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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2017 – The Year in Music
with: Tim Finn, Marion Merritt, Chris Haghirian, & Fally Afani

10:00 – Station ID

1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / Universal / Dec. 20, 1979
[WMM’s theme]

10:00 – Interview with Tim Finn

Originally from Youngstown, New York, Tim Finn studied at University of Missouri in Columbia and received his Masters of Arts, in Journalism from the University of Kansas. Tim is the Music Writer of the KC Star and Ink, he hosts the Kansas City Star Sessions – Live from The Blue Room every Monday at Noon. You can hear Tim Thursday afternoons between 4 and 6 on 90.9 The Bridge with Jon Hart. You can catch up on all of Tim’s features for the Star at Back to Rockville where Tim Finn blogs about the KC music scene.

Tim Finn’s Favorite Musical Releases of 2017

#5. Alex Lahey – I Love you Like A Brother / Independent / July 30, 2016

2. Alex Lahey – “Let’s call It A Day”
from: I Love You Like A Brother / Dead Oceans / October 6, 2017
[Alex Lahey is a 24 year old Australian singer-songwriter from Melbourne. In 2016, Lahey won the Josh Pyke Partnership. Her track “You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me” received Pitchfork’s Best New Track Award, and was featured in the Triple J Hottest 100, 2016. She also won a Triple J Unearthed prize, leading to a performance at Splendour in the Grass, and was nominated for a J Award for Unearthed Artist of the Year. Lahey’s EP B-Grade University was released in 2016. In January 2017, Alex Lahey signed to Dead Oceans which re-released her B-Grade University EP. On October 6th 2017, Alex Lahey released her debut album “I Love You Like A Brother” through her own independent label, “Nicky Boy Records”. Having toured Australia through October, Alex took her live show worldwide, performing across Europe and the USA. Lahey sees her life as ordinary: “I fall in love, I have a family, I go out with my friends, I like to have a drink.” However, most people can’t distil those universal experiences into wry, punchy indie-rock songs – three minute odes to millennial angst and all the complicated feelings that come with it. Alex Lahey can. ‘Love You Like A Brother’ is proof. Born and raised in Melbourne, Lahey initially studied jazz saxophone at university but unimpressed with “learning music in such a regimented way” she switched to an arts degree (see her ‘B-Grade University’ EP for more detailsThe themes of Alex Lahey’s album might be universal, but it’s the unique approach she takes unpacking them that’s earned her millions of Spotify streams, buzz-worthy showcases at SXSW and festival sets alongside the likes of Flume, The Kills, At The Drive-In and James Blake as well as guesting on tours with Catfish & The Bottlemen, Tegan & Sara and Blondie.]

#4 Berwanger – And the Star Invaders / Berwanger / October 28, 2017

3. Berwanger – “The Star Invaders“
from: And The Star Invaders / Berwanger / October 28, 2017
[Recorded in Norman, OK at Blackwatch Studios. This record features musicians from The Anniversary, Pink, Cher, Limbeck, the Flaming Lips, & Broncho. Josh wrote the songs for this record after witnessing UFO’s on family vacation 2 years ago. The songs for this record can almost make a trilogy collection including his 2 previous records, and bridge the gap nicely between his earlier bands, The Anniversary and The Only Children. Josh Berwanger on guitar & vocals, Ricky Salthouse on guitar & vocals, Eva Gardner on bass, Jonny Phillip on drums & cymbals & percussion, Matt Duckworth on percussion, and Penny Pitchlynn on backing vocals.Josh Berwanger was in The Anniversary, a Kansas band that released, 2000’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown & 2002’s Your Majesty and sold over 100,000 records before breaking up on tour in Japan. The band recently reunited for new shows and a tour this year. Berwanger was also in the band, The Only Children, and released, 2004’s Change of Living & 2007’s Keeper of Youth. When Keeper of Touth ended Josh Berwanger took a break and became a high school basketball coach. In the 2012 Josh formed the Josh Berwanger band. Berwanger released the EP Demonios November 11, 2016.]

#3. Making Movies – I Am Another You / Making Movies / May 26, 2017

4. Making Movies – “Spinning Out”
from: I Am Another You / Making Movies / May 26, 2017
[3rd full length release: from Kansas City based 4-piece band and made up of two sets of brothers: Enrique Chi on guitar and lead vocals; Diego Chi on bass & vocals; Juan-Carlos Chaurand on percussion & keyboards; and Andres Chaurand on drums. The band draws their influences from the origins of their families: Santiago, Panama, and Kansas City, Missouri, and Guadalajara, Mexico. Making Movies is kicking off their 22-date Immigrants Are Beautiful Tour, a celebration of solidarity in the face of fear-mongering and hate. Frontman Enrique Chi shared, “It’s time to realize we are all part of this continuum, this beautifully flawed human race that has migrated from every continent to bring us all the beauty we enjoy today.” The band’s social statement is straightforward enough that they can express it in four words: “We Are All Immigrants.” In supporting that cause, a portion of all proceeds from the album and tour go to the National Immigration Law Center. Enrique Chi, singer-songwriter in Making Movies describes, “since making the album, the tides have shifted and the underbelly of systematic racism has reared its ugly head. It is no longer time to be silent is time for us to raise our voices.” The quartet has toured with Arcade Fire, Thievery Corporation, Cold War Kids, Los Lobos, Ozomatli, Tennis, Sergio Mendoza of Calexico, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and Hurray for the Riff Raff.]

