#465B – March 21, 2013 LOCAL SHOWCASE Playlist

90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced & Hosted by Mark Manning & Maria Vasquez Boyd

Thursday, March 21, 8:00 – 10:00 PM

New & Local Releases +
Nathan Reusch Guest Producer +
Middle of The Map Fest

1. Margo May – “Dream Boy”
from: Space/Face / Independent / July 2011
[Margo May grew up in Kansas City and worked as an actor at The Coterie Theatre. She Studied Liberal Arts and English at UMKC. and made her national network television debut on American Idol in 2010. Her Debut recording “Summerof” was one of our favorite recordings of 2010 and has received critical acclaim. She was the winner of the 2010 Pitch Music Award for Best Emerging Act.]

[Margo May plays The Chevy Music Showcase at this year’s Middle of The Map Festival, April 4-6.]

2. She’s A Keeper – “Guidance”
from: Live From Midwestern [EP] / Independent / March 12, 2012
[All songs written by She’s A Keeper, 2012, Recorded live at the Midwestern Musical Co. in Kansas City, MO. (midwesternmusic.com) Engineered by Dave Guame, Matt Kesler, & Cody Wyoming. Mixed and mastered by Steve Phillips. Band photo by Emmett Merrill. Design by Eric Lindquist.] [5-piece band from Kansas City, includes: Fritz Hutchison – vocals, banjo, percussion; Zac Jurden – vocals, guitar; Colin Nelson – vocals, guitar; Elliott Phillips – bass, mandolin; Kate Sopcich – cello, keyboard. She’s A Keeper has just recently recorded their first music video in promotion of a live EP recorded at Midwestern Musical Co. in KC. The band is currently working on a second full-length album.]

[She’s A Keeper play Czar Saturday Night, March 23 with Dots Not Feathers.]

3. The Ned Ludd Band– “In A Duel”
from: Spacebar / Independent / November 17, 2012
[Recorded by DEERWOLFANIMALBEAR. The Ned Ludd Band includes: Clint Hoffmeier, Jordan Carver, Aaron Fuhr. Produced by Brent Jamison who now plays drums w/ the band. Clint Hoffmeir joined us on Wednesday MidDay Medley on September 12.]

[The Ned Ludd Band plays the recordBar March 27 with Heavy Figs, and The B’Dinas.]


4. Tiny Horse – “Ghost”
from: Darkly Sparkly / Independent / Mar. 4, 2013
[Outside of the band, we were the first to hear the very new, debut EP release from Abigail Henderson and Christopher Lynn Meck with Matt Richey on Drums, & Cody Wyoming on guitar. In our opinion, Abigail Henderson’s voice remains one of the most honest and moving voices in KC music scene, Christopher Meck’s guitar sings too. the addition of Matt Richey who also plays drums for Dead Voices and The Grisly Hand, and Cody Wyoming help give this Tiny Horse galloping power.]

5. We Are Voices – “The Sun”
from: Tread Lightly / Independent / December 11, 2012
[KC based 4-piece band features: Lucas Larson – Voice/Guitars/Piano; Eric Baldwin – Bass/Voice/Piano; Joshua Greenlee – Drums/Percussion; Carson Land – Guitars/Voice/Synth/Aux. Their single and video are available at wearevoices.com.]

[We Are Voices play the 70 x 7 Fest in Blue Springs, March 23, with: Scott Peery Band, Attic Wolves, She’s a Keeper, The Clementines, and Bryant Carter Band.]

6. Kasey Rausch – “City Strangers”
from: Born Bear the Waters… / Independent / 2005
[Working on new recording and she also plays in Buttermilk Boys who are also getting ready to release a new recording.]

[Kasey Rausch plays the KKFI Coffee House Folk 25th Anniversary Concert featuring Jeff Black and 2-Bit Palomino, Saturday, March 23, at 7:00 at All Souls Unitarian Universalit Church.]

7. Appropriate Grammar – “Whiskey Dreams”
from: Lies and Stories / Independent / April 21, 2012
[Their song “Six Foot Dreams” is on the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 compilation. Appropriate Grammar includes: Nick McKenna – Guitar/Vocals, Alex Dunsford – Lead Guitar, Claire Adams – Bass/Vocals, and Steve Gardels – Drums.]

[Appropriate Grammar play The Brick, Friday, March 22 with Rev Gusto and The Revival KC. Appropriate Grammar also play at Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, Friday, March 22]

8:30 – Underwriting


8. Beautiful Bodies – “You & I”
from: Single / Shipshape Records / 2012
[Indie/rock band from Kansas City that mixes elements of punk, dance, new wave, and rock. Fronted by the magnetic – and at times, mischievous – Alicia Solombrino on VOCALS; Thomas Becker on GUITAR & BACKUP VOX; Luis Arana on BASS; Aaron Crawford on DRUMS. The band has received comparisons to Blondie, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Runaways and Metric. More info at thebeautifulbodies.com]

[Beautiful Bodies have been added to this year’s Middle of The Map Festival, April 4-6.]

