WMM Playlist from October 13, 2021

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org

WMM’s 33 & 1/3 All Vinyl Fall Fund Drive Show! + Brenton Cook + La Resistencia Press + Marion Merritt, Betse Ellis & Nico Gray

WMM celebrates 90.1 FM – KKFI’s 33 & 1/3 years on the airwaves by spinning recent MidCoastal 33 & 1/3 rpm vinyl releases. We’ll drop the needle on recent (and a few classic) tracks from: HXXS, Expo Seventy, Black Light Animals, The Freedom Affair, Danny Cox, Krystle Warren, Shy Boys, The Black Creatures, Silicone Prairie, Bummer, Knife Crime, Emmaline Twist, Radkey, Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, and Jorge Arana Trio. Tracks from KC’s labels: High Dive Records, Black-Site, Center Cut Records, Sunflower Soul, Haymaker Records, Groove King Records, Little Man Records along with Parlour Door Music from Paris, Thrill Jockey Records from Chicago, Polyvinyl Recording Co. from Champaign, Illinois; Feel It Records from Harrisonburg, Virgina; Glassnote Records from NYC and London, and ABC Dunhill Records.

10:00 – Station ID

  1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
    from: Orig. Motion Picture Soundtrack All That Jazz / Casablanca / December 20, 1979
    [WMM’s Adopted Theme Song]
  1. The Freedom Affair – “Rise Up”
    from: Freedom is Love / Sunflower Soul Records / September 25, 2020
    [“Freedom Is Love” is the debut album from Kansas City’s newest soul juggernaut, The Freedom Affair. The album explores themes of love, heartache, empowerment, and togetherness through a varying landscape of hard-hitting funk, luscious soul, and everything in between. The Freedom Affair is a unique collective featuring 3 powerhouse female vocalists in front of a dynamic 6-piece band. On “Freedom Is Love”, each of the ladies get their time to shine individually, but the magic is on full display when all 3 come together in unison and harmony, symbolically embodying the messages that they sing about. The album was recorded and produced by Chris Hazelton, utilizing the best of vintage and new recording technologies to create an authentic experience, befitting of a soul record that would have been relevant 50 years ago as much as it will be 50 years from now. The Freedom Affair is: Misha Roberts on vocals; Paula Saunders on vocals; Seyko Groves on vocals; Cole Bales on guitar, sitar (Track 3); Branden Moser on guitar; Chris Hazelton on bass guitar, organ (Tracks 1, 2, 9, & 10), Tambourine (Track 1), Glockenspiel (Track 3), & Chimes (Track 4); Dave Brick on drums; Pete Carroll on trumpet; Brett Jackson on tenor sax, baritone sax (Tracks 1 & 5), & tambourine (Tracks 5, 6, & 8). Additional Musicians: Pat Conway on Congas (Tracks 1, 3, & 6), Alyssa Bell on viola (Tracks 3, 4, & 7), Elizabeth Codd on violin (Tracks 3 & 4), Matt Bennett on violin (Tracks 3 & 7), John Wickersham on timpani (Track 4), Pamela Baskin-Watson on piano (Track 10), Nick Howell on tambourine (Track 10), The Freedom Family Choir (Track 10): Misha Roberts, Erica Hazelton, Seyko Groves, Paula Saunders, Jordyn Saunders, Cole Bales, and Chris Hazelton. All Horn & String Arrangements by Chris Hazelton except: “Heartaches Don’t Come Easy” and “Give A Little Love” by Pete Carroll & Brett Jackson. “Don’t Shoot” by Chris Hazelton & Allyssa Bell. Produced, Recorded, & Mixed by Chris Hazelton. Assistant Produced by Dave Brick. Rhythm Section on Track 10 recorded by Chad Meise. Mastered by JJ Golden. Cover Artwork by Matthew “Mo” Manley. Front cover photograph of civil rights protesters in Kansas City, MO (April 9th, 1968). The Freedom Affair and their track “Rise Up” were selected to be part of Colemine Records 3xLP box set, “Soul Slabs Vol. 2” a Record Store Day Exclusive, released April 13, 2019. Colemine writes: “The Freedom Affair is a freight train of KC soul! Dirty, funky drums, gritty horns, and the combined vocals of Misha Roberts, Seyko Groves, and Paula Saunders to put this band over the top. Politically charged soul music for the dancefloor!” Chris Hazelton joined us on WMM on September 16, 2020.]
Black Light Animals
  1. Black Light Animals – “Halo”
    from: Playboys of The Western World / Groove King Records / July 3, 2020
    [Formed from the ashes of their last band, Instant Karma the new record contains lush pop vocals crooned over spaghetti western riffs, psychedelic synth, and hip hop drums. Playboys of the Western World is a sprawling, decadent examination of what it means to be a human being through the lens of horror movie organs, spaghetti western guitars, hip hop grooves, psychedelic sojourns, and ballads crooned to lovers in the night. Members include: Cole Bales on vocals & guitar, Cody Calhoun on guitar, Branden Moser on bass, and Zach Harris on drums. More info at: http://www.blacklightanimalsband.bandcamp.com]

[Black Light Animals played a special Vinyl Release Show at Lemonade Park, Saturday, August 21, with The Freedom Affair. ]

10:07 – Pledge Break #1

Today we celebrate 90.1 FM KKFI’s 33 & 1/3 years on the airwaves. In honor of these 33 & 1/3 years we will feature recent MidCoastal Releases on 33 & 1/3 vinyl LPs. It’s an All Vinyl – Fall Fund Drive Show! With music from: HXXS, Expo 70, Black Light Animals, The Freedom Affair, Danny Cox, Krystle Warren, Shy Boys, The Black Creatures, Silicone Prairie, Bummer, Knife Crime, Emmaline Twist, Radkey, Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear and Jorge Arana Trio, With special guests: Brenton Cook sharing details about Outer Reaches at recordBar, Oct. 16 with We Are The Astroid, Jorge Arana Trio, Expo Seventy, and HXXS. And MG Salazar & Alex Martinez sharing details about La Resistencia Press and the Alex Martinez Book Release, Sat, Oct. 16, at 3:30 at InterUrban ArtHouse 8001 Newton Street.