[Making Movies: I Am Another You Experience at Knuckleheads, Saturday, December 2, at 8 PM at Knuckleheads Saloon, 2715 Rochester St, KCMO, with: Making Movies, The Elders, Jim Suptic (of the Get Up Kids), Bob Walkenhorst (of The Rainmakers), The Nace Brothers, Anthony Ladesich (The Hardship Letters), Hi-Lux, Wick (of Wick and the Tricks), Rory Cameron (of the Whiffs), and Special guest dancers from Quixotic ]

#2 Samantha Fish – Belle of The West / Ruf Records / November 3, 2017

5. Samantha Fish – “Need You More”
from: Belle of The West / Ruf Records / November 3, 2017
[Samantha Fish’s second full-length release within eight months, and her sixth since debuting in 2009.. Produced by Luther Dickinson. Growing up in Kansas City, Samantha Fish switched from drums to guitar at the tender age of 15. She spent much of her time in local watering holes listening to visiting blues bands. Samantha caught the attention of Ruf Records who released her album, Girls with Guitars, which found her co-billed with Cassie Taylor and Dani Wilde. That led to her forming her own trio and recording three more albums, Runaway (2011), Black Wind Howlin’ (2013) and Wild Heart (2015). She was awarded, Best Artist Debut at the 2012 Blues Music Awards in Memphis. In March of 2017 Fish released: Chills & Fever, where she traveled to Detroit to collaborate with members of the Detroit Cobras, a band popular in the Midwest punk/blues scene. The collaboration included Joe Mazzola on guitar, Steve Nawara on bass, Kenny Tudrick with Bob Mervak on keys, and Mark Levron and Travis Blotsky on trumpet and saxophone. The band covers songs from Jackie DeShannon, Jerry Ragavoy, Bert Berns and Allen Toussaint while also revisiting some earlier demos she cut along with producer Bobby Harlow.]

[Samantha Fish plays Knuckleheads Saloon, Sunday, December 31, at 9:00 PM]

#1. Katy Guillen and The Girls – Remember What You Knew Before / KG & The Girls /

6. Katy Guillen and The Girls – “If You Were Gone”
from: Remember What You Knew Before / KG & The Girls / November 11, 2017
[For this new album the band worked with producer Lennon Bone. The band reworked songs from the 2012 album Katy & Go-Go, the 2014 Katy & The Girls eponymous debut album, and from 2016’s “Heavy Days” with one new song. Katy Guillen and The Girls, were formed in September of 2012 in Kansas City. The blues influenced roots rock trio is made up of Katy Guillen on guitar & vocals, Claire Adams on bass & vocals, & Stephanie Williams on drums.]

[Katy Guillen and The Girls play BB’s Lawnside BBQ on Friday, December 15, at 8:00 PM.]

10:30 – Underwriting

10:32 – Interview with Marion Merritt

For nearly 14 years Marion Merritt has been sharing her musical discoveries and information from her musically encyclopedic brain. Marion is the creator of Records With Merritt, a small, independent, minority owned business, at 1614 Westport Rd. in Kansas City, Missouri.

Marion Merritt’s Favorite Musical Releases of 2017

#5 Pond – The Weather / Marathon Artists / May 5, 2017

7. Pond – “Sweep Me Off My Feet”
from: The Weather / Marathon Artists / May 5, 2017
[7th studio albumfrom Australian psychedelic rock bandformed in 2008. Featuring a revolving line-up, the band is currently: Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson, Joe Ryan & Jamie Terry. Pond shares its members with fellow Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala. Jay Watson is a full member of both acts, while Pond band leader Nick Allbrook contributed to both bands from 2009 until 2013. Current Tame Impala members Kevin Parker, Cam Avery and Julien Barbagallo are all former members of Pond, with Parker continuing to work with the band as its record producer. Pond frontman Nicholas Allbrook has described the album as a “concept album, not completely about Perth, but focusing on all the weird contradictory things that make up a lot of colonial cities around the world. Laying out all the dark things underneath the shimmering exterior of cranes, development, money and white privilege. It’s not our place, but it is our place. British, but Australian, but not REAL Australian. On the edge of the world with a hell of a lot of fucked things defining our little city, still we try and live a wholesome respectful life, while being inherently disrespectful. At the end of all this confusion in our weird little white antipodean world, there’s the beach, purity and nature that brings us all together”.]

#4. Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger in the Alps / Dead Oceans / 2017

8. Phoebe Bridgers – “Smoke Signals”
from: Stranger in the Alps / Dead Oceans / 2017
[Phoebe Bridgers was born August 17, 1994, and is from Los Angeles, California. Bridgers released her major label debut 7″ on Ryan Adams record label, PAX AM. In early 2016, Bridgers supported Julien Baker on her 2016 East Coast tour. Bridgers is a graduate of Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. In 2014 she was featured in a commercial for the Apple iPhone singing a cover of “Gigantic” by the Pixies. In June 2017, Phoebe Bridgers signed to Dead Oceans. The Alps was produced by Tony Berg and Ethan Gruska.]

#3. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Don’t Get Lost / A Records / February 24, 2017

9. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Melody’s Actual Echo Chamber”
from: Don’t Get Lost / A Records / February 24, 2017
[Formed in San Francisco in 1990 by frontman Anton Newcombe. Their early music was in a shoegaze style. Following their debut album, Methodrone, the group’s sound transitioned to a broader style of psychedelic rock, incorporating styles such as garage rock, folk rock and, later, electronica into their sound. The act continue to experiment with musical styles. The band was the subject of the 2004 documentary film Dig!, and have gained media notoriety for their tumultuous working relationships as well as the erratic behavour of leader Newcombe. The Brian Jonestown Massacre have released seventeen albums, five compilation albums, five live albums, thirteen EPs, sixteen singles as well as two various-artist compilation albums to date.]

