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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

More New & MidCoastal Releases + Krystle Warren + Jake Walker

  1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
    from: Orig. Motion Picture Soundtrack All That Jazz / Casablanca / December 20, 1979
    [WMM’s Adopted Theme Song]
  1. New York Dolls – “Lonely Planet Boy”
    from: New York Dolls / Mercury Records / July 27, 1973
    [New York Dolls is the debut album by the American hard rock band New York Dolls. It was released on July 27, 1973, by Mercury Records. In the years leading up to the album, the Dolls had developed a local fanbase by playing regularly in lower Manhattan after forming in 1971. However, most music producers and record companies were reluctant to work with them because of their vulgarity and onstage fashion as well as homophobia in New York; the group later appeared in exaggerated drag on the album cover for shock value. // After signing a contract with Mercury, the Dolls recorded their first album at The Record Plant in New York City with producer Todd Rundgren, who was known for his sophisticated pop tastes and held a lukewarm opinion of the band. Despite stories of conflicts during the recording sessions, lead singer David Johansen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain later said Rundgren successfully captured how the band sounded live. The resulting music on the album – a mix of carefree rock and roll, influences from Brill Building pop, and campy sensibilities – explores themes of urban youth, teen alienation, adolescent romance, and authenticity, as rendered in Johansen’s colloquial and ambiguous lyrics. // New York Dolls was met with widespread critical acclaim but sold poorly and polarized listeners. The band proved difficult to market outside their native New York and developed a reputation for rock-star excesses while touring the United States in support of the album. Despite its commercial failure, New York Dolls was an influential precursor to the 1970s punk rock movement as the group’s crude musicianship and youthful attitude on the album challenged the prevailing trend of musical sophistication in popular music, particularly progressive rock. Among the most acclaimed albums in history, it has since been named in various publications as one of the best debut records in rock music and one of the greatest albums of all time. // New York Dolls were an American rock band formed in New York City in 1971. Along with the Velvet Underground and the Stooges, they were one of the first bands of the early punk rock scenes. Although the band never achieved much commercial success and their original line-up fell apart quickly, the band’s first two albums—New York Dolls (1973) and Too Much Too Soon (1974)—became among the most popular cult records in rock. The line-up at this time consisted of, vocalist David Johansen, guitarist Johnny Thunders, bassist Arthur Kane, guitarist and pianist Sylvain Sylvain, and drummer Jerry Nolan; the latter two had replaced Rick Rivets and Billy Murcia, respectively, in 1972. On stage, they donned an androgynous wardrobe, wearing high heels, eccentric hats, satin, makeup, spandex, and dresses. Nolan described the group in 1974 as “the Dead End Kids of today”. /// According to the Encyclopedia of Popular Music (1995), the New York Dolls predated the punk and glam metal movements and were “one of the most influential rock bands of the last 20 years”. They influenced rock groups such as Kiss, The Ramones, the Sex Pistols, The Damned, Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses and The Smiths whose frontman Morrissey organized a reunion show for the New York Dolls’ surviving members in 2004. After reuniting, they recruited new musicians to tour and record. They released three more albums—One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This (2006), Cause I Sez So (2009) and Dancing Backward in High Heels (2011). Following a 2011 British tour with Alice Cooper, the band once again disbanded. // Sylvain Sylvain and Billy Murcia, who went to junior high school and high school together, started playing in a band called “the Pox” in 1967. After the frontman quit, Murcia and Sylvain started a clothing business called Truth and Soul and Sylvain took a job at A Different Drummer, a men’s boutique that was across the street from the New York Doll Hospital, a doll repair shop. Sylvain said that the shop inspired the name for their future band. In 1970 they formed a band again and recruited Johnny Thunders to join on bass, though Sylvain ended up teaching him to play guitar. They called themselves the Dolls. When Sylvain left the band to spend a few months in London, Thunders and Murcia went their separate ways. // Thunders was eventually recruited by Kane and Rick Rivets, who had been playing together in the Bronx. At Thunders’ suggestion, Murcia replaced the original drummer. Thunders played lead guitar and sang for the band Actress. An October 1971 rehearsal tape recorded by Rivets was released as Dawn of the Dolls. When Thunders decided that he no longer wanted to be the front man, David Johansen joined the band. Initially, the group was composed of singer David Johansen, guitarists Johnny Thunders and Rick Rivets (who was replaced by Sylvain Sylvain after a few months), bass guitarist Arthur “Killer” Kane and drummer Billy Murcia. // The original line-up’s first performance was on Christmas Eve 1971 at a homeless shelter, the Endicott Hotel. After getting a manager and attracting some music industry interest, the New York Dolls got a break when Rod Stewart invited them to open for him at a London concert. // In the band’s early days, the New York Dolls performed at the Mercer Art Center, where Ruby and the Rednecks opened for and were influenced by them. // While on a brief tour of England in 1972, Murcia was invited to a party, where he passed out from an accidental overdose. He was put in a bathtub and force-fed coffee in an attempt to revive him. Instead, it resulted in asphyxiation. He was found dead on the morning of November 6, 1972, at the age of 21. // Once back in New York, the Dolls auditioned drummers, including Marc Bell (who was to go on to play with Richard Hell, and with the Ramones under the stage name “Marky Ramone”), Peter Criscuola (better known as Peter Criss, the original and former drummer of Kiss), and Jerry Nolan, a friend of the band. They selected Nolan, and after US Mercury Records’ A&R man Paul Nelson signed them, they began sessions for their debut album. In 1972, the band took on Marty Thau as manager. // New York Dolls was produced by singer-songwriter, musician and solo artist Todd Rundgren. In an interview in Creem magazine, Rundgren says he barely touched the recording; everybody was debating how to do the mix. Sales were sluggish, especially in the middle US, and a Stereo Review magazine reviewer in 1973 compared the Dolls’ guitar playing to the sound of lawnmowers. America’s mass rock audience’s reaction to the Dolls was mixed. In a Creem magazine poll, they were elected both best and worst new group of 1973. The Dolls also toured Europe, and, while appearing on UK television, host Bob Harris of the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test derided the group as “mock rock,” comparing them unfavorably to the Rolling Stones. // For their next album, Too Much Too Soon, the quintet hired producer George “Shadow” Morton, whose productions for the Shangri-Las and other girl-groups in the mid-1960s had been among the band’s favorites. // By 1975, the Dolls were playing smaller venues than they had been previously. Drug and alcohol abuse by Thunders, Nolan, and Kane, as well as artistic differences added to the tensions among members. In late February or early March, Malcolm McLaren became their informal manager. He got the band red leather outfits to wear on stage and a communist flag as backdrop. The Dolls did a five-concert tour of New York’s five boroughs, supported by Television and Pure Hell. The Little Hippodrome (Manhattan) show was recorded and released by Fan Club records in 1982 as Red Patent Leather. It was originally a bootleg album that was later remixed by Sylvain, with former manager Marty Thau credited as executive producer. Due to Kane being unable to play that night, roadie Peter Jordan played bass, though he was credited as having played “second bass”. Jordan filled in for Kane when he was too inebriated to play. // In March and April, McLaren took the band on a tour of South Carolina and Florida. Jordan replaced Kane for most of those shows. Thunders and Nolan left after an argument. Blackie Lawless, who later founded W.A.S.P., replaced Thunders for the remainder of the tour after which the band broke up. // The band reformed in July for an August tour in Japan with Jeff Beck and Felix Pappalardi. Johansen, Sylvain and Jordan were joined by former Elephant’s Memory keyboardist Chris Robison and drummer Tony Machine. One of the shows was documented on the album Tokyo Dolls Live (Fan Club/New Rose). The material is similar to that on Red Patent Leather, but notable for a radically re-arranged “Frankenstein” and a cover of Big Joe Turner’s “Flip Flop Fly.” The album is undated and has no production credit, but was issued circa 1986. // After their return to New York, the Dolls resumed playing shows in the US and Canada. Mercury dropped the Dolls on October 7, 1975, their contract with Mercury having expired on 8 August 1975 – five months after Thunders’ and Nolan’s departures from the band. Their show at the Beacon Theatre, on New Year’s Eve, 1975 met with great critical acclaim. After a drunken argument with Sylvain, Robison was fired and replaced by pianist/keyboardist Bobbie Blaine formerly a member of Street Punk. The group toured throughout 1976, performing a set including some songs with lyrics by David Johansen that would later appear on David Johansen’s solo albums including “Funky But Chic”, “Frenchette” and “Wreckless Crazy.” The group played its last show December 30, 1976 at Max’s Kansas City; on the same bill as Blondie. // Shortly after returning from Florida, Thunders and Nolan formed The Heartbreakers with bassist Richard Hell, who had left Television the same week that they quit the Dolls. Thunders later pursued a solo career. He died in New Orleans on April 23, 1991, allegedly of an overdose of both heroin and methadone. It also came to light that he suffered from t-cell leukemia. Nolan died on January 14, 1992 following a stroke, brought about by bacterial meningitis. In 1976, Kane and Blackie Lawless formed the Killer Kane Band in Los Angeles. Immediately after the New York Dolls’ second breakup, Johansen began a solo career. By the late 1980s, he achieved moderate success under the pseudonym, Buster Poindexter. Sylvain formed The Criminals, a popular band at CBGB. // A posthumous New York Dolls album, Lipstick Killers, made up of early demo tapes of the original Dolls (with Billy Murcia on drums), was released in a cassette-only edition on ROIR Records in 1981, and subsequently re-released on CD, and then on vinyl in early 2006. All the tracks from this title – sometimes referred to as The Mercer Street Sessions (though actually recorded at Blue Rock Studio, New York) – are included on the CD Private World, along with other tracks recorded elsewhere, including a previously unreleased Dolls original, “Endless Party.” Three more unreleased studio tracks, including another previously unreleased Dolls original, “Lone Star Queen,” are included on the Rock ‘n’ Roll album. The other two are covers: the “Courageous Cat” theme, from the original Courageous Cat cartoon series; and a second attempt at “Don’t Mess With Cupid,” a song written by Steve Cropper and Eddie Floyd for Otis Redding, and first recorded independently for what was later to become the Mercer Street/Blue Rock Sessions. // Sylvain formed his own band, The Criminals, then cut a solo album for RCA, while also working with Johansen. He later became a taxicab driver in New York. // Johansen, meanwhile, formed the David Johansen Group, and released an eponymous LP in 1978, recorded at the Bottom Line in NYC’s Greenwich Village,featuring Sylvain Mizrahi and Johnny Thunders as guest musicians. // In May, 1978, he also released “David Johansen,” on Blue Sky Records, a label created by Steve Paul, formerly of The Scene. Johansen continued to tour with his solo project and released four more albums, In Style, 1979; Here Comes the Night, 1981; Live it Up, 1982; and Sweet Revenge, 1984. // During the later 1980’s, Johansen, ever-evolving, decided to try to liberate himself from the expectations of his New York Dolls perceived persona, and, on a whim, created the persona Buster Poindexter. // The success of this act led him to be invited to appear in multiple films: Scrooged, Freejack, and Let it Ride, among others. // He also formed a band called David Johansen and the Harry Smiths, named after the eccentric ethnomusicologist, performing jump blues, Delta blues, and some original songs. // During this period, in the early 1990s, Sylvain moved to Los Angeles and recorded one album Sleep Baby Doll, on Fishhead Records. His band, for that record, consisted of Brian Keats on drums, Dave Vanian’s Phantom Chords, Speediejohn Carlucci (who had played with the Fuzztones), and Olivier Le Baron on lead guitar. Guest appearances by Frank Infante of Blondie and Derwood Andrews of Generation X were also included on the record. It has been re-released as New York A Go Go/ // Morrissey, having been a longtime fan of the band and head of their 1970s UK fan club, organized a reunion of the three surviving members of the band’s classic line-up (Johansen, Sylvain and Kane) for the Meltdown Festival in London on June 16, 2004. The reunion led to a live LP and DVD on Morrissey’s Attack label, as well as a documentary film, New York Doll, on the life of Arthur Kane. However, future plans for the Dolls were affected by Kane’s sudden death from leukemia just weeks later on July 13, 2004. Yet the following month the band appeared at Little Steven’s Underground Garage Festival on August 14 in New York City before returning to the UK to play several more festivals through the remainder of 2004. // In July 2005, the two surviving members announced a tour and a new album entitled One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This. Released on July 25, 2006, the album featured guitarist Steve Conte, bassist Sami Yaffa (ex-Hanoi Rocks), drummer Brian Delaney and keyboardist Brian Koonin, formerly a member of David Johansen and the Harry Smiths. On July 20, 2006, the New York Dolls appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, followed by a live performance in Philadelphia at the WXPN All About The Music Festival, and on July 22, 2006, a taped appearance on The Henry Rollins Show. On August 18, 2006, the band performed in a free concert at New York’s Seaport Music. // In October 2006, the band embarked on a UK tour, with Sylvain taking time while in Glasgow to speak to John Kilbride of STV. The discussion covered the band’s history and the current state of their live show and songwriting, with Sylvain commenting that “even if you come to our show thinking ‘how can it be like it was before,’ we turn that around ‘cos we’ve got such a great live rock ‘n roll show”. In November 2006, the Dolls began headlining “Little Steven’s Underground Garage Presents the Rolling Rock and Roll Show,” about 20 live gigs with numerous other bands. In April 2007, the band played in Australia and New Zealand, appearing at the V Festival with Pixies, Pet Shop Boys, Gnarls Barkley, Beck, Jarvis Cocker and Phoenix. // On September 22, 2007, New York Dolls were removed from the current artists section of Roadrunner Records’ website, signifying the group’s split with the label. The band played the O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, London on July 4, 2008, with Morrissey and Beck and the Lounge On The Farm Festival on July 12, 2008. On November 14, 2008, it was announced that the producer of their first album, Todd Rundgren, would be producing a new album, which would be followed by a world tour. The finishing touches on the album were made in Rundgren’s studio on the island of Kauai. The album, Cause I Sez So, was released on May 5, 2009 on Atco Records. // The band played at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas on March 21, 2009, and a show at London’s 100 Club on May 14, 2009 supported by Spizzenergi. On March 18, 2010, the band announced another two concert dates at KOKO in Camden, London and the Academy in Dublin on April 20. In December 2010, it was announced the band would release their fifth album which had been recorded in Newcastle upon Tyne. The album, Dancing Backward in High Heels, featuring new guitarist Frank Infante (formerly of Blondie) was released on March 15, 2011. // On March 1, 2011, it was announced the New York Dolls would be the opening act for a summer tour featuring Mötley Crüe and Poison. They announced a new lineup for the tour, featuring guitarist Earl Slick, who held previous stints with David Bowie and John Lennon, bassist Kenny Aaronson, who had toured with Bob Dylan, and drummer Jason Sutter, formerly of Foreigner. // In a 2016 interview, Earl Slick confirmed the band was over. “Oh, yeah, it’s long gone. There was no point in doing it anymore and it was kinda spent. You know, David really does enjoy the Buster thing. He’s so good at it. I’ve seen him do it a couple of times this last year, and man! He’s got it down, you know.” // Sylvain Sylvain died on January 13, 2021, at age 69, leaving David Johansen as the last surviving original member of the band. // Certainly neither great nor punk in any of its variations were words applied to the Dolls when they began performing late in 1971 – awful and ugly were more like it. Moreover, at the time, the Dolls were associated with glam-rock and David Bowie in his most flamboyantly gay period, an understandable mistake. — Ken Tucker // According to AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine, the New York Dolls developed an original style of hard rock that presaged both punk rock and heavy metal music, and drew on elements such as the “dirty rock & roll” of the Rolling Stones, the “anarchic noise” of the Stooges, the glam rock of David Bowie and T. Rex, and girl group pop music. Erlewine credited the band for creating punk rock “before there was a term for it.” Ken Tucker, who referred to them as a proto-punk band, wrote that they were strongly influenced by the “New York sensibility” of Lou Reed: “The mean wisecracks and impassioned cynicism that informed the Dolls’ songs represented an attitude that Reed’s work with the Velvet Underground embodied, as did the Dolls’ distinct lack of musicianship.” // When they began performing, four of the band’s five members wore Spandex and platform boots, while Johansen—the band’s lyricist and “conceptmaster” often preferred high heels and a dress occasionally. Fashion historian Valerie Steele said that, while the majority of the punk scene pursued an understated “street look”, the New York Dolls followed an English glam rock “look of androgyny—leather and knee-length boots, chest hair, and bleach”. According to James McNair of The Independent, “when they began pedalling their trashy glam-punk around lower Manhattan in 1971, they were more burlesque act than band; a bunch of lipsticked, gutter chic-endorsing cross-dressers”. Music journalist Nick Kent argued that the New York Dolls were “quintessential glam rockers” because of their flamboyant fashion, while their technical shortcomings as musicians and Johnny Thunders’ “trouble-prone presence” gave them a punk-rock reputation. // By contrast, Robert Christgau preferred for them to not be categorized as a glam rock band, but instead as “the best hard-rock band since the Rolling Stones”. Robert Hilburn, writing for the Los Angeles Times, said that the band exhibited a strong influence from the Rolling Stones, but had distinguished themselves by Too Much Too Soon (1974) as “a much more independent, original force” because of their “definite touch of the humor and carefreeness of early (ie. mid-1950s) rock”. Simon Reynolds felt that, by their 2009 album Cause I Sez So, the band exhibited the sound “not of the sloppy, rambunctious Dolls of punk mythology but of a tight, lean hard-rock band.”]
  1. Andrew Connor – “Real Boy Now”
    from: In Colorado / Pretend Outlaw Music / April 21, 2021
    [Darien Williams on drums, Justin Fernando on bass guitar, Joseph Murphy on synth, Ryan Connor on guitar & lap steel, Andrew Connor on guitar, keys, & bass guitar. // Engineered by Doug Malone at Jamdek, Chicago // additional tracking by Andrew Connor. // Mixed by Mike Nolte and Andrew Connor in Portland, OR // Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering // Songs by Andrew Connor, Pretend Outlaw Music ASCAP Except “Misery” by Ryan Connor and Andrew Connor. // VINYL PRE ORDERS AVAILABLE SUMMER 2023 // “Daytime” (Official Video): youtu.be/PNQNowsCpPQ // “Moment Passed” (Official Visualizer): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR28LYcRFlo // Andrew Connor is a veteran of the Lawrence Kansas – Kansas City Music Community. His band Ghosty has released some of our most favorite music of the past 19 years of this radio show.]