We take a break to encourage YOU to support 90.1 FM KKFI. To help us are our Special Co-Hosts:

Betse Ellis

Betse Ellis is originally from Fayetteville, Arkansas, She received her Bachelors of Arts in Music & Bachelors of Arts in English, from the University of Missouri – KC. She has been playing the Violin and fiddle for over 40 years, and also working as a teacher of music. Betse was a founding member of the acclaimed internationally known band, The Wilders. Betse has released two solo records, and records and performs with her partner, multi-instrumentalist Clarke Wyatt, as Betse & Clarke. In 2020 they released their latest 8-song release, WINTER, which was in the Top Ten of WMM’s 120 Best Recordings of 2020

Betse Ellis, Thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

Marion Merritt

Marion Merritt is our most frequent contributor to WMM, She grew up in LA, and St. Louis. She went to college in Columbia, Missouri. She studied art & musical engineering, and is a avid lover of classic films and punk rock music. She saw Talking Heads on their first U.S. tour when they played One Block West in 1978. For 17 years she has been sharing her sonic discoveries and information from her musically-encyclopedic brain on WMM. With partner Ann Stewart, Marion is the proprietor of Records With Merritt, a minority owned business at 1614 Westport Rd. in KC, that features new vinyl. More info at: http://www.recordwithmerritt.com

Marion Merritt, Thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

Niico Gray

Nico Gray is a writer, and has worked as an actor with KC Rep, Gorilla Theatre, 8th St. Cafe Theatre, Actor’s Craft, and Big Bang Buffet. He appeared in HBO’s “Truman” and as a drunken sailor smoking a cigarette stumbling down the hallways of Union Station in the Robert Altman film “Kansas City.” He starred alongside Jason Sedakis in the short film “Where’s Phil” written & directed by John McGraff. Nico has worked for Theatre League, The Midland Theatre and is a marketing & advertising consultant with Union Station and Marketing Director for Fringe Festival KC. Nico Gray was a Guest Producer on 11 shows and contributed to WMM’s Glam Rock, Bowie Tribute, and 700th show.

Nico Gray, Thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

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Sam Wells, Barry Lee, Lily B. Moonflower, Charlotte Bumgarner, Martin Farrell Jr., Mikal Shapiro, D. Rashaan Gilmore, Chritena Graves, Hadiza., Alisa Jefferson, Marion Merritt, Betse Ellis, David Luther, Cuee, Robert Moore, Sarah Magill, Dan Jones, Juliette Frost, Club Sinister, R.I.Peter, Everette The Grey, Nico Gray, Katy Guillen, Rhonda Lyne, Chris Hudson, Jamie Searle, Nan Turner, Stacy Busch, Claire Adams, Allisön Hawkins, Jen Harris, Vanessa Aricco, Rob Rice, Sherman Brennemen, M.G. Salazar, Michael JC Taylor, Matt Weinman & Melissa Weinman, Aaron Rhodes, Judy Mills, Byron Huhmann, Shawn Stewart, Fally Afani, Calvin Arsenia, Greg LaFollette, Erin Keller, Lee Langston, Connor Leimer, Enrique Chi, Alyssa Murray, Jillian Riscoe, Dylan Pyles, Remy Sryrk, Xavier Martin & Jade Green of The Black Creatures, Bob Walkenhorst, Elexa Dawson, Jeremy Ragland, Marisa Butler, Patrick Sprehe, Dave Tanner, Quite Frankly (The Band), Riley The Musician, Florian Arbenz, Clint Hoffmeier, Royce Diamond, Jacob & Danielle Prestidge of Wyndsrfr, Sara Swenson, Justin Randall, Stacy Busch, Jill McKeever, Jeremiah James Gonzales & Brody Lowe of Redder Moon, Taylor Hughes of Pure XTC, Kian Byrne, Jared Bajkowski, Ivory Blue, Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, Krystle Warren, Tom Crane, Judy Ancel, Dorothy Hawkins, Ebony Johnson, Catina Taylor, Flare Tha Rebel & Bob Pulliam, Mike Alexander, Ignacio Carvajal, Dedric Moore and Teri Quinn of Monta At Odds, Stephonne Singleton, Geraldine Glen, Cole Bales, Cody Calhoun & Branden Moser of Black Light Animals, Laurel Morgan Parks & Darren Welch of In The Pines, Taylor Avanzpou, Brad Smith of Eggs On Mars, Tucker Slough, Julia Othmer, William Smith of CompanyNoCompany, Whim Grace, Bill Sundahl, Alicia Ellingsworth & Ari Fish, Chuck Whittington & Andrew Sallee of Namelessnumberheadman, Joy Zimmerman, Nathan Reusch, and more to come.

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The Black Creatures
  1. The Black Creatures – “D’umm”
    from: “Wild Echoes / Center Cut / Remastered & Reissued on Vinyl August 28, 2020 [Originally digitslly leased on September 30, 2019 – The Black Creatures make a point to blur the lines of genre while maintaining a recognizable cohesion; oftentimes blending contemporary styles of pop, hip-hop, dance, R&B, EDM and soul with cinematic and storytelling sci-fi/fantasy elements and themes. With the complex and creative approach The Black Creatures take to their art, a diverse audience regularly flocks to their gripping and intensely enchanting performances. // Representing the strange land of Kansas City, Missouri, Jade Green and Xavier began working together around the end of 2013 after meeting on-line talking about cosmetics. After Jade stumbled upon Xavier’s SoundCloud, they asked if they could put their vocals on it, and this led to future collaborations with no more than the intention to dabble. They couldn’t stop and eventually dubbed the project The Black Creatures. // Both Jade & Xavier write and perform vocals, with Xavier at the helm of production and composition. Jade Green has a vocal background in opera and a penchant for theatrics, and both are the foundation of their ever-evolving approach to writing and performing in The Black Creatures. While the instrumentals may set the tone for the show, Jade’s voice captivates the audience from beginning to end. Originally a violinist, Xavier unfurled into a producer and vocalist, maintaining the same air of intrigue and mystery throughout his compositions and performances in The Black Creatures. // After releasing Wild Echoes in the fall of 2020, the record received Album Of The Year from The Pitch Magazine, along with high praise from around the world for the four released singles and accompanying videos. “Wretched (It Goes)” was featured in the NPR Live Sessions “Songs For Change” when The Black Creatures were selected as one of 12 national artists, and included in 90.9 The Bridge’s Top 100 singles along with their song “D’ummm” which was in heavy rotation in the winter. Nuance Magazine wrote, “The Black Creatures take their musical talents and use them in such a way that forces listeners to not only tap their foot to a catchy tune, but pay attention and feel something about what is going on in the world around them. Tackling fascism, police brutality, and the deep-rooted effects of slavery in a rhythmic fashion is one thing. Simultaneously making it a good listen is another. However, The Black Creatures make it happen.”]

