Wednesday MidDay Medley’s Favorite 15 Singles of 2015

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Wednesday MidDay Medley’s Favorite 15 Singles of 2015


1. Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7 – “Alright Now!” (45 rpm 7-inch Vinyl)
from: “Alright Now!” – Single [B/W “Stop Mr. Ice Cream Man!”] / Sunflower Soul / June 19, 2015
[Recorded live to analog tape. All songs written by Chris Hazelton. Chris Hazelton – Hammond B-3 Organ, Nick Howell – Trumpet, Nick Rowland – Alto Sax, Brett Jackson – Baritone Sax, Matt Hopper – Guitar, Danny Rojas – Drums, Pat Conway – Congas & Cowbell. Recorded, mixed, & produced by Chris Hazelton.
Mastered by Brendan McReynolds.]

2. Spirit is The Spirit – “Televangelist”
from: Televangelist – Single / The Record Machine / April 14, 2015
[Lawrence, Kansas based 5-piece band known for their beautiful Psychedelic-Folk-Rock sound. Members include: Austen Malone, Josh Landau, Brook Partain, Danny Bowersox, Zach Kinser, Rob Gilbert.]

3. The Philistines – “Twitch of the Death Nerve”
from: Twitch of the Death Nerve – Single [B/W Arecibo] / Independent / April, 2015
[This track will be on their upcoming debut LP that The Philistines will be releasing in 2016. The band was recently signed to The Record Machine. Kansas City based rock ‘n roll/pop band with a psychedelic bent, made up of: Kimmie Queen on lead vocals; Cody Wyoming on lead guitar and vocals; Rod Peal on guitar; Michelle Bacon on bass; Josh Mobley on keyboard, Steve Gardels on drums. Recorded and mixed with Paul Malinowski at Massive Sound, mastered by Dave Gaume.]

4. Various Blond – “All Bases Covered”
from: All Bases Covered – Single / Independent / August 11, 2015
[From Upcoming Album. Alternative experimental progressive rock funk pop progressive psychedelic from KC based band. Produced by Adam Mcgill, written by Joshua Allen. Various Blonde was concieved by Joshua Allen in 2008 and has opened for numerous national acts, Russian Circles, Free Moral Agents, Zechs Marquise, Dead Meadow, Imaad Wasif, Jucifer,The Memorials, Thursday, Fang Island, Murder By Death, Matt Pryor, Wannabe Jalva, and Electric Sixx. Current members Include: Joshua Allen on guitar & vocals, Evanjohn Mcintosh on bass, and Mark Lomas on drums. More info at:

5. Kasey Rausch w/Victor & Penny & Their Loose Change Orchestra – “This Little Crow”
from: This Little Crow – Single / Independent / April, 2015
[Recorded by Rob Nold Audio in March 2015, with Erin McGrane, Jeff Freling, Rick Willoughby and James Isaac. Kasey writes: “This Little Crow” is a song for all you parents out there who have “babies” about to fly. It’s about being so proud to “cut the apron strings” as you recognize that you’ve raised your young’n up just fine and it’s time to watch them take off. It’s a song for Kasey’s daughter, Kaya, who graduated high school last May and in August left home for K-State and a new adventure in life. More info at:] [Last November Kasey released her third solo release Guitar in Hand on Mudstomp Records. She hosts /produces RIVER TRADE RADIO Sunday mornings at 9am, on 90.1 FM with Mikal Shapiro.

6. Wyatt West – “Voiles Chatoyantes” (Shimmering Sail)
from: Voiles Chatoyantes – Single / Independent / February 10, 2015
[Andi Fredrickson: vocals, Aaron Simcox: tenor sax, Wyatt West: piano, Max Berry: guitar, James Albright: bass, Scotty McBee: drums. Recorded at LA Audio, Lynn Allred, engineer. Mixed and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording.]

7. Stephonne – “Unworthy”
from: Unworthy – Single / Independent / September 1, 2015
[First single from upcoming album: Caged Bird Sings Songs About Red Beard, to be released in 2016. 28 year old singer-songwriter Stephonne Singleton was born in Kansas City and grew up in the inner-city, of Wyandotte County going to High School at Bishop Ward. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Bendictine College and his Masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. He has worked as a musician and actor in Kansas City. His upcoming debut album, Caged Bird Sings Songs About Red Beard is being arranged and produced by Jamie Searle, of the band My Brothers & Sisters. Stephonne’s song “Dangerous,” will the second single from Stephonne’s new album. You can visit for more information about Stephonne and his Kickstarter Campaign.]