[Andrew Connor plays The Ship, 1221 Union Ave. KCMO WEST BOTTOMS, on Friday, June 2 at 8:00 PM with Daniel Gum, and 95 Sweetbird.]

[Andrew Connor plays the Eight Street Tap Room, 801 New Hampshire Street, Lawrence Kansas on Saturday, June 3, with Miss Boating, and Empty Moon.]

Ghosty Discography

Ghosty released the 3-song EP, PRODIGAL SUN on February 28, 2020 with Bill Belzer on drums, percussion / Ross Brown on guitar, keys / Andrew Connor on guitar, keyboards, vocals / Mike Nolte on bass

Ghosty released the self titled album GHOSTY on April 17, 2014. It was there 3rd full length release with Andrew Connor, Mike Nolte and Bill Belzer who recorded their new album themselves over the last couple of years with help from David Wetzel, Josh Adams, Jake Blanton, Konnor Ervin, Ryan Connor, Kirsten Paludan, and Dan Talmadge. The new release was pressed on vinyl and available on LP and digital download.]

Ghosty released the single “Love U 2” on July 15, 2013, recorded June 2013 at Westend, Kansas City, KS. A documentary was made about the recording of this song by surrounding media vimeo.com/70317712 // with: Mike Nolte on bass, engineering, mastering // Andrew Connor on guitar, keys, vocals / Bill Belzer – drums, & percussion

Ghosty released the 5-track EP, TEAM UP AGAIN on April 13, 2010 with Andrew Connor, Mike Nolte, David Wetzel, Josh Adams, Jake Blanton, Suzannah Johannes, Konnor Ervin, Ryan Johnson // Team Up Again,” “Ocean of Heat (Setting FIres),” and “Quell The Hunger” by Andrew Connor, arranged by Ghosty, Pretend Outlaw Music, ASCAP, 2010. “Virginia Song” by Rev. Howard Finster, arranged by Ghosty. “On A Saturday” by Jake Blanton, arranged by Ghosty. // “Team Up Again,” “Setting Fires,” “Virginia Song,” and “On A Saturday” recorded and mixed at Run Riot / More Famouser Studios, Shawnee, KS, September 2009 through March 2010. Engineered and mixed by Mike Nolte and Ghosty. // “Quell The Hunger” recorded at Mixtape Soundlab, Lawrence, KS, January 2009 additional tracking and mixing and Run Riot / More Famouser studios, Shawnee, KS, and February 2010. Engineered and mixed by Mike Nolte and Ghosty.

Ghosty released the 3-track EP, FOOLISH PRIDE on November 17, 2009 with All songs by Andrew Connor, arranged by Ghosty, Pretend Outlaw Music, ASCAP, 2009 // “Foolish Pride” and “Rose-Colored Glasses” basic tracks recorded at Jack’s House, Merriam, Kansas, Fall 2007. Engineered by Mike Nolte and Ghosty. Additional tracking and mixing at More Famouser Studios, Kansas City, MO, and Run Riot Studios, Shawnee, KS, Fall 2009. // “Hey Bill” basic tracks recorded at Mixtape Soundlab, Lawrence, KS, January 2009. Engineered by Mike Nolte and David Wetzel. Additional tracking and mixing at More Famouser Studios, Kansas City, MO by Mike Nolte and Ghosty, Spring 2009.

