The 114 Best Recordings of 2014

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The 114 Best Recordings of 2014

Please accept this as our celebration in the year of music. We acknowledge that these lists are subjective and that people get left off the list. Please know that it was with great difficulty that we narrowed our list to 114 Recordings. This list is based on our Wednesday MidDay Medley weekly playlists. We’ve compiled representative tracks from our favorite recordings of the year, as previously played on this little ole radio show. In 2014 we’ve played over 1000 songs, and hundreds of New & MidCoastal Releases. Over 40 of the bands and artists on our list have joined us live on the show or performed in-studio. We’ve interviewed over 200 local and national guests. 2/3rds of the recordings on our list were locally produced. It’s all good!

(1.) Shy Boys – Shy Boys / High Dive Records / January 17, 2014
[Debut release. Brothers Collin Rausch, Kyle Rausch, and friend and roommate Konnor Ervin, are members of this Kansas City based trio. Collin and Kyle’s father was a High School band director and music teacher. Konnor Ervin is the lead singer and songwriter of The ACBs, where Kyle also plays drums. The 10 song release had two singles premiered by Stereogum. “Keeps Me On My Toes” was a song Collin wrote in 15 minutes while his girlfriend was in the shower. Wednesday MidDay Medley has been a big fan of all of the ACBs recordings. In 2011 we started playing songs from The I’ms, a duo made of up Collin and Kyle, who posted 6 of their self recorded songs on their facebook page. We ended up including this informal release in our Top Ten of The 111 Best Recordings of 2011. Three of those songs from The I’ms Facebook page ended up being rerecorded and included on Shy Boys. The album was recorded at West End Studio, over two-weekends. Shy Boys joined us live on the show on January 15.]

(2.) Loose Park – Monstrous / Independent / June 5, 2014
[Kansas City based band formed in June 2013 with Matthew Dunehoo on guitar, vocals; Beckie Trost on Bass guitar; and Mike Myers on Drums. This trio are also members/former members of Doris Henson / Baby Teardrops / Ecstatics, The String & Return / In The Pines / Spacesuit, and Soft Reeds.]

(3.) MY BROTHERS & SISTERS – Violet Music Vol. 1 / Independent / April 12, 2014
[Jamie Searle won critical acclaim as lead vocalist and songwriter for the band It’s Over, winner of a Pitch Music Award for Best Live Act. He left It’s Over to concentrate on his music education as a student of UMKC’s Conservatory of Music where he has immersed himself in musical theory, compostion, harmonic structure, melody. Out of school, Jamie spent a year and a half recording the full length release of material he composed for a large ensemble of musicians. The result is: “Violet Music Vol. 1” the debut full length release from Jamie’s band, My Brothers & Sisters, a collective of at times up to 18 musicians, including a strings, horns, percussionists, bass, keyboards, vocalists, and back-up vocalists, and Jamie on vocals, guitar and conducting. Jamie Searle joined us live on the show on October 29.]

(4.) John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons – Organ Donor Blues / Lakeshore Records / June 24, 2014
[John Velghe – vocals, guitar, piano, and rhodes with The Prodigal Sons: Mike Alexander on guitars and vocals, Chris Wagner on bass guitar and vocals, Matt Anderson on Drum Kit, Michael Walker on Trombone, Sam Hughes on Saxophones, and Hermon Mehari on Trumpet. With Kirsten Paludan on vocals, and Josh Quint on pedal steel. Alejandro Escovedo shares in vocals on three album tracks and plays guitars on a few others. Produced by John Velghe. Recording and Mastering was Engineered by Duane Trower. Recorded and Mastered at Weights and Measures Soundlab, Kansas City, MO. Mixing and additional Recording at Guttersnipe Recording Co. Kansas City, MO.]

(5.) Katy Guillen & The Girls – Katy Guillen & The Girls / Independent / Sept. 6, 2014
[Katy Guillen (guitar, vocals), Claire Adams (bass, vocals) & Stephanie Williams (drums). Finalist for the Int. Blues Competition in Memphis. Katy Guillen & The Girls joined us live on September 3.]

(6.) Voices of Unbound – Madagascar / Unbound / November 7, 2014
[Singer/songwriter Barclay Martin spent a month in Madagascar with musician, drummer, engineer and producer, Giuliano Mingucci. The two friends and band mates recorded music written by the local people of Madagascar. The music was recorded in make-shift studios, field recordings, in people’s homes and villages. This project was produced by Unbound, formerly known as CFCA. The CD was released at a special exhibit HEMISPHERES: Sound Photographs from Madagascar. “Blending photography, music, interactive media, on November 7 & 8, at The Living Room Theatre. “Unbound is a humanitarian organization bringing people together to challenge poverty in new and innovative ways in 21 developing countries. Unbound brings people together to challenge poverty in new and innovative ways. More info at Barclay Martin joined us live on the show on October 1.]

(7.) Jorge Arana Trio – Oso [EP] / Haymaker Records / July 19, 2014
[Jorge Arana on Guitar & Keyboard, Josh Enyart on drums & Percussion, and Jason Nash on bass. Oso is the name of Jorge’s childhood family dog. Winner of the 2013 Pitch Music Award for Best Avant-Garde group. Nominated this year for Best Live Act. Jorge Arana Trio joined us live on the show on July 16.]

(8.) Monta At Odds – Robots of Munich / Haymaker Records / October 26, 2014
[5th full length release from KCK based band formed by brothers Dedric and Delaney Moore. Released on vinyl by new KC based record label created by Brenton Cook called Haymaker Records. Robots of Munich was also released on Cassette on RSD, April 19, 2014. Dedric Moore joined us live on the show on Oct. 1.]

(9.) Calvin Arsenia – Moments [EP] / Independent / April 9, 2014
[24 year old Calvin Arsenia recently returned home to Kansas City after living and performing in Edinburgh, Scotland. Standing at 6 foot 5 inches, Arsenia strikes a commanding presence complimented by his equally powerful vocal capacity and his abilities playing piano, guitar and harp. He also works as a songwriter, composer, lyricist, producer, and engineer. Calvin Arsenia made his debut as a performer in early 2010 and since then he has written, arranged and produced 5 EPs. Earlier this year in April, he release a 7-song EP called “Moments” and now is set to release a new EP “Prose,”a collection of new songs inspired by his own personal revival. Calvin Arsenia performs his acoustic show in pubs and local venues around the city, sharing his soaring and soulful vocal range. Calvin Arsenia played live on the show on October 22.]

(10.) Schwervon! – Broken Teeth / Haymaker Records / September 30, 2014
[2 piece rock band. Nan plays drums and Matt plays guitar and they both sing. They lived in NYC for 15 years and have just relocated to KC. Schwervon! joined us live on the show on October 1.]

(11.) Kasey Rausch – Guitar in Hand / Mudstomp Records / November 21, 2014
[Guitar in Hand is the third solo release from KC based singer-songwriter Kasey Rausch. With Mikal Shapiro she hosts/produces RIVER TRADE RADIO Sunday mornings at 9am, on 90.1 FM. Kasey Rausch plays with The Naughty Pines every Tuesday at CODA. Kasey Rausch joined us live on the show on November 26.]

(12.) The War on Drugs – Lost In The Dream / Secretly Canadian / March 18, 2014
[3rd album from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, band formed in 2005. The band consists of Adam Granduciel (vocals, guitar), David Hartley (bass, guitar), Robbie Bennett (keys, guitar) & Patrick Berkery (drums). Founded by close collaborators Granduciel & Kurt Vile, The War on Drugs released their debut studio album, Wagonwheel Blues, in 2008. Vile departed shortly after its release to focus on his solo career. The band’s 2nd studio album Slave Ambient was released in 2011 to critical acclaim and extensive touring. First played on the show on March 19.]

(13.) Sturgill Simpson – Metamodern Sounds In Country Music / High Top Mountain / May 13, 2014
[Sturgill Simpson – vocals/acoustic guitar/backing vocals , Laur Joamets – electric & slide guitar , Kevin Black – bass guitar , Miles Miller – drums/percussion/ backing vocals, Mike Webb – keyboards/mellotron , Dave Cobb – classical guitar/percussion. Produced & Engineered by Dave Cobb , Assistant Engineers – Justin Herlocker & John Netti . Mixed by Dave Cobb & Sturgill Simpson. Mastered by Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Mastering. All tracks recorded at LCS in Nashville, TN.]

