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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Michelle Bacon’s Favorite Releases of 2022 +
Wednesday MidDay Medley’s Favorite 15 Singles of 2022

  1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
    from: Orig. Motion Picture Soundtrack All That Jazz / Casablanca / December 20, 1979
    [WMM’s Adopted Theme Song]

Wednesday MidDay Medley’s Favorite 15 Singles of 2022

  1. (#15.) Kris Bruders – “Butterflies and Turpentine”
    from: “Butterflies and Turpentine” / Kris Bruders / August 24, 2022
    [One of many new singles Kris Bruders has recently recorded with friends and collaborators. Kris Bruders is also performing with a new band called, Copper Threading, that he describes as ”that sweet sound of that old family harmony of Havilah Bruders and Kenese Cartwright right next to the trains with the beautiful upright bass sound of Brandon Day and the sweet sounds of a mandolin by Corey Clark and yours truly.” Many Kansas City music fans know Kristopher Bruders for his great work with band, Cadillac Flambé with his wife, vocalist and keyboard player, Havilah Bruders. Kristopher Bruders is also one half of the band, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, with Mark Smeltzer. Kristopher Bruders is a beautiful, peaceful gentleman and then we turn on the microphone and are blown away by the power of the voice, truly reminding me of a far away train, getting closer in the middle of a cold dark night. Freight Train Rabbit Killer is described as “Apocalyptic Roots” or “Doom Blues” their intense and riveting live shows are accompanied by suits and masks. Freight Train Rabbit Killer released their album, HAMMER OF JUDGEMENT on April 30, 2022 on vinyl from Haymaker Records. Three years in the making, there were hurdles along the way, from pressing plant delays to global pandemics. “The album was recorded during the Hammer of Judgment Recording Sessions back in April 2019, utilizing an interactive crowd of dedicated fans joining the band in the studio, experiencing the recording process first-hand with all of the bells and whistles of GFM Modern Recording in Blue Springs, Missouri for the engineering work and studio access and a previous collaborator, Andrew Crowley of Organica Recording for engineering, mixing, and mastering.” HAMMER OF JUDGEMENT is the band’s 2nd full-length album.]

[Freight Rain Rabbit Killer play recordBar, 1520 Grand Ave. KCMO, on December 2, with Godzillionaire, and The Almighty Trouble Brothers.]

{Kris Bruders plays Murder Basllad Ball 10, Saturday, December 10, at 6:00 PM at The Warwick Theatre, 3927 Main Street, KCMO, a benefit for Midwest Music Foundation.]

