Praise and Press

“a local treasure!” – Matthew Louis Roth

“Mark Manning Thank You for being there when we needed you all.” – Misha D. Roberts

“The work Mark does is really unparalleled…tireless efforts.” – Mike McCoy

“Thank you, Mark, for your friendship, your support..everything. Love you!” – Krystle Warren

“Mark Manning is the hardest-working radio host in the nation. There, I said it. Rather than fight me, donate to KKFI 90.1 FM Kansas City Community Radio.” – Dave Tanner

“I really appreciate Mark’s process and approach. Thanks for supporting so many midcoast artists!” – Mikal Shapiro

“Thanks to Mark Manning for all the work he does for Kansas City artists. Shouts to KKFI 90.1 FM for the consistent radio play.” – Royce “Sauce” Handy

“Thank you Mark Manning for all that you do to share your love of music with the world. Whether they are national or MidCoastal artists, the passion you have for them and deliver in your program is electric. Hours and hours must be given to your copious notes, and anyone who wants to know what is up in Kansas City needs to look no further than your weekly show.” – Patrick Sprehe (Center Cut Records)

“I met Mark Manning years ago (when i was in middle school I believe) and have gelled ever since. Mark is one the sweetest, dedicated, driven and gentlest human beings i know. – Remy Styrk

“Thanks for everything Mark! Anne is smiling upon you!” – Johnny Hamil

“I’m learning all the time by listening to his show!” – Cathy Hawes

“Thanks, Mark Manning, for the tremendous amount you do for Kansas City music and the community in general.” – Pat Tomek

“This is a Brilliant Show.” – Ron Megee

“Big love and thanks to my all-time favorite hometown radio King, Mark Manning.” – Cat Dail

“Wednesday MidDay Medley is the “Best Place To Hear Local Music On The Radio: The place to listen to new local music and often hear performers talk about it.” – Tim Finn, Kansas City Star

“Mark Manning thank you for your tireless contributions to our community.”- Joel Nanos

“Thank you Mark Manning for having us on and really really being very real about it! Crucial crucial force that is definitely needed for KC’s music scenes.” – Hadiza.

“Your support and attention to detail and inclusivity is inspirational and continually leaves me an awe. You are a Kansas City cultural ambassador of the highest order! Gratitude and love to you, Mark!” – Steve Tulipana

“I’m constantly amazed at how much thought and care Mark puts into his show. I still remember the first time he interviewed Julie and I. I thought ‘holy cow, here’s somebody who really cares’. I had never been interviewed with such attention to detail and with such a thoughtful approach. We probably didn’t deserve that much respect back then, but you worked so hard and it really made my art feel validated before anyone ever thought I was any good. And to see how much care and thought you put into this list, it’s just amazing. You never slack off! You always care and you’re a true inspiration and somebody I genuinely look up to as a model of what a great human being is. Whew I just had to get that off my chest. Thank You Mark Manning!” – Andrew Morris

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