April 3 – More Music from The Middle + Brenton Cook + Amnesty International Benefit

Wednesday MidDay Medley
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Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Music From The Middle +
Eddie Lowery, Megan Zander, & Alicia Dressman of Amnesty International
+ Guest Producer Brenton Cook


Mark plays music from bands participating in the Middle of The Map Fest, April 4-6. We’ll spin tracks from: The Regrets, The Silver Maggies, Making Movies, Y[our] Fri[end], The Conquerors, and Shadow Paint. We’ll also hear music from, Dream Wolf, and William Michael Dillon.

At 10:30 Eddie Lowery, Alicia Dressman, and Megan Zander join us to talk about, Jamnesty: Sights and Sounds to benefit Amnesty International, Friday, April 5, 6:00 to 10:00 PM, at The Next Space Gallery at 312, East 18th Street, in the Crossroads. Eddie Lowery spent 10 years in a Kansas prison on a wrongful conviction. He was exonerated in 2003. He played music while in prison, but it wasn’t until about a year after his release that he began to write his own songs. In 2010, he started playing performances with Exoneree including: Darby Tillis, William Michael Dillon, Raymond Towler and Antione Day. All of these men were exonerated from prison after being wrongfully convicted. Organizations like Amnesty International and The Innocence Project work to exonerate innocent people through DNA testing and reform the criminal justice system to prevent injustice. The benefit will include: Author, Dennis Fritz, and Eddie Lowery, who talk about their experiences. Eddie will also perform his original music. A documentary about Eddie Lowery will be shown. The benefit will also include music from: Dream Wolf, and art by Chico San, Hector Casanova, Tyson Schroeder, and Rob Tapley Bustamante.

At 11:00 Brenton Cook joins us as Guest Producer & Guest Co-Host for our second hour. Brenton works as a computer programmer and is Web Administrator for the Midwest Music Foundation. Brenton recently assembled the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 release featuring over 40 area bands for the Midwest Music Foundation. Brenton will feature music from some of his discoveries at SXSW Music Festival and bands he’s anticipating at Middle of The Map Festival. More info at midwestmusicfound.org and middleofthemapfest.com

On your local radio dial 90.1 FM or
STREAMING LIVE at: kkfi.org

Show #467


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