 1 / Independent / April 12, 2014
[Jamie Searle won critical acclaim as lead vocalist and songwriter for the band It’s Over who won a Pitch Music Award for Best Live Act. He left It’s Over to concentrate on his music education as a student of UMKC’s Conservatory of Music where he has immersed himself in musical theory, compostion, harmonic structure, melody. Now out of school, Jamie spent a year and a half recording the full length release of material he composed for a large ensemble of musicians. The result is: “Violet Music Vol. 1” the debut full length release from Jamie’s band, My Brothers & Sisters, a collective of at times up to 18 musicians, including a strings, horns, percussionists, bass, keyboards, vocalists, and back-up vocalists, and Jamie on vocals, guitar and conducting.]

5. My Oh My! – “Your Heart Not Mine”\
from: Your Heart Not Mine / Independent / March 14, 2014
[Stephen Berry on lead guitar, piano; Grant Buell on piano. bass; Sarah Dolt on vocals; Jacob Horpinjuk on drums; Christin Kuchem-Logan on vocals; Corbin Logan on bass, lap steel; A.M. Merker on vocals, guitar. Drawing on their Americana inspired, rock n’ roll influences of the early 70’s, mixed with their bluegrass roots, Kansas City band, My Oh My!, make a modern, alt-country take on classic rock n’ roll. The seven-piece features the two loveliest backing vocalists in Kansas City and include former members of Kansas City bluegrass band Free State Revival, along with members who have played with such KC staples as The Kansas City Bear Fighters, Margo May and the Interstate Astronauts.]

6. Shy Boys – “Keeps Me On My Toes” (Vinyl)
from: Shy Boys / High Dive Records / January 21, 2014
[Collin Rausch, Kyle Rausch, Konnor Ervin.]

7. PedalJets – “Nothing Boy” (Vinyl)
from: What’s In Between / Electric Moth Records / June 25, 2013
[1st album of new material in 23 years. Paul Malinowski (Vocals, Guitar), Rob Morrow (Drums, Vocals), Mike Allmayer (Guitar, Vocals), Matt Kesler (Bass, Vocals). Produced by The Pedaljets & Paul Malinoski. More info: thepedaljets.com]

[The Pedaljets play The Pitch Music Showcase, Friday, July 25, at Knuckleheads with: AJ Gaither, Katy Guillen & The Girls, The Grisly Hand, Not A Planet & more!]

10:37 – Underwriting

10:39 – Hardest-Working Act (nominees):

Hearts of Darkness
Making Movies
The Grisly Hand
Victor & Penny


8. Making Movies – “Cuna De Vida” (Vinyl)
from: Aguardiente [EP] / The Record Machine / June 2012
[The Record Machine pressed a limited number of 7 inch vinyl, 4 song EP. The digital release was June 5. More info at makingmoviesband.com]

[Making Movies will play The Pitch Music Awards, Sunday, August 3, at The Uptown Theatre]

9. The Grisly Hand – “Municipal Farm Blues”
from: Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013
[Formed in 2009. The current line up includes: Jimmy Fitzner (Guitar and Vocals), Lauren Krum (Vocals and Percussion), Johnny Nichols (Bass and Vocals), Matt Richey (Drums), Mike Stover (Steel Guitar), and Ben Summers (Guitar and Mandolin). Mike Stover & Lauren Krum of The Grisly Hand joined us LIVE April 24.]

[The Grisly Hand play The Pitch Music Showcase, Friday, July 25, at Knuckleheads with: AJ Gaither, The Pedaljets, Katy Guillen & The Girls, Not A Planet & more!]

10. Victor & Penny – “A Smile Will Go A Long Long Way”
from: Side By Side / V & P Productions / November 24, 2012
[2nd release from Erin McGrane & Jeff Freling inspired by their experiences on the road. Jeff, originally from Kansas City, lived for decades in Chicago performing with Blue Man Group, Tributosaurus, Mar Caribe, the Tom Waits tribute band B1G T1ME, and has performed alongside Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices). He began furiously studying the guitar at the age of 10 when he first heard Jimmy Page’s guitar solo on “Whole Lotta Love” and has considered himself a guitar geek ever since. In the late 80s and early 90s Jeff was the guitarist and co-songwriter for two of KCs favorite bands: The Mongol Beach Party and Grumpy. He studied at the Conservatory at UMKC and at the Berklee School of music in Boston. Erin has been an active performing artist in the KC arts and music scene for many years. Erin is a film, theater and commercial actress; a musician and songwriter; and one of the co-hosts of the new TV program CINEMAKC. Most notably, Erin appeared in the Emmy-winning web series THE UNREAL HOUSEWIVES OF KANSAS CITY and in the Oscar-nominated film, UP IN THE AIR alongside George Clooney.]

