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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Grisly Hand + Sneaky Creeps +
Bach Aria Soloists + Artist Judith Levy’s “NV in KC”

1. The Grisly Hand – “If You Say So”
from: Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013

10:05 – Interview with The Grisly Hand

The Grisly Hand, is a Kansas City based, six member band that first started playing live in 2009. The current line up includes: Jimmy Fitzner (Guitar and Vocals), Lauren Krum (Vocals and Percussion), Johnny Nichols (Bass and Vocals), Matt Richey (Drums), Mike Stover (Steel Guitar), and Ben Summers (Guitar and Mandolin). The band’s debut release “Safe House” was release in November of 2010. Their EP “Western Avenue” was one of our Best Recordings of 2012 . The Grisly Hand are now releasing their new full-length recording, “Country Singles” with a special concert, Friday, April 26, at 7:00 at Knuckleheads Saloon, 2715 Rochester, KCMO. More info at: thegrislyhand.com

Lauren Krum and Mike Stover joined us live in the studio.

This band shares Matt Richey and Mike Stover with a few other bands including Dead Voices. Matt also plays with Tiny Horse and Victor & Penny. Mike also plays with Mr. Marcos V7, and three other bands.

The Grisly Hand will be headlining the Spring Dance – Spice of Life Productions 10th Anniversary, on Saturday, May 18, at Crossroads KC at Grinders, 8:00pm, with My Brothers & Sisters, and Starhaven Rounders.

This weekend The Grisly Hand is releasing their third recording. The cover of the new record “Country Singles” is a photograph where more than half of the frame is taken up by a blacktop country road, with four or five semi-trucks parked in the top left corner on the horizon with the big blue sky behind and the sun setting behind a line of bare trees.

“Country Singles” contains rousing country, truckstop spirited, tracks, but there is also the beautiful “Blind Horse” which is just Lauren’s voice with a piano. This song transcends category and displays the special vocal abilities of Lauren Krum. Mike Stover talked about how that track came to be after a piano had just been delivered to Element Studios.


2. The Grisly Hand – “Municipal Farm Blues”
from: Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013


“Safe House” gave us the anthem “Paris of the Plains” and many great songs that defined who and where. “Country Singles” has some introspective songs looking inside. Lauren talked about the songwriting process for the band.

Kian Byrne left the band to work full time in his family band The Elders, but it sounds like Mike Stover’s steel guitar has come into take the place of Kian’s fiddle in the composition of The Grisly Hand’s beautiful sound.

Bill Sundahl describes the band: “A mixture of down home and metropolitan Country, Blues, Rock, Bluegrass, and just the right infusion of Soul is what sets them apart from their peers, yet invites you in to the party. Brilliant!”

Friday night, April 26, is the “Country Singles'” CD Release Party at Knuckleheads, 2715 Rochester St, with: She’s A Keeper and Trevor McSpadden, lead singer of Chicago’s Hoyle Brothers. More info at: thegrislyhand.com


3. The Grisly Hand – “Coal & Black”
from: Country Singles / Independent / April 26, 2013

4. Soft Reeds – “Pregnant Actress”
from: Blank City / The Record Machine / Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[Soft Reeds play a Kansas City Album Release Party, Friday, April 26, at the Riot Room, 4048 Broadway, with Be/Non, and Rev Gusto.]

10:31 – Underwriting


5. Sneaky Creeps – “Mom Needs A Vacation”
from: December Demos / Independent / 2013
[Downloaded form their SoundCloud page.]

10:35 – Interview with William Andrew Erdrich, Max Crutcher, and Isaac (the new bass player) of Sneaky Creeps

William Andrew Erdrich & Max Crutcher met while going to KCAI. Their second release “The Thin Man Wigs Out” was on of our favorite recordings of 2012. The band recently brought in a bass player, Isaac, and are now a three piece again and have been recording new music. SNEAKY CREEPS kick off their tour with a special concert, Wednesday, May 1, at The Roost, 1100 Santa Fe, KCMO, with LAZY, and YUCKRATZ.


6. Sneaky Creeps – “Worn Out”
from: December Demos / Independent / 2013
[Downloaded form their SoundCloud page.]

7. David Bowie – “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”
from: The Next Day / ISO Records – Columbia / March 12, 2013
[Bowie’s first new music in 10 years. In the works for over 2 years, Bowie is collaborated with longtime producer Tony Visconti who told the BBC that they worked on the new album at a very slow pace. “We never spent more than two to three weeks at a time recording,” Visconti said. “And then we’d take off as much as two months. We’d usually work on one or two songs in an afternoon and we’d whip them up to shape where they’d sound like great rock tracks. At that point there wouldn’t be any final vocals or lyrics. This is the same way I’d been working with him since The Man Who Sold the World. He hasn’t really changed in his approach.” Toward the end of Bowie’s 2004 tour in Europe the singer underwent emergency heart surgery for a blocked artery. There were rumors about Bowie’s health. Visconti told the BBC “He’s a very healthy man… I couldn’t explain how I know that, but I worked with a very healthy David Bowie in the studio and a very happy David Bowie in the studio.”]

11:00 – Station ID

8. Swimming in Speakers – “In Knowing”
from: Guessing The Others / Independent / February 5, 2013
[Debut full-length recording from Christopher Clarke & Meadow Elizabeth. Christopher Clarke was a professional actor in Kansas City after graduating from UMKC’s professional actor training program at the conservatory. After living and working in Prague, Christopher landed back in Adirondack Park, New York where Swimming in Speakers was formed, and ignited the rich Northeastern music scene with strong live performances and an impressive EP that twice landed them on episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. The band mixes indie ambient synth-pop, toe-tapping freak folktronica, and Christopher Clarke’s multi-layered production with Meadow Elizabeth’s hypnotic vocals.]

9. Palace – “Treetop Lover”
from: Single remix release / The Record Machine / March 2013
[St. Louis based band: Matthew James: Vocals/ Guitar/ Canadian-Tuxedos, Danny James: Drums/ Vocals/ Mustaches, Phil Grooms: Trumpet/Bass/Tall, Josh Eaker: Bass/fuzz, Crystal Owens: Vocals/X-bells]

[Palace returns to KC to open for COWBOY INDIAN BEAR’s KC ALBUM RELEASE PARTY! Thurs. April 25, 8:00pm, at Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club, 3402 Main St, KCMO, w/ Heartfelt Anarchy]

11:10 – Interview with Elizabeth Suh Lane, Beau Bledsoe, and Jeff Harshbarger

Elizabeth Suh Lane, has been acclaimed, “…among the finest chamber musicians in America today” by San Francisco Symphony’s Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas. She has performed across the globe as a chamber, solo and orchestral musician in the finest concert halls. Elizabeth is founder-Executive-Artistic Director and violinist of the Bach Aria Soloists. Her leadership has brought world-class collaborations to Kansas City to partner with the ensemble.

Beau Bledsoe comes from a large musical family in Little Rock, Arkansas. While in high school, he obtained a handful of old records from the Spanish guitar masters and began his formal studies at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, graduating with honors and receiving top prizes from regional music competitions. Beau relocated to the graduate guitar program at the University of Missouri-KC Conservatory of Music and has continued his professional career collaborating with Nathan Granner, composer/pianist Brad Cox, and the ensemble, Alaturka.

Jeff Harshbarger, was voted Kansas City’s Best Bassist by Pitch Magazine in 2007, has ecorded and performed across the globe with such varied groups as Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Bobby Watson, Curtis Fuller, Forever Tango, Eugene Chadborne, Mitt Abel, Tango and dozens more. He is the curator of Jeff Harshbarger Presents: An Alternative Jazz Series, promoting new improvised music in Kansas City.

The Bach Aria Soloists: Elizabeth Suh Lane, Beau Bledsoe, and Jeff Harshbarger perform Tango music LIVE in our 90.1 FM studios. And we’ll talk with these amazing musicians about their upcoming concert, “A Night of Tango,” on April 27, at 8:00 PM at HELZBERG HALL, in The Kauffman Center For the Performing Arts. The show highlights the rich music of Astor Piazzolla and his Piazzolla quintet, with legendary Tango master Héctor Del Curto.

10. Bach Aria Soloists: Elizabeth Suh Lane, Beau Bledsoe, & Jeff Harshbarger – “Libertango” (Live)

11. Bach Aria Soloists: Elizabeth Suh Lane, Beau Bledsoe – “Bordel 1900” (Live)

11:30 – Underwriting


12. Lyal Strickland– “Every Time It Starts To Rain”
from: Balanced On Barbed Wire / Independent / 2013
[From Buffalo Missouri]

[Lyal Strickland plays Knuckleheads Saloon, 2715 Rochester Ave, KCMO, Thurs, April 25, at 7:30pm]

13. Diana Krall – “We Just Couldn’t Say GoodBye”
from: Glad Rag Doll (Deluxe Edition) / Verve Music Group / Oct. 27, 2012

[Diana Krall plays The Midland Theatre, Wednesday, May 1, at 8:00pm.]

14. Tim Coons – “Envy”
from: The Deadly Sins and Beatitudes / Tim Coons / Oct. 8, 2008
[Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, Tim Coons in now based in Greely, Colorado.]

11:35 – Interview with Judith Levy

Artist & Filmmaker, Judith Levy was the recipient of the Artopia, Visual Artist of the Year, by The Pitch Newspaper, 2012. Her work has been presented in multiple galleries in Kansas City as well as Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Winnipeg to name a few. Her 2012 video “On The Seventh Day” was sceened at film festivals across the country including the Kansas City Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Judith joins us to discuss her new film, “NV in KC,” a community filmmaking project funded by an Andy Warhol Foundation Rocket Grant Award. The film takes place in the vibrant art world of present-day Kansas City. The film will have it’s premiere Thursday May 2, at the Tivoli Cinema in Kansas City, and on May 9, at the Lawrence Arts Center, in Lawrence, Kansas. More info at: nvinkc.com or judithglevy.com.

“NV in KC” combines performers and actors playing fictional characters in scripted scenes with real life documentary interviews conducted by you with notable arts leaders.


15. Audio Clip #2 from “NV in KC” Jealousy Vs. Envy – Erin McGrane (:35)

16. Audio Clip #3 from “NV in KC” Featuring Julian Zugazagoitia (1:04)

Well-known local performers, and notable arts leaders appear in the film: De De DeVille, Carol Holstead, Judith G. Levy, Erin McGrane, Shannon Michalski, Garry Noland, Jaimie Warren, Rachael Cozad, Saralyn Reece Hardy, Sherry Leedy, Raechell Smith, Julian Zugazagoitia. How did you find the cast?

The film is a diary-like tale about artist Lee J. Ross’ (played by Judith Levy) efforts to come to terms with her own envious feeling and those of her friends.

Kansas City’s May 2nd Tivoli Screening is SOLD OUT!

May 9, 2013 at 7:00 pm, At The Lawrence Art Center, 940 New Hampshire St. Lawrence, KS., (785) 843-2787

A community filmmaking project funded by an Andy Warhol Foundation Rocket Grant

NV in KC: a story about artists and envy in Kansas City is a humorous and probing film set in the vibrant art world of present-day Kansas City. Well-known, local performers and notable arts leaders star in this diary-like tale about artist Lee J. Ross’ efforts to come to terms with her own envious feeling and those of her friends. Invented narrative is blended with documentary-like interviews to tell a story that was filmed in Lawrence and Kansas City and captures the complexity of a challenging emotion.

The film was made possible through the support of the Charlotte Street Foundation and Spencer Museum of Art.


