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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Kansas City Syzygy + New & MidCoastal Releases

BLM cover art by Chicago-based Nigerian American illustrator, Unimuke Agada / Courtesy French Exit Records

Today’s show features tracks from French Exit Records – Black Lives Matter Compilation, of 22 acts from the area, with proceeds donated to One Struggle KC’s Liberation Fund, a Black-led coalition of KC activists seeking to connect the struggles of oppressed communities, locally & globally.

And from: Kansas City Syzygy, a compilation of 19 songs created during the quarantine of 2020 with proceeds donated to KC Tenants, a local nonprofit organized to ensure that everyone in KC has a safe, accessible, & truly affordable home.

1. “It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Orig. Motion Picture Soundtrack All That Jazz / Casablanca / December 20, 1979
[WMM’s theme]

2. Palace Intrigue – “Recurring feat. Wennely Q”
from: Black Lives Matter Compilation / French Exit Records / July 6, 2020
[3-piece Kansas City based band, who write: “we believe in love, no race, no religion, no color, no hate…no genre. We make music for everyone.” Over the past two years the band has created and recorded 40 songs that are all posted on their SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/user-870661143 . . French Exit Records launched two years ago and is an independent music label based out of Kansas City, Missouri founded by Brad Girard. French Exit Records has released albums for No Magic and Raymond, and has organized live events. The Black Lives Matter Compilation is available on French Exit Record’s Bandcamp page: https://frenchexitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/black-lives-matter-compilation. Black Lives Matter Comp is 22 acts from the area, with proceeds donated to One Struggle KC’s Liberation Fund, a Black-led coalition of KC activists seeking to connect the struggles of oppressed communities, locally & globally.]

3. Julianna Barwick – “Healing Is A Miracle”
from: Healing Is A Miracle / Ninja Tune / July 10, 2020
[From her BandCamp page: “Healing Is A Miracle” is a record built on improvisation and a close affinity to a couple of trusted items of gear, from which she spins engrossing, expansive universes. Additionally, Barwick draws on the input of three collaborators with whom she has nurtured deep friendships with over the years: Jónsi (Sigur Rós), Nosaj Thing and Mary Lattimore; who each gently nudge out at the edges of her organically-evolved sound. // Recorded in the wake of a seismic shift in her life following a move from New York—where she had lived for 16 years—to L.A. where she is now based, the title of the record came to her after thinking about how the human body heals itself, of the miraculous processes we pay little attention to: “You cut your hand, it looks pretty bad, and two weeks later it looks like it never happened… That’s kind of amazing, you know?” It’s a sentiment that feels particularly apt for the moment. From there, she conceived of the record’s simple statement title, ran it past a couple of friends, and it was settled. Like with the record itself, and all of her work, it’s about following her gut, and seeing where it takes her. // “Healing Is A Miracle” began life in spring of last year, when Barwick sat down with her vocal looping set-up and began sketching out some ideas for new solo material. “It had been so long since I had done that,” she recalls, “making something for myself, just for the love of it… it was emotional, because I was recording music that was just from the heart, that wasn’t for an ‘assignment’ or project… it brought me to tears a little”. // Part of the joy also came from a small but significant switch up to her recording process: the addition of some studio monitors—a birthday gift from Jónsi and Alex (Somers)—having previously recorded all of her music on headphones. “The first song I remember making with those was the first song on the album, Inspirit.” she explains, “When I added the bass I really felt it in my body, you know, in a way you just wouldn’t with headphones… it was kind of euphoric and fun. I got really excited about making the record in that moment, and I think that really had an impact on the sounds I ended up making.” // Excitement too came from the chance to work with three dream collaborators. Her connection to Jónsi began via producer Alex Somers, when Barwick flew to Reykjavík to record some sessions with him for her 2013 record “Nepenthe”, a trip which would begin a long-standing affinity with Iceland and the people she connected with there. “I think he has the best voice in the world,” she says, “and hearing my voice with Jonsi’s is one of the joys of my life.” Nosaj Thing—the highly respected electronic producer and stalwart of the LA scene who has worked with the likes of Kendric Lamar—had gotten in touch to express his affection for her 2011 album “The Magic Place”, and they’d since been trying to find a way to work together. Barwick and Lattimore had struck up a friendship over many years performing live together, and had moved to LA around the same time. Finding herself in the same city as all three for the first time, it felt natural to include them in her process, and added to the feeling of newness, support and friendship she had while producing the record. // Beyond her records, Barwick’s impressive live shows have gained incredible praise over the years from the likes of The Guardian—who described her performance as “exquisite in its eloquence, reflection and compassion” —The New York Times, NPR, and more. She has also supported and performed with Bon Iver, Grouper, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Rós, Sharon Van Etten, Angel Olsen, Perfume Genius, Mas Ysa, and Nat Baldwin. // Barwick has additionally been involved in some head-turning collaborations over the years. In 2015 she took part in The Flaming Lips’s Carnegie Hall show, performing music from their reimagining of “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, alongside Phillip Glass, Debbie Harry, Laurie Anderson and Patti Smith. That same year she was invited to play two shows with Yoko Ono, one at MoMA (“my favorite thing ever”) and one in Central Park. In 2012 she released a collaborative album with Helado Negro as OMBRE, and has also released a collaborative single with Rafael Anton Isarri, on the super-limited Thesis label, and most recently, the “Command Synthesis” EP, on RVNG Intl. sub-label Commend There, which employed AI to build five tracks that responded to the airborne environment outside a hotel room. In 2019 she teamed up with Doug Aitken on his nomadic art project, and created stunning performances in the Massachusett wilderness. // The album’s artwork was shot in Iceland by Joel Kazuo Knoernschild and is taken from a series of aerial films shot by drone above the country’s breathtaking coastline, which also make up the video for ‘Inspirit’.]

4. The Black Creatures – “wretched (it goes)”
from: “wretched (it goes)” / Center Cut Records / July 17, 2020 [remastered]
[“wretched (it goes)” was originally released on The Black Creatures 2019 album Wild Echoes. Recently released as a single in collaboration with Center Cut Records who remixed a few of the songs, and added some new vocals, and remastered the album. Although it is basically the same record, the sound quality is improved. Center Cut Records plan to release the full remastered album on August 28. The Black Creatures are Jade Green & Xavier Martin who will be our guests on the August 26 edition of WMM. “Wild Echoes” was #2 in WMM’s 119 Favorite Releases of 2019 (Albums & EPs). Since the release of ”Wild Echoes” the band has released seven entirely new songs, nearly one per month, all posted to their bandcamp page. The Black Creatures fuse dark-pop hip-hop, soul, jazz, and electronic music with elements from science fiction to tell inter-dimensional stories of love, community, life, culture, history. Xavier & Jade have made an impression in the KC music community with their live shows in clubs, galleries, record stores, and area music festivals. The Black Creatures released their debut single “Mouth 2 Mouth” June 5, 2016. They released the album, See No Evil, December 6, 2017. The duo released the singles, “Elements” February 14, 2018; “Silver Tears” June 19. 2018; “Dare” a Gorillaz cover August 8, 2019. They released the album “Wild Echoes” September 30, 2019. The Black Creatures released the singles “Turn” October 30, 2019; “Quartz (Twilight)” November 13, 2019; “SHINE” December 11, 2019; Ghost Bustin’ Dead Prezidentz” January 8, 2020; “To Whom It May Concern” January 22, 2020; “Arcade Love” February 5, 2020; and “Run Up” February 19, 2020.]

5. Betse & Clarke – “Farewell Trion”
from: Winter / Betse & Clarke / June 4, 2020
[A collection of songs and tunes, including original compositions, traditional songs and fiddle tunes, and modern songs re-envisioned. This recording was compiled during winter 2020, with a feeling of introspection. Songs under copyright were properly licensed for this digital release. Regular folks, exceptional music: This duo from the heartland (Kansas City, Missouri) has its roots in Ozark old time music, honoring traditional songs and tunes that resonate with human experience. New compositions add compelling elements to their musical tapestry. Follow up to the duo’s 2017 release, Tunes We Like released only in analog on cassette. Betse & Clarke are a traditional and future folk duo with Betse Ellis on fiddles, violins, viola & vocals and Clarke Wyatt on banjos, guitar, cello, multi-instruments. Betse & Clarke have played and toured around the world. Individually their musical roots go deep in the KC music scene. Clarke Wyatt is a founding member of Mr. Marco’s V7, and Betse Ellis is a founding member of The Wilders. Last year Betse & Clarke released ”River Still Rise,” originals and reworked traditional compositions presented “to be enjoyed as a musical adventure, much like the river exploration of the famous duo Lewis & Clark, an inspiration for the band’s name.” http://www.betseandclarke.com]

