#474 – May 22, 2013 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

+ The Blackbird Revue
+ Patrick Sumner & Chris Snipes & “Civil War on Wheels”
+ Guest DJ Simone Briand

1. Yo La Tengo – “Well You Better”
from: Fade / Matador Records / January 15, 2013
[Indie rock band formed in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1984 by husband and wife: Ira Kaplan (guitars, piano, vocals), and Georgia Hubley (drums, piano, vocals). Since 1992, the lineup has included James McNew (bass, vocals). This is their 13th full-length album. It was produced by John McEntire, instead of Roger Moutenot, who had produced all their albums since 1993’s “Painful.” Yo La Tengo has been called “the quintessential critics’ band” and maintains a strong cult following. The band is renowned for its encyclopedic repertoire of cover songs both in live performance and on record.]

[Yo La Tengo plays Kansas City, TONIGHT at 8 p.m. at Crossroads KC, 417 E. 18th St. There is no opener. Yo La Tengo will perform two sets.]

2. The ACB’s – “Surface”
from: Little Leaves / High Dive Records / March 5, 2013
[Konnor Ervin on lead vocals, Andrew Connor on Guitar & Vocals, Bryan McGuire on Bass & Vocals, Kyle Rausch on Drums & Vocals.]

[The ACBs play Golden Sound Records “On The House”show 9:00 pm at the Riot Room, Saturday, May 25 with The Empty Spaces and Rev Gusto.]

3. David George & A Crooked Mile – “Withering”
from: Single Release / Independent / May 2013
[David George – Vocal, Acoustic & Electric guitars, Percussion, Eason Pritchard – Bass , John Johnson – Lead Guitar , Cody Wyoming- Lap Steel, Vocals , Chris Meck – Lap Steel , Matt Davis – Drums , Melissa Bollman – Vocals]

[David George played on The Late Show with David Letterman last night on CBS Television when he performed as part of John Fogerty’s band who David has been touring and playing with, when he is not doing his own music.]

4. Vehicle – “Virgil’s Ploy”
from: The Reluctant Cog / Recorded at Deerwolfanimalbear studios / May 25, 2013

[After 12 Years, Vehicle will release their new CD “The Reluctant Cog” as their farewell show, at Coda, Saturday, May 25, with The King Devilles, Terrence Moore, Chris Tady.]

10:15– Interview with Patrick Sumner & Chris Snipes

Patrick Sumner is the writer and Director and with Chris Snipes is the producer of “Civil War on Wheels” a new documentary film that follows Greg Clemon’s Civil War on Wheels demolition derby promotions, and Mac McClanahan’s derby team, We Ain’t Stupid, that was partly made up of “big city artists” and eccentrics. The film outlines the intersection of Kansas versus Missouri drivers in such County Fairs as Platte, Cass, and Wyandotte in the Greater Kansas City Metro region. The film is full of car crashes, and bluegrass music. “Civil War on Wheels” premieres tomorrow night, Thursday, May 23 at 7:00 pm, at the Tivoli Theatre in Kansas City.

Civil War On Wheels Premier ~ A documentary about rivalry between Kansas and Missouri demolition derby drivers produced by Patrick Sumnerand Chris Snipes starring derby promoter Greg Clemons and driver/team leader Mac McClanahan. The movie premiered April 28 at the Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS.

Originated by the Sumnerve Brothers, in 2004, and concluded by Patrick Sumner & Chris Snipes

Music in this documentary includes tracks from: Rural Grit Records (thanks Kim and Mark), Split Lip Rayfield (thanks Eric Mardis), Molly Gene the One Whoaman Band, The Sybil (thanks Kevin Young), Snuff Jazz (thanks Mark Southerland) Jamey Logan the E string fiddler and Sin City Disciples (thanks Ernie Locke) plus Dain Peterson with an original for the film about Demolition Derby by the same title.

“Civil War on Wheels” premieres tomorrow night, Thursday, May 23 at 7:00 pm, at the Tivoli Theatre in Kansas City.