17. Audio Clip from “NV in KC” Success & Failure: Saralyn Reece Hardy(1:25)

“NV in KC” will have it’s premiere Thursday May 2, at the Tivoli Cinema in Kansas City, and on May 9, at the Lawrence Arts Center, in Lawrence, Kansas. More info at: nvinkc.com or judithglevy.com


18. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes: artist’s websites and wikipedia.org

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WMM Playlist from October 17, 2012

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mike McCoy, Mark Reynolds, Bernie Dugan, Lyle Wells of Cher UK
& Matt Kesler of The Pedaljets
+ Andrew Erdrich of Sneaky Creeps

1. Todd Snider – “Conservative Christian, Right-Wing Republican,
Straight White, American Males”
from: East Nashville Skyline / Oh Boy! Records / July 20, 2004
[From Todd Snider’s 7th release of 2004. This year Todd’s 15th release: Agnostic Hyms & Stoner Fables, came out.]

[Todd Snider, plays Knuckleheads, Tuesday, October 23, with Amanda Shires.]

2. Kasey Rausch – “Live How You Love”
from: Live How You Love / Rausch House / July 1, 2007
[January 2 on WMM we’ll present “The Rausch House of Music” with Kasey and Kim Rausch, their daughters, and songs from the grandparents and cousins.]

[Kasey Rausch with Mikal Shariro perform as Partners in Glory, at The Brick, Thursday, October 18, with Victor and Penny.]

3. Iris DeMent – “Livin’ On The Inside”
from: Sing The Delta / Flariella / Oct. 2, 2012
[Iris Dement previewed many of her new songs when she was in concert with husband Greg Brown, last year for their 11-11-11 show at The Folly Theatre to benefit St. Mark Child and Family Development Center. Now those songs are part of her brand new release that includes a total of 12 new songs. It is her first full-length release of original songs since 1996. Iris was our guest on last week’s WMM.]


4. Dollar Fox – “The Letter”
from: Little Mother’s Things I Am Keeping / Money Wolf Music / Oct. 27, 2012
(This song is on the Midwestern Audio Vol. 1 compilation)
[Recorded by Patrick Meager at Fuzz Bomb. Produced by Meger and Dollar Fox. Mastered by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures Soundlab. 7th release from Money Wolf Music. Dollar Fox is Tommy Donoho, Justin Penney, Nick Dothage, Ethan Taylor, Ryan Watkins. Tommy Donoho will be with us next week on WMM.]

[Dollar Fox plays CODA, Friday, October 19 with The Peculiar Pretzelmen and The Latenight Callers.]

[Dollar Fox plays recordBar on Saturday, October 27 from 7:00 to 9:00 with a CD Release concert.]

5. The Cave Girls – “I Wanna See The Band”
from: The Cave Girls / Cave Out Records / Feb 4, 2012
[TCG played LIVE on our April 18 WMM. The Cave Girls (Robin Campbell, Sara Teasley, & Stephanie Williams) debut release was produced by Pat Tomek at Largely Studios in KC. The Cave Girls were recently named by The Pitch as Best Sexy Musicians.]

[The Cave Girls play recordBar on Saturday, October 20 with The Empty Spaces and Mad Spirits]

6. Pedaljets – “Tangled Up”
from: from their studio recordings / Independent / To be release in 2013
[KC’s very own Pedaljets have regrouped and now include respected sound engineer and producer Paul Malinowski who has replaced long time lead guitarist Phil Wade (of The Wilders). Malinowski joins drummer Rob Morrow, frontman Mike Allmayer and bassist Matt Kesler. The band is working on all new material in the first album of new Pedaljets songs, in over 20 years.]

[The Pedajets play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club on Sat, Oct. 20 w/ Cher UK and Hot Dog Skeletons]

7. Cher UK – “Peace, Love & Fun in The Sun”
from: Little Blue Soldier / Independent / October 20, 2012]

[Cher UK play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club on Sat, Oct. 20 w/ The Pedajets and Hot Dog Skeletons]

10:30 – Interview with Mike McCoy, Mark Reynolds, Bernie Dugan, Lyle Wells, and Matt Kesler

Mike McCoy, Matt Kesler, Bernie Dugan, Mark Reynolds, and Lyle Wells on the October 17, 2012 edition of WMM.

Mike McCoy grew up in Hutchinson, Kansas. In the early 1990s his band Cher U.K. filled venues in Kansas City with their their music playing with popular themes in punk rock music. Mike McCoy, now lives in Austin Texas and fronts his band the Service Industry. Mike is the founder of The North vs. South Music Festival. This Saturday night, October 20, Cher UK play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club on Sat, Oct. 20 w/ The Pedajets and Hot Dog Skeletons.

Mike McCoy, Mark Reynolds, talked about the early days of Cher UK and the local music scene.

The band was originally called Cher. Many of their first recordings were released on cassette, the band went through several line-up changes and the band’s name changed to Cher UK.

Mike McCoy talked about his love of metaphor in music and the inspirations Cher UK’s new songs for their new EP.


8. Cher UK – “Little Blue Soldier”
from: Little Blue Soldier / Independent / October 20, 2012

[Cher UK play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club on Sat, Oct. 20 w/ The Pedajets and Hot Dog Skeletons]


Mike McCoy talked about the contributions of Mike Stover on guitar for the new recordings and the musicianship of Kyle Dahlquist who contributed on horns.

In 2004 Mike McCoy founded the North vs. South Music Festival, as you call is a bi-annual, bi-polar music festival designed to showcase independent rock along the I-35 corridor. This festival has grown each year.

Matt Kessler discussed the new recordings of The Pedaljets and how the band will release a single in December and their new full length record on vinyl in 2013.


9. Cher UK – “Reagan VS. Nola”
from: Little Blue Soldier / Independent / October 20, 2012

[Cher UK play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club on Sat, Oct. 20 w/ The Pedajets and Hot Dog Skeletons]

10. The Grisly Hand – “Thinking About You”
from: Western Avenue / Independent / February 1, 2012
[Cover of Radiohead song. The band is working on a new full length recording.]

[The Grisly Hand play The Riot Room Tonight, Oct. 17, Hudson Falcons, and Clearway 51.]

[Lauren Krum plays the Take Five Coffee bar, 5336 West 151st Street, in Leawood KS. on October 27, Lauren will be joined by her Grisly Hand band mate Mike Stover (guitar), as well as TJ Martley (piano), Bryan McGuire (bass) and Matt Leifer (drums).]

11:00 – Guest Produers / Co-Hosts: Sneaky Creeps

Sneaky Creeps were originally formed by Artists: Max Crutcher, Andy Erdrich and Andy Davis, who met while attending to KCAI. Andy Davis moved away, making the Sneaky Creeps a duo of Max Crutcher on Drums and Yell/Talk, and Andrew Erdrich on Guitar and Yell/Talk. Sneaky Creeps EP, “The Thin Man Wigs Out” is available at: sneakycreeps.bandcamp.com.

Sneaky Creeps were last with us as Guest Produers / Co-Hosts, on WMM on June 13 when Max joined us live in the studio, and Andrew joined us by phone from Indianapolis, where he was working on an installation.

For today’s show Andrew Erdrich joined us live in the studio. Andrew is a graduate of The Kansas City Art Institute, who with Sean Starowitz, founded: BREAD! KC, an art project that celebrated their 2nd year of creating funding for local artists by hosting a dinner, where for a $10 donation, diners are served a bowl of fresh soup, fresh baked bread, and a ballot. Three different creative projects are presented, and diners vote for one to receive the money collected from the evening. In under a year, BREAD! KC has awarded over many thousands in micro-grants to area writers, gardeners, bands and artists. Andrew Erdrich has also been part of the Urban Culture Project and works at Vahalla Press.

For more info about Bread KC! – breadkc.wordpress.com


11. Beat Happening – “Tiger Trap”
from: You Turn Me On / K Records – Sub Pop / 1992
[indie pop and punk rock band formed in Olympia, Washington in 1982. Calvin Johnson, Heather Lewis and Bret Lunsford have been the band’s continual members. Beat Happening were early leaders in the American indie pop and lo-fi movements, noted for their use of primitive recording techniques, disregard for the technical aspects of musicianship. You Turn Me On is the 5th and last album, released in 1992. It is often considered as their best.]

12. Hamza El Din – Greeting Card”
from: Al Oud / Vanguard / 1965
[Born in the village of Toshka, in southern Egypt, he was originally trained to be an electrical engineer. After working in Cairo for the Egyptian national railroad, El Din changed direction and began to study music at the Cairo University, and traveled in Egypt on a government grant collecting folksongs. His performances attracted the attention of the Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan in the 1960s, which led to a recording contract and to his eventual emigration to the United States.]

13. Wevie Stonder – “Gamilnutbike”
from: Drawing On Other People’s Head / Skam / 2002
[ an absurdist electronic music collective.Their name is a spoonerism of the name of musician Stevie Wonder]

14. Poor Lord – “Another Fight”
from: Randomniscity / Independent Release / 2011
[Tulsa Oklahoma band]

11:19 – Underwriting


15. Gastr Del Sol – “Blues Subtitled No Sense Of Wonder”
from: Camoufleur / Drag City / 1998
[Chicago band consisting, for most of their career, of David Grubbs and Jim O’Rourke. Between 1993 and 1998 they put out seven albums. Grubbs, a former member of Squirrel Bait and Bastro, formed the band in Chicago in 1991. They released their first album, The Serpentine Similar, in 1993. This early lineup saw Grubbs joined by Bundy K. Brown and John McEntire, both members of Bastro’s final incarnation, on bass guitar and drums respectively. In 1994 Brown and McEntire left to join Tortoise and guitarist, composer and producer Jim O’Rourke joined.]

16. John Fahey – “Poor Boy”
from: Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death / Tacoma / 1965
[Born February 28, 1939 – Died February 22, 2001. American fingerstyle guitarist and composer who played the steel-string acoustic guitar as a solo instrument. His style has been greatly influential and has been described as the foundation of American Primitivism, a term borrowed from painting and referring mainly to the self-taught nature of the music and its minimalist style. Fahey borrowed from the folk and blues traditions in American roots music, having compiled many forgotten early recordings in these genres. He would later incorporate classical, Portuguese, Brazilian, and Indian music into his sound. Fahey spent many of his later years in poverty and poor health, but enjoyed a minor career resurgence with a turn towards the more explicitly avant-garde, and created a series of abstract paintings during the last years of his life. He died in 2001 due to complications from heart surgery. In 2003, he was ranked 35th in the Rolling Stone “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” list.]

17. Singer – “Please Tell the Justices We’re Fine”
from: Unhistories / Drag City / 2008

18. D. Vassalotti – “L’Ange De L’Assassinat”
from: Book of Ghosts / Vinyl Rites / 2012

19. Television – “Marquee Moon”
from: Marquee Moon / Elektra /1977
[American rock band, formed in New York City in 1973. They are best known for the album Marquee Moon, their debut studio album from 1977. They have been credited as highly influential on guitar based post-punk. Part of the early 1970s New York underground rock scene, with the Patti Smith Group, The Ramones, Blondie, Richard Hell and The Voidoids, and Talking Heads. In contrast to the Ramones’ rock ‘n’ roll minimalism, Television’s music was more complex and more technically proficient, defined by guitarists Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd. While critically acclaimed at the time of its release, the album failed to garner commercial success. Marquee Moon has since been cited by numerous publications as one of the greatest albums ever made.]


20. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

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WMM Playlist from: June 20, 2012

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New & Local Releases + The Brannock Device
+ Richard Burgess LIVE!

1. Patti Smith – “April Fool”
from: Banga / Columbia Records a Division of Sony / June 1, 2012
[lead single off the 11th studio album by Poet / Biographer / Musician / Artist / Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee: Patti Smith. Recorded throughout 2011 at New York’s Electric Lady Studios and Hoboken’s Hobo Recorders, Banga was produced by Smith, Tony Shanahan, Jay Dee Daugherty and collaborator Lenny Kaye. with guest musicians: Tom Verlaine of Television and Smith’s own children, Jackson and Jesse Paris.]]

2. Laetitia Sadier – “Find Me The Pulse of The Universe”
from: Silencio / Drag City / July 24, 2012
[Stereolab frontwoman Laetitia Sadier solo follow up to her excellent 2010 record The Trip. Silencio features former Stereolab member/founder Tim Gane, the Zincs’ James Elkington, & The Sea and Cake’s Sam Prekop.]

3. Alejandro Escovedo – “Man of The World”
from: Big Station / Concord Music / June 5, 2012
[San Antonio, Texas native, singer/songwriter Alejandro Escovedo’s third album working with both writing partner Chuck Prophet and producer Tony Visconti.]

4. Father John Misty – “Nancy from Now On”
from: Fear Fun / SubPop / May 1, 2012
[1st album by Seattle-born musician Josh Tillman (born May 3, 1981), under the pseudonym Father John Misty. Joshua Tillman is the former drummer the Seattle-based band Fleet Foxes (2008 to 2012). He departed the Fleet Foxes to focus on his solo album under the moniker Father John Misty.]

5. The Mynabirds – “Body of Work”
from: Generals / Saddle Creek / June 5, 2012
[Laura Burhenn’s political follow up to the 2010 critically acclaimed debut, “What We Lose in the Fire, We Gain in the Flood.” Burhenn was inspired by the 1963 Richard Avedon photo “Generals of the Daughters of the American Revolution”, and the music of Woody Guthrie.]

6. Husky – “History’s Door”
from: Forever So / SubPop / May 18, 2012
[indie folk from Melbourne, Australia. They have opened for bands such as Devendra Banhart, Gotye and Noah And The Whale. In 2011, they became the first Australian band to be signed to Sub Pop Records.]

10:27 – Underwriting


7. Jason Beers – “Roving Gambler”
from: No Banjo is An Island / Independent / 2012

8. The Brannock Device – “Into The Witness Chamber”
from: Into The Witness Chamber / Independent / July, 2012

10:32 – Interview with Jason Beers, Elaine McMilian, Bernie Dugan

Originally formed in 1994, The Kansas City band The Brannock Device includes: Jason Beers on Bass & Vocals, Bernie Dugan on Drums, Marco Pascolini on Guitar, and Elaine McMilian on Vocals.

The band is getting ready to release their new album, “Into The Witness Chamber,” and will be participating in the Sonic Spectrum Tribute to the Minutemen, Sunday, June 24, at 8:00 PM, at the recordBar, 1020 Westport Road, KCMO, with Troy Meiss, Uft!, Robot Monkey Madman, Jorge Arena Trio, and Chad Rex.

Jason Beers, along with his work as a soloist, playing the saw at the Folly with The New Century Follies, or The Fishtank, or the recent Beatles tribute, or his work with other bands, has kept this band alive for nearly 20 years, having formed the band in 1994 with guitarist Jeremy Schutte and Bernie Dugan.

Jason Beers and Marco Pascolini also play together in the band Dead Voices with Mike Stover, Matt Richey and David Regnier. We’ll be hearing from David Regnier in our second hour when we play Ruddy Swain. Marco Pascolini also plays in the band Mr. Marco’s V7 with Mike Stover, Johnny Hamil, Kent Burnham, and Kyle Dahlquist. Marco Pascolini also played in the band Expassionates with Scott Easterday, Sam Platt and our guest in the second hour, Richard Burgess.

Bernie Dugan also plays in the band The Quivers, and in the band, Cher UK with Mike McCoy & Mark Reynolds. Cher UK and The Quivers will both be putting out a new music soon.

9. The Brannock Device – “The Consequence of Hope”
from: Into The Witness Chamber / Independent / May 15, 2012

All songs by Jason Beers, Bernie Dugan, Marco Pascolini & Elaine McMilian except “King of the Soapbox Derby” written by Jason Beers, Jeremy Schutte, and Bernie Dugan

Recorded by Mike Penner, Art work by Todd Grantham

Jason Beers, and Marco Pascolini will be part of our special benefit show for 90.1 FM Tuesday, July 10, when Wednesday MidDay Medley presents, “A Story in A Song,” LIVE onstage at the recordBar with 7 KC Writers sharing a story, about a song, that changed their life, and then we’ll hear the song…performed LIVE by members of the Dead Voices band, Tiny Horse, and Betse Ellis of The Wilders. Tuesday, July 10 at the recordBar.


10. Beach House – “Myth”
from: Bloom / SubPop / May 15, 2012
[4th studio album by American dream pop duo formed in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of French-born Victoria Legrand and Baltimore native Alex Scally.]

11. The B’Dinas – “Five-Day Weekend”
rom: Morning Party / Independent / Feb. 25, 2012

[The B’Dinas play The Brick, Friday, June 22, with the Jorge Arana Trio, and The Prolific.]

[The B’Dinas also play our Post Story Dance Party, Tuesday, July 10 at the recordBar, with Molly Picture Club and Red Kate, just after our special presentation of “A Story in A Song” LIVE at the recordBar. A Benefit for 90.1 FM KKFI.]


12. Quiet Corral – “Lonely Company”
from: Quiet Corral / Independent / December 21, 2010
[6-piece band from Lawrence, Kansas, includes: lead singer Jesse Braswell Roberts, with Jim Barnes, Garrett Childers, Isaac Flynn, Matt Green, and Zach Mehla. The band mixes folk and pop elements with four-part harmonies, and electric guitars mixed with acoustic instruments.]

[Quiet Corral plays Kauffman Stadium, In Kansas City, on Wednesday, July 27, at 1:00pm, before Royals vs. Rays game.]

13. Ruddy Swain – “Treasure of Love”
from: Ruddy Swain [EP] / Independent / November 13, 2011
[Ruddy Swain is David Regnier of Dead Voices and Lauren Krum of The Grisly Hand.] [Written by George Jones & J.p. Richardson. An early Mercury Records release from George Jones, one of the most prolific recording artists of all time with over 70 albums released from the 1950 into the 21st Century.]

[Ruddy Swain plays the recordBar, Monday, June 25 at 10:00pm, with Run Little Rabbit & Tiny Horse!]

14. The Grisly Hand – “Thinking About You”
from: Western Avenue / Independent / February 1, 2012
[EP contains 2 original songs, “Western Ave.” & “Black Coffee,” and 2 covers, Radiohead’s “Thinking About You” & “Still Feelin’ Blue” by Gram Parsons. The band is working on a new full length recording.]

[The Grisly Hand play Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club, 3402 Main, Sat, June 23, at 9:00 PM w/ Dead Voices, & Alley Ghost]

[The Grisly Hand play the Riot Room, Sunday, June 24, with Black Oak Arkansas & Savage 7]

15. Richard Burgess – “Midwestern Wind”
from: Midwestern Wind / Independent / June 2012
[Richard Burgess played live on our show, several years ago, as bass player with the KC band Expassionates.]

11:15 – Interview with Richard Burgess

Richard Burgess played live on our show, several years ago, as bass player with the beloved KC band Expassionates. Richard joined us today to discuss his new solo release, “Midwestern Wind,” and to play LIVE in our 90.1 FM Studios.

Richard Burgess will be in concert, Saturday, June 23 at 7:00 PM in a special CD Release Party at the recordBar, 1020 Westport Road.

Pendergast frontman, and film maker Tony Ladesich wrote that Richard Burgess is, “the best bass player ever, seriously, Rich “tennis racket” Burgess. Rich has, to my calculations, never EVER played a note that didn’t need to be played. He is a master of economy and soul. Always in search of a deeper truth musically and never afraid to lay down the law.”

Richard spent 15 years playing with the band Hadacol.

Richard grew up here in the midwest, graduated from Raytown High, graduated from Rockhurst University, the 12 songs on Richard’s new recording were all written by him, and seem timeless.

16. Richard Burgess – “Deep Down I’m Shallow” (LIVE)
also available on: Midwestern Wind / Independent / June 2012

Expassionates were an interesting combination of many different genre of music, including country. “Midwestern Wind” seems to continue with some of those americana themes.

The album was produced by Sam Platt and features Marco Pascolini, Fred and Greg Wickham, Kasey Rausch, Jason Beers, Mike Stover, and Sam Platt

17. Richard Burgess – “Where is Waylon” (LIVE)
also available on: Midwestern Wind / Independent / June 2012

Richard Burgess will be in concert, Saturday, June 23 at 7:00 PM in a special CD Release Party at the recordBar, 1020 Westport Road.Gavin Mac

11:40 – Underwriting


18. The Latenight Callers – “Calaveras”
from: Easy Virtues / TLNC / 2012
[TLNC were originally formed in Lawrence by baritone guitarist, Krysztof Nemeth, and vocalist Julie Berndsen, With the addition of Guitarist Ellen O’Hayer, Bassist Gavin Mac, and Nick Combs on keyboards.]

[The Latenight Callers play the Back Room at Nica’s 320 on SW Blvd & Broadway across from LuLu’s, Friday, June 22, starting at 8:00pm with The Blackbird Revue, and Kentucky Knife Fight]

19. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey – “Cover Up”
from: Race Riot Suite / Kinnara Records – The Royal Family / August 30, 2011 [from Tulsa, Ok, their 20th album, Race Riot Suite, written by Chris Combs for the current quartet of Brian Haas on piano & keyboards, Josh Raymer on drums, Chris Combs on lap steel and Jeff Harshbarger on upright bass. For this recording the band is accompanied by a horn section consisting of Steven Bernstein, Jeff Coffin, Mark Southerland (Snuff Jazz, Malachy Papers), Peter Apfelbaum, and former JFJO member Matt Leland. The album is dedicated to the victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, the largest race riot in United States history.]

[Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey play the recordBar tomorrow night, June 21 at 10:00 PM.]

20. Krystle Warren & The Faculty – “Every Morning”
from: Love Songs: A Time You May Embrace / Proper -Parlour Door Music / April 9, 2012 UK]
[Kansas City’s very own: Krystle Warren, a Paseo Arts Academy Graduate was signed to a French Record Label and is touring Europe opening for Rufus Wainwright, Nick Cave, Norah Jones, and Joan As Police Woman. Krystle Warren’s new album came from a 13 day recording session in Brooklyn, where she recorded the songs live with 28 musicians including her band, The Faculty, alongside choirs, horn and string sections. Krystle wrote the songs, and produced the double vinyl release. ]

21. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:
facebook.com/WednesdayMidDayMedleyon90.1FM and

Show #426

WMM Playlist from April 11, 2012

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New & Local Releases + Char Daniels of LIKE ME Lighthouse
+ Nathan Reusch, Jerad Tomasino, Ross Brown, & Coleen Voeks

1. Vacationer – “Trip”
from: Gone / Downtown Records / March 20, 2012
[A side project of Body Language, a Brooklyn synth pop outfit known for their EP, Social Studies. Vacationer plays The Midland, April 17, with The Naked and The Famous, and Now, Now.]