(14.) Sara Swenson – Runway Lights / Independent / July 18, 2014
[Critically acclaimed singer songwriter Sara Swenson has released some of our most played and favorite recordings of the last 7 years. Her self titled debut ended up at the top of our list of The 100 Best Recordings of 2009. In 2010 Sara Swenson released her second full length recording, “All Things Big and Small” again working with Don Chaffer in Nashville who added new layers to Sara’s great songs and voice. In Novenber of 2011, Sara released her 5 song EP called “Never Left My Mind,” featuring her band at the time, The Pearl Snaps. In that time frame, she also had picked up two Kansas City Singer-Songwriter of the Year awards, performed with Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair, and placed a song on the season finale of ABC’s “Private Practice.” Then after the school year ended in 2012, Sara Swenson left her job as a High School English and Journalism Teacher in Platte County High School, and left the Kansas City music scene, and she flew off to the United Kingdom, where she got married. This spring, Sara returned to Kansas City and performed for the Folk Alliance International Conference. This summer she released her fourth studio album that captures snapshots of her 18-month experience of living abroad, moving from dating to marriage and sorting through the accompanying transitions and emotions. Produced by Don Chaffer in Nashville. Sara Swenson joined us live on the show on July 9.]

(15.) Kristie Stremel – Songwriter / Stremeltone / April 1, 2014
[Described as “Joan Jett & Tom Petty’s love child,” and armed with her guitar, fueled by coffee, and over 75 published songs, singer, songwriter, producer, rock & roll mom, Kristie Stremel has had a very busy year. In October, 2013 Kristie and her partner, Lori Isabell, welcomed their adopted baby son, Charlie, into their family. In April 2014 Kristie released her 6th solo record, and the 9th full-length release of her musical career of over 20 years. Released on her own label, Stremeltone, it was Kristie’s first self-produced album. Stremeltone Records, was created in her home in Lawrence. The last track, “It’s Enough” was released early, as a video, featuring photos of couples in partenerships, relationships, marriages, unions, families. The video was Kristie’s response the the Kansas House of Representatives passing HD 2453 allowing business the right to refuse service to LGBT customers. The bill eventually died in the Kansas Senate. Songwriter, is Kristie’s self produced record that was mixed by famed musician and producer Lou Whitney, who in 2001 produced Kristie’s first solo full-length, “All I Really Want,” for Slewfoot Records. In 2014 we lost Lou who was 72 and was battling cancer, but still playing in his band Outland through 2013. Kristie has said that Lou Whitney was… “my mentor, a father figure,” Lou told Tim Finn in the KC Star: “I thought she had all the ingredients,” he said. “The songs were poppy efforts to write songs that might actually do something. She was writing personal stuff but couching it in this rock-pop way.” Chris Meck, played on the 2001, release, “All I Really Want.” He joined in on Songwriter and helped with Wildflowers. Chris and Kristie hadn’t played together in over 10 years. Kristie also recently released a new single “Love Makes A Family” with a read-along book for the song she wrote for her son Charlie, in an effort to explain the importance of family and to help celebrate the diversity in families today. Kristie Stremel joined us live on the show on November 5.]

(15.) Kristie Stremel & Friends – Wildflowers / Stremeltone / November 4, 2014
[Kristie told Tim Finn in the KC Star, “The weight of bringing a new, little creature home was a little overwhelming at first,” she said. “But it has been everything I wanted it to be. I’ve always wanted to have a child. Sometimes, desire is all it takes. If you desire it, it will come to you.” “I have a different perspective now that I have a kid, and maybe it will change. But I can’t see giving up music for anything.” This past summer Kristie went to work producing a new full length CD and book called “Wildflowers,” a compilation of 14 original songs and 5 poems for and about children, illustrated by Blue Haas. “Wildflowers,” is a hardcover, 9 x 6 landscape, full color 46 page book illustrated by Blue Haas. The book comes with a companion audio CD of 14 songs and 5 poems represented in book. Krisite invited Kasey Rausch, David George, Victor & Penny, Nini Camps, Fred Wickham, James Johann, Bill McShane, Kelley Hunt, Tina Schlieske, Summer Osborne, Dallas Jones, Ben Bunker, and Greg Wickham to join her with an original song. Kristie also invited Timothy Finn, CJ Janovy, Ron Megee, David Wayne Reed, and Mark Manning to contribute original poems.]

(16.) Old Sound – Rain Follows The Plow / Independent / February 2014
[Greg Herrenbruck ~ Bass & Vocals; Grady Keller ~ Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals; Chad Brothers ~ Acoustic Guitar & Vocals. Recorded and produced by Phil Wade at his studio: Alluvial Fan. Old Sound joined us live on the show on February 12.]

(17.) St. Vincent – St. Vincent / Republic Records / February 25, 2014
[Self-titled 4th studio album from multi-instrumentalists Annie Erin Clark (b. Sept. 28, 1982), known by her stage name St. Vincent. She began her music career as a member of The Polyphonic Spree and was also part of Sufjan Stevens’ touring band before forming her own band in 2006. Clark currently resides in Manhattan. St. Vincent played Lawrence, Kansas at Liberty Hall, on March 31.]

(18.) The Quivers – Hot Young Mess / The Quivers / March 21, 2014
[Debut full length release from KC based rock & roll band. Terra Skaggs – Bass, Vocals; Todd Grantham – Piano, Organ, Vocals; Abraham Haddad – Guitar; Bernie Dugan – Drums; Desmond Poirier – Guitar.]
[Special Horns on the track from Peter Lawless and Kyle Dahlquist. The Quivers played It Came Out of the Garage” a benefit for KKFI, Oct 30 at Knuckleheads.The Quivers joined us live on the show on April 9th.]

(19.) Curtis Harding – Soul Power / Burger Records / April 24, 2012
[The Michigan-bred, Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, and backup singer and writer for Cee-Lo Green and as a member of Night Sun, the lo-fi soul project he formed with Cole Alexander of The Black Lips. His first-ever solo album, Soul Power, was recorded at the Living Room Studios in Atlanta with Justin McNeight and Edward Rawls, who has worked with the Black Lips and the Coathangers. BURGER RECORDS in Fullerton, California, is a record store, and record company, that call themselves a rock n roll philanthropic quasi-religious borderline-cultish propaganda spreading group of suburban perma-teen mutants. More info at:]

(20.) The Architects – Border Wars Episode Two [EP] / Independent / September 8, 2014
[7th release from KC based band: Adam Phillips on drums, Zachary Phillips on bass, Brandon Phillips on guitar & voice, Keenan Nichols on guitar. The three Phillips brothers had previously composed a successful ska and rock band called The Gadjits. In June 2004 The Gadjits ceased to exist as a band and a new band, Architects, was formed. Architects’ sound is a combination of traditional punk, maximum R&B, Midwestern alternative rock, blues-based metal and pop melodies, influenced by The Clash, The Who, Social Distortion, Green Day, Soul Asylum, The Replacements, AC/DC, The Jam and The Kinks. The Architects have toured on the Vans Warped Tour, with My Chemical Romance, and Floggin Molly. Border Wars is a a five-part concept album and graphic novel series funded by the band’s loyal fans through Indiegogo crowd sourcing, and by the band members themselves. More info at: ]

(21) The Lucky – Swimming Invisible / Independent / May 24, 2014
[Camilla Camille on vocals, guitar, octave pedal; Iason Mac Ai on vocals, lead guitar; Calandra Rene on bass; Dustin Mott on drums. Recorded at Massive Sound Studio by Paul Malinowski More info and to see The Lucky’s new music video, visit their FB page: The Lucky joined us live on the show on May 21.]

(22.) The Big Iron – We Will Fall / Independent / May 30, 2014
[The band’s third full-length release was produced and mixed by Joel Nanos of Element Recording. It’s the band’s follow-up to 2008’s “Thanks for the Therapy,” and their 2001 debut recording, “Bury My Mistakes.” Ricky Reyes on guitar; Jon Paul on drums; Jeff Pendergraft on vocals, PK on guitar; and Mike Farren on bass. More info at:]

(23.) Caribou – Our Love / Merge / October 7, 2014
[Our Love is the sixth studio album by Daniel Victor “Dan” Snaith (born 1978) is a Canadian composer, musician and recording artist who has performed under the stage names Caribou, Manitoba and Daphni. The album’s title was a reflection of the success Snaith received after the release of Swim. Describing the inspiration for Our Love, Snaith said “The primary impulse on this record was to make something that was generous in the sense that it was for everybody, not just for me locked in a studio by myself.” The album features contributions from Jessy Lanza and Owen Pallett.]