5. Dale Frazier – “June Apple”
from: / Rural Gri tRecords /

10:29 – Underwriting

10:30 – Interview with Jacob & Danielle Prestidge of The Blackbird Revue

6. The Blackbird Revue – “RPM” (LIVE)

Jacob Prestidge and Danielle Prestidge, new EP Glow was recorded at The Conductor Studio, Nashville, TN. and produced with Don Chaffer who has made amazing recordings with Sara Swenson and The Barclay Martin Ensemble.

All songs written by Jacob Prestige.

Joesph Peaks joined the band 6 months ago, and he played guitar live, during the radio performances.

The Blackbird Revue have recently shared the stage with such luminaries as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Over the Rhine, and Gregory Alan Isakov, while playing at numerous venues across the midwest, including the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX, and Kansas City’s Middle of the Map Fest. The band recently opened for: Pegi Young & The Survivors.


7. The Blackbird Revue – “The Devil’s Hand” (LIVE)

The Blackbird Revue are playing a the recordBar, at 1020Westport Road, this Saturday night, May 25, with She’s A Keeper.


8. The Beatles – “And Your Bird Can Sing”
from: Revolver / Capitol / August 5, 1966

10:53 – Interview with Barry Lee

Barry Lee hosts Signal To Noise every Sunday night at 8:00pm on 90.1 FM KKFI and for the third year in a row he has organized an amazing Beatles Tribute Benefit Concert of 90.1 FM – Beatles Tribute III: Being for the Benefit of KKFI, June 1, 8:00 pm, at Knuckleheads Saloon, 2715 Rochester Street, KCMO.

The show has moved to Knuckleheads Saloon, (2715 Rochester Street, KCMO.) this year!

$18 Advance; $20 Day of Show. More info at:knuckleheadskc.com or kkfi.org

Featuring The Heebie Jeebies

The Dead Girls will be performing “Revolver” in it’s entirety.

Also featuring the band assembled for this special evening: Darrell Lea, Alan Wellman, Pat Tomek, Dan Mesh, Nate Holt, & Paul Lemon.

with guest vocalists: Elaine McMillan, Joey Skidmore, Steve Wilson, Dave Tanner, and Fast Johnny Ricker.

Beatles Tribute III: Being for the Benefit of KKFI, June 1, 8:00 pm, at Knuckleheads Saloon, 2715 Rochester Street, KCMO. $18 Advance; $20 Day of Show. More info at: kkfi.org

11:00 – Guest DJ Simone Briand

9. The Clash – “Lose this skin”
from: Sandinista / CBS – Epic / Dec. 12, 1980

Simone Briand has lived in New York and Miami, but grew upon the high plains of western Kansas, where she learned to love the sky, sonic booms, and Engelbert Humperdink. Her older siblings’ hippie albums set her onthe path to loving music of all types. A self-described zen-hobo, she currently resides in Overland Park and works as a librarian.

10. Kristin Hersh – “Ruby”
from: Sunny Border Blue / 4AD / March 12, 2001

11. Mike Andrews – “Hello Lemon”
from: Hand on String / Elgin Park Recordings / Feb. 14, 2006


12. Paul Kantner and Grace Slick – “Silver Spoon”
from: Sunfighter / Grunt, RCA / Nov. 1971

13. Paul Kantner and Grace Slick – “China”
from: Sunfighter / Grunt, RCA / Nov. 1971

14. Victoria Williams – “Love”
from: Loose / Atlantic / Oct. 18, 1994

11:30 – Underwriting


15. The Specials – “I Can’t Stand It”
from: More Specials / 2 Tone / Oct, 1980

16. The Clash – “Call Up”
from: Sandinista / CBS, Epic / Dec. 12 1980

17. Modest Mouse – “Perpetual Motion Machine”
from: No one’s first and you’re next / Epic / August 4, 2009


18. Bjork – “Dark Matter”
from: Biophilia / One little Indian – Polydor / Oct. 10,2011

19. Inara George – “A Day”
from: All Rise / Everloving / Jan. 25 2005

20. They Might Be Giants – “I can hear you”
from: Factory Showroom / Elektra / Oct. 8 1996


20. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes on tracks: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org

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