#2. Jackie Shane – Jackie Shane: Any Other Way / Numero Group / October 20, 2017

10. Jackie Shane – “Cruel Cruel World”
from: Jackie Shane: Any Other Way / Numero Group / October 20, 2017
[Jackie Shane was born May 15, 1940. She is an American former soul and rhythm and blues singer, who was most prominent in the local music scene of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the 1960s. She is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. In 1960, Shane moved to Montreal, Quebec, where saxophonist King Herbert Whitaker invited a young Shane along to watch the popular band Frank Motley and his Motley Crew at the Esquire Show Bar. Shane, who showed up in a bright red dress and her hair done up, sat down near the front. When Motley said, “Get that kid up here and let’s see what they can do,” pianist Curley Bridges invited her up onstage for the next set, where she performed songs by Ray Charles and Bobby “Blue” Bland. She was soon the band’s lead vocalist, and relocated to Toronto with them in late 1961. She sometimes returned to the United States to perform shows in Nashville, Boston, and Los Angeles. A fan mythology linked her to Little Richard, including claims that she had been Richard’s backing vocalist before moving to Canada or even that she was Richard’s cousin, although no verification of either claim has ever been found and no evidence exists that Shane ever made either claim herself. Music critic Carl Wilson has concluded that, while in reality Shane had deep and identifiable roots in the traditions of the Southern US Chitlin’ Circuit, the mythology emerged because that scene’s traditions were not known to Torontonians in the 1960s, and thus Little Richard was the only antecedent for Shane’s style that most of her local fan base could identify. Throughout her active musical career and for many years thereafter, Shane was written about by nearly all sources as a man who performed in drag. The few sources that actually sought out her own words on the matter of her own gender identification were more ambiguous, however; she identified herself as male in two early quotes to the Toronto Star, but more often appeared to simply dodge questions about her gender altogether. Her identity as a trans woman was not confirmed on the record by a media outlet until 2017. CBC Radio’s Inside the Music aired a documentary feature, “I Got Mine: The Story of Jackie Shane”, in 2010. At the time, nobody involved in the documentary had been able to determine whether Shane was still living; she was subsequently found still alive in Nashville.Footage of Shane in performance also appeared in Bruce McDonald’s 2011 documentary television series Yonge Street: Toronto Rock & Roll Stories. Jackie Shane Live was reissued in 2011 on Vintage Music as Live at the Sapphire Tavern, although the reissue was labelled as being from 1963 (the date of the original live performance) instead of 1967 (the release date of the album). The reissue also included Shane’s performances from Honkin’ at Midnight as bonus tracks. A compilation album of the studio singles and rarities, Soul Singles Classics, was released the same year. In 2015, the Polaris Music Prize committee shortlisted Jackie Shane Live as one of the nominees for the 1960s-1970s component of its inaugural Heritage Award to honour classic Canadian albums. It was shortlisted for the prize again in 2016 and 2017. In 2017, a group of Toronto writers published the essay anthology Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer, a history of LGBT culture in Toronto; in addition to taking its title from Shane’s 1962 single, the book includes an essay devoted specifically to Shane. In the summer of 2017, the reissue label Numero Group announced that they would be releasing a double-LP/CD compilation of Shane’s music, Any Other Way, on October 20, 2017. The album marks the first time since her final single in 1969 that Shane has been directly involved in the production and release of a reissue of her music.]

#1. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Soul of a Woman / Daptone Records / 2017

11. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – “Matter of Time”
from: Soul of a Woman / Daptone Records / November 17, 2017
[The 6th and last studio album from this great band. In November 2016, Sharon Jones suffered a stroke while watching the 2016 United States presidential election results and another the following day. Jones remained alert and lucid during the initial period of her hospital stay, jokingly claiming that the news of Donald Trump’s victory was responsible for her stroke. She died on November 18, 2016, in Cooperstown, New York, aged 60. Sharon Lafaye Jones was born May 4, 1956 and died this year on November 18, 2016. She was an American soul and funk singer. Although she collaborated with Lou Reed, David Byrne and others, she is best known as lead singer of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, a soul and funk band based in Brooklyn, New York. Jones experienced breakthrough success relatively late in life, releasing her first record when she was 40 years old. In 2014, Jones was nominated for her first Grammy, in the category Best R&B Album, for Give the People What They Want. Jones was born in Augusta, Georgia, the daughter of Ella Mae Price Jones and Charlie Jones, living in adjacent North Augusta, South Carolina. Jones was the youngest of six children; her siblings are Dora, Charles, Ike, Willa and Henry. Jones’s mother raised her deceased sister’s four children as well as her own. She moved the family to New York City when Sharon was a young child. As children, she and her brothers would often imitate the singing and dancing of James Brown. Her mother happened to know Brown, who was also from Augusta.Jones grew up in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. In 1975, she graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn. She attended Brooklyn College. A regular gospel singer in church, Jones often entered talent shows backed by local funk bands in the early 1970s. Session work then continued with backing vocals, often credited to Lafaye Jones, but in the absence of any recording contract as a solo singer, she spent many years working as a corrections officer at Rikers Island and as an armored car guard for Wells Fargo, until receiving a mid-life career break in 1996 after she appeared on a session backing the soul and deep funk legend Lee Fields. Sharon Jones was part of the very beginning of Daptone Records Daptone Records’ first release was a full-length album by Sharon Jones. A new band, the Dap-Kings, was formed from the former members of the Soul Providers and the Mighty Imperials. Some of the musicians went on to record for Lehman’s Soul Fire label, while some formed the Budos Band, an Afro-beat band. From the original Soul Providers, Roth (also known as Bosco Mann) on bass, guitarist and emcee Binky Griptite, percussionist Fernando Velez, trumpet player Anda Szilagyi and organist Earl Maxton were joined by original Mighty Imperials saxophonist Leon Michels and drummer Homer Steinweiss, plus Neal Sugarman from Sugarman 3, to form The Dap-Kings. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, then released the album Dap Dippin’ with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings in May of 2002, for which they received immediate attention and acclaim from enthusiasts, DJs and collectors. Next they released, Naturally (2005), 100 Days, 100 Nights (2007), I Learned the Hard Way (2010), and Give the People What They Want (2014). They are seen by many as the spearhead of a revival of soul and funk.]

