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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The 113 Best Recordings of 2013
(Part 1 of 4)

Wednesday MidDay Medley presented part-one, of our four-week special: The 113 Best Recordings of 2013. Based on the playlists of Wednesday MidDay Medley, we’ll feature representative tracks from our favorite recordings. In 2013 we’ve played over 1000 songs, and hundreds of New & Local Releases. We’ve presented dozens of LIVE in-studio performances from area performers, and we’ve interviewed over 200 local and national guests. 62% of the recordings on our “Best of” list were locally produced. It’s all good!

Tune into 90.1 FM, Wednesdays in December, on the 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. We’ll play nearly 8-hours of music that represent: The 113 of Best Recordings of 2013!

1. (113.) Sneaky Creeps – “Tired”
from: Bell St. Radio / Independent / January 5, 2013
[3rd release from Sneaky Creeps. Recorded in the Sneaky Creeps living room/practice space (A.K.A. Bell St. Radio) with a single AKG 414. It was later overdubbed with vocals and professionally mastered by Joel Nanos of Element Recording Studios. Max – Drums & Yell/Talk, Isaac – Bass, Andy – Guitar & Yell/Talk.]

2. (112.) Daughn Gibson – “Me Moan”
from: Me Moan / Sub Pop / July 9, 2013
[Carlisle, Pennsylvania based singer/songwriter, was formerly the drummer for the band Pearls and Brass. His debut solo album “All Hell” received such critical acclaim that Sub Pop records signed Gibson.]

3. (111.) Polvo – “Light, Raking”
from: Siberia (Bonus Track Version) / Merge Records / Oct. 1, 2013
[Formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1990, by guitarists/vocalists Ash Bowie and Dave Brylawski. Brian Quast plays drums, and Steve Popson plays bass guitar. Eddie Watkins was the band’s original drummer, but did not rejoin the band upon its reunion in 2008. Considered to be standard bearer of a genre which came to be known as math rock, although in interviews the band disavowed that categorization. Their sound was defined by complex and dissonant guitar harmonies and driving rhythm, complementing cryptic, often surrealist lyrics. The band’s name means “octopus” in Portuguese and “powder” or “dust” in Spanish; in Spain it also is a slang word for sex.]


4. (110.) Mount Moriah – “Bright Light”
from: Miracle Temple / Merge Records / February 26, 2013
[Sophomore album from North Carolina based trio, fronted by Heather McEntire who who brings her postpunk roots to americana sounds. The band is currently on tour with Telekinesis.]

5. (109.) White Fence – “Chairs in The Dark”
from: Cyclops Reap / Castle Face / April 9, 2013
[Originally planned as a compilation of Tim Presley’s 40 unreleased songs. Since 2010, he’s released four solo LPs, one collaborative album with Ty Segall, a live cassette, and a handful of singles, and work in other bands. He changed plans on the compilation, “there were more coming. a better crop,” he wrote in a press release. He wrote more songs, recorded them to the four-track in his bedroom, and scrapped the compilation altogether.
White Fence’s trippy, distortion-laced music has been critically acclaimed.]

6. (108.) Clairaudients – “Broken Mend”
from: I’m a Loudmouth, You’re a Puppet / Independent / June 29, 2013
[Music and Lyrics by Clairaudients: Eric Fain – Graphite Neck Electric Bass, Backup Vocals; Brandon Gardner – Electric Guitars; Blaire Geenens – Drumset; Chase Horseman – Grand piano, Backup Vocals, Bigsby Strums; Patrick Robinson – Lead Vocals, Electric Rhythm Guitar; Jordan Thompson – Lead Vocals, Electric Slide Guitar, Backup Vocals. Recorded from January to June, 2013 with Jeff Pickman at Massive Sound Studios. Produced by Jeff Pickman and Clairaudients]

7. (107.) Molly Picture Club – “Typical Biped”
from: In My Own Time Machine / Independent / April 30, 2013
[Aniko Adany: vocals, keys, synths & omnichord; Matthew Hayden: drums, & drum sequencing; Michael Tipton: vocals, guitar, & bass. All songs written, arranged, performed, & produced by Molly Picture Club. Additional percussion by Justin Skinner. Drums recorded, EP Mixed & Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures Soundlab. All other sounds recorded by Matthew Hayden at Southland Studios.]

