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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New & Local Releases + The Sexy Accident
+ Lisa Jo Sagolla & “Rock ‘N’ Roll Dances of the 1950s”

Mark plays more New & Local Releases from: Capybara, Dream Wolf, The Cave Girls, Richard Burgess, Winston Apple, The Latenight Callers, John Velghe & The Prodigal Sons, The B’Dinas, Sneaky Creeps, Elaine McMilian, The I’ms, Malachy Papers, The Caves, and Craig Finn.

At 10:30 we welcome back to the show, New York City based dance writer, critic, and teacher, Lisa Jo Sagolla who will discuss her new book: “Rock ‘N’ Roll Dances of the 1950s,” published by Greenwood Books, as part of The American Dance Floor series. Lisa Jo Sagolla is a dance historian, critic, choreographer, and educator. She writes a regular column for Backstage magazine. She holds an EdD from Columbia University and is the author of “The Girl Who Fell Down: A Biography of Joan McCracken.”

At 11:00 we’ll also have a very special announcement about this year’s Middle of the Map Festival, to be held April 5 – 7.

The Sexy Accident

At 11:15 Mark welcomes Jesse Kates and Camry Ivory, of the Kansas City based band, The Sexy Accident. Jesse and Camry will talk about their new EP, “You’re Not Alone,” and their upcoming show on February 3, at 8:00 PM, at The Record Bar.

Show #406


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