#615 – February 3, 2016 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

“The MidCoast Sound”
Betse Ellis + Marion Merritt
+ Sondra Freeman + Rae Fitzgerald


1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / 1980
[WMM’s theme song]

2. David Bowie – “Rebel Rebel”
from: David Live / RCA / May 24, 1974
[Written by by David Bowie, as a single and on the album Diamond Dogs. Cited as his most-covered track, it was effectively Bowie’s farewell to the glam rock movement that he had helped pioneer. Originally written for an aborted Ziggy Stardust musical in late 1973, “Rebel Rebel” – completed in January 1974 and released the following month – was Bowie’s last single in the glam rock style that had been his trademark. It was also his first hit since 1969 not to feature lead guitarist Mick Ronson; Bowie himself played guitar on this and almost all other tracks from Diamond Dogs, producing what NME critics Roy Carr and Charles Shaar Murray called “a rocking dirty noise that owed as much to Keith Richards as it did to the departed Ronno”. The song is notable for its gender-bending lyrics (“You got your mother in a whirl / She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl”) as well as its distinctive riff, which rock journalist Kris Needs has described as “a classic stick-in-the-head like the Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’”. Bowie himself later said, “It’s a fabulous riff! Just fabulous! When I stumbled onto it, it was ‘Oh, thank you!'” Transgender rock artist and former Bowie associate Jayne County claims that “Rebel Rebel” was based in part on County’s own song “Queenage Baby”, which was recorded in January 1974 by Bowie’s Mainman Records, but not released at the time. The song later surfaced on the independent 2006 release Wayne County at the Trucks, and some critics, upon hearing the track, echoed County’s claims. I have the recording in my collection and I can honestly say they sound like two very different songs. This recording is from “David Live,” David Bowie’s first official live album, originally released by RCA Records in 1974. The album was recorded in July of that year, on the initial leg of Bowie’s US Diamond Dogs Tour, at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. (The second leg, a more soul-oriented affair following recording sessions in Philadelphia for the bulk of Young Americans, would be renamed ‘Philly Dogs’). The album catches Bowie in transition from the Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane glam-rock era of his career to the ‘plastic soul’ of Young Americans. While the cover featured a picture of Bowie in his latest soul threads – baggy trouser suit complete with shoulder pads and braces from October 1974 – the music was recorded in July of that year when he was showcasing his two most recent studio albums of original material, Diamond Dogs and Aladdin Sane, as well as selected favorites from Ziggy Stardust and earlier. The tour was Bowie’s most ambitious to date, featuring a giant set designed to evoke “Hunger City”, the post-apocalyptic setting for Diamond Dogs, and his largest band, led by Michael Kamen. For “Space Oddity” (recorded at the time but not released until the album’s 2005 reissue) Bowie sang using a radio microphone disguised as a telephone whilst being raised and lowered above the stage by a cherry picker crane.]

3. David Bowie – “Be My Wife”
from: Low / RCA / May 24, 1974
[2nd single from Low after “Sound and Vision”. The song also features a more conventional lyric which is closer to a traditional rock song than the more fragmented lyrics elsewhere on that album. Allegedly several analysts of Bowie’s career have seen the song as a last-ditch plea to Angela Bowie in the vain hope of saving his marriage. Tension apparently had arisen between the couple, and disagreements have been claimed to have arisen over the location of a new residence in Europe. Angela had shown herself to be heavily affected by his music; he had reputedly proposed to her by playing “The Prettiest Star” to her over the telephone. In the end it seems here that David would not agree to move back to Switzerland from Berlin, and the relationship finally ended in divorce in 1980. The song features a ragtime piano opening, which serves the somewhat retro lyrics some justice, although it is soon set against a backdrop of guitars and drums. The song repeats its lyrics, changing the spacing of the lyrics amongst the song’s verse. The song closes simply with a fadeout, as the song returns to the introductory ragtime riff repeating indefinitely, with the rest of the band playing behind it. “Be My Wife” was frequently played live on the various tours after its release and Bowie is said to have repeatedly announced this song during live performances as “one of my favorites,” as may be seen or heard in such concert footage or audio recordings.]