10:27 – Underwriting


8. (106.) The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – “Love is the Drug”
from: The Jazz Age / BMG / February 12, 2013
[A rerecording of some of Bryan Ferry’s compositions, as played in jazz style of the 1920s, by The Bryan Ferry Orchestra. The 13 songs have been chosen from 11 albums, from his very first release Roxy Music (1972) to his recent solo record Olympia (2010). The album was co-produced by Ferry and Rhett Davies, with arrangements by Colin Good. Talking about the inspiration behind the reinterpretations, Ferry told Clash (magazine), “I’ve sort of gone back to the music that I liked listening to when I was a young lad, nine or ten years old – I was really fairly precocious for that time.”]

9. (105.) Nosaj Thing – “Eclipse / Blue (feat. Kazu Makino)”
from: Home / Innovative Leisure / Jan. 22, 2013 [2nd studio album by Nosaj Thing, born Jason Chung,an American electronic musician based in Los Angeles, California. He has produced tracks for artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Busdriver, Nocando, and most recently, Chance the Rapper.]

10. (104.) Minden – “What’s More Than Appropriate?”
from: What’s More Than Appropriate? / Independent / July 24, 2013 [Recorded in October 2012 by Larry Crane at Jackpot Studio (PDX). All songs written by Casey Burge and Minden. Casey Burge (vocals), Dan Talmadge (keyboard, vocals), Lia Gist (vocals), James Taylor (guitar), Evan Houston (bass), Ryan Johnson (drums). Mixed and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Studio (KCMO).]

11. (103.) The Bad Ideas – “Dead in My Head”
from: Lesson #1 / Independent / March 8, 2013
[Full length debut recording from the Kansas City based punk band, formed in October 2011. They’ve written all original songs and are influenced by post-hardcore, punk, and early pop punk. Their EP, Worse Thoughts, was one of our favorite recordings of 2012. Breaka Dawn on lead vocals; 
Britt Adair on Guitar, Back Up Vocals, 
Caitlin on Bass, back up vocals.]

[The Bad Ideas play Black & Gold Tavern Sat. Dec. 7 with Pedaljets, Red Kate, Kansas City Thieves.]


12. (102.) King Khan & The Shrines – “Born To Die”
from: Idle No More / Merge Records / September 3, 2013 [Berlin-based garage rock and psychedelic soul band. Founded in 1999 by then 22-year-old King Khan, formerly of Canadian garage rock outfits The Spaceshits (where he operated under the pseudonym Blacksnake) and Kukamongas. The band is noted for its impressive stage antics. Typically King Khan is scantily clad, and the overwhelming frontman. His performances feature cheerleader/go-go dancer Bamboorella and a mixture of instrumentation including: keyboard, baritone saxophone, guitar, bass, drums.]

