#442 – October 10, 2012 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Iris DeMent
+ Spinning Tree Theatre
+ Betse Ellis, Marion Merritt, & Tom Crane

1. Thee Oh Sees – “Flood’s New Light”
from: Putrifiers II / In The Red Records / September 11, 2012
[14th album from San Francisco based band that began as a way for John Dwyer to release his instrumental, experimental home recordings, and over the course of several albums it evolved into a full band.]

And joining Mark for the entire show were: Betse Ellis, Marion Merritt along with Tom Crane who joined in to encourage YOU to show your support for 90.1 FM.

10:04 – Pledge Break #1

Our Fund Drive Team: Betse Ellis, Marion Merritt, with Tom Crane

What 90.1 FM KKFI Kansas City Community Radio means to YOU.

Every now and then, we have to pass the hat, to pay the bills. 90.1 FM offers programming 24-7, that is, essentially free to you, to tune into. However, we do have expenses just like everyone else. Even though we are a non-commercial radio station, operated by a not-for-profit organization, we still have to pay the light bill, the rent, the insurance. Even though we have hundreds of committed volunteers, who donate thousands of hours every year, producing radio shows, answering phones, creating websites, producing benefits, rewiring the board, setting up our computer system, we still need to employ a small staff, to organize volunteers, to handle day to day business, development, and operations.

And so…every now and then, we have to pass the hat…to pay the bills. That’s where YOU come in! YOU are the reason we were able to go onto the airwaves nearly 25 years ago, and You are the reason we’ve been able to continue all these years. Volunteers are waiting to hear from YOU right now. Call 888-931-0901 to show your support for Community Radio and Wednesday MidDay Medley. You can also visit us online at kkfi.org to support Kansas City Community Radio 90.1 FM.

Why listeners need to support of this one-of-a-kind, programming.

Case #1 – 90.1 FM is a grassroots movement, a radio station created by the people in the village. 35 years ago those people created a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization called, The MidCoast Radio Project and for ten years volunteers worked to raise the funds to buy a signal, a tower, and create a physical station with studios and offices, to serve the community. In February of 1988, KKFI began broadcasting over the airwaves…

Those first radio shows were prerecorded on reel to reel tape in the basement of Tom Crane’s house on Pennsylvania Ave, and then delivered to the tower site and transmitter, where they were played. Tom Crane was there in the beginning and has played a vital role in KKFI’s development over the years.

Tom Crane talked about the early years, charity bingo, the reel to reel recordings.

Tom also talked about Anne Winter who hosted a KKFI show as “Little Orphan Annie” and produced Kansas City’s very first Punk show on the airwaves.


2. The Caves – “Liars”
from: Duplexiaville / Golden Sound Records / 2012
[KC based: Andrew Ashby on Guitar & Voice, David Gaumé on Bass, Elizabeth Bohannon on Keyboards, Percussion & Voice, Jake Cardwell on Drums & Percussion. A new track that’ll be part of the band’s upcoming release “Duplexiaville” available soon on Golden Sound Records.]

[The Caves play the recordBar, Friday, October 12, with Spring Standars, and John McKenna Band.]

3. The Hearts of Darkness – “Come Forward”
from: Shelf Life / Shipshape Records / August 25, 2012
(Their song “Debt On Me” is on the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 compilation)
[The 15 piece ensemble welcomed 6 additional musicians to record “Shelf Life” their 2nd full-length release, 2 years in the making. Recorded live at the Cooler Studio in Kansas City, Kansas, with Chad Meise, and mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room in Chicago, using both vintage analog and modern digital technologies. The album will be released on CD and as a limited edition collectible vinyl LP at local music stores, and also available on iTunes. Contributing musicians to “Shelf Life” include: Bob Asher – Trumpet, Sean Branagan – drums and percussion, Rachel Christia – Vocals , Andrew Ford – Trombone, Brandy Gordon – Vocals, Richard Gumbel – Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Sam Hughes – Baritone Saxophone, Les Izmore – Vocals, Pete Leibert – Bass Guitar, Jolan Smith – Tenor Saxophone and Vocals, Miko Spears – Congas, Erica Townsend – Vocals, Ken Walker – Valve Trombone, Brad Williams – drums and percussion, Hermon Mehari – Trumpet, Shawn Hansen – Alto Saxophon, Phil Keegan – Bass Guita, Chris Meck – Rhythm Guita, Josh Mobley – Keyboards, Guitar, Alex Smith – Tenor Saxophone, Mark Vick – Rhythm Guitar.]