10:08 – Pledge Break #1

Betse Ellis

Betse Ellis

Betse Ellis is originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Music and a Bachelors of Arts in English from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. She has been playing the Violin for 40 years, with 20 plus years playing fiddle. Betse has also worked as a teacher of music for over 15 years. Betse was one of the founding members of the critically acclaimed and nationally known band, The Wilders. Betse has released two solo records, and now is recording and performing with multi-instrumentalist and banjo player Clarke Wyatt, as Betse & Clarke. The duo released their EP Bird Notes, on June 4, 2015. Betse & Clarke were the string section for “The Band That Fell To Earth: A Tribute to David Bowie” that last Sunday, January 31, 2016 at The Uptown Theatre. Betse Ellis, Clarke Wyatt and Brett Hodges perform on the third Thursday each month, for “Old Time at Ollie’s,” at Ollie’s Local, at 3044 Gillham Rd. On February 18 they will welcome special guest Adam Tanner, who will be in town for the Folk Alliance Camp and Conference! More info at http://www.betseandclarke.com

Marion Merritt

Marion Merritt

Marion Merritt grew up in Los Angeles, and she used to sing the lyrics to David Bowie’s “We Are The Dead,” at her family reunions when she was just a kid. She graduated from High School in St. Louis, Missouri, and went to college at The University of Missouri, in Columbia. She has studied art and musical engineering, and is a avid lover of classic films and punk rock music. Marion saw Talking Heads on their first tour when they played One Block West, in 1978. Marion has been the most frequent contributor to Wednesday MidDay Medley, for over eleven years she has been sharing her musical discoveries and information from her encyclopedic brain. Marion has joined us for every on-air fund drive of the past 10 years to help us raise money, donate money, and donate priceless photographs, and discount coupons, for use as “Thank You Gifts.” Marion is a MidCoast Radio Project Board member and has generously donated resources to 90.1 FM’s silent auctions and fundraisers. Marion is the creator of Records With Merritt, a small, independent, minority owned business, at 1614 Westport Rd. in Kansas City, Missouri. In the spirit of Anne Winter, a renegade who helped launch KKFI, and owned and operated Recycled Sounds at Main & Westport Rd. Marion Merritt, along with Judy Mills of Mills Record Company, are both keeping the tradition of —- female owned, independent record stores —- alive, on Westport Road, in Kansas City. These are Record Stores that not only feature area MidCoastal releases from independent KC music labels, but also open up their stores, on a weekly basis, for area and touring bands to play live, at special in-store performances, for all ages.

In just the last year Wednesday MidDay Medley has interviewed over 200 guests, including:

Lily Tomlin, Brodie Rush, Iris DeMent, Calvin Arsenia, Steve Tulipana, Louis Meyers, Krystle Warren, Vi Tran, Phil Neal, Rev Gusto, Bach Aria Soloists, Psychic Heat, Enrique & Diego Chi, The Blackbird Revue, Kelley Hunt, Crystal Clayton, Teri Quinn, Glenn North, Howard Iceberg, Mat Kessler, Shy Boys, Bummer, Jamie Searle, David George, Johnny Hamil, John Keck, Thom Hoskins, Judy Mills, Mat Shoare, GK Callahan, The Brannock Device and Jason Beers, Katlyn Conroy, J. Ashley Miller, Nathan Reusch, Megan Slankard, Shades of Jade, Kodascope, Gary Cloud, Bill Svoboda and KC Gay Pride, Betse Ellis, Connor Liemer, The Fog, Mike Alexander, Hank Wiedel, The Cave Girls, The Waspmen, The Electric Lungs, Not A Planet, Lisa Cordes, CS Luxem, Rolf Peterman, Sinple, Shaun Crowly, Christian Hankel, Evan Lovelace, Tara Varney, The Matchsellers, Brenton Cook, Michael McQuary, Riala, Sterling Witt, Britt Adair, HMPH!, Lauren Anderson, Bill Sundahl, Nate Allen, The Clementines, Ryan Wilks, Dedric Moore, Jonathan Bender, Camry Ivory, Ivory Black, Sondra Freeman, Chris Haghirian, Gamelan Genta Kasturi, Dustin Rapier, Emily Jones Behrman, and Spinning Tree Theatre, The Thunderclaps, Slow Motion Commotion, Scott Easterday, Alyssa Murray, Ty Herndon, Stephonne Singleton, Cheri Woods, Andrew Foshee, and more.