13. (101.) Willis Earl Beal – “Coming Through (feat. Cat Power)”
from: Nobody Knows. / XL Records / Sept. 6, 2013
[Beal was born in Chicago, Illinois. In his early twenties Beal joined the US Army, moving to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Beal was medically discharged from the army due to intestinal problems. He then returned to Chicago where he worked at Sears Tower, following a five month hospital stay. In 2007, Beal moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here Beal spent some time homeless, and working entry-level jobs, notably as a night-shift security guard. During this time Beal began to record music, leaving CD-Rs in public spaces around Albuquerque. Beal would also leave self-illustrated flyers around the town in the hope of finding a girlfriend. One of these flyers was discovered by Found Magazine who put Beal on the cover of their magazine. Found later released a limited-edition box set called The Willis Earl Beal Collection, which included Beal’s poetry, artwork and a 17-song album. Through these flyers and the subsequent coverage in Found, Beal was contacted by more than 100 members of the public. Beal participated in auditions for Simon Cowell’s The X Factor television show, but dropped out of the “boot-camp” stage of the competition. In 2012, Beal signed a recording contract with Hot Charity, an imprint of independent record label, XL Recordings. Beal’s first single for the labels, “Evening’s Kiss” was released on February 17, 2012 and the accompanying music video was illustrated by Beal. Beal’s debut album, entitled Acousmatic Sorcery was released on April 2, 2012. He will also star in a film entitled ‘MEMPHIS’ directed by Tim Sutton that will premiere at the 2013 Venice film Festival.]

14. (100.) High and Dry – “Pay No Attention To Alice”
from: High and Dry / Independent / August 16, 2013
[KC based band High and Dry is: Greg Connally on accordian & vocals; Sam Zech on guitar & vocals; Cathy Hawes on mandolin & vocals; and John Yingst on dobro, banjo & vocals. Written by Tom T. Hall.]

15. (99.) The Buttermilk Boys – “Hey Look”
from: Oh Pretty Good / Independent / April 2013
[Kansas City based band that calls their music “psychedelic rust folk.” Scott Stanton – vocals, acoustic guitar, song writin’; Travis Huffhines – mandolin; Kasey Rausch – harmonies, upright bass, fiddle, viola.]

[The Buttermilk Boys play Mike Kelly’s Westsider, Friday, Dec. 6.]

16. (98.) Loaded Goat – “Down On The Misery”
from: Corker / Loaded Goat / October 15, 2013
[Martin Korb, Matt Hawkins, Eddie Crane, Paul Andrews, Rob Ritter. Written by Matt Hawkins. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike West at the 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor, Lawrence, Kansas.]

17. (97.) Cadillac Flambé – “Our Child”
rom: Movin’ On / Independent / July 18, 2013
[Kansas City’s delta darlings, Cadillac Flambé, have been breathing new life into the Americana scene with their rejuvenating tumble boogie. Rooted in the solitary country blues of Leadbelly and the urban grit of John Lee Hooker, they till in the harmony of Johnny & June Cater and combine the funk punk blues brandish of The Black Keys, conjuring up their own explicit type of roots music they like to call “Blue-Eyed Americana Psychedelic Soul.” Their 2013 release Movin’ On is a collection of recordings memorializing the loss of their harmonica player, James “Pappy” Garrett, a follow up to their 2011 release, Eli’s Porch. From their humble farmhouse beginnings, husband/wife duo Kris & Havilah Bruders, drummer Mike Payne and bassist Dr. Dave Duly are bound and determined to open the sonic flood gates.]

[Loaded Goat and Cadillac Flambe’ play The 5th annual Murder Ballad Ball “Pleading The Fifth” Dec. 6 & 7, at The Living Room Theatre 1818 McGee, KCMO. FRIDAY, DEC 6, “THE TRIAL” features: Freight Train & Rabbit Killer, and the reunion of, American Catastrophe. Before the concert, a very special dinner will be prepared by KC celebrity chef, Celina Tio, limited to 50 people and is presale only. SATURDAY, DEC 7, “THE VERDICT” features 14 short performances by: The Silver Maggies, Rural Grit Allstars, Thee Haunted Maestro (Shaun Hamontree’s his new band), Anthony Ladesich, Kasey Rausch, Cadillac Flambe’, Mikal Shapiro, The Philistines , Damon Parker, Loaded Goat, Kill Noise Boys, A.J.Gaither, Blue Boot Healers, and David George. ]


18. (96.) Julia Holter – “This is A True Heart”
from: Loud City Song / Domino Records / August 19, 2013
[3rd studio album from 30 year old Julia Holter who has been compared to: Laurie Anderson, Julianna Barwick, Kate Bush, Joanna Newsom, and Stereolab. Her father once performed with Pete Seeger. Her mother, Carole Shammas, is a prominent academic and currently holds the John R. Hubbard Chair in History at the University of Southern California. Besides playing and recording music, Holter tutors students and works with a nonprofit organization for teenagers in South Central Los Angeles. A graduate of CalArts, where she studied composition, Holter released her debut studio album, Tragedy, in August 2011.]