[The Black Creatures play Mockingbird Lounge TONIGHT October 13]

[The Black Creatures play Art On Oak w/Kian Byrne at 2nd Presbyterian Church Fri, Oct. 15, 7:PM]

[The Black Creatures play 10/22 The Ship on Friday, October 22, 2021]

[The Black Creatures play 10/23 Charlotte Street Magic Mirror Ball Gala on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021]

  1. Silicone Prairie – “Dance To The Beat”
    from: My Life on the Silicone Prairie / Feel It Records / February 5, 2021
    [Direct from Kansas City and encased in a layer of four-track analog glory comes the debut album from Silicone Prairie. You may have enjoyed Ian Teeple in action with Warm Bodies or The Natural Man Band, though Silicone Prairie is where Teeple has been focusing his solo creative energies over the past couple years, culminating in these 13 tracks. A trebly & jittery, landlocked Midwestern punk sound comes into effect straight out of the gate, much in the lineage of Gulcher’s ‘Red Snerts’ comp or the Dow Jones side of ‘Hoosier Hysteria’ – with a dash of hardcore DEVO or even D.L.I.M.C. thrown in for contemporary spuds. But there’s far more to Silicone Prairie – with quantitatively great songwriting and instrumentation bursting any preconceived sub-subgenre bubbles and occupying a kindred creative plain that made just about any Mould, Kirkwood, or Sage composition of the mid-80’s oh so delightful & memorable. Heck, there’s even a synth-heavy instrumental dedicated to electronic pioneer Patrick Cowley. ‘My Life on the Silicone Prairie’ dances across the sonic spectrum, from bedroom jangle to basement devolution, carrying big guitars, sharp synthesizers, and a hopeful grin into 2021 and beyond. A carefully crafted debut alive with the kind of creative rock’n’roll energy that simply cannot be quarantined, now or ever. ‘My Life on the Silicone Prairie’ comes shrinkwrapped in a reverse board sleeve with risograph insert printed at Oddities Prints and download code. Australian vinyl pressing available from Computer Human Records. 
  1. KNIFE CRIME — “Lump Sum”
    from: Lovely Gary / Black-Site / April 13, 2021
    [After spending months at Massive Sounds studio with producer Paul Malinowski in 2019 and then waiting out the worst of the pandemic’s stranglehold, Knife Crime’s debut album, Lovely Gary, is ready. Finally. // Knife Crime is a band of four veterans of Kansas City’s music community. Going back to the early 1990s, founding brothers Byron Huhmann on guitars, piano & lead vocals; Brad Huhmann on bass & vocals, have played with a small legion of bands, including TV Fifty, Onward Crispin Glover, the Dark Circles, Truck Stop Love, Red Kate and Lushbox. Jake Cardwell on drums & percussion came aboard in 2012, and has played drums for Reflector, the Belles, the Caves and the Conquerors. In 2018, multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah James Gonzalez on guitar & vocals joined, bringing along a resume that includes Elevator Division, Monta at Odds, Be/Non, Umberto, Rhunes and Redder Moon. Songs by Knife Crime. Recorded & mixed by Paul Malinowski, at Massive Sound Studios, Shawnee, KS Mastering by Mike Nolte, Eureka Mastering, Portland, Oregon. Additional mastering & lacquer cutting: Chris Muth, Taloowa Corp., Yonkers, NY. Vinyl Manufacturing: Kindercore Vinyl, Athens, GA. // Follow up to their single release “Falcon” on January 8, 2020. Produced by Knife Crime. Mastered by Dave Gaume at Element Recording Studios. Knife Crime is a 4-piece Kansas City based band formed on January 19, 2011. More info at: http://www.black-site.or9
Bill Sundahl

10:25 – Pledge Break #2 – Bill Sundahl – Champions & Challengers

Our WMM Fall Fund Drive Team: Marion Merritt, Betse Ellis, and Nico Gray

Today on WMM we are celebrating KKFI’s 33 & 1/3 Years by playing from new area vinyl albums from area music record labels. So far we’ve hear The Freedom Affair on Sunflower Souls Records, Black Light Animals on Groove King Records, The Black Creatures on Center Cut Records, Silicone Prairie (the solo project of Ian Temple) on Feel It Records, and Knife Crime on Black-Site Records. WMM and KKFI are committed to featuring artists under-represented in other media, and that includes the music community that lives within Kansas City and Lawrence and the area radiance of our 100 watt signal. The story of Kansas City’s Arts and Music Community is our primary objective on WMM, where for 17years we have shined a light on this music and the artist who create it and that story also include the music labels who help get this music out into the community and beyond Kansas City. That story also includes the recording studios where this music is engineered and mastered. That story also includes the venues where this music is played live and the creative ways that venue owners have worked to achieve during these times of the COVID epidemic/ Outdoor shows at The Ship, Lemonade Park, and The Black Box have brought music lovers to the West Bottoms where open spaces have become concert venues. Vaccination and mask mandates have allowed recordBar, The Kauffman Center, The Uptown Theatre and other venues to reopen in a safe way, as we continue to navigate this virus. KKFI has been with you through this entire time, continuing to bring you the music and information you need and want to be I the “know”. Listening to KKFI inspires.

WMM Plays New & MidCoastal Releases. Timothy Finn Kansas City area music writer named WMM “The Best Place to Hear Local Music on the Radio.” and the Best Place to hear area musicians talk about their music.

10:33 – Underwriting

Danny Cox
  1. Danny Cox – “Train Song”
    from: Danny Cox / Dunhill Records / August 15, 1971
    [A live version of this is on the digitally released YOUNG AND HOT (LIVE AT COWTOWN BALLROOM) EP on July 27, 2021. Danny Cox was born in 1942 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a folk singer and songwriter best known for his 1974 LP album Feel So Good. Danny Cox moved to Kansas City, Kansas in 1967. As a youth, he sang in a church choir together with Rudolph Iseley, and in the 1960s he started his professional career performing on a Hootennany Folk Tour. Cox has recorded albums for ABC Dunhill, Casablanca, MGM and others. He also partnered a company called Good Karma Productions, run by the KC based Vanguard Coffee House owner Stan Plesser, who managed the acts of Brewer & Shipley, and The Ozark Mountain Daredevils,]

[Danny Cox played the 17th Annual Crossroads Music Fest, Saturday, Sept 11, at Lemonade Park]