[Victor & Penny play the recordBar, Friday, July 25, with Bella Donna]

10:50 – Singer-Songwriter (nominees):

John Velghe
La Guerre
Mat Shoare
Your Friend


11. John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons – “Big Tent Revival (feat. Alejandro Escovedo)”
from: Organ Donor Blues / Lakeshore Records / June 24, 2014
[John Velghe – vocals, guitar, piano, and rhodes with The Prodigal Sons: Mike Alexander on guitars and vocals, Chris Wagner on bass guitar and vocals, Matt Anderson on Drum Kit, Michael Walker on Trombone, Sam Hughes on Saxophones, and Hermon Mehari on Trumpet. With Kirsten Paludan on vocals, and Josh Quint on pedal steel. Alejandro Escovedo shares is vocals on three album tracks and palys guitars on a few others. Produced by John Velghe. Recordomg and Mastering was Engineered by Duane Trower. Recorded and Mastered at Weights and Measures Soundlab, Kansas City, MO. Mixing and additional Recording at Guttersnipe Recording Co. Kansas City, MO.]

12. Your Friend – “Jekyll / Hyde” (Vinyl)
from: Jekyll / Hyde – EP / Domino Records / February 20, 2014
[Lawrence based Taryn Blake Miller was signed to Domino Records. Jekyll/Hyde is available on cassette tape from the Whatever Forever. Your Friend is on tour through July, playing Cafe Berlin in Columbia TONIGHT, June 4, and traveling for shows in Lexington, Charlottesville, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Boise, Vancouver, Portland, San Diego, and Phoenix.]

10:59 – Station I.D.

10:59 – Interview with Bill Sundahl

Bill Sundahl is 90.1 FM KKFI’s Special Events Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator.

Bill Sundahl joined us to talk about the Crossroads Music Festival

90.1FM KKFI Presents: 10th Annual Crossroads Music Fest – Sat, Sept 6th, – 7 Stages / 30+ Bands.

Tickets on Sale July 23rd at Noon $16.50 Advance $21.50 at Gate
Online: CrossroadsKC.com (Add venue fee + Convenience Charge)
Outlets: Grinders & Bottleneck (Add venue fee + Convenience Charge)

Big News, CMF is now a fundraiser! When 90.1FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio hired Bill as the Special Events Coordinator he brought some of the Spice of Life Productions events to 90.1 as fundraisers. This will be another fantastic event as always and Bill is very excited to work at 90.1 and to do his best to put on events that both benefit the community and 90.1 at the same time. 90.1 DJ’s will be MC’s for each stage.

CrossroadsKC at 18th & Locust – ALL AGES – 6pm to Midnight
The Brick at 18th & McGee – 6:00 pm to 3:00 am
Czar at 16th & Grand – Noon – 5:00 pm – KCVLAA Musicians Boot Camp
6:00 pm – 2:00 am —The Record Machine Label Showcase
Green Lady Lounge at 18th & Grand – 5:30 pm to 3:00 am
Tank Room at 18th & Grand – 6:00 pm to 1:30 am
Collection at 16th & Grand – ALL AGES – Song Writers Venue – 6:00 pm to Midnight
Mercy Seat Alley at 16th & Grand – ALL AGES – 7:00 pm to Midnight

Confirmed Artists:
Me Like Bees – Joplin | Not A Planet – KC | My Brothers & Sisters – KC | Loose Park – KC | Onward Crispin Glover – KC (Reunion Show) | Dead Voices – KC | AY MusiK – KC | Organ Jazz Trio – KC | Chris Meck & Guilty Birds – KC | The Noise FM – Chicago | Mark Lowrey & Drums – KC | The Philistines – KC | Chris Hazelton Trio – KC | Chambers – Denton | La Guerre – KC | Starhaven Rounders – KC | Maria The Mexican – KC | Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear – KC | Max Justus – KC | Thom Hoskins – KC | Old Sound – KC | Rural Grit – KC | Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits – KC | Bacon Shoe – KC

