WMM Playlist from April 1, 2020

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

“The He Touched Me Gospel Hour”
+ Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer of Miss Boating

10:00 – “The He Touched Me Gospel Hour”
A Pre-Easter Family Reunion

Written by: Jim “The Blind Guy” Hoschek and Mark Manning
Original Music by: Bj McArthur & Tod Davis – Two Headed Cow
(This was an April Fool’s Day Rebroadcast from April 1, 2015)

The Cast of The He Touched Me Gospel Hour (April 1, 2015)

Our Cast:
Brother James White Sr. (Church leader) – Jim “The Blind Guy” Hoschek
Brother Wendell Larry Straight Bachmann (Assistant in Ministry) – Mark Manning
Edith Maxine (Mrs. James White Sr.) – Philip Hooser
Mother Blanche (Edith’s Mom) – Sherry Diggs
Bertha and Beulah (Edith’s twin sisters) – Fran Stanton
Ms. Kiki Jackson, (the Bail-Bonds Woman from Raytown) – Bj McArthur
Bess (White) Blanc (James & Edith’s long lost daughter) – Bess Wallerstein
Prudence Chastity (Director of MO/KAN Exodus) – Maria Vasquez Boyd
Billy Ricky Martin (recent graduate of MO/KAN Exodus) – Ryan Wilks
Jimmy Bobby Jr. (James & Edith’s youngest son) – Tod Davis

1. DJ Spooky – “Interlude: Journey Into Sound”
from: Adbusters Live Witout Dead Time / Adbuster / 2004

2. Tomita – “Snowflakes Are Dancing”
from: Snoflakes Are Dancing / BMG RCA / 2000 [orig. 1974]

3. Dave Boyer – “He Touched Me”
from: It’s A New World / Reverence / 1968 [Vinyl]

4. Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton – “Satan’s River”
from: We Found It / RCA / February 12, 1972 [Vinyl]

5. The Girls of The Golden West – “Will There Be Any Yodelers in Heaven”
from: American Yodeling / Goldenlane / 2009

6. Roberta Crane – “Everyday With Jesus” [Vinyl]
from: And His Word Became a Song / Global Outreach Publishers / Date unknown (1972?)

7. Holly Day Singers – “He Touched Me”
from: Switched on Gospel 30 Non-Stop Favorites / K-tel / February 14, 2008

8. Jim Nabors – “My Cup Runneth Over”
from: A Big Voice! A Big Heart! / Sony / 1991 [orig. 1972]

9. Jimmy Bobby & Kiki – “Eden Alley” (LIVE)
(Bj McArthur & Tod Davis are Two Headed Cow)

10. Jimmy Bobby & Kiki & Cast – “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms” (LIVE)

We’re all just April Fools!

11:00 – WMM with Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer

Transition Music:

11. The Phenomenal Handclap Band – “I’ve Been Born Again”
from: The Phenomenal Handclap Band / Tummy Touch Records / June 23, 2009
[from the debut album of The Phenomenal Handclap Band a psychedelic soul band from New York City. Their first full-length record, Phenomenal Handclap Band, was released in 2009 on Friendly Fire Recordings in the US and in 2010 on Tummy Touch Records. The album was also released world wide by KSR in Japan, Inertia in Australia, GOMMA in Germany, and Universal Records in the Philippines. The band was started by Daniel Collás and Sean Marquand. Both Collás and Marquand were DJs and production partners working around the New York City area producing records for other artists. The two soon starting writing and producing their own music. While recording original material, Collás and Marquand had help from various local artists to help record their music such as Aurelio Valle, Carol C, Jaleel Bunton, Jon Spencer, and Lady Tigra. In 2011, Phenomenal Handclap Band toured the US and UK with Bryan Ferry. Their second full-length album, Form and Control, was released February 13th, 2012.]

12. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Orig. Motion Picture Soundtrack All That Jazz / Casablanca / Dec 20, 1979
[WMM’s theme]

13. Jefferson Airplane – “White Rabbit”
from: Surrealistic Pillow / RCA – Victor / February, 1967
[Marty Balin – vocals, guitar, album design, Jack Casady – bass guitar, fuzz bass, rhythm guitar, Spencer Dryden – drums, percussion, Paul Kantner – rhythm guitar, vocals, Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar, vocals, Grace Slick – vocals, piano, organ, recorder. Jefferson Airplane was an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1965. A pioneer of counterculture-era psychedelic rock, the group was the first band from the San Francisco scene to achieve international mainstream success. They performed at the three most famous American rock festivals of the 1960s—Monterey (1967), Woodstock (1969) and Altamont (1969) —as well as headlining the first Isle of Wight Festival (1968). Their 1967 record Surrealistic Pillow is regarded as one of the key recordings of the “Summer of Love”. Two hits from that album, “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit”, are listed in Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.]

White Rabbit!

