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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Michelle Bacon & The Band That Fell to Earth + Wendy J. Scott
+ Doby Watson & Margo May + Pink Royal


1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / 1980
[WMM’s theme song]

2. David Bowie – “Big Brother”
from: Diamond Dogs / RCA / May 24, 1974

3. David Bowie – “Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family”
from: Diamond Dogs / RCA / May 24, 1974

“Big Brother” was written by David Bowie in 1973 and intended for his never-produced musical, based on George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Bowie had wanted to make a theatrical production of Orwell’s book, and began writing material after completing sessions for his album Pin Ups, but the Orwell estate denied Bowie the rights.

The song was released on the album Diamond Dogs, on May 24, 1974. Lyrically, the song reflects the ending of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the novel, where Winston Smith’s brainwashing is complete, and he now loves Big Brother. The song transitions into the final track on the record, “Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family”.

Diamond Dogs was the 8th studio album from Bowie, released after the ‘retirement’ of Bowies’s Ziggy Stardust, character. Diamond Dogs featured a new lead character named Halloween Jack, “a real cool cat,” who lives in the decaying “Hunger City”. Bowie, however, still wore the Ziggy haircut on the cover of Diamond Dogs, and the first single, “Rebel Rebel” continues his glam rock sound.

However, with the rest of the album, music writers noticed a new Bowie. For his song “Sweet Thing” / “Candidate”/ “Sweet Thing (Reprise)” Bowie first used the William S. Burroughs’ cut-up style of writing. The song “1984” reflected the “plastic soul” sound of Bowie’s next release, Young Americans, from 1975.

The Diamond Dogs Tour of 1974 was one of the first huge Rock and Roll, bus and truck tours. Bowie produced the show with a giant set, like a big Broadway production.

Bowie played all of the album’s songs on the Diamond Dogs Tour, except “We Are the Dead.” The Diamond Dogs Tour was recorded and released as David Live. The song “Rebel Rebel” has been featured on almost every Bowie tour since. The song, “Diamond Dogs” was performed for the 1976 Station to Station Tour, and the 1995–96 Outside Tour and 2003-04 Reality Tous which I saw at Starlight Theatre, on May 10, 2004

I was able to see Bowie perform “Big Brother/Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family” live, on his 1987, Glass Spider Tour, which played Kemper Arena, October 4, 1987.
On March 2 we will devote our entire show to David Bowie, his life as a Rock & Roll God, a producer, an artist, and we’ll hear from guests who will share stories about Bowie.

Here is one of Michelle Bacon’s favorite songs from Davie Bowie…


3. David Bowie – “Moonage Daydream”
from: Nothing Has Changed / Columbia / November 18, 2014
[The first compilation to showcase Bowie’s entire career. The album includes the new composition “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)”, which was later re-recorded for the 2016 album Blackstar. The album was released in four formats: a triple CD version (sequenced in reverse chronological order), a double CD version (sequenced in chronological order), a double LP version, and a single CD version released exclusive to select countries]

[“Moonage Daydream” was written by David Bowie in 1971 and first released as a single with the band Arnold Corns. A re-recorded version, featuring Bowie and his backing band The Spiders from Mars, was released on the 1972 Bowie album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.]

10:15 – Interview with Michelle Bacon

Musician and writer, Michelle Bacon, is Editor of the Deli Magazine KC, where she helps shine a light on our area music scene. Michelle is a freelance writer and has written for The Kansas City Star, The Bridge, Folk Alliance International, and many others. Michelle is the Social Media Assistant for Midwest Music Foundation where she also volunteers for events that raise funds and awareness for this important not-for-profit service organization. Michelle is part of the backbone of the bands: The Philistines where she plays bass, and Chris Meck and The Guilty Birds where she plays drums. She has also played with Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Deco Auto, Dolls on Fire, and Drew Black and Dirty Electric, to name a few.

Michelle Bacon joins us to share information about: The Band That Fell To Earth – a Tribute to David Bowie, at The Uptown Theatre on Sunday, January 31, at 8:00 PM

This event, The Band That Fell To Earth – a Tribute to David Bowie, has in the works for quite some time, and the band was in rehearsals, when we were all shocked by the news on January 10, that David Bowie had died, just two days after his 69th birthday, and the release of his 27th studio album, Blackstar. Michelle talked about Bowie’s death, and how that effected the rehearsals and planning of this event.