2. Ruddy Swain – “There Goes My Love”
from: Ruddy Swain [EP] / Independent / November 13, 2011
[Ruddy Swain is David Regnier of Dead Voices and Lauren Krum of The Grisly Hand. Ruddy Swain plays The Riot Room Tomorrow, April 12, with Mountain Sprout, and Deen-O & The Eskimo Bros.]

3. Dead Voices – “Dream Notes”
from: Studio Cut / Independent / 2010
[written by Dave Regnier of The Afterparty, who w/ Jason Beers of The Brannock Device, Mike Stover of Mr. Marco’s V7’s and Matt Richey of The Columns make up Dead Voices, who also sometimes include: Lauren Krum and Marco Pascolini. Dead Voices will play Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club, this Friday, April 13 w/ The Blessed Broke and The Sawyers.]


We gave away 2 tickets to Byrd Production’s 13th Annual Laid Back Fund Raiser, this Sat, April 14, 7:00pm at Just Off Broadway Theatre, w/ Boulevard Beer, Moxie Catering, Brody’s Bakery, performances from Last Free Exit, Jay Cady, Rod Sipe & Matt Gurley, Patricia Rusconi, The Flock, Victor Dougherty, Poets: Jason Ryberg, Iris Appelquist & William Peck, Burlesque from: Goldie Goldstein as LuLu Xanadu, Yvette D’Sin, Kinsey Scale, Ruby Sunset & Cher D Blame. More info: byrdproductions.org

4. Appropriate Grammar – “Lady in Love”
from: Lies and Stories [EP] / Independent / Spring 2012
[Appropriate Grammar includes: Nick McKenna – Guitar/Vocals, Alex Dunsford – Lead Guitar, Claire Adams – Bass/Vocals, and Steve Gardels – Drums. Appropriate Grammar play the recordBar TONIGHT with Goldenboy and Martin Bush.]

5. Bobby Womack – “Please Forgive My Heart”
from: The Bravest Man in The Universe / XL Records / Summer, 2012
[First album of new material in over 13 years. Late last month, the 68-year-old Bobby Womack was released from the hospital following a successful recovery from pneumonia. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee has also been battling cancer is scheduled to undergo surgery later this year and looks forward to touring in support of his upcoming album.]

6. Chely Wright – “Like Me”
from: Lifted Off The Ground / Vangaurd – EMI Records / May 4, 2010
[Produced by Rodney Crowell. Chely Wright’s 7th album was released the same day Random House published her groundbreaking autobiography, Like Me. On the strength of her debut album in 1994, the Academy of Country Music named her Top New Female Vocalist in 1995. Her first Top 40 country hit came in 1997 with “Shut Up and Drive.” Two years later, her 4th album yielded her first #1 single, the title track, “Single White Female”. She has had more than 15 singles on the country charts, and has sold over 1,000,000 copies in the United States. In May 2010, Chely Wright became the first major country music performer to publicly come out as gay. She cited among her reasons for “coming out” a concern with bullying and hate crimes toward gays, particularly gay teenagers, and the damage to her life caused by “lying and hiding”.]

10:30 – Interview with Char Daniels

Char Daniels is Director of Operations for LIKEME Lighthouse, 3909 Main Street, Kansas City, MO, a project of the LIKEME Organization, a not-for-profit, 501 – C (3) charity founded by musician Chely Wright. The organization chose to open an LGBT Community Center in KC to provide a safe and welcoming place for the area LGBT community to meet and work together to promote equality. More info at: likemelighthouse.org.

Char Daniels talked about Chely Wright’s song “Like Me” from her album “Lifted Off The Ground.”

Char talked about how she became involved in working with LikeMe Lighthouse.

Chely Wright grew up in the Kansas City area.

The LikeMe Lighthouse is located in the same building at 90.1 FM and provides a safe and welcoming space where LGBT individuals and their families, as well as straight allies, can come for education, resources and to build a cohesive LGBT community in the Midwest. The Lighthouse will provide educational and social events to bring all individuals into the Lighthouse, as well as an outreach program to make the Midwest aware of the needs of the LGBT community. The LIKEME Lighthouse will serve as a voice for the LGBT community in the Midwest.

Hours: Monday – Saturday 11AM to 7PM, Sunday Noon to 6PM

The LiKE ME Lighthouse lobby.

Lighthouse comes fully equipped with resources, staff, counselors and a sense of community and safety. Within the Lighthouse, the Community Center provides resources on such topics as the coming out process, gender identity, bullying and other issues the LGBT community faces.

Char and Mark discussed the Grand Opening Weekend of the LikeMe Lighthouse that included sold out events featuring a documentary premiere and a concert featuring Kristie Stremel, Jennifer Knapp, Tracy Ryerson, Stamie Karakasidis, Hal Sparks, Chely Wright, Alan Cumming, Jeff Parshley, Adam Bouska and Thomas Roberts who all came to Kansas City to support the LIKEME Lighthouse.

Char discussed the facilities of The LikeMe Lighthouse that include a Gallery, Library, a Cyber Center, Meeting rooms, a Welcome Center, with more to come.

Already several groups are now using the LikeMe Lighthouse for their Events details

March 24, 2012 – 10:00AM – Cardio 101
March 25, 2012 -2:00PM – VOLUNTEER TRAINING
March 25, 2012 – 4:00PM – GLSEN of Greater Kansas City Chapter Meeting
March 28, 2012 – 6:30PM – Hear Me Out Toastmasters Meeting

LikeMe offers scholarships for area LGBT graduating seniors, who are heading off to college this fall. Applications are due May 31.

LikeMe Lighthouse is currently training new volunteers.

LIKEME Lighthouse, is located at 3909 Main Street, Kansas City, MO, a project of the LIKEME Organization, a not-for-profit, 501 – C (3) charity founded by musician Chely Wright.

Open Monday – Saturday: 11:00am to 7:00pm, Sunday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Phone:(855) RULIKEME

More info at: likemelighthouse.org.

10:44 – Underwriting


7. Kasey Rausch – “Grassroots”
from: Born Near The Waters… / Rausch House / 2004
[Kasey Rausch can be seen in the short film: “Two Sisters” Directed by Anthony Ladesich, that is playing today at 4:30pm, at the AMC Main Street 6 downtown, as part of The Kansas City FilmFest. ]

[Kasey Rausch will play a solo set first, and then will pick up the doghouse bass and join Buttermilk Boys at RecordBar, Tuesday, April 17, 7:00pm to 9:00pm. in an All ages show.]

[Kasey Rausch, The Grisly Hand, AJ Finney, Grand Marquis, Expo ’70, and Troglodyte all perform at Earwaxx Records and More, 6410 N Oak, Saturday, April 21, 11:00am to 9:00pm for Earwaxx Records Record Store Day Celebration.]

8. Ghosty – “Let Me In”
from: GHOSTY / More Famouser Records / April 17, 2012
[Ghosty is Andrew Connor, Mike Nolte an Bill Belzer who recorded their new album themselves over the last couple of years with help from David Wetzel, Josh Adams, Jake Blanton, Konnor Ervin, Ryan Connor, Kirsten Paludan, and Dan Talmadge. The new release will be pressed on vinyl and available on LP and digital download. More info at ghostysounds.com.]

[Ghosty celebrates the release of their 3rd full-length album (their 1st to be released on vinyl !!) w/ an instore performance at Vinyl Renaissance, 1415 West 39th Street, this Saturday April 14, at 3:00 PM.]

[Ghosty plays the recordBar, Sat, April 21, in a special album release show with Minden and ACBs]

9. Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company – “When The Spirit Moves Me”
from: When The Spirits Move Me / Independent / November 16, 2010
[Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co. play Davey’s Uptown tonight, w/ Mercer & Johnson, and JP Harris & the Tough Choices.]

10. Leon Russell – “Give Peace a Chance”
from: Leon Russell / The Right Stuff / Reissued 1995 (Originally released May 1970)
[Leon Russell plays KC this Friday, April 13, at 8:00 pm, at Knuckleheads, 2715 Rochester KCMO]

11:00 – Interview with Nathan Reusch, Jerad Tomasino & Ross Brown, & Coleen Shaw-Voeks

The 5th annual Record Store Day will take place on Sat, April 21. Record Store Day is an internationally celebrated day observed the 3rd Saturday of April each year. Its purpose is to celebrate the art of music. The day brings together fans, artists, and nearly 1000 independently owned record stores in the United States, along with hundreds of independent record stores across the world.

Joining us to talk about Record Store day are : Nathan Reusch of The Record Machine, Jerad Tomasino & Ross Brown of Golden Sound Records, & Coleen Shaw-Voeks of Vinyl Renaissance. We’ll play new music from: Akkilles, La Guerre, The Empty Spaces, Spirit Is The Spirit, Fullbloods, Millions of Boys, Baseball Project, The Sexy Accident, and Kimbra.

Coleen Shaw-Voeks has been working in record stores for over 15 years. She was formerly the owner of Need More Discs with her husband, musician Erik Voeks. Needmore Discs operated for 6 years in Shawnee, Kansas for 6 years before closing in August of 2009. Coleen is currently the manager at Vinyl Renaissance on West 39th Street in Kansas City. Coleen is also a distance runner and a running coach and prefer to spend my free time running through the woods.

Record Store Day was created for places just like Vinyl Renaissance.

Coleen brought in new music that will be released for Record Store Day.


11. Kimbra – “Settle Down”
from: Settle Down [EP] / Warner Bros. / Spring 2012
[From New Zealand, Kimbra will be joining Gotye on stage during his Saturday Night Live performance of “Somebody That I Used To Know” on April 14!]


Ross Brown & Jerad Tomasino are two of the founders (w/ Mat Shoare) of Golden Sound Records. Ross grew up in West rural Olathe. Jerad Tomasino moved around a lot growing up but spent some of his high school years living in Omaha. Jerad and Ross talked about their new Golden Sound Records, 12″ vinyl split release with The Record Machine, It is called “Secret Handshakes” and includes 6 tracks featuring Golden Sound Records artists and 6 tracks featuring The Record Machine artists, all created especially for Record Store Day!

Jerad Tomasino & Ross Brown brought in new music from Ross’s band Fullbloods, for us to feature.


12. Fullbloods – “Heavily Drugged”
from: Secret Handshakes / Golden Sound Records + The Record Machine (12″ Vinyl Split Release) / Apr. 21, 2012


Nathan Reusch is co-founder and manager of The Record Machine, an Independent KC based record label, founded in 2003. With Chris Haghirian, Nathan is the co-mastermind, of The Middle of The Map Festival, held last weekend that included over 100 Bands, in 8 Venues, on 10 Stages, in 3 Days.

Nathan, reported that over 6000 people attended The Middle of The Map Festival this year.

Nathan brought in new music to feature.


13. Spirit is the Spirit – “Pillows”
from: Secret Handshakes / Golden Sound Records + The Record Machine (12” Vinyl Split Release) / Apr. 21, 2012
[Folk-psychedelic-rock from Lawrence, Kansas. Austen Malone, Noah Compo, Wayne Zimmerman, Josh Landau, Brook Partain, Danny Bowersox. “a Lawrence band with a cosmic hippie vibe plus horns (trumpet, trombone), lots of percussion and supernal vocal harmonies”- Tim Finn]


Coleen Shaw-Voeks is currently the manager at Vinyl Renaissance on West 39th Street. She talked about the bands that will be playing at Vinyl Renaissance on April 21.