14. Psychic TV – “Godstar”
from: Godstar – Single / Temple Records / 1985
[Godstar feature the band The Angels of Light. The song was about the life of Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, with whom Genesis P-Orridge had a peculiar fascination. The song was covered by Television Personalities on their album Don’t Cry Baby, It’s Only A Movie. Psychic TV (also referred to as PTV, Psychick TV, as well as several other aliases) were an English experimental video art and music group, formed by performance artist Genesis P-Orridge and Scottish musician Alex Fergusson in 1981 after the break-up of Throbbing Gristle. Contributors to Psychic TV have included artists such as Coil, Current 93, Monte Cazazza, Larry Thrasher, Soft Cell, The Cult, Master Musicians of Jajouka, William Breeze, Derek Jarman, John Gosling, Timothy Leary, Rose McDowall, Andrew Weatherall, and Z’EV. Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth formed as an organisation at the inception of the band, who conceived it as a magical order and the philosophical wing of Psychic TV. T.O.P.Y. also functions as a cult-like fan-club for the group. Psychic TV have released over one hundred full-length albums to date, and earned an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for most records released in one year (1986). This occurred after the band attempted to release 23 live albums on the 23rd day of 23 consecutive months. Psychic TV was influential in pioneering the acid house genre, releasing several fake compilations in an effort to popularize the sound, such as Jack the Tab and Tekno Acid Beat. According to some, acid house was actually given its name by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. After breaking up in 1999, Psychic TV reformed as PTV3 with a completely new line-up in 2003, and continued to perform and release music.] [Genesis Breyer P-Orridge was born February 22, 1950 and died this year on March 14, 2020. Genesis P-Orridge was an English singer-songwriter, musician, poet, performance artist, and occultist. They rose to notability as the founder of the COUM Transmissions artistic collective and lead vocalist of seminal industrial band Throbbing Gristle. P-Orridge was also a founding member of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth occult group, and fronted the experimental band Psychic TV. P-Orridge preferred gender-neutral pronouns when being described. Born in Manchester as Neil Andrew Megson, P-Orridge developed an early interest in art, occultism, and the avant-garde while at Solihull School. After dropping out of studies at the University of Hull, P-Orridge moved into a counter-cultural commune in London and adopted Genesis P-Orridge as a nom-de-guerre. On returning to Hull, P-Orridge founded COUM Transmissions with Cosey Fanni Tutti, and in 1973 P-Orridge relocated to London. COUM’s confrontational performance work, dealing with such subjects as sex work, pornography, serial killers, and occultism, represented a concerted attempt to challenge societal norms and attracted the attention of the national press. COUM’s 1976 Prostitution show at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts was particularly vilified by tabloids, gaining them the moniker of the “wreckers of civilisation.” P-Orridge’s band, Throbbing Gristle, grew out of COUM, and were active from 1975 to 1981 as pioneers in the industrial music genre. In 1981, P-Orridge co-founded Psychic TV, an experimental band that from 1988 onward came under the increasing influence of acid house. A controversial figure with an anti-establishment stance, P-Orridge was heavily criticised by the British press and politicians. P-Orridge was cited as an icon within the avant-garde art scene, accrued a cult following, and has been given the moniker of the “Godparent of Industrial Music”. When Genesis was 45 years old, they met their second wife-to-be, Lady Jaye (née Jacqueline Breyer) in a BDSM dungeon in New York City. Lady Jaye, 26 years old at the time, worked as a nurse during the daytime, providing care for children with terminal illnesses and disabilities. In the evenings, Lady Jaye working as a dominatrix at the dungeon, and Genesis was a visiting customer. As Genesis explained, ..this girl walked by with a beautiful Brian Jones blonde bob and all ’60s clothes. And she was walking backwards and forwards with a cigarette in her hand, talking to somebody. And as she carried on walking back and forth, she gradually started to throw off those clothes and change into a really amazing leather fetish outfit. My goodness, who is that? She’s so beautiful. We found ourselves saying out loud, dear universe, if we can be with that person for the rest of our life, that’s all we want. In January 1993, Genesis and Lady Jaye moved to Ridgewood, Queens, in New York City. Here, they embarked on the “Pandrogeny Project”; influenced by the cut-up technique, the duo underwent body modification to resemble one another, thus coming to identify themselves as a single pandrogynous being named “Breyer P-Orridge”. In doing so, the pair spent $200,000 on surgical alteration, receiving breast implants, cheek and chin implants, lip plumping, eye and nose jobs, tattooing, and hormone therapy, while also adopting gender neutral and alternating pronouns. With this project, P-Orridge’s intent was to express a belief that the self is pure consciousness trapped within the DNA-governed body. The couple adopted the term “pandrogyne” because, in their words, “we wanted a word without any history or any connections with things, a word with its own story and its own information”. They also stated that: We started out, because we were so crazy in love, just wanting to eat each other up, to become each other and become one. And as we did that, we started to see that it was affecting us in ways that we didn’t expect. Really, we were just two parts of one whole; the pandrogyne was the whole and we were each other’s other half. During this era, a book was published of Breyer P-Orridge’s writings, poems, and observations, called Ooh, You Are Awful … But I Like You!. In June 1998, Breyer P-Orridge won a $1.5 million lawsuit against producer Rick Rubin and his American Recordings label for injuries sustained while trying to escape a fire at Rubin’s home in April 1995. According to Breyer P-Orridge’s attorney, David D. Stein, Breyer P-Orridge was staying at Rubin’s home, as a guest of Love and Rockets, when the fire broke out. Breyer P-Orridge tried to escape the house by crawling through a second-storey window and fell onto concrete stairs. Between them, Breyer P-Orridge suffered a broken wrist, broken ribs, and a pulmonary embolism, as well as a shattered left elbow that, according to Stein, prevented P-Orridge from playing bass or keyboards. They remained in hospital for 10 days. The jury found that the liability for the fire rested with Rubin and American Recordings, and awarded Breyer P-Orridge $1,572,000 in compensation. Breyer P-Orridge appeared in the 1998 film and 2000 book versions of Modulations. As well as appearing in the 1999 film, Better Living Through Circuitry, in the 2004 film DiG!, Bruce LaBruce’s 2004 film The Raspberry Reich, the 2006 documentary Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback, in Nik Sheehan’s 2007 feature documentary on the Dreamachine entitled ‘FLicKeR’, and the 2010 documentary “William S. Burroughs: A Man Within”. On October 9, 2007, Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge died. The cause of death was heart arrhythmia, a heart condition that was possibly related to stomach cancer. Psychic TV cancelled its North American tour dates in the aftermath of Lady Jaye’s death. A memorial was held at the Participant Inc. Gallery in New York City on March 8, 2008. As of January 2013, P-Orridge’s official website said: Since that time Genesis continues to represent the amalgam Breyer P-Orridge in the material ‘world’ and Lady Jaye represents the amalgam Breyer P-Orridge in the immaterial ‘world’ creating an ongoing interdimensional collaboration. Thus, P-Orridge continued the Pandrogyne Project, having further surgical operations to alter their body and using “we” when in reference to themselves. In June 2010, P-Orridge sold the Ridgewood property, holding a garage sale in the basement of a local art gallery to sell off a range of personal items, in addition to an array of dildos. This accomplished, P-Orridge moved to a one-bedroom apartment in New York’s Lower East Side, and continued producing art in this home. P-Orridge returned to touring with Psychic TV in 2016 with the release of their album Alienist. The tour lasted from mid-September to early December, with concerts in Greece, Israel, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the U.S. In mid-2016, P-Orridge’s artwork was the subject of an exhibition, “Try to Altar Everything”, at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. The exhibition contained paintings, sculptures, and installations inspired by the Hindu mythology that P-Orridge had encountered in Kathmandu. In June 2016, P-Orridge featured as a model in a campaign by the designer Marc Jacobs, who described P-Orridge as “a sort of come-to-life definition of realness and authenticity”. P-Orridge was diagnosed with chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia in October 2017, and died in NYC on March 14, 2020, aged 70. More info at: http://www.genesisporridge.com]