Sponsors and Media Partners: Neighborhood Tourism & Development Fund, Data File Technologies, Kissick Construction, Lazarus Group, Midwest Music Foundation


The Pitch Music Editor – Natalie Gallagher and Editorial Intern, Sonia Larbi-Aissa joined us for the entire show as our special guest. sharing information about The Pitch Music Showcases: Friday, at Knuckleheads and The Pitch Music Awards on Sunday, August 3, at The Uptown Theater. Voting on The Pitch Music Awards Ballot is open until Monday, July 28

Live Act (nominees):

Jorge Arana Trio
The New Riddim
The Conquerors

Metal (nominees):

At the Left Hand of God


13. Radkey – “Little Man”
from: Devil Fruit – EP / Little Man Records / October 14, 2013
[Radkey is a St. Joesph based band made up of teenage brothers Darrion, Isaiah, and Solomon. Their influences include The Who and Nirvana.]

14. TROGLODYTE – “Red Handed”
from: Don’t Go in the Woods / Independent / October 23, 2012
[The second studio album from the masters of Bigfoot death-metal! Featuring guest vocals from Paul (ORIGIN) Ryan.]

11:15 – Pop/Rock (nominees):

Cowboy Indian Bear
Not a Planet
Rev Gusto
Spirit Is the Spirit
Various Blonde


15. Not A Planet – “My Train is Coming”
from: The Few, The Proud, The Strange / Independent / May 10, 2013
[Kansas City based Rock and Roll trio formed in 2010. Nathan Corsi, Liam Sumnicht, Bill Sturges.]

[Not A Planet plays The Pitch Music Showcase, Friday, July 25, at Knuckleheads with: Katy Guillen & The Girls, The Pedaljets, The Grisly Hand, AJ Gaither & more!]

16. Rev Gusto – “Put You in The Ground”
from: Rev Gusto [EP] / Catapult / November 10, 2012
[Jerry Frederick on Vocals & Guitar, Sam Frederick on Bass, Shaun Crowley on Guitar, Peter Beatty on guitar Quinn Hernandez on Drums, Rev Gusto’s debut EP was recorded at Element Recording.]

17. Various Blonde – “Waking Up On Fire”
from: The Dirty News / Independent / December 11, 2012
[Conceived in 2008 by mutual friends, and now the brainchild of KC native Joshua Allen. The band includes Joshua Allen on Guitar & Vocals, Luis Arana on Bass, and Nick Organ on Drums. Various Blonde’s music has been described as “sonic devastation,” their sound includes a mix of: pop, rock, metal, soul, punk and jazz.]

[Various Blonde play Riot Room, Tuesday, July 29, with Nick Waterhouse, DJ Thundercutz.]

11:21 – Underwriting

11:23 – Jazz – Ensemble (nominees):

Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7
Eboni and the Ivories
Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle
Peter Schlamb Quintet
Project H

Jazz – Solo (nominees):

Brett Jackson
Hermon Mehari
Matt Otto
Megan Birdsall
Shay Estes


18. Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7 – “Grampa’s Boogaloo”
from: Demo EP / Independent / June 28, 2013
[Chris Hazelton on Hammond B-3 Organ; Nick Howell on Trumpet; Nick Rowland on Alto & Tenor Sax; Brett Jackson on Baritone Sax; Matt Hopper on Guitar ; Kevin Frazee on Drums; and Gary Helm on Congas. Recorded, mixed, mastered by Brendan McReynolds 6/16/2013 at Westend Recording Studio -KCK. Produced by Chris Hazelton and Brendan McReynolds.]