Krystle Warren
  1. Krystle Warren & The Faculty – “Forever Is a Long Time”
    from: Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace (Love Songs- A Time to Refrain from Embracing) / Parlour Door Music / April 9, 2012 UK]
    [Originally from KC, Krystle learned to play the guitar by listening to Rubber Soul & Revolver from The Beatles. Krystle graduated from Paseo Arts Academy in 2001 and began her musical career in collaborating with area jazz and pop musicians. After living in San Francisco and NYC, Krystle was signed to a French label, Because Music, and moved to Paris to release “Circles” in 2009. Krystle played French and British television programs, including Later with Jools Holland, garnering critical acclaim and traveling all over the world with Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Norah Jones, and Joan As Police Woman. Krystle created, Parlour Door Music, to release “Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace” a recording from a 13-day session in Brooklyn, where she recorded 24 songs live with 28 musicians including her band, The Faculty, alongside choirs, horn and string sections. // Krystle Warren & The Crew released THE CREW, on September 15, 2020. Through isolation came unity. The Crew is Lakecia Benjamin, Matthew Silberman, Jacob Snider, Joe Blaxx, Solomon Dorsey, Zach Djanikian, Cassorla, Krystle Warren, and Ben Kane. They have recorded unique versions of classic songs with the hope of encouraging the rallying cries of The Moment: the movement of the people. // In the lockdown of their homes, they sewed together their interpretations of “Bein’ Green” (based upon Ray Charles’ rendition); “Gimme Some Truth” (a mighty John Lennon composition); “Dear Landlord” (a scathing indictment from the blistering pen of Bob Dylan); and “Rhythm of Life”, (a timeless statement originally performed by Oleta Adams). // A portion of the proceeds from The Crew. EP will be donated to the various causes and organizations. From Billboard.com: Singer-songwriter Krystle Warren has made a powerful statement about the struggle for Black equality with the help of Kermit the Frog’s iconic song “Bein’ Green” (written by Joe Raposo). // The moving five-minute clip, over which Warren sings her rendition of the 1970 song — since recorded by Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and others — sprang from a covers EP she recorded during the pandemic with a group of musicians known as The Crew. Warren embarked on the project after her forthcoming album with her regular group, The Faculty, was put on hold due to COVID-19. The EP, which tackles themes of racial injustice in the wake of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests this summer, also includes a cover of John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth.” // The “Bein’ Green” video weaves in footage of this year’s Black Lives Matter protests, and also includes a heartbreaking montage of young Black children choosing white dolls over dark-skinned ones. It additionally features archival footage of such transformative Black figures as James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Malcom X, Nina Simone, Marsha P. Johnson and Al Sharpton, as well as victims of police brutality including Sandra Bland, George Floyd and Eric Garner. It ends with a clip from a speech by civil rights activist Ella Baker. // “‘Bein’ Green,’ it’s such a gorgeous song, and it says so, so much,” says Warren. “I began thinking about what I wanted it to express visually before we started [recording the song]. Essentially — it’s not easy being Black. That’s what Ray Charles was saying, and we felt it needed to be said again.” // Warren, who now resides in Paris, began performing in her native Kansas City at the age of 16 before moving to New York City, where she started busking on the streets and later formed her regular band, The Faculty. She and the group have recorded several full-length albums, including 2009’s Circles, 2012’s Love Songs and 2017’s Three the Hard Way. Her next album is slated for release this winter. // A large percentage of proceeds from sales of the EP — which is available for digital downloads via Warren’s website now and released on all streaming platforms next Friday — will be donated to the ACLU. Krystle Warren joined us live on WMM on September 23, 2020. She has appeared as a guest on 14 WMMs.]
Shy Boys – TALK LOUD (Polyvinyl Recording Co.)
  1. Shy Boys – “In Gloves”
    from: Talk Loud / Polyvinyl Record Co. / September 25, 2020
    [3rd album from Shy Boys. Shy Boys are brothers Collin Rausch & Kyle Rausch, Konnor Ervin, Kyle Little and Ross Brown. Collin & Kyle come from a family of musicians. Their cousin is Kasey Rausch, their father Kent Rausch is a jazz musician and was the music teacher and band director at their High School. Their mother was a choir director. Their father was from a family of 7 brothers (Greg, Terry, Brad), many who are musicians and recording artists, including their Grandfather Dean Rausch. Kyle Rausch and Konnor Ervin were band mates in The ACBs. Collin had been playing for years in the KC area including The Abracadabras, and The I’ms with Kyle. The three shared a love for 1960s era pop rock and soon started writing their own music. In 2014 they released the self-titled Shy Boys on High Dive Records. In June 2014, the band recorded and released two more singles and one of them, “Life Is Peachy,” was featured on Stereogum. Musician Kyle Little and Ross Brown (of Fullbloods) joined Shy Boys to make the band a 5-piece. On April 4th, 2018, it was announced that Shy Boys had signed to Polyvinyl Recording Co. an independent record label based in Champaign, Illinois and home to the band STRFKR, Xiu Xiu, The Get Up Kids, of Montreal, and others. Shy Boys released their Polyvinyl debut album, the autobiographical, Bell House, on August. 3, 2018. They immediately went out on an extended national tour. On February 15, 2019, Shy Boys released their singles, “Dim The Light” and “Brick By Brick” signaling new sounds from the band. Collin Rausch, Kyle Rausch and Ross Brown joined us live on WMM on November 11, 2020.]

10:45 – Pledge Break #3

Our WMM Fall Fund Drive Team: Marion Merritt, Betse Ellis, and Nico Gray

Krystle Warren

Our most played artist last year was Krystle Warren. Mark first interviewed Krystle on KKFI in early 2002. During a winter snow storm, at a party where Krystle played with longtime friend Solomon Dorsey on bass, in a packed, smoke filled apartment, near Community Christian Church, Mark waited hours for a 2 song demo, that contained a song called “Chanel #5.” Krystle has since gone on to tour all over the world, but maintains contact with her hometown of KC. Krystle’s critically acclaimed album, Three The Hard Way was #1 on WMM’s 117 Best Recordings of 2017. WMM was the first to play tracks from Krystle’s album. Last month Krystle released the new 4-song EP The Crew, with unique versions of classic songs with the hope of encouraging the rallying cries of The Moment: the movement of the people. Krystle has been a guest on 14 WMM Shows.

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KKFI’s Philosophy Statement: KKFI is committed to diversity in programming and discourse and seeks to create a climate of mutual respect and collaboration among volunteers and staff.


HXXS – HOW THE WEST WAS WON (High Dive Record)s
  1. HXXS – “Little Fear of Lightning”
    from: How the West Was Won / High Dive Records / June 18. 2021
    [Originally released digitally on Jue 4, 2020, after HXXS was signed to High Dive Records this was released onvinyl on June 18, 2021. HXXS then went on to release the latest 17-track album CHANNELER (digitally) on August 6, 2021. Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves make up the duo known as HXXS. Cutting their teeth in this harsh reality, HXXS has formed a strange mix of noise and deteriorating rebellion. Armed with a combination of drum machines, loopers, electric guitar, and banshee like squalls from both vocalists, HXXS brings the mania of electronic-noise, combines it with jazz-like swordsmanship and incantory spell craft. Taking pride in making things increasingly difficult on themselves by performing live cuts with ritual-like fever, while maintaining the unstable improvisation and manic haywire you might get from free-jazz which makes their live sets unpredictable. “Too unsettling and vivid to dismiss” HXXS “paints a picture of grievances that fester like open wounds.” The KC-based duo has toured extensively in venues the size of living rooms to concert halls with acts like Liars, ADULT., and Kyp Malone.]