We’ve featured shows & segments about:

Crossroads Music Fest, Folk Alliance International, Middle of the Map Fest, KC Fringe Festival, KC Psych Fest, Out Here Now Film Fest, Center of The City Fest, SeedCo Harvest Fest, Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday, KC Gay Pride, Record Store Day!, Crossroads Summer Block Party, Johnson County Community College Performing Arts Series, Spinning Tree Theatre, Haymaker Records, The Record Machine, Mills Record Company, Records With Merritt, Midwest Music Foundation, CRAFT, Black Archives, Carnaval, and Charlotte Street Foundation.

One of our special “Thank You Gifts” is the 90.1 FM “Collaborations” CD produced by 90.1 FM Station Manager – Barry Lee

The album features 13 collaborations:

1. Betse & Clarke with Bird Fleming & John Kizilarmut;
2. Kasey Rausch Music with The Vine Street Seven;
3. Howard Iceberg with Hidden Pictures;
4. Victor & Penny with Cody Wyoming;
5. Gary Kirkland & Bill Dye;
6. Angela Hagenbach & The KKFI Jazz Band (Jeff Harshbarger, Roger Wilder, John Kizilarmut, Terry Wilkerson);
7. Jen Harris with Rich Hill;
8. Bobby Watson with Grupo Aztlan, and The T.J. Marley Trio;
9. BCR with Music by Betse Ellis and Bill Dye;
10. The Boss Toms (The Latenight Callers with Teri Quinn);
11. Enrique Chi of Making Movies with Bob Walkenhorst and Una Walkenhorst, 1
12. Cucharada with Gerald Trimble’s Celtic and World Music Sessions,
13. Freight Train Rabbit Killer with Jason Vivone.

This CD is only offered through 90.1 FM’s Winter Fund Drive!


3. Your Friend – “Heathering”
from: Gumption / Domino Recording Co / January 29, 2016
[Debut full length release from Lawrence, Kansas based Taryn Blake Miller, who grew up in Winfield, Kansas, and wrote all of the songs on the album. Taryn sang lead vocals, and played guitar, bass, Juno, drums, loops, slide, & reel-to-reel; with Christopher Luxem on guitar, vocals & loops; Nathan Dixey on flute, 12-string, piano, Juno,; Nicolas Stahl on drums; Austin Swick on bass & vocals; Gabe Ws on OP guru, beat overdubs, ; Lindsey Kinsey on vocals. “Gumption” was produced by Nicolas Vernhes at the Rare Book Room in Brooklyn. Vernhes has worked on albums by Animal Collective, Deerhunter, the War on Drugs, Dirty Projectors and Spoon. Domino Records is an independent record label whose roster includes Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors and Neutral Milk Hotel.]

[Your Friend will be embark on a US Tour in March and April]