11:00 – Station ID

11:00 – Interview with Chris Haghirian

Chris Haghirian has worked for The KC Star for 18 years and helped launch INK in April of 2008 where he puts together music promotions, and organizes music at, Boulevardia, The Plaza Art Fair, and Wednesday “Winsday” home game concerts at Kauffman Stadium for the Kansas City Royals. With Nathan Reusch of The Record Machine, Chris makes The Middle of The Map Fest happen each year, and Chris gets to share his amazing passion for the Kansas City music scene as host, with Sarah Bradshaw, of Eight One Sixty, heard Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm, on 90.9 The Bridge.

Chris Haghirian’s Favorite Musical Releases of 2017

#5. Fathers – “Solamente” – Single / Fathers / 2017

12. Fathers – “Solamente”
from: “Solamente” – Single / Fathers / 2017
[One of three songs recorded from Fathers is a new 8-piece band, formed this year, with Kenneth Storz on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards; Brooke Honeycutt on vocals, bells, percussion; David Littlewood on voice, keyboards, bells; Snake Bourret on percussion, bells, keys; Matt Guilliums on bass & percussion; Bryce VZ on vibraphone, voice, and percussion; Josh Seerden on guitar, keys, bass, percussion; Celeste Tilley on trombone, vocals, and percussion.]

#4. Mess – heartswithholes / Mess / August 12, 2017

13. Mess – “soak”
from: heartswithholes / Mess / August 12, 2017
[Mess is a Kansas City based band formed by: Allison Gliesman, Kevin Briody, Tanner Pinkerton and Evan Velasquez. Recorded in Edwardsville, Illinois at Bird Cloud Recording. Production and recording by Ryan Wasoba. Mastering by Joel Hatstat in Athens, Georgia.]

#3 Joesph Warren and the Wanderlust Revival – The Greenwood Demos / Nov 4, 2017

14. Joseph Warren and the Wanderlust Revival – “Love The Wander”
from: The Greenwood Demos / Joseph Warren / November 4, 2017
[Based out of Kansas City, Missouri, Joseph Warren & the Wanderlust Revival is a unique caravan of midwestern roamers. Joseph Warren Wheeler on vocals, tenor guitar, guitar, & banjo; Bill Wald on bass, Jake Gronbeck on drums & percussion, Eva Louise Hall on vocals. More info at: http://www.thewanderlustrevival.com]

#2. KD Kuro – Good-Luck / Kwame Boateng / August 1, 2017

15. KD Kuro–”JULES(feat. Domineko & Chase the Horseman (radio edit)”
from: Good-Luck / Kwame Boateng / August 1, 2017
[This track was produced by Chase the Horseman. KD Kuro is the musical project of Kwame Boateng, a Kansas City based rapper. He was born in Arlington, Virginia, and graduated from Olathe South High School in 2008. After attending Coffeyville Community College Kwame as KD Kuro started his rap career in 2012 and has been cultivating and refining his sound over the course of the last 5 years. Kwame grew up with musical influences like N.E.R.D and Missy Elliot that helped to mold the music he creates. This debut album was co-produced by Chase the Horseman and Nathan “Geesace” Gisecke.]

#1 The Sluts – Only One / The Sluts / May 25, 2017

16. The Sluts – “Wonderful”
from: Only One / The Sluts / May 25, 2017
[New 5 song EP from the Lawrence based band The Sluts formed by Ryan Wise & Kristoffer Dover in 2011.]

11:29 – Underwriting

10:31 – Interview with Fally Afani

Fally Afani is an award-winning journalist with a career spanning more than 16 years in media. She has worked extensively in radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. She has received several Kansas Association of Broadcasters awards as well as an Edward R. Murrow award for her online work in journalism. Fally lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where she reports on local and touring musicians and where she is the founder of, I Heart Local Music a comprehensive website providing info and place for music lovers in Lawrence to gather. It was started out of a deep love and appreciation for the local music scene. More information at: http://www.iheartlocalmusic.com

11:33 – Fally Afani’s Favorite Musical Releases of 2017

#5. Stiff Middle Fingers – “3 Minutes to Midnight ” split 7″ / Black Site Records

17. Stiff Middle Fingers – “3 Minutes to Midnight (radio edit)”
from: Red Kate – Stiff Middle Fingers split 7″ / Black Site Records / April 8, 2017
[Lead vocals from TurdKing (aka Travis Arey) , guitarist Aaron “Barry” Swenson, drummer George Valyer, and bassist Doug Griffin. “Stiff Middle Fingers harness the angst and energy of early punk and the irreverent intelligence of early aughts Saddle Creek. The combination of these two elements makes their songs part-snarl and part-snark. Perfect for summertime skanking in the daytime or shaking the walls of any dive bar at night, Stiff Middle Fingers take all the frenetic energy of being dissatisfied with life after a few pots of coffee and directs at a single goal: making music that burns through the veins of their listeners.” Red Kate and the Stiff Middle Fingers have joined forces to release a new Split 7″ Single. Engineered by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City.]

#4. Cuee – “Honey feat. Mich Anne (Clean)” Single / Cuee / November 27, 2017

18. Cuee – “Honey feat. Micha Anne (Clean)”
from: “Honey”- Single / Cuee / November 27, 2017
[Cuee is a Chicago rap artist currently in Lawrence. Fally Afani writes in I Heart Local Music: Your 2017 local queer anthem is here, and we are screaming. Cuee’s “Honey” features local trans songstress Micha Anne, and it’s blasting confidence all over our speakers. LISTEN TO US. This is the track you put on when you’re gussying up for a night of raging on the Replay dance floor. In the song, Micha encourages us to “work it out,” “get sexy now,” and just “slay.” Then, Cuee (always the charmer) pops in, proudly proclaims “I’m brown skinned, I like action” and that she could “pull your girl without askin’.” We’re already a hot mess. 2017 has been such a shit year and we need this unapologetic happiness right now. Together, Cuee and Micha Anne are looking good and slaying. They are our guiding lights in dark times, and we are going to sissy that walk when we follow them into the new frontier. If this is the future of music, sign us up. We are here for it.]

