#425 – June 13, 2012 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

KKFI New Blood with Ben Grimes + Betse Ellis
+ Blair Schulman, Cory Imig, Theresa Bembnister and Julia Kirt
+ Guest Producers: The Sneaky Creeps

1. John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons – “Blood Line”
from: Don’t Let Me Stay / Lakeshore Records / March 13, 2012
[John Velghe – vox, guitars, keyboards. The Prodigal Sons: Mike Alexander – guitar, mandolin, backing vocals; Chris Wagner – bass, backing vocals; GoGo Ray – drum set; Hermon Mehari – trumpet; Sam Hughes – saxophone; Mike Walker – trombone. With: Kirsten Paludan – vocals; James Mitchell – cello; Whitney Williamson – violin; Catherine Root – violin. John Velghe will be our guest on Mar. 21]

[John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons, play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club this Satueday Night, June 16, for KKFI New Blood, a Benefit for 90.1 FM. ]

[On Sat, June 30, Soft Reeds play the RecordBar, with The Quivers, and Radkey.]

2. Amy Farrand – “How You Feelin’”
from: Amy Farrand (hearts) You / Independent / 2012
[Ernie Locke on harmonica. Recorded and mixed by Chris Meck.]

[Amy Farrand plays Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club this Saturday Night, June 16, for KKFI New Blood, a Benefit for 90.1 FM. Amy Farrand’s “Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club happens every Wednesday night at Davey’s Uptown tonight the show features Clover Noir, and Tyson Schroeder]

3. Soft Reeds – “Funky Friends Breathe, OK”
from: Secret Handshakes/Golden Sound Records+The Record Machine(12” Split Release)/Apr. 21, 2012

[Soft Reeds, play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club this Saturday night, June 16, for KKFI New Blood, a Benefit for 90.1 FM.

[On Sat, June 30, Soft Reeds play the RecordBar, with The Quivers, and Radkey.]

[Soft Reeds play The Crossroads Summer Block Party, Friday, JULY 6, at 19th & Wyandotte.]

10:15 – Interview with Ben Grimes

We discovered Ben Grimes as the lead singer of The Golden Republic. In 2010 his new band, Soft Reeds, released “Soft Reeds Are Bastards” first through the band independently, and then through The Record Machine. “Soft Reeds Are Bastards” was number 2 on our list of the 100 Best Recordings of 2010 and has been one of our most played local releases on this program.

KKFI New Blood was organized by: Bill Sundahl, the founder of Spice of Life Productions, The Crossroads Music Festival, The Donkey Show, The Spring Dance, and has been a member of the bands It’s Over, The Columns, and Starhaven Rounders. A former 90.1 FM Programmer and radio host, Bill has put together a very special benefit for 90.1 FM called: KKFI New Blood, a Benefit for 90.1 FM, featuring Six Great Bands: Tony Ladesich, John Velghe & the Prodigal Sons, Amy Farrand, Soft Reeds, Konza Swamp Band, and Hearts of Darkness, Saturday, June 16, at Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club, 3402 Main, KCMO.

[Congratulations to Bill on the newest member of the family with wife Wende they recently welcomed Willa into the world.]

Saturday Night – KKFI New Blood, a Benefit for 90.1 FM, featuring 5 Great Bands: John Velghe & the Prodigal Sons, Amy Farrand, Soft Reeds, Konza Swamp Band, and Hearts of Darkness, at Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club, 3402 Main, KCMO.


4. The Hearts of Darkness – “Numeration”
from: Numeration / Bad Way (Split Single) 7″ Vinyl / Shipshape Records / Feb. 18, 2012
[The Hearts of Darkness and The Good Foot have teamed to release a split single 7” that features The Good Foot’s original tune: “Bad Way” and Hearts of Darkness’ first single “Numeration” off the upcoming album. The 7″ vinyl record w/ digital download was officially released Sat, Feb 18, at The Carnivàle du Soul. More info at: heartsofdarkness.net.]