15. Miss Boating – “Junk Food”
from: The Vhargon Sidestep / Miss Boating / January 1, 2020
[From the ashes of their former band The Sleazebeats, Charles Colborne and Bill Belzer faced a difficult 2019 when combined with the death of Charlie’s own beloved mother, their friend and bassist Evan Vhargon died. The band wrote that they “were lost when Evan passed.” Through the tough times Bill and Charlie kept playing and wrote that they “were blown away when Phil Dickey wanted to jam with us… the jamming turned into something more and we were going again. We couldn’t be more thankful and humbled.” Phil is part of the bands Dragon Inn 3, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Miss Boating is: Charlie Colborne on keyboards, guitar, vocals; Bill Belzer: drums, vocals; Phil Dickey on bass; Aaron Jones on trombone; Tim Gillespie on saxophone. Ross Brown served as engineering, did all of the mixing for The Vhargon Sidestep and Mike Nolte handled all of the mastering.]

Charlie Colborne of Miss Boating

Bill Belzer of Miss Boating

11:15 – Interview with Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer

Charlie Colborne is Senior Editor & Editorial Manager for Greeting Cards at Andrews McMeel Publishing. Prior to this position Charlie worked as an Attorney for many years as a Public Defender. Charlie Colborne is from KC, and literally lives 3 blocks from where he was born. As he writes, “…basically, he’s gone nowhere.’ Charlie came from a musical family, his mother Kathleen passed down to him her love of playing the piano. Charlie has been playing in bands since the late 1980s including The Larvae, The Post-Executives, Crackpot Idealists, Borax Babies, Faun, The Sympathetic Fringe, The Escapegoats, The Sleazebeats and Miss Boating. Charlie also has collaborated with theatre performances.

Charlie Colborne, Thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

Bill Belzer was born on the day Nixon was elected to his only full term (November 5, 1968 ) at the now demolished St. Mary’s Hospital, in a room over-looking the Liberty Memorial. He played bass guitar and drums in high school, first at Catholic Savior of the World High School Seminary in Kansas City, Kansas and then Rockhurst High School, in Kansas City, Missouri, from which he graduated in 1987. While at Rockhurst High School he joined the band Mongol Beach Party as drummer. The band’s breakup coincided with Bill leaving to join Uncle Tupelo as drummer for a stint on their European-American Tour with Michelle Shocked, The Band and Taj Mahal in the early 1990s. Like Charlie he has stuck close to home. His beloved boyfriend Aaron plays trombone in Miss Boating and they are both very much looking forward to having band practice again. Bill has been a part of the bands: Mongol Beach Party, Grumpy, Uncle Tupelo, The Grant Hart Band, The Sleazebeats, The Patio Set, The Terrible Twos, Ghosty, Lazy, The New Amsterdams, and Miss Boating.

Bill Belzer Thanks for being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer join us to talk about their new band, Miss Boating and their EP, The Vhargon Sidestep released January 1, 2020.

Congratulations on the new band Miss Boating, and the new EP The Vhargon Sidestep.

Miss Boating rose from the ashes of your former band The Sleazebeats, who played live in various incarnations for 20 years, always with Bill and Charlie. Releasing a full length album with Jeff Harshbarger on bass on January 1, 2012

Charlie and Bill faced a difficult 2019 when combined with the death of their friend and Sleazebeats bassist, Evan Jolly who took his own life on November 8, 2018, Charlie’s mother passed away on March 1, 2019.

You band wrote that they “were lost when Evan passed.”

Through the difficult times Bill and Charlie kept playing music together as friends. The bad wrote “we were blown away when Phil Dickey wanted to jam with us…”

Phil Dickey is part of the bands: Dragon Inn 3, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

“…the jamming turned into something more and we were going again. We couldn’t be more thankful and humbled.”

A midtown staple, Charlie has been in a bunch of bands, as he humbly writes, “most of which seldom ventured out of the basement.” Here’s the list: The Larvae, The Post-Executives, Crackpot Idealists, Borax Babies, Faun, Sympathetic Fringe, The Sleazebeats, The Escapegoats, Miss Boating

“Jewel In The Trash” was the first single from the new EP


16. Miss Boating – “Jewel In The Trash”
from: The Vhargon Sidestep / Miss Boating / January 1, 2020
[Charlie Colborne on keyboards, guitar, vocals; Bill Belzer: drums, vocals; Phil Dickey on bass; Aaron Jones on trombone; Tim Gillespie on saxophone. Ross Brown served as engineering, did all of the mixing for The Vhargon Sidestep and Mike Nolte handled all of the mastering.]

