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Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday MidDay Medley Spins Seven Inch Singles
+ Chambers + Phil Neal + Vi Tran & The Buffalo Room
+ Annie Cherry & Sara Hadley

7 inch single special

1. The Velvet Underground and Nico – “All Tomorrow’s Parties” (Mono Single Version) (Vinyl)
from: 7” / Verve Records – MGM Special Disc Jockey Record / July, 1966 (Sundazed 2009)
[Recorded April 1966 at Scepter Studios, New York, NY. Issued a year ahead of their debut album, this was the top side of the band’s first single because it was Andy Warhol’s favorite VU song. Previously recorded by Lou Reed, John Cale, and Sterling Morrison on the 1965 demo tape. It was the closest The Velvets ever got to The Top 100, peaking at 103 in Cash Box. Flip side was “I’ll Be Your Mirror.” Part of a six-single set called “The Velvet Underground Singles 1966-69” issued through Sundazed Records.]

2. Regina Spektor – “You’ve Got Time”(Vinyl)
from: Special Record Store Day 7” Single Release / Sire Records / April 19, 2014
[“You’ve Got Time” is the theme song for the Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black. Produced by Rob Cavallo, the track was nominated for a 2013 Grammy award. This RSD exclusive is on orange vinyl.
You’ve Got Time”/”Call Them Brothers” (feat. Only Son) (non-album track)]

3. Chambers – “Inner Room (Single)”
from: Inner Room / The Record Machine / June 10, 2014
[Single release from band’s debut recording. 4 piece Mood Rock band from Denton, Texas. When Judson Valdez and Chase Johnson started working together in October of 2012, they were playing as backing musicians for a mutual friend’s project. After only a couple of months playing together, they quickly realized that they shared creative similarities and decided to try writing music together. Along the way of writing the songs that would eventually become Chambers first album, they recruited Johnson’s sister Piper, stole their sound engineer, Daniel Pelletier, away to play bass to round out the band and became Chambers.]

[Chambers plays Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas, on Friday, June 13 with La Guerre, and Chambers also play Czar Bar, in Kansas City, Saturday, June 14.]


10:15 – Interview with Judson Valdez & Piper Johnson of Chambers

Chambers played the Middle of the Map Fest, April 5, at the recordBar, the band is now heading out for a midwest tour starting this week in support of your debut release Inner Room.

Chambers is a 4 piece band with: Piper Johnson – Synths, Lead vocals, backing vocals; Chase Johnson – drums, samples, Backing vocals; Daniel Pelletier – Bass, backing vocals.

Early the band members realized that they had strong but very different voices and instead of trying to conform their different styles to each other, made it into their strength. What has come out of this process is a collection of songs that features 3 different singers, complex arrangements of harmonies, and a variety of instruments and styles.

Judson said in an interview that making “Inner room” “taught us to respect each other and ourselves as creators.”

In just under two years the band has already played with: Grimes, Cold War kids, Efterklang, Chelsea Wolfe, Tennis, Torres, Frontier Ruckus, and toured with Seryn.

10:28 – Underwriting


4. Phil Neal & the Wornalls – “Lifeline”
from: Lifeline / Delaware Street Records / May 24, 2014


10:35 – Interview with Phil Neal

Kansas City based veteran singer songwriter, and rock and roller, Phil Neal has written dozens, of what he calls “Midwestern Rock” numbers. His band, The Wornalls bring his songs to life. Doug Gunn on drums, Danko Loftus on bass, Gary Paredes on guitar, Ben Eisiminger on keyboard, and Bruce Sidener on guitar. We’ll hear songs from their new album “Lifeline”.

Phil Neal’s early eighties band, The Artists, had a video in rotation on MTV, critical acclaim, and national management. When the band fell apart, Phil continued on, writing songs, and playing for over three decades, with several different bands, all while raising a family, and making a home, here in Kansas City.