[Cuee and Micha Anne will be performing at I Heart Local Music’s Stop Day Party on Friday, December 8th, at the Replay in Lawrence, KS.]

#3. Truckstop Honeymoon – Big Things and Little Things / January 6, 2017

19. Truckstop Honeymoon – “L.P.”
from: Big Things and Little Things / S. West & M. West / January 6, 2017
[Katie West & Mike West are based in Lawrence, KS, relocated here after Hurricane Katrina and the devastation of their home. Hollering with all their hearts over a five string banjo and a doghouse bass, Truckstop Honeymoon live the life they sing about. Touring across three continents with four kids and a truck load of songs, Katie and Mike West tell stories about the strangeness of everyday life. Their music combines elements of bluegrass, music hall jazz and straight up rock’n’roll. Vaudevillian wit and showmanship spike their energetic live shows, while the fearless honesty of their songs touches the hearts of listners around the world. In eleven years Truckstop Honeymoon have released eight CDs and a full length documentary film on Baton Rouge label, Squirrel Records. They perform at International folk festivals, rock clubs, neighborhood bars, house concerts and hay barns from Nebraska to Tasmania. Truckstop Honeymoon’s story begins in New Orleans, where Katie played wash-tub bass and blues piano in the streets of the French Quarter. There she met Mike, who slung a banjo and sold his CDs to tourists as a curative for hangovers and small mindedness. After a court house wedding, they hit the road together. They spent their wedding night in a trucks stop somewhere between Lafayette and the Atchafalaya Swamp. There Truckstop Honeymoon was born. More info at: http://www.truckstophoneymoon.com.]

#2. HighWesthus – The Trilogy (Part I, II, III) / Datura Records / August 26, 2017

20. HighWesthus – “Burn (Radio Edit)”
from: HighWesthus – The Trilogy (Part I, II, III) / Datura Records / August 26, 2017
[Written and produced and performed by HighWesthus, and mixed and mastered by Leyone Tracks. HighWesthus was born Shaun Teamer, in Chicago, Illinose. He is now based in Kansas City. In October 2016 HighWesthus released Part III. The ILLU as the last official album of the Trilogy Set that began with the May 2015 release, Part I. The Dead, and continued with the November 2015 release, Part II. The Wise. Recently Lawrence based Datura Records in co-release with Whatever Forever, released all three parts as one 29 song collection. HighWesthus is a freelance multimedia artist living in Kansas City. He graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2012 with a BFA in Animation. He is one of four owners of Strange Paper Studio, based in Kansas City. HighWesthus specializes in illistration, animation, graphic design, dideo editing, sound editing, music producing, writng and storytelling.]

[HighWesthus plays Forever Fest! with CS Luxem, Wendy Moira, Mazfield, Ovaries-eez, and Invisible Public Library, Saturday, Dec 9 at 10:00 PM at Replay Lounge, 946 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS.]

#1 The Sluts – Only One / The Sluts / May 25, 2017

21. The Sluts – “Only One”
from: Only One / The Sluts / May 25, 2017
[New 5 song EP from the Lawrence based band The Sluts formed by Ryan Wise & Kristoffer Dover in 2011.]

Fally Afani’s Honorable Mention: Serene Fiend

22. Serene Fiend – “Ephemeral Sound”
from: Serene Fiend [EP] / DK Records / June 20, 2017
[Serene Fiend is an industrial pop-rock project from Lawrence, Kansas based Joel Bonner. Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Mixing, Mastering by Joel Bonner. Additional Guitar on “Ephemeral Sound” and “Dangerous” by Ryan Wise. Written by Joel Bonner ]

23. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]
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1. “Main Title Instrumental – It’s Showtime Folks”
from: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to All That Jazz / 1980
[Wednesday MidDay Medley’s theme song]

2. TV On The Radio – “Happy Idiot”
from: Seeds / Harvest Records / November 17, 2014
[Formed in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York. The core lineup has been Tunde Adebimpe (vocals/loops), David Andrew Sitek (guitars/keyboards/loops), Kyp Malone (vocals/guitars/bass/loops), Jaleel Bunton (drums/vocals/loops/guitars) and Gerard Smith (bass/keyboards) as official members. Seeds is the 5th studio album. It is the band’s first album since the 2011 death of their bassist, Gerard Smith. Seeds was recorded in LA, at guitarist Dave Sitek’s Federal Prism home studio. Sitek also produced the record. Lead singer Tunde Adebimpe explained, “It was nice to be somewhere where you’re not exactly on the clock and worried about how much everything is costing you. It was pretty much the same situation as when we started making music.]

[TV on The Radio play The Midland Theatre, Saturday, March 21, with Nostalghia.]


3. Ivory Black – “Drive”
from: Drive – Single / CBM Records / March 10, 2015

[A native of Indiana, Ivory Black has lived in Oklahoma & Missouri, and is currently based in Lone Jack and performs solo in open mics and songwriter circles displaying looping techniques, layering rhythms and vocals. Currently working with AweStruck Studios in KC, Ivory released a single through CBM Records and is set to put out a new record this year.]

4. Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds – “Brave and Wreckless”
from: Brave and Wreckless – Single / Independent / February 10, 2015
[Chris Meck on lead guitar & vocals, Michelle Bacon on drums, Calandra Ysquierdo on bass guitar & vocals, Camry Ivory on keys & vocals. The band plans to release an EP in Spring 2015.]