6. Funkadelic – “Can You Get To That”
from: Maggot Brain / Westbound Records / July 12, 1972
[Maggot Brain is the third studio album by the American funk band Funkadelic, released by Westbound Records in July 1971. It was produced by band leader George Clinton and recorded at United Sound Systems in Detroit during late 1970 and early 1971. It was the final album recorded by the original Funkadelic lineup; after its release, original members Tawl Ross, Billy Nelson, and Tiki Fulwood left the band for various reasons. The album charted in the R&B Top 20. Today, it is perhaps best known for its 10-minute title track, performed by guitarist Eddie Hazel. In 2003, Rolling Stone included Maggot Brain on its list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Pitchfork named it the 17th best album of the 1970s.Funkadelic was an American band formed in Detroit in 1968 and active until 1982. The band and its sister act Parliament, both led by George Clinton, pioneered the funk music culture of the 1970s. Relative to its sister act, Funkadelic pursued a heavier, psychedelic rock-oriented sound. They released acclaimed albums such as Maggot Brain (1971) and One Nation Under a Groove (1978). The group that would become Funkadelic was formed by George Clinton in 1964, as the unnamed backing section for his doo wop group The Parliaments[7] while on tour. The band originally consisted of musicians Frankie Boyce, Richard Boyce, and Langston Booth plus the five members of the Parliaments on vocals. Boyce, Boyce, and Booth enlisted in the Army in 1966, and Clinton recruited bassist Billy Bass Nelson and guitarist Eddie Hazel in 1967, then added guitarist Tawl Ross and drummer Tiki Fulwood. The name “Funkadelic” was coined by Nelson after the band relocated to Detroit. By 1968, because of a dispute with Revilot, the record company that owned “The Parliaments” name, the ensemble began playing under the name Funkadelic. // As Funkadelic, the group signed to Westbound in 1968. Around this time, the group’s music evolved from soul and doo wop into a harder guitar-driven mix of psychedelic rock, soul and funk, much influenced by the popular musical (and political) movements of the time. Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone were major inspirations.[9] This style later evolved into a tighter guitar and horns-based funk (circa 1971-75), which subsequently, during the height of Parliament-Funkadelic success (circa 1976-81), added elements of R&B and electronic music, with fewer psychedelic rock elements. The band made their first live television performance on Say Brother in October 7, 1969. They played a jam with songs “Into My Own Thing”, “What Is Soul?”, “(I Wanna) Testify”, “I Was Made to Love Her” (Stevie Wonder cover), “Friday Night, August 14th” and “Music for My Mother”. // The group’s self-titled debut album, Funkadelic, was released in 1970. The credits listed organist Mickey Atkins plus Clinton, Fulwood, Hazel, Nelson, and Ross. The recording also included the rest of the Parliaments singers (still uncredited due to contractual concerns), several uncredited session musicians then employed by Motown, as well as Ray Monette (of Rare Earth) and future P-Funk mainstay Bernie Worrell. // Bernie Worrell was officially credited starting with Funkadelic’s second album, 1970’s Free Your Mind… and Your Ass Will Follow, thus beginning a long working relationship between Worrell and Clinton. The album Maggot Brain followed in 1971. The first three Funkadelic albums displayed strong psychedelic influences (not least in terms of production) and limited commercial potential, despite containing many songs that stayed in the band’s set list for several years and would influence many future funk, rock, and hip hop artists. // After the release of Maggot Brain, the Funkadelic lineup was expanded greatly. Tawl Ross was unavailable after experiencing either a bad LSD trip or a speed overdose, while Billy Bass Nelson and Eddie Hazel quit due to financial concerns. From this point, many more musicians and singers would be added during Funkadelic’s (and Parliament’s) history, including the recruitment of several members of James Brown’s backing band, The JB’s in 1972 – most notably Bootsy Collins and the Horny Horns. Bootsy and his brother Catfish Collins were recruited by Clinton to replace the departed Nelson and Hazel. Bootsy in particular became a major contributor to the P-Funk sound. In 1972, this new line-up released the politically charged double album America Eats Its Young. The lineup stabilized a bit with the album Cosmic Slop in 1973, featuring major contributions from recently added singer-guitarist Garry Shider. After first leaving the band, Eddie Hazel spent a year in jail after assaulting an airline stewardess and air marshal while under the influence of PCP, then he returned to make major contributions to the 1974 album Standing on the Verge of Getting It On. Hazel only contributed to P-Funk sporadically thereafter. // George Clinton revived Parliament in 1974 and signed that act to Casablanca Records. Parliament and Funkadelic featured mostly the same stable of personnel but operated concurrently under two names. At first, Parliament was designated as a more mainstream funk ensemble dominated by soulful vocals and horn arrangements, while Funkadelic was designated as a more experimental and freestyle guitar-based funk band. The ensemble usually toured under the combined name Parliament-Funkadelic or simply P-Funk (which also became the catch-all term for George Clinton’s rapidly growing stable of funk artists). // in 1975 Michael Hampton, a teen guitar prodigy, replaced Hazel as the premier lead guitarist in Parliament-Funkadelic, and was a major contributor to the next several Funkadelic albums. Funkadelic left Westbound in 1976 and moved to Warner Brothers. Their first album for Warner was Hardcore Jollies in 1976. Just before leaving Westbound, Clinton provided that label with a collection of recently recorded outtakes, which Westbound released as the album Tales of Kidd Funkadelic. That album did significantly better commercially than Hardcore Jollies and included “Undisco Kidd”, an R&B Top 30 single. In 1977, Westbound capitalized further by releasing the anthology The Best of the Early Years.// As Parliament began achieving significant mainstream success in the 1975-1978 period, Funkadelic recorded and released its most successful and influential album, One Nation Under a Groove in 1978, adding former Ohio Players keyboardist Walter “Junie” Morrison and reflecting a more melodic dance-based sound. The title track spent six weeks at #1 on the R&B charts, around the time that Parliament was enjoying the #1 R&B singles “Flash Light” and “Aqua Boogie”. Uncle Jam Wants You in 1979 continued Funkadelic’s new more electronic sound production. The album contains the fifteen-minute “(Not Just) Knee Deep” featuring former Spinners lead singer Philippé Wynne, an edited version of which topped the R&B charts. The final official Funkadelic album, The Electric Spanking of War Babies, was released in 1981. The release was originally a double-album project, but it was reduced to a single disc under pressure from Warner Brothers. Some of the deleted tracks would appear on future P-Funk releases, most notably the 1982 hit single “Atomic Dog” which appeared on the first George Clinton solo album. // Meanwhile, the album Connections & Disconnections (re-issued on CD as Who’s a Funkadelic) was released under the name Funkadelic in 1981. The album was recorded by former Funkadelic members and original Parliaments Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas, who had left P-Funk in 1977 after disagreements with George Clinton’s management practices. This LP, notable for its heavy use of Thomas “Pae-dog” McEvoy’s jazz horn, contains the track called “You’ll Like It Too”, which came a very popular breakbeat source for the Hip hop community in the 80s. Former band member, drummer Jerome Brailey, released the album Mutiny on the Mamaship, by his new band Mutiny. // In the early 1980s, with legal difficulties arising from the multiple names used by multiple groups, as well as a shakeup at Parliament’s record label, George Clinton dissolved Parliament and Funkadelic as recording and touring entities. However, many of the musicians in later versions of the two groups remained employed by Clinton. Clinton continued to release new albums regularly, sometimes under his own name and sometimes under the name George Clinton & the P-Funk All-Stars. In the mid-1980s, the last Funkadelic album By Way Of The Drum was recorded by Clinton with P-Funk personnel and many electronic devices. The album was rejected by its record label and did not see official release in America until it appeared as a reissue in 2007. It features a cover of “Sunshine Of Your Love” by Cream. The album did not receive any publicity, but still received favorable reviews. // Clinton continued his P-Funk collective in the 1990s and 2000s, with a revolving stable of musicians, some of whom remain from the classic lineups of Funkadelic and Parliament. The rock-oriented sound of Funkadelic has diminished, as Clinton has moved towards more of an R&B and hip hop sound. In 1997 the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.]

7. LyMerrick – “Runaway”
from: Black Lives Matter Compilation / French Exit Records / July 6, 2020
[“Lay Me Down” was released February 8, 2019 and was part of WMM’s 39 Favorite Singles of 2019. In 2019 and 2018 LyMerrick released six singles and was a featured voice on two other single releases. LyMerrick also released a single in 2016. LyMerrick was born in North Carolina but grew up in KCMO since the age of 8. LyMerrick grew up listening to all types of music ranging from gospel, rap, r&b, to classic rock and metal. LyMerrick started singing in the church choir and continued singing in elementary, middle and high school choirs. After high school LyMerrick began to record remixes and eventually began to make originals which led me his collaborations with “nightSHIFT” the label that released his music.] [French Exit Records launched two years ago as an independent music label in KCMO, founded by Brad Girard. French Exit Records has released albums for No Magic and Raymond,. The BLM Comp is on French Exit Record’s Bandcamp page: https://frenchexitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/black-lives-matter-compilation. BLM Compilation is 22 acts from the area, with all proceeds donated to One Struggle KC’s Liberation Fund, a Black-led coalition of KC activists seeking to connect the struggles of oppressed communities, locally & globally.]

8. Be/Non – “Over The Moon”
from: A Valley of No: The Alternative A Mountain of Yeses / Haymaker Records / Apr. 8, 2020
[Brodie Rush is a musician, songwriter, band leader, graphic artist, actor, father and survivor. He is the Director of Animation & Motion Graphics at Crush Media. He is also the creative genius behind Be/Non, a Kansas City band that has been making music for over 20 years and released their critically acclaimed 6th album, Mystic Sunrise / Sunset Magic, on Haymaker Records on February 29, 2016, followed by Freedom Palace in 2018 that had been stuck in the studio for 12 years due to disputes with the original record label and personnel changes in the band until Brodie rescued the tapes and remastered the album for Haymaker Records. Now Brodie is back with a new release containing alternate mixes, isolated tracks and demo versions of Be/Non’s A Mountain of Yeses, was originally released May 12, 2009, was made by: Brodie Rush on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards; Ben Ruth on bass guitar; Ryan Shank on drums & percussion, and Jeremiah James on guitar, Moog & Vocals. Brodie writes: “This album is a journey into the sculpting process of creating “A Mountain of Yeses”. In contrast to the original release, this compilation contains alternate mixes, isolated tracks and demo versions. Be/Non presents a bizarro-like version of the AMOY album, showing an alternate universe what could have been if the creation of the album went on a divergent path. Behold the paradoxical serendipity of Be/Non’s unique take on constructing a space-themed story/album. A visual accompaniment to the album has been in production since 2008 and now has a 2021 release date.”]

10:29 – Underwriting

7. Lonnie Holley – “Like Hell Broke Away”
from: National Freedom / Jagjaguar / July 3, 2020
[4th release from Lonnie Bradley Holley, sometimes known as The Sand Man (born February 10, 1950 in Birmingham, Alabama during the Jim Crow era), is an African-American artist, art educator, and musician. He is best known for his assemblages and immersive environments made of found materials. He was born the 7th of 27 children during the Jim Crow era and claims to have been traded for a bottle of whiskey when he was four. From the age of five, Holley worked various jobs: picking up trash at a drive-in movie theatre, washing dishes, and cooking. He lived in a whiskey house, on the state fairgrounds, and in several foster homes. His early life was chaotic and Holley was never afforded the pleasure of a real childhood. Born the 7th of 27 children, Holley claims to have been traded for a bottle of whiskey when he was four. Before beginning his career, he spent time digging graves and picking cotton. He claims to have been pronounced brain-dead after being hit by a car. He became a father at 15 and now has 15 children. Holley also worked as a short-order cook at Disney World. He also did time at a notorious juvenile facility, the Alabama Industrial School for Negro Children in Mount Meigs. // Holley began his artistic life in 1979 by carving tombstones for his sister’s two children, who died in a house fire. He used blocks of a soft sandstone-like byproduct of metal casting which was discarded in piles by a foundry near his sister’s house. He believes that divine intervention led him to the material and inspired his artwork. Inspired to create, Holley made other carvings and assembled them in his yard along with various found objects. In 1981, he brought a few examples of his sandstone carvings to Birmingham Museum of Art director Richard Murray. The BMA displayed some of those pieces immediately and Murray introduced him to the organizers of the 1981 exhibition “More Than Land and Sky: Art from Appalachia” at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Soon his work was being acquired by other institutions, such as the American Folk Art Museum in New York and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. His work has also been displayed at the White House. // Holley also became a popular guest at children’s art events, bringing blocks of the foundry stone for children to carve. He gets special pleasure from sharing his experience of learning to love oneself through creative activity. // By the mid-1980s his work had diversified to include paintings and recycled found-object sculptures. His yard and adjacent abandoned lots near his home became an immersive art environment that was celebrated by visitors from the art world, but threatened by scrap-metal scavengers and eventually, by the expansion of the Birmingham International Airport. In late 1996 Holley was notified that his hilltop property near the airport would be condemned.[3] He rejected the airport authority’s offer to buy the property at the market rate of $14,000, knowing that his site-specific installation had personal and artistic value he demanded $250,000. The dispute went to probate court and in 1997 a settlement was reached and the airport authority paid $165,700 to move Holley’s family and work to a larger property in Harpersville, Alabama. // Holley’s first major retrospective, Do We Think Too Much? I Don’t Think We Can Ever Stop: Lonnie Holley, A Twenty-Five Year Survey, was organized by the Birmingham Museum of Art and traveled in 2003 to the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, England. From May 2003 to May 2004, Holley created a “sprawling, sculptural environment” in the lower sculpture garden at the Birmingham Museum of Art as part of their “Perspectives” series of site-specific installations. The creation of the work was documented in the film “The Sandman’s Garden” by Arthur Crenshaw and in photographs by Alice Faye “Sister” Love. // Holley installed sculptural work for the exhibition Groundstory: Tales from the shade of the South, at Agnes Scott College of Decatur, Georgia, which ran at the Dalton Gallery from September 28 to November 17, 2012. That same year, he released his debut album Just Before Music, followed by Keeping a Record of It the following year. In September 2018, he released his third album MITH on Jagjaguwar.]

10. Various Blonde – “Dirty Martini”
from: 3s 1 / The Record Machine / January 10, 2020
[New 3-song release from Various Blonde. KC based experimental, rock, pop, & funk band originally formed in 2008 and currently served by founder Joshua Allen on guitar, synthesizers, & vocals; and Mark Lomas on drums. The band has been described by Mills Record Company as, “Having all the sex appeal of The Weeknd and all the grit of Rage Against the Machine–the combination makes for a performance that is explosive.”]

[Various Blonde play Lemonad(e) Park, 1628 Wyoming (NW corner of Wyoming & 17th St.), behind Voltaire, on Friday, August 7, at 7:00 PM Doors, w/ YUM and Redder Moon. – Voltaire and recordBar present a Summer Concert Series at the newly created outdoor space, LeMonad(e) Park. Only 100 tickets are available each night. VIP-Tickets allow for up to 6 guests with full table service, no waiting in bar. OPEN SEATING at eight foot tables, 4 person maximum. General Admission is Standing Room Only (you may bring your own chair). Tables & benches are distanced per KCMO Health Department regulations (actually, a little further). Food and beverage will be served by Voltaire utilizing their on-line ordering and packaged to-go by a Voltaire employee practicing Covid-19 safety procedures. If you are not at a VIP table you will pick up your order at the bar. Please distance 6 feet when queuing.]

11. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “Manic Depression”
from: Are You Experienced? / Reprise / August 23, 1967 U.S. [May 12, 1967 U.K.]
[Are You Experienced is the debut studio album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Released in 1967, the LP was an immediate critical and commercial success, and it is widely regarded as one of the greatest debuts in the history of rock music. The album features Jimi Hendrix’s innovative approach to songwriting and electric guitar playing which soon established a new direction in psychedelic and hard rock music. // By mid-1966, Hendrix was struggling to earn a living playing the R&B circuit as a backing guitarist. After being referred to Chas Chandler, who was leaving the Animals and interested in managing and producing artists, Hendrix was signed to a management and production contract with Chandler and ex-Animals manager Michael Jeffery. Chandler brought Hendrix to London and began recruiting members for a band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, designed to showcase the guitarist’s talents. // In late October, after having been rejected by Decca Records, the Experience signed with Track, a new label formed by the Who’s managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp. Are You Experienced and its preceding singles were recorded over a five-month period from late October 1966 through early April 1967. The album was completed in 16 recording sessions at three London locations, including De Lane Lea Studios, CBS Studios, and Olympic Studios. // Released in the UK on May 12, 1967, Are You Experienced spent 33 weeks on the charts, peaking at number two. The album was issued in the US on August 23 by Reprise Records, where it reached number five on the US Billboard Top LPs, remaining on the chart for 106 weeks, 27 of those in the Top 40. The album also spent 70 weeks on the US Billboard Hot R&B LPs chart, where it peaked at number 10. The US version contained some of Hendrix’s best known songs, including the Experience’s first three singles, which, though omitted from the British edition of the LP, were top ten hits in the UK: “Purple Haze”, “Hey Joe”, and “The Wind Cries Mary”.]

12. The Guillotine Choir – “In The Daylight”
from: “In The Daylight” – Single / The Guillotine Choir / July 15, 2020
[Second single this year from The Guillotine Choir who released their debut, “What Tomorrow Brings” on April 29, 2020. We premiered that track on our April 29, 2020 edition of WMM. The Guillotine Choir is an electronic rock band and the musical side project of Kimmie Queen and Cody Wyoming of The Philistines, and Justin Muschinske of The Widows Ride. Invoking the imagery of a late night journey through a cold war Berlin, the synthesizers sizzle and crash and beat against the wall, as the music searches for signs of light and freedom across dark urban landscapes. Cody Wyoming is also a guitarist with The Pedaljets. Cody went to Park Hill High and lives in Kansas City, Missouri with Kimmie Queen who he has been in a relationship with for 15 years. Cody grew up in Enid, Oklahoma.]

13. Fritz Hutchison – “Stationary”
from: Wide Wild Acres / Center Cut Records / March 27, 2020
[Debut album of Fritz Hutchison. Wild Wild Acres was written & performed by Fritz Hutchison. Produced by Fritz Hutchison and Joel Nanos. Recorded and mixed in Kansas City by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studio. Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room in Chicago. Multi-instrumentalist Fritz Hutchison was born May 27, 1991. A life long resident of Kansas City. Since 2008 he’s been part of multiple bands playing drums with: She’s a Keeper, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, and Grand Marquis. As a guitarist he has played along side J Ashley Miller, Lauren Krum, Miki P and Calvin Arsenia. A decade of lending an ear and a hand to the likes of fellow shredders has left Fritz poised to launch his own solo career as a singer-songwriter.]

14. Hotel Leo – “Overflow”
from: Matters / ropedog records / May 29, 2020
[Hotel Leo is the musical project of Stephen Roper a Kansas City based engineer and musician. Prior to the release of the Matters album, Hotel Leo released the singles “Our Love” on April 24, 2020, and “Diamond” on April 20, 2020. The band released their debut 4-song self titled EP Hotel Leo on October 14, 2016 with songs written by Stephen Roper. Mastered by Nathan Moody at Obsidian Sound. Album photography by Scott Roper. Album art design by Taylor Dunn.]

15. Ben Gibbard – “Life in Quarantine”
from: Life in Quarantine – Single / Barsuk Records / March 27, 2020
[The Seattle-based Death Cab for Cutie front man unveiled the new song in a video as part of local alt-weekly The Stranger’s A Message to the City series, noting “I know this is a really f—ed up and scary time for everybody, including myself, and I know that we’re all trying to figure out what to do to make it better or alleviate the suffering of someone else.” Net proceeds from the digital release of the new home-studio recording will be donated to Seattle-area relief organizations, including homelessness-support services non-profit Aurora Commons, a welcoming space for unhoused Seattle residents to rest, prepare a meal, connect to resources, and collectively create a healthy and vibrant community. Benjamin Gibbard was born August 11, 1976. He is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie, with which he has recorded nine studio albums, and as one half of the electronica act the Postal Service. Gibbard released his debut solo album, Former Lives, in 2012, and a collaborative studio album, One Fast Move or I’m Gone (2009), with Jay Farrar, known for his work with Son Volt and formerly Uncle Tupelo. // Gibbard was born to Allen and Margaret (Flach) Gibbard in Bremerton, Washington. His father was in the Navy and his family moved around the country, including spending time in Northern Virginia before returning back to Washington. Gibbard spent his early life there during the grunge music explosion of the early 1990s. He graduated from Olympic High School in Bremerton in 1994, and studied environmental chemistry at Western Washington University. He was raised Roman Catholic and referred to himself as an “indoctrinated Catholic even though I haven’t been to church of my own volition in 10 or 15 years now.” While performing guitar in the band Pinwheel in 1996, Gibbard recorded a demo cassette under the moniker Death Cab for Cutie, titled You Can Play These Songs with Chords (1997). After receiving a positive response to the material, Gibbard expanded the project into a full band, with the addition of guitarist Chris Walla, bassist Nick Harmer and drummer Nathan Good. The following year, the band released its debut album, Something About Airplanes (1998), on Barsuk Records, and released its follow-up, We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes, in 2000.]

11:00 – Station ID

16. Miki P – “Don’t Lose Your Hope”
from: Kansas City Syzygy / Kansas City Syzygy / July 17, 2020
[Mikala Petillo, who was born in Kansas City, KS, and performed ‘She Loves You’ at her 7th grade talent show. In 9th grade she joined a teen-band called American Slim as drummer & vocalist, and released a full-length album, Irreplaceable, in 2017, played Middle of the Map Fest, Crossroads Music Fest, Kauffman Stadium, Arrowhead Stadium, and The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art before officially ending in 2018. That year, at 21, Miki P began work on her debut solo-record, Dome of Swallows, released August 2, 2018. She then formed Miki P and the Swallowtails who released their first EP, Swallowtail in 2019 The Swallowtails include: Rachel Lovelace on bassoon, Adee Dancy on cello & vocals, and Miki P on guitar & lead Vocals. In June they’ll release a follow up. The band’s members having classical music degrees, and jazz degrees. Miki P is a self-taught musician/multi-instrumentalist & songwriter driving the Swallowtails into a creative collaboration like any other. Each member is an integral part of the Kansas City music scene, writing, arranging, performing, and collaborating original music for their own groups and several other projects in the metro. “Introspective pop music with lyric-driven folk influences, mixed with collaborative energy & an odd pairing of instruments, Miki P locked in with the Swallowtails create a moment with music written and arranged from the heart.” Miki P started playing guitar in middle school. She taught herself to play the drums, while listening to Mitch Mitchell, Keith Moon and Ringo Starr. As a teen she played drums for various groups including American Slim. She wrote songs for their full-length album Irreplaceable released in 2017, followed by a single “Queen of Hearts” released April 11, 2018. She also plays ukulele & piano, teaching herself how to play both the instruments, using them frequently in all projects she is involved in. She was a featured vocalist with The Band That Fell to Earth Bowie Tribute. She’s played Boulevardia, Middle of the Map Fest, Royal’s Kaufman Stadium, recordBar, Uptown Theater, Arrowhead Stadium, Nelson Atkins Museum, the Crossroads Music Festival and the Over 25 Kansas City-based musicians came together to create “Kansas City Syzygy,” a compilation of music created during the shutdown of the world in the Spring of 2020. “Syzygy” is a term most commonly used in astronomy and is defined as “connected or corresponding events.” Album designer JC Franco states “like planets or stars aligning, so did our lives.” The nineteen songs on the album span the entire spectrum of music. Calvin Arsenia’s “Painted Ladies” is a dreamscape sung form his voice and harp, while Seth Andrew Davis’ “No Place But Home” invokes scenes of an underground dance club. Some musicians are collaborating for the first time on this album, as demonstrated on “Abyss.” Songs like “The Virus” by KC hip-hop artist Kemet Coleman comments on the impact of the coronavirus, as well as the virus that is racial injustice in America that has received global attention during the past months. The album can be purchased from Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to KC Tenants, a local nonprofit organized to ensure that everyone in KC has a safe, accessible, and truly affordable home.]

11:03 – Interview with Robert Castillo

Musician & band leader Robert Castillo, joins us to share music and details about the KC Syzygy compilation of original tracks from over 25 KC based musicians who came together electronically to contribute musical recordings created during the shutdown of the world in the spring of 2020. The production was directed by Robert Castillo with J Ashley Miller mastering the raw audio files. All proceeds will be donated to KC Tenants, a local nonprofit. The album is available at http://www.kcsyzygy.bandcamp.com

The album is available at http://www.kcsyzygy.bandcamp.com

The production of “Kansas City Syzygy” was directed by Robert Castillo with J Ashley Miller mastering the raw audio files. JC Franco created the album design, utilizing a painting by KC native Madeline Gallucci.

“Kansas City Syzygy” a compilation of original tracks with over 25 KC based musicians who came together electronically to contribute. All of this music was created during the shutdown of the world in the Spring of 2020.

“Syzygy” is a term used in astronomy and defined as “connected or corresponding events.” Designer JC Franco states “like planets or stars aligning, so did our lives.”

The nineteen songs on the album span the entire spectrum of music. Calvin Arsenia’s “Painted Ladies” is a dreamscape sung form his voice and harp, while Seth Andrew Davis’ “No Place But Home” invokes scenes of an underground dance club. Some musicians are collaborating for the first time on this album, as demonstrated on “Abyss.” Local electronic musician Chris Crabtree and Robert Castillo, bandleader of the groove jazz ensemble The Sextet, worked together with vocalist Audrey Chopin to create an experimental piece of EDM-adjacent music. Songs like “The Virus” by KC hip-hop artist Kemet Coleman comments on the impact of the coronavirus, as well as the virus that is racial injustice in America that has received global attention during the past months.

The album can be purchased from Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to KC Tenants, a local nonprofit organized to ensure that everyone in KC has a safe, accessible, and truly affordable home.

Musicians Include: Miki P, Kemet Coleman, Trevor Turla, Calvin Arsenia, Johnny Hamil, Jeff Harshbarger, Larkin Sanders, Chris Crabtree, Audrey Chopin, Robert Castillo, J Ashley Miller, John Kizilermut, Nik Douglas, Mikal Shapiro, Kadesh Flow, Tim J Harte, We the People, Chico Sierra, Terri Quinn, Adee Dancy, Seth Andrew
Davis, Chad Brothers, Matt Richey, Rob Rice, and Coleen Dieker.