11:27 – More Interview with Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer

Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer join us to talk about their new band, Miss Boating and their EP, The Vhargon Sidestep released January 1, 2020.

Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer, thanks or being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

How the band took on the name “Miss Boating,” is inspired by, Charlie’s mom, Kathleen Rita Colborne, who in January 1956, was crowned “Miss Boating” at the Kansas City Sports Show. A photo of Kathleen as Miss Boating went up at the bar in the Twin Oaks apartment complex where she lived. The photo caught the eye of John H. (Jack) Colborne, from Wausau, Wisconsin. They met, and after a brief courtship they married in August 1956.

Miss Boating:
Charlie Colborne on keyboards, guitar, vocals;
Bill Belzer: drums, vocals;
Phil Dickey on bass;
Aaron Jones on trombone;
Tim Gillespie on saxophone.

Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer, thanks or being with us on Wednesday MidDay Medley

Miss Boating released the debut EP, The Vhargon Sidestep on January 1, 2020.


17. Miss Boating – “Old Sad Darling”
from: The Vhargon Sidestep / Miss Boating / January 1, 2020
[Charlie Colborne on keyboards, guitar, vocals; Bill Belzer: drums, vocals; Phil Dickey on bass; Aaron Jones on trombone; Tim Gillespie on saxophone. Ross Brown served as engineering, did all of the mixing for The Vhargon Sidestep and Mike Nolte handled all of the mastering.]

11:39 – Other bands with Phil Dickey

18. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – “Harrison Ford”
from: Fly By Wire / Polyvinyl Records / September 17, 2013
[Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin has been playing music in Springfield, Missouri since 1999, when Will Knauer and Philip Dickey met at a Super Bowl party. Where pop perfectionism meets studio experimentation, SSLYBY’s endearing music composes quirky chord changes amid massive hooks and addictive melodies. SSLYBY have become experts in crafting indie pop through a string of 7″s, full-length albums and a rarities collection. SPIN once declared that the Missouri band “could succeed The Shins as the band that will change your life.” Met at a Super Bowl party in 1999. Broncos vs. Falcons. Came up with the band name in 2000. Dorm roommates in 2001. Not really sure about 2002. Recorded a short EP in 2003. Three or four people started going to our shows in 2004.First album. Broom. 2005. First tour. Signed to Polyvinyl Records in 2006. Our song “Oregon Girl” is on The OC. The OC gets canceled a few weeks later. Boris Yeltsin dies 2007. We played in Moscow a couple months later. Also in 2007: First Europe tour. Toured with Mute Math. Second Album. Pershing. 2008. Jonathan briefly quits the band. 2009. Most of our songs are used in an episode of 16 and Pregnant. Start recording LP3 with Chris Walla. Third album. Let It Sway. August 17, 2010. Toured with Tokyo Police Club and Two Door Cinema Club in 2011. SSLYBY in Shark Night 3D September 2011. B-sides/Rarities album. It’s called Tape Club. September 2011. First Japanese tour. Summer 2012. Named U.S. State Department Cultural Ambassadors. Return to Mother Russia January 2013. Made our fourth album back in Will’s attic. It’s called Fly By Wire. Released in August 2013. Realized we’ve played over 600 shows. Recorded a new album at Chris Walla’s Hall of Justice studio in Seattle. Produced by Beau Sorenson. 2015 New album “The High Country” out now on Polyvinyl (US/Europe) and Moorworks (Japan).]

19. Dragon Inn 3 – “Club Sauce”
from: Double Line / American Laundromat Records / August 17, 2018
[Kansas City based band formed in 2012 with Grace Bentley, Sharon Bowie, Philip K. Dickey, E.P. Marcus. Dragon Inn 3’s debut LP clocks in at 28 minutes, but the band spent six years whittling away on the songs that would eventually become Double Line. Combining sugary pop hooks, hypnotic beats, and huge MOOG synths, Dragon Inn 3’s playful take on 80s pop could double as the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie (if John Hughes directed Blade Runner). The cinematic origins of Dragon Inn 3 can be traced back to 2012, when Philip Dickey (leader of the indie-pop group Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin) wrote a theme song for the award-winning short film Ghoul School. “If you watch the trailer you can tell it’s the same premise and look as Stranger Things–we just accidentally made it three years before them,” Dickey says. “I had so much fun making the soundtrack with the director (E.P. Marcus) that we decided to start a band.” Dickey recruited his sister, Sharon Bowie, an occupational therapist, and his wife, children’s librarian Grace Bentley, to help with songwriting and vocal duties. The group self-released the Ghoul School Soundtrack EP in late 2012, receiving high praise from Consequence of Sound, Philadelphia’s WXPN, and The Riverfront Times, before climbing to #1 on Bandcamp’s cassette charts. Then it was back to the studio (i.e. the bedrooms, kitchens, garages, and hotel rooms that doubled as makeshift recording studios). In between full-time jobs, parenthood, graduate school classes, and cross country moves, the members of Dragon Inn 3 put Double Line to tape. “I’m a stay-at-home dad now, so I would work on song arrangements and rough mixes when our toddler was taking his naps,” explains Dickey. “Grace would come home from work and record all her parts after his bedtime. We recorded all the breathy vocals in the living room and all the yelly parts in the garage so we wouldn’t wake him up.” The result is a highly addictive album that creates “a soundtrack for the more introspective moments on and off the dance floor,” according to critic David Greenwald. Opening track “What Kind Of World Are You Living In” plays like Blondie if the band hired Hall and Oates to record guitars. The album takes an intimate turn with “Bad Boy,” Bowie’s dreamy “Rocket Launcher,” and Bentley’s introspective cover of Robin Gibb’s “Juliet.” “3 Minute Mile” swoons with arpeggios and a hypnotic MOOG bass, while Bentley softly repeats the phrase “desperation/bad desire.” Then there are Italo-disco tinged tracks “Backstabber” and “Club Sauce,” with sing-songy pop hooks that harken back to Madonna and Whitney Houston’s greatest hits. “Double Line Theme” and “Murder In The Third” show off DI3’s soundtrack aspirations, and sound like lost Tangerine Dream and Giorgio Moroder B-sides. “Up In The Business” provides indelible synth hooks and a triumphant ending to Double Line. With members spread out over the country (KC, LA, and Springfield, MO), the group signed to American Laundromat Records in early 2018. A demo of “Bad Boy” (co-written with Free Energy’s Paul Sprangers) landed in a commercial for Ryan Adams’ Beats 1 Radio show before the song was even completed.]