Ghosty released the 3-track EP, A MYSTIC’S ROBE on September 15, 2009 with Andrew Connor, David Wetzel, Mike Nolte, Jake Blanton, Josh Adams, Carmen Winters // All Songs by Andrew Connor, arranged by Ghosty, Pretend Outlaw Music, ASCAP, 2009 // “My Girl Is Strong” and “Sunday Morning” basic tracks recorded at Mixtape Soundlab, Lawrence, KS, January 2009. Engineered by Mike Nolte and David Wetzel. Additional tracking & mixing at More Famouser Studios, KCMO by Mike Nolte & Ghosty Spring 2009. // “Secret Language” basic tracks recorded at Jack’s House, Merriam, KS, Fall 2007 Engineered by Mike Nolte & Ghosty. Additional tracking & mixing at More Famouser Studios, by Mike Nolte & Ghosty Spring 2009.

Ghosty released the 11-song album ANSWERS on January 15, 2008 with tracks recorded by Paul Malinowski at Westend and Run Riot Studios, Kansas City, KS, 2006-07. racks 4, 6, 7, and 9 were recorded and mixed by Trent Bell at Bell Labs, Norman, OK, 2006. // Track 8 was recorded by Tim Brandsted at UMKC and Paul Malinowski at Westend. Mixed by Paul Malinowski at Westend, 2007. // Tracks 2 and 10 were recorded by Chris Behmer at the Ferrell home, Overland Park, KS, 2005, and with Trent Bell at Bell Labs. Mixed by Trent Bell at Bell Labs, 2006. // Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Masterin // All songs by Andrew Connor, arranged by Ghosty // Pretend Outlaw Music, ASCAP. // Released on Oxblood Records.

Ghosty released the 5-track EP, ME, ME, ME on January 15, 2006 w/ Andrew Connor on guitar & vocals / Jeff Ferrell on guitar & vocals // David Wetzel on keyboards &* vocals // Mike Nolte – bass & vocals // Josh Adams on drums & vocals // Recorded & mixed Fall 2005 by Jeff Ferrell and Ghosty at New York St. house, Lawrence, KS. Artwork by Paul Browning. Songs by Andrew Connor, Pretend Outlaw Music

Ghosty released the 19-ytrack album GROW UP OR SLEEP IN (Deluxe Edition) on August 30, 2005 with Josh Adams, Andrew Connor, Jeff Ferrell, Mike Nolte, David Wetzel// and Alums: Jacob Baum, Richard Gintowt, Mark Hurst, Andrew Sallee, James Duft // Big Surrender, Henry Greene, and Hey! Somebody were recorded by Mike Mogis at Presto! in Lincoln, NE in the summer of 2002 // Jacqueline, Rooms in the Dark, (In a Big World)Little Dreams Count, High on Life, Clouds Solve It, Go to Add/Drop City, and World Travelers were recorded by Trent Bell and Andy Nunez at Bell Labs in Norman, OK in the fall 2003 // Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Studio B // Design by Patrick Giroux at Blue Collar Press // All songs by Andrew Connor, Copyright 2005 // Pretend Outlaw Music(ASCAP) // Wayne Coyne appears courtesy of Warner Brothers Records // BONUS TRACKS: Primadonna, John Hunter, and Sad Sack recorded Summer 2006? at the Ferrell Home in Overland Park, KS by Chris Behmer and Ghosty // Dust Box Nites and Rok Town Air recorded and mixed with Tom Wagner at Underground Sound in Lawrence Kansas, Winter 2005? James Duft plays bass // Going Home Recorded in the Spring of 2002 at 1225 and 1137 Tennessee in Lawrence, KS by Ghosty, Mixed with Jeff Ferrell.

Ghosty released the 6-track EP THE FIVE SHORT MINUTES on February 2, 2002 with Andrew Connor: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards / Jacob Baum: Bass, Organ, Percussion, Guitar / Richard Gintowt: Drums, Percussion / Jeff Jackson: Pedal Steel Guitar on Track 5 // Recorded Fall 2001 at the haunted house by Jacob Baum / Produced by Ghosty / Mastered by Boyd Bristow

  1. Eddie Moore – “Tsunami”
    from: Tsunami – Single / Eddie Moore Music / April 20, 2023
    [Recorded & produced at Moore’s Tribe Studios, this song features Jaylen Ward on drums. Mixed & mastered by veteran KC savant Crayge Lindesay. // “Tsunami” is a kick back song. Grab a drink, maybe roll up something, and take a mental health day. Because right now, life for everyone is kind of stressful. Moore provides the vibes with smooth piano melodies, swirling synth textures, and when the bass hits it washes over you like a tidal wave. // When you speak to Eddie Moore you find an ocean of calm, and when you listen to Eddie Moore you find the depth of that ocean. Moore reaches from the soul with every note, in a deep way, with a tension just below the surface. His yearning for exploration and curiosity in music contribute to an ebb and flow freedom of expression. // Eddie Moore released hia critically acclaimed album INTUITION on October 28, 2022. Written & Produced by Eddie Moore. Recorded at Tribe Studios. Featuring Tim Ogutu on guitar. Mix & Mastered by Rick Carson at Make Believe Studios. Album Art by Brandon Wilson. // Eddie Moore released the single, “Love Song” (with Joel Castillo and Bree Cummings) on October 22, 2021. // Eddie Moore released “We Chillin’” on April 9, 2021. // Eddie Moore’s band We The People released their album MISUNDERSTOOD on September 25, 2020. // Eddie Moore is the recipient of the 2016 Charlotte Street Generative Performance Award for his genre bending collaborations. Raised in Houston Texas, he began his musical journey at Texas Southern University where he later earned a Bachelors in Arts and immersed himself in the Houston music scene. Eddie relocated to Kansas City to study under Bobby Watson at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he received a M.A in Jazz Studies. 2017’s Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art “Artist in Residence” in collaboration with Rashid Johnson. In 2018 his work with The Outer Circle was nominated for an Indie Music Award for “007”. His music has been featured commercially for Sprint, Netflix’s “Queer Eye”, and Morgan Cooper’s short film “Room Tone”. Moore’ has shared the stage and recordings with Bobby Watson, Logan Richardson, Maurice Brown, Boys II Men, Brian Blade and the Fellowship, John Baptiste, Erykah Badu, Mosdef, Bilal, Ledisi, Chantae Cann, Krystal Warren, Matt Otto, Brandon Draper, Andre Hayward, Tivon Pennicott, Various Blonde, Dominique Sanders, 77 Jefferson, and the Marcus Lewis Big Band. We The People released the single, “Single Double” on June 10, 2021. Written & Produced By Eddie Moore with Moore on keyboards, key bass, & programming; Zach Morrow on drums; and Jason Emmond on bass. Recorded at Tribe Studios. Mixed by Rick Carson at Make Believe Studios. Eddie Moore joined WMM on Sept. 23, 2020 and Nov. 23, 2022. More info at http://www.eddiemooremusic.com]
Photo by Dasha Brown
  1. Iris DeMent – “Say A Good Word”
    from: Workin’ On A World / FlariElla / February 24, 2023
    [Iris DeMent’s 7th full length album, WORKING ON A WORLD was stalled partway through by the pandemic, the record took six years to make with the help of three friends and co-producers: Richard Bennett, Pieta Brown, and Jim Rooney. It was Pieta Brown who gave the record its final push. “Pieta asked me what had come of the recordings I’d done with Jim and Richard in 2019 and 2020. I told her I’d pretty much given up on trying to make a record. She asked would I mind if she had a listen. So, I had everything we’d done sent over to her, and not long after that I got a text, bouncing with exclamation marks: ‘You have a record and it’s called Workin’ On A World!’” With Bennett back in the studio with them, Brown and DeMent recorded several more songs and put the final touches on the record in Nashville in April of 2022. // DeMent sets the stage for the album with the title track in which she moves from a sense of despair towards a place of promise. “Now I’m workin’ on a world I may never see ‘ Joinin’ forces with the warriors of love / Who came before and will follow you and me.” “Goin’ Down To Sing in Texas” is an ode not only to gun control, but also to the brave folks who speak out against tyranny and endure the consequences in an unjust world. // On October 6, 2020 iris DeMent released her single “Going Down To Sing In Texas.” Stereogum on October 13, 2020 wrote: Other than a handful of guest appearances, Americana legend Iris DeMent hasn’t released new music since her 2015 album The Trackless Woods, a collection of Anna Akhmatova poems set to original music. But DeMent is back today in a big way with “Going Down To Sing In Texas,” a lengthy rambler that’s a lot more serious than its casual, jazzy piano groove lets on. Over the course of nine minutes, DeMent addresses police brutality, George W. Bush (“What’s the deal with all these war criminals who get to walk around free?”), Islamophobia, progressive protesters (“I’m so proud of all of these young people for taking it to the streets”), gun control, Jeff Bezos (“Ain’t we all just a little bit tired of greedy people getting a free pass?”), the Chicks, the Squad, and Jesus Christ (“He spoke truth to power, he stood up for the poor/ The church today wouldn’t even let him through the door”) among other things. It’s a hell of a song, clear and direct yet artful in its conversational ease. Never forget that DeMent can go toe to toe with songwriting legends like her old duet partner John Prine. In his review for WHYY’s Fresh Air, Entertainment Weekly Music Editor – Ken Tucker wrote: “Iris DeMent possesses one of the great voices in contemporary popular music: powerfully, ringingly clear, capable of both heartbreaking fragility and blow-your-ears-back power. Had she been making country albums in the ’70s and ’80s and had more commercial ambition, she’d probably now be considered right up there with Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette. Instead, she’s lived a contemporary life, a somewhat private life. As she recently told an interviewer, “There’s a lot that goes into life besides songwriting.” And she’s taken her time in composing songs that fit into no genre easily.”]

[Iris DeMent played Knuckleheads 2715 Rochester Street, KCMO on Thursday, March 23, 2023 in a SOLD OUT SHOW with guest Ana Egge opening the show.]