Though COVID-19 may have shut down innumerable business and altered our lives forever, one thing it couldn’t stop is the creative drive and spirit in the world’s artists. Kansas City Syzygy is a glimpse into the music created in the middle of the map in the middle of a pandemic. Mastering by J Ashley Miller. Design by JC Franco. Direction by Robert Castillo


17. Rob Rice & the Devil’s Threesome – “Serial Lover”
from: Kansas City Syzygy / Kansas City Syzygy / July 17, 2020
[Lead singer songwriter Rob Rice told us that “’Serial Lover’ is based on a conversation he had with a dear friend around relationships, specifically monogamous vs. polyamorous, and opening our eyes to learn more about the others experience. This song is one of 6 that Rob is working to finish up this summer and release later this year under the album name ‘And The Devil’s Threesome’. This is a collection of six original songs Rob has composed and recorded that features a female and additional male accompaniment to showcase (hence the Devil’s Threesome…) Here is a sample of the first four tracks and the names of artists/musicians who have collaborated on this project 1. “Tiny Window” with Calvin Arsenia (Harp and Vocals) and Ezgi Karakus (Cello); 2. “There’s A Devil Inside Me” with Landon Hambright (Upright and Vocals) and Rachael Feeley (Vocals); 3. “Thinking of Another” with Teri Quinn (Clarinet and Vocals) and Stephen Roper (Drums, Electronics and Vocals); And 4. “Serial Lover” with Coleen Dieker (Violin and Vocals) and Robert Castillo (Upright Bass and Vocals). Rob Rice is finalizing the last two tracks and we are working to have rob on WMM when he is ready for the release. /// Over 25 Kansas City-based musicians came together to create “Kansas City Syzygy,” a compilation of music created during the shutdown of the world in the Spring of 2020. All proceeds will be donated to KC Tenants, a local nonprofit. The album is available at http://www.kcsyzygy.bandcamp.com.]

13. GAV7D (Johnny Hamil & Jeff Harshbarger & Sylvain Rabbath) – “Eastwood Stayed Skinny Travolta Got Fat (Pt. II)”
from: Kansas City Syzygy / Kansas City Syzygy / July 17, 2020
[Johnny Hamil told us that this “was the last track he wrote and recorded while in Paris before the lockdown. Johnny has been going to Paris every year to study and to record. This year he was recording the GAV7D – Video game Solo Bass record with Sylvain Rabbath. This song is Johnny’s love of 1980s metal shred so he broke out some old school chops to compose the song….it is a solo bass record so why not? While recording the song Jeff Harshbarger called Johnny and said he wasn’t going to come to Paris as planned, due to the virus. Johnny told him everything was fine in Paris and he should come… something that Johnny now really regrets saying, however it was fine at the time. Johnny’s trip was wonderful as always and we were making this wonderful song. So Jeff did come and we were finishing the track so Johnny just put Jeff in the vocal booth to make sonic the hedgehog type sounds and sing the ending “Parisian scooter death ride” lyrics. Jeff sang five part harmonies in just a few tales! It was another example how amazing he is. Also the keyboards on this track are amazing as well. Sylvain Rabbath recently acquired a new analog keyboard, to add to his collection of hundreds of keyboards. This keyboard from the 1980s has a lot of a “Miami Vice” sound. In regard to the “Parisian scooter death ride” story, in order to get to and from the studio it is easier to ride on Sylvain’s scooter as taking his car takes too much time in a city like Paris. Since Sylvain was born and raised in Paris, he goes through cars, alleys, gutters, sidewalks, and it’s terrifying! Thus Johnny feels like you will never know the true Paris until you have had that experience. If you listen closely enough at the end fade out you will hear the shrieking vocals. Jeff Harshbarger had to stay with Johnny for a month due to mandatory quarantine for travelers. Johnny and Jeff did a few online shows during that time. They played a duet version of this tune. It was the first time Johnny was able to perform with another musician and it was such a blessing! Johnny felt this heavy weight be lifted off of himself. Both shows are still on Johnny’s Facebook pages and got shared quite a bit. As Johnny is finishing up the entire album this track stands out, so Johnny is glad it is the first song to formally get released. Johnny will be releasing the last two GAV7D albums this year as they are done. They both got delayed from the pandemic. The Exotica Freejazz Record is really just another amazing journey that includes musicians: Mark Southerland, Annie Elliot, Amado Espinoza, Chris Fugitt, Arny Young, Tina Billberry, Clarke Wyatt, Julia Othmer, and so many more. // /// Over 25 Kansas City-based musicians came together to create “Kansas City Syzygy,” a compilation of music created during the shutdown of the world in the Spring of 2020. The album can be purchased from Bandcamp beginning July 17, 2020. All proceeds will be donated to KC Tenants, a local nonprofit organized to ensure that everyone in KC has a safe, accessible, and truly affordable home.]

19. Shay Estes & Trio All – “Under The Milky Way feat. Jeff Harshbarger”
From: Despite Your Destination / Independent / 2009
[Shay Estes and Trio ALL — ALL being an acronym for the last names of players Zack Albetta on drums, Mark Lowrey on piano, and Ben Leifer on bass. Lowrey told INK that they, “We’re trying to cross over into the realm of modern jazz by writing arrangements of songs that aren’t staples in jazz repertoire.” The album title comes from the lyrics of “Under the Milky Way,” originally by new wave band The Church. That track was the first arrangement Estes and Lowrey worked on together in 2004, and features guest vocals from Jeff Harshbarger.]

11:35 – Underwriting

20. Bijuu – “Body222”
from: WEEP NOT / Bijuu / April 17, 2020
[4-song EP from Kansas City based producer and vocalist who specializes in electronic maximalist pop music. Bijuu released the singles “Wet Blood” May 7, 2018, and “Mushygoo” April 20, 2018. There are a multitude of other tracks at Bijuu’s Soundcloud page.]

21. MARCOTTE – “History”
from: History / MARCOTTE / October 1, 2019
[For singer-songwriter duo Jordan and Sasha, soul is the term that most embodies the emotional transparency they commit to in the music they compose and perform together as MARCOTTE. The duo met in Kansas City, MO in 2013. They quickly discovered that collaboration came naturally and what they could do together surpassed any success they were able to achieve separately. Sasha and Jordan partnered together to create and perform original songs for their friends’ weddings –music that honestly and affectionately communicated the love story of the bride and groom. Soon finding their own love story in the midst, the pair has successfully translated that same honesty and affection to the art they create together. Though the stages and audience have grown in size and number as MARCOTTE continues to experience acclaim, the Pop-R&B duo has been able to keep the intimacy and clarity they’re known for while performing for live audiences.]

[Marcotte play ULAH Live Sessions Hosted by You Found Music on Thursday July 23, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at ULAH, 4707 Rainbow Blvd., Westwood, KS. Limited seating for 12. Doors at 7:00, show at 7:30. Social distancing measures will be in place. Masks will be required upon entry, and while moving about the store. Ticket information at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ulaj-live-sessions-marcotte-tickets%5D

22. D’Angelo & The Vanguard – “1000 Deaths”
from: Black Messiah / RCA – Sony / December 15, 2014
[Black Messiah is the third studio album by American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist D’Angelo, credited to D’Angelo and the Vanguard. It was released on December 15, 2014, by RCA Records, bringing an end to his 14-year hiatus that followed his 2000 album Voodoo. The album was produced and mostly written by D’Angelo, who collaborated with musicians such as percussionist Questlove, bassist Pino Palladino, guitarist Isaiah Sharkey, and horn player Roy Hargrove. He pursued a largely analog and murky funk sound for the record, lending it comparisons to the 1971 Sly & the Family Stone album There’s a Riot Goin’ On. Black Messiah was among 2014’s most highly anticipated albums and was released to widespread critical acclaim, later being ranked as one of the year’s best albums. The album debuted at number five on the US Billboard charts and number one on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, selling over 117,000 units in its first week. Black Messiah was promoted with the release of the single “Really Love” and a tour called The Second Coming. // D’Angelo’s subsequent solo work was extensively delayed.Production for a full-length follow-up to Voodoo was stagnant, as he was working on and off mostly by himself during 2002. D’Angelo attempted to play every instrument for the project, striving for complete creative control similar to that of Prince. Russell Elevado described the resulting material as “Parliament/Funkadelic meets the Beatles meets Prince, and the whole time there’s this Jimi Hendrix energy”. However, those who previewed its songs found it to be unfinished. In the years that followed, D’Angelo’s personal problems worsened, descending to drug and alcohol addiction. In January 2005 he was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine. Various mugshots began circulating around the time, showing the singer looking overweight and unhealthy, in stark contrast to the muscular D’Angelo seen in promotion for Voodoo. In September 2005, a week after being sentenced on the drug charges, he was involved in a car accident, and was rumoured to be critically injured. However, a week after the crash a statement was issued by D’Angelo’s attorney stating that he was fine continuing to say “He is anxious to finish the recording of his soul masterpiece that the world has patiently awaited. // No more was revealed on the new album until 2007, when Questlove, D’Angelo’s drummer and producer, leaked an unfinished track on Triple J Radio in Australia. Entitled “Really Love”, the track was an acoustic flavored jam with a laid back swing feel. The leak apparently soured relations between the two. In 2009, D’Angelo’s then-new manager Lindsay Guion, revealed plans for a new album, including collaborations with artists including Prince, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, and John Mayer, and a summer tour, saying “He’s able to smile again and he’s ready to connect [with fans], he’s coming back. And he looks great, by the way.” As with the previous year, no tour or album materialized. In early February 2010, a new track called “1000 Deaths” appeared on the Internet, but was swiftly removed due to a copyright claim by Michael Archer, D’Angelo’s legal name. The song seemed unfinished, and it is unclear how recent the material actually is, as the same song was mentioned in the same interview (see above) with Russell Elevado, in 2007. Around the same time, an article began to circulate on the Internet, which seemed to be an apparent review of ‘James River’, with detailed descriptions of individual songs, track listing, and segments of lyrics. This caused much discussion regarding the authenticity of the article, or whether it was an elaborate hoax. // In January 2011, Russell Elevado updated the status of the album development on his website and stated that “Pino Palladino and James Gadson have joined D’Angelo […] in New York City to finish cutting tracks for the upcoming album (yes, “THE” upcoming album!). We are officially making our way to finishing this record! I don’t need to tell everyone that this will be an amazing album. D’Angelo fans will be extremely happy to know, the wait will be over soon and it will surely be a future classic” Russell Elevado updated the status of the album again on his own website. “Since my last post I have continued sessions with D’Angelo. We’ve just finished up 5 months of recording. D has been doing vocals and guitars and we’ve had Pino Palladino back in for some more bass tracks. Also ?uestlove came in to jam with D and Pino. They’ve finally reunited after 7 or 8 years (lost track how long really). We’re taking a few months break while I take care of some other projects that have been on the back burner.” // In December 2011 Questlove said the album was 97% done and that D’Angelo was “finishing his lyrics now.” He went on to compare the album to a “black version of Smile – at best, it will go down in the Smile/There’s a Riot Goin’ On/Miles Davis’ On the Corner category. That’s what I’m hoping for. There’s stuff on there I was amazed at, like new music patches I’ve never heard before. I’d ask him, “What kind of keyboard is that?” I thought it was some old vintage thing. But he builds his own patches. One song we worked on called “Charade” has this trombone patch that he re-EQ’d and then put through an envelope filter and then added a vibraphone noise on top and made a whole new patch out of it. He’s the only person I know that takes a Herbie Hancock approach, or Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff—the two musician/engineers who programmed all of Stevie Wonder’s genius-period stuff—approach. That’s the last time I ever heard of somebody building patches. We’ll see if history is kind to it.” In 2012, D’Angelo returned to performing live with his Occupy Music Tour and prepared his third studio album, whose recording had D’Angelo return to Electric Lady Studios. // Michael Eugene Archer (born February 11, 1974), better known by his stage name D’Angelo (pronounced di-Angelo), is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. D’Angelo is associated with the neo soul movement, along with artists like Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, and collaborator Angie Stone. // Born in Richmond, Virginia, the son of a Pentecostal minister, D’Angelo taught himself piano as a child. At eighteen, he won the amateur talent competition at Harlem’s Apollo Theater three weeks in a row. After a brief affiliation with hip-hop group I.D.U., his first major success came in 1994 as the co-writer and co-producer of the song “U Will Know”. // His debut solo album, Brown Sugar (1995), received positive reviews and sold over two million copies. His next album, Voodoo (2000), debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. Its lead single “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”, entered the R&B charts and won a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal; likewise, Voodoo won Best R&B Album. D’Angelo was hailed as the next Marvin Gaye by GQ in 2014. // Following this period, D’Angelo became more than uncomfortable with his growing status as a sex symbol. This was followed by numerous personal struggles including alcoholism, and a fourteen-year long musical hiatus. D’Angelo released his third studio album, Black Messiah, in December 2014. The album was met with critical acclaim and fared well on music charts, peaking at number five on the US Billboard 200. D’Angelo also contributed to the soundtrack for the 2018 video game Red Dead Redemption 2, performing the song “Unshaken”.]