4. Betse & Clarke w/ Bird Fleming & John Kizilarmut – “Black Eyed Susie”
from: KKFI Collaborations / KKFI 90.1 FM / January 29, 2016
[Traditional. Arranged by Betse Ellis, Clarke Wyatt, Bird Fleming & John Kizilarmut. Collaborations was produced by 90.1 FM Station Manager – Barry Lee. The album features 13 collaborations: Betse & Clarke with Bird Fleming & John Kizilarmut; Kasey Rausch Music with The Vine Street Seven; Howard Iceberg with Hidden Pictures; Victor & Penny with Cody Wyoming; Gary Kirkland & Bill Dye; Angela Hagenbach & The KKFI Jazz Band (Jeff Harshbarger, Roger Wilder, John Kizilarmut, Terry Wilkerson); Jen Harris with Rich Hill; Bobby Watson with Grupo Aztlan, and The T.J. Marley Trio; BCR with Music by Betse Ellis and Bill Dye; The Boss Toms (The Latenight Callers with Teri Quinn); Enrique Chi of Making Movies with Bob Walkenhorst and Una Walkenhorst, Cucharada with Gerald Trimble’s Celtic and World Music Sessions, Freight Train Rabbit Killer with Jason Vivone. Only available through 90.1 FM’s Winter Fund Drive!]

10:23 – Pledge Break #2

If you are a regular listener and benefit from the entertainment and information offered each week, now is your time to help keep this radio show alive. In the last year we played nearly 1000 songs on the show. Over half of these songs are from MidCoastal artists. We spin new vinyl and releases from area music labels: High Dive Records, Haymaker Records, MudStomp Records, The Record Machine, Little Class Records, and from hundreds of independently produced, artist released recordings.

We like to mix area recordings with critically acclaimed “national” releases. We like to mix different genres of music: Psychedelic, Jazz, Indie Rock, Folk, Classical, Hip Hop, Country, Blues, Pop, Electronic, Latin, and more.

We believe we present an integrated, multi-cultural, collage of really good music and insightful and informational interviews. We are more than just a radio show, we are part of the area music community. For two years we have hosted the Wednesday MidDay Medley – 90.1 FM Showcase at Middle of The Map Fest, we have co-emceed Apocalypse Meow at Knuckleheads, we have documented with live photographs and interviews the MidCoast Music Scene through our radio show, our Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, You Tube, and WordPress media.


6. Rae Fitzgerald – “Tower”
from: Popular Songs For Wholesome Families / Independent / March 14, 2015
[Written by Rae Fitzgerald. Composed by Lucas Oswald and Rae Fitzgerald. Album preview from the upcoming album POPULAR SONGS FOR WHOLESOME FAMILIES, to be released in early 2016. This will be the third album from Columbia, Missouri based singer songwriter. This is an electronic version of an acoustic version of this song.]

[Rae Fitzgerald plays Kansas City at Record With Merritt, 1614 Westport Rd. on Wednesday, February 10, at 7:00 pm, with Oh Dear Oh My, and Casey Benefield.]

Rae Fitzgerald

Rae Fitzgerald

10:36 – Interview with Rae Fitzgerald

We just heard Rae Fitzgerald performing her song, Tower, from her upcoming album POPULAR SONGS FOR WHOLESOME FAMILIES, to be released in the late spring of 2016. This will be the third album from the Columbia, Missouri based singer songwriter. For the past 9 to 10 months Rae Fitzgerald has been living in Austin, Texas.

“Tower” was written with Lucas Oswald

Rae Fitzgerald is coming back to Kansas City next week at Records With Merritt, 1614 Westport Rd. on Wednesday, February 10, at 7:00 pm, with Oh Dear Oh My, and Casey Benefield.

To listen to her music or for more information you can visit: https://raefitzgerald.bandcamp.com/

10:45 – Underwriting

10:47 – Pledge Break #3

90.1 FM is “100,000 Watts of Community!!!” 90.1 FM is a grassroots movement, a radio station created by the people in the village. 38 years ago those people created a not-for-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization called, The MidCoast Radio Project and for over ten years volunteers worked to raise the funds to buy a signal, a tower, and create a physical station with studios and offices, to serve the community. In February of 1988, KKFI began broadcasting over the airwaves…

We are a rare breed. A community radio station with 100,000 watts of power sending our crystal clear signal as far 40 miles away. Our engineers tell us that when our music is playing we have about the best sounding signal you will find in the area. With recent upgrades, our new transmitter, we are sounding better as we grow, towards the future.

Barry Lee is the Station Manager of 90.1 FM KKFI.