[Bob Asher and Peter Leibert joined us LIVE on August 22 prior to their big show at Knuckleheads.]

4. Betse Ellis – “Run!”
from: Don’t You Want To Go / Free Dirt / April 21, 2009
[Originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, Betse Ellis is one of the founding members of Kansas City’s The Wilders, an acoustic honky-tonk band, have been together for 15 years, and have gone on haitus.]

[Betse Ellis played the Opening reception for Prairie Logic, Fri, Oct 5, 5:00 rooftop at 12th & Main.]

10:19 – Pledge Break #2

This is WMM’s Fall Fund Drive Show Betse Ellis, and Marion Merritt

Why listeners need to support of this one-of-a-kind, programming.

Case #2. – Wednesday MidDay Medley brings resourceful Music, Arts, & Performing Arts Information to our listeners!

Wednesday MidDay Medley offers crucial info on: Music and Art. We offer listeners the best in New & Local musical releases. So far this year we’ve played new local releases from over 200 local bands and artists. We not only play the music, but we tell you the name of the release, the record label, year released, who’s in the band, and where you can go to hear this band or artist. We present local and national artists who share stories about their music and play LIVE. This year we’ve welcomed members of: The Cave Girls, The Clementines, The Hearts of Darkness, The Bad Ideas, The Depth and The Whisper, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Molly Picture Club, Dollar Fox, Victor & Penny, Vi Tran, The Brannock Device, The Quivers, everyday/everynight, The Soft Reeds, MBird, Pony boy, Clover Noir, The Blackberry Winter Band, Mikal Shapiro, Hidden Pictures, Eleni Mandell, The Sneaky Creeps, Richard Burgess, The Wilders, Sinple, Hipshot Killer, Spirit is The Spirit, Two Headed Cow, Sterling Witt, Thommy Hoskins, DJ Fat Sal, The Ned Ludd Band, The Billy Bats, John Velghe, Elsa Rae, The B’Dinas, Beautiful Bodies, David Burchfield, Tom Livesay, The Ukulele Fight Club, and The Sexy Accident.

10:27 – Underwriting


6. Iris DeMent – “Go On Ahead And Go Home”
from: Sing The Delta / Flariella / Oct. 2, 2012
[Iris Dement previewed many of her new songs when she was in concert with husband Greg Brown, last year for their 11-11-11 show at The Folly Theatre to benefit St. Mark Child and Family Development Center. Now those songs are part of her brand new release that includes a total of 12 new songs. It is her first full-length release of original songs since 1996.]

10:32 – Interview with Iris DeMent

Grammy Nominated Iris DeMent has performed at all over the world, at Carnegie Hall, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman, and the Grand Ole Opry. She was born in rural Paragould, AR, the youngest of 14 children. At the age of three, her family moved to California, where she grew up singing gospel music. Upon graduating high school, she relocated to KC to attend college. After a series of jobs waitressing and typing, she first began composing songs at the age of 25. Honing her skills at open-mic nights. In 1988 she moved to Nashville, where she contacted producer Jim Rooney, who helped her land a record contract. She made her recording debut in 1991 /1992, with her release: “Infamous Angel.” Iris has collaborated w/ John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith, John McCutcheon, Randy Scruggs, Tom Russell and Kansas City bus driver Gary Kirkland. Iris married singer-songwriter Greg Brown on November 21, 2002, while she still lived in KC. They now live together in Iowa. Last week Iris DeMent released her new recording “Sing The Delta” on Flariella Records, that includes 12 new songs. It is her first album of all new material in 16 years, since her fantastic 1996 release, “The Way I Should.” Iris’ new release “Sing The Delta” is already receiving great critical acclaim, and she is currently on the road singing her new songs.