(24.) Foxygen – …And Star Power / Jagjaguar / October 14, 2014
[Third full-length album by Californian experimental rock duo of San Francisco. The band was formed by Sam France, a 24 year old vocalist and songwriter, originally from Olympia, Washington; and Jonathan Rado, also 23, who is a songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player, originally form NYC. They formed the band in 2005, when they were 14 years old and in high school. The band self-released several EPs between 2007 and 2011. In 2012 the group was signed to Jagjaguwar Records. The band has recently gained a reputation for its unhinged live shows and maniacal behavior of lead singer France, whose antics include hitting himself in the face with a microphone, climbing stage equipment, accosting hecklers and speaking in non sequiturs. On July 29, 2013, during a performance at First Avenue in Minneapolis, vocalist Sam France fell off the stage during the first song of the show, only to appear some time later being carted off by EMS, where he was taken to the hospital with a broken leg.]

(25.) Sun Kil Moon – Benji / Caldo Records / February 11, 2014
[6th studio album by indie folk act Sun Kil Moon. Self-produced by primary recording artist Mark Kozelek, the album shares its name with the 1974 film Benji, and was recorded between March and August 2013 at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. The album features contributions from Owen Ashworth, Jen Wood, Will Oldham, and Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley. The album was recognized as one of The 100 Best Albums of the Decade So Far, a list published by Pitchfork Media in August 2014.]

(26.) Meshell Ndegeocello – Comet, Come to Me / Naive / June 3, 2014
[American singer-songwriter, rapper, bassist, and vocalist. Her music incorporates a wide variety of influences, including funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, reggae and rock. She has received significant critical acclaim throughout her career, and has had ten career Grammy Award nominations.[3] She has been credited for having “sparked the neo-soul movement.”Comet, Come to Me is her 11th studio album.]

(27.) Sylvan Esso – Sylvan Esso / Partisan / May 13, 2014
[Indie folk band formed in Durham, North Carolina with singer Amelia Meath (of Mountain Man) and producer Nick Sanborn (of Megafaun). On July 9, they made their network television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, performing the single “Coffee.”]

(28.) Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness / Jagjaguwar / February 18, 2014
[American folk and indie rock singer and guitarist, who was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She first toured as a backing singer and guitarist with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and The Cairo Gang.]

(29.) Real Estate – Atlas / Domino Records / March 3, 2014
[Single from the 3rd studio album form Ridgewood, New Jersey based 5-piece band]

(30.) Outsides – Million [EP] / Independent / June 6, 2014
[Debut. Outsides is Tim Ellis. The Chicago Tribune called his performance at Lollapalooza: “transcendent” motivating Ellis to dedicate himself to his new project, Outsides. Having relocated from Chicago to his boyhood home of Kansas City, Tim found himself recording in his bedroom, writing guitar parts that were sampled and woven together with synthesizers. When Outsides plays live the band includes: Tim Ellis (guitar, vox); Bronson Kistler (keys, bgv); Ryan Shank (drums); Ian Shea (bass, bgv).]

(31.) Diverse – Our Journey / buh music / May 9, 2014
[Hermon Mehari, on trumpet, Ryan J. Lee on drums, and Ben Leifer on bass recorded the tracks in Paris, France with Tony Tixier on piano and special guest Logan Richardson on alto saxophone. Mentored by the great Bobby Watson at the UMKC, Hermon Mehari, Ben Leifer, and Ryan Lee, with saxophonist William Sanders, and pianist John Brewer, were the winners of the 2008 Origin Records / Gene Harris Jazz Festival Competition, beating out 10 other very original groups from across the country, the quintet opened for Roy Haynes’ ‘Birds of a Feather’ band at the Gene Harris Jazz Festival and were awarded a deal to record their debut album of original music. As the DIVERSE Trio , Hermon Mehari, Ryan Lee and Ben Leifer plays a mix of original & standards. More at:]

(32.) The Sluts – The Loser [EP] / Independent / July 8, 2014
[All songs written by The Sluts. The Sluts are Kristoffer Dover and Ryan Wise. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Kansas City, MO. The band is the winner of the 2014 Pitch Music Award for Best Punk Band]

(33.) The Dead Girls – Noisemaker / Money Wolf Music / November 22, 2014
[Formerly Dead Girls Ruin Everything. Formed in 2004 from the ashes of two bands that were staples of the Lawrence / KC power-pop sound. Guitarists / singers JoJo Longbottom and Cameron Hawk, of Podstar, combine their dual-guitar attack and vocal harmonies with the rhythmic assault of drummer Eric Melin and bassist Nick Colby, of Ultimate Fakebook. Noisemaker is the fourth and final album from The Dead Girls, capping off an amazingly consistent 10-years as a band. Recorded by Steve Squire (Major Games, Danny Pound) and mixed by Austin, TX’s own Jim Vollentine (Spoon, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.]

(34.) The Black Angels – Clear Lake Forest / Blue Horizons Venture / July 22, 2014
[The Black Angels are a psychedelic rock band from Austin, Texas, formed in 2004. Along with this new 7-song EP, they have released four studio albums and one compilation album. Their name is derived from the Velvet Underground song “The Black Angel’s Death Song”.]

(35.) Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – Give The People What They Want / Daptone / Jan 14, 2014
[Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings played Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas, Saturday March 8]

(36.) Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens – Cold World / Daptone Records / July 29, 2014
[From Born in the early 1940s, Naomi began performing with her sisters at their small church in Midway, Alabama. After graduating high school and discovering soul music, she moved first to Florida and then to New York City, where she continued singing in church but also held court in Brooklyn nightclubs under the name Naomi Davis. Like many African American singers at the time, her repertoire balanced the secular and the spiritual, the worldly and the heavenly. Even though her singing career spans half a century, her recording career has been much shorter. In 1999, she and an old friend/collaborator named Cliff Driver formed a gospel group that attracted the ear of Gabriel Roth. At the time he was running a label called Desco, for which Shelton recorded two sides; when it folded, she signed with his new venture, Daptone Records. She’s been a major presence on that label’s roster, touring the world with the Daptone Super-Soul Revue and singing with the Sugarman 3. Never quite as popular or as prolific as Sharon Jones (who is Daptone’s flagship act), Shelton has proved a powerful vocalist and performer even into her 70s. In 2009, she finally released her debut full-length for the label, What Have You Done, My Brother?, which closed with a soul-stirring cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”. Five years later, she finally followed it up with Cold World.]

(37.) Kirsten Paludan & The Key Party – Up All Night / Indep. / December 21, 2013
[Recorded at Element Studios, KCMO, February – November 2012. Produced by Kirsten Paludan and David Gaume. Engineered and mixed by David Gaume. Additional tracking on ‘Siberia’ by Joel Nanos. Cover artwork: ‘Moon’ by Jeremy Rockwell. Design: Studio Ike. Photo: Jeffrey McKee. Kirsten Paludan joined us live on the show February 26. ]

(38.) Phil Neal & The Wornalls – Lifeline / Delaware Street Records / May 24, 2014
[Veteran singer songwriter, and rock and roller, Phil Neal’s early eighties band, The Artists, had a video in rotation on MTV, critical acclaim, and national management. When the band fell apart, Phil continued on, writing songs, and playing for over three decades, with several different bands, all while raising a family, and making a home, here in Kansas City. The songwriter has written dozens, of what he calls “Midwestern Rock” numbers. The Wornalls are the band Phil wanted, to bring his songs to life. Doug Gunn on drums, Danko Loftus on bass, Gary Paredes on guitar, Ben Eisiminger on keyboard, and Bruce Sidener on guitar, they are more than a band to Phil, they’re old friends. Phil Neal joined us live on the show on June 11.]