Bill Sundahl is the Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator at 90.1 FM KKFI

Paste named KKFI one of “10 Public Radio Stations You Wish Were in Your Town.” (6/4)

90.1 FM has added some fantastic new shows to our schedule:
River Trade Radio, The Boogie Bridge, ARTSPEAK Radio, Groove Juice, Radioactivity

We’ve come a long way since 1988, when those first radio shows were pre-recorded on reel to reel tape in the basement of Tom Crane’s house, and delivered to the tower site and transmitter, to be played.

Anne Winter aka Little Orphan Annie Kansas City’s first Punk show on the airwaves. KKFI still celebrates PUNK music with one of the best music shows around DIY KC Monday nights at midnight.

On Wednesday MidDay Medley we regularly feature punk, as well as electronic, folk, indie rick, alternative, jazz, classical, soul, blues, country, hip hop.

Programs on 90.1 FM have been recognized for excellence from The Federation of Community Broadcasters, GLAAD, International Labor Communications Association, The Pitch Kansas City, Hear Me Out Toastmasters, KC Star, and many others.

90.1 FM is telling the story of the Kansas City Metropolitan region with our organic and locally produced programming. Hundreds of guests are interviewed every month on 90.1 FM Public Affairs and Music Shows

So many bands and musicains got their first radio airplay on 90.1 FM.
This station has been Playing More Local Music Then Anyone Else for 27 Years! In one week of programming you will hear over 2000 different songs.

90.1 FM offers: Jazz – Mondays thru Fridays, Blues – 6 days a week, Reggae – Saturdays & Sundays, Hip Hop, Latin Music, Americana, Fusion, Rockabilly, Chamber Music, Metal, Punk, Freeform, Soul, Folk, World, Native American, Psychedelic, Rock, and Local Music.


7. Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear – “Dreams”
from: Dreams – Single / Glassnote Entertainment Group / January 22, 2016
[New Single release from Singer songwriters, Madisen Ward and Ruth Ward, both play guitar, and sing harmonizing as son and mom. In the past 16 months they have garnered national acclaimed after an appearance at the 2014 Americana Music Fest, they signed with Glassnote Records and recorded their debut full-length album in Nashville with acclaimed producer Jim Abbiss. They released their first single, “Silent Movies,” the same night they performed the song on The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS Television. They launched a big tour across the United States and traveled to Europe for multiple shows in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, and ten did it all again. They sang and played on the influential British television show, “Later With Jools Holland” They were featured on CBS Sunday Morning, and visited many radio stations. They performed on tour with Sufjan Stevens, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, played Bonnaroo, Pilgramage, and the Newport Folk Festival, and others. In 2015 they have been representing KC all over the world, and recently joined us on WMM to talk about their appearance on NBC Today Show, on Nov 23. ]

11:00 – Station ID

8. Organized Crimes – “Bel Ray Flats”
from: Bel Ray Flats – Single b/w You Knew It Already / High Dive Records / January 29, 2016
[Combining distorted synthesizers and beat machines with crystal clear modulated guitar and sharp-panning auxiliary rhythms, Organized Crimes shows are sweaty and loud. Performances for their new 7″ ‘Bel-Ray Flats’ (due out 1/29/16 on High Dive Records) are well structured and heavily involve visual production. By using projectors and fastened video monitors, every song in the set is expressed in both sound and scene.
Cortland Gibson has been releasing noise-pop material under the moniker ‘Organized Crimes‘ since 2011. This will be the Kansas City native’s 3rd studio EP and his first release on High Dive. Cortland Gibson, is joined by Kyle Little, Ian Dobyns & Zach Hames for a slew of tour dates to not only release the 7″ but to promote a new full-length record due out this summer.]