Last year on 11-11-11 Iris and Greg Brown performed together here in Kansas City in a benefit for St. Mark Early Childhood and Family Development Center, That night she surprised me when she only performed one or two songs that I had heard before. Instead she shared with the packed crowd at the Folly, many of her new songs that ended up on this record. Iris discussed the process of writing the songs and getting them recorded and produced in the studio.

I read where Iris has said that she “learned about music from people who didn’t use music as entertainment.” That her “parents lived very on the edge. They had a gazillion kids and came from an area where people live on the edge. They used music as a life source. That music had to come through for them and make them feel like they could get up on Monday and keep going.” She said that “You think that’s one of the reasons why you didn’t write for so long. I learned about music as a life line. I feel like that’s the kind of task I’m trying to take on every time I try and write something. I’ve got to make somebody want to keep going. That’s what music was about.”

Iris DeMent has a long history of doing benefit shows for groups like 90.1 FM. In 2004 she and Greg Brown opened for Amy Goodman at Community Christian Church. In the 2002 she did a benefit concert for The Friends of Community Radio and invited Greg Brown to open the concert at Unity Temple, then several months later she and Greg were married in a private ceremony in the offices of Rev. Sam Mann of St. Mark Church here in KC.

Kansas City is where Iris started her musical career, singing in coffeehouses. Iris talked about how she loves that we claim her as one of our own, here in Kansas City.

The liner notes of Iris DeMent’s new record talks about St. Mark Church and how the Church took her in during a dark time of her life. She found inspiration at St. Mark, inspiration from the people of the church and also from the pastor of the church, Rev. Sam Mann who she originally heard over the airwaves of 90.1 FM KKFI, and met at an anti-war rally at the fountains near 47th and Broadway near the Country Club Plaza.

The photographs for Iris DeMent’s new album were taken by her stepdaughter Pieta Brown, all except for one photograph that is in many ways a symbol of this recording, that was photographed by her daughter, Dasha Brown. Iris talked about the photo and it’s special meaning.

The new recording contains many songs about her family, and especially her mother, who died last year at age 93. Iris DeMent’s mother sings on her debut “Infamous Angel” and we definitely feel her presence on “Sing The Delta.” Iris writes that her mother dreamed of being a professional singer, and how she asked Iris one day, “Ain’t you got tard yet of trapesin’ All over the country?”

I read a review of “Sing The Delta” that starts off by referencing Iris DeMent’s song, “Let the Mystery Be” from her debut “Infamous Angel.” The reviewer connected that song to her new 5th release, 20 years later, with new lyrics and stories that continue to examine the “religious doctrine on life and death.” The reviewer also references Iris DeMent’s 2004 release “Life Line” which was a collection of traditional protestant hymns.

In reading many of the reviews of Iris DeMent’s new recording, I was struck by the personal relationship Iris has with her fans, who fell in love with “Infamous Angel” and have followed her through these past 20 years, and this period where she has recorded with so many other artists, toured consistently, but also was busy with her family, husband, and daughter. That because her songs were so honest and heartfelt, and special, her fans accepted and understood why it might have taken some time for this new recording of 12 new songs.

We are in the middle of our Fall Fund Drive here at 90.1 KKFI. Iris has had many connections to this radio station. We mentioned Sam Mann, who at one time hosted a radio program on 90.1 FM. Another person who helped build this station was our mutual friend Anne Winter. Iris talked about how she met Anne Winter.

Iris is currently on the road doing shows in Toronto Canada, along the East Coast and Florida and also on the west coast in California.

Iris & Greg currently are living in Iowa City, Iowa.

“Sing The Delta” was released October 2, on Flariella Records and includes 12 new songs. You can have Iris DeMent’s new CD as a “Thank You Gift” for your pledge of $50.00, or more, during Wednesday MidDay Medley’s Fall Pledge Drive Show.