(39.) Cadillac Flambé – Old American Law / Little Class Records / June 14, 2014
[Third release from Kansas City’s delta darlings, Cadillac Flambé, have been breathing new life into the Americana scene with their rejuvenating tumble boogie. Rooted in the solitary country blues of Leadbelly and the urban grit of John Lee Hooker, they till in the harmony of Johnny & June Cater and combine the funk punk blues brandish of The Black Keys, conjuring up their own explicit type of roots music they like to call “Blue-Eyed Americana Psychedelic Soul.” Their 2013 release Movin’ On was a collection of recordings memorializing the loss of their harmonica player, James “Pappy” Garrett, a follow up to their 2011 release, Eli’s Porch. From their humble farmhouse beginnings, husband/wife duo Kris & Havilah Bruders, drummer Mike Payne and bassist Dr. Dave Duly are bound and determined to open the sonic flood gates.]

(40.) Hidden Pictures – Ottomans / Independent / December 2, 2014
[Richard Gintowt wrote and sings and produced the record. Claire Adams sang harmonies and played ukulele. Lennon Bone and Cameron Joel Hawk played drums. Chad Toney played bass on 1-5, 9 and 11. The rest of the bass parts were from Kyle Akers. Nate Holt played keyboards. Jeff Freling played guitar. Doby Watson sang on “Your An Adult.” Paul Malinowski tracked drums and bass. Joel Nanos tracked guitars. Recorded by Jacob Winik at Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco.]

(41.) Your Friend – Jekyll / Hyde – EP / Domino Records / February 20, 2014
[Lawrence based Taryn Blake Miller was signed to Domino Records. Jekyll/Hyde is available on cassette tape from the Whatever Forever.]

(42.) La Guerre – Rare and Collectible Spirits / The Record Machine / March 25, 2014
[Katlyn Conroy is a singer songwriter who is based in Lawrence, KS and is a member of, Cowboy Indian Bear. La Guerre is the French for “war.”]

(43.) Allah-Las – Worships The Sun / Innovative Leisure / September 16, 2014
[Rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States, formed in 2008. The band consists of Matthew Correia (percussion), Spencer Dunham (bass), Miles Michaud (vocals, guitar), and Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar). When the band got together, three of them – Correia, Dunham and Siadatian – were working at Amoeba Music.]

(44.) Forrester – Antitheses / Independent / March 27, 2014
[Instrumental/Shoegaze/Post-Rock from Lawrence based band formed in the fall of 2011. Members include: Brian Rogers, Joe Newman, Connor Creighton, Will Chertoff, Steven LaCour. Forrester played The Crossroads Summer Block Party, First Friday, June 6, at 19th & Wyandotte, in Kansas City’s Crossroads with Rev. Gusto, The ACB’s, La Guerre, Metatone, Mat Shoare, Loose Park, and Jorge Arana Trio]

(45) Leo Welch – Sabougla Voices / Big Legal Mess Records – Fat Possum / January 7, 2014
[Leo Welch, at the age of 81, to put out his very first album. Welch has been playing gospel and blues around the tiny town of Bruce, Miss., for decades. He was a local standout unknown to the outside world — until he called up an Oxford-based record label, went in for an audition, and signed a record deal on the spot.]

(46.) My Oh My! – Your Heart Not Mine / Independent / March 14, 2014
[Stephen Berry on lead guitar, piano; Grant Buell on piano. bass; Sarah Dolt on vocals; Jacob Horpinjuk on drums; Christin Kuchem-Logan on vocals; Corbin Logan on bass, lap steel; A.M. Merker on vocals, guitar. Drawing on their Americana inspired, rock n’ roll influences of the early 70’s, mixed with their bluegrass roots, KC band, My Oh My!, make a modern, alt-country take on classic rock n’ roll. The seven-piece features the two loveliest backing vocalists in Kansas City and include former members of Kansas City bluegrass band Free State Revival, along with members who have played with such KC staples as The Kansas City Bear Fighters, Margo May & the Interstate Astronauts. My Oh My! played live on the show on Oct. 15.]

(47.) Rosanne Cash – The River & the Tread / Blue Note Records / January 14, 2014
[13th studio album from the eldest daughter of country music icon Johnny Cash and his first wife, Vivian Liberto Cash Distin.] [Rosanne Cash played The Folly Theatre, Friday, November 14]

(48.) Courtney Barnett – The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas / Mom+Pop / Feb. 2, 2014
[Singer-songwriter and guitarist from Melbourne, Australia. In 2012 Barnett started her own label, Milk! Records, and released her first EP I’ve Got A Friend Called Emily Ferris to glowing reviews around Australia. From 2011 – 2013 Barnett was a member of Australian psych/country band Immigrant Union, a musical project founded by Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols and Bob Harrow. Along with sharing vocal duties Barnett predominantly played slide guitar and features on their second studio album ‘Anyway’. DeBoer also played drums on her first EP ‘I’ve Got A Friend Called Emily Ferris’. Barnett received international critical acclaim in 2013 with her second EP How To Carve A Carrot Into A Rose. Barnett combined these two releases into one and called it The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas. Courtney Barnett played Riot Room, Oct. 28.]

(49.) The Sexy Accident – Lavendar 3 / Independent / October 4, 2014
[The Kansas City based band, The Sexy Accident, led by guitarist and singer/songwriter Jesse Kates, decided to release their fifth LP, Lavender 3, as a 48-page, 9-inch square silver cloth-covered hardback book featuring fourteen works of visual art, complete lyrics, interviews with the band, and exclusive photographs. The record was produced, engineered and mixed by Steve Fisk. Recorded at Westend, Kansas City. Mixed at Steve’s house in Seattle. All songs written by Jesse Kates and arranged by Jesse Kates, Daniel Torrence, Camry Ivory, Mark Hamblin and Kristin Smith. Guest starring Laurel Parks, Sascha Groschang, Sean Nelson, Ashley Porter, Jim Daniels, Amy Laemmli and Tobias Kates. Josh Williams recorded pianos and organ at BRC, Kansas City. Riccardo Schulz recorded Jim Daniels at Johnny Costa Jazz Studio, Pittsburgh. Alex Austyn recorded some guitars, singing and a glock at Digital Pulse, Kansas City. Mastering by Ed Brooks at RFI, Seattle. The Sexy Accident joined us live on the show on September 24.]

(50.) Kangaroo Knife Fight – Firebrand / Independent / December 6, 2014
[Debut [EP] from Kansas City based 4-piece that includes: Native Australian, Anthony Avis, lead vocalist, with Brandon Skeens on guitar, Gus Rechtien on bass, and Ian on drums. Kangaroo Knife Fight played live on the show on November 12.]

(51.) Cowboy Indian Bear – Vandeventer / The Record Machine / May 20, 2014
[7-song release from Cowboy Indian Bear: Beau Bruns, CJ Calhoun, Danny Bowersox, Katlyn Conroy, and Martinez Hillard. Recording note from the band: “Back in the fall, on our way east for a run of shows, our faithful van finally kicked the bucket in Saint Louis. We were there in STL for a few days and figured we would use the time to make something positive out of a less than ideal situation. Those are the songs that make up this EP, named after a street a couple blocks from where our van decided it had done all it could. This is a fun set of songs that we hope you’ll enjoy!”]

(52.) The Blessed Broke – Ladders Out of Purgatory / Independent / April 19, 2014
[2nd full length release from KC based band currently made up of: Brian Frame – Guitar/Vocals; Andrew Luker – Electric Guitar; Josh Mobley – Keys; Betse Ellis – Bass, and Matt Richey – Drums. Brian Frame joined us live on the show on April 9.]

(53.) Lucinda Williams – Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone / Highway 20 / Sept 30, 2014
[3- record release on her own new label Highway 20 Records. Lucinda Williams brought her “Burning Bridges Tour” to Liberty Hall in Lawrence on November 7.]

(54.) TV On The Radio – Seeds / Harvest Records / November 17, 2014
[Formed in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York. The core lineup has been Tunde Adebimpe (vocals/loops), David Andrew Sitek (guitars/keyboards/loops), Kyp Malone (vocals/guitars/bass/loops), Jaleel Bunton (drums/vocals/loops/guitars) and Gerard Smith (bass/keyboards) as official members. Seeds is the 5th studio album. It is the band’s first album since the 2011 death of their bassist, Gerard Smith. Seeds was recorded in LA, at guitarist Dave Sitek’s Federal Prism home studio. Sitek also produced the record. Lead singer Tunde Adebimpe explained, “It was nice to be somewhere where you’re not exactly on the clock and worried about how much everything is costing you. It was pretty much the same situation as when we started making music.]