23. Daniel Gum – “Tired Saint”
from: Black Lives Matter Compilation / French Exit Records / July 6, 2020
[Daniel Gum is a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Kansas City. Since the age of 12, he has spent the majority of his time writing and recording songs by himself in his room. His most recent project, Moon, on the other hand was recorded by someone else in another room while Daniel was by himself in yet another room. The Moon EP was released December 7, 2019. It was engineered by Mike Crawford and Daniel Gum and mixed by Daniel Gum with piano and accordion by Cole Crawford. Daniel Gun released his EP i’m not dead October 25, 2017, and his 10-song album Reorient on July 31, 2015, with all songs written, recorded and mixed by Daniel Gum who also performed all vocals guitars, drums, piano, bass. harmonica, and programming.] [French Exit Records launched two years ago as an independent music label in KCMO, founded by Brad Girard. French Exit Records has released albums for No Magic and Raymond,. The BLM Comp is on French Exit Record’s Bandcamp page: https://frenchexitrecords.bandcamp.com/album/black-lives-matter-compilation. BLM Compilation is 22 acts from the area, with all proceeds donated to One Struggle KC’s Liberation Fund, a Black-led coalition of KC activists seeking to connect the struggles of oppressed communities, locally & globally.]

24. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

11:58 – Community Voices

Next week on Wednesday, July 29, singer songwriter activist Una Walkenhorst joins us to talk about her 2020 EP Woman Of The Year. We will also share more tracks from the new Kansas City Syzygy compilations, and even more from the French Exit Records compilation release Black Lives Matter.

Our Script/Playlist is a “cut and paste” of information.
Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

WMM’s 777th Show!
New & MidCoastal Releases

1. “It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / Casablanca / December 20, 1979
[WMM’s theme song]

2. Emily King – “Remind Me”
from: Scenery / ATO Records / February 1, 2019
[We fIrst played Emily King on June 29, 2016 when our friend Krystle Warren was Guest Producer and played the song “Georgia” from King’s 2011 EP Seven. She is an American singer and songwriter. She started her career in 2004 and her debut album East Side Story was released three years later in August 2007. In December 2007, King was listed as a Grammy nominee for Best Contemporary R&B Album. Born July 10, 1985, in NYC in 1985, King grew up in a small apartment on the Lower East Side. Her parents, Marion Cowings and Kim Kalesti, were a singing duo who performed and traveled regularly bringing her and her older brother along with them. At age 16, King left high school after earning her GED to pursue her music career. She began playing shows in restaurants and venues around New York City including CBGB and The Bitter End. King signed her first record deal with J Records in 2004 and was featured on Nas’ 2004 album Street’s Disciple credited as simply “Emily”. Her debut album East Side Story was released 3 years later in August 2007. It went on to earn a Grammy nomination for “Best Contemporary R&B Album of the Year.” During that time King toured with John Legend & Floetry. She opened for various artists such as Nas, Alicia Keys, Chaka Khan & Erykah Badu. After parting ways with her label in 2008, King continued independently. She self-recorded her follow-up EP Seven in her home, released July 2011. In October 2011, she accepted an invite from Maroon 5 to open on their European/Scandinavian tour. In 2012, King was awarded the Holly Prize (a tribute to the legacy of Buddy Holly) from The Songwriters Hall of Fame for recognition of the “all-in songwriter” whose work exhibits the qualities of Holly’s music: true, great and original. King was invited by Emeli Sande to open for her UK tour playing sold out shows in 5 cities including The Royal Albert Hall in London. King collaborated with José James on his album No Beginning No End in 2013 and can be heard on tracks Heaven on the Ground and the acoustic version of Come to My Door. In 2014, King was performing as an opening act for Sara Bareilles’ Little Black Dress tour. The year 2015 marked the release of King’s 2nd studio album, The Switch, Emily self-released on her label Making Music Records on June 26. The Wall Street Journal remarked that the album is “a tasteful collection of 11 songs that showcase King’s distinctive voice.” After signing with the ATO Records in 2017, King became label mates with Brittany Howard, Benjamin Booker & Brandi Carlile. More info at: http://www.emilykingmusic.com]

3. Kevin Morby – “No Halo”
from: Oh My God / Dead Oceans / April 29, 2019
[5th release from Kevin Robert Morby born April 2, 1988. follow up to his 2017 release City Music. Kevin learned to play guitar when he was 10. In his teens he formed the band Creepy Aliens. 17-year-old Morby dropped out of Blue Valley Northwest High School, got his GED, and moved from his native Kansas City to Brooklyn in the mid-2000s, supporting himself by working bike delivery and café jobs. He later joined the noise-folk group Woods on bass. While living in Brooklyn, he became close friends and roommates with Cassie Ramone of the punk trio Vivian Girls, and the two formed a side project together called The Babies, who released albums in 2011 and 2012. He began a solo career in 2013 releasing his debut album Harlem River. His 2nd album Still Life was released in 2014. His album Singing Saw was in WMM’s The 116 Best Recordings of 2016. His album City Music was in WMM’s The 118 Best Recordings of 2018]

4. Ebony Tusks – “Everybody Run feat. Jamaal Rashad, Morri$)”
from: Midas – EP / Team Bear Club / June 2011
[Debut 3-track EP released by the band. Ebony Tusks is a hip hop project from Lawrence KS, formed in 2010 by Nathan Giesecke, Martinez Hillard (of Cowboy Indian Bear), and Daniel B. Smith. Inspired by series of nightmares after a string of real-life armed robberies in which he was the victim, Martinez Hillard (EBONY TUSKS) began writing and composing material alongside MORRI$ & TOM RICHMAN, both members of BEAR CLUB’s rapidly ascending group of producers, to create what would become the music for MIDAS. Narrative-driven, rhythmically diverse and over all too soon.]

[Ebony Tusks play The Bottleneck, 737 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, KS Saturday March 16, at 7:00 PM with special guests: V.I.S.I.T.O.R., Flock of Pigs, and Drifter.]

5. Helado Negro – “Running”
from: This Is How You Smile / RVNG Intl./ March 8, 2019
[6th album from Roberto Carlos Lange, better known by his stage name Helado Negro, is an American musician. He was formerly signed to Asthmatic Kitty Records from 2009 to 2016. Helado is now currently signed to and released his latest album through RVNG Intl., a Brooklyn-based music institution. Helado grew up in Miami, Florida where he spent his teenage years searching for his identity in the cultural melting pot of south Florida. He immersed himself in the hip-hop and electronic music scenes, where he learned to be an artist by playing out shows to small audiences. Helado released his first full-length album in 2009 titled Awe Owe. In 2010, Helado released an EP titled Pasajero. Helado released his second full-length album in 2011 titled Canta Lechuza. In 2012, Helado released the first of a three part EP, titled Island Universe Story – One. Helado released his third full-length album in 2013 titled Invisible Life. Helado released the second Island Universe Story EP in 2013. In 2014, Helado released his fourth full-length album titled Double Youth. The third EP in Helado’s three-part Island Universe Story series was released in 2014. In 2015, Helado released the single “Young, Latin and Proud” along with an animated-visual and lyric video. Lange describes the song as “It was as if I was singing my 6-year-old self a lullaby… It’s about feeling a sense of pride and self-confidence, understanding that you’re born into something and it’s alright to feel good about it. Stereotypes and contradictions are built into identity and I think those are a strong current in both Latino and black identity in the U.S. today.” In 2016, Helado released his fifth full-length album titled Private Energy.]

6. Our Native Daughters – “Black Myself”
from: Songs of Our Native Daughters / Smithsonian Folkways Recordings / February 22, 2019
[Our native Daughters is: Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla, Amythyst Kiah & Allison Russell (of Birds of Chicago). This song features all of their voices. Songs of Our Native Daughters’ gathers together kindred musicians in song and sisterhood to communicate with their forebears. Drawing on and reclaiming early minstrelsy and banjo music, these musicians reclaim, recast, and spotlight the often unheard and untold history of their ancestors, whose stories remain vital and alive today. The material on ‘Songs of Our Native Daughters’ — written and sung in various combinations — is inspired by New World slave narratives, discrimination and how it has shaped our American experience, as well as musicians such as Haitian troubadour Althiery Dorval and Mississippi Hill Country string player Sid Hemphill, and more. Rhiannon Giddens is the co-founder of the Grammy Award-winning string band Carolina Chocolate Drops, was awarded a 2017 MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship and won the 2016 Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Bluegrass and Banjo. She has performed for President Barack Obama, appeared on The Late Show, Austin City Limits, CBS Sunday Morning, and has played a recurring role on the television drama Nashville in the role of Hallie Jordan, a young social worker with “the voice of an angel.” For her project with Our Native Daughters, Giddens brought together three other black female roots artists. “Gathering a group of fellow black female artists who had and have a lot to say, made it both highly collaborative and deeply personal to me,” she explains. “It felt like there were things we had been waiting to say our whole lives in our art; and to be able to say them in the presence of our sisters-in-song was sweet, indeed.” Their debut recording, Songs of Our Native Daughters, is a stunning thirteen-track album. Produced by Rhiannon Giddens and Dirk Powell. Engineered and mixed by Dirk Powell. Recorded at Cypress House Studio, Breaux Bridge, LA. Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge NY. Assisted by Chris Allgood. Annotated by Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell, and Dirk Powell.]

7. Deerhunter – “Death in Midsummer”
from: Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? / 4AD / January 18, 2019
[8th studio album by the American indie rock band Deerhunter. The album was co-produced by singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon, Ben H. Allen (who had previously worked with the band on Halcyon Digest and Fading Frontier), Ben Etter (who worked as a studio assistant on Fading Frontier) and the band itself. The first single, “Death in Midsummer”, was released on October 30, 2018. The same day, a world tour in support of the album was announced, starting in November 4, 2018. The second single from the album, “Element”, was released on December 6, 2018. The album leaked on December 12, 2018. Deerhunter is an American rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 2001. The band consists of Bradford Cox (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Moses Archuleta (drums, electronics, sound treatments), Lockett Pundt (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Josh McKay (bass) and Javier Morales (keyboards, synthesizers, alto saxophone). Founded by Cox and Archuleta, Deerhunter’s first stable line-up included guitarist Colin Mee and bass guitarist Justin Bosworth. After recording a split EP with Alphabets, Bosworth died of head injuries, suffered during a skateboarding accident. The band recorded their first studio album, Turn It Up Faggot (2005), with Josh Fauver occupying the vacant role of bass guitarist. Following the album’s release, Cox asked childhood friend, Lockett Pundt, to join.

10:29 – Underwriting

8. FEELS – “Awful Need”
from Post Earth / Wichita Recordings / February 22, 2019
[East Los Angeles and made up of: Laena Geronimo on vocals & guitar, Shannon Lay on vocals & guitar, Amy Allen on vocals & bass, and Michael Perry Rudes on drums. Recorded and Mixed by Tim Green at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, CA except for; lead vocals on “Find A Way” and “Last Chance” recorded by Dante White Aliano at The Cone, “Sour” lead vocals and crowd noise recorded, effected and arranged by Laena Geronimo with additional vocal effects by Dante White-Aliano. Mastered by Howie Weinberg.]