[Organized Crimes play The Taproom In Lawrence ons Feb. 4th with CS Luxem & Real Adults] [Organized Crimes play Mills Record Company Kansas City, MO on Feb. 5th with Yes You Are]

11:04 – Interview with Sondra Freeman

Sondra Freeman is Director of Promotions and Artist Relations for Midwest Music Foundation, a nonprofit created to support music and musicians in Kansas City and the surrounding areas, founded in 2008 by a collective of musicians and music lovers. The Midwest Music Foundation (MMF) unites and empowers the greater Kansas City music community by providing programs and resources to area musicians through outreach, support, education, and health care opportunities. Sondra is instrumental in MMF’s annual events: Apocalypse Meow, MidCoast Takeover and the MidCoast Takeover fundraiser shows, as well as many other collaborative musical events and fundraisers.

MidCoast Takeover Fundraisers:

Saturday, February 6 at Knuckleheads Saloon, with The HillBenders, The Hardship Letters, Nicholas St. James, & The Brad Cunningham Band.

February 27, at The Tank Room, with Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds, Berwanger, Violet & the Undercurrents, and TBA.

March 12, at The Brick with Amy Farrand & The Like, Kangaroo Knife Fight, Kodascope, and The Invisible World.

Sondra Freeman is also the Host & Producer of Busker’s Banquet, Tuesday nights, 8:00 pm to Midnight, at The Buffalo Room, 817 Westport Rd. (Located in the back, south entrance of The Westport Flea Market.) The weekly show features “two open mic sessions snuggled around a featured artist.” Email: sistrumenterprises@gmail.com

More info at http://www.midwestmusicfound.org


9. The HillBenders – “Go To the Mirror”
from: Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry / Compass Records / June 2, 2015
[Springfield, MO 5-piece Bluegrass band. Jim Rea on guitar, Gary Rea on bass, Chad ‘Gravyboat’ Graves on dobro, Nolan Lawrence on mandolin, and Mark Cassidy on banjo. 45 years after its original release, this classic rock album has been fully realized as a full length bluegrass tribute. Conceived and produced by SXSW co-founder and longtime musician/producer Louis Jay Meyers, this Bluegrass Opry brings a new perspective to Tommy. Originally composed by guitarist Pete Townshend as a rock opera that tells the story about a deaf, dumb and blind boy. The original album has sold 20 million copies and has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for “historical, artistic and significant value”. Meyers had been looking for the right band to pull off this high wire bluegrass approach for several decades and The HillBenders are the right band.]

[The HillBenders play the MidCoast Takeover Fundraisers, Saturday, February 6 at Knuckleheads Saloon, with The Hardship Letters, Nicholas St. James, & The Brad Cunningham Band]

10. Victor & Penny with Cody Wyoming – “Incident At Fine Creek”
from: KKFI Collaborations / KKFI 90.1 FM / January 29, 2016
[Written by Erin McGrane and Cody Wyoming. Collaborations was produced by 90.1 FM Station Manager – Barry Lee. The album features 13 collaborations: Betse & Clarke with Bird Fleming & John Kizilarmut; Kasey Rausch Music with The Vine Street Seven; Howard Iceberg with Hidden Pictures; Victor & Penny with Cody Wyoming; Gary Kirkland & Bill Dye; Angela Hagenbach & The KKFI Jazz Band (Jeff Harshbarger, Roger Wilder, John Kizilarmut, Terry Wilkerson); Jen Harris with Rich Hill; Bobby Watson with Grupo Aztlan, and The T.J. Marley Trio; BCR with Music by Betse Ellis and Bill Dye; The Boss Toms (The Latenight Callers with Teri Quinn); Enrique Chi of Making Movies with Bob Walkenhorst and Una Walkenhorst, Cucharada with Gerald Trimble’s Celtic and World Music Sessions, Freight Train Rabbit Killer with Jason Vivone. Only available through 90.1 FM’s Winter Fund Drive!]

[Victor & Penny play The Buffalo Room, TONIGHT, Wednesday 10 with Danelle Ate the Sandwhich]

11:20 – Pledge Break #4

Just remember what you don’t have to hear when you are tuned to 90.1 FM KKFI!

We do not play commercials. No automated robot playing the same 40 to 100 songs in a “rotation” based on a formula of one person, who programs the robot.