[HXXS play Outer Reaches presents: HXXS / Expo Seventy / WE Are the Asteroid / Jorge Arana Trio at recordBar, 1520 Grand Aveneue in KCMO, on October 16 at 7:00 PM with We Are The Astroid, Jorge Arana Trio, Expo Seventy. More info at http://www.outerreachesfest.com]

Expo 70 – Center of the Earth
  1. Expo 70 – “IV”
    from: Center of the Earth / Aquarius Records / June 6. 2006
    [Very early release from Expo ’70 the musical project of Justin Wright. He began producing this otherworldly music in 2003 while living in Los Angeles. Residing in Kansas City, Missouri now, Wright produces music that is sought after by people all over the world. Wright has toured extensively over the last several years. More recently Wright has added a drummer and bassist to the mix which has started release albums and touring. Justin has released 56 separate releases as Expo ’70 and eight released at Expo Seventy including the 6-track release Evolution o June 9, 2021 that was recorded and mixed by Chad Meise at Massive Sound and included Justin Wright on guitar & synthesizers, Aaron Osborne on bass & auxiliary percussion, Mike Vera on drums. Chris Fugitt on drums, and Sam Hughes on saxophone. More info at: wwwexposeventy.com]

[Expo Seventy play Outer Reaches presents: HXXS / Expo Seventy / WE Are the Asteroid / Jorge Arana Trio at recordBar, 1520 Grand Aveneue in KCMO, on October 16 at 7:00 PM with We Are The Astroid, Jorge Arana Trio, Expo Seventy. More info at http://www.outerreachesfest.com]

11:00 – Station ID

Brenton and son

11:00 – Interview with Brenton Cook

Brenton Cook studied Computer Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology, in Rolla, Missouri, where he also had his own college radio show. Brenton has produced extensive compilations of area music for the Midwest Music Foundation. He formed the Kansas City independent music label, Haymaker Records in January 2014. The label has released multiple full length albums, for Monta At Odds, HMPH!, Be/Non, Jorge Arana Trio, Riala, Mysterious Clouds, Sie Lieben Maschinen, Schwervon!, and others on vinyl, cassette, CD, and 7 “. He has also produced two Haymaker compilation releases, called Fairgrounds. For the last 9 years, Brenton has been a co-curator of the Outer Reaches Fest shows. And during all of this Brenton has gotten married and recently he and his wife welcomed their baby boy into their world. Brenton joins us today to share details about: Outer Reaches presents: HXXS / Expo Seventy / WE Are the Asteroid / Jorge Arana Trio at recordBar, 1520 Grand Aveneue in KCMO, on October 16 at 7:00 PM with We Are The Astroid, Jorge Arana Trio, Expo Seventy. More info at http://www.outerreachesfest.com

Brenton Cook, Thanks for being with us today on WMM

Originally called KC Psych Fest, Outer Reaches started in 2012 to bring together outsider musical acts and celebrate experimental music in Kansas City. While still very psychedelic, the Outer Reaches Fest has grown to emphasize musical acts pushing boundaries.

Dedric Moore launched this festival in 2012. The idea grew out of the music he was creating with his Brother Delaney Moore at the HQ Artspace in KCK. Dedric is a member of the bands Monta At Odds, Mysterious Clouds, and Gemini Revolution.

The full Outer Reaches Fest is taking another year off but they still want to bring you a night’s worth of outsider artists pushing the limits of rock and roll, jazz & electronic music.

HXXS : aka Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves return to our stage w/ their noisy electronic visual and aural freak-outs.

EXPO SEVENTY : Justin Wright’s solo experimental drone band Expo ’70 fleshed out to a rock n roll trio blasting out cosmic doom space riffs.

WE Are the Asteroid : Austin freak-rockers comprised of former members of Ed Hall, Butthole Surfers and Pain Teens. Blowing minds from the arid hills of Texas to the crowded streets of Japan. Do not miss this band!

Jorge Arana Trio : It’s been nearly 10 years since Jorge Arana started melting minds with his trio of musical madmen. Inspired avant-rock cum jazz madness.

XO Blackwater‘s video projections enhance your experience.

Proof of vax / neg test required for entry. The show is 18+ (Under 18 with a guardian)

Brenton Cook, Thanks for being with us today on WMM

Outer Reaches presents: HXXS / Expo Seventy / WE Are the Asteroid / Jorge Arana Trio at recordBar, 1520 Grand Aveneue in KCMO, on October 16 at 7:00 PM with We Are The Astroid, Jorge Arana Trio, Expo Seventy. More info at http://www.outerreachesfest.com


  1. Jorge Arana Trio – “Overworld Map”
    from: Mammoth / Haymaker Records / September 23, 2016
    [Recorded in early 2016 by Justin Wilson at Sound 81 Productions. Jorge Arana Trio is: Jorge Arana, Josh Enyart, & Jason Nash. Formed in 2011. Mammoth is the 3rd album and 2nd full length release. Jorge Arana Trio played their first album release concert at recordBar, September 2 with 34 and Riala. The Jorge Arana Trio joined us live on WMM on August 31, 2016]

[Expo Seventy play Outer Reaches presents: HXXS / Expo Seventy / WE Are the Asteroid / Jorge Arana Trio at recordBar, 1520 Grand Aveneue in KCMO, on October 16 at 7:00 PM with We Are The Astroid, Jorge Arana Trio, Expo Seventy. More info at http://www.outerreachesfest.com]

11:12 – Pledge Break #4 – Bill Sundahl – Champions & Challengers

This is WMM’s Fall Fund Drive Show with Marion Merritt, Betse Ellis, and Nico Gray

KKFI is an Independent, non-commercial radio station!

Now, more than ever, Independent, Community Media is important for our world. We are here to listen to you, to share your concerns, and offer resources and information. Along with our National Public Affairs shows like Democracy Now, and Alternative Radio we also offer more locally produced public affairs programs than anywhere else on the dial.

We offer programs specifically produced for the LGBTQIA Community, Women’s Issues, Native American News and Culture, Middle Eastern Music and Information, Latino Programming, African American Public Affairs and Community News, Labor and Worker’s Unions, our prison population and justice system, environmental programming, Visual and Literary Arts, and Performing Arts.

Just remember what you don’t have to hear when you are tuned to 90.1 FM KKFI! No commercials, we do have brief underwriting announcements, recognizing those who financially contribute to support non-profit community radio.

No automated robot playing the same 40 to 80 songs in a “rotation,” based on a formula, created by a programmer of the robot. KKFI is the opposite of a robot. There is always human being on the other end of the phone line anytime you call.

