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Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Formed a Band – The Tom Livesay Story

WJC Jazz Band, February 12, 1988, Kansas State Jazz Festival

Wednesday MidDay Medley welcomes Kansas City musician and songwriter, Tom Livesay. We will chronicle the musical history of Tom’s life through every band he has played with, starting with the William Jewel Marching Band, in the late 1980s. That was the band where Tom first met Ike Sheldon. We’ll play music from Tom’s collaborations with Ike, and Phil Wade, before they became… The Wilders.

We’ll hear resurrected tracks from the Kansas City bands: The Young Johnny Carson Story, My Childhood Hero, Foolish Sad Robot, Cher, The Whittlers, The Freshman Senators, Wm. Howell, The Wilders, The Kemps, The Dhurries, Betse Ellis, Tom’s solo recordings, and others.

Show #405


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