(55.) Dum Dum Girls – Too True / Sub Pop Records / January 28, 2014
[3rd full-length recorded in late-2012 and early-2013 by producers Richard Gottehrer (Blondie, Go-Gos) and Sune Rose Wagner (of the Raveonettes), with Alonzo Vargas engineering at East West Studios in Hollywood.]

(56.) Various Blonde – Summer High / Independent / July 29, 2014
[Produced By: Isaiah ” Ikey” Owens. Joshua Allen- Guitar/Vocals, Evanjohn Mcintosh- Bass, Mark Lomas- Drums/Percussioon, Eddie Moore- Keyboards/Rhodes. Conceived in 2008 by mutual friends and now the brainchild of Kansas City native Joshua Allen. The band presents a bombastic, dark alternative progressive style. Joshua Allen draws from a wide array of influences such as, Radiohead, Blonde Redhead, Mike Patton, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Yes, King Crimson, Can, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Mars Volta Miles Davis, Mogwai, and Jimi Hendrix. Since 2009 Various Blonde hasopened for national acts, Russian Circles, Free Moral Agents, Zechs Marquise, Dead Meadow, Imaad Wasif, Jucifer,The Memorials, Thursday, Matt Pryor, Murder by Death, Fang Island, Bang Camaro, Electric Sixx. They have been described in words such as “sonic devastation” and deliver a show all their own.]

4. (57.) Regina Carter – Southern Comfort / Sony Music Masterworks / February 28, 2014
[9th solo release from acclaimed American Jazz Violinist, born in Detroit, Michigan. She received a MacArthur Fellows Program “genius grant,” in September 2006. On her new release she explores the folk tunes her paternal grandfather, a coalminer, would have heard as he toiled in Alabama – and the project expanded to include other folk tunes of the region. “Southern Comfort” (Sony Masterworks) was inspired by her exploration of the folk tunes her paternal grandfather, a coal miner, would have heard as he toiled in Alabama. Though her work draws upon a wide range of musical influences–including Motown, Afro-Cuban, Swing, Bebop, Folk, and World–she has crafted a signature voice and style….Carter’s performances highlight the often overlooked potential of the jazz violin for its lyric, melodic, and percussive potential. Her early training as a classical musician is reflected in the fluidity, grace, and balance of her performance. Carter’s repertoire retains a firm connection with the familiar while venturing in new, unexpected directions… Through artistry with an instrument that has been defined predominantly by the classical tradition, Carter is pioneering new possibilities for the violin and for jazz.” Regina Carter played The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Sunday, March 23, in Helzberg Hall. Regina Carter was our guest on the March 19.]

(58.) The Project H – We Live Among The Lines / Independent / September 8, 2014
[Third release from the collective that includes: Clint Ashlock – trumpet, Ryan Heinlein – trombone, Brett Jackson – woodwinds, Matt Leifer – drums, Andrew Ouellette – keys, Dominique Sanders – bass, Jeff Stocks- guitars. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Duane Trower, at Weights and Measures Soundlab, KC, MO. The Project H were winners of the 2014 Pitch Music Award for Best Jazz Ensemble..]

(59.) The B’Dinas – Fruitcakes / Independent / August 2, 2014
[First full length release from The B’ Dinas formed in 2009 with Katy Guillen – guitar/vocals/harmonica; Peter Lawless – bass/vocals/saxophone; Katelyn Jamison – keys/vocals/bass; Tess Jehle-Ray – drums/vocals.]

(60.) Phylshawn – Across The Tracks [EP] / Nation of Love / August 9, 2014
[Columbia, MO based Phylshawn Johnson is a singer, songwriter, drummer with the band Violet and the Undercurrents, teacher, producer, engineer, label manager for The Nation of Love Records. In 2009, Johnson started an independent label, The Nation of Love, as a way to give artists such as herself, Violet Vonder Haar, Ruth Acuff, and other songwriters a place to create freely and have the support of a musical community. More info at:]

(61.) Violet and the Undercurrents – Waves / Nation of Love / April 22, 2014
[Columbia, Missouri based, four-piece, all-female band. Violet and the Undercurrents have been described as “..Sophisticated folk-rockers ..” Members include: Violet Vonder Haar on Lead Vocals and Guitar; Linda Bott on Bass Guitar; Caitlin Lukin on Cello; Phylshawn Johnson on Drums.]

(62.) Claire and the Crowded Stage – Kamikazee / Independent / July 26, 2014
[All songs by Claire Adams. All arrangements by The Crowded Stage: Claire Adams vocals, ukulele, guitar; Katy Guillen guitar, vocals, mandolin; Brent Jamison keys, vocals; Katelyn Boone bass, vocals, keys; Peter Lawless accordion, bass; Jerod Rivers percussion; Stephanie Williams drums; Teri Quinn clarinet, guitar. (additional members include Ben Byard, Mark Laurer and Russell Thorpe. Technicolor was Recorded in Kansas City mixed at Sangha Studios by Claire Adams, mastered at Weights+Measures Soundlab by Duane Trower. Claire and The Crowded Stage played live on the show on April 23.]

(63.) The Clementines – Someday / Over [EP] / Independent / May 9, 2014
[We first met The Clementines as a duo of Tim Jenkins & Nicole Springer when they played LIVE on WMM April 25, 2012. Since then they’ve become a solid 4-piece band with songwriter Nicole Springer on vocals, rhythm guitar, Tim Jenkins on lead guitar and mandolin, Travis Earnshaw on bass, and Aaron Derington on drums. Nicole Springer grew up in Oak Grove, MO, and graduated H.S. in 2004. She studied Music-Vocal/Choral at Missouri State University, in Springfield, MO. Nicole told The Pitch (Jan. 10, 2012): “I grew up singing in gospel choirs,” she says. “And I still love gospel music, though I’m not religious or anything. I did musicals throughout high school, and I went to school for a year at Missouri State for music education. But I’ve never been in a committed band before this one.”]

(64.) Carswell & Hope – Carswell & Hope / Silly Goose Records / April 14, 2014
[Debut recording from Lawrence, Kansas band, Nick Carswell, Jason Slote, Dan Hines, Austin Quick. Nick Carswell is a founding member of InterUrban ArtHouse. Silly Goose Records (SGR) was originally founded in Ireland in 2010, by Irish musician and songwriter Nick Carswell. The label released several records and supported bands, coordinating national tours, media and television appearances and PR campaigns. Carswell relocated to Kansas in 2011 and began working with local musicians through the Barrel House piano bar in downtown Lawrence. In January 2013, Silly Goose Records was re-imagined as an independent collective, where artists could collaborate and come together to share experience and resources. Within their first year, bands in the collective have released several EPs, produced and recorded online videos, recorded full-length albums and even incorporated as LLCs. More details at Nick Carswell joined us live on the show on March 5.]

(65.) The Phantastics – Closer / Silly Goose Records / December 14, 2013
[Debut EP from 8 member musical ensemble that specializes genre-blending hip-hop, mixed with rock, rap, dance, funk, jazz and soul. Formed in December of 2010.]

(66.) Wells The Traveler – Build It Up / Independent / 2014
[Danny McGaw and Jason Jones. New songs from Manchester, England born, Danny McGaw singer and songwriter, who turned to music when an injury derailed his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. McGaw moved to the Kc area in 2008. In 2012 Danny released a beautiful solo album called “Eccles Road.” Last year he released “One for the Dreamers” with his band Wells The Traveler. Danny told us that he’ll be releasing physical copies of his new record after he and his family get settled in their new home in California.]

(67.) John Statz and Josh Harty – 12 August / Money Wolf Music / February 18, 2014
[Recorded unrehearsed, live, with no edits, at Silo Sounds on the south side of Denver, on a free day between shows. John and Josh had played Denver the night before, and only had to drive as far as Fort Collins the next. Josh Harty is originally from North Dakota and John Statz is from Wisconsin. John Statz and Josh Harty played live on the show on February 19.]

(68.) Federation of Horsepower – Hermanos de Sangre / Independent / May 21, 2014
[Gregg Todt – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Hammond Organ, Piano; Johnny Catfish – Bass, Background Vocals ; Chris Fugitt – Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals; Auggie Wolber – Guitar; Christopher Tolle – Guitar, Background Vocals. Additional vocals on “The Queen of Rosedale” – Monique Danielle. Produced by Duane Trower and Federation of Horsepower. Engineered and Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures Soundlab, Kansas City MO. Cover Art by Gerardo Quetzatl Garcia .]