6. Iris DeMent – “There’s A Whole Lot Of Heaven”
from: Sing The Delta / Flariella / Oct. 2, 2012
[Iris Dement previewed many of her new songs when she was in concert with husband Greg Brown, last year for their 11-11-11 show at The Folly Theatre to benefit St. Mark Child and Family Development Center. Now those songs are part of her brand new release that includes a total of 12 new songs. it is her first full-length release of original songs since 1996.]

7. Appropriate Grammar – “Woke Up All Askew”
from: Lies and Stories / Independent / 2010
(Their song “Six Foot Dreams” is on the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 compilation)
[Appropriate Grammar includes: Nick McKenna – Guitar/Vocals, Alex Dunsford – Lead Guitar, Claire Adams – Bass/Vocals, and Steve Gardels – Drums.]

[Appropriate Grammar play The Riot Room, tomorrow, Oct. 11, w/ The Features, and Is Paris Burning]

10:57 – Pledge Break #3

This is WMM’s Fall Fund Drive Show with Betse Ellis, and Marion Merritt.

Why listeners need to support of this one-of-a-kind, programming.

Case #3. – So far this year, Wednesday MidDay Medley has interviewed over 136 guests.

We’ve featured segments and interviews about: Voler Thieves of Flight, The Living Room Theatre, The KC Fringe Festival, The Charlotte Street Foundation, The Latino Writers Collective, The Fishtank Theatre, The Spray Booth Gallery, The Kansas City Art Institute, Martin Luther King Jr., The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, The Middle of The Map Festival, The Crossroads Music Festival, The Crossroads Summer Block Party, The Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts, The Midcoast Takeover, Midwestern Audio,
The Midwest Music Foundation, Center of The City Festival, Like Me Lighthouse, Record Store Day!, The Folly Theatre, AIDS Walk KC, The Nelson Art Gallery, Mattie Rhodes, Gay Pride, Gorilla Theatre, La Esquina, Golden Sound Records, The Record Machine, The Writer’s Place, Johnson County Community College Performing Arts Series, The New Century Follies, The Plug Project, Bread KC, and The Kansas City Film Festival.

We’ve interviewed writers including: Lisa Jo Sagolla, Crystal Boson, Kelly Barth, Blair Schulmann, Maria Vasquez Boyd, Marideth Sisco, Jose Faus, Philip Hooser, Cory Imig, Mitch Brian, Theresa Bembnister, Felicia Londre, Julia Kirt.

We’ve interviewed filmmakers: Mikal Shapiro, Chris Snipes, Mark Titus.

We’ve interviewed actors: Scott Cordes, Missy Koonce, Heidi Van, Rusty Sneary, Annie Cherry and Damian Blake, Spencer Brown, Forrest Attaway, Cody Wyoming, Jan Chapman, Alan Tilson, De De Deville, Kip Niven, and Julie Harris Shaw.

We’ve interviewed organizers Bill Sundahl, Chris Haghirian, Nathan Reusch, Barry Lee.


8. Schwervon! – “Dog Got Your Cat Tongue”
from: Courage / Olive Juice Records / September 28, 2012
(Their song “Wake and Bomb” is on the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 compilation)
[Schwervon! is a two piece rock band. Nan plays drums and Matt plays guitar and they both sing. They lived in NYC for 15 years and have just relocated to Kansas City. Last year they opened for both The Vaselines and Belle & Sebastian. They recently recorded with Memphis-based engineer Doug Easley (Pavement, Sonic Youth, Cat Power).]

[Schwervon! are touring all over Europe returning to Kansas City, to play Davies Uptown November 14, with Paleface who will also join us on the Wednesday MidDay Medley on that day.]

9. Soft Reeds – “Magic”
from: a track from their upcoming release / Golden Sound Records / 2012
(Their song “Funky Friends Breathe, OK/” is on the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 compilation)

11:11 – Interview with Michael Grayman

Leonard Bernstein called her “The Bible of Opera.” In 2006, Opera News wrote of her: “Nearly thirty years after her death, she’s still the definition of the diva as artist—and still one of classical music’s best-selling vocalists.” She was born in New York City on December 2, 1923 and she on September 16, 1977, at 53. Maria Callas was an American-born Greek soprano and one of the most renowned and versatile opera singers of the 20th century. Her remarkable musical and dramatic talents led to her being hailed as La Divina.

