Wednesday MidDay Medley Celebrates 15!

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wednesday MidDay Medley Celebrates 15!

WMM Celebrates our 15th Anniversary with 15 Special Guests: Iris DeMent, Krystle Warren, Calvin Arsenia, Betse Ellis, Kasey Rausch, Mikal Shapiro, Jake Wells, Marion Merritt, Maria Vasquez Boyd, Necia Gamby, Jen Harris, Nico Gray, Fran Stanton, Barry Lee, and Brenton Cook.

In honor of our 15th Anniversary we welcome to the airwaves live performances from: Calvin Arsenia, Betse Ellis, Jen Harris, Mikal Shapiro, Barry Lee and Maria Vasquez Boyd. Plus, Mark interviews Iris DeMent, Krystle Warren, Kasey Rausch, and Fran Stanton. We will also have musical premieres and special musical tracks brought to us by Brenton Cook, Jake Wells, Marion Merritt, Nico Gray, and Necia Gamby.

During the past 15 years, Wednesday MidDay Medley has welcomed over 2000 guests, and we have featured 15,000 songs from thousands of musical artists. We have made it our mission to mix musical genres, playing with themes, diversity, equality, and free speech. We seek to connect listeners with artists and venues and studios and community gathering places. Wednesday MidDay Medley has proudly endeavored to help tell the story of our growing Kansas City/Lawrence area music communities, “The Midcoast Sound,” as we like to call it.

We have dedicated the majority of our programming to New & MidCoastal Releases and have been the first to broadcast the music of Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear, Calvin Arsenia, Ivory Blue, Krystle Warren, Rev. Gusto, Shy Boys, and so many others. We’ve created new formats in radio, with our popular, “A Story In A Song” series, and our specials featuring: The MidCoast Takeover, Middle of The Map, The Crossroads Music Fest, The Outer Reaches Festival, The Lawrence Field Day Fest, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Tribute to David Bowie, The Pioneers of Punk, LGBT themes, Performance Art, Theatre, “The He Touched Me Gospel Hour,” our interviews with Tommy Ramone, Iris Dement, Laurie Anderson, Lily Tomlin, Sam Harris, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, and our annual 4-week special: the 100+ Best Recordings of the Year.

Wednesday MidDay Medley has been a platform for others too, including Marion Merritt who for 15 years has joined us to share sonic discoveries and information from her musically encyclopedic brain. Maria Vasquez Boyd, host and creator of Artspeak Radio, who first started producing and hosting entire shows for Wednesday MidDay Medley. Other contributing “Guest Producers” include: Nico Gray, Brenton Cook, Simone Briand, Chris Haghirian & Nathan Reusch, Necia Gamby, Michelle Bacon, Aaron Rhodes, Steve Gardels, Fally Afani, Judy Mills, Mikal Shapiro, Sherman Breneman, DJ Fat Sal, Betse Ellis, Anne Winter, Jesse Bartmess, Krystle Warren, Christian LaBeau, Britt Adair, Katlyn Conroy, Kasey & Kim Rausch, Rolf Peterman, Mark Titus, Natalie Gallager, Jamie Rich, Shaun Crowley, Jim “The Blind Guy” Hoschek, Tim Kearns, and more.

Join us in our radio celebration!

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WMM Playlist from Jan. 2, 2013

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Rausch Haus Radio Show

Special Guest Producers & Guest Co-Hosts: Kasey Rausch & Kim Rausch McLaws

10:01 – Kasey & Kim talked about the Ford / Felts / Rausch / Delp Families

On their Mother’s Side

Great-Grandpa Riley Ford – He played the fiddle. He played at Parkville and Platte County barn dances regularly. Kasey now plays his 100+ year old fiddle.

Grandma Waunita Ford Felts (Riley’s daughter) – She played the piano & organ. She played at the USO dances, during the war.

Grandpa Ed Felts (Husband of Waunita) – He played the trombone. He played in his high school and in the US Army Band.

On their Father’s Side

Great-Grandpa Arley Delp – He played the banjo, and his sisters played guitar.

Grandma Vernice Delp Rausch (Arley’s daughter) – She played the trombone, piano, ukulele, and auto harp. She was a vocalist who led the chorus group, The Momettes.

10:10 – Music by Vernice Delp Rausch

1. Momettes – “Candy Man”
from: Home Recording on Cassette / Momettes with St. James Lutheran Choir / May 17, 1975

10:13 – Kasey & Kim talked about Grandpa Dean Rausch

2. Dean Rausch – “Dark Eyes”
from: Home Recording on Cassette
[Old Russian melody made popular in English speaking world by big band arrangements in the 1940s. Thank you to Gib Shell for information.]