19. (95.) Lucy Wainwright Roche – “Seek and hide (feat. Colin Meloy)”
from: There’s A Last Time For Everything / maeby music / October 15, 2013
[From citywinery.com: “Lucy Wainwright Roche was born into a musical family Greenwich Village, NYC, Lucy Wainwright Roche is deeply steeped in the musical world. In addition to her parents (Loudon Wainwright III and Suzzy Roche of The Roches) and her siblings, (Martha and Rufus Wainwright), Lucy’s various aunts, uncles and cousins are all musicians. After a childhood of touring in vans, and hanging out backstage at clubs and theaters around the country, Lucy went off to college and grad school –– a twist on the classic rebellion –– and became a school teacher in NYC. She had very little to do with the music world. Then in 2005 on a whim, she spend a few weeks out on the road with her brother Rufus which reignited her deep connection to life on the road. Shortly, Lucy left her teaching job to pursue music full time. Fast forward to 2013. With two EPs (8 Songs and 8 More) and one full-length album entitled Lucy (2010) under her belt, she’s traveled thousands of miles, and armed with a just a guitar and a huge angelic voice, she’s performed solo and with countless musicians from Neko Case to the Indigo Girls in this country and internationally. There’s a Last Time For Everything was recorded in Nashville with her friend, collaborator and producer, Jordan Brooke Hamlin. Colin Meloy (The Decemberists) adds harmonies to “Seek And Hide”, which Lucy wrote while watching a man walk up and down the block outside of her building one afternoon, and is the album’s upbeat and fleshed out second track. Roche recalls, “It was a song that I wrote kind of mysteriously – and about a stranger. I knew that I wanted a male voice that was very distinctive to join me on that song. My very first choice was Colin and although I don’t know him well, he graciously agreed to sing on the track and really hit the nail on the head and added just the touch I was hoping for.”]


20. (94.) Quiet Corral – “Send The Line”
from: Ancestors / Independent / August 27, 2013
[Quiet Corral is a six-piece band from Lawrence, Kansas, that includes: Jim Barnes, Garrett Childers, Isaac Flynn, Matt Green, Jesse Braswell Roberts, Zach Mehl. Recorded in Lawrence, KS at The Art House and The Flynn Music Factory in 2012. Engineered by Jim Barnes. Additional engineering by Isaac Flynn. Mixed by Jim Barnes. Produced by Jim Barnes and Quiet Corral. All songs written by Quiet Corral.]

21. (93.) Iron & Wine – “Grace for Saints and Ramblers”
from: Ghost on Ghost / Nonesuch / April 16, 2013 [5th studio album from Iron and Wine, aka singer-songwriter Sam Beam. Sam Beam told the New York Times writer James C. McKinley Jr. that “Some of the tracks on the new LP are built over jazz rhythms and walking bass lines; others are constructed over funk beats.” “The songs feature Motown chord progressions with R&B horn lines, string parts and rich layered backup harmonies reminiscent of John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s late arrangements.’]

22. (92.) Alaturka – “Dar Hejiroke”
from: Yalniz / Tzigane / March 4, 2013
[From Alaturkamusic.com: “formed in 2009 with the vision of creating an equal “auditory handshake” between two musical cultures, American jazz and Turkish classical music. Founder and director Beau Bledsoe joined with three of KC’s most acclaimed jazz musicians, Rich Wheeler, Brandon Draper, Jeff Harshbarger, to form a quartet in which both cultures are treated with equal respect. The collaboration resulted in an intriguing new sound that has garnered the ensemble multiple invitations to perform throughout the U.S. and abroad. In 2013, Alaturka’s second recording, “Yalniz” (Tzigane Music) received 4.5 stars in Downbeat Magazine.]