11:46 – Underwriting

20. Calvin Arsenia – “Experience”
from: Catastrophe / Calvin Arsenia / February 14, 2017
[Calvin Arsenia premiered these songs in a live show at recordBar in November 2016 in a stage show that involved a company of 50 people, dancers, stilt walkers, special lighting, back up singers, guest artists. Born in Orlando, Florida, Calvin’s creative journey really began when he moved to the KC suburb of Olathe, teaching himself the guitar, and eventually the harp. He learned his signature instrument at the age of 20 after he couldn’t find a harpist as determined as him to meld folk, rock, classical, rap and R&B into the irresistible fusion which has become his calling card in the Kansas City music scene and beyond. His passion for stretching the boundaries of musical expression saw him transform a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland’s Fringe Festival early in his career into a life-changing music mission, with an Edinburgh church offering him a role as musical liaison between the church and the city that would change his life. Two years and 300 shows later, Calvin returned to Kansas City reborn as a humanistic songwriter/performer whose impassioned and conceptual stage shows (regularly sold-out in Kansas City, currently catching fire on the West Coast with a diverse following across Europe), are collaborative, costumed-culture-bridging spectacles which In KC Magazine has hailed as ‘equal parts opera, symphony, musical theatre, rock show, all built around its creator: a charismatic 6-foot-6-inch harpist with a natural stage command and knack for gilding gold and painting lilies.’
Since Calvin Arsenia came home to KC after living in Edinburgh, Scotland, he has released his EP, Moments, in 2014, and his EP Prose in 2015, and his Folk Alliance exclusive EP Catastrophe in 2016. His full length album Catastrophe on February 14, 2017, His EP Caviar in November 2017. Calvin’s 2018 national debut, Cantaloupe, was released on September 15, 2018 on Center Cut Records. On June 28, 2019 Calvin released Honeydew, an EP including a remix of three songs from Cantaloupe. On September 20, 2019 Calvin released LA Sessions. On December 13, 2019 Calvin released his full length Christmas album “all is calm.” Calvin is also a graduate of Artist INC. Since 2014 we have been celebrating the music of Calvin Arsenia. He has played Folk Alliance International, Kansas City Fringe Fest, The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, The Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts, The Middle of the Map Fest., The Folly Theatre.]

21. Waxahatchee – “Lilacs”
from: Saint Cloud / Merge Records / March 27, 2020
[All songs written by Katie Crutchfield. Recorded & mixed at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX & Long Pond in Stuyvesant, NY. Produced by Brad Cook. Engineered by Jerry Ordonez. Additional engineering by Jon Low. Mixed by Jon Low. Mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen. KATIE CRUTCHFIELD on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, keys; BRAD COOK on bass, acoustic guitar, piano, keys, synth; BOBBY COLOMBO on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys; BILL LENNOX on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys, percussion; NICK KINSEY on drums, percussion; JOSH KAUFMAN on electric guitars, piano, organ, percussion. Katie Crutchfield’s southern roots are undeniable. The name of her solo musical project Waxahatchee comes from a creek not far from her childhood home in Alabama and seems to represent both where she came from and where she’s going. More info at: http://www.waxahatchee.com.]

22. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Next week, on Wednesday, April 8 we will present more New & Midcoastal Releases. We will talk with members of L A Jones. We ALSO talk with Brenton Cook of Haymaker Records and Brodie Rush of Be/Non about a new Be/Non release. AND, we also talk with members of Rosé Perez.

Our Script/Playlist is a “cut and paste” of information.
Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:

Show #831

WMM presents: Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer of Miss Boating

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer of Miss Boating
+ New & MidCoastal Release

Mark plays New & MidCostal Releases from: Miss Boating, Dragon Inn 3, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Calvin Arsenia, Waxahatchee, Psychic TV, Jefferson Airplane, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Two Headed Cow, Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner, Roberta Crane, and more.

Charlie Colborne of Miss Boating

Bill Belzer of Miss Boating

At 11:15 Mark talks with Charlie Colborne & Bill Belzer about their new band, Miss Boating and their EP, The Vhargon Sidestep released January 1, 2020. From the ashes of their former band The Sleazebeats, Charlie and Bill faced a difficult 2019 when combined with the death of Charlie’s mother, their friend and Sleazebeats bassist, Evan Vhargon died. The band wrote they “were lost when Evan passed.” Through the tough times Bill and Charlie kept playing music and “were blown away when Phil Dickey wanted to jam with us… the jamming turned into something more and we were going again. We couldn’t be more thankful and humbled.” Phil Dickey is part of the bands: Dragon Inn 3, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. Miss Boating is: Charlie Colborne on keyboards, guitar, vocals; Bill Belzer: drums, vocals; Phil Dickey on bass; Aaron Jones on trombone; Tim Gillespie on saxophone.

On your local radio dial 90.1 FM or
STREAMING LIVE at: kkfi.org

Show #831

Wednesday MidDay Medley Celebrates 15!

Wednesday MidDay Medley
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wednesday MidDay Medley Celebrates 15!