  1. Lael Neale – “Must Be Tears”
    from: Star Eaters Delight / Sub Pop Records / April 21, 2023
    [Lael Neale returns with her beguiling new full-length Star Eaters Delight. The album, which features the highlights “I Am The River,” “In Verona,” “Must Be Tears,” and “Faster Than The Medicine,” was written by Neale, with arrangements and production by Guy Blakeslee. The recordings were made on cassette in Virginia and mastered by Chris Coady in Los Angeles.// Star Eaters Delight reveals an expansion of Neale’s sonic collaboration with producer and accompanist Blakeslee and arrives on the heels of her Sub Pop debut Acquainted With Night, which won international acclaim for its crystalline vocals, clever songwriting, and excellent use of Omnichord to build a world of beautiful reveries. That album saw praise from the likes of Uncut, MOJO, Loud & Quiet, The AV Club, Stereogum, SPIN, and earned “Best of 2021” placement from Under the Radar, Les Inrocks, Aquarium Drunkard, Gold Flake Paint, Still Listening, Secret Meeting and more. // April of 2020, Lael moved from Los Angeles back to her family’s farm in rural Virginia. Looking at the world from a distance and getting in tune with her own rhythms, she wrote and recorded steadily for two dreamlike years, driven by a need to make order out of chaos. Forged in isolation, Star Eaters Delight is a vehicle for returning, not just to civilization, but to celebration. She explains: “The unbroken silences on the farm compelled me to break them with sound. This album is louder and more external, calling out to the world.” // Album opener “I Am The River” melts the ice with a dynamic explosion of minimalist transcendental pop clearly descended from the Velvets branch of modern music’s family tree. Watch the official self-directed video for “I Am The River” below. // Lael Neale is also sharing her international tour schedule for 2023 in support of Star Eaters Delight which begins April 22nd in Los Angeles at Permanent Records Roadhouse and currently runs through May 27 in Gothenburg, Sweden. For the US run, the tour will have stops in Washington, Austin, Nashville, Tucson, New York, Northampton, and Philadelphia. Tickets for these shows are on sale now.]
  1. Photo Ops -“When You See Something Beautiful”
    from: Burns Bright / Paul Is Dead Records / April 28, 2023
    [Photo Ops is the musical project of Terry Price. This is Photo Ops’ 4th album. Burns Bright explores hope, loss, and nostalgia through the lens of hushed yet sweeping melodies, anchored with fingerpicked guitar, lush piano, and synth flourishes. Burns Bright is out April 28, 2023 on Paul Is Dead Records. // The autumn blaze maple tree, famous as music in Nashville, is a fast grower. Imagine its teeming majesty of red leaves from above one house in the city’s Inglewood neighborhood. You see it ensconced like a controlled flame by rolling hills and winding roads. A familiar pattern lulls you from days into nights in this dreamy park town. You never realized from the ground, under the shade of that tree, how all these beautiful designs in any city keep you sane. // The sweeping vantage points of Photo Ops’ Burns Bright belong first to the quiet of Nashville’s first modern suburb after World War II. Terry Price lived there while perfecting the melodic soft-rock modes that pleased audiences on tour with Camera Obscura and Fences. Price took this way of seeing to a new home in Los Angeles. Long drives through dimensional vistas ended in his room in Los Feliz where he recorded Burns Bright. When Etta James, Molly Drake, and The Byrds are all touch-points of sound and silence, what emerges is a gentle homage to the commonalities of lasting influence in pop music, a kind of time-bending presentiment — the moment of tracking in a studio when everyone senses it’s a moment that will be remembered. Reaching through the layer of industry noise in both hallmark cities as we know them from a distance — is this a hit? — Price treasures the visceral experience of making and recognizing music. // The most devout of craftspeople, Price is on a quest toward the merciful essence of recognition when he writes songs; each line discovers a pure element of comfort, calling back to the land and to his musician mother’s love of transcendent melodies. Burns Bright reminds us how those forces are one and the same. // Price’s heroes in music are more than inspirations. To him, they offer examples of how to keep breathing in a culture that discourages total presence. It’s true that moving an open heart through the world comes with constant risk. Looking out at the expanse we all share — really seeing that world — is the practice of Burns Bright, and the special ability that makes Price a songwriter to cherish.]

10:31 – Underwriting

Photo by Too Much Rock
  1. Red Kate -“Shut It Down”
    from: ”Shut It Down” – Single / Black Site / April 27. 2023
    [The Kansas City based, class-conscious punk rock and rollers, Red Kate, are proud to announce their first new music in five years. “Shut It Down”, the debut single from the band’s upcoming third album, EXIT STRATEGY, is a blistering, no-holds-barred call to action for the oppressed, marginalized and working class. Written by the band’s former guitar player, Desmond Poirier, after attending a Stand Up KC march, “Shut It Down” reminds us that when push comes to shove, the one power the powerless still have when they come together in solidarity is to SHUT! IT! DOWN! The song begins streaming on all platforms Thursday, April 27, 2023. // In late 2021, singer/bassist, L. Ron Drunkard, drummer Andrew Whelan, rhythm guitarist Shawn Hamontree, and newly added lead guitarist Chris Kinsley returned to the band’s mainstay studio, Duane Trower’s Weights and Measures Soundlab, to finish what, at this point, had become a multi-year project. The group laid down four new tracks written during lockdown and then began the long process of turning twelve songs recorded over several sessions in two different studio locations with four different guitarists into the best sounding, and best collection of, songs the band has ever recorded. // Exit Strategy is set for release in the Fall of 2023 on Kansas City record label cooperative Black Site. // BLACK SITE is a record label cooperative created by Kansas City musicians interested in supporting regional punk and rock bands release their recordings on a physical medium. With the world around us becoming a deluge of digital l’s and 0’s, transient as a trust fund crust punk on a cross country excursion, tangible art is critical to maintaining connections to our past, our sense of place, and who we are as a people. Only WE can create the world we want to live in. Reciprocity and solidarity are the cornerstones of building long lasting, self-sustaining community power that pushes back against the commodification of culture. Music is not a business; Punk is not a brand, and DIY is not a lifestyle to be consumed. This is a way of life, and if we don’t hang together, we’ll surely hang alone. Info at: http://www.black-site.org]

[Red Kate plays Farewell, 6515 Stadium Drive, KCMO, Friday, May 5, at 7:00 PM with Trauma Czars from Denver, plus Backpedal, and Small Victories, 21+ Shows]

  1. Killer Mike – “Don’t Let The Devil (feat EL-P & thankugoodsir) (clean edit)”
    from: DON’T LET THE DEVIL (feat EL-P & thankugoodsir) (clean edit) / Loma Vista / 8/24/22
    [Killer Mike is celebrating his birthday by formally launching the countdown for his new solo album MICHAEL via the release of “DON’T LET THE DEVIL feat. EL-P & thankugoodsir.” MICHAEL marks the celebrated MCs first solo project since 2012’s critically lauded R.A.P. Music and serves as an introduction to the totality of Michael Render, a lifelong rap fiend whose consciousness is seeped in the sounds of community that raised him – multiple eras of southern rap flows, Sunday church service, and barbershop discourse. Speaking on his most autobiographical and independent album to date, Mike states “RTJ is the X-Men, this is my Logan.” For the new single Mike linked with his Run The Jewels partner in rhyme EL-P, trading verses over a lilting soul loop produced by No I.D., EL-P, & Little Shalimar. “My favorite group (US) with my favorite producers! It’s our 10 year anniversary and MICHAEL is an origin story so I wanted to start w/ El.” // “DON’T LET THE DEVIL” arrives in the wake of RTJ announcing a 10 year anniversary run this Fall, the release of their collaborative sneakers with Nike this week, and Mike’s recent appearance at SXSW, where he performed an intimate career-spanning show at Stubb’s, flanked by a choir, and previewed several new songs that are expected to appear on the Atlanta MC’s new album (read more here). He further brought the album to life at a private listening event in NYC this past Monday, where a couple hundred attendees crowded into St. Ann’s & the Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn to hear Mike present the album in his own words. // The single was preceded last year by “RUN (ft. Young Thug)” and “TALK’N THAT SHIT!” his first batch of solo material since linking up with El-P to form Run The Jewels, who have gone on to create four fanatically received albums and achieved near cultural ubiquity. Mike has also frequently surfaced as a cultural commentator in high regard, from his own shows Love and Respect and Trigger Warning (Netflix), regular appearances on Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Real Time with Bill Maher, his stint as a campaign surrogate for Bernie Sanders, and viral moments addressing the public in the wake of the Ferguson verdict and the police killing of George Floyd. // In early April 2023 Killer Mike re-asserted his acting bonafides in a cameo on FX’s Dave, where the titular rapper agonizes over a perceived Twitter beef with Mike, adding to a growing acting CV that also included an appearance on the last season of Netflix’s Ozark.]
  1. Alisa Jefferson – “Falling”
    from: “Falling” – Single / Alisa Jefferson / April 28, 2022
    [“Falling” was co-written by: Alisa Jefferson, Barb Wilmoth, Lynne Grimes, with Alisa Jefferson (Lyrics, Lead & Backup Vocals, Shaker, Bass Guitar, Rhythm Acoustic Guitar), Barb Wilmoth (Drums, Backup Vocals), Lynne Grimes (Lead/Rhythm Electric Guitar, Keys, Backup Vocals) th track was Produced/Mixed/Mastered by: Andy Oxman at SoundWorks Recording Studio. Alisa Jefferson Music/ All Rights Reserved, 2023. // Alisa Jefferson released her single “Angel” on May 8, 2022. Angel was recorded at Alisa’s home studio. Jeremy KeelerLawrence, Kanss musician Jeremy Keeler added guitar part. Angel was mixed and mastered by Andy Oxman. On June 1, 2021 Alisa Jefferson released the 10-song solo debut album, TELL ME. All lyrics, instrumentation, vocals, melodies, song content for TELL ME was written and created by Alisa Jefferson. TELL ME was also recorded by Alisa Jefferson. Mixed and produced by Alisa Jefferson and Andy Oxman of SoundWorks Recording Studio, Blue Springs, Mo. And mastered by Matt Elliott of Black Sky Studios, Buckner, MO. Alisa Jefferson grew up in KC. She played viola in her school orchestra and received her first acoustic guitar at age 13. Alisa established her rock trio, Morning Fix, in 1994, singing & playing bass. In December, 2014, Alisa established, fronted, and played bass in the rock trio, Radial Red. In 2019 Alisa performed on the side stage with Joan Jett and Heart at Starlight Theatre with KC band, Mad Libby. Info at: http://www.alisajeffersonmusic.com Alisa was on WMM on June 2, 2021 and Feb. 10, 2021]

[Alisa Jefferson & Scott Mitchell play Savage Saloon, 1611 Genessee St., KCMO, on Fri, May 19, 5:00 PM]