10:35 – Interview with Blair Schulman, Cory Imig, Theresa Bembnister and Julia Kirt

Local writers, artists and curators: Blair Schulman, Cory Imig, Theresa Bemnister have been participating in the Oklahoma Art Writing and Curatorial Fellowship that aims to train promising writers and curators by expanding their professional education and experience. They join us to talk about their work, their art, and the need for more writing and discussion in the local art community. Also, with us on the phone is Julia Kirt from the Okalahoma Visual Arts Coalition.

Blair Schulman, cover artists and events and exhibitions in Kansas City’s art scene and his work can be found at Cupcakes in Regalia.com Blair talked about how he become part of the Oklahoma Art Writing and Curatorial Fellowship.

Cory Imig is one of the founders of PLUG Projects, an artist-run curatorial collaboration with four other artists that opened last fall in the Stockyards District of Kansas City, Missouri, where they’ve already created 6 exhibitions. PLUG has made it one of their objectives to expand connections of artists in KC with a national network and initiate critical dialogue. Cory talked about how this fellowships was an ideal tool for what she is currently working on with PLUG.

Theresa Bembnister covers a wide variety of art events through The Pitch, and she how talked about the KC art scene’s D.I.Y. spirit, and how has the Oklahoma Art Writing and Curatorial Fellowship has helped her work.

Julia Kirt spoke with us on the phone in Oklahoma. Julia, talked with us about how Blair, Cory and Theresa are part of a group of 12, that meet in Oklahoma 5 times during the year, for information from lectures, and one on one mentoring, and to eventually present their own research papers.

Julia talked about how this fellowship started, and why it’s important to encourage more writing about art.

The Star and the Pitch, and sources like Cupcakes in Regalia, all cover art, however there is a huge need for more writing and more critical discussion about local art exhibitions.

Julia talked about the bridges they are building through this fellowship and the art scene in Oklahoma, in Oklahoma City and Norman.

We talked briefly about the Oklahoma City Thunder and the co,parson of Sports reporting and art reporting.

Theresa Bembnister, talked about what she is currently writing about for The Pitch.

Blair Schulman discussed his work with Cupcakes in Regalia.

There is an article in the recent Pitch about Plug Projects, Cory is involved in several projects:

On Friday, June 15 at 6:00pm the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting a Double Vision lecture, Fishtanks and Plugs. Heidi Van and Cory Imig will discuss their individual art practices as well as the business and behind-the-scenes antics that fuel the Fishtank Performance Studio and Plug Projects.

Also on Friday, June 15 from 6-9pm there is an opening reception for Phase II of the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Frontier Show, Frontier: to face; now rare. Cory’s work, has been curated into the show by Erika Lynne Hanson, along with artists: Justin Gainan, Nicholas Naughton, B.J. Wooley, Kelly Lynn Jones & Collin McKelvey.

Cory also has new work at the H&R Block Artspace “Seafoam” series, 2012 Kansas City Flatfile H&R Block Artspace, June 2 – September 29

I have new work in the “2012 Kansas City Flatfile” at the H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute from June 2 – September 29. The exhibition features: two-dimensional artwork by 150 Kansas City-based artists. The Artspace is located at 16 East 43rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64111 and is open noon – 5pm on Tuesday–Friday, 11am – 5pm on Saturday, and is closed Sunday and Monday.

For more information about the Oklahoma Art Writing and Curatorial Fellowship you can visit the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition at: ovac-ok.org

For more info on PLUG Projects you can visit: plugprojects.com, or visit their gallery at: 1613 Genessee, Kansas City, MO 64102, Phone: (646) 535-7584

You can read Blair Schulman’s work at cupcakesinregalia.com and Theresa Bembnister’s work at pitch.com


5. Loves It! – “Trouble Lord”
from: Yay! / Independent / 2010
[Betse Ellis, The Depth and Whisper, and (the Austin band) Loves It! play The Brick on this Friday, June 15, starting at 9:00 PM.]