3. Dean Rausch – “Dancing” (Unknown Title)
from: Home Recording on Cassette

4. Dean Rausch – “Malaguena”
from: Home Recording on Cassette
[Written by Ernesto Lecuona. Recorded by Chet Atkins in 1956. Thank you to Gib Shell for information.]

10:20 – Kasey & Kim talked about mountain dulcimers, building with Pop

5. Dean & Brad Rausch – “Unknown title”
from: Home Cassette Recordings / Jan. 1, 1983
[Dean Rausch on mountain dulcimer & Brad Rausch on mandolin]

10:24 – Underwriting

10:25 –Kasey & Kim talked about the 70’s & 80’s Rausch Haus

6. Dean Rausch – “My Mama Was a Cotton Picker”
from: Terry’s Home Recording on Cassette / Feb. 2, 1974
[Featuring Lou Botteberg on mandolin]

10:29 – Kasey & Kim talked about the Seven Rausch Sons of Dean and Vernice (This is Kim & Kasey’s Father’s generation)

7. Terry Rausch, Brad Rausch, Ronnie Abner – “Some of Shelley’s Blues”
from: Terry’s Home Recording on Cassette

8. Terry Rausch, Brad Rausch, Ronnie Abner – “Helplessly Hoping”
from: Terry’s Home Recording on Cassette

10:38 – Kasey & Kim & Dean talked about Greg Rausch, (Kim & Kasey’s Dad)

9. Greg Rausch – “Give Me All Your Money, Honey”
from: Home Recording on Cassette

10:41 – Kasey & Kim Introduced their Uncle Kent Rausch

10. Kent Rausch – “I’ve Known You for a Couple Months”
from: Home Recordings on Cassette

11. Kent Rausch – “Humphrey’s Access”
from: New recording from Kent who wrote and recorded all tracks

10:51 – Kasey & Kim talked about Rausch Bros & Winfield family, and Uncle Larry Ford & Uncle Terry Rausch

12. Bottom Dollar Band (w/Larry Ford & Terry Rausch) – “Truck Drivin’ Man”
from: The Bottom Dollar Band / Independent

11:00 – Station Identification

11:00 – Kasey & Kim talked about their mom, Linda Felts Rausch

13. Linda Rausch (with Kim & Kasey Rausch) – “Banks of the Ohio”
from: Home Recordings on iPhone

11:04 – Kasey & Kim talked about their Cousins

Austin Rausch – Mizzou Graduate/Marching band. Now Director at North Callaway HS Band in Kingdom City, MO. Student taught w/ Kent Rausch. Plays in Columbia Community Band.

Jarret Rausch – 13 years old – trombone – all star band (regionals), piano.

11:08 – Music by Kim & Kasey Rausch (Greg’s daughters)

15. Kim & Kasey Rausch – “Sweet Potatoes” (LIVE)

16. Kim & Kasey Rausch – “After You’ve Gone” (LIVE)

11:15 – Kasey & Kim introduced cousins Collin & Kyle Rausch (Kent’s sons), who play in the bands: Abracadabras, Shy Boys, and The ACB’s.

17. Shy Boys (Collin & Kyle Rausch, Konnor Ervin) – “Trim” (LIVE)

18. Shy Boys (Collin & Kyle Rausch, Konnor Ervin) – “Postcardd” (LIVE)

11:30 – Underwriting

11:32 – Kasey & Kim introduced cousin Ethan Ridings

19. Ethan Ridings – “All Along The Watchtower” (LIVE)

20. Ethan Ridings & Kasey Rausch – “103” (LIVE)

11:41 – Kim introduced her daughter, Natalie McLaws

21. Natalie McLaws with Aaron Hurtado – “Talking Bird” (LIVE)

11:52 – Closing Music from Grandpa Rausch

22. Dean Rausch – “Navajo Prayer/Amazing Grace”
from: Home Recording on Cassette / Aug. 25, 2001
[Dean Rausch – Cedar flute, Austin Rausch – Native drum. English/Navajo language]


23. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

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WMM Playlist from May 23, 2012

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

“Small but perfectly formed…My Ukulele”

Maria Vasquez Boyd returned as Guest Producer and Guest Co-Host for a special program that celebrates the culture, music, and the popularity of the small but perfectly formed ukulele. Ukulele roughly translates as “jumping flea” and originated in the 19th century as an Hawaiian interpretation of a small guitar.