[Chris Meck & The Guilty Birds play The MidCoast Takeover, Saturday, March 21, in Austin Texas.]

5. Josh Berwanger Band- “I Want You Bad”
from: Exorcism Rock / Good Land Records / To be released in May 2015
[Recorded at Element Recording with producer Doug Boehm. The current line up includes: Josh Berwanger, Ricky Salthouse, and Brian Klien. Josh Berwanger was previously in The Anniversary, a Kansas band that released, 2000’s Designing a Nervous Breakdown & 2002’s Your Majesty and sold over 100,000 records before breaking up on tour in Japan. Berwanger put together a new band, The Only Children, and released, 2004’s Change of Living & 2007’s Keeper of Youth. When Keeper of Youth ended Josh Berwanger took a break and became a high school basketball coach. In the 2012 Josh formed the Josh Berwanger band. Josh Berwanger recently recorded a 7 ” Split Single with Dwight Twilley for Good Land Records.]

[Josh Berwanger Band play The MidCoast Takeover, TONIGHT, Mar. 18, at Shangri La, in Austin.]
[Josh Berwanger Band play a Saddle Creek Showcase Mar. 19, at Stay Gold, Austin, TX.]
[Josh Berwanger Band play Riot Room, April 5, w/Swearing At Motorists, DTCV, & Schwervon!]
[Josh Berwanger Band play Middle of the Map Fest April 24 at Ernie Biggs.]


6. Various Blonde – “Scripted Future”
from: Summer High / Independent / July 29, 2014
[Produced By: Isaiah ” Ikey” Owens. Joshua Allen- Guitar/Vocals, Evanjohn Mcintosh- Bass, Mark Lomas- Drums/Percussioon, Eddie Moore- Keyboards/Rhodes. Conceived in 2008 by mutual friends and now the brainchild of Kansas City native Joshua Allen. The band presents a bombastic, dark alternative progressive style. Joshua Allen draws from a wide array of influences such as, Radiohead, Blonde Redhead, Mike Patton, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Yes, King Crimson, Can, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Mars Volta Miles Davis, Mogwai, and Jimi Hendrix. Since 2009 Various Blonde has opened for national acts, Russian Circles, Free Moral Agents, Zechs Marquise, Dead Meadow, Imaad Wasif, Jucifer,The Memorials, Thursday, Matt Pryor, Murder by Death, Fang Island, Bang Camaro, Electric Sixx. They have been described in words such as “sonic devastation” and deliver a show all their own.]

[Various Blonde play The MidCoast Takeover at Shangri La in Austin Sat, March 21.]
[Various Blonde play recordBar Tues, March 24, with Jorge Arana Trio, Dams, & Riala.]

7. Victor & Penny – “Salt (Live)”
from: Live At the Living Room Theatre / Independent / January 10, 2015
[3rd release for Kansas City based duo, and sometimes quartet with and their Loose Change Orchestra. Victor & Penny are Jeff Freling (Blue Man Group, Chicago) who attended Berklee School of Music, and Erin McGrane (George Clooney’s, “Up in the Air” and the cabaret troupe, “Alacartoona”). Erin is a recipient of an Inspiration Grant from the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City as well as a Mid-America Arts Alliance Grant for Professional Development. Victor & Penny have been touring the USA for the last three years and were awarded a 2013 Escape to Create Artist Residency.]

[Victor & Penny and their Loose Change Orchestra play Knuckleheads, TONIGHT, March 18, with Mikal Shapiro & Chad Brothers opening.]

8. Rocky Volotavo – “The Hereafter”
from: Hospital Handshakes / No Sleep Records / April 21, 2015
[Born in Dallas, Texas, in 1977 his mother remarried and moved the family to the Pacific Northwest in 1991. Alienated by his southern roots, the isolation led him to focus all of his attention on learning to play guitar and writing songs. In 1996, Votolato, started playing under the name Waxwing. The band signed with Second Nature Recordings out of Kansas City, MO. The band then released three full-length albums. In 1999, Votolato branched out as a solo artist touring with Damien Jurado, Small Brown Bike, The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams, Owen and The Casket Lottery, members of the latter having provided assistance as backing musicians on occasion. He has been married to his wife, April Votolato, for over 10 years, and they live in Seattle with their two children.]

[Rocky Volotavo plays a Living Room Show in Kansas City Sat, Night, March 21.]

9. Shades of Jade – “Dynasty”
from: Fingerprinted Memories pt. 1 / Independent / September 21, 2013
[Members include conservatory trained artists: Joshua Williams on Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Desmond Mason on Keyboards, Justin McCoy on Percussion, Perry DJStix Holliday on Percussion, Derrick Greenwood on Bass/Guitar, Dominique Sanders on Bass, and Linnaia McKenzie on Vocals.]

[Shades of Jade play The Tank Room on Friday, March 20.]

10:28 – Underwriting

10:30– Interview with Patrick Alonzo Conway

Patrick Alonzo Conway is a Kansas City based composer, performer, educator, and independent musician. He holds a Masters in Music Composition from the UMKC Conservatory of Music. He was a founding member of newEar, and he works with Terrestrial Consort, Peoples Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City, Own/Cox Dance Group, Mambo DeLeon, Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7, and BCR. He is a 2012 recipient of the Charlotte Street Foundation Generative Performing Artist Fellow Award. Patrick Alonzo Conway is also the Director of Gamelan Genta Kasturi.

Gamelan Genta Kasturi performs Saturday, March 21, 2015, at 7:00 pm, at Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral, Founder’s Hall, 1415 W. 13th Street, KCMO.

For over 12 years KC’s community Balinese gamelan orchestra, Gamelan Genta Kasturi, has been presenting community concerts.