  1. Friendly Thieves – “You Better Run”
    from: “You Better Run” / Friendly Thieves / October 28, 2022
    [Debut single from five-piece alt-funk band, Friendly Thieves who are: Sam Wells on lead vocals, Jamae Breeze on lead guitar, Sam Millard on bass, John Goss on drums, and Ben Baker on saxophone. // From Michelle Bacon’s piece in http://www.bridge909.org: Friendly Thieves describes themselves as if “Alabama Shakes and Young The Giant had a Vulfpeck-inspired love child,” and well, that’s pretty spot on. Their single captures that intersection of vibrant indie-rock energy and exceptional musicianship, with an intriguing funk aroma. // The bands show at ULAH is their only KC show so far this year before the ban sets off on tour to Austin, Chicago, Denver, and Nashville. // Sam Wells released her debut EP, FOR THE DEFLATED on French Exit Records on December 31, 2020. Sam Wells is a Kansas City, based singer songwriter who has shared stages with Betsy Phillips, Kelly Hunt, Andrew Ryan, The Zack Pietrini Band, and The Phantastics. She was featured as a composer and performer in the Kansas City Repertory Theater production of “Ghost Light” performed on the lawn of The Nelson Atkin Museum of Art in October, 2020. Sam has also performed in Troostival (2020), Kansas City Porchfest (2019) and Jamdemic. In 2019, Wells released her debut single “Lesson Learned.” In early 2020 Wells released her second single “Sugar” producer and engineered by Riley Corbin at the Lawrence Kansas Public Library recording studio. It was only a decade ago, Sam Wells sat in her bedroom learning the Corrine Bailey Ray classic “Put Your Records On”. This was all it took to ignite a lifetime love affair with music. With her smooth and sultry voice and the warm tones of a baritone ukulele, she shares stories of love, loss and everything in between. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Sam Wells has lived in Lawrence, but now calls KC home. Sam Wells also contributed to The Black Lives Matter Compilation from French Exit Records that featured tracks from 22 acts from the area, and was released on July 6, 2020. Sam contributed the song, “Dear Black People”. On WMM we featured tracks from: Blackstarkids, Daniel Gum, Crystal Rose, UpKeep, Bream, Heavy Surface, Palace Intrigue, Self Harmony, and Sam Wells. All proceeds donated to One Struggle KC’s Liberation Fund, a Black-led coalition of KC activists seeking to connect the struggles of oppressed communities, locally & globally. French Exit Records launched in 2018, and is an independent music label based out of Kansas City, Missouri founded by Brad Girard. French Exit Records has released albums for No Magic and Raymond, and has organized live events. The Black Lives Matter Compilation is available on French Exit Record’s Bandcamp page: http://www.frenchexitrecords.bandcamp.com. More information at: http://www.whoissamwells.com. Sam Wells was on WMM on May 13, 2020 and January 20, 2021.]

[Friendly Thieves play a ULAH Live Session, Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at 7:30 PM ay ULAH, 4707 Rainbow Blvd, Westwood, KS. Presented by You Found Music]

[Friendly Thieves play at Boulevardia Friday, June 16, 2023 at Crown Center.]

  1. Rewound & Calvin Arsenia – “Bad Blood/I Knew You Were Trouble”
    from: Bad Blood/I Knew You Were Trouble – Single / House of Outlyre Productions / 4/11/2023
    [Rewound & Calvin Arsenia just released their 2nd single of the year, “All Too Well” on April 25, 2023, and like their earlier single that are covering the songs of Taylor Swift. // Rewound is a trio with Carmen Dieker on violin, Alyssa Bell on viola, and Ezgi Karakus on cello that perform classical and contemporary music re-imagined. For these recordings they are collaborating with Calvin Arsenia on harp.c// Calvin Arsenia Born in Orlando, Florida, Calvin’s creative journey really began when he moved to the KC suburb of Olathe, teaching himself the guitar, and eventually the harp. He learned his signature instrument at the age of 20 after he couldn’t find a harpist as determined as him to meld folk, rock, classical, rap and R&B into the irresistible fusion which has become his calling card in KC and beyond. His passion for stretching the boundaries of musical expression saw him transform a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland’s Fringe Festival early in his career into a life-changing music mission, with an Edinburgh church offering him a role as musical liaison between the church and the city that would change his life. Two years and 300 shows later, Calvin returned to KC reborn as a humanistic songwriter / performer whose impassioned and conceptual stage shows (regularly sold-out in Kansas City, currently catching fire on the West Coast with a diverse following across Europe), are collaborative, costumed-culture-bridging spectacles which In KC Magazine has hailed as ‘equal parts opera, symphony, musical theatre, rock show, all built around its creator: a charismatic 6-foot-6-inch harpist with a natural stage command and knack for gilding gold and painting lilies.’ Calvin released his EP, Moments, in 2014, and his EP Prose in 2015, and his Folk Alliance exclusive EP Catastrophe in 2016. On February 14, 2017 Calvin released his critically acclaimed full length debut, Catastrophe. Calvin Arsenia premiered these songs in a live show at recordBar in November 2016 in a stage show that involved a company of 50 people, dancers, stilt walkers, special lighting, back up singers, guest artists. Calvin’s 2018 national debut, Cantaloupe, September 15, 2018 on Center Cut Records, has been acclaimed for melding diverse textures into an alluring signature sound for the adventurous artist. On June 28, 2019 Calvin released Honeydew, an EP including a remix of three songs from Cantaloupe. On Dec. 13, 2019 Calvin released his full length Christmas album “all is calm.” Since 2014 we have been celebrating the music of Calvin Arsenia. He has played Folk Alliance International, Kansas City Fringe Fest, The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, The Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts, The Middle of the Map Fest., The Folly Theatre. Calvin is a graduate of Artist INC. // Charlotte Street Foundation announced that the recipients of the 2022 Generative Performing Artist Awards are The Black Creatures and Calvin Arsenia Scott.]

[Calvin Arsenia plays the rooftop of the Crossroads Hotel 2101 Central St. KCMO, on June 7, 2023, doors open at 7:00 PM the show starts at 8:00 PM for the Summer Concert Series.]

  1. The Swallowtails – “Who’s Gonna Be There”
    from: “Who’s Gonna Be There” – Single / Miki P / August 21, 2020
    [Rachel Lovelace on bassoon, Adee Dancy on cello & vocals, and Miki P on guitar & lead vocals. Each member is an integral part of the Kansas City music scene, writing, arranging, performing, and collaborating original music for their own groups and several other projects in the metro. “Introspective pop music with lyric-driven folk influences, mixed with collaborative energy & an odd pairing of instruments.” Miki P is a self-taught musician/multi-instrumentalist & songwriter driving the Swallowtails into a creative collaboration like any other. Miki P was born in Kansas City, KS. Miki P started playing guitar in middle school. She taught herself to play the drums, while listening to Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon and Ringo Starr. Miki P performed “She Loves You” at her 7th grade talent show. In 9th grade she joined a teen-band called American Slim as drummer & vocalist, and she wrote songs for their full-length album Irreplaceable released in 2017, followed by a single “Queen of Hearts” released April 11, 2018. played Middle of the Map Fest, Crossroads Music Fest, Kauffman Stadium, Arrowhead Stadium, and The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art before officially ending in 2018. As a teen she played drums for various groups including American Slim. S Att 21, Miki P began work on her debut solo-record, Dome of Swallows, that was released August 2, 2018. Shes then formed Miki P and the Swallowtails who released their first EP, Swallowtail in 2019, In 2021 Miki P released the 6-song EP, DON”T LOSE HOPE, created in covid isolation, in Miki P’s home space. Sitting & working from Miki’s computer, she composed and recorded 80% of the EP, working through the music like a journal entry, creating each song from her internal hurricane of emotions. All songs written, recorded, played, & mixed by Miki P. Recorded & Mixed with Emma Klien & Jake Hilger. Mastered by Joel Nanos. Miki P released her single “Your Love” on June 24, 2022. This new single follows Miki P’s March 18, 2022 single “Peter Parker!” // More info at: http://www.mikipmusic.com]

[The Swallowtails will be playing the 5th Annual Manor Fest, May 19-20 in Lawrence, May 25-28 in KC]

11:00 – Station ID

Photo by Travis Young
  1. Krystle Warren & The Faculty – “Rising”
    from: Rising – Single / Parlour Door Music / May 31, 2019
    [“Rising” was included in the official soundtrack to the Ana DuVernay television series soundtrack for “When They See Us.” This single was produced by co-founding member of The Faculty, bassist Solomon Dorsey. I was texting with Krystle over the weekend after of the KC Bands Together, (Saturday, May 16, 2020) weekend 6-hour streaming concert where Krystle shared three songs including a cover of Gerry Raferty’s “The Ark” from his 1978 album, City to City. Krystle was currently doing over dubs on “Rising” that will be included on the new Krystle Warren & The Faculty album called, “Extended Play.” Krystle told me that they had wanted to do album cover photos during a concert that was scheduled in Kansas City in March, but was cancelled due to COVID-19. Getting everyone together has not been possible. Krystle was hoping for a late 2020 release. Krystle Warewn learned to play the guitar by listening to Rubber Soul & Revolver from The Beatles. Krystle graduated from Paseo Arts Academy in 2001 and began her musical career in collaborating with area jazz and pop musicians. After living in San Francisco and NYC, Krystle was signed to a French label, Because Music, and moved to Paris to release “Circles” in 2009. Krystle played French and British television programs, including Later with Jools Holland, garnering critical acclaim and traveling all over the world with Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Norah Jones, and Joan As Police Woman. Krystle created, Parlour Door Music, to release “Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace” a recording from a 13-day session in Brooklyn, where she recorded 24 songs live with 28 musicians including her band, The Faculty, alongside choirs, horn and string sections.]

[Krystle Warren & Solomon Dorsey will headline the KC Folk Fest 2023 on Saturday, May 20, in Washington Square Park, Kansas City, MO with Solomon Dorsey. Info: http://www.krystlewarren.com or http://www.kansascityfolkfestival.org]

11:03 – Interview with Krystle Warren

KC born and internationally known singer songwriter Krystle Warren joins us from France. One of our most played artists of all time on the radio show. Krystle is also one of our most frequent guests. Krystle Warren join us today to premiere the new song, “Macca” from Krystle Warren & The Faculty, that was recorded on the heels of sessions for the band’s upcoming full length album EXTENDED PLAY to be released this year. Krystle says that the song, “became equal parts: a love letter to (Paul McCartney) and a note of encouragement to me. Which is a wonderful thing if you think about it.” This is the first of three interviews we will be doing with Krystle over the next five weeks that culminate with a LIVE in-studio show with Krystle on May 26 . Krystle will headline the KC Folk Fest 2023 on Saturday, May 20, in Washington Square Park, Kansas City, MO with Solomon Dorsey. Info: http://www.krystlewarren.com or http://www.kansascityfolkfestival.org

Krystle Warren, thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

We just heard the single “Rising” from Krystle Warren & The Faculty and produced by Solomon Dorsey and written especially for Ava DuVernay’s critically acclaimed Netflix television mini series WHEN THEY SEE US, the gut-wrenching story of the Central Park Five – Five young teenagers Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise and Raymond Santana who were falsely accused, arrested, convicted and sentenced fto prison or raping and beating almost to death Trisha Meili – “the Central Park jogger” – a young white woman whose poor, battered body was found that same night. Eventually they were exonerated in 2002…

Photo By Travis Young

Krystle Warren began performing in her native KC at the age of 16 before moving to New York City, where she started busking on the streets and later formed her regular band, The Faculty. She and the group have recorded several full-length albums, including 2009’s Circles, 2012’s Love Songs and 2017’s Three the Hard Way. Her EP THE CREW released September 15, 2020. Her band The Faculty is ready to release EXTENDED PLAY

Krystle graduated from Paseo Arts Academy in 2001 and began her musical career in collaborating with area jazz and pop musicians.