90.1 offers 104 different radio programs. About 86 of these programs are locally, produced, hosted, engineered and written by over 100 different people, who create content, and personally handcraft each show, each week. There are 55 local music shows and 21 locally produce News, Public Affairs, Arts & Talk shows.

There are 140 hours each week of locally produced handcrafted programs.

You will not find this kind of representative diversity anywhere else on your radio dial. Or from any singular source on your computer. It is very special. It needs to be nourished and kept alive in a world of corporate, nationally owned, commercial or religious broadcasting.

Not only do we bring the most diverse and unfiltered news and information, but our musical playlists are deep, and comprehensive. In one week you can hear over 2000 different songs played, in Blues, Jazz, Folk, Hip Hop, Reggae, Classical, World, Americana, Southern Soul, Fusion, Soul, Rock, New Wave, Electronic, Native, Local, Old Timey, Rockabilly, Women’s, Children’s, Gospel, and Experimental.

With all of this, you hear the voices from the hundreds of KKFI volunteers, and thousands of guests from the community, who share their stories, broadcast live from our non-commercial, midtown studios, at 39th & Main, in the center of our metro, across two states, a collective of communities, and thousands of listeners. What is this worth to you?


  1. Bummer – “E1M1”
    from: Dead Horse / Thrill Jockey Records / October 1, 2021
    [Matt Perrin on guitar & vocals, Mike Gustafson on bass, and Sam Hutchinson on drums. Produced by BUMMER and Justin Mantooth. Engineered and Mixed by Justin Mantooth at Westend Recording Studios in Kansas City, KS. Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering in Portland, Oregon. Painting “Sense Titol” is an original work by Joan LaLucat Vehil and is licensed for use. // Kansas City trio BUMMER mirror the absurdity of modern life with a balance of dark humor, dejected nihilism and righteous fury. Their music spills out in torrents of skull-crushing riffs, gargantuan bass and caustic howls delivered at breakneck speed with gleeful abandon. Following their split 7” with longtime friends The Body which teased a more focused, lean sound for the group, Dead Horse hones BUMMER’s auditory desolation and scathing gaze to laser-point precision. In eleven short vignettes the trio lay waste to everything in their path, penning a vitriolic overview of life in the American Midwest, a surprising blend of one-star Trip Advisor review and insightful cultural critique. // BUMMER’s searing music and self-deprecating sense of humor are steeped in their surroundings. Born and raised in Kansas City, vocalist/guitarist Matt Perrin elaborates: “These songs are influenced by how empty and miniscule life in Kansas can be and the stories that come from it.” From the opioid epidemic to the dust bowl and extraterrestrial encounters, themes recur of entrapment and failed escapes. On the aptly titled “Barn Burner (You Boys Quit Whippin’ Those Whips),” Perrin grapples with a deep-set disillusionment with his hometown atop blistering, splintered riffs. The wreckingball groove of “I Want To Punch Bruce Springsteen in the Dick”s lurches and swings like a pendulum of pure contempt, lamenting environmental devastation ravaged upon Kansas from years of over-farming and overproduction (alongside less subtle messages about their feelings towards The Boss). “Quadruple ZZ Top” repurposes FDR’s infamous quote about the Dust Bowl’s destruction “What the sun left, the grasshoppers took” in a corrosive whirlpool that thrashes in every direction. “E1M1” turns the group’s gaze skyward, inspired by the alleged repeated UFO sightings reported by a 19th century mill worker, while “Kid Spock” draws from Tom Goldwin’s science fiction short “The Cold Equations”. Finding little respite even in the usual escape of space and science fiction, Dead Horse’s relentless bludgeon brings into focus the harsh realities of the American dream and the places left behind by the ravages of capitalism. // In spite of its often weighty subject material and darker textures, Dead Horse is unapologetically fun. Written during lockdown in the trio’s practice space and recorded with Justin Mantooth at Westend Recording Studios in Kansas City, Dead Horse was written as a more collective endeavor than the band’s previous outings. It captures the sheer ecstasy and blunt force of the group’s live shows in greater clarity than ever before. The immediately intoxicating “JFK Speedwagon” sets the tempo for the album, hurtling through Mike Gustafson’s thundering bass breaks and guest vocals from Sean Ingram of Coalesce (who also features on “Juice Pig”), providing a perfect counterpoint to Perrin’s acidic guitar and desperate shout. “I Want To Punch…” and “E1M1” take the foot of the pedal for a split second, cruising through caveman mosh and pummelling sludge. On “Donkey Punch”, drummer Sam Hutchinson’s hypnotic groove and Perrin’s freewheeling guitars threaten to spiral out of control at any moment, pushing up to fever pitch as Perrin trades tortured howls with Portrayal of Guilt’s Matt King. “Magic Cruel Bus” lulls the listener into a false sense of security with a lilting blues guitar opening before erupting into rolling waves of distortion. // Dead Horse is a decisive statement from a band at the height of their powers, a masterclass in eviscerating hooks and incisive takedowns. With their Thrill Jockey debut album, BUMMER’s unflinching reminder of just how gruelling life can be is coupled with a cathartic riff driven explosion of energy. BUMMER offers an escape and a solution: headbang through the bad times. More info at: https://bummerkc.bandcamp.com%5D
Emmaline Twist – DISSIMULATION (Black-Site)
  1. Emmaline Twist – “Oblivion”
    from: Dissimulation / Black Site / August 24, 2018
    [Debut LP from Emmaline Twist, Kansas City’s Darkwave / Post-Punk / Shoegaze project. In 2017 the band released “Dissimulation 1,” four songs in digital format, their first since 2016’s single release of “Vega” b/w “Moon Eyes.” The band is Meredith McGrade on vocals & guitar, Kristin Conkright on bass, Jonathan Knecht on drums, and Krysztof Nemeth on baritone guitar. Recorded, Mixed, and Produced at Massive Sound by Paul Malinowski, and Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering. Matched with compelling cover-art created by Amy Abshier. Alex Alexander recently joined the band on synthesizers & guitar.]

11:28 – Underwriting

11:30 – Interview with MG Salazar & Alex Martinez

MG Salazar (they/them) is a poet, writer, performer, curator, business owner, chef, civil rights activist, assistant to Antoni Porowski for Season 3 & 4 of Netflix’s acclaimed television program – Queer Eye, cultural reporter & music reviewer for KCUR 89.3 FM, subject of the HBO documentary, Abortion: Stories Women Tell, and former member of the team of Hosts & Producers on 90.1 FM’s The Tenth Voice. A lifelong activist for equality & justice, MG Salazar twice traveled to Standing Rock during the winter of 2016-2017 to stand as a water protector at the [Oh-CHET-tee Shh-COW-wee(n)] Oceti Sakowin Camp. In 2020 MG Salazar ran as a Democratic candidate for Missouri’s 5th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, challenging 8-term, incumbent Emanuel Cleaver II. MG’s latest book, Little Bits of Flesh was published by La Resistencia in 2019; their book, Striking the Black Snake: Poems from Standing Rock, was published by 39 West Press in 2017; and MG’s debut, If You See My Ghosts Like I Do, was published by Spartan Press in 2016.