Founder I Ketút Gedé Asnawa and family is joining the group for their next concert.

Gamelan Genta Kasturi with Balinese Guest Artists under the direction of I Ketút Gedé Asnawa, featuring dancers Putu Oka Mardiani Asnawa, Yunirika Asnawa & Yonitika Asnawa

The group’s founder and family return in a special concert of Balinese Music & Dance featuring original compositions by Mr. Asnawa and traditional classics. Last KC performance was June of 2009!

FREE & Open to the Public -donations accepted-

Mr. Asnawa will lead the group; his wife Putu Oka Mardiani and two daughters Yunirika and Yonitika will perform several dance numbers. Featured works include three of his original compositions: “Sekar Taman” Dance (Flowers in the Garden), “Gita Genta Kasturi” (written for the group) and “Gilak Walipraja” along with three other Balinese classics: “Siwa Natha” (King Shiva), “Baris Tunggal” Dance depicting a solo warrior, “Margapati” Dance depicting a sleeping lion and “Oleg Tamulilingan” Dance which portrays the interaction of male and female bumblebees. Also included on the program will be current ensemble director Patrick Alonzo Conway’s gamelan arrangement of Sun Ra’s “Angels & Demons at Play”.

Mr. Asnawa has been faculty at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in conjunction with the Robert E. Brown Center For World Music since leaving Kansas City in 2006. He and his family maintain an active schedule performing, teaching and promoting Balinese Cultural Arts.

Gamelan Genta Kasturi, premiered a large scale collaborative work in 2011 featuring his Patrick Alonzo Conway’s original composition Angels & Demons at Play through Urban Culture Project and ArtSounds. Shortly thereafter, Gamelan Genta Kasturi was awarded Studio Space through the Charlotte Street/Urban Culture Project Studio Residency Program.

A gamelan is a traditional musical ensemble from Indonesia, typically from the islands of Java and Bali, featuring a variety of instruments such as metallophones, xylophones, kendang (drums) & gongs; bamboo flutes, bowed & plucked strings. Vocalists may also be included. For most Indonesians, gamelan music is an integral part of Indonesian culture.

The term refers more to the set of instruments than to the players of those instruments. A gamelan is a set of instruments as a distinct entity, built and tuned to stay together – instruments from different gamelan are generally not interchangeable.

Patrick Alonzo Conway plays with other bands including: Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7, newEar, BCR, and The People’s Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City who have been named as headliners for the 2015 Wichita Jazz Fest.

Kansas City’s community Balinese gamelan orchestra, Gamelan Genta Kasturi performs Saturday, March 21, 2015, at 7:00 pm, at Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral, Founder’s Hall, 1415 W. 13th Street, KCMO. More info at: http://www.gamelangentakasturi.org.


10. Ruth Acuff – “Dark Blue Dark Green”
from: To The Moon / Nation of Love / November 22, 2014
[Ruth Acuff sings with an angelic voice. Playing a 34 string lever harp, she is accompanied by her husband Jeff Mueller on upright bass, and her sister, Mary Leibovich on harmony vocals and percussion. Joining the trio for this song is Susan Acuff on harmony vocals, Greg Spillman on Cello, John Shafer on Trumpet.]

[Ruth Acuff plays MidCoast Takeover at Shangri La in Austin Thursday, March 19.]

10:50 – Interview with Matt Kesler

The Pedaljets

The Pedaljets

Matt Kesler is part of the rock and roll foundation of the Kansas City Music Scene. He is one of the founding members of The PedalJets, a band that formed in Lawrence, Kansas in 1984. The Pedaljets 2013 release What’s In Between, was #1 on our The 113 Best Recordings of 2013. What’s In Between also won a Pitch Music Award for Album of the Year. The Pedaljets have been back in the studio and are getting ready to release a new record with their new lead guitarist Cody Wyoming. Mat Kesler also plays with The Doo-Dads, Midtown Quartet, Howard Iceberg & The Titanics, and was proprietor of Midwestern Musical Company. Matt will be taking I-35 South to play with The Pedaljets at Midwestern Music Foundation’s 6th annual MidCoast Takeover, Saturday, March 21, at 10:00 pm, at Shangri La, in Austin, Texas, during SXSW More info at: http://www.thepedaljets.com

On December 12, 2014, The Pedaljets played Wednesday MidDay Medley’s 10 Anniversary Show at Davey’s Uptown with The Philistines and Dolls on Fire.

The Pedaljets also played Apocalypse Meow.


11. The Pedaljets – “Down To Downtown”
from: a pre-production demo for untitled new album / to be released in 2015
[Recorded at Massive Sound Studio, engineered by Paul Malinowski, copyright 2015]

11:00 – Station ID

The Pedaljets:
Mike Allmayer on lead vocals & guitar,
Cody Wyoming on guitar & vocals,
Mat Kesler on bass & vocals
Rob Morrow on drums & vocals

The Pedaljets sound as good as ever.

The British music press, Uncut and Mojo, are big fans of The Pedaljets.

Matt will be taking I-35 South to play with The Pedaljets at Midwestern Music Foundation’s 6th annual MidCoast Takeover, Saturday, March 21, at 10:00 pm, at Shangri La, in Austin, Texas, during SXSW More info at: http://www.thepedaljets.com

12. The Pedaljets – “Uncounted Heads”
from: a pre-production demo for untitled new album / to be released in 2015
[Recorded at Massive Sound Studio, engineered by Paul Malinowski, copyright 2015]

[The Pedaljets play Midwestern Music Foundation’s 6th annual MidCoast Takeover, Saturday, March 21, at 10:00 pm, at Shangri La, in Austin, Texas, during SXSW]

11:09 – Underwriting

13. Tycho – “Awake”
from: Awake / Ghostly International / March 17, 2014
[Scott Hansen, born 1976 or 1977, is professionally known as Tycho (Tai-ko), an American ambient music artist and producer from San Francisco, California, who is known as ISO50 for his photographic and design works. His music is a combination of downtempo vintage-style synthesizers and ambient melodies. The style of his music is very organic, typically incorporating clips of the human element into his songs (i.e. weather broadcasts, simple talking, or even breathing).]