WMM Celebrates our 15th Anniversary with 15 Special Guests: Iris DeMent, Krystle Warren, Calvin Arsenia, Betse Ellis, Kasey Rausch, Mikal Shapiro, Jake Wells, Marion Merritt, Maria Vasquez Boyd, Necia Gamby, Jen Harris, Nico Gray, Fran Stanton, Barry Lee, and Brenton Cook.

In honor of our 15th Anniversary we welcome to the airwaves live performances from: Calvin Arsenia, Betse Ellis, Jen Harris, Mikal Shapiro, Barry Lee and Maria Vasquez Boyd. Plus, Mark interviews Iris DeMent, Krystle Warren, Kasey Rausch, and Fran Stanton. We will also have musical premieres and special musical tracks brought to us by Brenton Cook, Jake Wells, Marion Merritt, Nico Gray, and Necia Gamby.

During the past 15 years, Wednesday MidDay Medley has welcomed over 2000 guests, and we have featured 15,000 songs from thousands of musical artists. We have made it our mission to mix musical genres, playing with themes, diversity, equality, and free speech. We seek to connect listeners with artists and venues and studios and community gathering places. Wednesday MidDay Medley has proudly endeavored to help tell the story of our growing Kansas City/Lawrence area music communities, “The Midcoast Sound,” as we like to call it.

We have dedicated the majority of our programming to New & MidCoastal Releases and have been the first to broadcast the music of Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear, Calvin Arsenia, Ivory Blue, Krystle Warren, Rev. Gusto, Shy Boys, and so many others. We’ve created new formats in radio, with our popular, “A Story In A Song” series, and our specials featuring: The MidCoast Takeover, Middle of The Map, The Crossroads Music Fest, The Outer Reaches Festival, The Lawrence Field Day Fest, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Tribute to David Bowie, The Pioneers of Punk, LGBT themes, Performance Art, Theatre, “The He Touched Me Gospel Hour,” our interviews with Tommy Ramone, Iris Dement, Laurie Anderson, Lily Tomlin, Sam Harris, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, and our annual 4-week special: the 100+ Best Recordings of the Year.

Wednesday MidDay Medley has been a platform for others too, including Marion Merritt who for 15 years has joined us to share sonic discoveries and information from her musically encyclopedic brain. Maria Vasquez Boyd, host and creator of Artspeak Radio, who first started producing and hosting entire shows for Wednesday MidDay Medley. Other contributing “Guest Producers” include: Nico Gray, Brenton Cook, Simone Briand, Chris Haghirian & Nathan Reusch, Necia Gamby, Michelle Bacon, Aaron Rhodes, Steve Gardels, Fally Afani, Judy Mills, Mikal Shapiro, Sherman Breneman, DJ Fat Sal, Betse Ellis, Anne Winter, Jesse Bartmess, Krystle Warren, Christian LaBeau, Britt Adair, Katlyn Conroy, Kasey & Kim Rausch, Rolf Peterman, Mark Titus, Natalie Gallager, Jamie Rich, Shaun Crowley, Jim “The Blind Guy” Hoschek, Tim Kearns, and more.

Join us in our radio celebration!

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#390 – October 12, 2011 Playlist

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, October 12, 2011:

The Midcoast Sound
The 90.1 FM Fall Fund Drive Show.

“The Midcoast Sound” featured songs from 11 of the best KC & Lawrence area bands, plus 7 tracks from nationally touring artists, all of them will be in concert, in the area, in the next few days and weeks. If you appreciate Wednesday MidDay Medley and our in-depth surveys of the local music scene, please show your support. You can also visit us online at kkfi.org to donate to support this program and 90.1 FM – Kansas City Community Radio.

1. Howard Iceberg & The Titanics w/Sara Swenson–”Playing Hard to Forget”
from: Welcome Aboard! Vol. 1 / Independent / June 26, 2011
[This 7-CD set, includes over 100 new songs, featuring The Titanics: Gary Paredes on lead guitar, Dan Mesh on rhythm guitar, Scott Easterday on bass, Pat Tomek on drums. With contributions from over 70 local artists, who’ve joined in on Howard’s “never-ending recording project” conducted in Pat Tomek’s home studio.]

Joining Mark for 90.1 FM – Fall Fund Drive Show:

Bess Wallerstein comes to us from the Kauffman Center for The Performing Arts. Bess has worked in the KC Theatre as an artist, administrator, producer & teacher. She has worked for The Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and for Theatre League. In 2005, she founded One Time Productions with KC visual artist, Johnny Naugahyde. In 2008, she directed True West by Sam Shepard in an airstream trailer outside in a backyard in Brookside. In 2009 she directed the KC Premiere of Arts or Crafts, at the Bloch Art Center, in collaboration with The Kansas City Art Institute. She is the founder of CounterClockwise Comedy, an experimental comedy group which performs comedy shows and live comedy movie roasts at Screenland Theatre. Last winter Bess also was a performer in “A White Nose Christmas” a show she created with David Wayne Reed and Heidi Van for The Fishtank Performance Space. The trio will be creating a new show this fall called: “Baby Bump.”

Philip ‘blue owl’ Hooser is an actor, playwright, director, and dramaturgical speaker, a published poet, columnist, and sometimes theatrical reviewer. He recently directed “Jet Propulsion” on the Unicorn Theatre’s Jerome Stage, for the KC Fringe Festival. Philip’s writing was included in the “America Now & Here” Exhibit at the Leedy Art Space. Philip’s plays include: Loving Lucy, Coyote Mischief Tales, and Dottie: A Story of Dorothy Parker. He has appeared onstage in over 100 shows working at the Coterie Theatre, Late Night Theatre, Gorilla Theatre, Mystery Train Theatre, Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, The Unicorn Theatre and The Fishtank where he recently performed as an actor in the new plays: “Discernment” and “Prop 8 On Trial.” He has worked as a Teaching Artist for Coterie Theatre, Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Heart of America Shakespeare Festival. Philip is a regular speaker for the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival and a regular host of the Mid America Freedom Band Concerts. And he has been an integral voice performer on WMM’s special presentations of: “The He Touched Me Gospel Hour.” Philip ‘blue owl’ Hooser is also creator and curator of “Eat Their Words,” a series that is presented regularly at The Fishtank Performance Space and Prospero’s Books. On Friday, October 22, Eat Their Words returns to The Fishtank for another show.