10:54 – Interview with Betse Ellis

Renowned fiddler, Betse Ellis, is a founding member of The Wilders, who is also a solo performer, teacher, and special project creator she joins to talk about her upcoming show with The Depth and Whisper, and the Austin band Loves It! at The Brick on this Friday, June 15, at 9:00.

The Brick is like a second home to Betse because of her frequent collaboration and participation in the Rural Grit Music presented every Monday.

Betse will be back on Wednesday MidDay Medley on June 27

The Wilders are scheduled to play Knuckleheads, June 30.

Betse Ellis with The Depth and Whisper, and the Austin band, Loves It! play The Brick this Friday, June 15, starting at 9:00.

You can learn more about Betse Ellis at reverbnation.com/betseellis

10:58 – Underwriting

11:00 – Guest Producers/Co-Hosts: Sneaky Creeps: Max Crutcher, Andy Erdrich

Sneaky Creeps were originally formed by Artists: Max Crutcher, Andy Davis, Andy Erdrich who all met while going to KCAI. Andy Davis moved away, making the Sneaky Creeps a duo of Max Crutcher on Drums and Yell/Talk, and Andrew Erdrich on Guitar and Yell/Talk. Sneaky Creeps new EP, “The Thin Man Wigs Out” is available at: sneakycreeps.bandcamp.com.

Max joined us live in the studio. Andrew joined us on the phone from Indianapolis, Indiana where he was working on an art installation.

Max originally moved to KC from Tulsa, Oklamoma.

Max Crutcher, “I’m influenced by the surfaces of buildings in my city, the geometry I am surrounded by, and my imagination for sounds. The subject of my work is a combination of objects or images from my life and auditory ideas. I translate imagined sounds and memories into a visual experience. These personal references could be a postcard, an empty building, the sound of cars on the highway, a quilt pattern, a musical phrase, etc. I try to reduce forms to their simplest state. Patterns are used to create rhythm. Mark making and color establish mood. The material becomes more.”

Andrew Erdrich and Sean Starowitz, both graduates of The Kansas City Art Institute, founded: BREAD! KC, an art project conceived in 2010 that creates funding for local artists by hosting a dinner, where for a $10 donation, diners are served a bowl of fresh soup, fresh baked bread, and a ballot. Three different creative projects are presented, and diners vote for one to receive the money collected from the evening. In under a year, BREAD! KC has awarded over many thousands in micro-grants to area writers, gardeners, bands and artists. Andrew Erdrich is also part of the Urban Culture Project.

For more info about Bread KC! – breadkc.wordpress.com


6. Black Eyes – “Drums”
from: Cough / Dischord / May 1, 2004

7. The Raincoats – “Void”
from: The Raincoats / We ThRee / 1979

8. Boredoms – “Poy (Mockin’ Fuzz1)”
from: Pop Tatari / Reprise / 1993


9. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “Madeleine-Mary”
from: I See Darkness / Drag City / 1999

10. Mark De Gli Antoni – “Alabama”
from: Horse Tricks / Tzadik / April 20, 1999

11. The Butthole Surfers – “Whirling Hall Of Knives”
from: Rembrandt Pussyhorse / Touch and Go / 1986

12. Quasi – “Nothing From Nothing”
from: Featuring “Birds” / Up Records / April 21, 1998

11:30 – Underwriting

13. Bügskull – “Winky’s Wild Ride (The Quest)”
from: Distracted Snowflake Volume One / Pop Secret – Darla / 1997

14. Shabazz Palaces – “The King’s New Clothes Were Made By His Own Hands”
from: Black Up / Sub Pop / June 28, 2011

15. The Microphones – “Tonight There’ll Be Clouds”
from: Don’t Wake Me Up / K. Records / Aug. 24, 1999

16. The Silver Jews – “Trains Across The Sea”
from: Starlite Walker / Drag City / Oct. 24, 1994

17. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

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Show #425


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