The Band That Fell To Earth – a Tribute to David Bowie

Steve Tulipana, Nathan Corsi,

Michelle Bacon, Kyle Dahlquist, Alex Alexander, Stephanie Williams,

Betse Ellis, Clarke Wyatt, Rich Wheeler,

Lauren Krum, Rachel Christia, and Andre Tudhope,

performing the music of David Bowie live on stage.

More info at: http://www.knuckleheadskc.com/

Presented by The Deli Kansas City.

Proceeds from this event with benefit Midwest Music Foundation.

The Uptown Theatre on Sunday, January 31, at 8:00 PM (Doors at 7:00)

More info at: http://www.knuckleheadskc.com/


5. David Bowie – “Young Americans”
from: Young Americans / RCA / March 7, 1975
[Because of the strong influence of black music on the album, Bowie used the term “plastic soul” (originally coined by an unknown black musician in the 1960s) to describe the sound of Young Americans. The song was the first studio result of Bowie’s mid-1970s obsession with soul music. “Young Americans” was a breakthrough hit for the artist in the United States. The song makes references to McCarthyism, black repression via Rosa Parks, Richard Nixon (who had resigned the U.S. Presidency two days before the recording session), as well as a near-direct lift from The Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” with the line “I heard the news today oh boy!” (John Lennon, who originally authored the line, appeared twice on the Young Americans album, providing background vocals and guitar on his own “Across The Universe” and “Fame”, for which he also received a co-writing credit.) The backing vocal arrangement came at the suggestion of Luther Vandross. who was a big part of this album, writing and co-writing songs for the album, as well as helping in the recording and production. The album’s song “Fame” hit the No. 1 in the US, the same year the album was released.]


6. Iggy Pop – “Gardenia”
from: Post Pop Depression / IGHO – Loma Vista – Concord / March 18, 2016
[Post Pop Depression is the upcoming 17th studio album by Iggy Pop. Produced by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, the album was recorded in secrecy. Pop and Homme began working on the album in January 2015. Pop reached out to Homme by text message to ask if he was interested in writing music together. After they spoke by phone, Pop sent Homme some lyrics by mail, along with notes about Pop’s time working with David Bowie. Three months later, Homme sent lyrics to Pop, and they agreed to work together on recording songs in a studio. The album, consists of nine songs, recorded at Homme’s home studio in Joshua Tree, California, over the course of two weeks, and another week in his studio in Burbank, California. Pop and Homme self-financed the album.]

Wendy J. Scott and Michelle Bacon, on the January 27, 2016 edition of Wednesday MidDay Medley.

Wendy J. Scott and Michelle Bacon, on the January 27, 2016 edition of Wednesday MidDay Medley.

10:36 – Interview with Wendy J. Scott

Wendy Scott, is a Kansas based artist. She is a scenic painter for area theater companies and is the recipient of the 2012 Kennedy Center Award for scenic artistry. She also teaches painting classes, and has been recently featured as a painting teacher in a promotional piece for KSHB 41 News. 25 years ago Wendy’s pursuit of work as a painter motivated her to move New York City and later to France. When Wendy came back to Kansas City she had had her son, who is now 17 years old. While facing the challenges of being a working artist and being a single mom, Wendy created her own home-based-company called, Kitschup Creations, that produce unique candles, magnets, coasters and more.

She has also created a one-of-a-kind candle for Wednesday MidDay Medley that we will offer next week as one of our “Thank you Gifts” for those of you who donate to our station during Wednesday MidDay Medley’s Winter Fund Drive Show.

Wendy J. Scott started out as a commercial artist and quickly realized that was not for her. she wanted to get her hands dirty, not sit behind a computer all day, so she moved to New York and then to France for six years.

After living out of two suitcases and a carry on for so long Wendy found herself missing the states. and home, so she returned and started painting for theatre companies and tattooing in shops around the country.

A year after Wendy returned to the US from France, she had her son, who was diagnosed with Autism. Wendy shared her story of parenting a child with autism, as her son is now a 17-year old honors student.

Wendy does scenic painting Kansas City Kansas Community College Theatre Department.