Phil Neal & The Wornalls new release Lifeline is available on i-Tunes and CD baby and other musical outlets. More info at: https://www.facebook.com/ThePhilNealBand


5. Phil Neal & the Wornalls – “Fear of the Man”
from: Lifeline / Phil Neal / May 24, 2014

6. Cadillac Flambé – “Old American Law”
from: Old American Law / Little Class Records / June 14, 2014
[Third release from Kansas City’s delta darlings, Cadillac Flambé, a band that has been breathing new life into the Americana scene with their rejuvenating tumble boogie. Rooted in the solitary country blues of Leadbelly and the urban grit of John Lee Hooker, they till in the harmony of Johnny & June Cater and combine the funk punk blues brandish of The Black Keys, conjuring up their own explicit type of roots music they like to call “Blue-Eyed Americana Psychedelic Soul.” Their 2013 release “Movin’ On” was a collection of recordings memorializing the loss of their harmonica player, James “Pappy” Garrett, a follow up to their 2011 debut release, Eli’s Porch. From their humble farmhouse beginnings, husband/wife duo Kris & Havilah Bruders, harmonize and she vocals, lead guitar and keys.]

[Cadillac Flambé play a CD Release Party, Saturday, June 14, at 8:00pm, at The Tank Room 1813 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, with Dead Voices, and Freight Train Rabbit Killer.]

[Cadillac Flambe’ play BOULEVARDIA, Sun, June 15 at 2:25 pm on The Chipotle Homegrown Stage.]

7. Orthon Anderthon – “Cold Wind”
from: Amateur to Laughter / Independent / June 20, 2014
[Orthon Anderthon is: Joshua Davison, with Cowboy Cowden, Benton Grayson. The band is currently working on their new record More info at: http://www.orthonanderthon.wix.com]

[Orthon Anderthon play a special Album Release party at the Uptown Arts Bar, Friday, June 20, at 9:00 pm with Herald the Spider.]

11:00 – Station ID

8. The Good Foot – “Bad Way” (Vinyl)
from: Numeration / Bad Way (Split Single) 7″ Vinyl / Shipshape Records / Feb. 18, 2012
[7-piece, KC soul revue that is one of the most popular bands in the area. The band includes: Julia Haile, Adam Wagner, Tim Braun, Quentin Schmidt, David Conarroe, Nick Howell, and Nick Rowland. Known for their interpretations of the Motown & Stax songbook, as well as their own original compositions.]

Too Much Rock is a music blog site created by Sid Sowder in 1997, as a place where he could document his life as it relates to music. Sid posts his photos and videos and comments of the live music shows he attends. The site is not created as a for profit venture. While he asks that folks not steal his pictures, the watermarked ones are all available via a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License, and as long as you give him proper credit. His pictures appear on hundreds of bands websites and press kits and magazines.

The Too Much Rock Single Series is a collection of 45 RPM songles that marry great songs with great bands all for the love of vinyl. Each old-school two-song single features one unique song pared with one cover chosen by Too Much Rock. 500 limited edition copies are pressed and given to the band, to sell as merchandise at shows and at local record stores.

So far, their have been three Too Much Rock 7″ Single Releases…

9. Josh Berwanger – “Oh Bis!” (Vinyl)
from: Too Much Rock Single Series No. 003 / Too Much Rock / June 3, 2014
[Recorded and engineered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording. From Berwangermusic.com: “Josh Berwanger made a name for himself as a member of The Anniversary, a Kansas band that released two albums (2000’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown and 2002’s Your Majesty) and selling over 100,000 records before imploding in a breakup of Fleetwood Mac-style proportions while attempting to tour Japan. Undeterred, Berwanger put together a new band—a country-rock outfit called The Only Children–and would go on to release two criminally underrated records (2004’s Change of Living and 2007’s Keeper of Youth) before pulling the plug on that project and taking a job doing the next most logical thing possible– coaching high school basketball in Lawrence. For his 2013 release Strange Stains, Berwanger joined forces with old pal and original drummer for The Anniversary, Michael Hutcherson. “Josh and I met in 1996 while playing in local KC pop punk bands,” recalls Hutcherson, “I am honored to be making music with Josh again. For all that’s changed in our lives over the years, we’ve still got a symbiotic musical relationship. No questions, no egos, just rock & roll.”]