8. Sunday Heroine – “Leech”
from: Leech – Single / Sunday Heroin – Sound Cloud / March, 2015
[Lawrence, KS based 3-piece band formed in the Spring of 2015 by: Chris Maddox on bass & backing vocals, Max Allsbrooks on drums, and the incredible 17 year old Max Lock, who is currently a Senior, at Topeka High School, in Topeka, Kansas. Max Lock sings lead vocals, and along with singing Lock plays both the guitar and piano and she writes original music as well. More info at

9. Shades of Jade – “That One with Derick Cunigan”
from: That One – Single / Independent / August 20, 2015
[Bill Brownlee, music writer for The KC Star wrote, “Shades of Jade is at the vanguard of the burgeoning youth movement on Kansas City’s jazz scene.” Band members include conservatory trained artists: Joshua Williams on trumpet & flugelhorn, Desmond Mason on keyboards, Perry DJStix Holliday on percussion, Derrick Greenwood on bass & guitar, Dominique Sanders on bass, Vanessa Ayala on vocals, and Debo’ra Baskin on vocals. “That One” was recorded with vocalist Derick Cunigan]

10. Admiral of the Red – “Footbeats”
from: Footbeats – Single / Independent / January 5, 2015
[Formed in early 2013, the band has evolved from a blues-based garage rock duo into a full-on, dynamic rock band. The group recorded its debut EP, Almost Free in the summer of 2013 and now have a full length album in the works. M.B. Hurst – vocals, Matt Hurst – guitar & voice, Tom Hudson – drums, Meredith McGrade – bass. Song written by Matt Hurst, M.B. Hurst, Tom Hudson, & Meredith McGrade. Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios, KCMO. Produced by Joel Nanos, Matt Hurst, M.B. Hurst, Tom Hudson, & Meredith McGrade.]

11. The Cave Girls – “Let’s Do Right” (by The Pandoras)
from: Lets Do Right – Single track / Independent / Played on WMM, March 11, 2015
[The Cave Girls are Robin Campbell on voice and guitar, Stone Age Sara Teasley on vocals and drums, and Lizz Weiler on vocals and bass. The Cave Girls recorded this cover from for a compilation, A Tribute to The Pandoras, organized by Kitty Rogers of the Australian all-girl band, Wild Rocket. The compilation is still in development, however The Cave Girls will most likely include this on their next full length release expected in 2016. The Cave Girls have been in the studio an have already recorded most of their album. The Pandoras were an all-female rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California from 1983 to 1990. They were one of John Waters favorite bands. The band initially found a following in the Hollywood Garage rock scene, and later adopted a contemporary look and hard rock sound. The band leader-singer/songwriter, Paula Pierce, died on August 10, 1991, of an aneurysm at the age of 31]

12. Mr. and the Mrs. – “Sink Your Teeth Like Ships”
from: Sink Your Teeth Like Ships – Single [B-side is “Killing Floor”] / Woody Records / Feb 13, 2015
[Also included on full length release: Sink Your Teeth Like Ships, Woody Records, July 2, 2016. Mr. and the Mrs. two piece garage punk from husband and wife duo, Benjamin Hughes and Michele Choate, from Hillsdale, Kansas, who release their music on their own label Woody Records in limited edition cassette releases, 7″ vinyl, and hand lathe cut vinyl. And digitally as well as at:]

13. David George & a Crooked Mile – “Hey, Kansas City (feat. Victor & Penny)”
from: Hey, Kansas City! – Single / Independent / April 7, 2015
[Originally written for Kansas City during the 2014 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants when the city was exploding with excitement. This song was recorded live in just a couple takes at Weights & Measures Soundlabs, Kansas City, locally owned and run studio with Duane Trower. Featuring 3/5’s of A Crooked Mile and Jeff Freling and Erin McGrane of Victor & Penny. David George – Lead Vocals/Guitar, Ben Byard – Bass/Vocals, Giuliano Mingucci – Drums/Vocals, Erin McGrane – Vocals, Jeff Freling – Lead Guitar/Vocals Engineered & Mixed by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures Studios, Kansas City, MO. On Thursday, September 17, at The Kansas City Chiefs, “home opener” against the Denver Broncos, for the first time in a long long long time, the crowd heard something different when the team scored a touchdown. Instead of Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part 2.” Chiefs management finally decided to go with something new, and part of that included a contest where fans voted on three different songs. On September 16, the team announced via Twitter that David George & A Crooked Mile’s “Hey, Kansas City!” had been selected as the new Chiefs touchdown song.]

14. The Conquerors – “I Don’t Know”
from: I Don’t Know – Single [B/W I See You] / High Dive Records / August 11, 2015
[Rock & Roll / Psychedelic Pop from KC based 5-piece band with: Rory Cameron on guitar & vocals, Vince Lawhon on guitar & vocals, Jim Button on drums, Jake Cardwell on percussion, and Kyle Rausch on bass & vocals. Written by: The Conquerors. Recorded by: Vincent Lawhon at Element Recording. Mixed by: Joel Nanos & Vincent Lawhon at Element Recording. Mastered by: Joel Nanos at Element Recording. More info at:

15. Bonzo Madrid – “Mausoleum”
from: Bonzo Madrid – Single / Independent / April, 2015
[First Single from Bonzo Madrid the new musical project of CJ Calhoun, formerly of Cowboy Indian Bear, who reports that Bonzo Madrid will be playing their first live shows with a full band, with Matt Green (bass player from Hembree), Beau Bruns (who played drums in Cowboy Indian Bear) and Danny Bowersox (guitarist in Spirit Is The Spirit and CIB).]

To find out about our favorite full-length and EP releases of 2015, please tune in for our annual 4-week celebration of the year in music: The 115 Best Recordings of 2015, Wednesdays in December, on the 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th on Wednesday MidDay Medley

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