Tony and Emmy Award winning Playwright Terrence McNally, who has written about Maria Callas in several of his plays including The Lisbon Traviata, put his muse, Maria Callas center stage, for his play of 1995, “Master Class,” that focuses on Maria Callas after she has headlined every major opera house, and accepts an invitation from The Juilliard School to conduct a series of sold-out master classes for a select group of young professionals. Master Class won both the 1996 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding New Play and the 1996 Tony Award for Best Play.

Director Michael Grayman, joined us to discuss Spinning Tree Theatre’s production of Terrence McNally’s “Master Class” with performances Oct. 11 thru 28, Thurs, Fri, and Sat at 8:00 PM and Sun at 2:00 PM. at the Crown Center Off Center Theatre. Info: (816) 842-9999 or spinningtreetheatre.com

Spinning Tree Theatre has created it’s own new identity through the musicals and plays it has produced of these past two years.

In “Master Class” Maria Callas, is glamorous, commanding, larger-than-life, caustic, and surprisingly drop-dead funny. Alternately dismayed and impressed by the students who parade before her, she retreats into recollections about the glories of her own life and career. Included in her musings are her younger years as an ugly duckling, her fierce hatred of her rivals, the unforgiving press that savaged her early performances, her triumphs at La Scala, and her affair with Aristotle Onassis. It culminates into a monologue about sacrifice taken in the name of art.

Spinning Tree Theatre production of MASTER CLASS features:

Cynthia Hyer* as Maria Callas

Natalie Liccardello as First Soprano (Sophie)

Sylvia Stoner* as Second Soprano (Sharon)

Vigthor Zophoniasson as Tenor (Tony)

Tom Lancaster as Stagehand

and Tony Bernal as Accompanist (Manny)

*members of Actors’ Equity Association

Andy Parkhurst, Managing Director – Spinning Tree Theatre

Spinning Tree Theatre’s production of Terrence McNally’s “Master Class” with performances October 11 thru 28, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM. at the Crown Center Off Center Theatre (Level 3) 2450 Grand Blvd. KCMO. For more info: (816) 842-9999 or spinningtreetheatre.com


10. Maria Callas – “La Traviata, Act 1: “E’ Strano!…E’ Strano!””
from: Birth of a Diva – Legendary Early Recordings of Maria Callas / Warner/ Aug. 17, 2007

11:24 – Pledge Break #4

This is WMM’s Fall Fund Drive Show with special co-hosts: Betse Ellis, and Marion Merritt

Why listeners need to support of this one-of-a-kind, programming.

Case #4. KKFI keeps me culturally connected. Through both the great public affairs, news, and music programs on 90.1 FM, we can all be “in the loop” with all that is happening in the area and the world. Information and entertainment that is guided by a mission rather than a need to deliver consumers to advertisers.

KKFI’s daily Blues and Jazz Calendars let me know where LIVE music is being performed Today! While other stations may feature corporate owned and cloned programming, from national and regional media conglomerates and giant institutional systems, or commercial outlets, 90.1 FM KKFI is essentially owned by YOU the listener. Your investments, in your community airwaves, are what keep 90.1 alive. It is YOU we listen to, instead of advertisers selling breast enhancements, diet pills, or bad political campaign adverts.

Because of YOU, and your generous financial support, 90.1 FM KKFI is able to offer more locally produced programs than any other radio station, or broadcast or cable television outlet in the entire metro region.

No other station has a locally produced, weekly, LGBT Public Affairs Show.
No other station has a weekly Farsi language program.
No other station plays as much Blues or Jazz as KKFI.
No other station offers a weekly program hosted by atheists and skeptics.
No other station offers a weekly Eco program.
No other station offers weekly local theatre interviews.
No other station offers weekly New Age and Psychic information.
No other station offers as many weekly urban public affairs.

No other station gives you such unfiltered news programs like: Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, Alternate Radio produced in Bolder, Counterspin, Free Speech Radio News, Worker Independent News and more.