  1. (#14) Hembree & morgyn – “Float”
    from: “Float“ – Single / Oread Records / September 9, 2022
    [morgxn is a homosensitive musical artist based in Nashville. Along with this single Hambree released the 13-track album, IT’S A DREAM! On Oread Records on February 4, 2022. Hembree is a KC born band was formed in November of 2015, with Isaac Flynn on guitar, & lead vocals, Garrett Childers on bass & vocals, Eric Davis on keys & synth, Alex Ward on guitar, and Austin Ward on drums. Hembree is signed to Thirty Tigers of Nashville, TN. The band was founded by original members Isaac Flynn, Garrett Childers, and Eric Davis. Brothers Alex and Austin Ward later joined in 2018. Hembree quickly garnered national attention after their single “Holy Water” was placed in an Apple commercial that aired during Super Bowl LII. The band’s music has been featured in a variety of other national placements, including Monday Night Football (NFL) and Bose. Hembree has notably supported Elvis Costello, Phoenix, Cold War Kids, Vance Joy, JR JR, and Joywave, among others. The band first toured Europe in Fall 2018. In 2018, Hembree signed with Thirty Tigers to release their first full-length album House on Fire, released 4/26/2019. In 2019, Hembree performed at Hangout Music Festival. They will also appear on the soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why: Season 3 with the song “Culture”. Hembree was named one of NPR’s Slingshot 2018 Artists to Watch. Rolling Stone named Hembree as one of the thirty best artists at SXSW 2018. “Had It All” debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 on January 19, 2017. Lowe described the song as “absolutely fantastic.” “Holy Water” was featured in Apple’s HomePod “Distortion” TV spot, which ran during Super Bowl LII, the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, and the 2018 Winter Olympics. Hembree released the single, “Reach Out” on July 20, 2021 and “Operators (feat. Bodye)” on Sept. 21, 2021on Oread Records. Info at: http://www.hembreemusic.com]
  1. (#13.) Kye Colors – “Phil Collins” from: “Phil Collins” – Single / Wasteland Records / March 25, 2022 [Kye Colors, born J’Kye Slatton, is a 21 year-old rapper and producer from the South side of Kansas City, Missouri. Kye began writing music as early as age 5, usually done in crayons. “I’d describe my music as very colorful and vibrant from the beats to the lyrics” Colors says. “I’d describe my music as very colorful and vibrant from the beats to the lyrics” // The name Kye Colors derives from multiple meanings. The first coming from the idea that hues enact certain moods, “you can feel orange, you can feel yellow, you can feel brown; it’s like an emotion” says Kye. The second is best described through his lyrics on the track Broken Place, “I’m KC for real, check the initials.” // His gift of rap was nurtured and harbored from Elementary School to High School. As a teenager, Kye’s talent was quickly taken notice by his peers. While in school, his seniors made sure that he would get his high school diploma before he could fully pursue his music career. After sporadic trials with rap he went by the name Kye Colors by age 14. The same year he began producing. // In 2015 he released his first mixtape entitled “00“. The project garnered attention from hip hop fans all over the Kansas City Metropolitan. In 2017, he joined the rap collective “CaviArt” alongside artists Gee Watts, A’Sean, Ray Muney, and others. // Soon after and at only 17 years old, he would release his 1st full length project “Milk Is Nasty”. It was nationally acclaimed by Lyrical Lemonade, publicized in local Newspapers such as The Kansas City Star and The Pitch KC, and also gained notable local airplay. The project also led to him performing alongside Denzel Curry, Famous Dex, Wiz Khalifa, Lil TJay and many more. // “Milk Is Nasty”. It was nationally acclaimed by Lyrical Lemonade, publicized in local Newspapers such as The Kansas City Star and The Pitch KC, and also gained notable local airplay. // In 2019, Kye released some of his most popular single releases to date including “Sweet Thang,” “Doggy,” “Talk About It” and more. These independent releases would land him on platforms such as Baller Alert, a modeling gig with Lee Jeans, and national airplay on Shade45. // In 2020, at the age of 20 he founded his label “Wasteland Records” partnering with manager Jesse Brown and Jaron Baston. He went on his first independent tour and released his 2nd LP With Love By Faith. It peaked at 166 on the Top 200 Rap/Hip Hop albums on iTunes. // Come 2021, Kye delivered three glossy singles “Nike Boy Freetstyle”, “Grateful”, “1-800” and an impressive five-track EP “WOW” in which helped him rank in the top 10K “R&B, Funk & Soul” artists in the world. // Kye kicked off 2022 with a flamboyant and captivating new single “TAKE UR PLACE”. A track thats surely setting the mood for whats to come. // From having a vibrant young passion for his penmanship to flourishing on the energy of his supporters, Kye looks to establish his mark in the industry as a rapper, and creative with a purpose. The artist intends to create moving and powerful connections through his newly-constructed label, releasing quality music, and collectively refining the abilities of his sound. More info at: http://www.kyecolors.com]
  1. (#12.) Kasey Rausch – “Smokin’ Marijuana (feat. The Naughty Pines)” from: “Smokin’ Marijuana”- Single / Kasey Rausch / Nov. 9, 2022 (KaseyRausch.com ONLY)[Written by Kasey Rausch who is also on vocals & acoustic guitar; Marco Pascolini on baritone guitar; Fred Wickham on electric guitar; Richard Burgess on electric bass; Sweet Matt Brahl on drums. Everybody soings the last chorus. Engineered and Mixed at Temple Sounds, Kansas City, MO by Brendan Moreland. Mastered at Oddio Hut, Shawnee, KS by Chad Meise.“There was a time my lips were sealed about somethin’ I do. Society would punish me and judge everything that I do. I tried to live authentically, but the Man and his upper hand held me down and laid me low, so now I take a stand.” Kasey Rausch writes: That’s it in a nutshell. Those first lines from my new single, “Smokin’ Marijuana” setup a great piece of my history with utilizing cannabis as a medicine. Besides having to navigate the legalities of possessing the herb, (which BTW kids, was cracked down on much harder a couple of decades ago), I also had to walk the tightrope of raising children in a society that wanted to punish me for using a natural remedy for chronic migraines, myalgia and anxiety. And, yeah. OK. I partied a bit, too, when I was young, but at 48 years old, I’ve grown up, as people do, and just want my medicine without having to risk my livelihood for it. // I’ve had this song in my back pocket ready to release at the right time. Strangely, it didn’t even occur to me until the November 8th election day to release it if Amendment 3 passed, making recreational marijuana legal for adults 21+. While I don’t think the Amendment is perfect, I’m very grateful that so many people will have easy and safe access to this sacred plant and that no parent involved in family court will have to abstain from using their medicine or speak untruthfully about their consumption of it in order to maintain custody of their children. // We live in a culture where for many, many years, a person can easily and legally possess alcohol and firearms, both of which kill far more people every single day than marijuana. Yet this stigma of a precious plant from the Earth that enriches soil, cures maladies and creates well-being is only just now becoming accessible to some people, if you happen to live in the right state of the union. Sugar is far more addictive than marijuana and we pour that into our children’s breakfast bowl every morning. It’s time we form new open pathways of thought and destigmatize the healthy utilization of cannabis sativa. We’ve got it rollin’! Let’s keep growin’! // In the meantime, I’ll be “Smokin’ marijuana ‘cuz I wanna.” // Hip-Hip-Hurr-High! – Kasey Rausch (November 2022) Earlier this year Kasey released the single “She Said Goodbye” on July 8, 2022. Written by Kasey Rausch who is also on vocals & acoustic guitar; Marco Pascolini on baritone guitar; Fred Wickham on electric guitar; Richard Burgess on electric bass; Sweet Matt Brahl on drums; Kelly Hunt on harmony vocals; and Kristin Hamilton on harmony vocals. Engineered and Mixed at Temple Sounds, Kansas City, MO by Brendan Moreland. Mastered at Oddio Hut, Shawnee, KS by Chad Meise. Spring 2022. Kasey says: ““I wrote “She Said Goodbye” as I was experiencing burn-out from the music industry. I quit touring in 2018 and almost entirely quit gigging in 2019. I took a job as a caregiver for a woman with Alzheimers and saw that through to her end-of-life. After some recuperation time for my heart, I began writing feverishly and slowly readied myself for studio work, preparing to record about 30 songs. I called on my longtime band mates in The Country Duo and The Naughty Pines, and two of my favorite vocalists and songwriters, who also happen to be dear friends, Kelly Hunt and Kristin Hamilton, and we made this lil’ gem of a recording happen with the talented engineer and co-producer, Brendan Moreland (Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys). The band mates and I have more music in the recording process and will be releasing songs throughout 2022 and beyond. The goal is not to make a record, but to catalog these songs for my family and have a heck of a good time enjoying the process – which includes getting back to playing live music. I’m ready and I’m falling in love with music again.” // Kasey Rausch (she/her/they) is a 5th generation musician, songwriter, former producer/host of River Trade Radio on KKFI 90.1FM and former host of “Campfire” on DittyTV. She plays live and records with multiple variations of the bands The Country Duo, Kasey & The Pines, and The Naughty Pines. Her roots can be found in the Kansas City area, the Missouri Ozarks, Winfield, Kansas (home of the Walnut Valley Festival), and deep Southeast Texas. She was featured with band mate Marco Pascolini as The Country Duo on the legendary Sun Studio Sessions TV show which aired across the US and Canada. No Depression called Rausch’s vocals “tender and intuitive.” Her third album, Guitar in Hand, debuted at #3 on the Roots Music Reporting charts and was voted one of the top three albums of the year by readers of The Pitch, KC’s entertainment guide. She was named 2016’s Best of the Northland (Artist), 2013’s Female Performer of the Year by The Farmer’s Turnpike on KMXN 92.9 FM, and has shared the stage with Joe Ely, Peter Rowan, Amy LaVere & Will Sexton, Roland White, William Elliot Whitmore, Gregory Alan Isokvo, Iris DeMent, Ray Bonneville, Kris Delmhorst, Justin Townes Earle, Tish Hinojosa, Jack Williams and many more. More information at: http://www.kaseyrausch.com or http://www.kaseyrausch.bandcamp.com]

[November 26 is the Birthday for Kasey Rausch!!!]

[The Country Duo play Chartreuse Saloon, KCMO, Wednesday, Nov 23 @ 8:00PM]
[Kasey Rausch plays Solo at Rochester Brewing & Roasting Co., Wed., Dec 7 @ 6:PM]
[The Naughty Pines play Honky Tonk Tuesday at The Ship, Tues, Dec 13 @ 7:00PM]
[The Country Duo play Chartreuse Saloon, KCMO on Wed, Dec 28 @ 8:00PM]