90.1 offers nearly 100 different radio programs. 80 of those programs are locally produced, and hosted and engineered by over 100 different people, who create content, and personally handcraft each show. There are over 135 hours each week of locally produced handcrafted programs. You we not find this anywhere else on your radio dial. It is very special. Not only do we bring the most diverse and unfiltered news and information, but our musical playlist is so very much deeper, and more comprehensive, than any other radio station in town. In one week you will hear over 2000 different songs played, as well as voices from the hundreds of KKFI volunteers and the hundreds of guests who visit out midtown studios to share their stories. How much is this worth to you?


11. Golden Groves – “Ideas”
from: Golden Groves / Independent / April 20, 2013
[Debut EP fron Kansas City baed 5-piece: Isaac Hodges on vocals & guitar, Dylan Nelson on lead guitar, Max Kmeck on bass, Andrew Lewis on drums. Recorded in Lawrence, KS with Jim Barnes producing and engineering the project. Additional mixing done by Ryan Cork. Mastering done by John McCaig of Panic Studios, Seattle, WA. More info at: http://www.goldengrovesmusic.com%5D

[Golden Groves plays an “Albun Release Party” on Friday, February 26, at 6:00 PM, at The Riot Room, 4048 Broadway St, KCMO. with Lauren Anderson Band, and Mime Game.]

12. The Buhs – “Can’t Let Go”
from: Can’t Let Go – unreleased single track / January 13, 2016
[The Buhs includes: singers Julia Haile, Lee Langston, and Anthony Saunders along with emcees Reach and Les Izmore., and Ryan J. Lee, Hermon Mehari, Ben Leifer, Tim Braun, Brad Williams and Kinyon Price. In November the band shot a music video in Paris. More info at: http://www.thebuhs.com%5D

[The Buhs play the Hello Art, 6th Anniversary, Friday, February 5, at The Hotel Phillips.]

11:35 – Underwriting

90.1 FM KKFI offers 24-7 programming. YOU (the listener), basically get all of this amazing programming for “free.” I, for one, love that I can turn on my radio, or computer device, and tune into the 90.1 FM’s 100,000 watt, crystal-clear signal, and hear the music, information, news, entertainment, events, and stories, that I really cannot find anywhere else. 90.1 is my comfort, my special companion, my diverse friend, introducing me to all kinds of new & local music, as well as the news & information without the intrusion of commercials. It is radio brought to YOU by real people, who create these shows out of love, and are guided by KKFI’s noble mission that “seeks to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals and groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media.”
Driving in your car, at the office, at the gym, in your garage, in your cubicle, in your art space, on your Ipod, at your construction site, in your kitchen, in your barn, YOU can take 90.1 with you, as your companion. 90.1 FM is generally a good date. Good for a few laughs, fun to dance with, always interested in good conversation. Isn’t 90.1 FM KKFI worth a few dollars a day, or a week? So many people tune in to kkfi.org everyday, but studies show, that less than 10 percent actually donate to keep this miracle of broadcasting alive. Your support means that you will help bring this programming to folks who could not donate at this time, for whatever the reason.

This is your chance to put your money where your ears are. Please help keep, at least this part of our public airwaves, alive for our public to enjoy, free from commercials, free from religious sermonizing, free from extremely conservative and slanted right wing “talk radio” and free from corporately “owned and cloned” robotic affiliates that play the same 15 songs everyday at the same time. YOU deserve better. YOU deserve radio that really reflects our great city, and tells the story of our great music scene, and performing arts scene, and labor rights, and women’s issues, and LBGT information, and programming specifically produced for Latinos and African Americans, working people, Jazz lovers. Support the free-form spirit that is 90.1 FM KKFI!