After living in San Francisco and NYC, Krystle was signed to a French label, Because Music, who gave her a one way ticket to France.

Krystle moved to Paris to release “Circles” in 2009. Krystle played French & British TV programs, including Later with Jools Holland, garnering critical acclaim and traveling on world tours with Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Norah Jones, and Joan As Police Woman.

Krystle left Because Music and created her own recording label, Parlour Door Music, to release “Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace / A Time to Refrain from Embracing” a double album recording from a 14-day session in Brooklyn, where she recorded 24 songs live with 28 musicians including her band, The Faculty, alongside choirs, horn and string sections. In 2019 The Kansas City based Owen/Cox Dance Group premiered a new dance piece titled “Love Songs” with choreography by Jennifer Owen, set to all 24 songs, in the order they appear in the recording,.

Krystle Warren has collaborated with Erykah Badu, Keziah Jones, Zap Mama, Rufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright, Brad Cox Amadou & Mariam, Lakecia Benjamin, Guarco, Teddy Thompson, Gwyneth Herbert, Hercules & Love Affair, and Joon Moon. Along with being included in the compilation “NYC Subway – Songs from the Underground,” and tribute recordings for Kate McGarrigle, and Nick Drake.

In an article in SPIN Magazine, December 6, 2020, The 35 Best Lesser-Known Artists of the Last 35 Years, Picked by 35 Well-Known Artists Krystle Was named twice!

Joan as Police Woman on Krystle Warren: “Most stellar voice, tender and strong in equal measure with a range nothing short of miraculous. Incredible writer of songs, the type of which used to get written and go on to become classics. Exquisite live performer in the way you forget completely where you are and what’s happening in your life.”

Rufus Wainwright on Krystle Warren: “Krystle Warren’s voice and performance style seared an indelible mark on me years ago when she joined Martha and I on tributes to our mom Kate McGarrigle in both London and New York. Her haunting interpretations, vocal timbre and singular look completely devastated all present, and soon after I had the honor of taking her out on the road with me. Be it covers, her own material or harmonizing with others, she is a true musician and should be considered an international treasure.”

Krystle Warren & The Faculty Discography

Krystle Warren & The Faculty has released the EP “Diary” on May 1, 2007;

Krystle Warren released “The Up Series – EP” on November 10, 2008;

Krystle Warren releases the 13-song Album CIRCLES on March 13, 2009;

Krystle Warren & The Faculty released “A Time To Keep – Love Songs EP”, Aug. 12, 2011

Krystle Warren & The Faculty released the double album 24-song “Love Songs” released on vinyl in Europe on April 9, 2012 as “Love Songs: A Time to Embrace,” and “Love Songs: A Time to Refrain from Embracing. ” And re;eased on separate digital and CD albums in the U.S. as: “Love Songs: A Time to Embrace,” on March 13, 2012 and “Love Songs: A Time to Refrain from Embracing” on February 27, 2015.

Krystle Warren released the album THREE THE HARDWAY on August 18, 2017.

Krystle Warren & The Faculty released the single “Rising” – Single on May 31, 2019

Krystle Warren & The Crew released the 4-song EP, THE CREW on September 15, 2020

From Diary EP to Extended Play A Truncated History of Krystle Warren & The Faculty
From http://www.krystalwarren.com written by Phil Anderson:

Krystle Krystle Warren met Solomon Dorsey some weekend at a high school debate competition in Kansas City. After she had trounced Solomon’s debate partner, the two ended up in an open classroom where they began playing music—Krystle had brought her guitar and was practicing chords, and Solomon, then an accomplished violinist, cellist, bassist, and singer likely had some sort of instrument on him, and even if he didn’t he had his voice.

Due to some specific details we’re not going to get into, Krystle was already living on her own; she was eighteen and he was seventeen. But she had a friend who had an apartment near hers, and this friend was having a party. “Wanna go?” she asked Solomon. And, as Solomon puts it, he has seen or spoken to Krystle every single day of his life since.

So when Solomon decided to attend the jazz program at New School in New York, he asked Krystle, “Wanna go?” And a few months after he moved, Krystle showed up. On her first night in the city, Solomon introduced her to Zach Djanikian, a saxophonist he’d become fast friends with at school. They lived in the same dorm, and Zach and Solomon took Krystle to a practice room in the basement and the three of them played musical games. According to Zach, “We’d sing as many melodies as we could over four open strings of the upright bass, plucked successively. ‘Norwegian Wood’ and the theme to ​Family Matters​ were a couple favorites.”

This led to busking as a trio, and each of them was hustling for gigs. An Italian restaurant that featured live music gave Krystle a regular night, and she often had Solomon and Zach play with her. Zach’s friend from Philadelphia, Ben Kane, would come to these nights, and he brought Mike Riddleberger.

In Philly, Zach was in a band called The Brakes, and Ben Kane was producing an album for Zach’s band in a windowless apartment that he shared with Riddleberger. Kane and Riddleberger had become friends a year earlier at NYU, bonding over their love of D’Angelo’s album ​Voodoo​. Riddleberger says that even though he saw Krystle perform, he didn’t speak to her until after she saw him play with his band, Quintus. Zach had brought her, and she approached him after the show to play in a band she was starting.

The Faculty was formed with Krystle, Solomon, Zach, Riddleberger, and Dave Moore, a keyboardist from Kansas who was at New School, too. While the four boys had classes and gigs, Krystle floated around New York and made a lot of friends. She busked and wrote songs, and, with the help of her band members and Ben Kane, who had an internship at ElectricLady Studios and was sneaking them in at odd hours, Krystle turned those songs into an EP called DIARY.

And it was a diary. The songs were about her daily experiences in this new place and with these new people. “I’ve Seen Days” has a title that implies a reflection, but it’s about how the world is new to her, how she’s “a frightened child” in a new city. “The New Astrologer” is about a new and exciting love, one that remains a good friend of hers. “A Song For Holly” is a letter to family explaining her new quotidien life (“your big sister / out in New York on some subway / your big sister, out trying to get paid”). And “Central Park” is a document of a night she had in Central Park with Zach and his boyfriend (now husband) Jesse, and how she is coming to embrace this new city, these new people, and this new chapter of her life.

If DIARY, the Faculty’s first recordings, is Krystle’s “Songs of Innocence,” then EXTENDED PLAY​, the Faculty’s latest, is Krystle’s “Songs of Experience.”

Diary​ led to CIRCLES,​ which Ben Kane co-produced with ​Voodoo​ engineer Russell “The Dragon” Elevado. ​Circles​ was bought by Because Music in France, and Krystle had her next move. She stayed in France even when her relationship with Because ended because she found Vanessa, and Vanessa was worth staying in France for. But Krystle still recorded ​LOVE SONGS in New York, a double album that invokes a Blakean duality with its two subtitles, “A Time to Refrain from Embracing” and “A Time You May Embrace.” LOVE SONGS was produced with most of the Faculty (Zach was on tour with Amos Lee) and a slew of guest musicians in Brian Bender’s Brooklyn studio. Bender’s assistant, Jonathan Anderson, would later go on to replace Dave Moore on keys in the Faculty.

The Faculty has always been a tenuous project for everyone involved because of the distance and the schedules. While everyone remains close friends, the band members are spread across the globe. Krystle in France. Riddleberger in New York and Zach in Woodstock. Solomon and Jonathan in Los Angeles. And then they are all working musicians, touring, recording, and collaborating with an impressive list of artists. Musicians like, in no particular order: D’Angelo, Hercules and Love Affair, Donald Fagen and the Nightfliers, Joan As Policewoman, Jose James, Emily King, Janet Jackson, Ron Sexsmith, The Dixie Chicks, Amy Helm, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Swift, Rufus Wainwright, Kylie Minogue, Sara Bareilles, Natalie Merchant, Kesha, Bleachers, Emylou Harris, Amos Lee, Lana Del Rey, Broken Social Scene, Teddy Thompson, Lakecia Benjamin, Jenny Lewis, and honestly that’s less than the half of it.

So they have been busy, and they have gained a lot of experience since the days of sneaking into ElectricLady late night or playing for meager pay and free wine at an East Village Italian resto. And while DIARY and CIRCLES and LOVE SONGS were recorded with everyone in the same room (THREE THE HARDWAY was just Krystle and Kane together), EXTENDED PLAY was recorded disparately and assembled together by the steady hands and ears of Kane and Krystle. There is distance between the musicians in the recording process, but there is still a close emotional connection that can be heard in these songs.

And Krystle is writing with a close emotional connection to the distant past. The songs that make up Extended Play are songs of experience—the lyrics reflect on a crush from high school, a departed musical hero, and others who live in memory. There is nostalgia in ​EXTENDED PLAY and a forlornness. And these songs are filled with references, musical and otherwise, to those who have inspired Krystle over the years, from ​Les Mis ​(specifically the song adopted by the ACT UP movement) to Gregory Djanikian, Zach’s poet father, and Audre Lord.

Krystle describes “When I Look Back,” the last song of ​Extended Play​, as “an apology to my teenage self.” Seventeen years ago she was writing songs about what happened day-of because being young is about immediacy and living in the present tense. Now the songs are about years past because life slows down, and we are allowed the time to “look back.”

But as Krystle sings in “Rising,” “Future lingers while past is present.” She’s writing about the past because we are all our collected histories—or as she puts it in “When I Look Back”: “there’s still something of her that stays.” The future, of course, still lingers, always there waiting for us, for the next move. The album ends with a recording of Audre Lorde’s gravelly voice. She says,

“I’m going on to something else, the shape of which I have no idea. ‘Only thing I know, is it’s going to be quite different. What I leave behind has a life of its own. I’ve said this about poetry… Well in a sense, I’m saying it about the very artifact of who I have been.”

Krystle Warren & The Faculty still have more to come. They have built seventeen years of memories, experiences, recordings, and shows, and with the release of ​Extended Play​, they continue to show a commitment to growing as musicians together, even if apart.

Written by Phil Anderson

With the EP The Crew released a video of their interpretation of “Bein’ Green” an emotionally stirring five minute montage of footage of Black Lives Matter protests, young Black children choosing white dolls over dark-skinned ones, archival footage of James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Malcom X, Nina Simone, Marsha P. Johnson Al Sharpton, Ella Baker, as well as Sandra Bland, George Floyd and Eric Garner. Proceeds from the EP will be donated to the ACLU.