  1. (#11) The Creepy Jingles – “Decepticon Artist (feat. The Swallowtails)”
    from: Decepticon Artst (feat. The Swallowtails)” – Single / High Dive Records / Sepr. 9, 2022
    [New single from the band in collaboration with The Swallowtails: (Rachel Lovelace on bassoon, Adee Dancy on cello & vocals, and Miki P on guitar & lead Vocals.) This is a follow up to the band”s 11-track, full-length debut, TAKE ME AT MY WORD PLAY released on March 25, 2022. Their single “Trojan Horse Girl” (from the album) was the single released February 11, 2022. The Creepy Jingles are a Kansas City based, 4-piece rock and roll band that both honors and defies convention. Led by singer / song-writer Jocelyn Olivia Nixon, a transgender wordsmith who charms with razor wit and dazzles with her lyrical acrobatics. Nick Robertson on drums, Travis McKenzie on guitar, and Andrew Woody on bass guitar bring first class musicianship and creativity, helping Nixon paint the perfect picture of colors and sounds that don’t stay in the lines. Their new album, “Take Me at My Wordplay” is an eclectic blend of catchy Brit-Pop melodies that dance around the landscape of surf, NY garage rock, psychedelia and folk music. Paired up with lyrics centering on themes of identity, strained relationships, social media madness, meme magic, pandemic paranoia, paid off political pundits, backyard bullies and barking up the wrong tree. Everything and the kitchen sink or swim. No stoner left unturned. The Creepy Jingles released their Debut EP on High Dive Records on May 3, 2019. The release was in the top ten of WMM’s 119 Best Recordings of 2019. ]
  1. (#10.) Various Blonde – “Too Many Secrets”
    from: “Love is How We Will Survive” – Single / The Record Machine / June 9, 2022
    [Various Blonde. Kansas City based experimental, rock, pop, and funk band originally formed in 2008 and currently served by founder Joshua Allen on guitar, synthesizers, and vocals; and Mark Lomas on drums. The band has been described by Mills Record Company as, “Having all the sex appeal of The Weeknd and all the grit of Rage Against the Machine–the combination makes for a performance that is explosive.” On August 19, 2022 Various Blonde released the single, “Obtuse”. On June 9, 2022 Various Blonde released the single, “Too Many Secrets.” On September 24, 2021 Various Blonde released the single, Love is How We Will Survive.” On March 13, 2020 Various Blonde released a three song EP called 3s 2 through The Record Machine. On January 2020 Various Blonde released a three song EP called 3s 1 through The Record Machine. On September 16, 2016 Various Blonde released the 10-track album ALL BASES COVERED through The Record Machine. On January 13, 2015 Various Blonde release the 10-track album, SUMMER HIGH. More info at: http://www.variousblonde.com]
  1. (#9) Radkey – “Better Than This”
    from: “Better Than This” – Single / Little Man Records / September 23, 2022
    [Radkey also released the single “Games (Tonight)”: on January 28, 2022 on Little Man Records. Isaiah, Dee, and Solomon Radke of the critically acclaimed rock trio Radkey joined us live in our 90.1 FM studios on September 5, 2018. Radkey was formed in 2010 in St. Joseph, where the brothers were raised. The family moved to Kansas City. The band has released multiple full-length recordings. IN 2021 Radkey was featured in Dave Grohl’s van-touring documentary film, WHAT DRIVES US. Radkey released GREEN ROOM on Little Man Records on November 27, 2020.On Green Room the band serve as their own producers. Radkey released DARK BLACK MAKE UP in 2015 and DELICIOUS ROCK NOISE in 2016 — plus multiple EPs and singles, and were part of a MasterCard advertising campaign on digital billboards in NYC along with a national television commercial that aired during the 2018 Grammy Awards that brought the band to the attention of Jack White who asked the band to tour with him. In 2018 the band went back on the road with The Damned throughout the United States. In December they went back into the studio to record with producer Bill Stevenson of the California punk rock group Descendents. In early 2019 they played shows in Amsterdam and Stockholm. In 2018 the band released “Basement,” “St. Elwood,” “Rock & Roll Homeschool,” as well as several other singles. On February 22, 2019, Radkey released “No Strange Cats…P.A.W.” a 7-song EP is essentially a collection of the band’s most recent singles. It comes after the January 11, 2019 release of No Strange cats…Spiders – EP a 6 song EP of several new songs mixed with several singles from late 2018.]

[Radkey plays Radkey’s Xmas Evil Eve!, Friday, December 23rd, at 7:00 PM at recordBar, 1520 Grand Ave, KCMO, with Drop A Grand, The Many Colored Death, and the legendary Frogpond for the annual Radkey Xmas sleigher!]

  1. (#8) Black Light Animals – “Persephone”
    from: Persephone – Single / Groove King Records / September 23, 2022
    [Persephone” is the latest release from the psychedelic soul group, Black Light Animals, comprised of members of the soul powerhouse, The Freedom Affair. Written and produced by Black Light Animals. Alex Hartmann on drums & percussion, Branden Moser on bass & background vocal, Cody Calhoun on lead electric guitar & background vocals, Colby Bales on lead & background vocals, & acoustic guitar, with Alyssa Bell on viola, Matt Bennett on violin, and Sascha Groschang on cello. String Arrangement by Alyssa Bell and Colby Bales. Mixed and Engineered by Cole Bales. Album Artwork by Sean at Pariah in the Sky. Video Directed by Dave BrickThe track is modeled after the sweeping, orchestral arrangements akin to the likes of Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood as well as David Axelrod. And in the tradition of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” the song tells the story of the narrator’s plea to a mysterious woman to not steal her lover’s heart. This new single follows the release of Black Light Animals’ full length debut album, Playboys of The Western World released on Groove King Records on July 3, 2020. Black Light Animals played a special Vinyl Release Show at Lemonade Park, Saturday, August 21, with The Freedom Affair. Formed from the ashes of their last band, Instant Karma the new record contains lush pop vocals crooned over spaghetti western riffs, psychedelic synth, and hip hop drums. Playboys of the Western World is a sprawling, decadent examination of what it means to be a human being through the lens of horror movie organs, spaghetti western guitars, hip hop grooves, psychedelic sojourns, and ballads crooned to lovers in the night. More info at: http://www.blacklightanimalsband.bandcamp.com]

[The Freedom Affair plays their Thanksgiving Tradition TONIGHT, November 23, at 8:00 PM, at The Ship, 1221 Union Avenue, KCMO, West Bottoms.]