[Tycho plays the Granada in Lawrence, KS, Saturday, March 21.]

11:15 – Interview with Calvin Arsenia

24 year old Calvin Arsenia returns to Wednesday MidDay Medley after most recently joining us on October 22, 2014. His 2014 EP, Moments, was in the Top Ten, of our 114 Best Recordings of 2014. Calvin Arsenia recently came home to KC after living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Standing at 6 foot 5 inches, Arsenia’s powerful vocals span a 3.5 octave range, while playing piano, guitar and harp. Calvin Arsenia has written, arranged and produced 5 EPs including Prose, his new 9-song collection, released February 3, 2015. Recorded over the course of three live sessions at Edinburgh’s Napier University.

Calvin Arsenia plays Records with Merritt, 1614 Westport Road, in a special In-Store performance, Saturday, March 21, at 6:00 pm. Calvin Arsenia also plays The Tank Room, Friday, March 27 with musician Jonathan Theobald.

Since we last talked with Calvin Arsenia on the radio he has been very busy, releasing a new EP, playing several showcases at Folk Alliance International Conference, and being accepted into the Artist Inc program.

Calvin’s abilities are playing piano, guitar, harp and working as a songwriter, composer, lyricist, producer, and engineer.

Calvin Arsenia made his debut as a performer in early 2010.


14. Calvin Arsenia – “Silhouette”
from: Prose / Independent / February 3, 2015
[Recorded over the course of three live sessions at Edinburgh’s Napier University. Produced by Graham Coe. Engineered by David O’Leary. Music and Lyrics: Calvin Arsenia, with Fiona Reid & Liselot Van Oosterom on Vocals, Graham Coe on Cello, Mark Smith on Percussion, Lyle Watt on Guitar Calvin Arsenia on Vocals & Guitar & Piano.]

Calvin Arsenia was recently accepted into the Artist INC professional development program for artists in the Kansas City metro area and across the Mid-America Arts Alliance five state region.


Calvin Arsenia plays live on the March 18, 2015 edition of Wednesday MidDay Medley.

Calvin Arsenia plays live on the March 18, 2015 edition of Wednesday MidDay Medley.

15. Calvin Arsenia – “Cardiac” (LIVE)

Calvin Arsenia plays every Thursday, 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Simply Reinspired in Olathe, KS.

Influences: Bjork, Dirty Projectors, Joanna Newsom, Sufjan Stevens


16. Calvin Arsenia – “Advocate”
from: Prose / Independent / February 3, 2015

Calvin Arsenia plays Records with Merritt in a special in-store performance, March 21, at 6:00 pm. Calvin Arsenia also plays The Tank Room, Friday, March 27 with musician Jonathan Theobald. More info at: http://www.calvinarsenia.com


17. Of Montreal – “Virgilian Lots”
from: Aureate Gloom / Polyvinyl / February 27, 2015
[Athens, Georgia based rock band, founded by frontman Kevin Barnes in 1996, named after a failed romance with a woman “of Montreal.” The band is one of the bands of the Elephant 6 collective. Of Montreal’s musical style has evolved from vaudeville and Beatles-influenced psychedelic twee pop to a mixture of electronica, funk, glam, and afrobeat music influenced by Prince and David Bowie. Aureate Gloomis the band’s 13th studio album.]

[of Montreal plays The Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS, Wednesday, April 1, with Yip Receiver.]


18. Adriana Nikole – “Vibration”
from: Vibration – Single / Polyvinyl / February 27, 2015
[Originally from Detroit, Adriana Nikole was born and raised in Michigan. She loved singing but was too shy to share her voice until her mid 20’s when she started playing ukulele & writing songs. She moved to Nashville and started playing guitar. In Sept 2012 she moved to KC where she found a welcoming home in the local music community. She is currently recording music with Saunders Street Records, has released a single on iTunes, and is recording new music. Adriana is performs a solo artist and now also with a band. She also sings with Anna Cole and the Other Lovers.]

[Adriana Nikole presents The Adriana Nikole Show, Tomorrow night, Thurs, Mar. 19 at 7pm at Coda.]


19. Sylvan Esso -“Coffee”
from: Sylvan Esso / Partisan / May 13, 2014
[Indie folk band formed in Durham, North Carolina with singer Amelia Meath (of Mountain Man) and producer Nick Sanborn (of Megafaun). On July 9, 2014, they made their network television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, performing the single “Coffee.”]

[Slyvan Esso play The Bottleneck in Lawrence, KS, Friday, March 20, with Flock of Dimes.]


20. Noel Coward – “The Party’s Over Now”
from: Noel Coward in New York / drg / 2003 [orig. 1957]

Sources for notes: artist’s websites, bios, wikipedia.org

Next week on March 25, Phil Neal of Phil Neal and The Wornalls returns to the show, we’ll also talk with Nathan Reusch about Middle of The Map Fest, and Steve Tulipana will join us to talk about his new musical adventure Sie lieben Machinen.

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Guests of Wednesday MidDay Medley meet guests of ARTSPEAK RADIO, with Calvin Arsenia, Renee Cinderhouse, Hector Casanova Cinderhouse, and ARTSPEAK RADIO host/producer - Maria Vasquez Boyd.

Guests of Wednesday MidDay Medley meet guests of ARTSPEAK RADIO, with Calvin Arsenia, Renee Cinderhouse, Hector Casanova Cinderhouse, and ARTSPEAK RADIO host/producer – Maria Vasquez Boyd.

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