9. Citizen Cope – “Justice”
from Heroin and Helicopters / RainWater Recordings / March 1, 2019
[7th album from Clarence Greenwood (born May 20, 1968), also known by his stage name, Citizen Cope. He, is an American songwriter, producer and performer. His music is commonly described as a mix of blues, soul, folk, and rock. Citizen Cope’s compositions have been recorded by artists as varied as Carlos Santana, Dido, Pharoahe Monch and Richie Havens. He currently records and produces for his own record label, Rainwater Recordings, which he founded in 2010 after deciding not to work with major labels any longer. He had previously been signed to Capitol, Arista, DreamWorks and RCA. On March 1, 2019, he released his first album in six years, Heroin and Helicopters, on his own label, RainWater Recordings. Billboard magazine called Heroin and Helicopters “Personal and poignant.”]

[Citizen Cope plays The Truman, 601 East Truman Road, KCMO, Tonight, March 13, at 8:00 PM.]

10. The Dear Misses – “Kansas City”
from: Kansas City – Single / The Dear Misses / February 25, 2019
[Kansas City based 4-piece band made up of: Todd Anderson on lead vocals & rhythm guitar, Cody Stapleton on lead guitar & backing vocals, Bret Collins on drums, and Shane Berggren on bass. The band is currently in the studio recording songs for their upcoming release. More information at: http://www.reverbnation.com/thedearmisses%5D%5B

11. Kris Kristofferson & Brandi Carlile – “A Case of You (Live)”
from: Joni 75: A Joni Mitchell Birthday Celebration (Live) / Decca / March 8, 2019
[A Joni Mitchell tribute album, celebrating her 75th birthday, features live renditions of the singer’s songs by Brandi Carlile, Norah Jones, Chaka Khan, James Taylor and many others. The record contains a recording of a tribute concert that was held in her honor in Los Angeles last November. The concert was additionally broadcast in movie theaters on February 7th. Percussionist Brian Blade, who made three studio albums and toured with Mitchell, served as the evening’s co-musical director alongside producer and arranger Jon Cowherd. The evening was presented by the Music Center, a non-profit organization that tries to bring artists and communities together with an eye toward enriching the lives of people living in Los Angeles County. “By honoring Joni Mitchell, an amazing iconic artist, the Music Center had an incredible opportunity to bring her music to Los Angeles audiences,” the organization’s president and CEO, Rachel Moore, said in a statement. “Now that experience can be enjoyed by many more Joni Mitchell fans with an album that allows other music legends to shine a light on her artistry.” Rolling Stone reviewed the concert and called it a “moving tribute show.” “The unifying effect of Mitchell’s music rang out with a closing group singalong to ‘Big Yellow Taxi,’ one of the more ebullient standouts from her oeuvre,” the review reads. “The billed artists stood side by side … and belted the number, a bright rumination on the harrowing effects that man has on society. They each delivered solos, then bowed in unison, as a portrait of Mitchell loomed in the background, a fitting homage to an icon whose presence is still felt, even in her absence.”Mitchell herself, who has been battling health issues, did not take the stage at the event. Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration track list: 1. “Dreamland” – Los Lobos with La Marisoul, Xochi Flores and Cesar Castro / 2. “Help Me” – Chaka Khan / 3. “Amelia” – Diana Krall / 4. “All I Want” – Rufus Wainwright / 5. “Coyote” – Glen Hansard / 6. “River” – James Taylor / 7. “Both Sides Now” – Seal / 8. “Our House” – Graham Nash / 9. “A Case of You” – Kris Kristofferson and Brandi Carlile / 10. “Down to You” – Brandi Carlile / 11. “Blue” – Rufus Wainwright / 12. “Court And Spark” – Norah Jones / 13. “Nothing Can Be Done” – Los Lobos with La Marisoul, Xochi Flores and Cesar Castro / 14. “The Magdalene Laundries” – Emmylou Harris / 15. “Woodstock” – James Taylor / 16. “Big Yellow Taxi” – La Marisoul, James Taylor, Chaka Khan and Brandi Carlile.]

12. Violet and The Undercurrents – “Inconvenient Friend”
from: The Captain / Violet Vonder Haar Music / March 1, 2019
[The band’s new 10-song album called The Captain, was inspired by lead singer and songwriter Violet Vonder Haar’s father, a riverboat captain who introduced her to the music of folk legends and encouraged her journey as an artist. This Columbia, Missouri based 4-piece band is made up of Violet Vonder Haar on lead vocals & guitar; Linda Bott on bass guitar; Phylshawn Johnson on drums, and Lizzy Weiland on lead guitar. The quartet is anchored by the intrepid songwriting of Violet Vonder Haar and enriched by the creative energy of her musical counterparts. Raised in a small town at the edge of the Missouri River and nurtured by a thriving folk music-centered community, Vonder Haar started honing her craft as a songwriter, performer and vocalist at an early age. She More information at: http://www.violetandtheundercurrents.com]

[Violet and the Undercurrents are playing an album release at Midcoast Takeover Thursday, March 14 at 4:30 PM at the Shangri La, 016 E 6th St, Austin, Texas.]

13. Carswell & Hope – “The Other Side”
from: Exit Plan EP / Silly Goose Records / May 22, 2018
[Music by Carswell & Hope. Lyrics by Nick Carswell. Produced & mixed by Jason Slote & Nick Carswell. Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper @ TurtleTone Studio NYC. Lawrence KS based 5-piece band formed June 25, 2012. The band is: Nick Carswell, Jason Slote, Austin Quick, Chris Handley, and Jordan Tucker. Songwriter Nick Carswell is originally from Ireland and has found a new home on the plains of Kansas.]

[Carswell & Hope play Replay Lounge, 946 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS, Sunday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, 3:40 PM in a day long line up that include Nicolas St. James, The Brody Buster Band, Whiskey For The Lady, Signal Ridge, Midnight Kick, Rolling Foliage and Tyler Gregory.]

[Carswell & Hope play Frank’s North Star Tavern, 508 Locust St, Lawrence, KS, Sunday, March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, 7:00 to 10:00 PM]

11:00 – Station ID

14. Radkey – “P.A.W.”
from: No Strange Cats…P.A.W. / The Century Family / February 22, 2019
[This new 7 song EP is essentially a collection of the band’s most recent singles. It comes after the January 11, 2019 release of No Strange cats…Spiders – EP a 6 song EP of several new songs mixed with several singles from late 2018. Isaiah, Dee, and Solomon Radke of the critically acclaimed rock trio Radkey joined us live in our 90.1 FM studios on September 5, 2018 to talk about their performance at recordBar with Quixotic Performers, as headliners for the 14th Annual Crossroads Music Fest. Radkey was formed in 2010 in St. Joseph, where the brothers were raised. The family moved to Kansas City several years ago. The band has released two full-length recordings — “Dark Black Makeup” in 2015 and “Delicious Rock Noise” in 2016 — plus multiple EPs and singles, and recently were part of a MasterCard advertising campaign on digital billboards in NYC along with a national television commercial that aired during the Grammy Awards that brought the band to the attention of Jack White who asked the band to tour with him. After Crossroads Music Fest the band went back on the road playing shows with The Damned throughout the United States. In December they went back into the studio to record songs for this release with producer Bill Stevenson of the California punk rock group Descendents. In early 2019 they played shows in Amsterdam and Stockholm. Last year the band released “Basement” , “St. Elwood” “Rock & Roll Homeschool” as well as several other singles.]

15. The Sluts – “It’s Ok to Fake It”
from: Break Their Heart / The Sluts / February 12, 2019
[New 6 song EP from the Lawrence based band The Sluts formed by Ryan Wise & Kristoffer Dover in 2011. Produced recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording and Mastering Studios, KCMO]

[The Sluts play recordBar, 1520 Grand Boulevard, KCMO, on Friday, April 5, 2019 at 9:30 PM with Brandon Phillips and The Condition and Dead Voices.]

16. Deco Auto – “Goals”
from: Goals – Single / Deco Auto / February 21, 2017
[Most recent new music from Kansas City based alternative pop-punk / power-pop trio. Guitar/vocals: Steven Garcia on guitar and lead vocals, Tracy Flowers on bass & vocals, and Pat Tomek on drums . Written by Steven Garcia, $tudent Loans For Life Music (ASCAP). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Pat Tomek at Largely Studios, Kansas City, MO. The band is currently working on a new album to be released this year.]

[Deco Auto plays St. Patrick’s Eve, Saturday, March 16, at 10:00 PM at The Brick, 1727 McGee St, KCMO with Scruffy and the Janitors.]

17. Y La Bamba – “Mujeres (Album Version)”
from: Mujeres / Tender Loving Empire / February 8, 2019
[Mujeres is “Woman Island” in the Gulf of Mexico. Y La Bamba has been many things, but at the heart of it is singer-songwriter Luz Elena Mendoza’s inquisitive sense of self. Their fifth record, Mujeres, carries on the Portland-based band’s affinity for spiritual contemplation, but goes a step further in telling a story with a full emotional spectrum. Coming off Ojos Del Sol, one of NPR’s Top 50 Albums of 2016, Mujeres exhibits the scope of Mendoza’s artistic voice like never before. “Soy como soy,” Mendoza says, and that declaration is the bold— even political— statement that positions Mujeres to be Y La Bamba’s most unbridled offering yet.]

18. Pedro The Lion – “Circle K”
from: Phoenix / Polyvinyl Recording Company / January 18, 2019
[Pedro the Lion is an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington. David Bazan formed the band in 1995 and represented its main creative force, backed by a varying rotation of collaborating musicians. In 2006 Pedro the Lion was dissolved as Bazan went solo; Bazan reformed the band and resumed performing under the Pedro the Lion moniker in late 2017. Releasing five full-length albums and five EPs over 11 years, the band is known for its first person narrative lyrics with political and religious themes. Pedro the Lion was formed by David Bazan in 1995. In 1997 they released their debut EP Whole with Bazan playing nearly every instrument, a format he continued on the band’s first two full-length albums, It’s Hard to Find a Friend (1998), and Winners Never Quit (2000).]

[Pedro The Lion plays recordBar, 1520 Grand, KCMO, on Wednesday, May 1, at 9:00 PM with John Vanderslice.]

19. Sugo Day – “Charm (radio edit)”
from: Charm – Single / Sugo Day / February 14, 2019
[Sugo Day is the solo side project of Nicholas Turner who we first met when he played in the Kansas City band Riala. Nicholas moved away from his hometown and is now based in Minneapolis and has released several singles. On March 6, 2018 Sugo released a 7-song EP called “Lush.” Nicholas told us that “Charm” is “a celebration of self in a sense—I find there is a lot of self defeating music that is really popular right now so i wanted to captured me playing shows on the west coast as a solo artist which is what the chorus is about a motivational tune with a subversive sense of vulnerability in the middle verse.”]

20. Lomelda – “M for Mush”
from: M for Empathy / Double Double Whammy / March 1, 2019
[Lomelda is the stage name of musician Hannah Read. According to Read, Lomelda is a made up word that means “echo of the stars”. Hannah Read was raised in Silsbee, Texas. She began her music career playing in bands with her brother as well as her high school friends. Read’s first full-length album, Forever, was released in 2015. In 2017, Read released her second full-length album, Thx, with the independent record label Double Double Whammy. The album was co-produced with the assistance of Read’s brother, Tommy. It was primarily written over a few months while Read was sleeping in her car.]

21. Solange – “Dreams”
from: When I Get Home / Columbia Records / March 1, 2019
[4th studio album from singer and songwriter Solange, and follow up to her breakthrough record, A Seat at the Table released on September 30, 2016,. Following the release of her second studio album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams (2008), Knowles began work on her third studio album, during which she suffered a “breakdown” due to the amount of time and emotion she was putting into the recording process. While recording the album Knowles released an EP entitled True (2012) and launched her own record label named Saint Records. A Seat at the Table became Solange’s first number-one album on the Billboard 200 in the United States.]