MG Salazar, thanks for being with us on WMM.

Alex Martínez (they/them) is a poet, badass organizer, and an overall beautiful queen. Born in Mexico, Alex started writing poetry at a very early age as a symptom of displacement.
Alex was an artist in residence for 18 months at Charlotte Street Foundation in 2018 with funding for the program provided by a National Endowment for the ArtsOur Town grant. Some of Alex’s pieces have appeared in Harbor-Review, New City Community Press, Hawaii Review, and About A Place Journal. Alex published their first book Disclosure: Confessions of a Queer in Crisis in April of 2018. Alex performs with Resistencia, a brown & queer group of poets. Alex often writes about trauma and social issues that affect them and their immigrant, brown, and queer communities. Alex lives in Arizona, attending Prescott College. This is their second book

Alex Martínez, thanks for being with us on WMM.

MG Salazar and Alex Martinez are here to share details about La Resistencia Press and their third book release with “Concealment” by La Resistencia member, Alex Martinez.

La Resistencia: Alex Martinez Book Release is Saturday, October 16, at 3:30 PM at InterUrban ArtHouse, 8001 Newton Street, Overland Park, KS

We will gather at the InterUrban ArtHouse starting at 3:30pm to pick up books. 4pm we will open, and we will be done by 5pm!

Ticket sales/pre-orders begin Sept 6! Reserve yours before they sell out!

MG Salazar and Alex Martinez are cofounders of La Resistencia, a collective of LGBTQ creatives of color in the KC with: Jessica Ayala, Lucky Garcia, and Miguel M. Morales. Sharing their words, art, voices, & bodies with community and to live the pride of their people. Sharing & celebrate the lived experiences of QTPOC and amplifying voices.

La Resistencia Press removes the biggest barrier from publishing: The Gatekeeper. – Too often, non-white folks are at the mercy of begging for a chance from someone who does not look like them, have the same cultural experience, or does not care to hear artists from outside their realm. So La Resistencia Press thier our own press.

La Resistencia Press Books:
Concealment – Alex Martinez
Allow: A Litany – Ignacio Carvajal
Tiny Bits of Flesh (2018) – MG Salazar

MG Salazar’s recent book, Little Bits of Flesh was published by La Resistencia (2019)

MG Salazar ran as a Democratic candidate for Missouri’s 5th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, challenging 8-term, incumbent Emanuel Cleaver II. When running for Congress MG ran openly as a non-binary candidate. They / Them

From MG Salazar’s Campaign bio, MG wrote: “I can’t ask you to vote for me because I am Non-Binary. Or based solely on any of the identities I hold as a marginalized person. There are plenty of people who exploit their identities for political gain and do nothing to actually impact the community they claim to represent, or only represent the most privileged of their community. I do, however, promise to Queer Congress.”

What does that mean? “It means challenging the status quo. Agitate Cisgender & Hetero-sexual Peers to reflect on their values. Make it clear that Queer & Trans people are not going anywhere without a fight. In many Indigenous Cultures, like the ones of my ancestors, Transgender & Gender Variant people were REVERED and CELEBRATED.”

MG Salazar aka Maite has had a passion for making change that started when they were very young. Their first time “organizing” was when they were a little kid, advocating for animal rights with plans to send a “Barbie Jeep” to save endangered animals from poachers. As they grew up, they got involved in the Anti-War movement during the Bush Administration, at the age of 17 going as far as participating in a direct action when President Bush was in town, that was powerful enough that he thought it was best to run from his car to the building of the event, rather than confront the protest. This was the start of Maite putting themselves on the front lines of movements seeking justice.

One of the most memorable movements they were a part of was the North Dakota Pipeline Shutdown protests facilitated by the Water Protects. During the protests, Maite raised thousands of dollars to support Water Protectors on the front lines, and even joined the front lines themselves, witnessing/experiencing first hand the full barrage of human rights violations and police brutality facilitated by the United States Government, North Dakota and Private Police forces on their fellow peaceful protesters.

As far as their adult life, Maite has worked Service Industry jobs for over 17 years, at restaurants, bars, call centers and more. Customer Service is one of their greatest skills.

They also have spoken at almost every University in the Kansas City area, including some guest lecturing for The Art Institute and Park University, as well as worked as a cultural reporter and music reviewer for KCUR.

MG writes that they are no a millionaire. Not groomed by any party. Not from a political family. Just a regular working class person with some powerful experiences who saw an opportunity to make a difference for the people of 5th district and the took it.

In 2020 MG Salazar ran as a Democratic candidate for Missouri’s 5th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, challenging 8-term, incumbent Emanuel Cleaver II. Why Challenge an Incumbent Democrat? MG believes in direct democratic representation, and that reaching your representative should be EASY and NORMAL. That a representatives responsibility is to be an ACTIVE member of community, not just a public figure who shows up for photo ops and fancy closed door fundraisers and events. MG supports Progressive Polices her opponent doesn’t believe in. They here to stay, and they are gonna keep challenging incumbents until they are replaced by people who understand what being a representative is REALLY about.

MG Salazar worked as an assistant to Antoni Porowski for Season 3 & 4 of Netflix’s Emmy winning TV program – Queer Eye. MG Salazar talked about how Antoni is just as beautiful on the inside as he looks on the outside. MG set up all of food demos on the show.

Alex Martínez is a poet, badass organizer, and an overall beautiful queen living in Kansas City. Born in Mexico, Alex started writing poetry at a very early age.
After migrating to the United States as an undocumented minor in 2005 their primary language became English. Alex often writes about trauma and social issues that affect them and their immigrant, brown, and queer communities.

Alex was an artist in residence for 18 months at Charlotte Street Foundation in 2018 with funding for the program provided by a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant. Some of Alex’s pieces have appeared in Harbor Review, New City Community Press, Hawai‘i Review, and About A Place Journal. Alex published their first book Disclosure: Confessions of a Queer in Crisis in April of 2018.

Alex performs with Resistencia, a brown & queer group of poets and occasionally does community radio. Be sure to follow Alex on social media and subscribe to their newsletter for continuous updates. More info at http://www.poetalex.com

MG Salazar and Alex Martinez, thanks for being with us on WMM.