More info at: http://www.KitschupCreations.Etsy.com/

10:55 – Underwriting


7. Appropriate Grammar – “Catastrophe”
from: Golden Child / Independent / August 24, 2013
[Appropriate Grammar’s final record. All songs written by Nick McKenna. Performed and arranged by Appropriate Grammar. Recorded, mixed and produced by Shaun Hamontree at Hamontree Manor, KCMO. Mastering by Joel Nanos at Element Recording, KCMO. includes: Nick McKenna – Guitar/Vocals, Alex Dunsford – Lead Guitar, Claire Adams – Bass/Vocals, and Steve Gardels – Drums.]

[Appropriate Grammar plays The Brick Fridy, January 29, with The B’Dinas.]

11:00 – Station ID

Doby Watson & Margo May on the January 27, 2016 edition of Wednesday MidDay Medley.

Doby Watson & Margo May on the January 27, 2016 edition of Wednesday MidDay Medley.

11:00 – Interview with Doby Watson and Margo May

8. Doby Watson – “Everything is the Same As Before” (LIVE PERFORMANCE)

Margo May grew up in Kansas City. She has been writing songs since she was 15. She has worked as an actor at The Coterie Theatre. She Studied Liberal Arts and English at University of Missouri – Kansas City. Margo made her national network television debut in the 2010 season of American Idol. Her Debut recording “Summerof” was one of our favorite recordings of 2010 and has received critical acclaim. She was the winner of the 2010 Pitch Music Award for Best Emerging Act. Since then Margo has played all over Kansas City, Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas. Margo has released several albums af her own original music as well as several collaborations and remixes. Margo’s most recentl release, I’m Not Coming Home, was released July 19, 2015 on Double Shift Music.

Margo May went to high school with Doby Watson, who played on most of the tracks for Margo’s recent album. Doby originally released his music under the moniker Boo Hiss. A champion of the DIY music scene, Doby has toured extensively, supported many other independent DIY musicians, and worked to create alternative venues and shows for other bands.

In October 2014 Doby released his solo record “Live-In Son” in Ross Brown’s basement in KCMO and released on Double Shift Music.

Doby Watson will be playing a handful of Midwest shows in February to support an upcoming EP, a collaboration with Austin Swearengin and Margo May. The EP, simply titled Swearengin, Watson & May, was recorded by Cory Schulz in his living room in Milwaukee, WI while the three songwriters had some time off during a recent tour. It will be available in February from Double Shift Music. Doby Watson will play shows in Lawrence, at The Raven Bookstore, on February 16, and Kansas City at Davey’s Uptown, on February 17.


9. Margo May – “The Way I’m Going” (LIVE PERFORMANCE)

Doby is playing a house show on Friday in Midtown KCMO with Margo, Teri Quinn and Chase The Horseman. For more info: email – dobywatson@gmail.com.

Doby Watson’s upcoming tour –

2/16 Lawrence, KS @ The Raven Bookstore
2/17 Kansas City, MO @ Davey’s Uptown
2/18 Champaign, IL @ Mike N Molly’s*
2/19 Milwaukee, WI @ Riverwest Public House*
2/20 Chicago, IL @ house show*
2/21 Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep Cafe*

The out of town shows will be with Atom Lax, a finger-style guitar player from Dover, OH https://www.youtube.com/user/adamlaxmusic https://atomlax.bandcamp.com/


10. Doby Watson – We Don’t Kiss Goodnight” (LIVE PERFORMANCE)

From Doby’s own words: “When I was a kid I played guitar in some hardcore bands. When I found myself without a band, at the end of high school, I started trying to sing and write songs. Falling on the moniker “Boo Hiss” (something a class mate of mine said in place of swear words). I put some songs online and got asked to be on a small DIY label from Ohio called Tract Records. Around that time, I befriended touring DIY artists’ such as Viking Moses, Real Live Tigers, Manipulator Alligator and a young man named Joseph Murphy (who was in tons of bands), as well. Through these connections I was encouraged to tour and became involved in the Midwest’s various DIY communities, making countless friends.”