9. In Back of a Black Car – “Lips”
from: Single / Silver Tongue Records / 2012
[Made up of former members of: Lovers in Transit, Five Star Crush, and Monta At Odds. This KC based, 4-piece includes: Matt Pluff on Drums, Backing Vocals and iPod; Zachary Bozich on Keyboards, Backing Vocals, and Hand Claps; Mychael Scott Reed on Bass, Programming, Keyboards, Theremin, and Backing Vocals; and Joel Hines on Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Bass.]

[In Back of a Black Car play The Brick, March 30 with Dolls on Fire, and The Lucky.]

10. Dolls On Fire – “GFY (300 Hands)”
from: Ladies and Gentleman… / Independent / November 13, 2012
[Second single from debut album, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Dolls on Fire at Atzero Studios in Lee’s Summit, MO. Dolls On Fire include: Zach Hodson, Rachel Jaggard, Michelle Bacon, and Mark Johnson. All songs written by Hodson, except “Minotaur”, written by Hodson/Jaggard/Johnson.]

[Dolls on Fire play The Brick, March 30 with In Back of a Black Car, and The Lucky.]

11. Radkey – “We’re Going Down”
from: Irrationally Yours – EP / Radkey/ March 29, 2011
[Named The Deli’s Best Emerging Kansas City Artist of 2012 The three-piece band swept the competition, with a landslide of votes from local music jurors. Radkey is a band made up of three teenage brothers Darrion, Isaiah, and Solomon. Their influences include The Who and Nirvana.]


12. Man Bear – “Gotta Go”
from: Infinity Cat / Independent / December 11, 2012
[Man Bear is: Aaron Nickless on bass; Alex Courtney on vocals, guitars, electronics; and Keith Howell on drums, percussion. Recorded September-December 2012 in Keith and Alex’s basements.]

[Man Bear plays the recordBar, March 28, at 9:00 PM, with Grenadina, and Slum Party.]

13. The ACBs – “Xanies”
from: Little Leaves / High Dive Records / March 5, 2013
[Konnor Ervin (lead vocals, guitar); Bryan McGuire (bass); Andrew Connor (guitar); Kyle Rausch (drums). Follow up to their December, 2010 release, Stona Rosa. Their songs have been featured on MTV’s The Inbetweeners, and Daytrotter. The title “Little Leaves” is a nod to frontman Konnor Ervin’s landscaping day job. The lead single, “Ocean” was released as a free download in late 2012, prompting Popmatters to declare the ACBs as one of its “Best Hopes to Break Out in 2013.”]

[The ACB’s will play this year’s Middle of the Map Fest, April 4-6]

14. Bloodbirds – “Divorce Sea”
from: Psychic Surgery / Independent / February 1, 2013
[KC based Psychedelic post-punk trio featuring ex-Ad Astra Per Aspera member Mike Tuley, his wife Brooke Tuley and Anna St. Louis. The album will be available as a vinyl LP in April. Recorded at Junior’s Motel, with additional recording at the Worst Place in the World, and House Tuley. Rcorded by Kirk Kaufman and Mike Tuley. Mixed by Mike Tuley.]

15. The Dead Girls – “Never Erased”
from: Fade In/Fade Out / Independent / 2013 [The Dead Girls (formerly Dead Girls Ruin Everything) were formed in 2004 from the Lawrence and KC power-pop bands: Ultimate Fakebook and Podstar. Guitarists / singers JoJo Longbottom & Cameron Hawk, of Podstar, combine their twin-guitar engines and vocal harmonies with the powerful rhythmic punches of drummer Eric Melin & bassist Nick Colby, of Ultimate Fakebook. Produced by Chris Cosgrove who produced their 2010 album “Out Of Earshot.”]

[The Dead Girls play The Middle of The Map Fest. April 4-6.]

9:00 – Special Guest Producer & Co-Host Nathan Reusch

Nathan Reusch is co-founder and manager of The Record Machine, an Independent KC based record label, founded in 2003. With Chris Haghirian, Nathan is the co-mastermind, of The Middle of The Map Festival, that includes over 130 Bands, in multiple venues, and Stages, in 3 Days, April 4-6. Nathan also DJs from time to time and is a passionate lover of music.