11:33 – Folk – Ensemble (Country, Blues, Americana) (nominees):

Freight Train Rabbit Killer
Truckstop Honeymoon
Kansas City Bear Fighters
Loaded Goat
The Clementines

Folk – Solo (Country, Blues, Americana) (nominees):

A.J. Gaither
Billy Beale
Kasey Rausch
Samantha Fish
Tyler Gregory


19. The Kansas City Bear Fighters – “In His Clutches”
from: Off to the Underworld! / KC Bear Fighters / September 2, 2012 [Lead singer and songwriter Quinn McCue, w/ brother Sean McCue on bass, Jeff Eaton on guitar and Grant Buell on accordion. Founded in the cruel winter of 2007, The KC Bear Fighters first took shape as one lonely man’s homage to music as a salve for the soul. Originally, the group performed as “The Denver Broncos” which many considered to be the product of one man’s struggling and genius search for a fire that could crack the deep cavernous walls of his soul.]

20. A.J. Gaither OMB – “Crazy as Hell”
from: Half Lit and Whole Hearted / Little Class Records / April 9, 2014 [Born in southern Arkansas AJ spent his early childhood in a rural community known as Locust Bayou. At 18, to avoid arrest, he found himself living in KC KS. After 13 years of knuckle busting on old cars to make a dollar he formed the hillbilly two-piece, The Fall Down Drunks, who released one album, “13 Shots”, and disbanded in the end of 2011. He became a “one man band” with the release of his first solo album “Half-Lit & Whole Hearted.”]

[AJ Gaither plays The Pitch Music Showcase, Friday, July 25, at Knuckleheads with: Katy Guillen & The Girls, The Pedaljets, The Grisly Hand, Not A Planet & more!]

11:40 – Hip-Hop/Rap (nominees):

Gee Watts
Reggie B
Stik Figa
The Abnorm

Punk (nominees):

Black on Black
The Bad Ideas
The Sluts
The Big Iron


21. Stik Figa & L’ Orange – “Blind Tiger”
from: The City Under The City / Mello Music Group / Oct. 15, 2013
[Born in Ft. Campbell, KY, John Westbrook, Jr. grew up in Topeka, KS. His parents are from Arkansas & Tennessee, and his mom inspired his moniker when she commented on his thin frame and told him he looked like a stick figure.]

22. The Bad Ideas – “Apocalypse Detroit” (Vinyl)
from: Red Kate & The Bad Ideas – Split 7″ / Mills Record Company / May 31, 2013
[The Bad Idea’s full length debut, Lesson #1, was on our list of The Best Recordings of 2013. Their EP, Worse Thoughts, was one of our favorite recordings of 2012. The Kansas City based punk band, was formed in October 2011. Driven by original songs and influenced by post-hardcore, punk, and early pop punk. Breaka Dawn on lead vocals; Britt Adair on guitar, back-up vocals, Caitlin Curry on bass, back-up vocals, George Magers on drums.]

11:47 – EDM/DJ/Production (nominees):


Regional (Beyond KC/Lawrence) (nominees):

Dots Not Feathers
Ha Ha Tonka
Me Like Bees
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

23. Ha Ha Tonka – “Rewrite Our Lives” (Vinyl)
from: Lessons / Bloodshot Records / September 24, 2013
[Formed in Springfield, Missouri their music is steeped in Ozark folk. Originally from West Plains, Missouri. Brett Anderson – keyboard, guitar, and vocals; Lennon Bone – drums & vocals; Lucas Long – bass & vocals; Brian Roberts -guitar & vocals. Signed to Bloodshot Records out of Chicago. The band is named after Ha Ha Tonka state park in southern Missouri.]

The Pitch Music Showcase is Friday, July 25, at Knuckleheads with: Katy Guillen & The Girls, The Pedaljets, The Grisly Hand, Not A Planet, AJ Gaither & more!

The Pitch Music Awards on Sunday, August 3, at The Uptown Theater. Voting on The Pitch Music Awards Ballot is open until Monday, July 28

Next week on Wed, July 30 Rev Gusto joins us LIVE in the 90.1 FM Studios. Plus Matt Kesler joins us for the second hour to share music and stories and to talk about the 25th Anniversary of The Midwestern Musical Company and First Friday FINALE & GUITAR BASH! on Friday, August 1 at The Midwestern Musical Co. at 1830 Locust St, celebrating 25 years of The Midwestern Musical Co. as Matt has decided to close the store for good so this will be the LAST First Friday at The Midwestern Musical Co.


24. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes on tracks: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org
Additional content and material written by Jamie Rich

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