13. AJ Young – “Into The Wild”
from: Into The Wild / Datura Records / October 24, 2015
[AJ Young is a singer songwriter, guitarist based in Kansas City. “Into The Wild” is the first of four EP’s to be released. “The goal was to make something that reflected my life over the past year with this EP….. It seems as though we created something that connected with other peoples lives as well, and that is more then I could ask for.” With Matt Magerkurth on bass & cello, Armond Nelson on organ & drums & keyboards, Jordan Stephens on drums, Brandon Butler on bass & keys, Jimmie Hill on bass, Russell Johnson on slide guitar, and AJ Young on acoustic/electric guitar & lead vocals. All song written by AJ Young. Produced by AJ Young. Recorded at BRC Studio—Chapman Recording & Mastering—- AJs Living Room. Mixing: Samuel Thomas, Robert Rebeck. Mastering: Eric Conn .]

[AJ Young plays Words Of Love Benefit Concert for Midwest Music Foundation, at Coda, 1744 Broadway, KCMO, Saturday, February 13, at 9:00 pm with Wyatt West with Tom Hall, Bryan Hicks, Amanda Fish, Nicki Scruggs, Eems. Sean Mc Donnell, Thomas FreightTrain Walker, Max Berry and more.]

[AJ Young plays Prohibition Hall, 1118 McGee St, KCMO, Saturday, March 5, at 7:00 pm.]

11:48 – Pledge Break #6

Who will tell our stories?

90.1 FM KKFI will tell our stories. We will tell your story too.

We will share our voices to help make a better world, to remind someone that they are not alone. To give someone a smile or a laugh. To be honest. To be real. To represent the world that we live in, with programs created by, and for, our diverse listening audience.

From the multitude of programs offered 24 – 7, seven days a week, for 27 years, by over 100 people who give of their time, and talents and resources, to not only create programming, but to work to build an audience, to share the secret.

Our Blues programs are huge: The Blues Kitchen, The Boogie Bridge, VooDoo Kittens Road Trippin’ Blues.

Our Monday through Friday Jazz shows live up to the promise of Kansas City, and give jazz a place on the airwaves unlike any other radio or television station in the area.

Our Latino Programming, and Native American programming, and Folk Music and Chamber Music, and Reggae, and Rock, and Fusion, and Rockabilly, and Women’s Music, and World Music, and Hip Hop programs, and Old Soul – R & B, and Americana, and Southern Soul, and British Rock, and Punk, and Electronica are unmatched on the radio dial!!!.

KKFI is the most diverse station on the airwaves of the Kansas City metro region, without a doubt.

Our locally produced programs: Urban Connections, and Eco Radio, and ArtSpeak Radio, and Arts Magazine, and Heartland Labor Forum, and All Souls Forum, and LGBT Public Affairs, and The Tenth Voice, Jaw’s of Justice, and Women’s Programming, and Children’s Programming, are also unmatched in the Kansas City Metro region!

The sheer number of local – MidCoastal musical releases, the we play, day after day, is unmatched in the Kansas City Metro region.

And we never ask you to pay, except a few times a year, when we have to interrupt our programming to ask you to help us. To help us continue. To keep the dream alive!

We need YOU! Your contribution sends energy through our signal to world. You help us keep this special station on the air.

Thank you to everyone who called in!


14. Vigil and Thieves – “Haunting”
from: Haunting – Single / Independent / January 23, 2016
[Sarah Storm on vocals & guitar & keys, Steph Castor on guitar, Matthew Muckenthaler on bass, Andrew Flaherty on drums. Recorded in Kansas City, MO. All lyrics by Sarah Storm.]

[Vigil & Thieves play Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas, on Thursday, February 4, with Vehicles.]


15. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Next week, on Wednesday, February 10, – Spinning Tree Theatre joins us to share information about their latest production, 13, running February 11- 28, at the Just Off Broadway Theatre. Also AM Merker and members of the Kansas City band, My Oh My join us to share music and information about their new EP, “I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way” recorded with Joel nanos at Element Recording. We will also be joined by The Matchsellers who will play live in our 90.1 FM studios and talk about their new record, “Songs We Made Up” to be released February 12, 2016. And Don Simon, of Mudstomp Records joins us to share music and information about Mudstomp Tecords Private showcases for the upcoming Folk Alliance International Conference, February 17 through the 21st.

Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org

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