16. Cowboy Indian Bear – “Let It Down”
from: Live Old, Die Young / The Record Machine / to be released on white vinyl in April, 2013
[Joshua Browning served the band as producer and engineer. The songs were recorded over a three year period, where the band was also constantly touring, living on the road, keeping the van running. Beau Bruns – percussion, vocals, glockenspiel, guitar, Charles Calhoun – vocals, guitar, bass, keys, percussion, Martinez Hillard – vocals, guitar, keys, bass, percussion; Kaylyn Conroy vocals, piano, keys.]

[Cowboy Indian Bear play the Middle of the Map Festival, April 4-6. middleofmapfest.com]

17. Dots Not Feathers – “Timid Man”
from: Single release / Independent / Feb. 14, 2013
[Single release from upcoming full length. Indie Pop from St. Louis, Missouri. Stephen Baier: Vocals/Guitar/Banjo, Ryan Myers: Vocals/Ukulele/Banjo, Jessica Haley: Vocals/Synth, Katie Brooking: Vocals/Piano, Chris Dickey: Bass, Nick Blackburn: Drums.]

[Dots Not Feathers play 3/23 at Czar Bar Saturday, March 23, and return to play the Middle of the Map Festival, April 6. middleofmapfest.com]

18. Akkilles – “Leave Your Love”
From: Something You’d Say / The Record Machine / May – June, 2013
[Akkilles is the experimental project of singer/songwriter David Bennett. Bennett started the project in the summer of 2011. His debut full-length recording will be released early Summer 2013.]

[Akkilles will play the Middle of the Map Festival, April 4-6.]


19. Hospital Ships – “Bitter Radio”
from: Oh, Ramona / JagJaguar / 2009
[Jordan Geiger’s Lawrence based band with Nathan Dixey, Taylor Holenbeck, Nathan Wilder. Jordan Geiger is the keyboardist for The Appleseed Cast and also is the occasional member of Shearwater and Minus Story. The Hospital Ships new record, “Destruction In Yr Soul,” comes out on June 18, 3013.]

20. Berwanger – “I Can Feel The Moon”
from: Strange Stains / Independent / 2013
[Veteran rock and roller Josh Berwanger’s new band with: Ricky Salthouse, Marc Benning, Jim Macpherson, Carly Gwinn, Michael Hutcherson, Heidi Gluck.]

[Berwanger plays MOTM FEST on Sat, April 6, at the UNION w/ the BELLES and THE REGRETS.]

21. La Guerre – “Lake Ontario”
from: The Three / The Record Machine / 2013
[Katlyn Conroy is a singer songwriter who is based in Lawrence, Kansas and is also a member of Cowboy Indian Bear. La Guerre plays Final Fridays at Love Garden with PAPER BUFFALO on Friday, March 29 at 7:00 PM at Love Garden Sounds in Lawrence, Kansas.]

22. Little Legend – “Saints”
from: Saints / Independent / April, 2012
[Madison band: Brandy John Tudor, Joseph Copeland, Robbie Schiller, Daniel Jin. All songs written & produced by Little Legend. Recorded & engineered by Sean Lea in Springfield, MO.]

[Little Legend will be playing MOTM FEST.]

9:35 – Underwriting


23. OILS – “Duck”
from: Single Release / Independent / March 9, 2013
[Lawrence, Kansas based band currently made up of: Mark Osman, Andrew Frederick, Bobby Sauder, Christopher Luxem. Single recorded in the Whatever Forever sound rooms at Seedco Studios, Lawrence, KS, Feb. 2013. Engineered/Produced/Mixed by Oils, Rolf Petermann, Tim Dingus. Mastered by Brian Miller.]

[Oils play The Middle of The Map Fest.]

24. Soft Reeds – “Funny Patterns”
from: Blank City / The Record Machine / April, 2013

[Soft Reeds, play Middle of The Map Fest April 6.]

25. Spirit is the Spirit – “I Believe That We Will Win”
from: Baktun Baby [EP] / Independent / March 26, 2013
[Lawrence, Kansas based 5-piece band known for their beautiful Psychedelic-Folk-Rock sound. Members include: Austen Malone, Noah Compo, Josh Landau, Brook Partain, Danny Bowersox]

[Spirit is The Spirit will also be one of over 130 musical acts that will play Ink’s Middle of The Map Festival April 4-6.]


26. Palace – “Treetop Lover”
from: Single remix release / The Record Machine / March 2013
[St. Louis based band: Matthew James: Vocals/ Guitar/ Canadian-Tuxedos, Danny James: Drums/ Vocals/ Mustaches, Phil Grooms: Trumpet/Bass/Tall, Josh Eaker: Bass/fuzz, Crystal Owens: Vocals/X-bells]

The LOCAL SHOWCASE airs every Thursday night from 8:00 to 10:00 PM on 90.1 FM with 90.1 FM Programmers taking turns at hosting and producing each week.

Mark Manning is the host & producer of Wednesday MidDay Medley

Wednesday MidDay Medley is on the web:


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