Bein’ Green – Kermit the Frog’s iconic song “Bein’ Green” (written by Joe Raposo). // The moving five-minute clip, over which Warren sings her rendition of the 1970 song — since recorded by Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and others — sprang from a covers EP she recorded during the pandemic with a group of musicians known as The Crew. ‘Bein’ Green,’ it’s such a gorgeous song, and it says so, so much,” says Warren. “I began thinking about what I wanted it to express visually before we started [recording the song]. Essentially — it’s not easy being Black. That’s what Ray Charles was saying, and we felt it needed to be said again.”

Warren embarked on the project after her forthcoming album with her regular group, The Faculty, was put on hold due to COVID-19. The Crew EP, which tackles themes of racial injustice in the wake of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests this summer, also includes a cover of John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth.”

The Crew: Lakecia Benjamin, Matthew Silberman, Jacob Snider, Joe Blaxx, Solomon Dorsey, Zach Djanikian, Cassorla, Krystle Warren, and Ben Kane.

Krystle Warren and 90.1 FM KKFI

Mark first interviewed Krystle Warren for The Tenth Voice, back 2002. Mark first interviewed Krystle Warren for The Tenth Voice, back 2002. Mark waited several hours, during a winter snow storm, at a huge party, where Krystle played with her band including her longtime friend Solomon Dorsey on bass, in a packed, smoke filled apartment near Community Christian Church across the hall from where Solomon lived, to be given a 2 song demo CD, that contained Krystle’s first recorded music, including a song called “Chanel #5.” Krystle has since gone on to be known all over the world, but still maintains contact with her hometown of Kansas City.

Krystle was on WMM on June 29, 2016 as “Guest Producer” to share inspirations for her new record, THREE THE HARDWAY playing early gospel recordings, that crossed over into Jazz from: Pharoah Sanders, Edwin Hawkins, and The Swan Silvertones. Krystle’s critically acclaimed album, Three The Hard Way was #1 on WMM’s 117 Best Recordings of 2017. Wednesday MidDay Medley was the first to play tracks from Krystle’s album, before it was released. Krystle came on the show months before the release, to share music that was the inspiration for the recording. Released on Parlour Door Music, on August 18, 2017 and Produced by Krystle Warren and Ben Kane. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Ben Kane. Written & performed by Krystle Warren. Mixed at The Garden, Brooklyn. Mastered & cut by Alex DeTurk at Masterdisk. In 2015 in Krystle Warren premiered new songs from this album at the Middle of the Map Fest in a packed room at Californos in Westport and later at The Polsky Theatre for the Performing Arts Series of Johnsons County Community College. For this record Krystle decided to play every instrument and vocals & back up vocals, “playing bass, drums, lap steel, piano, guitar, and vocals directly to analog tape. She and Ben Kane recorded in Villetaneuse, France, a small town on the outskirts of Paris in a vintage 70s era studio that offered just the right, rich sound to suggest the musical foundation for the record, and to do justice to the duo’s carefully balanced arrangements.” On the Wednesday MidDay Medley radio show in 2016 Krystle shared inspirations for this record, early gospel recordings, that crossed over into Jazz from: Pharoah Sanders, Edwin Hawkins, and The Swan Silvertones.

Krystle was on the show on Oct. 16, 2019 with Brad Cox when she was in KC to present LoveSongs with Owen/Cox Dance Group at Oct 19 & 20, 2019 at Polsky Theatre at JCCC.

We talked with Krystle on September 23, 2020 about The Crew EP where Krystle and friends recorded unique versions of four classic songs with the hope of encouraging the rallying cries of the moment: the movement of the people. Warren embarked on the project after her newest album, with her band The Faculty, was stalled due to COVID-19

The World Premiere of “Macca”

Following their double album LOVE SONGS (2012) and their single “Rising” written especially for Ava DuVernay’s critically acclaimed television mini series WHEN THEY SEE US, the gut-wrenching story of the Central Park Five – Five young teenagers Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise and Raymond Santana who were falsely accused, arrested, convicted and sentenced fto prison or raping and beating almost to death Trisha Meili – “the Central Park jogger” – a young white woman whose poor, battered body was found that same night. Eventually they were exonerated in 2002…

“Macca” is the newest release from Krystle Warren & The Faculty, that was recorded on the heels of sessions for the band’s upcoming full length album EXTENDED PLAY.”Macca” arrived unexpectedly.

“A Pal contacted me to help work on the music for an advertisement he was piecing together. My job was to find a melody and put words to it, so I set up my mic and started trying out ideas. And then POW! ‘ ‘Hang then upon the moon…’ – it sounded so distinctly Paul. Immediately I worried that the client would accept my buddy’s sunbmission; thankfully, they didn’t.”

The “Paul” Krystle is referring to is of course, Paul McCartney, whose famous nickname entitles the song.

“He is such a huge inspiration for me. As a songwriter – my love of melody, the little quirks that come out lyrically – that’s all thanks to him. And singing that chorus — it evoked for me those gorgeous ballads he composed in the 80s – ‘Wanderlust,” ‘Tug Of War’…There’s a bit of Wings there as well, I think, with a nod to ‘I’m Carrying.

“What’s wild to me is that, though I decided. ‘This is for Paul,’ it became equal parts: a love letter to him, and a note of encouragement to me. Which is a wonderful thing when you think about it: Paul’s music so often encourages us to keep going, keep trying, and in using his language (so to speak), unwittingly, he was giving me strength.”

Krystle Warren, thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

Krystle will headline the KC Folk Fest 2023 on Sat., May 20, in Washington Square Park, KCMO with Solomon Dorsey. http://www.krystlewarren.com or http://www.kansascityfolkfestival.org


Photo By Travis Young


  1. Krystle Warren & The Faculty – “Macca”
    from: “Macca”- Single / Parlour Door Music / TBA
    [Following their double album LOVE SONGS (2012) and their single “Rising” written especially for Ava DuVernay’s critically acclaimed television mini series WHEN THEY SEE US, “Macca” is the newest release from Krystle Warren & The Faculty, that was recorded on the heels of sessions for the band’s upcoming full length album EXTENDED PLAY.”Macca” arrived unexpectedly. // “A Pal contacted me to help work on the music for an advertisement he was piecing together. My job was to find a melody and put words to it, so I set up my mic and started trying out ideas. And then POW! ‘ ‘Hang then upon the moon…’ – it sounded so distinctly Paul. Immediately I worried that the client would accept my buddy’s submission; thankfully, they didn’t.” // The “Paul” Krystle is referring to is of course, Paul McCartney, whose famous nickname entitles the song. // “He is such a huge inspiration for me. As a songwriter – my love of melody, the little quirks that come out lyrically – that’s all thanks to him. Nd singing that chorus — it evoked for me those gorgeous ballads he composed in the 80s – ‘Wanderlust,” ‘Tug Of War’…There’s a bit of Wings there as well, I think, with a nod to ‘I’m Carrying.’ // “What’s wild to me is that, though I decided. ‘This is for Paul,’ it became equal parts: a love letter to him, and a note of encouragement to me. Which is a wonderful thing when you think about it: Paul’s music so often encourages us to keep going, keep trying, and in using his language (so to speak), unwittingly, he was giving me strength.”]

[Krystle Warren & Solomon Dorsey will headline the KC Folk Fest 2023 on Saturday, May 20, in Washington Square Park, Kansas City, MO with Solomon Dorsey. Info: http://www.krystlewarren.com or http://www.kansascityfolkfestival.org]

  1. Krystle Warren – “Born In The Fall”
    from: A Time to Keep Love Songs EP / Parlour Door Music / August 12, 2011
    [Originally from KC, Krystle learned to play the guitar by listening to Rubber Soul & Revolver from The Beatles. Krystle graduated from Paseo Arts Academy in 2001 and began her musical career in collaborating with area jazz and pop musicians. After living in San Francisco and NYC, Krystle was signed to a French label, Because Music, and moved to Paris to release “Circles” in 2009. Krystle played French and British television programs, including Later with Jools Holland, garnering critical acclaim and traveling all over the world with Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Norah Jones, and Joan As Police Woman. Krystle created, Parlour Door Music, to release “Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace” a recording from a 13-day session in Brooklyn, where she recorded 24 songs live with 28 musicians including her band, The Faculty, alongside choirs, horn and string sections.]

[Krystle Warren & Solomon Dorsey will headline the KC Folk Fest 2023 on Saturday, May 20, in Washington Square Park, Kansas City, MO with Solomon Dorsey. Info: http://www.krystlewarren.com or http://www.kansascityfolkfestival.org]

  1. Ghost Funk Orchestra – “Scatter”
    from: A New Kind of Love / Karma Chief – Colemine Records / October 28, 2023
    [The long-awaited 3rd LP from Ghost Funk Orchestra is out. Seth Applebaum is a brilliant musician and composer, and he really stretched his imagination on this album. A New Kind of Love sees the 11-piece band blending impressions of a bygone era (the 60’s and 70’s) with the personal experiences Seth has had as a film maker in the 21st century. It’s psychedelic, romantic, soulful, and yet could score soundtracks to action movies or a modern twist on a classic film noir. // Each song on Ghost Funk Orchestra’s 3rd album, A New Kind of Love, due to be released on Colemine Records … 2022, resonates like the soundtrack to a scene from an imaginary movie. The music could score a romantic drama, an action thriller, or a modern twist on a classic film noir. The spare, cascading vocals accentuate the lush instrumental orchestrations composed, performed, arranged and produced by multi-instrumentalist Seth Applebaum, whose latest brainchild was conceived and conceptualized during The Great Pause of 2020, a time of tension, bewilderment and isolation. Evoking the grooviness of an era which preceded his arrival on earth, Applebaum draws upon sonic devices of mid-century exotica and the succinct but dense arranging style of the leaders of the pop orchestras which dominated the hit parades of the 60s and early 70s. He blends impressions of this bygone era with an expression of his actual experiences as a young filmmaker coming of age in the 21st century, citing influences such as Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings and Antibalas. A New Kind of Love encompasses a reverence for the past without attempting to recreate it. // In the tradition of the “production forward” discographies of such record makers as David Axelrod and the Mizell Brothers, it’s easy to visualize Applebaum as a “mad doctor” figure, hunkered down in a studio channeling this musical representation of his inner world into the 12 compositions which make up A New Kind of Love. His writing stretches his psyche to explore a terrain in which to capture emotional notes of love going well, love gone sour, manifesting love songs based in ghostly affairs. While the studio is obviously a wondrous happy place of experimentation and creativity for Applebaum, he’s a band guy too (having actually fronted punk outfit The Mad Doctors). Applebaum has the wherewithal to bring his dreamy material to the 10 piece all star Ghost Funk Orchestra, leading them to breathe life into this sophisticated body of work which heralds the celebration of a new era for the group. Ghost Funk Orchestra will be touring in concert this summer and fall to celebrate the release of A New Kind of Love, an album which is sure to stand the test of time. More info at: http://www.ghostfunkorchestra.com]

11:29 – Underwriting

  1. Corey Dies in the End – “Boy With No Job”
    from: “Boy With No Job” – Single / Lime Squeeze Records / February 17, 2023
    [Corey Dies in the End is the solo musical project of Corey Vitt who has been playing in Kansas City and Lawrence bands since 2006 playing with Videodisk, Parents, Hidden Pictures, Rooms Without Windows, and Beautiful Bodies. With Corey Dies in the End on vocals, programming, & guitars and Matty Harris on mixing & mastering. / Corey Dies in the End released the single, “Stranger’s Faces” on September 2, 2022. / Corey Dies in the End released the single, “Goth Girl Summer” on May 20. 2022. / Corey Dies in the End released the single, “Air” on January 26, 2022. / Corey Dies in the End released the single, “Island” on October 6, 2021. More info at: http://www.coreydiesintheend.bandcamp.com]

11:33 – Interview with Jake Walker

Jake Walker Photo by: Brian Paulette

Jake Walker who has been a professional actor for 20 years, and for most of those years his artistic home has been Kansas City. In 2020 when covid-19 shut down performing arts venues across the country, Jake and several colleagues from the theatre community banded together to create the Theatre Community Fund of Kansas City, or TCF for short, a non profit organization designed to provide support to KC theatre workers. First providing food and financial assistance, then growing to also provide free career development and urgent community care. More information at: http://www.theatrefundkc.org

Jake Walker, Thank you for being with us today on WMM.