Record Store Day at Vinyl Renaissance on West 39th Street
These bands will perform (Starting at 1:00 PM): The Caves, Akkilles, The Empty Spaces, Max Justus, and The Sexy Accident


14. The Sexy Accident – “What’d We Do”
from: Ninja Ninja Fight Darth Vader / Independent / April 21, 2012
[The Sexy Accident will perform at Vinyl Renaissance on West 39th Street on Record Store Day, Saturday, April 21, in an all-ages, electric show. The Sexy Accident return to WMM on May 2]


Ross Brown & Jerad Tomasino founders of Golden Sound Records with Mat Shoare shared more music from Golden Sound Records and The Record Machine’s 12″ vinyl split release that includes a track from Mat’s band The Empty Spaces.


15. The Empty Spaces – “The 1960s Divorce Rate Blues”
from: Secret Handshakes / Golden Sound Records + The Record Machine (12″ Vinyl Split Release) / Apr. 21, 2012

11:35- Underwriting


Nathan Reusch is co-founder and manager of The Record Machine, an Independent KC based record label, founded in 2003.


16. Akkilles – “She’s Alright”
from: Secret Handshakes / Golden Sound Records + The Record Machine (12″ Vinyl Split Release) / Apr. 21, 2012


Coleen Shaw-Voeks Manager at Vinyl Renaissance on West 39th Street, talked about The Baseball Project.


17. The Baseball Project – “El Hombre”
from: Single Release / Euclid Records / 21, 2012


Ross Brown & Jerad Tomasino two of the founders (w/ Mat Shoare) played new music from Omaha based, Millions of Boys.

18. Millions of Boys – “Left For Dead”
from: Secret Handshakes / Golden Sound Records + The Record Machine (12″ Vinyl Split Release) / Apr. 21, 2012


Nathan Reusch is co-founder and manager of The Record Machine, an Independent KC based record label, founded in 2003.


19. La Guerre – “23”
from: Secret Handshakes / Golden Sound Records + The Record Machine (12″ Vinyl Split Release) / Apr. 21, 2012


Record Store Day is April 21. For more info you can visit: recordstoreday.com, therecordmachine.net, goldensoundrecords.com, vinyl-renaissance.com.

Next week on Wed, April 18 – WMM participates in the 90.1 FM Band Auction with 4 amazing Kansas City bands appearing on our show: Molly Picture Club, Dollar Fox, Two Headed Cow, and The Cave Girls. Call in to bid on these great bands.

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:

20. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Show #416

WMM Playlist from: February 22, 2012

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Playlist from: Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New & Local Releases + The B’Dinas
+ David Burchfield & Friends LIVE!

1. Loretta Lynn – “The Pill”
from: Loretta Lynn – The Definitive Collection / MCA / 2005 (orig. 1975)
[Loretta Webb, 2nd of 8 children; grew up in Butcher Holler, a section of Van Lear, a mining community in Kentucky. She married Oliver Vanetta “Doo” Lynn, in 1948, at age 13. In an effort to break free of the coal mining industry, at 14, Lynn moved to the logging community Custer, Washington, with her husband. By the time Loretta was 18, The Lynns had 4 children – Betty Sue, Jack Benny, Cissy and Ernest Ray, and in her early 20s she had twin girls, Peggy & Patsy. Loretta Lynn possibly had more banned songs than any other country music artist, including “The Pill,” with lyrics by T. D. Bayless, about a wife and mother becoming liberated via the birth control pill.]

2. O, Giant Man – “Decisions”
from: YO! Giant Man / Independent / January 4, 2012
[Christopher Robbins – Lead Vocals, Guitars; Jake Schulenberg – Bass Guitar, Vocals; Andy Wendling – Percussion, Vocals; Rick Schulenberg – Keys, Vocals, Percussion. O, Giant Man opens for Cloud Nothings at The Riot Room on Mar 12. They will also be part of MidCoast takeover SXSW 2012 in Austin Texas, March 16-17, before going east to play shows Mar 19 in Youngstown, OH and March 22 in Brooklyn.]

3. Cloud Nothings – “Stay Useless”
from: Attack on Memory / Carpark Records / Jan. 24, 2012
[4 piece band from Cleveland, Ohio will be in KC on Mar. 12th, at The Riot Room w/ Mr. Dream and O, Giant Man!]


We gave away 2 tickets to attend The Latenight Callers CD Release Party, this Saturday Night, February 25, at The Beaumont Club. W/ Federation of Horsepower, American Catastrophe, The Delighted, & Voler Aerial Arts.

4. The Latenight Callers – “Easy Virtues”
from: Easy Virtues / TLNC / 2012
[TLNC were originally formed in Lawrence by baritone guitarist, Krysztof Nemeth, and vocalist Julie Berndsen, With the addition of Guitarist Ellen O’Hayer, Bassist Gavin Mac, and Nick Combs on keyboards. The band hosts a CD Release Party, Sat, Feb 25, at The Beaumont Club. W/ Federation of Horsepower, American Catastrophe, The Delighted, & Voler Aerial Arts.]

[Voler Thieves of Flight will also be performing at the Faction Magazine 2 Year Anniversary Party & Kick-Off Party for Kansas City Fashion Week, tomorrow night! Thursday, February 23, 7:00 PM, at One8Oak Event Space, 1814 Oak Street, KCMO.]

5. Mat Shoare – “Everything You Want”
from: The Empty Spaces / Golden Sound Records / September 7, 2010
[Mat Shoare’s 2010 solo album The Empty Spaces spawned the band The Empty Spaces. Mat Shoare is also a founding member of Everyday/Everynight and a founding partner in Golden Sound Records. The Empty Spaces are one of 26 bands chosen to represent KC at the MidCoast Takeover at SXSW in Austin, The Empty Spaces will be in concert Feb. 25th @ Czar, for the CD Release of The B’Dinas new record: “Morning Party” w/ I Hate You Just Kidding.]

6. The B’Dinas – “Five-Day Weekend”
from: Morning Party / Independent / Feb. 25, 2012
[The B’Dinas will perform at a special CD Release concert for new EP, on Saturday, February 25 at Czar with special guests: The Empty Spaces, Deadringers, and I Hate You Just Kidding.]

10:30 – Interview with The B’Dina’s

The B'Dinas (Photo by Angelic Davila)

What happens when your band’s new EP is being recorded in the home studio of your drummer and halfway through the recording process your drummer moves to a new house, with an irritable neighbor living next door? The B’Dina’s, joined us to answer this question and to talk about their upcoming show at Czar, with The Empty Spaces, and I Hate You Just Kidding, this Saturday Night, February. 25, to celebrate the release of their new EP “Morning Party,” Meredith McGrade and Tess Jehle both had to work, but Katy Guillen, Peter Lawless, and Katelyn Boone, joined us live.

The B’Dinas Roll Call:
Katy Guillen (guitar/vocals/harmonica)
Meredith McGrade (guitar/vocals)
Peter Lawless (bass/vocals/saxophone)
Katelyn Boone (keys/vocals/bass)
and Tess Jehle (drums)

“Morning Party,” is the follow-up to their 2010 debut “Homemade Rock & Roll.”

The new six-song disc is the product of a fraught year of home recording. Among the obstacles was a particularly irritable neighbor.

Drummer Tess Jehle explains: “We recorded the first half at my old house, but then I moved and immediately started getting noise complaints from next door.” Between delaying work on the EP to construct soundproof walls within their laundry-room-cum-rehearsal-space and paying strict attention to every detail of the recording and mixing process.

The B’Dinas feel that Morning Party is a long time coming. But of the effort, guitarist Katy Guillen says, “All the time we took was worth it. I’m very proud of this record, and I think it represents the band at its best.”

Morning Party draws on many genres, beginning w/ the slightly-surreal pop rager “Five-Day Weekend!” and ending w/ the saxophone-driven funky blues of “Mystery Face.”

The B’Dinas show off guitars both searing & sensitive, vocals ranging from gritty & distorted to floating choral arrangements, & lyrical themes from bittersweet to political.

The B’Dinas are already recording their next album.

We also discussed The B’Dinas brother and sister bands: Dream Wolf, Appropriate Grammar, and Claire & The Crowded Stage.

The B’Dinas were voted Audience Favorite at The 2012 HRC Battle of The Bands, back in January, congratulations!

The B’Dina’s, play Czar, with The Empty Spaces, and I Hate You Just Kidding, on Sat., Feb. 25, to celebrate the release of their new EP “Morning Party,” More info at: thebdinas.com


7. The Hearts of Darkness – “Numeration”
from: Numeration / Bad Way (Split Single) 7″ Vinyl / Shipshape Records / Feb. 18, 2012
[The Hearts of Darkness will play this year’s Midcoast Takeover in Austin for SXSW. In addition they are headlining a benefit show for MidCoast Takeover at the recordBar, 1020 Westport Road, Friday, Feb. 24, with She’s a Keeper and Future Kings. The Hearts of Darkness and The Good Foot have teamed to release a split single 7” that features The Good Foot’s original tune: “Bad Way” and Hearts of Darkness’ first single “Numeration” off the upcoming album. The 7″ vinyl record w/ digital download was officially released Sat, Feb 18, at The Carnivàle du Soul. More info at: heartsofdarkness.net.}

8. The ACB’s – “Xanies”
from: Daytrotter Studio / Independent / Jan. 6, 2012 [Konnor Ervin on lead vocals, Andrew Connor on Guitar, Bryan McGuire on Bass, Kyle Rausch on Drums. Recenting while the band was out on the road, The ACB’s were invited to play for The Daytrotter Sessions, in the Horseshack studios, in Rockford, Illinois. The band recorded four songs: 2 from The ACB’s late 2010 release, “Stona Rosa,” and 2 brand new songs. On January 6, Daytrotter posted the songs at Daytrotter.com. The ACBs play The Brick, 1727 McGee, on Friday, February 24, at 10:00 PM with 4th of July.]

We gave away 2 copies of Fullbloods – “The Perpetual Machine,” on Golden Sound Records.

9. Fullbloods – “Flowers”
fFrom: The Perpetual Machine / Golden Sound Records / 2011
[Ross Brown, Alex Chapman, Bill Pollock, & Glenn Shipps]


10. The King Canutes – “She”
from: Last Callers and Losers / Independent / 2008
[The King Canutes, a Brooklyn-based duo of: Richard Alwyn Fisher and Keir Woods, who will be in concert in KC at the recordBar Fri. Feb. 24 at 7:00 PM and they’ll be backed up by KC friends: Scott Easterday, Elaine McMilian, Kyle Dahlquist and Pat Tomek. Howard Iceberg and the Titanics go on at 8:00 PM. all before the big MidCoast Takeover benefit show with The Hearts of Darkness.]

11. Howard Iceberg & The Titanics with Lauren Krum – “Not Unless It’s Gonna Be Real”
from: Welcome Aboard! Vol. 6 / Independent / June 26, 2011
[This 7-CD set, includes over 100 new songs, with contributions from over 70 local artists. This track features Lauren Krum on vocals, Richard Burgess on Bass, Pat Tomek on Drums, Chad Rex on Guitar. Howard Iceberg & The Titanics play the recordBar, 1020 Westport Road, this Friday, February 24, with The King Canutes, all before the big MidCoast Takeover benefit show with The Hearts of Darkness.]


12. David Burchfield – “The Beginning”
from: The Beginning / Independent / 2011
[Produced, engineered, mixed and master by Mike Crawford at the Impossible Box in Kansas City, with David Burchfield on vocals & guitar; Leslie Hammer on banjo, fiddle and viola; Seth Jenkins on upright bass, Jeff Larison on pedal steel and dobro; Andy Michael on piano and accordian; and Devon Russell on vocals, choir.]