[Josh Berwanger plays Boulevardia, Saturday, June 14, at 5:45 pm on the Chipolte Homegrown Stage]

[Josh Berwanger plays lawrence Field Day Festival, Saturday June, 21, at 11:00 pm at The Bottleneck.]

10. Schwervon! – “Landlocked” (Vinyl)
from: Too Much Rock Single Series No. 001 / Too Much Rock / Novemebr 12, 2013
[Schwervon! is a two piece rock band. Nan plays drums and Matt plays guitar and they both sing. They lived in NYC for 15 years and have just relocated to Kansas City. “Landlocked” is the first song written by the duo after moving to Kansas City. On the flip side the duo recorded the Raincoats’ off-kilter 1979 anthem “Off Duty Trip.”]

[Schwervon plays Davey’s Uptown, Friday, June 13, with Folkicide, and Estocar from Seattle.]

11. Rev Gusto – “Local Girls” (Vinyl)
from: Too Much Rock Single Series No. 002 / Too Much Rock / 2014
[Written by Graham Parker. B-side of TMR single Still There. Jerry Frederick on Vocals & Guitar, Sam Frederick on bass, Shaun Crowley on lead guitar and keys; Peter Beatty on guitar & back-up vocals; Quinn Hernandez on drums, Recorded with and engineered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording. Rev Gusto has jusT signed with High Dive Records and will be putting out a full length very soon!]

11:16 – Interview with Vi Tran, Annie Cherry, & Sara Hadley

Writer, actor, musician, artist, teacher, singer, songwriter – Vi Tran was born near Saigon, Vietnam and raised in southwestern Kansas. He began performing as a toddler in the refugee camps of southeast Asia. Vi has appeared in theatres all across Kansas City as an actor, has also become a big part of the Kansas City Music Scene. In 2013 his debut full length recording “American Heroine” was part of our 113 Best Recordings of 2013. Vi joins us today to talk about his new venue, The Buffalo Room, 817 Westport Road, KCMO. A performance venue and creative commons in the grand tradition of the historic artists’ salons of Paris, London, and New York, but with a Midwestern twist.

Annie Cherry & Sara Hadley, the producers of the first event at The Buffalo Room, this weekend’s Burlesque on the Rocks: Led Zeppelin Edition – June 13 & 14, at 9:00 pm.

Annie Cherry, is also appearing in the upcoming Late Night Theatre production of The Dykes of Hazzard, at Missie B’s, 805 West 39th Street, KCMO, July 5 through July 28.

Burlesque on the Rocks: Led Zeppelin Edition – June 13 & 14, at 9:00 pm. More info at: http://www.facebook.com/buffaloroomkc

11:29 – Underwriting


12. Hospital Ships – “Come Back To Life” (Vinyl)
from: Split Single with The Hips / Replay Records / October, 2012
[Tecorded and mixed by JG at 801 Lincoln. Also available on band’s full length release “Destruction In Yr Soul” released on Graveface, June 18, 3013. It was the follow up tho the band’s 2011 release Lonely Twin. This is Jordan Geiger’s Lawrence based band with Nathan Dixey, Taylor Holenbeck, Nathan Wilder. Jordan Geiger is the keyboardist for The Appleseed Cast and the occasional member of Shearwater and Minus Story. The choir on “Come Back To Life” is by Cowboy Indian Bear and the HIPS, by the way of The Record Machine. The band played Middle of The Map Fest 2013.]

13. Mazzy Star – “I’m Less Here”(Vinyl)
from: Record Store Day Limited Edition Single / Rhymes of an Hour / April 19, 2014
[This special Record Store Day, limited edition color vinyl release was not included in the band’s “Seasons of Your Day,” from Rhymes of an Hour, released September 24, 2013, their 4th studio album by alternative rock band formed in Santa Monica, California, in 1989, a collaboration of guitarist David Roback and bassist Kendra Smith. Roback’s friend Hope Sandoval became the group’s vocalist when Smith left the band. Mazzy Star is best known for the song “Fade into You” which brought the band some success in the mid-1990s and was the group’s biggest mainstream hit, earning extensive exposure on MTV, VH1, and radio airplay. Roback and Sandoval are the creative center of the band, with Sandoval as lyricist and Roback as composer of the majority of the band’s material. Mazzy Star has deep roots within the Californian Paisley Underground movement of the early 1980s. David Roback, along with his brother Steven, was one of the main architects of leading Los Angeles psychedelic revival band, the Rain Parade.]