1. Ralph Shaw – “Welcome To Our Musical World”
from: King Of The Ukulele / Indie Pool / 2006

2. George Formby – “I’m The Ukulele Man”
from: With My Little Ukulele In My Hand / Proper Records Ltd. / 2008

3. Gabby La La – “Halloween”
from: I Know You Know I Know / Gabby LaLa / 2011


4. Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards – “Somebody Loves Me”
from: With My Little Ukulele In My Hand / Proper Records Ltd. / 2008

5. Hellogoodbye – “Betrayed By Bones”
from: Ukulele Recordings [EP] / Drive Thru Records, Inc. / 2008

10:15 – Underwriting

10:16 – Interview & Live Performance w/ Ukulele Fight Club

The Ukulele Fight Club

Ukulele Fight Club

Ukulele Fight Club

Ukulele Fight Club

Ukulele Fight Club includes: Joe Frogge, Susan Fiorello, Patrick Fedo, Kim Rausch McLaws, Kent Turpin, Ruth Noland, and Diane Bulan.

6. Ukulele Fight Club – “We’re Going To Be Friends” (LIVE Performance)
cover of the White Stripes song.

Joe Frogge talked about the formation of Ukulele Fight Club and helped to teach Mark how to play the Ukulele. Mark could play a C and a G chord, but his fingers were sore rom pulling weeds and he has never played a string instrument before in his life.

7. Ukulele Fight Club – “Blister in The Sun” (LIVE)
cover of Violent Femmes song.

Kim Rausch McLaws talked about working on Beatles tunes with her sister, Kasey Rausch and Elaine McMilian for the a Beatles tribute/ fund raiser for KKFI on June 9 at All Souls.

8. Ukulele Fight Club – “Love Potion #9” (LIVE)

For more info about Ukulele Fight Club you can visit:


9. Victor & Penny – “Exactly Like You”
from: Antique Pop / V & P Productions / December 9, 2011 [Victor & Penny performed LIVE on our Sept. 7 Wednesday MidDay Medley. This Chicago / KC based duo is Jeff Freling of the Chicago Blue Man Group; and Erin McGrane of the cabaret group Alacartoona. Antique Pop which contains 8 vintage songs plus 2 original songs written by Jeff Freling and a song written by Barclay Martin.]

10. The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain – “Theme From Shaft”
from: Live In London #2 / The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain / 2009


11. Flare Acoustic Arts League – “Love Finds Andy Warhol”
from: Cut / Affairs Of The Heart / 2009

12. Ozzy Wright – “Vampirates”
from: Ozzy Wrongs Ukulele Songs / Volcom Entertainment / 2011

13. Kate Miccuci -“Dear Deer”
from: Songs [EP] / Kate Miccuci / 2008


14. Jake Shimabukuro – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
from: Peace, Love, Ukulele / Hitchhike Records / 2011

15. The Wiggles – “You Can Play Ukulele”
from: Ukulele Baby / Razor & Tie / 2011

11:10 – Interview with Emily Fowler Behrman

Emily Fowler Behrman, is General Manager of Johnson County Community College Performing Arts, who tells us Johnson County Community College 2012-2013 arts calendar.

Maria Vasquez Boyd interviews Emily Fowler Behrman

Emily Fowler Behrman

More info at:


16. Isreal Kamakawiwo ‘Ole – “Sea Of Love”
from Unforgettable / Tropical Music, Inc. / 2008

17. Amanda Palmer – “Ukulele Anthem”
from: Ukulele Anthem Single / 8ft. Records / 2011

18. Elsa Rae – “Flowerman”
from: Plays Tiny Instruments / Independent / August 16, 2011
[Recorded at Cathouse Studios in August, 2011. All songs recorded and mixed by Mike Dresch. All songs written and performed by Elsa Rae. ]

11:40 – Interview with Chuck Wilson

Chuck Wilson, of KC Ukesters, performed LIVE in our 90.1 FM Studios and gave us all the details on KC Ukesters and their upcoming performances.

For more information about KC Ukesters you can visit:

19. Chuck Wilson (LIVE Performance)


20. Ukulele Rebels- “Boob Job”
from: Boob Job / LongMan Records Ltd. / 2006

21. Bright Little Field- “We’re Coming Out”
from: Treatment Bound– A Ukulele Tribute To The Replacements / Paul Westerberg -Nah Music / 2010

22. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

After the show, in 90.1 FM’s Green Room, Jazz Afternoon host Jeff Harshbarger gave us a little tiny concert.

Jeff Harshbarger also plays the ukulele

Jeff Harshbarger

The Ukulele Fight Club watches along with Don Simon and Philip Hooser

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