No other station offers the diversity of music, whether it be reggae, rockabilly, americana, electronic, tejano, latin rock, southern soul, funk, world, native american, women’s music, blues, local hip hop, folk, jazz, chamber music, rock, and traditional.

No other station plays as much local music.
No other station welcomes as many guests into our studios each week.

It really is radio like you’ve never heard it before.
It really is a rare medium done well.

11:32 – Underwriting


11. Shearwater – “You As You Were”
from: Animal Joy / Sub Pop / Feb. 15, 2012

[Shearwater plays The Riot Room, next Tuesday night, with Cowboy Indian Bear]

12. Root and Stem – “Ruby”
from: Ruby / Polydor / May 1 2012
[KC based band made up of James Embry – Guitar/Vocals, Baird Williams – Guitar/Vocals, Cody Barrett – Bass, and Joel Shipley – Drums. Nominated for a Pitch Music Award for Best Americana/Bluegrass Band.]

[Root and Stem will play Czar Bar tonight! with Grayshot, and Sage & Sour]

11:40 – Pledge Break #5

This is WMM’s Fall Fund Drive Show with special co-hosts: Betse Ellis, and Marion Merritt

Why listeners need to support of this one-of-a-kind, programming.

Case #5. – KKFI offers 24-7 programming, and YOU (the listener), basically get all of this amazing programming for “free.” I, for one, love that I can turn on my radio, or computer device, and tune into the 90.1 FM 100,000 watt crystal clear signal, and hear the music, information, news, entertainment, calendar of events, and stories, that I really cannot find anywhere else. 90.1 is my comfort, my special companion, my diverse friend, introducing me to all kinds of new and local music, as well as the news and information without the intrusion of advertisers, and ratings. It is radio brought to YOU by real people, who create these shows a out of love, and are guided by KKFI’s noble mission that “seeks to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals and groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media.”

Driving in your car, at the office, at the gym, in your garage, at CODA, in your cubicle, in your art space, on your ipod, at your construction site, in your kitchen, YOU can take 90.1 with you, as your companion. 90.1 FM is generally a good date. Good for a few laughs, fun to dance with, always interested in good conversation. Isn’t 90.1 FM KKFI worth a few dollars a day, or a week? So many people tune in to kkfi.org everyday, but studies show, that less than 10 percent actually donate to keep this miracle of broadcasting alive. Your support means that you will help bring this programming to folks who could not donate at this time, for what ever the reason.

This is your chance to put your money where your ears are. Please help keep at least this part of our public airwaves alive, for our public to enjoy, free from commercials, free from religious sermonizing, free from extremly conservative and slanted right wing “talk monsters,” and free from corporately owned and cloned robotic affiliates that play the same 15 songs everyday at the same time. YOU deserve better. YOU deserve radio that really reflects our great city, and tells the story of our great music scene, and performing arts scene, and labor rights, and women’s issues, and LBGT information, and programming specifically produced for Latinos and African Americans, and Farsi speaking Americans. Support the free-form spirit that is 90.1 FM KKFI! It really is radio like you’ve never heard it before. It really is a rare medium done well.


13. Ghosty – “This Wolf”
from: GHOSTY / More Famouser Records / April 17, 2012
[Andrew Connor, Mike Nolte an Bill Belzer who recorded their new album, themselves, over the last couple of years w/ help from David Wetzel, Josh Adams, Jake Blanton, Konnor Ervin, Ryan Connor, Kirsten Paludan, Dan Talmadge. Pressed on vinyl and available on LP and digital download. More info at ghostysounds.com.]

14. Amy Farrand – “How You Feelin’”
from: Amy Farrand (hearts) You / Independent / 2012
[Ernie Locke on harmonica. Recorded and mixed by Chris Meck.]

[Amy Farrand plays Czar Bar, Saturday night, October 13, with The Collide & Conquer Tour with Hunter Valentin and Queen Caveat.]

[Amy Farrand’s “Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club” happens every Wednesday night at Davey’s Uptown]

11:53 – Pledge Break #6


15. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:
facebook.com/WednesdayMidDayMedleyon90.1FM and

Show #442


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