10:32 – Underwriting

15 of WMM’s Favorite 50 Singles of 2022

  1. (#7.) Olivia Fox – “Let Me Down Slow”
    from: “Let Me Down Slow” – Single / Olivia Fox Music / September 23, 2022
    [Let Me Down Slow is produced by Tyler Banks, their longtime producer, drummer and now add co-writer to the list. “Tyler has always been a crucial part to our overall sound and production. We’ve worked together a certain way for so long, that it is so nice to create these new batches of songs from the ground up with him. That’s really made the songwriting process so enjoyable to have everyone now involved. And you can feel that in the music,” says lead singer Flynn.The Kansas City based band, OLIVIA FOX is Lauren Flynn, Aubrey Callahan and Tiffany Smith. The trio released their full length album “Carbon” on August 23, 2019. The band has previously released multiple singles and two EPs. OLIVIA FOX create music that is a unique marriage between classic folk instrumentation, vocals, and harmonies to modern programmed beats and synth pads. OLIVIA FOX were all brought together through their manager David “DJ” Lee. In 2019 year Lauren had a baby boy, Aubrey got married, and Tiffany adopted a new doggie. // Their album CARBON was Produced by Tyler Banks. Co-Produced by David “DJ” Lee. All Songs written by Lauren Flynn, BMI, Except “Blame” written by Lauren Flynn and David “DJ” Lee. All Vocals by OVFX. Additional vocals on “Not Going Down” by: Kianna Alarid, Jessica Paige, Jo Mackenzie, Kat King, Nicki White, Natalie Norman, and Crystal Rose. All drums, synths and programming by Tyler Banks. All Violin by Tiffany Smith. Acoustic guitars by Lauren Flynn. Acoustic guitars on “Across the Water” and “Carbon” by Katy Guillen. Acoustic guitars on “Easy” and “Utah” by Josh Johnson. Piano on “Little Bird” and “Elevator Doors” by Jess Hughes. Album artwork: Chet Flynn. OLIVIA FOX were last on WMM on April 4, 2018 and Nov. 13, 2019. Info at http://www.weareoliviafox.com]
  1. (#6) Kadesh Flow – “Move Different (feat. Gr3s0n)”
    from: “Move Different (feat. Gr3s0n)” Single / Ryan Jamaal Davis / January 21, 2022
    [This was the first of 6 singles Kadesh Flow released this year. “Move Different (feat. Gr3s0n)” with lyrics by Kadesh Flow & Gr3ys0n. Music by Kadesh Flow. Mixing: Kadesh Flow. Mastering: Kadesh Flow and was released on January 21, 2022. On October 21, 2022 Kadesh Flow released the single ”Chill (feat. Mir Blackwell).” On October 10, 2022 Kadesh Flow released “Dream For Me.” On September 30, 2022 Marcus Lewis Big Band released the single, “You’re Very Special (feat. Kemet Coleman, Kadesh Flow & Kevin Church Johnson).” On July 1, 2022 Kadesh Flow released the single “Away From You.”About that single Kadesh told us “I’ve been a little quiet from a release standpoint because I’ve been scoring a feature length film.” “This song is… inspired by Eren Yeager and his tragic, brutal journey in Attack on Titan but is also deeply personal to me. There’s a lot of current world problem glazing that I’m doing on it as well.” “Also, June 30 marks five years since I left my financial tech career to pursue my performing and recording artist career full time. I’m releasing this on July 1, partially in celebration of that milestone.” This is one of over nearly 30 new singles Kadesh Flow has released in the last 24 months: This is a follow up to “Move Different (feat. Gr3s0n)” with lyrics by Kadesh Flow & Gr3ys0n. Music by Kadesh Flow. Mixing: Kadesh Flow. Mastering: Kadesh Flow and was released on January 21, 2022. The year before, Kadesh Flow & The Enclave released, “Soft Side,” on Jan. 21, 2021, written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow. Kadesh Flow released, “Assumptions feat. Shubzilla,” on Jan. 29, 2021. Kadesh Flow released, “Frosty,” on February 12, 2021, written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow. Kadesh Flow & The Enclave released, “Cry For Me 2,” February 12, 2021. Kadesh Flow released, “Not on My Watch,” on February 19, 2021, Inspired by Lord Beerus (Dragonball Super). Kadesh Flow released, “Held Me Longer,” on Marc written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow. Kadesh Flow released, “Your Dream Isn’t Always Yours,” on March 12, 2021, written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow. Kadesh Flow & The Enclave released, “Forgot About Me,” on March 14, 2021. Kadesh Flow released, “Take Backs (feat. Ryan Heinlein),” on March 26, 2021, written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow. Kadesh Flow & The Enclave released, “But Hope” on March 26, 2021, written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow. Kadesh Flow released the single, “I Don’t Care” on April 9, 2021, written, performed, mixed and mastered by Kadesh Flow. Produced by D. Professor. Kadesh Flow released the single, “That Way” on April 16, 2021, written, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow, and produced by Dominique “Bassman” Saunders. Kadesh Flow released the new single, “So Far” on April 23, 2021, written, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow and produced by Dominique “Bassman” Sanders. Kadesh Flow released the single, “On Target” on April 30, 2021, written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Kadesh Flow. Kadesh Flow released the single ”Lighten Up”on May 7, 2021, written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by Kadesh Flow. Kadesh Flow released the single “Elegant” on May 21, 2021. Written, Produced, Performed, Mixed & Mastered by Kadesh Flow. This is his 16th single the year, so far. Kadesh Flow released the 13-track album ROOM SERVICE 2, on July 19, 2021. Kadesh Flow released the single “Coming For Your Neck” on August 20, 2021. Written, Produced, Performed, Mixed & Mastered by Kadesh Flow. This is his 17th single the year. Kadesh Flow released the single “Easy” on August 27, 2021. Written, Produced, Performed, Mixed & Mastered by Kadesh Flow. This is his 18th single the year. Kadesh Flow released the single “Fiend” on Sept. 4, 2021. Written, Performed, Mixed & Mastered by Kadesh Flow. Produced by Dominique Sanders. This is his 19th single the year. le, “Gardens Out The Gutter” on Dec. 3, 2021. This is one of 22 singles and a 13 track album that Kadesh Flow has released so far this year. Written, Performed, Mixed & Mastered: Kadesh Flow. Instrumental: Dominique Sanders. Kadesh Flow released the single, “CHOICE (The Cost)” on December 17, 2021. Written, Performed, Mixed & Mastered: Kadesh Flow. Instrumental: Dominique Sanders. This is one of 22 singles and a 13 track album that Kadesh Flow has released so far this year. Kadesh Flow is Ryan Davis is a rapper with an MBA. He is an emcee, producer, & trombonist. At age 11, he began rapping and playing trombone within two weeks of one another. His music has been featured on network television in multiple countries and territories across Southeast Asia. Kadesh performs as a solo hip hop artist. He also plays with The Phantastics, and Marcus Lewis Big Band. Kadesh Flow played the 17th Annual Crossroads Music Fest, Saturday, September 11, as part of Deshica Rage (with Kadesh Flow & Jessica Paige) at 10:00 PM on Community Lending of America Stage at Lemonade Park. Kadesh Flow was on WMM on Oct. 21, 2020. More info at: http://www.kadeshflow.com]

[Deshica Rage (Kadesh + Jessica Paige) play a Thanksgiving EVE BASH, TONIGHT Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at Nighthawk, 1228 Baltimore Ave, KCMO. Nighthawk is located below Hotel Kansas City at 13th & Baltimore in Downtown KC.]