Theatre Community Fund of Kansas City Board of Directors

President, Founding Member – Amanda Arany (she/her)
General Manager @ ArtsKC / Artistic Associate @ KC Public Theatre

Executive Director, Founder – Jake Walker (he/him)
Founder @ Theatre Community Fund of KC / AEA Actor

Vice President, Founding Member – Korey Childs (he/him)
Artistic Director @ The Arts Asylum

Founding Member – Christopher Barksdale-Burns (he/him)
Dancer, Choreographer

Founding Member – Sierra Berry (she/her)
Local Performer & Creator

Member – Phil “Blue Owl” Hooser
Playwright, Actor

Member – Natalee Merola (she/her)
Actor, Choreographer

Jake Walker, Executive Director writes:

“When the pandemic hit in early 2020, like millions of other theatre artists, I lost all my work, and all prospects of work for the foreseeable future. I had a little savings, but not much, and when that ran out, I had no idea how I would pay rent till my unemployment kicked in. I put out the call for help and in two days, the people in my community completely covered me. I’ve wanted to create something like TCF for some time, but this was my call to action; to create a way for any local theatre artist to have access to the same help I received.”

“KC is a theatre town, and it’s been my home for 30 years. I was in my first equity show at The Unicorn in 2001. I was in my first Shakespeare production here. I got my equity card at The Coterie. A lot of local theatre folks have the same story. We make homes and lives and families here. We get to know the people in the audience, we see them at the grocery store, or at the movie theatre. The theatre community in KC is a buzzing little eco system, everyone relying on each other in some way.”

“At some point, we all need help, and we all are capable of making a difference in someone else’s life. TCF was created to serve as a lightning rod for the generosity that already courses through our community, connecting the helpers with folks in need, grounded in the knowledge that we are all here to take care of each other. And that’s that.”

Join the Volunteer Ensemble Today!

Since 2020, our Volunteer Ensemble has assembled and delivered care packages to households in need. Ensemble members help out at our food pantry and assist at in person events. It’s ranks are filled with both theatre workers and theatre patrons, all share in their love for the theatre community and their desire to help folks who need it.

Email us today at volunteer@theatrefundkc.org to join our Ensemble of Volunteers. The Ensemble is instrumental in the success of TCF by providing support at food drives, dropping off requests, and helping our organization supply assistance to our community in Kansas City. Join today and make a lasting impact in our arts community.

TCF Food Bank

Drop Off Day is back!! For almost a year we had weekly drop off hours at The Unicorn Theatre, who generously hosted our food bank for many months. Now, Drop Off day is back, this time at The Arts Asylum. Anything you give will have a huge impact on KC families in need. If you need assistance please fill out our Request Form to get help TODAY! The TCF Food Bank is available to any theatre artist and is there for our community when you need a helping hand with groceries, toiletries, household items, and pet needs. TCF aims to take the stigma out of needing help, so don’t worry about requests. TCF is here for YOU! Contact us now and receive the help you deserve.

Additional Local Services:

Resolution Services – REVEAL program: Housing assistance, dental/medical resources
816-931-4751 ex. 1

MOCSA – Free mental health resources – 816-931-4527

KC Tenants – Grassroots Renters rights org – 816-533-5435

Community Assistance Council (Hickman Mills, Ruskin, Center districts)
Food distribution (within certain service area), Emergency Rent/Utility assistance
816-763-3277 ex. 100

UMKC School of Dentistry (affordable dental) – New patients call 816-235-2100

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception – Emergency Utility Assistance
Tues-Friday, 930am to 1130am – 816-842-0416 x132

Guadalupe Center – Various programs/resources for Latino communities
1015 Avenida Cesar E. Chavez, Kansas City, MO 64108 – (816) 421-1015

Bethel-Riverview Coordination and Development – Emergency financial assistance for utilities; Food pantry 947 Osage, Kansas City, KS 66105, (913) 321-7418

Crosslines Cooperative Council, Inc. – Emergency Assistance for individuals and families with opportunities to receive basic necessities such as: Clothing Closet — free clean clothing, Rent and Utility Assistance, Shower facilities, Laundry services, Medicine Cabinet – 736 Shawnee Avenue. Kansas City, KS 66105, (913) 281-3388 / http://www.cross-lines.org/programs/emergency-assistance

Economic Opportunity Foundation Inc. – Emergency assistance to help families obtain needed supports such as utility and rent assistance, and mortgage default counseling, and to address emergency situations. / 1542 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66102, (913) 371-7800, http://www.eofkck.org

Della Lamb – Community Services – Della Lamb serves thousands of Kansas City people annually through rent, utility, food, back-to-school supplies and holiday assistance. Residency restrictions apply. – 500 Woodland Ave., Kansas City, MO 64106, (816) 842-8040 / Ask for Social Services Department, http://www.dellalamb.org/educational-support-services/emergency-services/

Theatre Community Fund of Kansas City – Telephone: 720-569-4246
Address: 4741 Central St., Suite 1409, Kansas City, MO 64112

Jake Walker, Thank you for being with us today on WMM.

The Theatre Community Fund of Kansas City, or TCF for short, a non profit organization designed to provide support to KC theatre workers. First providing food and financial assistance, then growing to also provide free career development and urgent community care. More information at: http://www.theatrefundkc.org


  1. The Salvation Choir – “Tafakarini (Radio Edit)”
    from: Tafakarini / The Salvation Choir / February 8, 2023
    [This single release contains 3 versions of Tafakarini: Tafararini (Live in Kansas City, full version) 09:36 / Tafakarini (Radio edit) 05:04 / and Utukuzwe (Bonus track, lo-fi phone demo) 03:31 video . The Salvation Choir is a Congolese Rumba band from Congo and Tanzania based in Kansas City, Missouri. The are over 20 members in the choir and the choir masters are Jeune Premier Silambien and Pastor John Wilondja. “Tafakarini” was recorded live in our front yard in Kansas City, Missouri in April 2022. It was recorded and mixed by Danny Bowersox and Tyler Bachert. “Utukuzwe” is a lo-fi demo of our song that was featured on Dust To Digital. Recorded on a cassette tape and cell phone by Pastor John Wilondja in 2021. // The Salvation Choir are planning to record in the studio in 2023. More info at: www:thesalvationchoir.com

[The Salvation Choir will play at Boulevardia Saturday, June 17, 2023 at Crown Center.]

  1. Stephen Marley – “Old Soul”
    from: “Old Soul” – Single / Tuff Gong Collective / April 20, 2023
    [Stephen Marley releases his highly anticipated single “Old Soul,” now available on all streaming platforms via Tuff Gong Collective/UME/Ghetto Youths International. The award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer chronicles his growth and innocence as a youth Marley kid, the second son of Bob Marley, and his personal rites of passage through the family legacy. The warm acoustic track takes the listener on a coming-of-age journey through allusions to personal legends and eras of musical influences that “made it all possible.” / “April 1972, my mom and poppa brought me through,” Stephen sings on the moving new track. “Back then, I was the favorite, so they say.” The song arrives simultaneously as Bob Marley’s second oldest son celebrates his 51st year of life. “I’m an old soul, living in the body of a 9-year-old,” Stephen sings, sharing glimpses of his past. “Guess I’ve been here before.” The song was co-written with Jamaican pop star Omi, whose manager, renowned producer Specialist, brought it to Stephen, saying it fit him. “I had to change up the years to place my life in it,” Stephen says, “but really, Omi gave me the first inspiration.” / “Old Soul” showcases Marley’s versatility, and the message within his music remains consistent. “We come to free the people’s minds,” says the multi-Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and producer Stephen Marley. “Only way you can free your soul is to free your mind. My father said, ‘No chains on my feet, but I’m not free,’ and then he come to say, ‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.’ Anywhere the music calls us, we are going to be there to spread the message of love and unity.”/ Summer 2023 marks the triumphant return of Stephen’s “Babylon By Bus Summer Tour,” which includes a cavalcade of hand-picked support artists appearing at various venues across the country including Fortunate Youth, Skip Marley, Jesse Royal, Hirie, Arise Roots and Roots of Creation. The tour will begin in San Diego, CA in June with multiple stops in California before heading to Colorado, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Cape Cod, Brooklyn, NY and more]
  1. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
    from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Next week on Wednesday MidDay Medley on May 3 we talk with Vice President of KKFI’s Board of Directors, Elyshya “Millz” Miller and CEO of One Voice Radio – internet radio, based out of Kansas City , Missouri, giving a voice to the voiceless, playing independent artists, and offering podcasts that are done live on air. More info at: http://www.ovrstation.com

Also… next week we talk with Philip Dickey of the bands: Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin, and Dragon Inn 3. Phil shares all the details about the new album release from Dragon Inn 3 called TRADE SECRETS coming out on April 28, 2023. Phil Dickey & Grace Bentley of Dragon Inn 3 play the Songbird Sessions presented by Manor Records at Blip Roasters, 1301 Woodswether Road, KC WEST BOTTOMS, on Thursday, May 4, 2023 at 8:00 PM.

Photo Art by William Willmott aka Neon Nicodemus

Also… Next week we talk with Ethan Eckert about his new 17-track full length album, 21, PUNISHMENT and DISARRAY. More info at: http://www.ethaneckert.bandcamp.com

In 2 weeks Shaun Crowley joins us for an entire show featuring the music of Manor Fest 5.

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Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org

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