Bill Sundahl is the founder of Spice of Life Productions which has presented multiple vaudvillian-variety performances billed as “The Donkey Show.” He is also the founder of The Crossroads Music Festival that celebrates and gives venue to the many incredible Kansas City, Lawrence and area bands. Bill Sundahl a musician and singer and songwriter who was part of the Pitch Music Award winning band It’s Over that ended in 2009. His new band The Columns have become part of the local music scene with many local performances and the release of their 2010 EP “The Columns.” The Columns are currently working on a new full-length release and will be in concert, as a three piece, on Friday, October 21 at The Record bar at 7:00 PM.


2. Soft Reeds – “Brave New World”
from: Soft Reeds Are Bastards / The Record Machine / 2010
[new project from former Golden Republic frontman Ben Grimes. For more information: therecordmachine.net The Soft Reeds play The Brick, Saturday October 15 with Minden and Deadringers]

3. The Empty Spaces – “Mind Over Matter”
from: Low Noise / Golden Sounds / 2011
[Mat Shoare’s side project when he is not busy doing solo work and working with his other band everyday/everynight. The Empty Spaces play the Record Bar, 1020 Westport Rd. on Friday October 15 at 9:30, with Vehicles, The Vi Tran Band, and David George]

4. Wye Oak – “Civilian”
from: Civilian / Merge Records / March 8, 2011
[Indie folk rock duo from Baltimore, Maryland, will open for explosions in the Sky, tonight, October 12, at The Uptown Theatre.]

10:20 – Pledge Break #2

5. Greg Brown – “Someday House”
from: Freak Flag / Yep Roc Records / May 10, 2011
[Greg Brown will be in concert in a rare KC performance with his wife Iris Dement, on 11-11-11 at The Folly Theatre to honor and benefit United Inner City Services home of St. Mark Child and Family Development Center. For info you can call 816-994-5400 or visit: irisandgregbenefitconcert.com.]

6. The Low Anthem – “Charlie Darwin”
from: Oh My God, Charlie Darwin / Nonesuch / June 9, 2009 Reissue
[Orig. released 2008]

10:34 – Interview with Jeremy Lillig

Jeremy Lillig is a playwright & actor & co founder of The Doozers Theatre Project. He is a Resident Artist of The Fishtank Theatre, where he appeared in “Descernment” written by Damian Torres-Botello. Jeremy is Director of Marketing & Public Relations for The Friends of Chamber Music who present “The Darwin Project” a piece he co-wrote with Nancy Cervetti, Ph.D. and which is presented by The Friends of Chamber Music, this Friday, October 14, at Helzberg Hall, at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. More info at chambermusic.org.

The world premiere of The Darwin Project kicks off The Friends of Chamber Music’s 2011-2012 season, a multi-media concert explores the life of Charles Darwin and the theory that changed our view of life. Renowned actors; beautiful classical music performed by string quartet, solo piano, and chamber choir; historical images and original photography from leading field biologists bring Darwin’s story to life in this dynamic original event.

Scientific consultation by: Robert Powell, Ph.D., William Ashworth, Ph.D., Bruce Bradley

Produced by: The Friends of Chamber Music; Cynthia Siebert, president
Co-presented by: Friends of Chamber Music & Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Directed by: Kyle Hatley, Associate Artistic Director, Kansas City Repertory Theatre
Starring: Gary Neal Johnson as Charles Darwin and Kathleen Warfel as Emma Darwin
Narrated by: Cinnamon Schultz
Featuring: the Daedalus String Quartet, Alon Goldstein, piano, Kansas City Collegium Vocale, directed by Ryan Board, DMA

Original Nature Photography by: John Hess, Ph.D.

“The Darwin Project” presented by The Friends of Chamber Music, premieres this Friday, October 14, at Helzberg Hall, at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, MO. More info at chambermusic.org


7. Sara Swenson – “Snow”
from: All Thinks Big and Small / Independent / 2010
[Kansas City Based singer songwriter Sara Swenson, is a full time High School teacher at Platte County High School in Platte City. She teaches English and Journalism , this is her 8th year of teaching. This is her follow up to her 2009 critically acclaimed selt titled debut. Sara Swensom plays The Record Bar, Saturday, October 15, at 7:00 PM]

8. Hearts of Darkness – “Come Forward”
from: Studio Dailies / unreleased recording from sessions for new album / April 6, 2011 [Thank you Bobby Asher.]

9. The Black Angels – “Telephone”
from: Phosphene Dream / Blue Horizon Records / Sept. 14 2010
[3rd Album of Psychedelic rock from Austin, Texas band formed in 2004. The band’s name comes from “The Black Angel’s Death Song” from The Velvet Underground. The Black Angels play The Bottleneck, in Lawrence, this Saturday, October 15.]

10:51 – Pledge Break #3

10:58 – Station ID

10. The Grisly Hand – “Roll On. Little One”
from: Safe House [EP] / Independent / November 2, 2010
[The Grisly Hand are: Jimmy Fitzner, Johnny Nichols, Chas Snyder, Lauren Krum, Ben Summers, Mike Tuley & Kian Byrne. Winners of a 2010 Pitch Music Award. The entire band climbed into our studios and performed live on our Nov. 10 2010 show. Safe House was released on vinyl. For more info: myspace.com/thegrislyhand.]