11:13 – Interview with David Burchfield

Devon Russell, Leslie Hammer, David Burchfield and Seth Jenkins LIVE in the 90.1 FM studios on Wednesday MidDay Medley 2/22/2012

David Burchfield recently moved back to the Kansas City area after living in Golden, Colorado and working with a solar energy company. David has spent the last 4 years of his life working in environmental education and youth development; helping migrant farmworkers; teaching, hiking, and clearing trails at the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico; working with justice issues and children in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Last December David released his new recording, “The Beginning,” which was recorded here in Kansas City with Mike Crawford . David Burchfield joined us to talk about his music and he brought along some of his friends: Leslie Hammer, Devon Russell & Seth Jenkins who played live in our 90.1 FM Studios.

davidburchfieldmusic.com describes the music as “at one time appalachian and at the next sampling field recordings, soaking fiddles in effects, and soaring into the realms of epic indie ballads.” It seems like the music is a reflection of the journeys David’s life has taken.

David’s amazing resume:

Cascade Solar USA – Installer · Aug 2011 to Oct 2011 · Golden, Colorado

Mile High Youth Corps – Roving Crew Leader · May 2011 to Aug 2011 · Denver, Colorado, Conservation, environmental education, youth development, and commuting.

Jewish Community Center – Kids Konnection Coordinator · Mar 2011 to May 2011 · Overland Park, Kansas

Migrant Farmworkers Project – Advocate/Caseworker · Jul 2010 to Feb 2011 · KCMO

Philmont Scout Ranch May 2007 to Jun 2010 · Cimarron, New Mexico
Hiking, teaching, clearing trail, playing bluegrass, adapting a characteristically 1914 affect.

International Justice Mission Legal Intern · Oct 2009 to May 2010 · Guatemala City, Guatemala. Working for security and justice for child victims of sexual violence.

Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture Research/Field Work Intern · Jan 2009 to May 2009 · Kansas City, Kansas Rock n roll n vegetables n justice n stuff.

Heartland Tree Alliance Intern · Aug 2008 to Dec 2008 · KCMO

David performed a song from “The Beginning” called “Have Tried.” Joining David Burchfield on guitar, was Leslie Hammer on fiddle, Devon Russell on mountain dulcimer & vocals, and Seth Jenkins on upright bass.


00. David Burchfield – “Have Tried” (LIVE)
also available on: The Beginning / Independent / 2011


David Burchfield’s upcoming live performances:

Friday, March 2 7:00 pm, First Friday at the Beggar’s Table, 2009 Baltimore Ave., KCMO

Saturday, March 24 8:30 pm at R Bar with Sara Swenson, R Bar is located at 1617 Genessee, KCMO in the West Bottoms.

Sara Swenson is a musical mentor to David.

David Burchfield’s CD release show was in December, at Davey’s Uptown. He recently performed with Devon Russell as part of The “Love Hangover” last week at Californos, organized by Scott Easterday.

“The Beginning” was Produced, engineered, mixed and master by Mike Crawford at the Impossible Bo, here in Kansas City.

David Burchfield performed a new song that is not included on his new CD. With David on lead vocals and guitar, Leslie Hammer on banjo, Devon Russell on autoharp and Seth Jenkins on upright bass.


00. David Burchfield – “Perseids” (LIVE)


“The Beginning” is available through davidburchfieldmusic.com, at local independent record stores like Vinyl Renaissance, and also through i-tunes.

David Burchfield will be in concert, Friday, March 2 7:00 pm, on First Friday at the Beggar’s Table, 2009 Baltimore Ave., KCMO, and Saturday, March 24 8:30 pm at R Bar at 1617 Genessee, KCMO with Sara Swenson, More info at: davidburchfieldmusic.com.


13. LAZY – “Lin and Gin”
from: LAZY [EP] / The Record Machine / 2012
[Lazy plays Davey’s Monday February 27.]

14. Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound Company – “Drinking, Cheating, Loving, and Leaving”
from: When The Spirits Move Me / Independent / November 16, 2010
[The Sonic Spectrum Tribute Series continues at recordBar, this Sunday, February 26 at 8:00PM with: Honky Tonk Legends, Celebrating Johnny Cash’s Birthday, featuring: Adam Lee & The Dead Horse Co., Whiskey Breath, Starhaven Rounders, and Rex Hobart. A portion of the proceeds goes to Midwest Music Foundation..]

15. The Blackbird Review – “The Whaler”
from: The Whaler & Other Stories / Independent / November 13, 2010 [One of 26 bands chosen to represent KC at the MidCoast Takeover at SXSW in Austin. The Blackbird Review will play R Bar, this Friday, February 24. They’ll also be in concert with: Sara Swenson and the Pearl Snaps, and Quiet Corral, at Czar, Friday March 2, in a special benefit for The MidCoast Takeover.]

Wednesday MidDay Medley in on the web:
facebook.com/WednesdayMidDayMedleyon90.1FM and


16. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for Notes: Artist’s websites noted above and wikipedia.org

Show #409

WMM Playlist from Dec. 14, 2011: The 111 Best Recordings of 2011 (Part 2 of 4)

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, December 14, 2011:

The 111 Best Recordings of 2011
(Part 2 of 4)

Part-2, of our 4-week special: The 111 Best Recordings of 2011. Based on the playlists of Wednesday MidDay Medley. In 2011 we’ve featured hundreds of New & Local Releases, we’ve featured dozens of LIVE, in-studio performances from area musicians, and we’ve interviewed over 150 local and national artists. Over 40 recordings on our list are from the KC & Lawrence area. Please Tune in to 90.1 FM every Wednesday in December for our annual 4-week special event. We’re playing nearly 8-hours of music that represent: The 111 of Best Recordings of 2011!

1. (81.) Holy Ghost! – “Wait and See”
from: Holy Ghost! / DFA / April 4, 2011
[The brainchild of childhood friends Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser, the Brooklyn-based band Holy Ghost! recently transformed from a duo into a 4-piece band that has spent the summer touring with LCD Soundsystem and Chromeo The tour culminated with Hot Chip and Hercules & Love Affair at Central Park Summerstage on August 4th. Holy Ghost uses a lot of vintage synths.]

2. (80.) Wild Beasts – “Albatross”
from: Smother / Domino Records / May 10, 2011
[3rd album and follow up to their Mercury Award nominated “Two Dancers.” One critic wrote the band possesses, “oscillating falsetto and baritone vocals, lyrical wit, and a penchant for seedier topics.”]

3. (79.) The Finsters – “Walkin’ Jay Bird”
from: The Finsters / Independent / 2011
[The Finsters, are an old time Americana band, dedicated to playing the music of Folk Artist-Harold Finster. The band includes: Andrew Connor on guitar and vocals, Liz Connor on fiddle and mandolin, Allan Winkler on accordion and percussion, and Jami Blakeley on banjo and vocals. ]


4. (78.) Sour Babies – “The Order of The Inseperable in Death”
from: Morning Star / Independent / Mar 30, 2011
[Brent Jamison, Chas Felkins, Mark Harvey, Mary Sanders, Ben Hume and Jason Martinez of The Sour Babies, played live on our July 20 WMM]

5. (77.) The Coathangers – “Go Away”
from: Larceny and Old Lace / Suicide Squeeze Records / June 7, 2011
[3rd album from the all female punk uartet from Atlanta, Georgia, includes: lead vocalist – Julia Kugel, drummer – Stephanie Luke, keyboardist – Candice Jones and bassist – Meredith Franco. ]

6. (76.) Yellow Ostrich – “Hold On”
from: The Mistress / Barsuk Records / August 16, 2011
[Barsuk records has re-released “The Mistress” originally put out on Vinyl by AFTERNOON RECORDS on February 15, 2011. It’s what they are calling “a bedroom project,” from Alex Schaaf, the individual behind the NYC based Yellow Ostrich, who now tour as a three piece band. Yellow Ostrich played the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, NE, on Nov. 16 with Ra Ra Riot + Delicate Steve.]

7. (75.) Sleepy Kitty – “Gimme A Chantz”
from: Infinity City / Euclid Records / July 12, 2011
Paige Brubeck on vocals/guitar/keys, and Evan Sult on drums/vocals/tapes. More info at: sleepykittymusic.com]

10:29 – Underwriting


8. (74.) Fruit Bats – “You’re Too Weird”
from: Tripper / Sub Pop / Aug 2, 2011
[5th album since signing with Sub Pop Records in 2001. Formed in Chicago in 1997 by singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson who has performed as a side man in the the band Califone and as the leader of I Rowboat.]

9. (73.) Ruddy Swain – “Dark Moon”
from: Ruddy Swain [EP] / Independent / November 13, 2011
[Ruddy Swain is David Regnier of Dead Voices and Lauren Krum of The Grisly Hand.]

10. (72.) Kirsten Paludan – “The Levee”
from: All In / Independent / 2010
[released late 2010. Kirsten Paludan’s worked for over a decade as a solo artist and with the band Olympic Size. As an actress she has appeared on FOX Television’s “Melrose Place.” In the Ang Lee film “Ride With The Devil,” the Spike Lee produced, Confederate States of America, directed by Kevin Wilmoth. Kirsten Paludan joined us LIVE on our January 26 WMM.]

11. (71.) Heather Thornton – “Obvious”
from: Obvious / Saunders Street Records / April 28, 2011
[Heather Thornton moved with her family to KC from Arkansas. She has been singing and performing for over 10 years in KC. She plays keyboards and sings and plays on the First Saturday of every month at Jazz 1823 W 39th Street KCMO with Jeramy Johnston – guitar/bass, Brian Ruskin – guitar, Bree Plaster – drums. Heather’s background vocals can be heard on the Saunders Street Records releases of Jen Lawless and William Sauders. Heather has a new Christmas CD available at heatherthornton.com.]


12. (70.) Exene Cervenka – “Already in Love”
from: The Excitement of Maybe / Bloodshot / March 8, 2011
[2nd solo release. This song features Dave Alvin (The Blasters, X) on electric guitar. Exene is a singer, artist and poet and cofounder of the legendary punk band X as well as The Knitters and The Original Sinners. Her spoken word performances with Lydia Lunch in the 80’s led to the publication of “Adulterers Anonymous” and another four volumes of poetry followed. Upon relocating to rural Missouri, Cervenka found inspiration in the simplicity of country living and began writing her first solo album in 19 years. The product, Somewhere Gone, recorded and produced in Springfield by Lou Whitney, was released in 2009. It was on of our favorite recordings of that year. In 2009 Exene Cervenka revealed that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She continue writng new songs and recorded her second solo record., but on April 14 her tour was cancelled, due to a flare-up of her MS.]

13. (69.) Wanda Jackson –“Shakin’ All Over”
from: The Party Ain’t Over Yet / Third Man Records / Jan. 21, 2011
[Wanda Lavonne Jackson was born October 20, 1937. She is an American singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist who had success in the mid-1950s and 60s as one of the first popular female rockabilly singers and a pioneering rock and roll artist. She is known to many as the First Lady of Rockabilly. She has been releasing albums since 1958. This year at age 74, she released her 33rd album, produced by Jack White.]