(69.) Conor Oberst – Upside Down Mountain / Nonesuch Records / May 16, 2014
[6th solo studio album by singer-songwriter Conor Oberst, (born Feb. 15, 1980) known for his work in Bright Eyes. He’s also played in several other bands: Desaparecidos, Norman Bailer (The Faint), Commander Venus, Park Ave., Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, Arab Strap and Monsters of Folk. Oberst was named the Best Songwriter of 2008 by Rolling Stone magazine. The new record, according to Oberst, is a return to an earlier style of his songwriting. He explains that the album is about language: “It’s more intimate or personal, if you will. Even if all my songs come from the same place, you make different aesthetic decisions along the way. For me, language is a huge part of why I make music. I’m not the greatest guitar player or piano player—I’m not the greatest singer, either—but I feel if I can come up with melodies I like that are fused with poetry I’m proud of, then that’s what I bring to the table. That’s why I’m able to do this.”]

(70.) Brooke Tuley – FIRST MIDNIGHT / Independent / April 14, 2014
[In October 2013 the Bloodbirds announced they would be going on hiatus as the band’s bassist, Anna St. Louis, was leaving KC for California. In April, Bloodbirds drummer drummer Brooke Tuley released a solo record, produced, mixed and mastered by her husband and Bloodbirds frontman Mike Tuley who wrote on his Facebook page: “Brooke hid away all winter and recorded a slew of jams on our old 4-track. I helped her put them on the computer and gussy them up. Now she put them online! I’m really proud of her and I love her music so much! She’s making a tape to sell, and she’ll be playing shows soon. Be brave, Brooke! YEAH DOGGIE!. The Pitch calls it “a gorgeous, sparse 10-track collection in the vein of Sharon Van Etten’s Tramp, with some discordant, odd and eerie effects a la Cate le Bon. ” Brooke Tuley told Natalie Gallagher and The Pitch, “It [the recording of this record] started this fall after Bloodbirds kind of decided to stop playing music for a while,” Tuley explains over the phone. “I’m pregnant now, so it’s kind of just a project for in the meantime, before the baby comes. I’m five and a half months pregnant, and it started then.]

(71.) Jack White – Lazaretto / Third Man Records / June 10, 2014
[Born the youngest of ten children, raised in Southwest Detroit and a resident of Nashville since 2005, Jack White is one of the most prolific and renowned artists of the past fifteen years. Jack White played The Midland Theatre on August 18, in a SOLD OUT show.]

(72.) King Tuff – Black Spell Moon / Sub Pop Records / September 23, 2014
[5th studio release of King Tuff who is Kyle Thomas, who also records with Burger records and is currently on tour in Europe.]

(73.) PUJOL – Kludge / Saddle Creek Records / May 20, 2014
[Daniel Pujol is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally from Tullahoma, TennesseeA kludge is: “A clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem.” “An ill assorted collection of poorly matching parts, forming a distressing whole.” “A crock that works.”In February of 2013, Daniel Pujol set out to write and record the follow-up to his debut album, 2012’s UNITED STATES OF BEING. Pujol and producer Doni Shroader set up shop in Mt. Juliet, TN at The Place: a suicide-prevention center for teens located in a strip mall. They used largely borrowed and donated gear, recording every day from 5pm until 6am, all the while breaking down and setting up the temporary studio every day between office hours. Mixing took place during the building of Battletapes, a two car garage that was in the midst of being converted into an acoustically treated, professional grade tracking room; building permit, construction workers, and all. Following four months of vampiric living and working around conflicting schedules/eccentricities (the band, the engineers, the sun), Daniel, Doni, and Battletapes had finished the album they had been working towards. Recording and mixing happened in a “non-location” where things were being built or set up, in order to work on the album, working around the obstacles the location presented. More info at

(74.) Prince – ART OFFICIAL AGE / NPG – Warner Bros. / September 26, 2014
[The 34th studio album in 36 years from the prolific master of music. On April 18, 2014, Prince released a new single entitled, “The Breakdown”. Along with news that a new album was in the works, an expanded edition of Purple Rain would be released for the 30th anniversary, and he has re-signed with his former label, Warner Bros. Records after an 18-year split. He also gained the rights to his master recordings from the 1980s, which had been a point of contention for his initial split with the major label.]

(75.) Beck – Morning Phase / Fonograph – Capitol Records / February 25, 2014
[For the recording of Morning Phase, Beck reunited with many of the same musicians with whom he had worked on the critically acclaimed 2002 album Sea Change.]

(76.) Spoon – They Want My Soul / Loma Vista Recordings / August 5, 2014
[8th studio album from indie rock band Spoon, formed in Austin, Texas in 1993, by lead singer and guitarist Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno, after the two met as members of The Alien Beats. The name Spoon was chosen to honor the 1970s German avant-garde band Can, whose hit song “Spoon” was the theme song to the 1985 movie Das Messer aka Jagged Edge in the United States. The new record is the band’s first album to feature new member Alex Fischel, who plays keyboards and guitar.]

(77.) Ex-Hex – Rips / Merge / October 7, 2014
[Ex Hex is a power trio from Washington, DC. With Wild Flag on hiatus, Mary Timony (Autoclave, Helium) needed a new side project, so she retreated to her basement and started writing. With Laura Harris (The Aquarium, Benjy Ferree) and Betsy Wright from Virginia. ]

(78.) Lykke Li – I Never Learn / LL Recordings / May 2, 2014
[I Never Learn, the third studio album by Swedish recording artist Lykke Li. According to Li, the album is the final installment in a trilogy chronicling “a woman in her twenties and her search for love and herself”, which began with her first two albums, Youth Novels (2008) and Wounded Rhymes (2011). After experiencing “the biggest breakup of her life”, Li moved from Sweden to Los Angeles, where she spent two-and-a-half years in writing I Never Learn. “I made no such plans to make an album. My first instinct was just to try to heal myself and to come back to some sort of life. And then I was so emotionally broken that I just started to write… I love writing, and it was so amazing to get lost in the process. I didn’t think that someone would ever hear it”, she told Billboard. During much of her time in California, Li listened to Van Morrison’s 1968 album Astral Weeks, Harry Nilsson demos, The Band and Dennis Wilson. She described I Never Learn as a collection of “power ballads for the broken”, adding that the album is “about me and the guilt and the shame and the hurt and the pride and the confusion of being a woman. Lykke Li played Kansas City at the Uptown Theare, Sept. 27.]

(79.) Temples – Sun Structures / Fat Possum Records / February 11, 2014
[English psychedelic rock band, formed in Kettering, Northamptonshire in 2012, by singer-guitarist James Edward Bagshaw & bassist Thomas Edison Warmsley. They have received considerable press attention during their short existence and have been cited by Johnny Marr and Noel Gallagher as the best new band in Britain.]

(80) tUnE- yArDs – Nikki Nack / 4AD Records / May 6, 2014
[3rd studio release by Merrill Garbus’ experimental solo-project tUnE-yArDs. When performing live, Garbus creates drum loops on the spot, and layers these w/ ukulele, voice, & electric bass played by Nate Brenner. tUnE-yArDs played Starlight Theatre opening for Arcade Fire, April 26.]

(81.) Sneaky Creeps – Negative Space / Big Urges / March 12, 2014
[Recorded, mixed, and Mastered by Joel Nanos of Element Recording, KC, MO. Isaac Ahloe-Bass, Max Crutcher-Drums and yell/talk, Andy Erdrich-Guitar, loops/noises, and yell/talk.]

(82.) Wick & The Tricks – Tricky [EP] / Independent / July 22, 2014
[Wick Trick – Vocals , Brit Wild – Guitar , Meri Contrary – Guitar , Smooth Stef – Drums. Recorded at Weights and Measures sound lab.]

(83.) Scruffy & The Janitors – Anglo / This Tall Records / June 13, 2014
[St. Joe based trio of Steven Foster – Vocals/Bass, Teriq Newton – Guitar/Vocals, and Trevin Newton – Drums.
Recorded by Kiley Bodenhamer , Mixed by Chad Hasledalen , Mastered by Albert Born. All songs written by Scruffy & The Janitors and subject to copyright and BMI.]

(84.) Truckstop Honeymoon – The Madness of Happiness / Indep. / April 2, 2014
[Lawrence KS based Michael West & Sara Euliss who relocated after Katrina hit their home in New Orleans.]