14. Red Kate – “On My Mind” (Vinyl)
from: Red Kate & The Bad Ideas – Split 7″ / Mills Record Company / May 31, 2013
[KC based Punk band Red Kate is a 4-piece that has been rocking venues since 2007. Bassist and lead vocalist L. Ron Drunkard, Andrew Whelan on drums, vocals; Brad Huhmann on guitar, Desmond Poirier on guitar, vocals. Red Kate and The Bad Ideas have joined forces to release a new Split 7” Single. Just released as The Bad Ideas head out for a 3 week east coast tour. Engineered by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City. Premiere vinyl release on the “Mills Record Company” label.]

[Red Kate plays the Lawrence Field Day Festival, at the Jackpot, Saturday, June 21, at 11:30 am.]


15. Jorge Arana Trio – “Dagger” (Vinyl)
from: Split Single Jorge Arana Trio + Ambulants / Bridal Horse records / November 5, 2013
[Jorge Arana – Guitar, Josh Enyart – Drums , Jason Nash – Bass, Chaski Zapata-Dye – Violion, Recorded at Trim The Fat Studios, Summer 2013. Engineered by Jason Nash with additional help from Justin Wilson. Mixed & mastered by Paul Malinowski. Album art by Andy Ozier. Photography by Alex Bonham-Carter.]

[Jorge Arana Trio play Gaslight Gardens, Fri, June 27] [Jorge Arana Trio play Californos, Sat, July 5]

[Jorge Arana Trio play the recordBar, Sat. July 19] [Jorge Arana Trio play the Riot Room, Fri, Aug 1]

16. Valerie June – “Wanna Be On Your Mind” (Vinyl)
from: 7” Single Release / Sunday Best / May 20, 2013
[Also available on The album ‘Pushin’ Against a Stone’ was mostly recorded at Dan Auerbach’s (The Black Keys) Easy Eye studio in Nashville, as well as L.A. and Budapest, and was produced by both Dan Auerbach and Kevin Augunas and released May 6th 2013. Earlier this year, Valerie June opened for Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings in Lawrence, Kansdas at Liberty Hall.]

17. Erik Voeks – “Ole’” (Vinyl)
from: Free Range [EP] / Spring Records / March 30, 2012
[Produced by E. Voeks, Patrick Hawley and Troy Van Horn. Drums and percussion by Patrick Hawley. Steel guitar by Mike Stover. Other instruments and voices by Erik Voeks. All songs written by Erik Voeks. Drums and percussion recorded by Joe Thebeau @ Victory Over Gravity Productions. Steel Guitar recorded by Mike Stover @ The Stoverdome. Everything else recorded by E.Voeks @ Sandusky Sound Co. Many thanks to Troy, Patrick, Mike, Joe, Cody Wyoming, Hidden Pictures, all the musicians that have played these songs in one form or another over the years and to my lovely wife, Coleen!.]


18. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes on tracks and interview segments come from: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org and where noted.

Next week on June 18, we’ll present our annual Gay Pride Show…”That’s Soooo Gay” We’ll play music from: Liberace, Charles Nelson Reilly, Paul Lynde, Jim Nabors, Noel Coward, Harvey Fierstein, Sharon Needles, Rupaul, Divine, Kristie Stremel, Summer Osborne, Klaus Nomi, The Sleazebeats, Billy Porter, David Bowie, Lou Reed, John Cale, The Kinsey Sicks, Judy Garland, the Broadway cast of “Kinky Boots” Al Franken, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Dos Fallopia, plus a tribute to Larry Kramer, author of “The Normal Heart.” We’ll also talk with Jamie Rich about the Out Here Now Film Fest.

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:

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