14. (68.) PJ Harvey – “Written On The Forehead”
from: Let England Shake / Island / Feb. 15 2011
[8th studio album. Produced by Flood. Written between late 2007 and 2008, and recorded over a five-week period. Musically, Harvey dislikes repeating herself. She has experimented with rock, pop, electronica, and folk. She is also known for changing her appearance from album to album by altering her mode of dress or hairstyle. Each look is then incorporated into the album’s artwork, music videos, and live performances. One of the more unexpected British TV highlights of 2010 came when a black-clad PJ Harvey performed the title track, Let England Shake, in front of then prime minister Gordon Brown. As Brown sat soberly, Harvey played an autoharp, relishing the line “England’s dancing days are done.”]

15. (67.) Piney Gir – “Here’s Looking At You”
from: Geronimo! / Damaged Goods / Aug. 23, 2011
[Piney Gir is Angela Penhaligon who was born in Kansas and is now based in London, England. We had the chance to interview her on this show. She was encouraged by her parents to learn the piano from the age of four, she wrote her first song at the age of nine. Having earned a degree in music, she moved to England in 1998 to study at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She released her debut solo electronica album, Peakahokahoo, in 2004 on UK label Truck Records (and licensed to Greyday Records for release in North America). She toured extensively, including opening for Erasure on a month long European tour. Geronimo! was recorded in early 2011 in Los Angeles.]


16. (66.) Digitalism – “2 Hearts”
from: I Love You, Dude / V2 Records / June 21, 2011
[2nd studio album by German electro pop duo who met at a record store in Hamburg in 2004, and became friends. Later, the store’s owner asked them to DJ a party, and they then began mixing and recording. They record their music in a World War II bunker they own in Hamburg. They perform live using a Macbook Pro laptop as the heart of the act.]

17. (65.) Pulseprogramming – “First They Fire”
from: Charade Is Gold / Audraglint / May 3, 2011
[born as an experimental, concept in Portland, Oregon in 1998. Pulseprogramming is currently centered around Marc Hellner and new member Chanel Pease, but also includes art directors: John Schacter and Hans Seeger, a filmmaker/video artist: Eric David Johnson, aka DJ Bunny Ears, and a poet: Joel Craig. Their 1999, self-titled debut album was predominantly a work of ambient music, and was released on Chicago’s Aesthetics Records. The group’s current work leans towards the early 1980s and is more song-oriented.]

18. (64.) Canon Blue – “Indian Summer (Des Moines)”
from: Rumspringa / Temporary Residence Limited / August 16, 2011
[Blue Canon is Daniel James, from Nashville. His 2007 debut, Colonies, was a collaboration w/ Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor. Rumspringa was made partly in Copenhagen with Danish orchestral pop ensemble Efterklang and partly in Iceland withmembers of Sigur Ros, “Canon Blue (Des Moines)” is the album’s first single.]


19. (63.) Seun Kuti – “African Soldier”
from: From Africa with Fury: Rise / Knitting Factory Records / June 21, 2011
[Nigerian musician, and the youngest son of legendary afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. After Fela’s death of AIDS in 1997 Seun, then only 14 years old, became the lead singer of Egypt 80. While in school Seun had to choose between a career in music and one in American Football for which he has an outstanding talent. About three-fourths of the current Egypt 80 line-up consists of musicians that not only played with Fela Kuti, but often were arrested and harassed alongside the founder of the Afrobeat movement. Live sets consist of both new material and originals from Seun’s father. During his lifetime Fela Kuti never performed songs he had recorded, so for many fans this is their first chance to hear many Kuti classics.]

20. (62.) Beirut – “Sante Fe”
from: The Rip Tide / Pompeii Records / August 2, 1011
[Originally the solo musical project of Zach Condon, born in Santa Fe, New Mexico on February 13, 1986. He was brought up in Newport News, Virginia before moving back to New Mexico. Zach played trumpet in a jazz band as a teenager and cites jazz as a major influence. Condon attended Santa Fe High School, but dropped out at the age of 16. In Santa Fe he was exposed to Mariachi music. He also worked at a cinema showing where he was exposed to the international films of Fellini arias and Sicilian funeral brass as well Balkan music. He later enrolled in community college, but only attended for a short period before traveling to Europe at the age of 17 with his older brother, Ryan. Condon’s subsequent exploration of world music proved to be instrumental in the development of Beirut’s melodic sound. The Rip Tide was recorded in Upstate New York, Brooklyn and Condon’s hometowns of Albuquerque and Santa Fe.]

11:27 – Underwriting


21. (61.) Folkicide – “Friends”
from: Devotional Hymns of the Church of the Darwinian Snuff Film / Independent / 2011]
[After his band the Charge Droplets, ended Burnie Booth created his solo project: Folkicide to “continue the exploration into the decaying frame of Western Civilization.” Burnie Booth grew up in Spring Hill, Kansas. In high school in the latter half of the 1980s, he was in a band called Big Toe, that played the Outhouse in Lawrence. He moved to Seattle in 1991 and played for four years with the Moogs, working days in pest control. He eventually married and moved back to Kansas City with his wife in 1999. Folkicide performed a CD Release concert at the RecordBar on September 9.]

22. (60.) Jason Beers – “A Deer’s Version of Window Shopping”
From: Bangoism…Da / Independent / Late 2010
[Released in late 2010, this didn’t make it onto our playlists until 2011. Jason Beers has collaborated with many of KC’s best musicians. He writes, sings and plays bass with his band, The Brannock Device , made up of Jason, Elaine McMilian, Marco Pascolini, and Bernie Dugan. He is a father of two, who teaches children with special needs. The Brannock Device are currently working on their latesr recording expected in 2012. Banjoism…Da was recorded at Hideaway Studios.]

23. (59.) Elaine McMilian – “Too Far Gone to Cry”
from: The Messenger / Independent / July 22, 2011
[written by Howard Iceberg, features Scott Easterday playing guitar. Elaine McMilian grew up in Independence, and graduated High School in 1973. She went to college as a vocal music major, but left after her first year to get married and start a family. In her mid thirties she went back to college a UMKC where she met Christian Hankel, who introduced her to a whole new generation of musicians in KC. She graduated in 1991 and answered an ad in The Pitch which led to her being involved in the band Swingin’ Six with Erin McGrane and Suzi Seigler. Elaine has performed in and around KC for almost 20 years as a solo artist and in the bands: Swingin’ 6, Easterday, Bonnys’ McGill, Toy Box, Sugar Plums and The Brannock Device. Elaine recently created EME LLC, a musician’s representation company to promote bands and solo artists. Elaine has appeared on WMM several times this year to talk about her work organizing the Howard Iceberg tribute show at Crosstown Station, and the reunion show of Easterday at The Recordbar on August 26. She also joined us prior to the release concert of “The Messenger,” on July 22 at The Record Bar, in a show that included Dollar Fox and one of the last performances of the great band, Expassionates.]

24. (58.) Glen Campbell – “Ghost On The Canvas”
from: Ghost On The Canvas / Surf Dog Records / August 20, 2011
[Intended as his farewell to studio recording due to his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. The album’s creation was made public in March 2010,but Campbell and his wife delayed informing the public about his illness until shortly before he embarked on the Glen Campbell Goodbye Tour. The duo decided to go public so fans of his would not be confused if the performer flubbed his lines or seemed erratic onstage.]


25. (57.) Gillian Welch – “The Way It Goes”
from: The Harrow & The Harvest / Acony Records / June 28, 2011
[Born October 2, 1967 in NYC, her biological mother was a freshman in college, and her father was a visiting musician. Alec Wilkinson of The New Yorker stated that “from an address they had been given, it appeared that her mother … may have grown up in the mountains of North Carolina”. Gilian was adopted by Ken and Mitzie Welch, comedy and music entertainers. When Welch was three, her adoptive parents moved to L.A. to write music for The Carol Burnett Show. As a youngster, Welch was introduced to the music of American folk singers Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, and the Carter Family. She performed folk songs with her peers at the Westland Elementary School in Los Angeles. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in photography, Welch attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she majored in songwriting. Welch met her music partner David Rawlings at a successful audition for Berklee’s only country band. Upon finishing college in 1992, She recalled, “I looked at my record collection and saw that all the music I loved had been made in Nashville—Bill Monroe, Dylan, The Stanley Brothers, Neil Young,” so she moved there. Rawlings soon followed. “The Harrow & The Harvest” on Acony Records, is her first record in over 7 years. Gillian Welch played Liberty Hall in Lawrence, on Sunday, September 4.]

26. (56.) TV On The Radio – “Will Do”
from: Nine Types of Light / DGC Records / April 12, 2011
[4th album from Brooklyn based band formed in 2011. It is also the final TV on the Radio album to feature bassist Gerard Smith, who died of lung cancer nine days after Nine Types of Light was released. ]

27. (55.) Baby Teardrops – “Lucky 7 (Remix by Brik Mason of NYC)”
from: X Is For Love / Golden Sound Records / November 15, 2011
[KC native and former Doris Henson leader, Matthew Dunehoo’s new band, was formed in NYC with Megan Thomas and Gerry White. Golden Sound Records of Kansas City re-released “X is for Love” on November 15th, in digital, CD, and for the first time, vinyl formats. The release also included exclusive remixes of album tracks. Matt Dunehoo and a Kansas City version of Baby Teardrops performed a Vinyl release concert on November 25 at The Brick, with Olivetti Letter opening the show.]

Sources for notes: artist’s websites, wikipedia.org

Concert Calendar:

Wed. 12-14 – WE! VIDEO DOCUMENTARY SCREENING, 7 – 9:00pm, La Esquina 1000 W 25th St, KCMO. Live music performances by Brad Cox, Paul Rudy, and Mark Southerland, followed by the premier of the video documentary, which captures the Rocket Grant-funded, collaborative, installation-based dance performance that was staged this past spring in an abandoned downtown office space. The evening will conclude with a forum to meet the artists and discuss the project. Directed, produced and created by Jane Gotch and Mark Southerland, the documentary features video by Reid Bangert, Jane Gotch, and Jori Sackin.

Wed. 12-14 – Amy Farrand’s Weirdo Wednesday Supper Club is turning TWO YEARS OLD! 7 – 9:00pm, Davey’s Uptown Rambler’s Club 3402 Main Street, KCMO. Music by Mark Vick! Burlesque by Eartha Delights!
Puppets and juggling by Just! Delicious food! Massage and body work! Tarot readings! Bring your silly trick and compete for fantastic prizes!

Thurs. 12-15 – Sterling Witt/Camilla Camille/Wayne Esrey at The Riot Room

Fri. 12-16 – Hidden Pictures/Fullbloods/Katlyn Conroy at recordBar

Fri. 12-16 – Raul Malo & Band at Knuckleheads

Fri. 12-16 – The Sons of Great Dane/Howard Iceberg early show at recordBar

Fri. 12-16 – The Wilders at Liberty Hall

Sat. 12-17 – AM Taxi/The Architects/Cherokee Rock Rifle/The Runaway Sons at The Riot Room

Sat. 12-17 – B’dinas/Langen Neubacher/Appropriate Grammar at The Brick

Sat. 12-17 – Big Smith/Dumptruck Butterlips/Brothers Green at Beaumont

Sat. 12-17 – Hearts of Darkness at recordBar

Sat. 12-17 – Howard Iceberg & the Titanics at 3 at Jardine’s

Sat. 12-17 – Shay Estes & Mark Lowrey 6:30 & 9:30 at Jardine’s

Mon. 12-19 – Bowinero/Margo May/Atlas at The Riot Room

Mon. 12-19 – Jenny Carr Farewell and Birthday Show/Andrew Ashby/Jared Tomasino/Matt Shoare at recordBar

Tues. 12-20 – Deco Auto/Lollipop Factory/The Clementines at recordBar

Tues. 12-20 – John Velghe and Friends early show at recordBar

(Special Thanks to Chris Haghirian for concert information!)