  1. (#5) The Phantastics – “All That Fine – Single”
    from: “All That Fine”- Single / Kemet Creative / May 6, 2022
    [8 member band from KC formed in December of 2010. Kemet the Phantom on lead vocals; Leigh Gibbs on lead vocals; JJ Cantrell on lead guitar & vocals; Danny Florez on electric bass; Ashley Thompson on drums, DJ Mitchell on saxophone; Ryan Jamaal Davis on Trombone and rap vocals; Austin Quick on keyboards. The Phantastics specialize in genre-blending dance floor activators. In 2015, the music group was crowned “Kansas City’s best party band” by the Kansas City Star. Musicianship and diversity are at the core of their success. Rock, Rap, Dance, Funk, Jazz & Soul are all incorporated into their music. “The band that can do it all”, according to I Heart Local Music, has shared the stage with some of music’s most legendary acts including George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. On Oct. 18, 2019 The Phantastics released LIVE AT THE PLAZA ART FAIR. On Aug. 24, 2018 The Phantastics released the EP, LIFE OF THE PARTY. On Dec. 14, 2013 The Phantastics released their debut album THE CLOSER. Info at: http://www.thephantastics.com
  1. (#4) Claire Adams– “If It Isn’t Right (feat. Rewound & Alyssa Murray)[Alyssa Murray Remix]” from: If It Isn’t Right (feat. Rewound & Alyssa Murray)[Alyssa Murray Remix] / Claire Adams / April 15, 2022 [This features Rewound and Alyssa Murray. Our friend Claire Adams recently wrote to us saying, “Alyssa Murray made a super cool remix of one of the songs off the last album and I wanted to share it with you. The song is ‘If It Isn’t Right’ and also features the Rewound string trio and an arrangement by Peter Lawless. Alyssa really made it her own and gave it a whole new spin, she’s amazing!” Here are the full credits: Vocals: Claire Adams, Alyssa Murray, Fritz Hutchison. Synths and Beats: Alyssa Murray. Cello: Ezgi Karakus. Viola: Alyssa Bell. Violin: Carmen Dieker. String Arrangement: Peter Lawless. Mixed and Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights + Measures Soundlab. Cover Art by Cassie Allen. ‘If It Isn’t Right’ written by Claire Adams. This song was originally on Claire’s acclaimed album YOU KNOW I KNOW YOU originally released April 24, 2020. The album was lost in the COVID 19 of 2020. The album was properly given a “release show” and put out on CD in 2021. 10 songs all written by Claire Adams. Recorded at The Blue House in Kansas City, MO. Additional tracking at MARZ Studios in Nederland, TX. Mixed & mastered at Weights + Measures Soundlab in KCMO. Written by Claire Adams, with Claire Adams on guitars, bass, and vocals; Alyssa Murray on keyboards & vocals; and Fritz Hutchison on drums & vocals. Claire also released: Words of Love on Feb. 5, 2021 – Recorded and Produced by Claire Adams at Casa 34 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mixed and Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights + Measures in Kansas City, MO. Cover Photo by Hugo Parasol. ‘So This Is Love’ written by Mack David, Al Hoffman, and Jerry Livingston. ‘Pocketful Of Rainbows’ written by Ben Weisman, ‘Till There Was You’ written by Meredith Wilson. “Words of Love” written by Claire Adams. ‘Calico Skies’ written by Paul McCartney. Claire also released the EP Moras under the moniker, Mismo Sismo (same earthquake) on July 21, 2021. Claire Adams wrote and recorded this EP at home during the first months of the COVID-19 quarantine. The three songs are meant to be played all together but also stand alone. Mismo Sismo is a collaboration with photographer Hugo Parasol. Claire played guitar on True Lions album THE FEMPIRE STRIKES BACK. In 2020 Clairplayed with the band Ondist for their three full length albums, No Coincidence on June 12, and Electricity on Aug. 14, and Mise en Place on Nov. 13, 2020 with songs recorded at Weights & Measures with Duane Trower with Sam Platt on drums, Eddie Moore on keyboards, DeAndre Manning on bass, Jamie Anderson on guitar, Claire Adams on vocals, and Jillian Riscoe on vocals. Claire also participated in Katy Guillen and The Girls Reunion shows in summer of 2021. Claire Adams on WMM on April 7, 2021. Info at: https://claireadams.bandcamp.com%5D
  1. (#3.) Major Matt Mason USA – “Stupid Feelings”
    from: “Stupid Feelings” – Single / Olive Juice Music / May 6, 2022
    [Matt Roth on guitar & vocals, Brian Hurtgen on drums, Dane Bridges on bass. Recorded and mixed by Paul Malinowski at Massive Audio (Shawnee, KS). Produced by Matt Roth and Paul Malinowski. copyright 2022 (Claws Beat Skin BMI) Matt writes, “This is a song about releasing yourself and others from judgment. It’s a celebration of the beautiful messes that we are and that strange peace you feel when you’re cleaning up after the party that trashed your house the night before.”Major Matt Mason USA previously released “Endless Summer” on Movember 18, 2020. Earlier on July 20, 2020 Major Matt Mason USA released the single “Victims Of The Storm.” Major Matt Mason USA is the performing name for musician, poet, and producer Matt Roth. Originally from Shawnee, Kansas, Matt cut his teeth playing guitar for local Lawrence, KS freak out and math rock bands Magic Nose and Dracomagnet in the early 1990s. // In 1994 Matt moved to New York City where he became active in the anti-folk and DIY music scene of New York’s East Village. Centering around the infamous Monday night, open mic, Antihoots at the Sidewalk Cafe, the scene was an early stomping ground for an array of artists including Beck, Regina Spektor, The Moldy Peaches, Langhorne Slim, John S. Hall (King Missile), Jeffrey Lewis, Shilpa Ray, Kimya Dawson, Diane Cluck, and many more. // In 1998 MMM released his debut solo album Me Me Me in the US. The album was licensed for the UK and Europe on Teenage Fanclub drummer Francis MacDonald’s label, Shoeshine Records. He would continue to release two more albums with Shoeshine: 2002’s Honey Are you Ready for the Ballet and 2004’s Bad People Rule The World. In 2005 Matt released a one-off project under the moniker of Kansas State Flower and in 2007 he returned as Major Matt Mason USA with the album Senile Pie Strive Pip Melancholy. // In 2001 he formed the band Schwervon! with Nan Turner. Schwervon! would go on to release five albums and a handful of singles, including a 7” on, Pavement member, Bob Nastanovich’s label Broker’s Tip Records. // During his time in New York, he established Olive Juice Music, a recording studio, independent record label, and online record distro headquartered in his apartment in the Lower East Side. Olive Juice Music would go on to host the OJ All Day Music Fest, for three years, as well as the OJ Distro, a hub for over three hundred independent releases in the early days of online mailorder. OJ Studios has produced recordings for many notable artists including: Kimya Dawson, Daniel Johnston, Jeffrey Louis, Adam Green (Moldy Peaches), Toby Goodshank, The Lovely Eggs, L.D. Beghtol (Magnetic Fields), Dan Fishback, Paleface, Phoebe Kreutz, Elastic No No Band and more. // In 2012 Matt moved back to Shawnee, Kansas and re-inserted himself into the Kansas City Music/ Poetry Scene. In 2015 he started a poetry blog entitled Beef Jerky Clouds and in 2017 formed a side project, Broken Heart Syndrome, featuring Pat Tomek of The Rainmakers on drums. // [Major Matt Mason USA continues to perform as a solo act and as a band. Through his combined projects he has shared the stage, opening, for luminaries such as Belle and Sebastian, Guided By Voices, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), The Vaselines, The Wedding Present, Daniel Johnston, Lucy Dacus and many more. // As of the fall of 2019 Major Matt Mason USA has been performing with Brian Hurtgen on drums and more recently Dane Bridges on Bass. More info at: http://www.majormattmasonusa.com]

[Major Matt Mason USA plays miniBar 3810 Broadway Ave, KCMO On Saturday, December 3, at 8:00 PM opening for The Dsluts.]