11:31 – Underwriting

13. Shay Estes & Trio All – “Little Drop Of Poison”
from: Despite Your Destination / Independent / December 3, 2009
[Shay Estes with Trio All an acronym for: Zack Albetta on drums, Mark Lowrey on piano, and Ben Leifer on Bass. The debut album–a collection of songs drawn from a wide range of eras and composers, all given fresh, unique arrangements. Before turning to jazz, vocalist Shay Estes performed with a rock band, a Western-surf band, and a burlesque troupe. In recent years, Estes has collaborated with Brad Cox’s People’s Liberation Big Band and Mark Southerland’s “Urban Noise Camp.” “Despite Your Destination” includes standards by Irving Berlin, and George and Ira Gershwin, as well as reworked versions of contemporary songs, like Tom Waits’ “Little Drop of Poison.”]

14. Hot Club of Cowtown – “This Wheel’s on Fire”
from: Crossing the Great Divide / Hot Club Productions / January 11, 2019
[16th release from The Hot Club of Cowtown, an American hot jazz and Western swing trio that formed in 1997. The band’s name comes from two sources: “Hot Club” from the hot jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli’s Quintette du Hot Club de France, and “Cowtown” from the western influence of Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys and the band’s love of fiddle tunes, hoedowns, and songs of the American west. The band was formed Whit Smith from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Elana James from Prairie Village, Kansas. The two met through an ad in the classified music section of The Village Voice in 1994. They played together in New York City before moving to San Diego in 1997, where they spent a year playing for tips and building up their repertoire. In 1998 they moved to Austin, Texas and two years later added Jake Erwin from Tulsa, Oklahoma on bass. The band split briefly in 2005, though they reunited for occasional shows in 2005–07, including the Fuji Rock Festival and a tour of Australia as Elana James & The Hot Club of Cowtown, in 2007. Whit Smith performed as Whit Smith’s Hot Jazz Caravan, based in Austin, Texas. Elana toured with Bob Dylan in 2005. Changing her last name to James, Elana began performing with her own trio in late 2005. Smith and James resumed playing together full-time in 2006. By early 2008 the Hot Club of Cowtown had officially re-formed. “Crossing The Great Divide” is a tribute to The Band. “This Wheel’s on Fire” is a song written by Bob Dylan and Rick Danko. It was originally recorded by Dylan and the Band during their 1967 sessions, portions of which (including this song) comprised the 1975 album, The Basement Tapes. The Band’s own version appeared on their 1968 album, Music from Big Pink. Live versions by the Band appear on their 1972 live double album Rock of Ages, as well as the more complete four-CD-DVD version of that concert, Live at the Academy of Music 1971, and the 2002 Box Set of The Last Waltz (the song did not make it into the movie or the original soundtrack album). In 1968, a version by Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger and the Trinity became a hit in the United Kingdom, peaking at number 5 on the UK Singles Chart (see 1968 in music) and also reaching number 106 on the U.S. Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart. With its use of distortion, phasing, the evocative imagery of the song’s title and the group’s flamboyant dress, this version is closely associated with the psychedelic era in British music. The arrangement featured prominent use of both Hammond organ and mellotron. Driscoll recorded the song again in the early 1990s with Adrian Edmondson as the theme to the BBC comedy series Absolutely Fabulous, whose main characters are throwbacks to that era. Australian singer Kylie Minogue released a cover of the track as the official theme song for 2016’s Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. The Byrds released a recording of “This Wheel’s on Fire” on their 1969 album, Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde, and live versions of the song are also included on the Byrds’ Live at the Fillmore – February 1969 album and the expanded CD reissue of their (Untitled) album. In 1987, the song was covered by the British rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees for their all-covers album, Through the Looking Glass. Released as the first single from that album, Siouxsie and the Banshees’ version climbed to number 14 on the UK singles chart. The band did not know the song had been composed by Dylan before recording it: they covered it because they liked Driscoll’s version. Australian pop, rock group, Flake, had a top 20 hit on the Go-Set National Top 60 with their rendition in July 1970, which remained in the charts for 22 weeks. Other artists who have released their own versions of the song include: Hamilton Camp, Phil Lesh, Golden Earring, Elvis Costello, the Hollies, Ian and Sylvia, Les Fradkin, Leslie West, Serena Ryder, Charlie Winston, June Tabor, Guster and Rat Scabies.]

Black Stacey

24. Black Stacey – “Lose The Peace”
from: Lose The Peace – Single (unmastered) / Sharaden Staten / To Be Released This Spring
[Black Stacey is Sharaden Staten, a Missouri native, who release his album “Electric Church” in 2017. Part of WMM’s The 117 Best Recordings of 2017. Sharaden, a 27-year-old, having grown up in the back woods of central Missouri, and couch surfed his way into the KC metro, pairs subtle notes of R&B, funk, soul, and rock; dramatically blending it into a raw eclectic mix. In 2015 Sharaden began writing, recording and producing Black Stacey’s debut, “Electric Chariot”. A project that has given him a solid foundation in the KC music scene, gaining him spots on local radio and the opportunity to work with producer Joel Nanos (Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear, Radkey, Sly/Robbie & the Taxi Gang). More info at http://www.blackstacey.com.]

[Black Stacey plays SoundMachine KC, on Tuesday, March 19, at 9:00 PM at miniBar, 810 Broadway Rd, KCMO, with Stuyedeyed, and Stone Grower.]

25. Rachel Mallin – “Noise of The Night”
from: The Persistence of Vision EP / Independence / September 12, 2014
[Rachel Mallin is from Kansas City, MO. At the age of 19 she released her self produced 4-song, EP The Persistence of Vision. The songs were written and created by Rachel in her mother’s basement during the summer of 2014, and recorded, mixed, and produced by Rachel Mallin in September. “Listener’s are immersed into Rachel’s writing and production as each song musically transcends the discord of human emotion into a harmonious wave of expression.” Co-mixed by Michael Kessler. Mastered by William Reeves at Centro Cellar Studio. In less than a year following her four-track EP’s release, her songs “Razorback” and “Noise of the Night” were broadcast on radio stations in Kansas City and nationally. In 2015 Rachel formed a band called The Wild Type. Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type also revealed a new song: “Something Wicked” on the on the new compilation series How To Keep Dreaming from The Record Machine released September 10, 2015. http://www.HowToKeepDreaming.com. On July 30, 2016 Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type – released their debut EP as a band, Degenerate Matters with: Rachel Mallin on lead vocals & guitar, Justin Walker on bass, Austin Edmisten on drums & back-up vocals, Jesse Bartmess on synthesizers & keyboards, Matt Kosinski on lead guitar. Degenerate Matters was recorded, produced, and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording Studios. Musical Arrangements written and performed by Rachel Mallin, Justin Walker, Austin Edmisten, Jesse Bartmess, & Matt Kosinski. Lyrics by Rachel Mallin.]

[Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type play 100 Days A Tribute to the life of Mills Record Company and Judy Mills beloved shop dog Loretta Lynn, on the 100th day after her passing, Tonight, Wednesday, March 13 at 6:00 PM at Mills Record Company, 4045 Broadway Blvd KCMO with Dylan Pyles, and Westside Royal. This will also be a fundraiser for the shelter where Loretta was rescued (SEK Humane Society). More info at http://www.millsrecordcompany.com ]

26. Varma Cross – “Stairjumper”
from: Varma Cross / Varma Cross / February 18, 2019
[Debut album from Varma Cross with: Sam Boatright, Bryce Boley, Bradley McKellip , and Kelsey Richardson. Recorded and mixed by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures. Mastered by Carl Saff.]

[Varma Cross play Replay Lounge 946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS, Saturday, March 16, i a Matinee from 6:00 to 9:00 PM with F I N K E L [LA], and Wonderfuzz.]

27. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003
[orig. 1957]

Next week on March 20 Patrick Alonzo Conway joins us to share details about the upcoming Kansas City Gamelan Genta Gasturi concert. Plus, musician Mike Alexander joins us to share new music from Hip Shot Killer.

Our Script/Playlist is a “cut and paste” of information.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Local & New Releases +
Jennie Greenberry & Bob Linebarger of Spinning Tree Theatre +
Deanna Hurst & Wildwood Highway

1. Foxygen – “No Destruction”
from: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic / Jagjaguar / January 18, 2013
[Second full-length album by Californian experimental rock duo of Sam France, 22 year old vocalist and songwriter, originally from Olympia, Washington, and Jonathan Rado, also 22, who is a songwriter, guitarist, and keyboard player, originally form NYC. Formed in 2005, the band self-released several EPs between 2007 and 2011. In 2012 the group was signed to Jagjaguwar Records. This album was produced by Richard Swift and recorded at his National Freedom studio.]

2. My Brothers & Sisters – “Fall Winter Spring Summer”
from: Single Track Release / Independent / 2013
[Jamie Searle won critical acclaim as lead vocalist and songwriter for the band It’s Over who won a Pitch Music Award for Best Live Act. He left It’s Over to concentrate on his music education as a student of UMKC’s Conservatory of Music where he immersed himself in mucical theory, compostion, harmonic structure, melody. Now out of school, Jamie is in the process of recording a full length release of material he has composed for a large ensemble of musicians. The result is: My Brothers and Sisters, a collective of at times up to 18 musicians, including a strings, horns, percussionists, bass, keyboards, vocalists, and back-up vocalists, and Jamie on vocals and guitar and conducting.]


3. Sweet Honey In The Rock – “Confrontation”
from: Go In Grace / She Rocks 5 / Sept. 21, 2010

[Sweet Honey In The Rock play the Muriel Kauffman Theatre at Kauffman Center For the Performing Arts, TONIGHT, Jan. 30, at 7:30 PM!!!]

[All-woman, African-American a cappella ensemble. A Grammy Award-winning (and many times nominated) troupe who express their history as women of color. They have together worked from four women, to the difficult five-part harmony, with a sixth member translating with sign language. Founded in 1973 by Bernice Johnson Reagon, who was teaching a vocal workshop with the Washington, D.C. Black Repertory Company. Dr. Reagon retired from the group in 2004. Their name was derived from a song, based on Psalm 81:16, which tells of a land so rich that when rocks were cracked open, honey flowed from them. Sweet Honey in the Rock has been producing music for more than 30 years. Although the members of the group have changed over 3 decades, their music has consistently combined contemporary rhythms and narratives with a musical style rooted in the Gospel music, spirituals and hymns of the African-American Church. They’ve addressed topics including motherhood, spirituality, freedom, civil rights, domestic violence, immigration issues, and racism.]

[In 2008 Sweet Honey In The Rock joined forces with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for an historic collaboration, “Go In Grace.” Choreographed by Ailey dancer Hope Boykin, the work featured new music by Sweet Honey, who performed on stage with members of the Ailey troupe. Through song and dance he audience was taken on a journey into the challenges and joys of one special family. “Go with Grace” was part of the 35th anniversary celebration for Sweet Honey In The Rock, and the 50th anniversary celebration for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Sweet Honey In The Rock performed with Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre at The Midland Theatre in Kansas City.]

4. Sweet Honey In The Rock – “Give Love”
from: Go In Grace / She Rocks 5 / Sept. 21, 2010

Two bands who will be part of Midwest Music Foundation’s MidCoast Takeover at the 2013 SXSW Music Festival in March.

5. Olassa – “Where Will I Live”
from: I Love You Come Back To Me / Independent / Jan. 26, 2013
[Indie Folk from Lawrence, Kansas. Allison Olassa Guitar, Accordion, Organ and Vocals; Cain Robberson on guitar and vocals; and Tyler Bachert on drums.]

6. The Empty Spaces – “Party Line”
from: Party Line / Golden Sound Records / July 24, 2012
[KC based band formed as studio band for Mat Shoare’s 2010 solo release The Empty Spaces. Mat Shoare is a founding partner in Golden Sound Records along w/ Jerad Tomasina, and Ross Brown. On Dec 11, Mat released his solo recording: “Domestic Partnership.” Mat played LIVE on WMM last week on Jan. 23, 2013.]

