LOCAL SHOWCASE Playlist from: Feb. 21, 2013

90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced & Hosted by Mark Manning

Thursday, February 21, 8:00 – 10:00 PM

Matt Beat & Electric Needle Room +
Patrick Alexander & The Urban Culture Project
+ New Local Releases

1. Cowboy Indian Bear – “Crime And Feel”
from: Single Track Release / The Record Machine / Jan. 2013
[released with First Single “Does Anybody See You Out?” release download from their upcoming 2nd full-length album: “Live Old, Die Young” that will be released on White Vinyl in April! The download also includes the songs: “Sheets,” “Live Old, Die Old,” and “Crime & Feel” on The Record Machine’s Tumblr page. Joshua Browning served the band as producer and engineer. The songs were recorded over a three year period, where the band was also constantly touring, living on the road, keeping the van running. Beau Bruns – percussion, vocals, glockenspiel, guitar, Charles Calhoun – vocals, guitar, bass, keys, percussion, Martinez Hillard – vocals, guitar, keys, bass, percussion; Kaylyn Conroy vocals, piano, keys.]

[Cowboy Indian Bear play the first show in Golden Sound Records new series On The House that begins Sat. Feb. 23, at the recordBar, with: Oils, and The CAVES.]

[Cowboy Indian Bear play Midwest Music Foundation’s annual showcase, the SXSW MidCoast Takeover, with over 50 bands from the KC area, over 4 days, March 13 – 16, in Austin, TX. ]

2. The Caves – “Handcuffs”
from: Duplexiaville / Golden Sound Records / Nov. 24, 2012
[KC based: Andrew Ashby on Guitar & Voice, David Gaumé on Bass, Elizabeth Bohannon on Keyboards, Percussion & Voice, Jake Cardwell on Drums & Percussion.]

[The Caves play the first show in Golden Sound Records new series: On The House, that begins Sat. Feb. 23, at the recordBar, with: Oils, and Cowboy Indian Bear. The CAVES will be releasing their Duplexiaville on vinyl at the show.]

[The Caves play Art Closet Studios, at 3951 Broadway, Kansas City, MO. Saturday, March 2, at 8:00 PM with Coed Pageant, Schwervon!, and The Authour & Illustrator.]

[The Caves play this years Middle of the Map Festival.]

3. The ACBs – “Record Store”
from: Little Leaves / High Dive Records / March 5, 2013
[Konnor Ervin (lead vocals, guitar); Bryan McGuire (bass); Andrew Connor (guitar); Kyle Rausch (drums). Follow up to their December, 2010 release, Stona Rosa. Their songs have been featured on MTV’s The Inbetweeners, and Daytrotter. The title “Little Leaves” is a nod to frontman Konnor Ervin’s landscaping day job. The lead single, “Ocean” was released as a free download in late 2012, prompting Popmatters to declare the ACBs as one of its “Best Hopes to Break Out in 2013.”]

[ACBs play a Record Release Show, Fri, Mar 1, 7:00 PM, at the recordBar, 1020 Westport Rd, KCMO]

[The ACB’s will play this year’s Middle of the Map Fest, April 4-6]

[The ACB’s will be our special guests on Wednesday MidDay Medley on Feb. 27.]

10:15 – Interview with Matt Beat

4. Electric Needle Room – “Lyndon Johnson”
from: The Presidents of the United States of America (Vol. 3) / Independent / February 18, 2013
[All music and lyrics by Matt Beat. All recorded performances by Matt Beat. Produced by Matt Beat. Artwork by Matt Beat. For goodness sake, if it’s on the album, he did it.]

By day, Matt Beat is a middle school social studies teacher. By night, the multi-instrumentalist writes and records songs about Presidents. He recorded them chronologically. The final volume of recordings features: Franklin Roosevelt to George W. Bush. “The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 3)” was just released appropriately on Feb. 18. It was produced by Matt Beat, with all music and lyrics by Matt Beat, and all recorded performances by Matt Beat.

Matt Beat formed The Electric Needle Room with his brother. The two of them have lived in separate cities for many years. They email their music back and forth in collaboration.

Matt uses his songs to help teach to 7th and 8th grade middle school students in his social studies classes.


5. Electric Needle Room – “Jimmy Carter”
from: The Presidents of the United States of America (Vol. 3) / Independent / February 18, 2013
[All music and lyrics by Matt Beat. All recorded performances by Matt Beat. Produced by Matt Beat. Artwork by Matt Beat. For goodness sake, if it’s on the album, he did it.]