  1. (#2) Ivory Blue – “Starlit Love Child”
    from: “Starlit Live Child’ – Single / Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing / October 28, 2022
    [Ivory Blue signed a publishing deal with Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing of Atlanta GA on August 18, 2021. This company is managing Ivory and handling all of their publishing. Ivory Blue released their full length debut album COMPOUND LOVE on February 25, 2022. For COMPOUND LOVE Ivory served as songwriter, producer, vocalist and played all instruments with the exception of: Lester Estelle on drums, Klaartje Van Lue on piano, Craig Kew on bass, Lennon Bone on drums, and Marco Pascolini on pedal steel guitar. Nick Poortman served in mixing, with Kurt Festge who also served in mixing & Mastering. KC based singer songwriter and rock & roller, Ivory Blue is currently in the studio putting together a new full length 10-song album called “Compound Love” for release in 2022. Ivory Blue’s debut EP, Ready Get Set was released in June 2015 and had wide radio airplay on this show and multiple radio and television stations in Kansas City and across the country. In 2017 Ivory was among 1800 bands that competed in neXt2Rock. Ivory won local & regional challenges and advanced to nationals in Los Angeles to win the top prize. Ivory Blue has played Crossroads Music Festival, The Middle of the Map Festival, The Westport Roots Festival, the KCPT Screening of “Real Boy” at The Kansas City Public Library., and Kauffman Stadium. // Ivory Blue was born in 1986 in Peoria Illinois, as Devin James Miclettet. Ivory’s birth mother put them up for adoption at the age of four. Ivory speaks about how it was difficult to find trust in people offering their home to someone denied it for so long, Ivory lived with eight different families. before running away at 15. // Ivory has talked with us about how in their life they have turned to music to express pain. Ivory spent most of their childhood looking for a family. In 2010 Klaartje Van Lue saw Ivory performing in a YouTube video and contacted them, flying them Ivory KC, and adopting Ivory into the Van Lue family. During the past 10 years Ivory came out as “Non-Binary Transgender. // As a multi-instrumentalist, Ivory began refining their performance style, using digital looping pedals to stack harmonies and guitar parts live on stage, giving their solo shows the feel of a full band. In 2011, Ivory settled in Kansas City, MO and quickly began attracting an intense regional following for their strong vocals and incisive, deeply personal lyrics. // By 2013, IVORY BLUE was playing regularly in and around Kansas City and the first EP ‘Ready Get Set’ was released. in 2015. While the EP helped spread the word and got much attention from regional radio and TV stations, a big break would come in 2017.
    Ivory entered NeXt2Rock, a nationwide talent search with over 1800 artists/bands who applied to find fresh and promising rock artists. The top 5 national bands battled it off for the win in Los Angeles CA at the legendary Viper Room, with judges Scott Borchetta (BMLG), John Varvatos (fashion designer), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols Guitarist and Host of “Jonesy’s Jukebox”), Desmond Child (Musician, producer), Chris Lord-Alge (producer), Ivory Blue won over the judges and became the grand prize winner! Ivory Ivory won the contest and a one-year record deal with BMLG who re-released the song Ready Get Set from the 2015 EP. Ivory’s 2018 re-release of ‘Ready Get Set’ undauntedly received National and International airplay within weeks. For their upcoming album, IVORY BLUE is producing all the tracks with the exception of Drums and Bass. Ivory is currently working with Lester Estelle (Drummer for Kelly Clarkson), Craig Kew (Bass) KC, Kurt Festge (Mastering | Citizen Kane & Vilent Femmes) NC. and Nick Poortman (LA based Los Angeles based Producer, Engineer, Mixer, and Songwriter) Nick has worked alongside producers including Justin Gray, Gil Norton, Big Tank, and Greg Haver on sessions throughout the USA, UK, Europe, and New Zealand. // On August 18th 2021 Ivory Blue signed a publishing deal with Sound Ballistics Music & Publishing out of Atlanta GA. // Ivory released the singles: “Elite Dreamland,” on Feb. 17, 2021, “Half a Life” on Sept. 20, 2021. Ivory Blue released the video of “Family Table” directed by Mikal Shapiro, on August 21, 2021 and the audio track was released on September 7, 2021. Ivory Blue released the single “Good Changes” on Oct 26, 2021. Ivory Blue released the singles: “Heavy,” “Bad Weather,” “It Must Have Been Me,” “Compound Love,” and “The Start” on December 14, 2021. Ivory Blue joined us on WMM on November 10, September 15, and July 28, in 2021. More info at: https://linktr.ee/ivorybluemusic%5D
  1. (#1) Jass – “Higher Ground”
    from: “Higher Ground” – Single / JASS / August 16, 2022,
    [Jass is Jasmine “Jass” Couch. This new single follows her release, “Him” on February 23, 2022. Jass released At the Close of a Decade on November 26, 2022. It was part of WMM’s 121 Best Recordings of 2021. She wrote, “After years of writing and recording in voice memos .. I decided to grab my iPad and began recording something that I am very proud of. I named it, At the Close of A Decade, and released it in November 2019. With my iPhone/iPad, some apple headphones, I created this project. The amazing people around me told me it was worth it, even when I didn’t believe it myself. I convinced myself I would be the only one that liked my songs. If you decide to listen you’ll hear sound clips of shows and movies that made a difference in the way I saw the world, the way I saw myself, and the way I overcame my experiences. I remember asking my grandma and my son if I should release what I’ve been writing and they both said very simply to do it, so I’ve done it. I want to thank all of my wonderful friends who have been my soundboards during this process, all of the people that have asked me when it’s coming, the people that have kept me accountable, and believed that this time it was for real. My story is so very triumphant and beautiful because I have overcome experiences and shunned the fear I had to do what I love. It’s crazy how you can talk your way out of some amazing things and also how you can talk yourself into making some amazing things happen. If you partake, I hope you enjoy.” // Last month un August – Jass played a SOLD OUT Thundercat show at GRINDERS, released a brand new single called HIGHER GROUND and in the first month there are 500 streams and it was added to Sofar Sounds CHILL VIBES Spotify playlist, and Jass played a SOLD OUT @sofarsoundskc show, and headlined a show at The Bottleneck in Lawrence with my boys! (Colby Bales and Brande Moser), and she opened up for The New Respects at The Uptown, and sang the Negro National Anthem at BLAQUE to School Night at the KC Monarchs game.More info at: http://www.jassrcouch.com]

You just heard the Top 15 of Wednesday MidDay Medley’s 50 Favorite Singles of 2022. Check http://www.WednesdayMidDayMedley.org or our WMM Facebook page and for the complete list of WMM’s 50 Favorite Singles of 2022.

Tune into Wednesday MidDay Medley throughout December for our 4-week series on December 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. This is our celebration of the year in music based on the playlists of this little ole radio show. In 2022 we’ve played hundreds of New & MidCoastal Releases. We conducted over 120 interviews with 120 special guests.

11:00 – Station ID

Michelle Bacon joins us to share her Favorite Musical Recordings of 2022.

Michelle Bacon, is Content Manager at 90.9 The Bridge, where she helps to shine a light on area musicians and events. Michelle has written for The Kansas City Star, The Deli Magazine KC, and Folk Alliance International.

Michelle plays drums in the band Frogpond, who will be playing Radkey’s Xmas Evil Eve!, Friday, December 23rd, at 7:00 PM at recordBar, 1520 Grand Ave, KCMO, with Drop A Grand, The Many Colored Death, for the annual Radkey Xmas sleigher!

Michelle also plays bass with Other Americans, and The Band That Fell To Earth: A Tribute to David Bowie, at recordBar, with: Michelle Bacon on bass, Alex Alexander on guitar, Nathan Corsi on vocals & guitar, Kyle Dahlquist on keyboards, Katy Guillen on guitar, Steve Tulipana on vocals, Stephanie Williams on drums, Julia Haile and Camry Ivory on backing vocals, Matt Ronan on percussion, Christine Broxterman on cello, Laurel Morgan Parks on violin, Rich Wheeler on saxophone, and special guests.

Michelle announced that the 7th Annual David Bowie Tribute will be Friday and Saturday, January 20 and 21, 2023, at 8:00 PM at recordBar, 1520 Grand Avenue, KCMO.

11:00 – Michelle Bacon’s Favorite Musical Recordings of 2022.

    from: CYBERKISS / Dirty Hit / September 23, 2022
    [From the band’s new fifth album, and their third with Dirty Hit Records, all in the last 4 years. Blackstarkids are phenomenon who came out of Kansas City in 2020 became the soundtrack for the summer. Blackstarkids are a pop/R&B/hip-hop trio based in Kansas City, Missouri. Members include: TheBabeGabe, Deiondre, and TyFaizon (of the Drop Dead XX collective). The members have known each other since high school in Raytown, Missouri. Members met at Raytown South High School and formed the band in 2019. The group released its first album, Let’s Play Sports, on August 1, 2019. Blackstarkids then released their second album SURF through their own label Bedroom Records on February 28, 2020. Blackstarkids caught the attention of The 1975’s frontman Matty Healy and were then signed to The 1975’s management company and UK-based label Dirty Hit Records. They were featured in Clash Magazine. Blackstarkids then released, Surf Basement Demos on Dirty Hit Records on March 5, 2020. On October 29, 2020, Blackstarkids released Whatever, Man on Dirty Hit Records, their third album release of 2020. Gabe, of Blackstarkids recently described the KC Music community to an interviewer, “The music scene here is really nice. There are a lot of bands who are super talented and do all types of genres. The jazz music here is really great as well. Kansas City is honestly a hidden gem when it comes to music. I feel like you can meet an artist anywhere and anyplace in this city.” Deiondre added, “The music scene here is getting cool now, there’s a lot of jazz musicians that go to school for music here too but you can find people from different scenes all over if around the city.” Ty wrote, “The Kansas City scene is great, the community here is so supportive and genuine. This is a really prideful city here and I think they’re finally getting the musicians they deserve.”]