11:25 – Underwriting


23. (91.) Merry Clayton – “Gimme Shelter”
from: 20 Feet from Stardom (Music from the Motion Picture) / Columbia / June 7, 2013
[Born Dec. 25, 1948, in Gert Town, New Orleans, Clayton began her recording career in 1962 at the age of 13, singing “Who Can I Count On? (When I Can’t Count On You)” as a duet with Bobby Darin. She has provided back-up vocals with Mick Jagger on The Rolling Stones song “Gimme Shelter”. Her early career included performances with Ray Charles as one of The Raelettes., on Neil Young’s debut album 1968, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” and for Tom Jones, Joe Cocker and Carole King. She also originated the role of the Acid Queen in the original 1972 London production of The Who’s Tommy.] [Merry is currently featured in Twenty Feet From Stardom, a documentary about background singers and their contributions to the music industry. Merry also just released The Best of Merry Clayton.]

24. (90.) Lyal Strickland– “(What If We Could) Save The World”
from: Balanced On Barbed Wire / Independent / 2013
[From Buffalo Missouri. A singer, songwriter, and farmer born, raised, and living in the Missouri Ozarks, Lyal Strickland balances songwriting, touring, and raising grass-fed beef. Writing about too much rain and not enough of it, economic upturns and downturns and the intricacies of small town culture, his songs come straight from the heart with a heavy dose of reality.]

25. (89.) Hailu Mergia – “Shilela”
from: Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument / Awesome Tapes From Africa / June 25, 2013
[Hailu Mergia was an Ethiopian one-man-band accordion/keyboardist extraordinaire. Hailu made his name in Walias Band and later went on to do some visionary solo recordings. Hailu Mergia’s beautiful and surprising 1985 foray into traditional Ethiopian songs via analog synth, electric piano and accordion was remastered.]

26. (88.) Rhye – “The Fall”
from: Woman / Polydor Records / March 5, 2013
[Debut release from Rhye, a musical duo based in Los Angeles, California, made up of: Mike Milosh, from Canada, and Robin Hannibal, from Denmark. Milosh had previously released albums as Milosh, and Hannibal had previously recorded as Quadron. Recorded in Copenhagen and Los Angeles, their sound brings together elements of their modern cultural aesthetics mixed with an homage to classic sensibilities; lush strings and melodies intertwined with simple electronic production and soft and sultry vocals – a marriage between refined decadence and modern elegance]


27. (87.) Bill Callahan – “Javelin Unlanding”
from: Dream River / Drag City / September 17, 2013
[Born June 3, 1966, Bill Callahan is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, who has also recorded and performed under the band name Smog. Callahan began working in the lo-fi genre of underground rock, with home-made tape-albums recorded on four track tape recorders.]

28. (86.) Ólöf Arnalds – “German Fields”
from: Sudden Elevation / One Little Indian / March 5th, 2013
[After two critically lauded albums, Iceland’s Ólöf Arnalds released her second US full length, Sudden Elevation. (Arnalds’ third) 12 original tracks all sung in English. Ólöf’s voice, finger-picked acoustic guitar and South American charango are once again the central focus, but there is also subtle but luminous colouring from koto harp, keyboards and electric guitar, as well as the odd, deftly applied swell of a string section.]

29. (85.) The Black Angels – “Don’t Play With Guns”
from: Indigo Meadow / Blue Venture / April 2, 2013
[The Black Angels are a psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas, formed in 2004. They have released four studio albums and one compilation album. Their name is derived from the Velvet Underground song “The Black Angel’s Death Song”.]

30. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

sources for notes: artists websites and wikipedia.org

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