Matt talked about how he creates the songs and the research involved in writing the lyrics. Some songs are longer because of the historical impact of the particular times. Politically Matt treats each president fairly and objectively.


6. Electric Needle Room – “Franklin Roosevelt”
from: The Presidents of the United States of America (Vol. 3) / Independent / February 18, 2013
[All music and lyrics by Matt Beat. All recorded performances by Matt Beat. Produced by Matt Beat. Artwork by Matt Beat. For goodness sake, if it’s on the album, he did it.]

More information at electricneedleroom.bandcamp.com or electricneedleroom.net

8:41 – Underwriting


7. Antennas Up – “Pretenders”
from: The Awkward Phase / Plastic Artifice / April 24, 2012
[Formed in KC in 2008. The band has played South By Southwest and over 30 Universities and toured w/ Girl Talk, Electric Six, Flogging Molly, Matt & Kim, Ha Ha Tonka, and Company Of Thieves. Kyle Akers – Lead Vocals/Bass; Bo McCall – Guitar/Vocals; The Ryantist – Drums/Vocals; Jonny Universe – Guitar/Keys/Vocals]

[Antennas Up play The Brick Fri. Feb. 22.]

8. Elsa Rae– “Don’t Move To Minnesota”
from: Plays Tiny Instruments / Independent / August 16, 2011
[Recorded at Cathouse Studios in August, 2011. All songs recorded and mixed by Mike Dresch. All songs written and performed by Elsa Rae. ]

[Elsa Rae plays Art Closet Studio Fri. Feb. 22, at 9:00 PM]

9. The Wires – “Banyan”
from: The Wires – Alternative Strings / Independent / March 9, 2013
[The Wires are an alternative exploration in string sound. Hailing from KCMO, The Wires compose & perform original music for violin & cello. Created, composed & performed by Laurel Morgan on violin (formerly of In The Pines) & Sascha Groschang on cello). The Wires will be with us next week on Feb. 20th.]

[The Wires play a CD Release at the recordBar, Saturday, March 9, 2013, at 7:00 PM, accompanied by a video-installation by multi-media artist Ben Parks.]

10. Lyal Strickland– “(What If We Could) Save The World”
from: Balanced On Barbed Wire / Independent / 2013
[From Buffalo Missouri]


11. Hidden Pictures – “Something To Eat”
from: Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 / Midwest Music Foundation / September 23, 2012

[Hidden Pictures play the recordBar TONIGHT at 10:00 with Ruby Suns and Painted Palms]

12. Kasey Rausch – “Grassroots”
from: Born Bear Water / Independent / 2005
[Kasey tells us she is will start working on her new recording in mid-April. Kasey also plays stand up bass in the band Buttermilk Boys who are getting ready to release a new recording, also in mid-April.]

[Kasey Rausch plays the KKFI Coffee House radio show 25th Anniversary Concert featuring Jeff Black and 2-Bit Palomino, and many others, Saturday, March 23, at 7:00 at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church.]

13. Me Like Bees – “Comet & Snail”
from: The Ides / Independent / 2013
[indie/alternative rock band from Joplin, Missouri. Formed in May of 2009, featuring Luke Sheafer, Nick Bynum, Pete Burton, Tim Cote.]

14. The Quivers – “I Sleep Here”
from: I Gots To Have It! / Independent / August 1, 2012
[Terra Peal- Vocals & Bass, Todd Grantham- Keys & Vocals, Abe Haddad- Guitar & Vocals, Bernie Dugan- Drums.]

[The Quivers play Midwestern Musical Company on Fri. March 1]

9:15 – Urban Culture Project Open Studios

15. Black House Quartet – “the young wife with a vague sense of foreboding”
from: The Kessler Critique / Independent / 2013
[Rehearsal recordings. Thank you Hunter Long.]

9:20 – Interview with Patrick Alexander

Patrick Alexander is a multidisciplinary artist who incorporates collage, painting and drawing with original sound compositions, developed organically, and often exhibited as a site-specific installations. His work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, and locally at The Telephone Booth Gallery, Next Space, Fahrenheit, H&R Block Artspace, Leedy-Voulkos, to name a few. As a curator he was owner operator of Locus Solis Art Gallery, and served as Art Gallery and Theatre Director the YWCA of Greater Kansas City Kansas. Since 1997 he has operated a mobile sound system for special events and clubs and has DJ’d (under the alias Fat Sal) locally and nationally. He specializes in rare vinyl recordings of soul, funk, Dub, reggae, latin, jazz, early hip hop and dance music.