[Blackstarkids are scheduled to play Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Nov. 29, 2022.

  1. Good Lemons – “Lemon Squeeze”
    from: ‘Lemon Squeeze” – Single / Good Lemons / August 30, 2022
    [Brother-Sister indie rock duo, but not like the White Stripes. Like, actually. Good Lemons released three singles in 2022 (so far): “Lemon Squeeze” on August 30, 2022 “Pretty” on September 28, 2022; “Coming Home” with Sleepy Souls on October 28, 2022.]
  1. Kat King – “With Nothing in My Way”
    from: “With Nothing In My Way” – Single / Manor Records / September 30, 2022
    [Kat King writes: Written in the peak of lock down after a very necessary break-up, this was one of those songs that kind of “magically” flew out of me. The dichotomy of being locked in my home while also feeling a resounding new freedom was interesting to say the least. It was the first time in a long time that I felt like I could give my whole being into caring about others and prioritizing self-care in a way I hadn’t been able to because I wasn’t caught up in my own afflictions. Musically it became a challenge of how many melodies I could stack on each other without it turning into chaos to really emphasize the feeling of “I can give my energy to whatever I want to.” Any time I play it I try and remind myself to not lose that energy and I hope it does the same for you. Produced by Joel Martin. This new single follows their single “New Sun” released Juy 29, 2022.Led by Kat, on vocals with. Derek Melies on guitar, John Kaul McCain on bass, Daniel Cole on drums, & Kara LePage on keys bring a refreshing dynamism both on and off the stage. Centering on themes of self-care, steadfast friendship, and revitalizing optimism, “New Sun” was a follow up to the June 9, 2021 SAY WHAT YOU MEAN 5-track EP recorded with her band. Co-produced & mixed/mastered by Joel Martin. Lawrence Kansas based singer songwriter Kat King released her last single Song of Spain in 2019 and her single “2017” in, 2018. She released her 5-song EP “Falling Up” on December 1, 2017. Kat King has been creating music since the 2nd grade. She’s produced one 13-song album and three EP’s, the first one released at the age of 14. More info at: http://www.katbking.com] [Kat King plays Ha Ha Tonka’s 12th Tonka’s-giving at recordBar, 1520 Grand Ave., KCMO on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 7:00 PM .]
  1. Flare Tha Rebel-“Playground (feat. The Belief Cycle & Leigh Adams)”
    from: Summer You, Summer Me. / Shafer / October 21, 2022
    [“Rosé All Day” was the lead single from Flare Tha Rebel’s new EP. Playful, yet meaningful, the song is about an empowered woman of which a man is pursuing. Lines within the song such as “and if she’s a tease she can do that ya’ll / she don’t owe you nothing man, please back off”, attempt to change the at times degrading scenarios of this power dynamic. The narrative is done in the backdrop of fun and lighthearted warm weather days, cool summernights, and, of course, plenty of rosé. Continuing with Flare’s Art to Empower initiative, “Rosé All Day” aims to raise funds and awareness for a nonprofit, which this time is the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Abuse (MOCSA). Career and love brought hip-hop MC Flare Tha Rebel back to his hometown of Kansas City, MO, which created a second wind of new music. Noted by The Pitch, “As a member of hip-hop collective Anti-Crew, Flare Tha Rebel made quite an impact on the Kansas City hip-hop scene. After making the leap from KC to Chicago in the late ‘00s, he’s now back…” Known for a highly energetic live performance, Flare has shared the stage with artists such as Chance the Rapper, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Mac Lethal, Nappy Roots, and CES Cru. Although hip-hop at the core, Flare Tha Rebel’s versatility remains as he balances music with socially progressive themes that are still enjoyable enough to raise a glass to at a party. There’s also a duality to Flare’s approach. Many of his songs are connected to his Art to Empower initiative, raising awareness and funds for a variety of social justice causes and nonprofits. Flare Tha Rebel & Bob Pullian were guests on WMM, Aug. 11, 2021. Flare The Rebel released the EP, The Revolution Will Not Be Hashtagged on July 9, 2021. The recording was #9 on WMM’s 120 Best Recordings of 2021. Info at: http://www.flaretharebel.com]
  1. MellowPhobia – “Weekender”
    from: “Weekender” – Single / Jackal And Hide Records / July 1, 2022
    [Music and Lyrics by Tillie Alexandra Hall, Producer Tillie Alexandra Hall. Recording Engineering by Justin Mantooth. Mastering by Pete Maher. Adam McKee on drums. MellowPhobia were formed out of the indie alt-rock scene of Pittsburgh, PA. Now residing in their home city of Kansas City, producing a highly original sound that they describe as “landlocked surf rock”. Socially conscious lyrics, and hook laden tunes keeps the crowd jumping. The band revolves around songwriter and guitarist Til who provides the distinctive vocals to all MellowPhobia tracks. On June 23, 2021 MellowPhobia released their EP IS THIS SEAT TAKEN? This EP was pat of WMM’s 120 Best recordings of 2021. In July 2018 MelloPhobia released the 3-song EP LISTEN. More info: http://www.mellowphobia.com Tillie Alexandra Hall of MelloPhobia was our guest on WMM on Oct. 20, 2021.]
  1. The Creepy Jingles – “Nicotine Mom”
    from: TAKE ME AT MY WORD PLAY / High Dive Records / March 25, 2022
    [11-track, full-length debut,. “Trojan Horse Girl” was the single released February 11, 2022. The Creepy Jingles are a Kansas City based, 4-piece rock and roll band that both honors and defies convention. Led by singer / song-writer Jocelyn Olivia Nixon, a transgender wordsmith who charms with razor wit and dazzles with her lyrical acrobatics. Nick Robertson on drums, Travis McKenzie on guitar, and Andrew Woody on bass guitar bring first class musicianship and creativity, helping Nixon paint the perfect picture of colors and sounds that don’t stay in the lines. Their new album, “Take Me at My Wordplay” is an eclectic blend of catchy Brit-Pop melodies that dance around the landscape of surf, NY garage rock, psychedelia and folk music. Paired up with lyrics centering on themes of identity, strained relationships, social media madness, meme magic, pandemic paranoia, paid off political pundits, backyard bullies and barking up the wrong tree. Everything andthe kitchen sink or swim. No stoner left unturned. The Creepy Jingles released their Debut EP on High Dive Records on May 3, 2019. The release was in the top ten of WMM’s 119 Best Recordings of 2019. ]
  1. Pure xtc – “Shed My Skin”
    from: Shed My Skin EP / Taylor Hughes / November 18, 2022
    [Shed My Skin EP follows the Pure XTC single “Get Lost“ released September 9, 2022, and “Shadow” released June 1, 2022. Pure xtc released the EP Nobody’s Home on November 12, 2021. Pure xtc is the musical project of Kansas City based Taylor Hughes. Taylor is also the drummer for the band EXNATIONS who are on hiatus. The idea of pure xtc was formed during an extremely isolating time for multi-instrumentalist, Hughes. Living truly on her own for the first time, she moved to the NYC metro in 2019. Time was spent crying on subways, climbing new rooftops, meeting new people, avoiding new people, feeling extremely fulfilled to feeling like a hollow empty shell. “Ghost” was produced & mixed by Walter Kazmier of Silk City Grooves Studio and mastered by Mike Piacentini of Sony Entertainment’s Battery studios. http://www.purextcmusic.com] [Pure XTC aka Taylor Hughes was our guest on WMM July 14, 2021. And November 10, 2021. and November 16, 2022]