“Around this same time, Margo, who I went to high school with, began to play in some of the same circles. Rather than go to college, I chose to focus solely on DIY touring and releasing music (for much of it taking my good friend, then KC native, and amazing songwriter, Austin Swearengin with me for most of these tours). ”

“Margo went to college but stayed focused on music, as well. As our early 20’s went on, Margo moved to Portland, was on American Idol, had a deal with MTV’s Hive Music and did some small acting roles. Around that same time, I made an attempt to be taken more “seriously”, dropped my moniker and unsuccessfully released a mini-album under my own name. After some rather chaotic and unorganized tours for the album, I became depressed and disillusioned with music. I set music aside as a priority, moved to Lawrence, KS and tried to assimilate to what I thought was a ‘normal’ life. ”

“I went to college, got a day job, and wound up generally hating life. This new ‘normal’ path inevitably didn’t work out for me – I moved back in with my parents and held various dead end jobs and sank deeper into a depression, completely ceasing to make any music.”

“Around that same time, Margo had moved back to Kansas City. We ran into each other at some shows, and got to talking about collaborating again (we had done a split back in my Boo Hiss days). We attempted to co-write some songs to sell to MTV, they were rejected, and then we restructured them and recorded what became Watson & May with Lennon Bone. ”

“The process coincided with a batch of songs I had written about my time spent depressed, living with my parents and drinking my time away, and I recorded them as “Live-In Son” in Ross Brown’s basement in KCMO with contributions from Jerad Tomasino, Grant Buell, Ryan Brewer, Richard Gintowt and Cory Schulz.”

“I performed the songs live, while being recorded, in Ross Brown’s basement in Kansas City, MO. The next day, also in Brown’s basement, Grant Buell (Rhodes), Jerad Tomasino (vocals) and Hannah Jensen (viola), having never practiced with each other or Watson, improvised their parts over the live recordings of Watson. Richard Gintowt added additional vocals at his home in San Francisco, CA. The songs sat for some time until they were picked up by Ryan Brewer, who added electric guitar, field recordings and auxiliary percussion while he mixed the songs in Champaign, IL. The results were mastered by Cory Schulz in Milwaukee, WI. ”

“While trying to figure out what to do with the songs, I was contacted by Cameron Matthews, an old friend from my early DIY days who had become a music journalist. He founded Double Shift Music on my behalf, in order to easier release my new album, and it grew into an online collective and digital label, next releasing Margo’s latest album, “I’m Not Coming Home” (recorded by Time J Harte in KCMO), which I played guitar on. During the tour for that album, we were joined by my old touring mate, Austin Swearengin, who had long since moved to Minneapolis and become a sculptor, who was himself, too reinvigorated to write music again. Over the course of a couple afternoons, we recorded what became Swearengin, Watson & May in Cory Schulz’s living room in Milwaukee, WI. Austin, Margo and I are now the flagship artists of Double Shift Music, and this EP serves as a sort of symbol of our mutual return to music and friendship.”

Doby is almost finished with a new solo EP and almost done writing a new full length. It may be important to note that a local musician, Adam Brumback, has become an integral part of my live performances and touring. He is heavily featured on my upcoming EP.”

The EP, Swearengin, Watson & May will be out in February from Double Shift Music.

11:28 – Underwriting


11. Pink Royal – “Give Me Something Real”
from: Taps / Silly Goose Records / April 11, 2015

[Pink Royal play The Riot Room, Friday, January 29, with Jessica Paige, Dream Girl, and Via Luna.]


11:34 – Interview with Dylan James Guthrie, Josh Dorrell, and Alex Hartmann of Pink Royal

12. Pink Royal – “Please Please Please”
from: Taps / Silly Goose Records / April 11, 2015
[Alt-electro-rock-pop from Lawrence, Kansas, with Dylan James Guthrie on vocals, Steven LaCour on guitar, Josh Dorrell on guitar, Alex Hartmann on drums, Nick Carswell on bass guitar & keyboards, and Zak Pischnotte on Saxophones. Originally founded by Henry Burling (drums), Steve LaCour and John Killeen (bass) and the addition of Chad “Mustard” Smith of the band Dumptruck Butterlips on vocals. When Henry returned to England, and Chad Smith went on the road with his other musical projects, Pink Royal journeyed through various concoctions, eventually settling on the current line up.]

[Pink Royal play The Riot Room, Friday, January 29, with Jessica Paige, Dream Girl, and Via Luna.]

13. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Next week, on Wednesday, February 3, Betse Ellis and Marion Merritt join us as co-hosts for the entire show for our Winter On Air Fund Drive. Plus Sondra Freeman joins us to share info on several MidCoast Takeover Fundraiser shows.

Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org

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