Wednesday MidDay Medley is on the web:


28. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Show # 399

WMM Playlist from November 9, 2001

Wednesday MidDay Medley
TEN to NOON Wednesdays – Streaming at KKFI.org
90.1 FM KKFI – Kansas City Community Radio
Produced and Hosted by Mark Manning

Wednesday, November 9, 2011:

Greg Brown & Rev. Sam Mann
+ Heidi Van, David Wayne Reed of “Bump”

1. Dirty Projectors & Bjork – “On and Ever Onward”
from: Mount Wittenberg Orca / Domino Records / October 24, 2011
[In 2009, Björk and Dirty Projectors, were asked to perform a charity concert of seven songs written just for the occasion. A year later they recorded the songs and released a digital-only format. Now over two years later the recording was released on CD and Vinyl by Domino Records. All proceeds from the digital sales at mountwittenbergorca.com go to the National Geographic Society for the project of creating international marine protected areas. Mount Wittenberg is located at Point Reyes National Seashore in California. The inspiration for the EP came when Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors saw a pod of whales off the coast while hiking at that spot.]

2. Baby Teardrops – “Flag of Inner Revolution”
from: X Is For Love / Independent / April 7, 2011
[KC native and former Doris Henson leader, Matthew Dunehoo’s new band, formed in NYC with Megan Thomas and Gerry White. Kansas City’s own Golden Sounds Records recently announced they were reissuing “X is for Love” on November 15th in digital, CD, and for the first time, vinyl formats. The release will also include exclusive remixes of album tracks. The Vinyl release party is Tuesday, November 25 at The Brick, 1727 McGee, Kansas City, MO with Olivetti Letter opening the show. We’ll hear more music from both bands on next week’s show.]

3. Alejandro Escovedo – “Street Songs”
from: Street Songs of Love / Concord Music Group / June 29, 2010
[10th studio album from 60 year-old singer songwriter and son of Mexican immigrants to Texas. The Escovedo family boasts several professional musicians: brothers (and percussionists) Coke Escovedo & Pete Escovedo, and Sheila E (Pete’s daughter & Alejandro’s niece). Escovedo began performing in the punk band The Nuns. In 2003, after having lived with Hepatitis-C for many years, Escovedo fell critically ill. Without medical insurance, Escovedo could not pay his substantial medical bills. Friends organized benefit shows that grew into the album Por Vida: A Tribute to the Songs of Alejandro Escovedo, whose proceeds benefit the Alejandro Escovedo Medical and Living Expense Fund. Contributing musicians included Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, John Cale, Ian Hunter, The Jayhawks, Son Volt, and Sheila E.). In 2005, Escovedo was declared to be free of the disease]

[Alejandro Escovedo will be in KC in An Evening with Alejandro Escovedo and Friends, this Thursday November 10, at 10:00 PM at 1911 Main in Kansas City, MO presented by Midwestern Musical Company Production. KC’s own Dead Voices will be opening the show. Alejandro Escovedo will be backed up by a group of Kansas City musicians organized by Cody Wyoming featuring Cody Wyoming, Chris Meck, Erik Voeks, Mike Stover, Paul Andrews, Lauren Krum, Abigail Henderson and Katie Gilchrist. Tickets information at 1911 Main 816 527 0200 or call Midwestern Musical Company at 816 931 6962.]

4. Brown Bird – “Fingers To The Bone”
from: Salt For Salt / Supply & Demand Music / October 18th, 2011
[5th album from Rhode island based folk duo]

10:15 – Underwriting

5. Bleached – “Searching Through The Past”
from: Searching Through The Past EP /Suicide Squeeze Records / Dec. 6, 2011
[Limited to 750 copies! Sisters of the moon, Jennifer and Jessica Clavin make up the Los Angeles band, Bleached. The songwriting-duo return with the follow-up to their Carter 7-inch]

6. The Roots – “Make My”
from: Undun / Def Jam / December 6, 2011
[featuring Big K.R.I.T. The 13th studio release from the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon house band, and Philadelphia-bred hip-hop veterans the Roots. The album’s concept was partially influenced by Sufjan Stevens “Songs for Mighigan” album and the Roots close their new album with a cover and reinterpretation of the Sufjan Stevens song “Redford” from the Michigan Album.]

7. Richard Thompson – “Oops!…I Did it Again”
from: 1000 Years of Popular Music / Beeswing Music / 2002
[Released as a concert DVD with two audio CDs, this concert set’s encapsulation of 22 songs that trace a musical progression from the Middle Ages through Britney Spears, including rounds, madrigals, and British balladry that recall Thompson’s early days in Fairport Convention..]

10:30 – Interview with Heidi Van and David Wayne Reed

Heidi Van from The Fishtank Theatre talks about "Bump"

David Wayne Reed, Bess Wallerstein and heidi Van in a scene from "Bump"

Last year when Heidi Van, David Wayne Reed and Bess Wallerstein joined heir comedic forces to create the new play, “White Nose Christmas” it ended up winning them a “Best of Kansas City Award” as Best Stocking Stuffer from The Pitch. The show was a hilarious send up, of reality TV personalities that told the story of Brindsay Cardilton, “a coke snorting celebrity, famous for being famous.” This year the three actor, producer, directors have joined forces once again to deliver their newest collaborative holiday show called “Bump” which continues the journey of Brindsay, just out of jail and rehab, who finds herself pregnant. In real life Heidi Van is 8 months pregnant and due to have her baby in just a few weeks. In this new production, Heidi, David and Bess continue the romp, poking fun at their hybrid celebrity character who is equal parts: Kim Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears. “Bump” opens last Friday night and continues through Nov. 14 at the Fishtank Performance Studio, 1715 Wyandotte St. For more info you can visit: fishtanktheater.com.

In real life Heidi Van is 8 months pregnant and due to have her baby in just a few weeks.

“Bump” includes several musical production numbers choreographed by Ashley Otis.

“Bump” continues through Nov. 14 at the Fishtank Performance Studio, 1715 Wyandotte St. For more info you can visit: fishtanktheater.com or visit brownpapertickets.com.


8. Sara Swenson and The Pearl Snaps – “Always and Everywhere”
from: Never Left My Mind EP / Independent / Nov. 19, 2011
[The Pearl Snaps are: Ian Davidson, John Flynn, Brandon Graves, Sarah Magill and Roger Strong. Their new EP, “Never Left My Mind,” features five tracks recorded and produced in Kansas City by Mike Crawford and Beau Davidson. Sara Swenson & The Pearl Snaps EP Release is Saturday, November 19, at 7:00 PM at The Brick, 1727 McGee Street, Kansas City. THoward Iceberg & The Titanics will open the show.]

9. The Blind Boys of Alabama – “Run On For A Long Time”
from: e-town live volume 3 / e-town / Dec. 15, 2002
[Live recording from e-town radio show. The Blind Boys of Alabama play The Mildand this Saturday night, November 12 at 8:00 PM.]

10. Greg Brown – “Wash My Eyes”
from: In The Hills of California – Live from the Kate Wolf Music festival 1997 – 2003 / Red House / 2004 [Orig recorded on Greg Brown’s 4th studio release from 1988, “One More Goodnight Kiss.”]

11. Greg Brown – “Lovinest One”
from: Freak Flag / Yep Roc / May 10, 2011
[Accomplished songwriter, co-founder of the influential indie roots label Red House, and former musical director for Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion radio program,. While recording what was to be his next album lighting hit the studio where he was working, and Greg Brown lost the recordings. Greg, used the experience to turn inward and write more songs that comprise his 24th album: Freak Flag, the title track is all that remains of the lost original album. Greg wrote ten new songs, recording them at Memphis, Tennessee’s legendary Ardent Studios. Produced by Bo Ramsey, the album also includes a cover of Brown’s wife Iris Dement’s ”Let the Mystery Be” and Brown’s daughter Pieta’s song ”Remember the Sun.’]

11:00 – Interview with Sam Mann and Greg Brown

Greg Brown and Sam Mann in 90.1 FM Studios

Grammy Nominated Greg Brown is one of the most repected singer songwriters working in music today. He started singing professionally at the age of 18 organizing early folk concerts in New York City. Portland, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In the 1980s, he worked nd toured extensively wiht A Prairie Home Companion. He also founded his own record label, named Red House Records after a home in which he lived in Iowa.

Greg Brown has release over 30 recordings and has allowed much of his music to be used to raise funds and awareness for environmental and social causes. His songs have been performed by Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson, Carlos Santana, Michael Johnson, Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Iris DeMent and Joan Baez.

Greg Brown will be in concert in a rare KC performance with his wife Iris deMent, on Friday night, 11-11-11 at The Folly Theatre to honor and benefit United Inner City Services home of St. Mark Child and Family Development Center. For more info you can call the Folly Theatre Box Office at 816-474-4444 or visit: TicketMaster.com.

Also with us was Rev. Sam Mann, who last year retired after 40 years of serving as pastor of St. Mark Church at 1101 Euclid Avenue, in Kansas City’s East Side. Rev. Mann grew up in Alabama and came to Kansas City in the late 1960s. He has spent his lifetime working for civil rights and social justice issues. Rev. Mann is a father and grand father and friend to so many who have been inspired by his words and his work. He has dedicated his life to make the world a better place for children and families, working tirelessly to feed the hungry, house the poor, offer education and training, and help minority entrepreneurs open businesses. He helped organize the first National Urban Peace and Justice Summit to address gang violence. In 2004 the state-of -the art St. Mark Early Childhood and development Cents was completed at the cost of 5 Million dollars and in retirement sam continues to organize benefits to retire the mortgage on this amazing facility created to serve children and families in need.

In the 2002 Greg and Iris did a benefit concert for The Friends of Community Radio at Unity Temple on The Plaza. Later that year, on November 21, 2002 Greg married the singer-songwriter Iris DeMent in a private ceremony in the office of Rev. Sam Mann of St. Mark Church here in KC.

Greg Brown’s mother played electric guitar, his grandfather played banjo, and his father was an electrician who became a Pentecostal minister in Earlville, Iowa, and later converted to the Baha’i Faith.

Greg has three children: Constance, Zoe, and Pieta, from his first marriage, who are also musicians. Pieta Brown, has released several albums of her own and tours actively as of 2007.


12. Pieta Brown – “I’m Gone”
from: Mercury / Red House / September 27, 2011

Red House Records includes artists such as Pat Donohue, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky, John McCutcheon and many more.

In 2005, Brown and DeMent adopted another daughter from Russia.
Living at the Hacklebarney Farm in Iowa with Iris.

13. Greg Brown – “He Reached Down” LIVE Performance
written by Iris DeMent and included on her 2004 release Lifeline. This song inspired by a sermon delivered by Rev. Sam Mann.

11:33 – Underwriting

Jeff Bridges won the 2009 Academy Award for best Actor for the film Crazy Heart. Greg Brown wrote a song that was included in the film and Jeff Bridges based his character partially on Greg Brown.


16. Greg Brown – “Stiff Old Bones” – LIVE Performance

Iris DeMent & Greg Brown

Greg Brown will be in concert in a rare KC performance with his wife Iris Dement, on 11-11-11 at The Folly Theatre to honor and benefit United Inner City Services home of St. Mark Child and Family Development Center. For more info you can call the Folly Theatre Box Office at 816-474-4444 or visit: TicketMaster.com.


23. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for Notes: Artist’s websites noted above and wikipedia.org

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