[The Empty Spaces play the recordBar, tomorrow night, January 31, with La Guerre]

[The Empty Spaces play the Riot Room February 10, with Broncho]

7. Shay Estes & Trio All – “God Only Knows”
from: Despite Your Destination / Independent / 2009
[Shay Estes and Zack Albetta on drums, Mark Lowrey on piano, and Ben Leifer on Bass. Lowrey told INK that they, “We’re trying to cross over into the realm of modern jazz by writing arrangements of songs that aren’t staples in jazz repertoire.” The album title comes from the lyrics of “Under the Milky Way,” originally by new wave band The Church. That track was the first arrangement Estes and Lowrey worked on together five years ago, and features guest vocals from Jeff Harshbarger.]

10:29 – Underwriting

10:30 – Interview with Jennie Greenberry and Bob Linebarger of Spinning Tree Theatre

Spinning Tree Theatre is presenting the Kansas City Premiere of “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment – The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (As told by Himself)” by Donald Margulies, starring: Charles Fugate, Jennie Greenberry and Bob Linebarger. The show runs, this Friday, February 1st, through Sunday, February 17th, at Paul Mesner Puppet Studio, 1006 E. Linwood Blvd., Kansas City, MO. Jennie Greenberry and Bob Linebarger join us in our 90.1 FM Studios to share more information about the show.

Jennie Greenberry received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Stephens College in 2008, she is a member of Actors Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers. Jennie has appeared on stage at the Kansas City Rep, The Coterie, New Theatre Restaurant, American Heartland Theatre, and in New York City at the New Victory Theatre, playing roles in Hairspray, Pippin, The Wiz, Little Shop of Horrors, Lucky Duck, A Christmas Carol, A Chorus Line and many others.

Bob Linebarger graduated from Baker University May 2010. He has worked at Theater for Young America, The Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, Chatterbox Audio Theatre and The Living Room Theatre, playing roles in Carousel, At The End of Apathy, and Tommy. You can also see him in a web series that he and his friend Matt McAndrews put together called “Between Bob and Matt.” Inspired by their deep love of comedian Zach Galifinakis and his “Between Two Ferns” web series, they interview actors and review shows from the Kansas City area in the worst way.

Jennie Greenberry and Bob Linebarger talked about the strong theatre community in KC.

Bob talked about “Between Bob and Matt” where he and Matt McAndrews interview actors and review shows from the Kansas City. You’ve garnered quite a following.

Both Jennie and Bob have strong musical theatre abilities. Mark talked with them about how it seems that Kansas City’s professional theatres are producing more musicals these days.

Jennie and Bob explained: “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment – The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (As told by Himself)” by Donald Margulies.

Spinning Tree Theatre presents the KC Premiere of “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment – The Amazing Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (As told by Himself)” by Donald Margulies, starring: Charles Fugate, Jennie Greenberry and Bob Linebarger. The show runs, Friday, February 1st, through Sunday, February 17th, at Paul Mesner Puppet Studio, 1006 E. Linwood Blvd., Kansas City, MO. For more information you can visit: spinningtreetheatre.com or call Spinning Tree Theatre at 816-569-5277.


The MidCoast Takeover Fundraiser shows benefit the Midwest Music Foundation’s SXSW MidCoast Takeover, the annual showcase, this year featuring 46 bands from the KC area, over 4 days, March 13 – 16, at the Shangri-La, on East 6th Street, in Austin, Texas. For more information you can visit: midcoasttakeover.com or midwestmusicfound.org.

The fundraisers continue…

This Friday, February 1 at Czar with: Jorge Arana Trio – 9:45 / Eyelit – 10:30 / Tiny Horse – 11:15 / The Latenight Callers – 12:00

This Saturday, February 2 at The Riot Room with: Various Blonde – 9:45 / Drop A Grand – 10:30 / Maps for Travelers – 11:15 / Six Percent – 12:15

8. Eyelit – “High”
from: The Woe Dies / Independent / June 22, 2012
[Their song “Motionless” is on Midwestern Audio Vol. 1. Formed in Saint Joseph, MO, in 2008 by Austin (songwriter) and Dansare (voice). They released their first EP “Elephant” in early 2010. “The Woe Dies” was inspired by Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine, and Bright Eyes.]

[Eyelit play Czar, Friday, Feb. 1, with Jorge Arana Trio, Tiny Horse, & The Latenight Callers.]

9. Jorge Arana Trio – “Nightly Stroll”
from: Mapache / Independent / October 26, 2012
[Debut album by the Jorge Arana Trio. Recorded at Soundtrek Studios with Justin Wilson, May 7th, 2012.
Jorge Arana – Guitar / Keys , Josh Enyart – Drums , Jason Nash – Bass]

[Jorge Arana Trio play Czar, Fri. Feb. 1 with Eyelit, Tiny Horse, & The Latenight Callers.]

10. Six Percent – “Dying World”
from: The Years [EP] / Independent / October 26, 2012
[KC based punk rock band re-forming in 2010. Six Percent has shared the stage with Smashing Pumpkins, 311, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Slipknot and Norma Jean. The band features: Joel Friday on vocals, Jason Matthews on guitar & vocal, Jeremy Angotti on drums, Mike Mudry on guitar, Dustin Clements on trombone & vox, and Kenny Saunders on bass. The band is currently working on a new recording.]

[Six Percent play Riot Room, Sat, Feb. 2, with Drop a Grand, Maps for Travelers, and Various Blonde.]

10. Maps For Travelers – “Static”
from: Single Track Release / Independent / February 27, 2011
[Formed in the Spring of 2010 by 4 musicians who have played and toured nationally in various bands in and around the local KC area. RL Brooks on Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet; Zach Brotherton on Vocals, Guitar; Derek White on Bass, Kevin Medina on Drums. Maps For Travelers are currently putting the finishing touches on their new recording “Broken Antlers.” Their video for “Static” has been featured on FUSE TV – In Demand.]

[Maps for Travelers play Riot Room, Sat, Feb. 2, w/ Drop a Grand, Six Percent, and Various Blonde.]

11:00 – Station ID

12. Various Blonde – “Giant Steps”
from: The Dirty News / Independent / Decvember 11, 2012
[Conceived in 2008 by mutual friends, and now the brainchild of KC native Joshua Allen. The band includes Joshua Allen on Guitar & Vocals, Luis Arana on Bass, and Nick Organ on Drums. Various Blonde’s music has been described as “sonic devastation,” their sound includes a mix of: pop, rock, metal, soul, punk and jazz.]

[Various Blonde play Riot Room, Sat, Feb. 2, w/ Drop a Grand, Maps for Travelers, and Six Percent.]

13. Dollar Fox – “No Accord”
from: Little Mother’s Things I Am Keeping / Money Wolf Music / Oct. 27, 2012
[Recorded by Patrick Meager at Fuzz Bomb. Produced by Meger and Dollar Fox. Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures Soundlab. 7th release from Money Wolf Music. Dollar Fox: Tommy Donoho, Justin Penney, Nick Dothage, Ethan Taylor, Ryan Watkins. Members of Dollar Fox joined us LIVE on WMM April 18 for our Band Auction, and Oct. 24 before the release of their new recording.]

[Dollar Fox were named the winners The Deli KC Readers’ Best Kansas City Artist of 2012! ]

11:10 – Underwriting

14. Wildwood Highway – “Leap Of Faith”
from: Wildwood Highway / Independent / 2012 [Friends Periel, Deanna Hurst, Bradford Lee Stanfield formed Wildwood Highway in 2011 after years of backing each other on solo projects. They combined their individual styles, alternating between lead vocals & harmonies. They recorded in Nashville, and in LA where they mixed the recordings, legendary Bill Payne of Little Feat graced their album with his B3 and piano work.]

11:15 – Interview with Deanna Hurst

Kansas City native Deanna Hurst, performed in The Rocky Horrow Show at The Unicorn and Forbidden Broadway for Theatre League before moving to Los Angeles in 1990 where she who has worked as a professional actor, singer, and voice over artist. In 2011 Deanna formed the band Wildwood Highway with her friends Periel, and Bradford Lee Stanfield. In 2012 they recorded their self titled debut EP in Nashville.

Deanna Hurst co-wrote the song “Leap of Faith” with Roz Esposito, Deanna talked about the inspiration for the song.

Even though Kansas City is Deanna’s hometown, she worked professionally in Los Angeles and Dallas in the 1980s, and after returning to Kansas City to be on stage in productions at the American Heartland Theatre, The Unicorn, and Theatre League she traveled with the Forbidden Broadway show to Arizona and then permanently moved to LA in the 1990.

Deanna described Her early years in LA working at Aspen Optical, as “living a Bohemian lifestyle.” She worked for several years with The Circle X Theatre Company, (the LA home of our playwriting friend Jeff Goode.)

Deanna worked at the San Diego Repertory Theatre and the Northcoast Repertory Theatre.

Along with theatre Deanna has worked as a vocalist, singer, and voice-over artist, for commercials on radio and television. Deanna has also done several books on tape, including books by Ann Coulter, Teri Hatcher.

Deanna talked about how she ended up getting the same voice over agent as that of the late great “Voice of God” – Don LaFontaine who passed away in 2008, and was an American voice actor famous for recording more than 5,000 film trailers and hundreds of thousands of television advertisements, network promotions, and video game trailers.

Deanna talked about her work in a car commercial that will be air during this weekend’s big Super Bowl broadcast on CBS Television.

Throughout all of this Deanna also got married and became a step-mom.

Deanna met her good friend Periel in the early 1990s at Genghis Cohen, an asian restaurant and bar and one of LA’s hip musical venues.

Deanna met Bradford Lee Stanfield at The Alley several years later.

The three singers helped each other out as solo artists, and in 2011 they decided to form a band.

The band is unique because there are three lead singers, three separate, songwriters, who take turns singing lead vocals.

Bradford Lee Stanfield produced the new recordings for Wildwood Highway. The songs were recorded in Nashville.

The songs were mixed back in LA, it was there that Bill Payne of the famous band, Little Feat, brought his hammond B3 and Piano skills to your songs.

The band is working on releasing a full length recording this year.

Deanna Hurst formed the band Wildwood Highway with her friends Periel, and Bradford Lee Stanfield. Wildwood Highway released their self titled debut EP, with Bill Payne of Little Feat in 2012. More information about wildwoodhighway.us


15. Wildwood Highway – “I Don’t Need A Man”
from: Wildwood Highway / Independent / 2012
[Longtime close friends Periel, Deanna Hurst and Bradford Lee Stanfield formed Wildwood Highway in 2011 after many years of backing each other up on solo projects. The band combines their individual songs and styles, alternating between lead vocals and tight harmonies. The band recorded songs in Nashville, and in Los Angeles where they mixed the recordings, they had the great fortune of having the legendary Bill Payne of Little Feat grace their album with his B3 and piano work.]


Vive the Rock is a special Fundraiser for Académie Lafayette, Friday, February 8, at 9:00 PM at the recordBar, 1020 Westport Rd, KCMO, featuring: Federation of Horsepower, The Hillary Watts Riot, The Sexy Accident, The Quivers, and special Emcee: Cody Wyoming. More info at: vivetherock.brownpapertickets.com

16. The Quivers – “I Gots To Have It!”
from: I Gots To Have It! / Independent / August 1, 2012
[Terra Peal- Vocals & Bass, Todd Grantham- Keys & Vocals, Abe Haddad- Guitar & Vocals, Bernie Dugan- Drums. Terra Peal and Bernie Dugan joined us LIVE on Wednesday MidDay Medley on August 15]

[The Quivers play the recordBar on Fri. Feb. 8, w/ Federation of Horsepower, The Hillary Watts Riot, and The Sexy Accident]

17. The Hillary Watts Riot – “Killer Kind”
from: A/S/L / Money Wolf Music / April 20, 2012
[Debut album. THWR include: Hillary Watts Bird, Christian Hankel, Tommy Donoho, Sergio Moreno, Justin Penney. They describe their music as “freak pop.” This band is so fun to see live.]

[The Hillary Watts Riot play the recordBar on Fri. Feb. 8, w/ Federation of Horsepower, The Quivers, and The Sexy Accident]

18. The Smiths – “Still Ill”
From: The Smiths / Sire Records / 1984


19. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

sources for notes: artists websites and wikipedia.org

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