Wednesday MidDay Medley with Apocalypse Meow + Andrew Foshee + Rebecca Liberty & Guglielmo Pieragostini

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sondra Freeman & Nathan Corsi of Apocalypse Meow 10
+ Andrew Foshee + Rebecca Liberty & Guglielmo Pieragostini

Mark spins New & MidCoastal Releases from: Andrew Foshee, Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type, Joseph Warren & the Wanderlust Revival, The Ants, Nathan Corsi, Molly Hammer, Calvin Arsenia, Julia Othmer, Brandon Phillips and The Condition, Chris Meck and The Guilty Birds, Expassionates, and Dead Voices.

Guglielmo Pieragostini

At 10:30 Rebecca Liberty & Guglielmo Pieragostini join us to share a story of Kansas City’s music community. This past summer, Rebecca, a longtime friend of Guglielmo’s family from Fermo, Italy, proposed a music project for Guglielmo to come to Kansas City and experience our music community as an observer, and participant in live performances. In six weeks Guglielmo was able to see and hear over 55 bands, in 25 venues, with invitations to play in live performances with David Regnier, Dead Voices, The Ants, and to jam with Kaye Johnston, Mark Lowrey and Zach Morrow. Guglielmo didn’t bring his guitar on the plane so Marco Pascolini loaned him his electric Fender, Kaye Johnston loaned him an acoustic guitar, and Chad Bryan, from The Ants, loaned him an electric guitar for rehearsal and for two shows with The Ants, at Californo’s and Holy Cow.

At 11:00 Kansas City based musician and songwriter Andrew Foshee joins us to share music from his new record, STRANGE RELATIONS, recorded earlier this year in Nashville, at The Bomb Shelter with producer and engineer Andrija Tokic, who has worked with, Alabama Shakes, Benjamin Booker, and Hurray for the Riff Raff. Strange Relations is “a hallucinatory song cycle from the perspective of a human being held captive by aliens in their spacecraft as they attentively study his dreams to better understand the human condition.” Andrew Foshee plays The Truman, at One East Pershing Road, KCMO, Saturday, November 18, at 8:00 PM, with Wade Bowen. More info at

At 11:30, Sondra Freeman of Midwest Music Foundation and musician Nathan Corsi, join us to talk about Apocalypse Meow 10, a three-day-event starting Friday, November 3, at 7:00 PM, at Mills Record Company, with The Country Duo, Bohemian Cult Revival, and Headlight Rivals. and continuing on Saturday, November 4, at recordBar, starting at 6:00 PM with Brandon Philips and The Condition, IVØRY BLACK, Calvin Arsenia, Nathan Corsi, Chris Meck and The Guilty Birds, Sandoval (reunion), and Split Lip Rayfield, on two stages. Also featuring a silent auction and raffles with prizes donated from local businesses. The Apocalypse Meow weekend closes on Sunday, Nov 5, 2017, at recordBar, with the Meow Hangover Brunch starting at noon, and then at 4:00 PM Expassionates play live on stage. For more info:

Tune in on 90.1 FM KKFI
or streaming live at

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