(85.) The Kansas City Bear Fighters – The Planet Where We Fell In Love / Little Class Records / August 8, 2014
[Lead singer songwriter Quinn McCue, brother Sean McCue on bass, Jeff Eaton on guitar, Grant Buell on accordion. Founded in the cruel winter of 2007, The KC Bear Fighters first took shape as one lonely man’s homage to music as a salve for the soul. Originally, called “The Denver Broncos” which many considered to be the product of one man’s struggling and genius search for a fire that could crack the deep cavernous walls of his soul.]

(86.) The Noise FM – Attraction / The Record Machine / January 28, 2014
[Formed in 2005 by Fort Scott, KS. brothers Alex Ward on vocals, keyboard, guitar & Austin Ward on drums, vocals. In 2007 the band moved to Lawrence. In 2010 they relocated to Chicago. The band performs live as a trio with Barry Kidd playing bass.]

(87) Sleepy Kitty – Projection Room / Euclid Records / January 14, 2014
[From Chicago and St. Louis. Paige Brubeck on vocals/guitar/keys, and Evan Sult on drums/vocals/tapes. More at: Sleepy Kitty played Middle of the Map.]

(88.) Chambers – Inner Room / The Record Machine / June 10, 2014
[4 piece Mood Rock band from Denton, Texas. Judson Valdez- Lead guitars, Lead vocals, backing vocals; Piper Johnson – Synths, Lead vocals, backing vocals; Chase Johnson – drums, samples, Backing vocals; Daniel Pelletier – Bass, backing vocals. When Judson Valdez and Chase Johnson started working together in October of 2012, they were playing as backing musicians for a mutual friend’s project. After only a couple of months playing together, they quickly realized that they shared creative similarities and decided to try writing music together. Along the way of writing the songs that would eventually become Chambers first album, they recruited Johnson’s sister Piper, stole their sound engineer, Daniel Pelletier, away to play bass to round out the band and became Chambers. Chambers has played with: Grimes, Cold War kids, Efterklang, Chelsea Wolfe, Tennis, Torres, Frontier Ruckus, and Seryn. Chambers talked with us live on the show on June 11.]

(89.) Robert Ellis – The Lights From The Chemical Plants / New West / February 11, 2014
[from Produced by Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Kings Of Leon), The Lights From The Chemical Plant , Robert Ellis’s 2nd album continues his journey into folk music he began 3 years ago. The songs on the new album, which range from the majestic string-adorned title track to noir pop rock and somber confessionals, both show Ellis’ growth and the various sides of this multidimensional songwriter. Ellis recently told Rolling Stone The Lights From The Chemical Plant is “stylistically ambiguous,” as he is inspired by a wide variety of artists. “On this record I was trying to channel everything from Paul Simon.”]

(90.) Ariel Pink – Pom Pom / 4AD / November 18, 2014
[17 tracks and 69 minutes of music from Los Angeles native Ariel Pink who said, “Although this is the first “solo” record credited to my name, it is by far the least “solo” record I have ever recorded.”]

(91.) Miry Wild – Miry Wild [EP] / Independent / May 3, 2014
[Kansas City, Missoouri, based 5 member folk-pop band made up of friends: Katelyn Miles- Upright Bass & Bass Guitar, Julia Hamilton- Guitar & Lead Vocals, Havilah Powers- Vocals, Emily Marriott- Drums, Holly Grimwood- Piano, Guitar, Vocals. To hear their music you can visit:
[Miry Wild played Ink Magazine’s Music stage at The Plaza Art Fair, September 21]

(92.) Kate Gray – Prairie Bird / Independent / January 1, 2014
[Kate Gray started her music career in 1997 in a bluegrass band called ‘Sweet Grass’ with some friends in Lawrence, Kansas. Shortly after, she also joined the band ‘Coyote Project’, consisting of 8 members which was an Americana, rock, experimental jam band. They played at local Lawrence icons like the Bottleneck, Granada and Jazzhaus. Her music was put on hold whiled Gray decided to attend Kansas State University to study horticulture. 10 years later Gray became the lead singer of the band ‘Stereo Command’ with friends in Kansas City, Kansas that played The Czar Bar and The Record Bar. Short lived as well, Gray started developing her own sound. Her husband Jerame Gray, also a musician was working on his solo album ‘Kill Creek Road’ on which Kate sings backup vocals, was a huge influence on Gray, who encouraged by her husband began working on her own solo album. Inspired by their newborn daughter and mother who died of breast cancer soon after, Gray was fueled by the beauty and grief of these experiences. Her husband Jerame Gray plays lead guitar throughout and backing vocals, B Adam Hayes on saxophone, bass and backing vocals, Matt Peters on piano, Roshelle Hudson on violin and viola, Mike Harte on cello, Mollie Hull and Sandy Wessling on backing vocals. The album was produced by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studio. ]

(93.) Kelley Hunt – The Beautiful Bones / 88 Records / May 20, 2014
[Kansas Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Kelley Hunt also played on Krisite Stremel’s Wildflowers.]

(94.) Mount Veritas – Maji and Irio – Water Is Food / Independent / Sept 6, 2014
[Mũcũgũ Wahome and musicians from Mount Veritas Orchestra joined us on September 3rd to share new recordings and live performances from “Water Is Food” a recording to benefit: and Cultivate Kansas City. We are premiered music from “IRIO,” the Food Album on Wednesday Midday Medley. Music from “MAJI” the Water Album premiered on River Trade Radio, Aug. 31. Also joining us will be, Ami Freeberg of Cultivate KC. Gamelan Genta Kasturi, Mount Veritas Orchestra, and Metatone collaborated together for this special project. A download of “Water Is Food” is available at where you can donate to the not-for-profit organizations: and Cultivate KC. The band performed a”Water Is Food” FREE Concert, Saturday, September 6, at The City Market, KC.]

(95.) Mac DeMarco – Salad Days / Captured Tracks / April 1, 2014
[McBriare Samuel Lanyon “Mac” DeMarco, born Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV, is a Canadian musician born April 30, 1990, in Duncan, British Columbia. Formerly recording as Makeout Videotape, he has produced three solo albums, Rock and Roll Night Club, 2, and Salad Days. His style has been described as “blue wave”, or “slacker rock”. He is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a multimedia artist.]

(96.) Kishi Bashi – Lighght / Joyful Noise + Kishi Bashi / May 13, 2014
[Kishi Bashi is the pseudonym of singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Kaoru Ishibashi born November 4, 1975, in Seattle, Washington. Ishibashi grew up in Norfolk, Virginia where both of his parents were professors at Old Dominion University. As a 1994 graduate of Matthew Fontaine Maury High School, he went on to study classical music becoming a renowned violinist. Ishibashi has recorded with and toured internationally as a violinist with diverse artists such as Regina Spektor, Sondre Lerche, and most recently, the Athens, Georgia based indie rock group of Montreal. Ishibashi is also the singer and founding member of the New York synth rock outfit, Jupiter One. In 2011, he started to record and perform as a solo artist. Kishi Bashi played Middle of the Map Fest, Sat, Apr 5, on Outdoor Stage.]

(97.) Gardienne – Walking Trees [EP] / Independent / January 7, 2014
[Gardienne is KC-based artist Alyssa DeGraff. Her debut release “Walking Trees” features an indie artist’s dream team: impeccable guitar tones and overall production by Josh Scott of JHS pedals, on guitar & production, the string-quartet stylings of Jeremy Larson of the bands: Sucre, Sleeping at Last, and a stellar mix crafted by Chad Howat of the bands: Paper Route, Brooke Waggoner, Kye Kye. More info at:]

(98.) Folkicide – Meaningless Glare of Broken Human Beings / Indep. / June 15, 2014
[KC based singer-songwriter, Folkicide, has described his music as “despair-core” and writes that his vision of constructive pessimism, he hopes in time, will be recognized as a new acoustical genre, fully devoted to the documentation of the delightful futility of existence. Since 2010 Folkicide has released 4 full-length recordings and one EP, writing and arranging and recording over 60 tracks. He adds to his discograpy with a new album of 13 songs called, “Meaningless Glare of Broken Human Beings” Engineered and mastered mid-August by David Moore at Merriam Shoals Studio. The album also features guest artists: Jason Beers, Betse Ellis, Mike Walker, Darren Welch and Marco Pascolini. More info at Folkicide played live on our show with Marco Pascolini on June 25.]