Alex Martinez’s new chapbook, Concealment, is the most recent release from La Resistencia Press who’ll host a Book Release, Saturday, Oct 16, at 3:30 PM at InterUrban ArtHouse, 8001 Newton Street, OP KS, More info at: http://www.laresistenciapress.com


  1. Radkey – “Seize”
    from: Green Room / Little Man Records / November 27, 2020
    [On Green Room the band serve as their own producers. On April 7, 2020 Radkey released a 2 minute cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine” written by Bill Withers who died in 2020. The band released singles “Underground” on November 27, and “Seize” on November 29, 2020. Isaiah, Dee, and Solomon Radke of the critically acclaimed rock trio Radkey joined us live in our 90.1 FM studios on September 5, 2018. Radkey was formed in 2010 in St. Joseph, where the brothers were raised. The family moved to Kansas City. The band has released two full-length recordings — “Dark Black Makeup” in 2015 and “Delicious Rock Noise” in 2016 — plus multiple EPs and singles, and were part of a MasterCard advertising campaign on digital billboards in NYC along with a national television commercial that aired during the 2018 Grammy Awards that brought the band to the attention of Jack White who asked the band to tour with him. In 2018 the band went back on the road with The Damned throughout the United States. In December they went back into the studio to record with producer Bill Stevenson of the California punk rock group Desendents. In early 2019 they played shows in Amsterdam and Stockholm. In 2018 the band released “Basement,” “St. Elwood,” “Rock & Roll Home-school,” as well as several other singles. On Feb. 22, 2019, Radkey released “No Strange Cats…P.A.W.” a 7-song EP is essentially a collection of the band’s most recent singles. It comes after the January 11, 2019 release of No Strange cats…Spiders – EP a 6 song EP of several new songs mixed with several singles from late 2018.]

11:43 – Pledge Break #5

KKFI and WMM offer loads and loads of information about what is going on in the community. Not only does this show interview 150 guest each year, not only do we play nearly 900 different songs with more than half of those being locally produced, but we also shine a light on area not-for-profit theatre companies, art museums & galleries, area festivals, service organizations, area record labels and record stores, the area music scene, arts scene, theatre scene, literary arts scene, political action scene.

In just this past year, we’ve featured segments shining a light on:, The Kauffman Center for The Performing Arts, UMKC Conservatory of Music, MidCoast Takeover, Spinning Tree Theatre, The Pitch Kansas City, Owen Cox Dance Group, Bandwaggin KC, KC Bands Together, The Green Line Initiative, Black Lives Matter, The Queer Narratives Festival, KC Bass Workshop, Kansas City Syzygy, The Record Machine, Mills Record Company, Records With Merritt, High Dive Records, Center Cut Records, Manor Records, Polyvinyl Records, Lost Cowgirl Records, Sunflower Soul Records, KC Irish Fest, The Crossroads Music fest, MixMaster Music Conference, Too Much Rock, Midwest Music Foundation, Apocalypse Meow, filmmaker Morgan Cooper, Charlotte Street Foundation, Inter Urban Arthouse, Lemonade Park, Weights and Measure Sound Lab.


Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear
  1. Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear – “Childhood Goodbye” from: Radio Winners – EP / Glassnote Records / July 27. 2018
    [Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear have garnered international acclaim, and new fans from all over the world. They signed with Glassnote Records and recorded their debut full length album in Nashville with acclaimed producer Jim Abiss. They performed their debut single “Silent Movies” on The Late Show with David Letterman, they’ve toured across the United States, and Europe, more than once. They were featured on CBS Sunday Morning, NBC’s The Today Show, and “Later With Jools Holland and played Bonnaroo, Pilgramage, and the Newport Folk Festival, and the Ryman Theatre, in Nashville. Ruth Ward has continually performed throughout her life, mostly in coffee shops and open mics, for over 30 years, even recording a solo record. In the midst of this she got married and became a mom, and was busy raising a family. Madisen Ward was born in Oklahoma, and grew up in the outskirts of Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from William Chrisman High School in 2007. Madisen’s journey to become a musician, was “melodically passed down” through the songs of his mother, where Madisen grew up watching his mom perform at local coffee shops. Eventually he began to learn to play the guitar, and poured his talent for writing into the music to create original songs. They began playing Madisen’s original songs along with the occassional cover of a classic track, reinterpreted in their own incredibly beautiful performance of two voices and two guitars in harmony and orchestration. Their debut album, The Skeleton Crew, was released May 9, 2015 and was our most played record that year and was #1 on WMM’s The 115 Best Recordings of 2015.]

11:53 – Pledge Break #6

This is WMM’s Fall Fund Drive Show with Marion Merritt, Betse Ellis, and Nico Gray

KKFI offers 24-7 programming, and YOU (the listener), basically get all of this amazing programming for “free.” I, for one, love that I can turn on my radio, or computer device, and tune into the 90.1 FM’s 100, 000 watt, crystal-clear signal, and hear the music, information, news, entertainment, events, and stories, that I really cannot find anywhere else. 90.1 is my comfort, my special companion, my interesting friend, introducing me to all kinds of new & local music, as well as the news & information without the intrusion of commercials. It is radio brought to YOU by real people, who create these shows out of love, and are guided by KKFI’s noble mission that “seeks to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals and groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media.”

Driving in your car, at the office, at the gym, in your garage, in your cubicle, in your artspace, on your iPod, at your construction site, in your kitchen, in your barn, YOU can take 90.1 with you, as your companion. 90.1 FM is generally a good date. Good for a few laughs, fun to dance with, always interested in good conversation. Isn’t 90.1 FM KKFI worth a few dollars a day, or a week? So many people tune in to http://www.kkfi.org everyday, but studies show, that less than 1 percent actually donate to keep this miracle of broadcasting alive. Your support means that you will help bring this programming to folks who could not donate at this time, for whatever the reason.

This is your chance to put your money where your ears are. Please help keep this part of our public airwaves alive for our community to enjoy, free from commercials, free from religious sermonizing, free from extremely conservative and slanted right wing “talk radio,” and free from corporately “owned and cloned” robotic affiliates that play the same 15 songs everyday at the same time. YOU deserve better. YOU deserve radio that really reflects our great city, and tells the story of our great music scene, and performing arts scene, and labor rights, and women’s issues, and LBGT information, and programming specifically produced for Latinos and African Americans, working people, Jazz lovers. Support the free-form spirit that is 90.1 FM KKFI!


  1. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
    from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Next week on Wednesday MidDay Medley, on October 20 we talk with Fred Wickham about his new album from the Fred Wickham Caravan called, TOWN WITHOUT SOUL to be released October 29 through Black-Site Records. We also talk with musician Chalis O’Neal about his new album and talk with Chalis and Geraldine Glen. Also next week Til Hall shares new music from their band MellowPhobia. AND with talk with Kansas City based singer songwriter Effie about her fabulous 2021 album CURVE MY ENTHUSIASM.
Our Script/Playlist is a “cut and paste” of information.
Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:

Show #911


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