11:34 – Underwriting

  1. Eddie Moore – “Brave Enough”
    from: INTUITION / Eddie Moore Music / October 28, 2022
    [From Eddie’s bandcamp page: “Intuition” is Eddie Moore at his best. Crafted with care and love, Moore draws from his vast array of influences over the years and collaborates with his closest friends to bring a bundle of joy to the listener. There is literally something for everyone on this project. His debut album as a solo artist, Moore took the reins as producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist. Laying down lush piano, heavy bass, raging synth, and grooves that stick to the ribs. “Intuition” is a unique journey that leaves the listener burning for more. // Eddie Moore released the single, “Love Song” (with Joel Castillo and Bree Cummings) on October 22, 2021. Eddie Moore released “We Chillin’” on April 9, 2021. Eddie Moore’s band We The People released their album MISUNDERSTOOD on September 25, 2020. Eddie Moore is the recipient of the 2016 Charlotte Street Generative Performance Award for his genre bending collaborations. Raised in Houston Texas, he began his musical journey at Texas Southern University where he later earned a Bachelors in Arts and immersed himself in the Houston music scene. Eddie relocated to Kansas City to study under Bobby Watson at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he received a M.A in Jazz Studies. 2017’s Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art “Artist in Residence” in collaboration with Rashid Johnson. In 2018 his work with The Outer Circle was nominated for an Indie Music Award for “007”. His music has also been featured commercially for Sprint, Netflix’s “Queer Eye”, and Morgan Cooper’s short film “Room Tone”. Moore’ has shared the stage and record with distinctive artist such as Bobby Watson, Pam, Watson, Logan Richardson, Maurice Brown, Boys II Men, Brian Blade and the Fellowship, John Baptiste, Erykah Badu, Mosdef, Bilal, Ledisi, Chantae Cann, Krystal Warren, Matt Otto, Brandon Draper, Andre Hayward, Tivon Pennicott, Various Blonde, Dominique Sanders, 77 Jefferson, and the Marcus Lewis Big Band. We The People released the single, “Single Double” on June 10, 2021. Written & Produced By Eddie Moore with Eddie Moore on keyboards, key bass, & programming; Zach Morrow on drums; and Jason Emmond on bass. Recorded at Tribe Studios. Mixed by Rick Carson at Make Believe Studios. More info at: http://www.wethepeople777.bandcamp.com Eddie Moore joined us live on WMM on September 23, 2020. More info at http://www.eddiemooremusic.com]

[Eddie Moore plays the Hey! Hey! Club, 2700 Guinotte Ave. KCMO on Thursday, December 29, 2022.]

  1. Julia Haile – “Heavy Rotation”
    from: “Heavy Rotation” – Single / Julia Haile / September 30, 2022
    [One of two new singles released by Jullia Haile and September 30, 2022. Julia Haile is a singer and songwriter based in Kansas City, MO. Her natural talent and musical education have fueled a career of exciting performances and beautiful music. From leading Neo-Soul band Hi-Lux and international collaborations to solo works, Julia’s goal is create meaningful musical experiences for all. Julia’s work with Hi-Lux included Tim Braun on guitar, Nick Howell on keys, Dan Loftus on bass, (and prior to that Pete Leibert on bass) and Kian Bryne on drums. Hi-Lux is a Modern-Soul band that blends and bends the boundaries between soul, rock n roll, reggae, and funk. This group aims to create music that pays tribute to their myriad of influences (Amy Winehouse, The Meters, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings). but also claims a spotlight of its own in the musical world. Hi-Lux released the singles, “Revolution” and “Get What You Give” on February 28, 2020, through The Record Machine. Hi-Lux released the single. “Don’t Blame Lee” (featuring Lee Scratch Perry) on April 20, 2018. Hi-Lux released the 7” vinyl single, “”Dance With My Baby” b​/​w “Don’t Blame Me” on January 5, 2018 through Sunflower Soul Records. Hi-Lux released their 6-track, self-titled EP, Hi-Lux on January 2, 2018. All 6 songs had previously been released as singles..]The band brings together elements of soul, reggae and funk for a unique and dance inspiring sound. More info at: http://www.hi-lux.bandcamp.com and http://www.juliaHaile.com]

[Julia Haile Quintet played Second Edition of the @collectifmirr International Exchange! November 17 at A LA Dynamo n Paris France featuring Hermon Mehari and Alessandro Lanzoni -Arc Fiction.]

  1. Kevin Morby – “Rock Bottom”
    from: THIS IS A PHOTOGRAPH / Dead Oceans / May 13, 2022
    [A single release from Kevin Morby’s upcoming 7th album. From http://www.rollingstone.com: “In January 2020, songwriter Kevin Morby witnessed his father collapse from a medical event while visiting his childhood home in Kansas. In a state of shock, the singer spent the evening looking at old family photos and fixated on an image of his father as a young man, looking, as Morby states, ‘full of confidence.’ The experience forced Morby to confront both the idea of mortality and the passage of time — and, after an extended sojourn in Tennessee, these reflections came together in the form of his upcoming album, This Is a Photograph. To mark the announcement, the singer released the record’s eponymous single, accompanied by a music video directed by Chantal Anderson. Produced by frequent Morby collaborator Sam Cohen, This Is a Photograph was primarily written in Memphis’ historic Peabody Hotel, where the singer-songwriter holed up in search of inspiration and self-realization amongst the city’s dark past.” Morby will also embark on a 65 City tour of Europe and North America through the majority of 2022, which starts May 20 in Madrid, Spain and wraps Nov. 12 in Vancouver, BC. On October 16, 2020 Kevin Morby released SUNDOWNER, ranked #20 on WMM’s 120 Best recordings of 2020 and was the 6th release from Kevin Robert Morby born April 2, 1988. SUNDOWNER was the follow up to his 2019 release OH MY GOD. Kevin Morby released CITY MUSIC in 2017. Kevin learned to play guitar when he was 10. In his teens he formed the band Creepy Aliens. 17-year-old Morby dropped out of Blue Valley Northwest High School, got his GED, and moved from his native Kansas City to Brooklyn in the mid-2000s, supporting himself by working bike delivery and café jobs. He later joined the noise-folk group Woods on bass. While living in Brooklyn, he became close friends and roommates with Cassie Ramone of the punk trio Vivian Girls, and the two formed a side project together called The Babies, who released albums in 2011 and 2012. He began a solo career in 2013 releasing his debut album HARLEM RIVER. His 2nd album STILL LIFE was released in 2014. His album SINGING SAW was in WMM’s The 116 Best Recordings of 2016. His album CITY MUSIC was in WMM’s The 118 Best Recordings of 2018.]

Four Tracks we had to cut for time but were part of Michelle’s list:

Brass & Boujee – “You’re Very Special” // single // independent // Sept 30

Bolinas ft. Chelsea Rose – “Bloom” // “Heavy Easy Listening” LP // indep. // Oct 7

Katy Guillen & the Drive – “Bottom Of Your Belly” // “Another One Gained” LP // independent // Aug 19

Wet Leg – “Wet Dream” // “Wet Leg” LP // Domino Recording Co // April 8

Michelle Bacon thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

  1. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
    from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

NEXT WEEK, on November 30, Nick Spacek – Music Writer for The Pitch Kansas City, Marion Merritt – Owner of Records With Merritt, Chris Haghirian – Host of Eight One Sixty on 90.9 The Bridge, and Fally Afani – Founder & Editor of I Heart Local Music will share their Favorite Musical Releases of 2022.

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