(99.) Til Willis – Tin Star / Independent / November 8, 2014
[One of three full length releases put out in 2014 including Hackles (Nov. 18), and Cars Etcetera with Til Willis & Erratic Cowboy.]

(100.) brutus – grow-up club [EP] / Independent / February 22, 2014
[Written and performed by Brent Jamison with additional guitar from Hume Man. Recorded and mixed at Chappy Road. Mastered by Jon Tidy at Epic Sound Studios. More info at:]

(Extra) Local Customs: Cavern Sound / Numero Group / October 24, 2014
[In 1967 you could rent Cavern Studios for $40.00 per hour, and you could have your sessions mastered and pressed into 500, 45-rpm, 7-inch records for $175.00. Cavern Studios were located underground in a former limestone mine in Independence, Missouri. Numero Group, the label that serve as musical achealogists digging up and preserving forgotten and lost recordings, and music scenes from the past, and who last year brought us a collection from Kansas City’s Forte Records, and have just released: Local Custom: Cavern Sound, featuring 24 songs from 18 different acts who cut records at Cavern.]

(101) AY MusiK – Above and Beyond EP / TeamAY / January 3, 2014
[Born and Raised in Kansas City Missouri AY is a 23 year old, producer, writer, rapper, singer/songwriter, who leads his band with what he calls “New age Hip Hop.” Lead singer Hailey Canalas brings her pop and country vocals to give AY MusiK a unique blend of genres. AY-MusiK was a contestant in 2012 on the X Factor receiving 4 Yes’ votes from celeb­rity judges L.A. Reid, Britney Spears, Louis Walsh, & Demi Lovato. The band has performed over 100 touring shows & college shows between 2013-2014, including opening for XV, Cris Cab, Zak Waters & The Lonely Biscuits.]

(102.) Royalphonic – We Three Kings / Independent / November 3, 2014
[Erin Bopp- vox & bass, Mikal Shapiro – vox & guitar, Brad Williams – drums, Elgin Smith – bar/tenor sax]

(103.) Dustin Rapier – Spectrum / Fly Penguin Records / June 22, 2014
[Dustin Rapier was born into a musical family in Northwest Arkansas. His debut album “Songs About No One” was released July 23, 2012. The album began in a college dorm room at a small private college. After trying a few things using school recording equipment, Dustin fell in love with the recording process. He eventually created Fly Penguin Records. Now in Kansas City, Dustin played a midwest album release tour for his latest release, as well as steady gigs at Californos, The Point, The Green Lady Lounge, restaurants, piano lounges, and bars all over the Midwest, where Dustin on piano plays everyone from Earth Wind & Fire, to Lana Del Rey, and the Jackson 5. Dustin’s latest shows feature live looping and sampling to craft a mesmerizing, “something from nothing” performance. Dustin played live on the show on August 20.]

(104.) Sharon Van Etten – Are We There / Jagjaguar / May 27, 2014
[4th studio album by Brooklyn based singer–songwriter Sharon Van Etten. On the lack of a question mark in the title, Van Etten said: “… open-ended, I ask myself that question all the time, for my work, for my love, even for my friends. It’s just really good to check in with yourself and it’s a play on words, about touring and about travelling, being in transition.”]

(105.) Ovaries-eez – Snow Daze / Whatever Forever / 2014
[The Ovaries-eez are a trio: Johni Lacore, Amber Hansen and Monica George. Their new 4 song EP tape and digital release was recorded at Seedco Studios, Lawrence, KS The Ovaries-eez played live on the show on September 10.]

(106.) Morningglories – Wilderness Songs [EP] / Independent / June 9, 2014
[Debut from KC based 4-piece formed by: Alex Yoffie, Meredith McGrade, Tom Hudson, Steve Gardels.]

(107.) Miranda Hall – Kingdom / Independent / March 4, 2014
[5-song debut EP from 2014 Blue Valley North High School graduate is now going to college in Maine.]

(108.) Perfume Genius – Too Bright / Matador / Sept. 23, 2014
[Perfume Genius is the stage name for Seattle-based solo artist Mike Hadreas. As of 2014, he has released three albums. Hadreas began composing music after he moved from New York to live with his mother in Everett, Washington. In 2008, he set up a MySpace page under the name Perfume Genius. His debut album, Learning, was released on June 21, 2010, through Turnstile Records in Europe and Matador Records in the United States. In 2011, Hadreas supported the band Beirut on their North American tour. In September of the same year he played Split Works’ inaugural Black Rabbit festival in China alongside acts like Gold Panda and Mount Kimbie. Hadreas’ second album, Put Your Back N 2 It, was released on February 20, 2012. The promotional video for the album, featuring Hadreas and pornographic actor Arpad Miklos embracing each other wearing only underwear. Perfume Genius played Riot Room, Mon. Sept. 29.]

(109.) The Thunderclaps – The Thunderclaps / Independent / August 17, 2014
[Colin Blunt – Drums and Bryce Jones – vocals and Guitar. Bryce works as an English teacher in Salina, KS.]

(110.) The Coathangers – Suck My Shirt / Independent / March 18, 2014
[4th studio release from The Coathangers, a punk group formed in Atlanta, in 2006 as a joke. After playing a house show, they were asked to open for The Hiss on the strength of their performance. The name was chosen for its vulgarity, an irreverent take on abortions, though all band members are pro-choice. In 2011, they released their third album, Larceny and Old Lace for Suicide Squeeze Records, to generally positive reviews. They have opened in New York City for the Black Lips. The Coathangers played Riot Room August 20.]

(111.) Eleni Mandell – Let’s Fly A Kite / Yep Roc / Jan. 28, 2014
[We’ve interviewed Eleni Mandell twice on the show. Her new release explores the joys and trials of being a mother to young twins with the help of Nick Lowe’s crack backing band and producer Neil Brockbank.]

(112.) Sarah Jaffe – Don’t Disconnect / Kirtland Records / August 19, 2014
[Sarah Jaffe was born January 29, 1986, and she is a singer-songwriter from Denton, Texas. Jaffe self-released her first EP titled Even Born Again, which was recognized by Rolling Stone and the Dallas Observer. (She gave us a vinyl copy). In late 2009, she was signed to Kirtland Records and released her first full-length album, Suburban Nature, in May 2010. She has previously toured with Lou Barlow, (we saw her with Lou at the recordBar!!!!) Norah Jones, Blitzen Trapper and Chelsea Wolfe, as well as fellow bands Midlake, Old 97’s and Centro-matic. “Don’t Disconnect is her third full length album and it was produced by McKenzie Smith of the band Midlake, whose “amazing partnership,” Jaffe enthuses, was “like two friends in the studio.” With this new album she is moving in a new direction as a songmaker, experimenting with new sounds to match her amazing lyrics.]

(113.) Papercuts – Life Among the Savages / Independent / May 6, 2014
[Indie pop project centered around San Francisco songwriter/producer Jason Robert Quever. Born in Arcata, California, Quever moved to the bay area during grade school, living in various places until settling in San Francisco. He began making home recordings after buying a four-track recording desk at the age of 15, and his first work as an engineer/producer was on Cass McCombs’ Not the Way EP in 2002. The first official release as Papercuts was 2004’s Mockingbird (on Oaklands Antenna Farm Records). The band’s next two albums, Can’t Go Back (2007) and You Can Have What You Want (2009), were released on the Gnomonson.]

(114.) Wussy – Attica / Shake It Records / May 27, 2014
[Fifth studio album from Cincinnati, Ohio, indie rock band formed in 2001. The 11 songs on Attica! were recorded at Ultrasuede Studios in Cincinnati, which is owned by former Afghan Whigs bassist John Curley. The album also saw the return of a member of one of Wussy frontman Chuck Cleaver’s former bands–Ass Ponys guitarist John Erhardt performed on Attica! as Wussy’s fifth member. Attica!’s opening track, “Teenage Wasteland”, describes singer Lisa Walker’s memories of listening to the Who, especially the song “Baba O’Riley”, and includes shoutouts to several of its members. The song also contains a guitar part that closely resembles that on Baba O’Riley. The album’s title track also references Dog Day Afternoon, portraying it as a tale of romantic desperation. Wussy played the recordBar, July 3, with Schwervon!, and Admiral of the Red.]

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Sources for notes on tracks come from: artist’s websites and and where noted.

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