As Facilities Manager for the Charlotte Street Foundation, Pat is responsible for the day to day management, operation, and maintenance of Urban Culture Project exhibition and performance spaces and Studio Residency Program facilities. Patrick Alexander joined us by phone to discuss Urban Culture Project – Studio Residency Open Studios Weekend, March 8-9.

The Foundation through the Urban Culture Project operates 3 different gallery spaces, and also offers studios, in downtown office buildings, for visual and performing artists.

Find detailed info about the 2012-13 studio residents at: urbanculturestudioresidents.wordpress.com

Artists’ studios will open for viewing with all artists on-hand to discuss their work and answer questions.

The Open Studios include:

Big in Japan, March 8, 7pm, Paragraph Gallery,

Black House Collective, March 8, 9pm, Paragraph Gallery,

Miles Bonny, March 8, 5:30-6:30pm, pARTnership Place,

Lisa Cordes, March 9, noon, Paragraph Gallery.

Gamelan, March 9, 12:30, Town Pavilion,

Kacico, March 8, 8pm, Town Pavilion,

Marisa MacKay, March 8, 8:30pm, Town Pavilion,

Erin Muenks, March 8, 7:30pm, Town Pavilion.

(These are just a few of the artists involved.)

16. Black House Collective – “kissing the hand at midnight”
from: Workshop 11 / Independent / 2013
[Rehearsal recordings. Thank you Hunter Long.]


17. Root and Stem – “No Matter Where You Go”
from: Christ Out Of The Cage / Independent / February 5, 2013
[Recorded at Element Recording Studio in Kansas City, MO. Engineered by Joel Nanos. KC based band made up of James Embry – Guitar/Vocals, Baird Williams – Guitar/Vocals, Cody Barrett – Bass, and Joel Shipley – Drums. Nominated for a Pitch Music Award for Best Americana/Bluegrass Band.]

18. Janet The Planet – “What I Forgot To Say (Part 1)”
from: Big Kids / Independent / January 16, 2012
[All music written and performed by Adam Davies (guitar), JD Linn (bass), Bobby Bayer (saxophone, yos), and Alexander Thomas (drums). Tracked live by Dave Gaume at Element Recording. Mixed by Dave Gaume. Mastered by Joel Nanos.]

19. Ghosty – “Need This”
from: GHOSTY / More Famouser Records / April 17, 2012
[3rd full length release from Lawrence and KC area band. Ghosty is Andrew Connor, Mike Nolte an Bill Belzer who recorded their new album themselves over the last couple of years with help from David Wetzel, Josh Adams, Jake Blanton, Konnor Ervin, Ryan Connor, Kirsten Paludan, and Dan Talmadge. The new release was pressed on vinyl and available on LP and digital download. More info at ghostysounds.com.]

20. Schwervon! – “American Idle”
from: Courage / Olive Juice Records / September 28, 2012
[Schwervon! is a two piece rock band. Nan plays drums and Matt plays guitar and they both sing. They lived in NYC for 15 years and have just relocated to Kansas City. Last year they opened for both The Vaselines and Belle & Sebastian. They recorded Courage with Memphis-based engineer Doug Easley who has worked with Pavement, Sonic Youth, Cat Power.]

[Schwervon! play Art Closet Studios, at 3951 Broadway, Kansas City, MO. Saturday, March 2, at 8:00 PM with Coed Pageant, The Caves, and The Authour & Illustrator.]

21. Snuff Jazz featuring Brian Haas – “Trailer Ride”
from: I Heard It On 18th Street II: No Foolin’ We Schoolin’ / Independent (David Ford) / 2009

The LOCAL SHOWCASE airs every Thursday night from 8:00 to 10:00 PM on 90.1 FM with 90.1 FM Programmers taking turns at hosting and producing each week.

Mark Manning is the host & producer of Wednesday MidDay Medley
Maria Vasquez Boyd is a regular contributor to Wednesday MidDay Medley, and is also the host & producer of Artspeak Radio, with Blair Schulman

Wednesday MidDay Medley is on the web:

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