11. Grand Marquis – “Hold On To Me”
from: Hold On To Me / Grand Marquis Music / 2010
[The 5th CD from Bryan Redmond – saxophones, vocals / Chad Boydston – trumpet / Ryan Wurtz – guitar / Ben Ruth – upright bass, sousaphone / Lisa McKenzie – drums, washboard, marimba. The Band plays the R Bar this Friday October 14. More info at grandmarquis.net or extravirginkc.com]

11:04 – Pledge Break #4


12. Iris DeMent -“Wasteland of The Free”
from: The Way I Should / Warner Brothers / 1996
[Produced by Randy Scruggs] [Iris DeMent will be in concert in a rare KC performance with her husband Greg Brown, on 11-11-11 at The Folly Theatre to honor and benefit United Inner City Services home of St. Mark Child and Family Development Center. For info 816-994-5400 or visit: irisandgregbenefitconcert.com.]

13. Judy Ancel – “Excerpt of Speech from Occupy KC Rally 10/9/11”
Judy Ancel is Director of the Institute for Labor Studies and Host and producer of The Heartland Labor Forum, heard every Thursday Evening at 6:00 PM on 90.1 FM KKFI.

The movement known as “Occupy Wall Street” has spread far beyond its starting point in lower Manhattan and now has offshoots in 25 cities nationwide, from D.C. to Alabama to Portland, to Topeka. Demonstrators are protesting everything from corporate greed to joblessness to economic inequality. Occupy KC has set up a site at 1 Memorial Drive, in an amazing location just south of Liberty Memorial, just West of The Federal Reserve Bank, and just east of the public art installation, created by artist, John Salvest that is titled IOU/USA.

Occupy Wall Street began as a call to march against economic policy in the U.S., particularly in regard to Big Business collusion with government and funding in politics. The failure elected leaders to bring to justice those who are responsible for the economic crisis. The Occupy Wall Street movement stands behind a call to the 99%, those of us who are not among the wealthiest 1% of our nation who wield political and financial power in the U.S, are now standing and demanding to be heard.

Occupy Kansas City stands in Solidarity with those Occupying in NYC at Liberty Park. The diversity of those occupying is the strength. We are all the 99%. We are proud to come together to voice our dissatisfaction and demand accountability, no matter the difference of our political backgrounds, heritage, and personal choices. As individuals we come together, for our strength is in our numbers.

The unemployment rate in the U.S. is at 9.1% and in Kansas City it is 8.5%. (http://bls.gov/web/metro/laummtrk.htm)

Memorial Drive (Outside the Federal Reserve of KC), In Penn Vally Park, KCMO. In solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet, and #EndtheMachine (www.occupywallst.org and http://www.october2011.org)

More info at: OCCUPYKC.COM


14. Mavis Staples – “Turn Me Around”
from: We’ll Never Turn Back / Anti / April 24, 2007
[Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Mavis Staples, of The Staple Singers, is a celebrated equal rights activist. She’s performed at inaugural parties for Presidents Kennedy, Carter and Clinton, The record is filled with freedom songs. Mavis Staples, who marched and sang and protested alongside Dr. Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, saw her sense of hope validated on Nov. 4th, 2008 when Barrack Obama was elected President. Mavis Staples plays Helzberg Hall at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Thursday, December 8, 2011. More Info at: kauffmancenter.org or 816-994-7222.]

11:27 – Pledge Break #5


15. Shay Estes & Trio All – “Day In / Day Out”
from: Despite Your Destination / Independent / 2009
[Shay Estes and Zack Albetta on drums, Mark Lowrey on piano, and Ben Leifer on Bass. Shay Estes will be performing with & Mark Lowrey]

16. Mike Doughty – “Russell”
from: Yes and Also Yes / Snack Bar / Aug 29, 2011
[He led the band Soul Coughing though the 1990s and in the past decade embarked on his solo career. Mike Doughty & His Band Fantastic play The Bottleneck in Lawrence on Sunday, Oct, 30. with Moon Hooch. Pipeline Productions.]

17. They Might Be Giants – “Old Pine Box”
from: Join Us / Idlewild Recordings / July 19, 2011
[15th studio album and the first non-children’s album from the band since “The Else” in 2007. They Might Be Giants play the Beaumont Club in Westport this Friday, October 14. Mammoth Productions.]

11:40 – Pledge Break #6


18. Blind Pilot – “We Are The Tide”
from: We Are The Tide / Expunged Records / Sept. 13, 2011
[2nd studio album from the Portland, Oregon indie group who will open for Brett Dennen at The Beaumont Club, this Friday, October 14. Mammoth Productions]


19. The Columns – “Allies”
from: The Columns / Split Oak Records / 2010
[The Columns played live on our March 31, 2010 show. The Columns are: Bill Sundahl, Andy Money, Nick Howell, Matt Richey & Sarah Carpenter. The band will be in concert, as a three piece, on Friday, October 21 at The Record bar at 7:00 PM.]

11:53 – Pledge Break #7

Thanks to all who donated to 90.1 FM – Kansas City Community Radio during Wednesday MidDay Medley! A Big thanks to Bess Wallerstein, Philip Hooser, Bill Sundahl, Maria Vasquez Boyd, Jeremy Lillig, Rev. Sam Mann, Howard Eisberg, Chris Haghirian, Mammoth Entertainment, Pipeline Productions, Jim “The Blind Guy”, Eleven Productions, Friends of Chamber Music, The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, St. Mark – Early Childhood & Development Center, You Say Tomato, Susan Haslam, Sebra Scrogum, Bruno, Warren Maus & Bill Clause for your help in making our Fund Drive show successful!


20. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for Notes: Artist’s websites noted above and wikipedia.org

Show #390